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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
This is a life changing book and the best habit forming book. You must really have patience and concentration to read this book and to understand it completely.


Author Stephen R Covey explain about how we see the world that is our paradigm.

And how is change in our paradigm can lead to a change in our positive mental attitude(PMA) and human and Public Relationship.

Author gives many stories to explain the concept very clearly.

He tells that we need to live a life of integrity, to contribute & make a difference in the world and raise to the greatness that lies within each one of us.

The Seven Habits are
1.Be Proactive.
2. Begin with the end in mind.
3. ‎Put First Things First.
4. ‎Think win win.
5. ‎First seek to understand, then to be understood.
6. ‎Synergize.
7. ‎Sharpen the saw.

Be Proactive:

It is about taking responsibility and initiatives
I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.

Begin with the end in mind:

It means we need to have a goal for everything. It is a sort of vision. How we wish to see in every aspect of our life like with spouse, family,money,work,friend pleasure, enemy.

Put First Things First:
Author divides our entire time into 4 quadrants.
Important and urgent-Q1
Important and not urgent-Q2
Not important and urgent-Q3
Not important and not urgent-Q4.

Important are goals kept in the Habit 2.

Think win win

Author tells in every situation we need to think about the benefit of our self and others. how can a outcome be useful to all the partiers. It's innovative thinking.

First seek to understand, then to be understood:

Stephen presses on the issue that first we need to understand others their situation, feelings and thoughts then directly telling how we feel or what is our decision directly.

Most important of all the habits. It's most difficult to cultivate.


It means a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
The essence of synergy is to value differences- to respect them,to build on strengths & to compensate for weakness.
Synergies everywhere in the nature.

Sharpen the saw.

It deals with the four aspects of life.
Physical, mental, social/emotional, spiritual.
It's about preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have.

It's a quadrant 2 activity.

Thank you.
The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl
The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl
I am a fan of Rinella's from watching "Meateater" and listening to his "Meateater" podcast. I bought his first book "Meateater: Adventures in the Life of an American Hunter" and was hooked.

I bought this book via Kindle but after a once-through reading decided to buy the paperback version of it so my other family members could read and reference it too. Once I got the book in hand I re-read it and I'm glad I did. For whatever reason I picked up a lot more from the paperback than I ever did from the Kindle version. I guess it probably has something to do with the reference-book feel this book has and the ability to skip around and gather in the whole picture of what this book offers up. The Kindle format works really well for a novel or a mono-formatted book like a historical non-fiction.......this book is neither.

One thing I want to point out about Rinella..........his style of writing (and talking) and his methods, tools and attitudes towards the animals and pursuit really make sense to me. As a transplanted Mid-westerner now living and hunting in the West myself I can really identify where he's coming from on having to evolve from Midwestern traditions and methods about hunting to the Western US approach to the critters out here in the West. Until I'd read Rinella I hadn't stumbled across anyone that eloquently and accurately describes this transition.
The Players Ball: A Genius, a Con Man, and the Secret History of the Internet's Rise
The Players Ball: A Genius, a Con Man, and the Secret History of the Internet's Rise
I devoured this book in two days!! I couldn’t put it down because there’s so many twists and turns and outrageous characters. I always love Kushner’s books because he manages to bring strange worlds (video game visionaries, high-school football heroes committing bank heists, Vegas card sharks, etc.) into focus, with humor and super compelling storytelling. The Players Ball is an unbelievable true story about these two genius tech entrepreneurs, one a dorky superpower and the other his sleazy, con artist nemesis, who obsessively battle for control, money, sanity and dangerous stakes. I cherish when I find a great story that I can’t put down, so I loved being transfixed by this battle. I learned a lot about what goes into starting a business, running a business, stealing a business and fighting to the death “Match”. I really loved this book and the unbelievable ending.
Greatest Hits (Vinyl)
Greatest Hits (Vinyl)
La migliore raccolta in vinile di Aretha che abbia mai trovato: il meglio del meglio e un'ottima qualità del suono!
Confezione buona ma migliorabile data la fragilità dell'articolo, spedizione velocissima!
Queen of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings
Queen of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings
I came to this as someone with a single CD compilation of Aretha, of which the contents were very fine but the mastering not, wanting to hear more in better quality. And boy did I get it... A lot of (nearly all?) box sets contain far more of the artist or genre covered than anyone but a fanatic/trainspotter could possibly need, let alone listen to regularly. This quite fundamentally isn't one of them. It's almost universally (and rightly) accepted that Aretha Franklin's best work was recorded during the period she was signed to Atlantic (1967-1979) and this box covers that period, though it peters out before the end - there is nothing on here from her last two Atlantic albums. I can't pretend to know much about the material that has been omitted from this box - she recorded 19 albums for Atlantic and apart from those last two and one of the two live albums all of them are represented here. But if the compilers have left out better material it must be astoundingly good because the overall standard here is very high indeed. I'm sure seriously knowledgeable fans could quibble about the presence or absence of the odd track but unless you are one that's completely irrelevant.

Because the contents of this box are probably the most emotionally satisfying music I've ever heard. They'll fill you with joy, make you cry, put a comforting arm around your shoulder, squeeze you tight in a sexy hug, fill you with righteousness ... there's more heart and soul in Aretha's music than anyone else I've ever heard, her love is a force of nature. She is, without question, the greatest soul singer of all time - technically as well as emotionally. In fact she's one of the greatest singers of any genre. When she whoops those high notes, she takes you to a place no one else can.

Stylistically, while obviously the majority of this material can be described as soul, Aretha was quite adventurous, touching on funk, gospel (only one track here but the influence is present on every track), pop, Motown, blues and even jazz, filling all of it with the warmth and soul of her beautiful voice. A few of the arrangements don't quite work for me but her voice always does, on every single track, and the backings are, for the most part exemplary, not least her own piano playing. The sound quality, though this box is now 15 years old, is excellent, with some of the earlier tracks presented in mono "because of their greater musicality and superior sonics".

If you've ever liked an Aretha Franklin record and been touched by her voice, and if this is the only box set you ever buy, buy this. It's like having a new and really wonderful best friend. All the hits are here (well, all the Atlantic ones) to provide that initial chemistry, and then there's loads more to enjoy getting acquainted with. Five stars doesn't remotely do it justice.
The Man Who Talks with the Flowers-The Intimate Life Story of Dr. George Washington Carver
The Man Who Talks with the Flowers-The Intimate Life Story of Dr. George Washington Carver
We can learn more about Jesus by meeting men who are like him. We learn in this book of how a man can pick men out of a crowd - read their spirit from a distance. And, like Jesus, he would call certain men to be ‘his boys.’
When he prayed for you, you could feel his spirit with you. Yes, the man introduced to you in this short read was a spiritual man in a way that we have not seen before.
His life was sacrificial, resourceful and loving and therefore inspiring.
Then comes the man of faith who was an inventive scientist. His inventiveness was also deeply spiritual and filled with listening prayer. And, yes, he spoke to flowers or is it with flowers.
Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan [4 CD]
Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan [4 CD]
Wow. Just…wow. There are a lot of Dylan covers with a lot of artists on this 4 disc honorarium. I must admit that I’ve never owned or even heard a Dylan album. I couldn’t even name hardly any of his hits so I was surprised with how many songs of his that I’ve heard covered by other artists that I enjoy, rarely realizing that they were covering Dylan. On this collection Natasha Bedingfield provides an uplifting and lilting “Ring Them Bells” while one of my favorite artists, Johnny Indovina of Human Drama (never heard of him/them? Neither has anyone else apparently<<fumes>>), has covered the same. I really enjoyed World Party’s (Karl Wallinger of ex-Waterboys fame) “All I Really Want To Do” and now I know that this too was a Dylan cover, sung here by a warbling Sussan Deyhim. The Alarm long ago sang out “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” live at UCLA and I’m again reminded it was a Dylan-penned tune, this time turned in by Redone. My point is that while the vast number of these 60+ songs here are new to me I’ve already known a large amount without ever having known (or rarely knowing) that they were Dylan. The man is a living legend, and the music and variety on this release probably makes this a “must get” for any true Dylan-head but it sure is also a fine collection for the rest of us too!

I normally much prefer male vocals to female but I found that Dylan’s songs really lend themselves to the feminine octaves. Personal faves from this release are: (disc 1) Rise Against’s rusty rawhide rendition of “Ballad of Hollis Brown”; Charlie Winston’s bluesy, soulful “This Wheels On Fire”; the shimmery reverberations that Silversun Pickups applied to “Not Dark Yet”; and Sting’s “Girl From the North Country” that reminded me at once of Simon & Garfunkel and Daniel Lanois. (disc 2) Natasha Bedingfield’s peppy pop “Ring Them Bells”; Joan Baez’ storied “Seven Curses”; the bouncy “No Time To Think” by The Belle Brigade; and with a melody that reminds me of “Norwegian Wood” Oren Lavie supplies us with “4th Time Around”. (disc 3) Ximena Sarinana puts a postmodern twist on “I Want You”; Band of Skulls conjures up images of Sonny & Cher with their rendition of “It Ain’t Me, Babe”; and Sinead O’Connor’s shrill wailing in “Property of Jesus”. (disc 4) Carolina Chocolate Drops southern fiddle festive “Political World”; Seal & Jeff Beck tagging up on “Like A Rolling Stone”; Thea Gilmore’s lovelorn but lovely “I’ll Remember You”; and Michael Franti’s quirky rapping “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. Bob himself supplies the cover tune as the last song.
Angry Video Game Nerd
Angry Video Game Nerd
As a big fan of AVGN who has missed out on the previously-released DVDs, I was glad I waited and was able to get this collection on Blu-Ray!

Let me just get some technical stuff out of the way right up front since it is important: While this is a Blu-Ray disc, the content is all in 480i Standard Definition. These are not HD, they're not even standard DVD quality (480p). They're also presented in "Full Screen" (4:3, black bars on the sides). It's not until the very final episode that the video format was switched to widescreen (16:9) and 720p.
The discs are region free according to the boxart. There are individual chapters for each episode and a play all option. There are no subtitles on the disc.
The reason these are on a Blu-Ray disc is that they can hold so much space. Disc 1 has 19 hours of episodes on it! Also keep in mind these were filmed for the web years ago in standard definition, so there is no HD version of a lot of this content.
The set comes on 2 pressed Blu-Ray discs (not BD-R's)

The Blu-Ray itself boots up instantly to the menu.
No waiting through company logos, just right to the menu screen. Awesome.
Options on the main menu are Play-All, Episode Select (8 per screen -- I wish they would have upped this number as you need to scroll through pages and pages to get to the later episodes) and Commentaries.

As of this review, there are 137 episodes of AVGN -- this Blu-Ray contains the first 100. I believe this is the first 6 or so previously-released DVDs combined onto a blu-ray set. There are a few more recent volumes out there and I hope they later get combined into a 2nd Blu-Ray set since the quality is higher. Maybe a new set containing episodes 101-150? I'd love to see it.

CONTENT: If you're looking at this set, you know who the Angry VideoGame Nerd is. This is the same content online, just packed onto a Blu-Ray set and loaded with extras.

CHANGES: Some content has been removed (for legal purposes?) -- games that previously had movie footage (such as AVGN #6: Back to the Future) have the movie footage removed. It's pretty seamless, but the review is more entertaining/flows better with the footage in-place.

VIDEO: As mentioned, episodes 1-99 are in 480i, episode 100 is in 720p. These are typically lower-budget DVD quality, but that's exactly how these were filmed. The video quality (especially on the early episodes) are higher-quality than the same videos on youtube. Game footage if where you notice issues the most -- these appear to be recorded on VHS, transferred to a computer for editing and then produced for the web. I won't mark the set down for these issues as that's how they're filmed and it's the best they've looked. Just don't go in expecting a Blu-Ray looking set.
Some of the extras are also in 720p (disc 2) but the quality seems to be high-compressed for online rather than a disc, so the quality still isn't too great.

Disc 1 contains 5 commentaries:
AVGN #24 (Spider-Man), #31 (Bugs Bunnys Birthday Blowout), #87 (Ninja Gaiden), #92 (Game-Glitches) and #100 (R.O.B. the Robot)

Disc 2 is loaded with special features. I've heard there are 7 hours worth and I believe that. The "Special Features" option has 6 pages of extras
Some of these are a little weird like the "Piece of Meat" britney spears music video cover with AVGN cameos ;)
Unfortunately there is no Play-All option on the extras. You can only view 1 extra at a time before it takes you back to the main menu and you need to navigate through the 6 pages of extras to find where you left off.
Hey James! You know what's BS? When a Blu-Ray disc is loaded with a hundred extras and you have to go through the list after each one to find the next one!

Also on disc 2 are a set of outtakes (19 of them, WITH a play-all option) - these run about an hour and 20 minutes total.

OVERALL: If you own the earlier DVD sets, you don't really need this unless you want all of the content on 1 disc. As far as I can tell, this content is all from the first 6 DVDs with no new extras added. Quality is also the same (except for a couple of the 720p pieces). The big benefit here is to get this set as a collection. 1 disc, 19 hours of AVGN.. and then another disc full of extras. Hard to go wrong with that. For that, I give it 5 stars.
The quality is iffy but it's also the best these have ever looked, so I can't blame them for that. It makes sense to load up a Blu-Ray (50GB) with content when a DVD is so limited (4.5 to 9GB).

As a big fan of the series who missed the earlier DVD Releases, I'm glad to have this. I wish they would've gone past episode 100 with this (since those are out on home-video) but I won't fault them for it. 100 episodes is a nice round number.
Marvel Galactus Mini Bust, SDCC 2013 Exclusive
Marvel Galactus Mini Bust, SDCC 2013 Exclusive
I have all the Galactus statues and busts available so far, and I have to say this one is second only to the giant Galactus bust from Sideshow Collectibles. This thing is amazing, and the extra detail of the Silver Surfer flying around him is a nice addition. The Surfer is a little tricky to put together (some directions would have been nice) but once he's on there he stays. However, the Surfer is incredibly fragile on the clear acrylic trail they used. The slightest hit will break him off so be very careful. Even if you choose not to put him on the display, the Galactus bust itself is the best rendition of him so far with arms. Very highly recommended for comic fans.
Usher & Friends
Usher & Friends
I purchased this item believing the description that it was a collection of duets of Usher and his "friends." The songs that Usher does perform on are from his middle school days before his voice developed and they are horrible.

The rest of the two discs are filled with unknown artists as well as a few songs by Ashanti, Snoop Dogg, etc but they sound like demos. Whomever put this together was on crack.

Don't buy this and certainly don't pay the $20 + for the import price - it is not what you would expect. I am very disappointed! Save your money for his new album coming out this Spring.

If I could, I would give this zero stars!
Pizza: More than 60 Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pizza
Pizza: More than 60 Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pizza
I just recently dove into home pizza making and bought this book looking for inspiration. I have found this book to have many good recipes, some sound strange, but all are delicious (see the Big Kahuna Pizza).

Photos are included for only a few of the pizzas so some of the more complex combinations that require ingredient prep are tough to follow (Big Kahuna again, does the prosciutto wrap the shrimp lengthwise or crosswise?). In almost every case there are plenty of instructions to make each pizza, and all of the strange sounding combinations of ingredients are delicious!!

I wish there were a little more information on working with dough, and formulas instead of volume measurements, but the recipes for dough have proven to work well. I am just starting but have tried to toss the dough after reading Tony's advice. The dessert pizza with a sweet dough has been a big hit with my kids.

This is a good pizza cookbook with a lot of Tony's input from many years in the pizza business. Obviously his California style combinations have been proven to be hits with customers over the long haul in his shop.

And yes, with this book you will be able to make a reasonably good NY style pizza.
Adolf, Vol. 4: Days Of Infamy
Adolf, Vol. 4: Days Of Infamy
I have collected this entire series and it is still my favorite from when I was a very young girl and my older sister had given me the first two volumes as a gift. Tezuka has written another great story with the tales of the Three Adolfs and their unique relationships. Part noir, part war drama, part political dissection and all human experience--this is a tale I have read again and again and always found something new to make me laugh, cry and hope for a better outcome. I recommend the Adolf books to anyone with an interest in WWII and what Nazism drove people to do. It's never preachy and you always hope that humanity can learn from its past crimes {hate, indifference and fascism} and create a better world starting today.
Gildan Heavy cotton tee. Good quality. Fits as expected. I will need to wash it first before using, and hope it doesn't shrink too much (it says "preshrunk"). Great use for a 60s/70s theme type of event or actually anytime you feel like expressing creativity during the week. I love the colors, green, purple, and yellow, all blend together nicely, adding additional shades of sunset orange, blue green, and brown tones. Quite a mellow earthy tye-dye, no bright "loudness" to this tee. Did I say I love it?
Angélique se révolte, tome 2
Angélique se révolte, tome 2
Jamais déçue avec cette saga meme si Anne et Serge nous font vivre des moments pénibles, pleins de rebondissements parfois inattendus.
Die Tote Im See (German Edition)
Die Tote Im See (German Edition)
Natürlich ist Chandler in jeder Form lesenswert, jedoch rate ich dazu auf eine professionelle Übersetzung zu warten und wenn bis dahin die Hölle zufriert.
Bosch Season 2
Bosch Season 2
Don't start this unless you've got some time on your hands... I binge watched BOTH seasons in 2 days!! I even forgot to eat! I LOVED this series! Excellent plot, characters, acting... Exciting episode after episode. Made it very difficult to get any sleep, lol, since I had to watch the next episode to see what happens next. Some say it's a "standard cop" show... Bosch is NOT even a little bit standard. I LOVE seeing the good guy win, but not all of them did in this story. Very suspenseful, tale that draws you in and keeps you hitting "Next Episode" even when you KNOW you need to get some sleep. I recommend this to anyone who pulls for the good guy & doesn't mind a few bad words.The cops act like cops so well that it's hard to believe they don't have job experience in law enforcement.

Don't waste your time reading the bad reviews. I did. Let me tell you what they said... Many gave it ONE STAR because of the cussing. We may not like it, but that's life in America. May not be right, but people cuss. More so when under stressful circumstances... Among the reviewers, many are avid book readers & I know from experience, book readers are ALWAYS gonna hate a show/movie based on their favorite author. So they gave Bosch ONE STAR because they said it wasn't as good as the book. Even if that's true, what if we didn't read the book series?? Should we pass this up?? NO! They don't realize that books can't equate to shows/movies. They're totally different animals. A book has the luxury of many pages, unlimited even at times. They can take their time setting up the scene, the characters, describing every nuance. A TV show can't. There are only so many minutes per episode. Only so many episodes per season... Other reviewers were amateur reviewers who clearly LOVED the series in every way, not a bad word about the series, yet they gave it ONE STAR. It's very likely that they thought it was a #1 show, so they gave it ONE STAR, lol... Also, I can't tell you how many blamed the series, giving it ONE STAR, just to tell Amazon that they hated the series because the video was buffering. That's NOT the series fault, not even Amazon's fault, but is the fault of their internet provider, or internet speed. One guy even gave it one star because it's not available on DVD and he's got limited internet availability! Very few actually disliked the series for good reasons, lol... And look at the number of GOOD reviews compared to bad ones. Even if the bad reviews were legit, it would still be a show worth watching based on percentages alone!

Bottom line?? The only thing I didn't like about it was there are only two seasons! They ended both seasons well. No loose ends. Give Bosch a shot (Seasons 1 AND 2). You be glad you did!
Ata-Boy Harry Potter Assortment #1 Set of 4 1" Magnetic Page-Top Bookmarks
Ata-Boy Harry Potter Assortment #1 Set of 4 1" Magnetic Page-Top Bookmarks
I love the designs on these bookmarks but I don't think the magnets are strong enough. I can only put one sheet of paper between the magnets otherwise they won't stick together and the bookmark falls out. Even then they aren't sticking together very tight even with one piece of paper, so if you dropped your book or even set it inside a book bag you most likely are going to lose your page. If you are very delicate with your books you should be fine though.
The Noble Collection Slytherin Crest Key Chain
The Noble Collection Slytherin Crest Key Chain
As a proud member of Slytherin house, I had to find something to show that off, and this is just the gorgeous Slytherin key chain to do so.

It's packed in a nice paper box branded with Slytherin house colors: silver and green. It is made of well-constructed metal, with a flawless green paint job. I think the only thing that would make this even better is if the green enamel used was replaced with a semi-sparkling emerald color. That would give it a little bit more life.

I have mine hanging from my shoulder bag. Show off your house with one of the other Harry Potter Nobel Collection key chains. Recommended.
Cinereplicas Harry Potter Touchscreen Gloves for Smartphone & Tablets
Cinereplicas Harry Potter Touchscreen Gloves for Smartphone & Tablets
These were a gift and I am so happy I have them. I had been mulling over getting gloves that were touchscreen compatible and when I received these I was more than ecstatic. The touchscreen fingers work fairly well. It isn't as fast as using my glove-less finger but it does work, so as long as I am not in a hurry to do something on my screen, I can comfortably wear these gloves and peruse my electronic devices with relative ease. Plus, I can proudly show off my house pride while doing so!
LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center Truck 60139 Building Toy, Action Cop Motorbike and ATV Play Set for Boys and Girls aged 6 to 12 (374 Pieces)
LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center Truck 60139 Building Toy, Action Cop Motorbike and ATV Play Set for Boys and Girls aged 6 to 12 (374 Pieces)
I'm a huge LEGO fan... however, I just can't get excited about this LEGO set. It actually pains me to say that this set frankly underwhelms and fails to appeal to my long-standing love of LEGO. Having said that, please know that this set is the great quality we have come to expect from LEGO... no problems or concerns there.


~ You get four LEGO minifigs and a LEGO dog... that's a good amount for a set this size.
~ The LEGO minifigs are sporting some new designs and faces that aren't too common, which is always nice.
~ There's a good amount of detail on the inside of the command vehicle.
~ The truck that is pulling the command vehicle looks quite nice.


~ I'm not a big fan of the new motorcycle design... looks too futuristic for my liking.
~ The small 'breakout' vehicle is basic and offers additional playability, but not much else.
~ The overall look of the command vehicle simply doesn't appeal to me.
~ There are lots of stickers which can be a challenge for young brickers.
~ The piece count vs. price on this set are below average... not a lot of bricks for a rather high retail price.
~ There are lots of pieces that easily fall off and come apart, which may make this set difficult for young brickers.

In closing, this is a great quality set... however, it simply doesn't get me excited. It's a rather common design and it's frankly just one more LEGO police set that we probably didn't need. I wish LEGO would transition more of their focus to non-police and non-fire designs, however, I know that these types of sets tend to sell best, which is most likely why they continue to get produced.

Overall, if you can find this set for a decent amount below retail price ($49.99), it may be a worthwhile purchase. If not, then I would shy away as I don't believe the value is there at retail price.

If my review was helpful, please click helpful below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Happy bricking.
Click N' Play Value Pack of 400 Phthalate Free BPA Free Crush Proof Plastic Ball, Pit Balls - 6 Bright Colors in Reusable and Durable Storage Mesh Bag with Zipper
Click N' Play Value Pack of 400 Phthalate Free BPA Free Crush Proof Plastic Ball, Pit Balls - 6 Bright Colors in Reusable and Durable Storage Mesh Bag with Zipper
I've extensively looked for the lowest prices in ball pit balls and you are not going to find them much cheaper than this. Well, you can find them a bit cheaper but these are good quality and ostensibly safe from harmful chemicals. The colors are vibrant and the balls really are crush proof. As a 200 lbs man, I have stepped on them and they haven't been crushed. I originally bought 2 orders of these (800 balls) to fill a 5-ft diameter netted trampoline to a depth of about 1 foot. The kids loved it. I wanted to get a more authentic ball pit feel and ordered an additional 400 balls, but the kids hardly noticed. It would've been fine with 800, or probably even 400. The balls reminded my kids of the memory balls from the movie Inside Out and immediately linked the colors to feelings (blue is sadness, red in anger, yellow is joy, and so on). Cleaning up spilled balls is a game in which they try to save the memories from the memory dump. My kids are beyond the age of trying to eat every object in sight (5 and 2.5 years old) but my impression is that a baby or young toddler would not have much success puncturing the ball with his or her teeth. The balls are 2.5" in diameter; imagine a tennis ball in size but a tad smaller.
Gordon's Great Escape
Gordon's Great Escape
This is my first negative review ever. I just have to let my steam off.
How awfully disrespectful he is to the Indian people! Teaching them words of English???! Are you kidding me. Didn't have the brains to learn a "thank you" and "hello" in at least one local language. How hard is that?!
Constantly complaining about everything... Showing off... Telling the guy his salary! Ugh. Disgusting!!!
Took the cook pot with him from the competition... Give it back to the women, no?
Behaved so disrespectful in the Ashram, so close minded! ugh
I only watched it because I want to go back to India, but with the worldwide pandemic now it is impossible and I watched it.
Love India. Wont ever watch anything with that baboon ever again.
HKHYOO 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Pad with Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch 5/4/3/2/1, Fast Charging Station Compatible with iPhone 11/XR/XS/X/8P/8/SE 2020, Samsung S20/Note 10/S9, AirPods
HKHYOO 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Pad with Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch 5/4/3/2/1, Fast Charging Station Compatible with iPhone 11/XR/XS/X/8P/8/SE 2020, Samsung S20/Note 10/S9, AirPods
This product is horrible! I purchased it on Amazon Prime day for about $17. Thinking I was getting some of great quality for cheap. Well first, it shut off and doesn’t charge if all 3 device are on the charger. I have no clue why it does this. I at first thought it was the outlet I had it in; so I moved it and it did the same thing on the different outlet. I see I should’ve just purchased the more expensive product. Very disappointed.
TP-Link HS100 Kasa WiFi enchufe inteligente, no requiere Hub, funciona con Alexa Echo y Google Assistant
TP-Link HS100 Kasa WiFi enchufe inteligente, no requiere Hub, funciona con Alexa Echo y Google Assistant
Me asombró realmente la facilidad con que este dispositivo se configura. Solo hay que bajar la aplicación, conectarlo a la corriente eléctrica y seguir los pasos del asistente de instalación que dura poco menos de dos minutos.

La aplicación es muy fácil de usar y se puede cargar en varios teléfonos. yo por ejemplo configuré una lámpara y un árbol de navidad y la aplicación KAZA la cargué en mi Iphone, Android y en el celular de mi esposa. Los 3 teléfonos no solo pueden apagar y encender la lámpara via WiFi sino que vi que también lo pueden controlar remoto a través de la red de celular, por lo que no me queda duda que se puede controlar a distancia (desde oficina o cualquier ubicación remota).

Eso me indica las amplias posibilidades con dispositivos comoe este.

Se le puede poner el nombre que desees a los iconos como por ejemplo LAMPARA DEL CUARTO o ARBOL DE NAVIDAD, etc y además les puedes asignar un ícono (hay íconos para todo, desde luces, lámparas hasta luces ornamentales y Santa Claus).

Lo recomiendo ampliamente. Compraré más.
Yo tuve la fortuna de comprarlo en el Cybermonday de 2017 así que me salió barato, en 767 pesos (una caja con dos dispositivos).
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk Duo, 75ml
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk Duo, 75ml
I first tried this as part of a Christmas selection box from M&S and I fell in love with it. I've tried pillow/sleep sprays before and found the smell so strong it kept me awake but this is different. The smell is so calming and relaxing yet not overpowering. I use it every night now and find I fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and wake up feeling refreshed. I've been using the oil roll on at work when I need a little pick me up. I've recommended this to friends. It's a wonderful product
Jack Stalwart: Peril at the Grand Prix: Italy: Book 8
Jack Stalwart: Peril at the Grand Prix: Italy: Book 8
My nine year old daughter loves these books. She reads them at her bedtime, and when she goes to bed she is always excited about what is going to happen next. These books are very inspiring and definitely are recommended.
Batman: Arkham City
Batman: Arkham City
You dont't need to read this to understand what's happening in the game and the story isn't that stunning, but it's a fun prequel for the fans of the Arkham-videogame universe and has a few pretty entertaining moments. But don't expect this to explain motives of hugo strange or any other character in the game because this comic really doesn't expand the Arkham-universe as I hoped it would.

The art is what I found the most interesting, it's done by the same guy who made the character concepts for the video games.

Along with the 5-issue main story, it has 5 Arkham City digital chapters, which are short stories by different artists (Dustin Nguyen, Ben Herrera, Ted Naifeh, Roger Robinson and Adam Archer). Not all of them are good, but I still think they are a fun extra. Under the dust jacket there's a picture of black-and-white Batman along with red skies. Also includes a short Arkham City video game character concept art gallery.

It's ok but doesn't quite match the quality of the games. I prefer the Arkham Asylum prequel comic "Road to Arkham" which somehow was more suspenseful and funnier. Read this only if you're a fan of the games!
Melitta Caffeo CI E970-103, Kaffeevollautomat mit Milchbehälter, Zweikammern-Bohnenbehälter, One Touch Funktion + 6er Pflegeset für Kaffeevollautomaten, Wasserfilter, Flüssigentkalker, Reinigungstabs
Melitta Caffeo CI E970-103, Kaffeevollautomat mit Milchbehälter, Zweikammern-Bohnenbehälter, One Touch Funktion + 6er Pflegeset für Kaffeevollautomaten, Wasserfilter, Flüssigentkalker, Reinigungstabs
!!!Reparatur Update_7_02_2017!!!
Leider hat die Treue aufgehört Milch auf zu wärmen. 6737 Bezüge hat sie ohne Beanstandung geschafft.
Problem: Ich höre wie der Dampf produziert wird, er kommt aber vorne nicht wie gewohnt heraus. Es klingt als wäre innen irgendetwas verstopft. Werkzeug holen, Internet an und los gehts.....

Mit etwas Geschick zerlegt, Keramikventil ausgebaut, zerlegt und gereinigt und einfach mal alle Schläuche durchgespült mit einer Wasser gefüllten Spritze. Tatsächlich ist ein Schlauch (der rote) komplett zu! Jedoch habe ich dann bemerkt es ist nicht der Schlauch selbst, sondern die Düse die im höhenverstellbaren Teil vorne an der Stelle verstopft ist.

Das ganze Gehäuse kann nach vorne abgezogen werden (kleiner Clip von unten zu sehen), da befindet sich eine Kunststoffdüse mit einem ca. 1mm großem Loch. Die war zu! Ein Tag in Essig gelegt, eingebaut und alles geht wieder, juhu.

Wer dazu Hilfe benötigt darf gerne Fragen stellen.

+++ Update_20_11_2015 +++
Nach nun 5.000 Bezügen bin ich immer noch voll zufrieden mit der unproblematischen Maschine.
Sie hat bei einem Reinigungsvorgang mal abgebrochen und in rot einen Fehler angezeigt, der aber nach aus- und wieder einschalten behoben war.

Nur kurz: Das die Maschine sich bei jedem ausschalten "REINIGT" ist für mich nicht negativ, sondern positiv.
Lieber öfter mal Wasser nachfüllen als Schimmelkaffee.
Alles positive in den anderen Rezensionen kann ich bestätigen.
Damit die Abtropfschale nicht immer gleich voll ist benutze ich ein extra Gefäß das ich darunter stelle vor dem ausschalten.
Das hat den vorteil das es nicht so spritzt wenn das Wasser in die Tropfschale fließt.
Und noch einer: Wenn ich "Warme Milch" zubereite nehme ich eine Tasse mit Milch und stecke den Schlauch direkt in die Tasse,
nicht in den Milchbehälter. Die Menge ganz rauf auf 220 ml, das hat zur folge das die Milch im Kreis zirkuliert und somit wirklich warm wird.

Jedem der sich für diese Maschine entscheidet wünschen wir viel Spaß!
Wir sin sehr zufrieden.
SweeTARTS Ropes Bites, 3 Ounce, Pack of 12
SweeTARTS Ropes Bites, 3 Ounce, Pack of 12
For the price, and given the description, I thought I was getting 12, small 3-oz packages. Id argue the description is misleading and should be changed to reflect the actual product, but Ive been down this road before and nothing happens/is changed.

The flavor is good -- I really like the rope bites. But $4/oz is nonsense and a ripoff to a degree impossible to ignore.

Go for the mixed berry version -- I actually received the correct 12-pack product.
Miguelañez Jellypack XXL Mix Regaliz - 1000 gr
Miguelañez Jellypack XXL Mix Regaliz - 1000 gr
Las chucherías venían con el plástico interior de protección abierto, no las devuelvo porque me han llegado un día más tarde de lo que deberían y me hacen falta para este fin de semana pero no me ha gustado nada que el plástico de protección estuviera abierto no me da confianza

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