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The Job: True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop
The Job: True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop
I came across this book quite by accident and talk about serendipitous good fortune! The wife had C-Span's Book TV on the tube. They were broadcasting from a Methodist church in Savannah as part of the city's annual book festival. When Steve Osborne stepped to the pulpit, er podium, I wasn't sure what to expect, and I was blown away. He's the real deal -- from his Noo Yawk accent to his beat cop intensity -- but you can't judge a book by its cover or an author by his. Osborne is engaging, articulate, and funny as hell. The man speaks from the heart and, as you might expect, he has seen more than his fair share of serious s***, but here's the deal. You would think that constantly seeing people at their worst and in the worst of situations would suck your soul right out of your body, but Osborne writes with a humanity and empathy that is compelling and moving. To be our "best selves" on our "worst days" is a high bar to which many of us aspire, and a standard that Steve Osborne has cleared many times. The book is a fun read. It's like having a cop giving you the skinny over a couple of beers in a bar. I'd love to tell you it's the next best thing to being there, but that's not really true. Being able to vicariously experience some of the stuff that Osborne so skillfully describes is, in my estimation, actually preferable to being there. Osborne strikes me as an example worthy of emulation among those who wear the badge as well as the rest of us in terms of how we treat people. Borne out of his stories, Osborne shows us how to make a difference if we only have the willingness to look for the opportunities around us every day, and the courage to act on what we see.
Abbey Road (Super Deluxe Edition)
Abbey Road (Super Deluxe Edition)
"The Beatles recording journey had gone through many twists and turns, learning curves and thrilling rides. Here we were--still wondering at the magic of it all." Paul McCartney.

This is another worthwhile anniversary release of a classic Beatles album. The packaging is similar to the "Sgt. Pepper's" and the "White Album" anniversary releases. The thick, glossy slipcase (with complete track list on the back cover) holds an equally thick hardcover book. The front and back inside covers each hold two discs, which are inside glossy cardboard jackets with a track list on the back covers.

The book (with sewn in binding) has a Forward by Paul McCartney, an Introduction by Giles Martin, plus chapters by Beatles historian Ken Howlett--"The Route To Abbey Road", "Track By Track", "The Cover", and "The Arrival Of Abbey Road". David Hepworth has a chapter titled "And In The End". The track by track text (which includes info on the "Sessions" tracks) is usually two pages for each song and is both interesting and informative. Also included are many rare photos from the sessions (including Linda McCartney's photographs), plus repros of handwritten lyrics, recording data sheets, and tape boxes--everything adding to the feel of that time period. The presentation is up to high standards for such an important album as this.

The music. Besides the 2019 mix of the original album, the session tracks too have good sound. If you're familiar with the last reissue of this album, the sound isn't to far from that version to my ears--everything seems to be in the right place in the mix. The 23 outtakes sound every bit as good as the album. The Blue-Ray disc is well worth having--the quality--in Dolby Atmos 5.1 master audio and High Resolution Stereo Mix--is a good addition to this set.

Disc 1 is the original album which is familiar to most all of us so no real comment is needed. Discs 2 and 3 have the outtakes, and this is where the fun begins. The tracks are in chronological order which is a good thing--no guessing about the recording sequence. There's some studio chat from the group and they sound like they're having a good time in the studio--joking around a bit. Several of the outtakes are close to the finished songs in feel as we know them. But there's also some goodies that make these sessions worth hearing.

A few things I like: Included are takes of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", "Something" (with a different feel from the tune we know), "Old Brown Shoe", "Here Comes The Sun" (also with a different feel from the album track), "Come Together", "Sun King", plus a demo of "Come And Get It" (made famous by that great band Badfinger), and three instrumental tracks--which give insight into how the music came together. Also give a listen to "The Long One" which includes eight shorter songs heard on the album, which gives some perspective on the finished album. But there's other good things included and everyone will have their own favorites--to each his own.

I have to say for me that this album has always been near the top of Beatles albums. It's the one I find myself reaching for unless I need a dose of early Beatles. The outtakes plus a really nice book with informative essays and rare photos makes this another good addition alongside the previous anniversary sets--even at ninety bucks or so--which seems a bit high. But when you slip the book out of its slipcase and see the quality, and when you hear the all the music, the price tag slips back into your head. This is a worthwhile purchase for "Abbey Road" and/ or Beatles fans in general.

And for "Abbey Road" fans, check out Bruce Spizer's latest book about "Abbey Road". It's similar to his other books on the "Sgt. Pepper's" and the "White Album" releases.
George Washington -- Soldier, Hero, President (DK Readers, Level 3: Reading Alone)
George Washington -- Soldier, Hero, President (DK Readers, Level 3: Reading Alone)
I really like this book. I have a first and second grader and we used it as a supplement during US History. It covers Washington's life from boyhood, through young adult, to soldier, general, and finally president. It gives a good, age appropriate, overview while also including some interesting details about his life. The kids and I have all found this book to be a good read.
The Complete Album Collection Vol. One
The Complete Album Collection Vol. One
I started buying Bob Dylan CDs in the early 2000s and very quickly collected every album in his catalog available at the time. Once you get into Dylan, you feel compelled to hear everything he ever did, so this boxed set is a great option for new fans. But what about those of us who already own a handful or even all of the CD masters or remasters released previously? Is this set worth buying? Is it a needed upgrade? Well, for the most part YES, but let me give you some details.

15 albums in this 42 album set were newly remastered for The Complete Album Collection in 2013. IMPORTANT: These newest remasters were done to Dylan's 1970s, 80s, and 90s releases, albums like Self Portrait, the previously unreleased Dylan 1973, Hard Rain, Street-Legal, Bob Dylan At Budokan, Saved, Empire Burlesque, Good As I Been To You and others. The classic 1960s albums ARE NOT newly remastered and all use the previous 2003 or 2005 remasters that most of us already own. So, the good news is that you aren't missing out on some amazing, true-vinyl-mix of John Wesley Harding or anything like that if you don't buy this boxed set. If you are a casual fan, just stick with your mid-2000s copies of Blonde on Blonde and Highway 61, there's no need to get this set unless you want to complete your Dylan discography (which I highly recommend). But if you already own all the mid-2000s remasters and older CD masters of the 1970s-90s material like I do, then you will be looking at the 2013 remasters to make up a lot of value.

My experience with the 2013 remasters has been mostly positive; however, I will offer some minor caveats for those who are on the fence or are worried about the $200 price tag. The good news is that there are some really great 2013 remasters included here. I also finished buying my Dylan collection before the 2009 remasters of Before the Flood, New Morning, The Basement Tapes, and Dylan & The Dead, so I will count those towards my list of new upgrades with this set (these all sound great). As for the 2013 remasters, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid and Self Portrait really do sound more dynamic than the old original CD masters. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and "Alberta #1" have never come through my system with such presence or clarity. The 1976 live album Hard Rain really does sound significantly better, with Dylan's vocals pulled out from the muddy mix of instruments that they were buried in before. Some of the distortion remains on his louder vocals, but this could be left over from the original recording. Street-Legal actually uses the original mix of the LP (the CD apparently used an alternate mix all along), but I can't really say if it is superior to the older CD issue.

I guess the only negative criticism I could offer is that albums like Saved and the remastered mid-1980s to early 1990s releases don't really sound that much better than my old CD issues. I do hear some slight improvements to the overall dynamics or separation of instruments in these albums when comparing tracks in iTunes on my Bose speakers, but if you pressed me, I would have to admit that their remastering was perhaps not a necessary upgrade. But they are a welcomed one nonetheless!

For audiophiles who are worried about brick-walling, the Loudness War, or drastic changes to the original sound of Dylan's LPs, you have nothing to fear. I know that some people have had issues with over-driven distortion or "bad sound" from the special edition Harmonica USB files, but I haven't come across anything like that on the CDs. All of these albums show at least an 11 or 12 rating on the Dynamic Rage Database scale, which is quite good.

Even though I already owned these albums, I feel that the 2013 remasters are good enough to warrant a re-purchase of the whole catalog. I also neglected to get Dylan's four latest albums, so it was nice to round out my collection (even though the Christmas album is pretty cringy). Let me know if you have any questions!
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
Okay, okay, okay, everyone knows in real life this circumstance spells instant break up! But, you'd like to think it would work out like this. Great song from a great era in music! Good xfer and nice to also have it in the cloud.
Hempz Fresh Coconut & Watermelon Moisturizing Skin Lotion, Natural Hemp Seed Herbal Body Moisturizer with Chamomile & Avocado Extracts, Vitamins  A, C, E & D, 17 oz
Hempz Fresh Coconut & Watermelon Moisturizing Skin Lotion, Natural Hemp Seed Herbal Body Moisturizer with Chamomile & Avocado Extracts, Vitamins  A, C, E & D, 17 oz
I was looking for something nice on Prime Day and saw this lotion on discount! After reading that it has a non greasy finish on the skin, which is what turns me off from moisturizing in general, I figured to try it.

It does smell like a watermelon candy, a bit too sweet for my liking. My nose gets used to it after awhile. But it DOES dry nice and nongreasy, which means a lot to me in a humid climate!

I need this to get into the habit of moisturizing more without feeling like a slicked up seal. The smell is a bit sickly sweet, but the beauty of Hempz is that there's tons of different scents that they offer. I see a bunch at Ulta and I smell them time to time to see if their scent profiles differ. Feels a bit better than Bath and Body Works lotions since their nongreasy finish is a plus for me.

It's been several months and I hadn't been keeping up with moisturizing, and my standard sized bottle is far from empty. I still look forward to trying a different scent. I keep it in my room since the hemp leaf image might bother my conservative family, BUT other than that, it literally smells like any other feminine lotion brand, but dries nicely, so it's a win for me!
AIMS 1500 Watt, 3000 Watt Peak, Pure Sine DC to AC Power Inverter, USB Port, 2 Year Warranty, Optional Remote, Listed to UL 458
AIMS 1500 Watt, 3000 Watt Peak, Pure Sine DC to AC Power Inverter, USB Port, 2 Year Warranty, Optional Remote, Listed to UL 458
I connected the inverter to a 12 volt, deep-cycle battery using 4-foot leads made from #2 AWG copper and attached a 1500 watt heater as a test load. Under full input load of 150 amps and 11.46 volts (measured at the battery), the input measured at the inverter terminals was 11.22 volts, indicating that about 30 watts was lost in the battery leads.

Although made in China, the inverter appears well-built and performs exactly as described. I am very happy with this product.
"smartphone samsung"
"smartphone samsung"
We needed a new phone as our prior galaxy was outdated and the battery life was shorter. We ordered this phone (we are using this in the USA) after reading all the reviews and seeing how great it was overall. I was hesitant as we usually get our phone from T-Mobile or the phone brand website itself, but I must say our phone arrived exactly when it said it would and it was easy to set-up from there. Bigger screen than our older phone, so that was a big improvement as the phone is used for some Netflix and video conferencing. All of the apps run fast and picture quality is actually really good. If you are an expert camera person then yes of course photos can be better, but this is a smart phone that I believe has a great camera and does the job. Like I said this phone is a big improvement from what we had before.

I highly recommend.
The Wild Thornberrys Movie
The Wild Thornberrys Movie
I have always enjoyed the Wild Thornberrys. The premise was cool, the characters were interesting and well-developed (especially as the show moved along), and there was an attempt to portray many different cultures as this family literally traveled around the world. These attempts weren't always successful, but I'll let that go along with the fact that I could never get a motor home as cool as the one that the Thornberrys had. When this movie came along, it didn't simply take a half-hour episode's content and stretch it out for the theaters' benefit. It created a continuation of a story that was perfect for the big screen while allowing the show to subsequently pick up on some of its specific plot threads. Eliza Thornberry and her Chimpanzee companion, Darwin, witness the abduction of a Cheetah cub by poachers. Eliza tries to save her four-legged friend but fails and, because of the danger she put herself in in the process, is sent to a British boarding school at the insistence of her overprotective grandmother. Sure that the Cheetah cub is still alive, Eliza resolves to return to Africa and find him and the poachers before more harm befalls anyone. That's easier said than done and the movie gives a proper amount of time to all aspects of this plan and the setbacks that come along. It is also laced with talented guest stars including Rupert Everett, Marisa Tomei, Kimberly Brooks, and Tim Curry, who, in addition to his starring role as Nigel Thornberry, voices his own father...just listen to the family resemblance. Speaking of Nigel, I think that, in this movie, he proves his capabilities as a father more than in any episode of the show, despite his quirky mannerisms...just listen to his chat with Eliza right before her departure for boarding school...Paul Simon's song is definitely appropriate right after that. This is a top-notch Nickelodeon project for the big screen and no one should miss it. Enjoy.
Black Panther Woman
Black Panther Woman
This was an awesome eye-opener. The struggle was even Down Under. It seems that the American Black Power movement really resonated with the aboriginal peoples of Oceania and the greater Pacific. Moreover, the women behind The Movement (who were really front and center doing the heavy lifting) had their own struggle on several fronts.

The struggle for liberation truly was global. I never knew of its international dimensions with respect to the BPP (Black Panther Party). Make no mistake- the struggle still continues...
Carba-nada Reduced Carb Fettuccine Pasta Bundle Of Two 10 Ounces Bags: One Egg and One Garlic Roasted Fettuccine
Carba-nada Reduced Carb Fettuccine Pasta Bundle Of Two 10 Ounces Bags: One Egg and One Garlic Roasted Fettuccine
My husband and I were each diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes three years ago, and leaving pasta in our rear view mirrors was hard. I will admit that we slipped a few times, and treated ourselves, but for the most part we tried to be diligent about avoiding pasta.
I bought the two-pack of Carba-nada, which includes egg fettucine and garlic fettucine, and we broke out the egg noodles to add to some chili that I made. Holy cow, these noodles taste GREAT! Seriously, they taste like the real deal, and at only 17 net grams of carbs per serving, we didn’t even have to feel guilty.
I was a little dubious at first, because in their uncooked state, they seemed kind of brittle. And, I did have to cook them a little longer than the three minutes…they were a little TOO al dente at that point. But, about 4 ½ to 5 minutes did the trick.
The only negative with these noodles is the price. But, I am going to spring for the 6-pack, which is a really good deal at only $23.58. Also, I haven’t tried the garlic noodles yet, but I see some Alfredo in our near future!
Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum (Classic Seuss)
Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum (Classic Seuss)
Ante todo decir que este libro no es un cuento, una historia típica de Dr Seuss lleno de rimas, palabras inventadas y sus característicos personajes. El ilustrador Andrew Joyner ha hecho posible este libro basándose en manuscritos y bocetos que Dr Seuss guardaba sobre la idea de hacer este libro pero que nunca hizo. Por esto, el estilo y estética no tiene nada que ver con lo que estamos acostumbrados a ver en los libros de este autor.
Dicho esto, debo decir que a mí me ha encantado el libro. Me parece un buen resumen de la historia del arte dándole cohesión a través de la figura protagonista del caballo. Recorre desde la pintura en cuevas hasta el arte más moderno, pasando por el realismo, impresionismo, expresionismo, cubismo, entre otros. Por supuesto, también aparecen imágenes de caballos hechos por Dr Seuss.

Al final del libro aparecen las imágenes de todas las obras de arte con información sobre ellas y sus autores y al final del todo donde se encuentran esas obras en la actualidad. También se incluye una explicación sobre el manuscrito y su relación con el arte así como imágenes de sus bocetos originales.

No es un libro para la hora del cuento, es más bien un libro formativo/informativo para trabajar el arte con los niños. Un Must en mi opinión, antes de visitar un museo con niños o trabajar algún autor u obra de arte para darles una imagen global de lo que es el arte.

El formato tapa dura es de una gran calidad. Estoy muy satisfecha con la compra. Es una lástima que no esté disponible en español.
What to Do?
What to Do?
What to Do? by Leo Tolstoy is amazing look at the poor by one of their strongest advocates. Tolstoy was known for his generosity to the peasants. I am glad I purchased this book and I would definitely recommend this book.

Thank you for reading my review.
The Betrayal (Fear Street Saga Trilogy, No. 1)
The Betrayal (Fear Street Saga Trilogy, No. 1)
Wow. This was a lot of fun.

I went in thinking this was going to be a 90's teen slasher, so I was a little throne off when I started it. But , once I settled in, I was hooked.

I just love the way Stine writes. Are his characters particularly compelling? No. Does he keep me up whispering the mantra "one more page" with his cliffhangers? Yes.

All in all I would recommend this book. I'm happy I started off with this one
Nora Roberts CD Collection 2: Hidden Riches, True Betrayals, Homeport, The Reef
Nora Roberts CD Collection 2: Hidden Riches, True Betrayals, Homeport, The Reef
I love Nora Roberts’ books. I bought this CD collection because I was going on a long driving trip and wanted to listen to her books. Imagine my surprise when I was listening to the books that the chapters are mixed up. The recordings jump from a scene late in the book to one earlier. Impossible to follow. And - totally my fault - the books are abridged! First huge disappointment from Amazon.
The Perfect Neighbor: The MacGregors
The Perfect Neighbor: The MacGregors
This is the story of Cybil daughter of Grant and Genieve Campbell. Cybil is not strictly a MacGregor but Daniel macGregor has no qualm about using his manipulative ways to marry her off to what he considers is her perfect partner. Cybil is a friendly sort and tries to be a good neighbour to surly recluse Preston McQuinn. How can Daniel have possibly had a hand in their meeting. The story tells of their rocky romance. This is probably a very good book but suffers from a feeling I get that the MacGregors have gone on too long. Although the circumstances are slightly different the outcome is all too obvious.
Edgar Wallace Anthology
Edgar Wallace Anthology
Bought this as a present. Already have all the individual boxes so the saving on the anthology is large. The films are ace and the quality overall a good 4 out of 5. Having waited donkeys years for these to be issued on DVD they are my favourite to watch as they are well written, well acted and very well set. If you like British films of the 1960s this is the set for you...
Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 3 (3)
Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 3 (3)
With volume 3 of Dragon Ball Super we finally have arrived at the arc where the breakneck pace of the manga slows down. Which as it turns out isn't a bad thing, as this volume does a lot to explain some elements of the Dragon Ball universe that the anime glossed over. And that means there is new material for someone who has seen all of Super and wishes there was more.

The arc that this volume introduces is the Goku Black Arc, which in all honesty was my personal favorite of the anime. It's such a treat to have Future Trunks back, though the poor guy's timeline be here seems to catch a break. Seeing his interactions with the much more peaceful timeline is fascinating to watch. Add in New characters like Future Mai and the sinister Zamas and you have a great mix of tension with some classic Dragon Ball humor to boot. A final added bonus is the artwork continues to improve by leaps and bounds, with some very well drawn fights scenes and backgrounds. If you have made it to volume 3 of Dragon Ball Super you are sure to be in for a treat.
The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule
The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule
My family really loves the Berenstain Bears collection. The kids really enjoy the hearing the stories at night before bed. My wife and I really enjoy the fact the book is entertaining and educational. Each book shares a nice life lesson that's important and easy to understand. They aren't so long that the kids lose interest, but they are long enough to help the kids settle down at night. I would recommend these stories for kids 4-10.

Pros: Great message, entertaining, right length
Cons: N/A
Naruto, Vol. 62: The Crack
Naruto, Vol. 62: The Crack
I love the artwork Kishimoto puts into Naruto. The action is vividly shown and beautiful in the way it is done. The Naruto story is moved forward in this volume as many characters get involved in fighting Obito and Madara and their allies in the Shinobi War...including the 'edo tensie' (sp?) reanimations.

Once again, I just felt that there is too much Sasuke in this volume and not enough of the other rookie nine. I love the rookie nine (including Guy's team) and don't like to see an entire volume with them left out...especially my favorite, Hinata. She is not in ONE panel in this book...and since she is a much loved character...I would love to see more of her here.

I recommend this volume of Naruto to anyone who loves the superb action, beautiful drawing, and jutsu that Kishimoto has created. The weakness is the lack of any romance at all (I am a guy who likes just a little romance in stories)...which would have added a lot to the Naruto story over the past few years. If you like romance this is not for you...the romantic feeling is all one sided...Hinata loves Naruto and Sakura loves Sasuke...the guys don't seem to notice.
Gesammelte Werke, Bd.12, Am Rio de la Plata
Gesammelte Werke, Bd.12, Am Rio de la Plata
Mit dem Doppelband „Am Rio de la Plata“ und „In den Kordilleren“ ist unserem Autor ein Wurf gelungen: Am heimischen Schreibtisch verfasst, ohne direkte Ortskenntnis, in der Zeit vor den visuellen Massenmedien, nur mit seinem Bücherwissen und dem damals allerdings vermutlich allgegenwärtigen Thema vom Einwanderungskontinent Südamerika, aus diesem Fundus also hat KM einen packenden, nur an wenigen Stellen langatmigen Abenteuerroman verfasst!
Die Charaktere der Handlung sind nicht durchgehend eindimensional (gut/böse) beschrieben, es gibt vielmehr interessante Veränderungen in der Personenführung Einzelner, darüber hinaus erscheint auch für uns heutige Leser die Handlung einigermaßen plausibel, das Auf und Ab der Erzählung verlangt auch keinen Helden mit komplett unglaubwürdigen Supereigenschaften. Eindeutig und deutlich hält KM eine durchgehend wertschätzende Haltung gegenüber der einheimischen Bevölkerung aufrecht und versucht dadurch bei der damaligen Leserschaft, Verständnis für die Abwehrhaltung der dort Ansässigen gegenüber den vielen tausend europäischen Einwanderern zu erzeugen. Chapeau, Herr May!
P.S. Verstörend fand ich die vielen beschriebenen Schießübungen auf die einheimische Tierwelt, vorzugsweise vom Schiff aus auf die Kaimane, oder der Wunsch des Ich-Erzählers, einmal einen Jaguar vor die Flinte zu bekommen, nur so..
C.S. Lewis on Politics, Government, and the Good Society
C.S. Lewis on Politics, Government, and the Good Society
C.S. Lewis is certainly the most popular and influential Christian thinker of modern times, offering incisive commentary on almost all issues we face including those political. In this book, Dr. Breshears, an expert in Lewis' writings, does a masterful job--adducing Lewis' thoughts on political questions into a understandable mosaic. In order to keep these human governments afloat, we need to digest Lewis' insights on human nature and the true source of law.
The Baby-Sitters Club #109: Mary Anne to the Rescue (Baby-sitters Club (1986-1999))
The Baby-Sitters Club #109: Mary Anne to the Rescue (Baby-sitters Club (1986-1999))
I read this as a child. I'm 29 now but when I was 10 this book gave me the knowledge to save my infant brother's life. He found and swallowed a plastic penny that I unintentionally dropped in his playpen. I realized he was in distress and immediately remembered reading that I should flip him on his stomach and scoop the object from his throat. The penny came right out, followed shortly after by puke. He's 19 year-old today because of this book.
Timeline: A Novel
Timeline: A Novel
Early on the characters start out going into painful details about quantum mechanics that, even as a serious Sci-Fi fan, I found tedious and booing. Then they make a SERIOUS, and rather stand-out point that time travel is impossible and they are actually traveling into alternate universes... OK!! I can get with that! The fact that alternate universes would exist in different time periods (they travel to an alternate universe which exists in the 1300s.) seemed very strange, but I was willing to go with it. I mean it IS fiction, I'll go with your unique twist on how alternate universes exist. But when a person who traveled to an alternate universe was able to leave a "Help Me" note in a pile of old parchments in the 1300s which is found in THIS universe, it took a turn that made NO Sense at ALL.

After that, the book just goes on and on and on in the 1300s and nothing actually happens.. it's a game of tag. Run. Hide. Get Captured. Escape. Run. Hide. Get Captured. Escape. Get into a fight. Run. Hide. Get Captured. Escape. Just trying to waste time in the book (about 50% of it) until the machine automatically returns home.

I powered through the last 3/4 of the book just waiting to get to what I expected was a Twist ending discovering that the scientists misinterpreted the "Alternate Universe" theory and they WERE actually traveling back in time.... but no. The characters returned home from the alternate universe only to check out the grave of one of their party members who stayed behind... which, AGAIN, WOULDN'T EXIST IN THIS UNIVERSE.

Characters: Not interesting
Story: Not interesting
Sci-fi: Nonsensical.
Richard Scarry's Color Book
Richard Scarry's Color Book
I had this book when I was a kid and saw it in a doctor's office and had to find it for my kids! I was so happy to find it here. My 18 month old loves it and it's great for teaching colours. I like how each page of colour is obvious what colour they're talking about and not ambiguous like a lot of the colour books out there.
Starship Sakira (Delphi in Space Book 1)
Starship Sakira (Delphi in Space Book 1)
I've read the first three. The first (this one) is pretty good, the second is boring, the third has a more suspenseful plot, but is naively utopian in its idealism.

On the bright side, this is a story of alien contact and technological transformation and (later in the series) space flight with resorting to the usual absurdities like FTL. There is an AI, but she is appropriately large, not some little tiny implantable chip. In the second book, there are some liberties taken with entropy and the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

However, in the 3rd novel, as if you hadn't guessed, the author states his agenda: "...trying to create a better Earth by developing and sharing technologies in such a way as to equalize income levels across nations." For wide-eyed left-leaners only. More on this below.

The author is capable of writing suspenseful and interesting prose, but often chooses only to write teenage chatter. The second book is full of it. But some in all books.

The author ends each novel with a striking new dilemma. Just a sentence or two. The third book ends with "North Korea has launched a missile." And of course the sequel is not written yet (Nov 2019).

[minor spoilers]

The lead character, a US Citizen, is tested for "altruism" and receives an extremely valuable "gift" from aliens, or an alien. It is not clear it is hers to give. This character then sets himself, his brother and daughter up as sole arbiters of how to utilize this gift, and adopt the 3rd world scenario above. Fine so far, but note that he is effectively a benevolent despot at this point. Then the US Navy comes calling to collect taxes. This is not spelled out in legal detail in the book, but the lead character did not file informational IRS Form 3520, and a penalty of 5% of the value of the gift has accumulated for each month overdue. The Navy calls in about November best I can tell, and the form was due in April. So about 6x5=30% of what I estimate to be at least $1000 trillion in value. (not a misprint) They have managed to make tens of billions in the one year and create companies worth hundreds of billions, maybe close to $10-30 trillion in market value if the companies were publicly traded. At least 10 Apple computers. Yes, this is an alien tech singularity. They have not marketed any of the space flight technology or AI technology or the cool satellites, and only scratched the surface on medical. There are at least 1000 companies as valuable as Apple in that space ship. They just about get fusion working near the end. If the craft is valued at ten cents on the dollar of my estimate, they own $30 trillion in penalties, which is everything they have so far. The Navy is technically correct.

Stories like this in the 1950s and 1960s, in a period of higher altruism than today in my opinion, the technology would have been given to all countries. Tax would be avoided in any case if the proper paperwork were filled out, though Congress might pass a special law. If the technology had already been provided to others, it would be fait accompli and irrevocable, however, and not likely enforceable as recipient countries would doubtless intervene on their benefactor's behalf. This would in fact be the quickest way to prepare the world for the threat of the hostile alien faction (barely mentioned in the book, and not explained). The course chosen by the author is for the social-engineer-dictator who has no education or credentials in world leadership. He also, at the end, is contemplating blatant violation of the Outer Space Treaty, to which New Zealand (of which Cook Islands is a protectorate) is a signatory.
Navy SEAL Justice: A Thrilling FBI Romance (Covert Cowboys, Inc. Book 5)
Navy SEAL Justice: A Thrilling FBI Romance (Covert Cowboys, Inc. Book 5)
Plenty of suspense and action. Hot hero. The US Navy has Command Master Chiefs, not Gunny Sgts.. you would find them with the Marines. SEALs have teams that are supported by SPecial Boat Units. These SBUs provide, among other things transportation and insertions for certain riverine operations or missions of the SEALs, and they would do some joint training. Just a few things that detract from the book. The storyline is good.
MUSASHI 1. La leyenda del samurái (Spanish Edition)
MUSASHI 1. La leyenda del samurái (Spanish Edition)
El libro es de una calidad muy buena.

La historia engancha desde la primera página hasta la última, aunque esto sea muy repetido es totalmente cierto. No solo es una novela de aventuras de las buenas sino también una enseñanza sobre la mentalidad de aquella época en el japón feudal, una enseñanza haciendo reseña de los nombres que dominaron aquella época junto con la cultura que existía y un acentuado enfasis en el honor por encima de todo.

La recomiendo 100%.

El libro me llegó en 3 días como venía establecido sin necesidad de espera o aplazamientos.

*Un contra que no es un contra en sí sino una recomendación constructiva es el tamaño del libro que no deja de ser un tamaño estándar pero una edición más pequeña sería mucho más manejable. Aún así la calidad de este libro tanto en papel como resultado es de 10.
Clifford's First Halloween
Clifford's First Halloween
衣装・trick or treat・ジャコランタン作り・典型的なお菓子・こどものパーティー・手作りのお化け屋敷(部屋)・お母さんの怖いお話。
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 3--Stardust Crusaders (Single Volume Edition), Vol. 6: Stardust Crusaders (6)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 3--Stardust Crusaders (Single Volume Edition), Vol. 6: Stardust Crusaders (6)
Update- Looks like they've re-released the set, I'm glad that Viz has these books out there so everyone can enjoy them and not have to pay several hundred dollars!

Original post:

Found an original copy at my local library. After reading it, I can't say there is anything outstanding in the story, it's just great to be able to read it without having to shell out a insane amount for it. There are four enemies in the story, with three beaten and one ending in a cliff hanger.

Viz media is slowly re-releasing the books, I received a brand new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure #3 and its print date was January 2014. I can't find anything anywhere that states release dates for anything else in the series, but if you can wait, I'm sure they'll eventually get around to re-releasing this one and all the others in the series.

I highly recommend the series as a fun adventure/action book, but not at the prices people are charging here.

Good luck and I hope the re-release comes out soon so more people can enjoy this fun series.
Someone's Watching
Someone's Watching
I thought I had all of the Andrew Neiderman novels but I had missed getting this one until it was reissued. I'm sure glad that it was.

It was a very entertaining read. It was a well thought out plot. But more important than that, this book really showed me why Mr. Neiderman was picked to be the V. C. Andrews ghostwriter. I could easily picture this book as a book in a V. C. Andrews series. It had all of the important plot lines... an abusive father (as opposed to an abusive mother or an abusive grandmother), a victimized teenage girl, and two teenage heroes who fell in love. There was even a mutant who lived in the attic and the ductwork of an old hotel who was shunned by his family!

I am pleased as punch to see that more of the older Andrew Neiderman books are being reissued for his reading fans who will gobble them up in no time. It's about time they were reissued. Now, I hope to finally be able to get all of his books!

Thank you, Mr. Neiderman...
Mr. Greedy (Mr. Men and Little Miss Book 2)
Mr. Greedy (Mr. Men and Little Miss Book 2)
Mr. Greedy LOVES food! What he eats for breakfast would feed our whole family and more. No sooner has he finished breakfast then he starts thinking about lunch! Out on a walk, he comes across the giant's house and the delicious meal waiting on the table - sausages the size of pillows, peas the size of cabbages etc! The giant has him sussed and decides to teach him a lesson. (Reminds me of Bruce Bogtrotter with the chocolate cake in Matilda.) Is there maybe a better way to teach your child not to eat as much? Yes! BUT the lesson here is that Mr. Greedy did indeed learn his lesson, kept his promise not to be greedy ever again thereby gaining control over his original lack of self-control and ended up looking much better for it.

A great book for all ages!
Sphinx (A Medical Thriller)
Sphinx (A Medical Thriller)
I was Surprised actually, at Just How Poor a Condition, this Book is in! It's Not that it's unreadable, No Far from that, but some of the Pages toward the back of the Book R really really Dirty, There is In fact a Rather Large Coffee Stain: I'd hazard a guess, Very brown, Very splotched, like all over: mixed throughout the say Last 100 pages of Copy, and It will definitely make the Story Harder to Appreciate? It is certainly a Good thing I have previously read this book many years ago: And as such I recall, how It winds down, so since I know the Ending: It is not that Important, that I re read, this poorly damaged section, to get to the Final Act etc: I will Read it, but my Pleasure, at reading 1 of the better works, of My Favorite Writer, Is going to be Greatly Diminished, due to these issues! In Fact It is only because I got such a Good Price, that I do Not return this Item, and Demand a Better Copy: Since I fully realize the book is pretty old, and not a Brand New Copy etc: Most Disappointed, in this Attempt: Thanx 4 Listening Cheers TRX15
Mortal Fear (A Medical Thriller)
Mortal Fear (A Medical Thriller)
Since Robin Cook first came out with Sphinx and one other “by the wayside” thrillers, Coma sent most readers into an addiction of medical thrillers. I have read about four and won’t put them down until I’ve devoured them all! A great recipe for spaghetti sauce and a suggestion of Gavi white wine, will have me reading one after another. Mr. Cook’s books have made me think twice about so many medical decisions on my part and as a retired nurse it is sometimes hard to follow. I can’t put a book down of his. To read Robin Cook is to make up your mind and be involved!
Flash: roman
Flash: roman
Conforme à mes attentes, livre reçu en excellent état.
The Nero Wolfe Cookbook
The Nero Wolfe Cookbook
If you are at this review, it is probably because you are a Nero Wolfe fan. So it is preaching to the choir to tell you to buy all the books about the detective. While you are waiting for your order to arrive or reading those books you already have, make something from this wonderful little volume. I have many cookbooks, some of which have only a few good recipes, but every recipe I have tried from this one works, which tells you it was thoroughly tested by the author (Rex Stout). There are items by chefs of many nationalities, and among those pleasures there is a uniquely American Exalted Cuisine laid out for the lover of great dining. Wolfe's chef was the Swiss Fritz Brenner, so great European culinary traditions were brought to bear on North American provender. My personal favorites are green corn pudding (THE FATHER HUNT), and Fritz Brenner's finest salad with Devil's Rain Dressing (POISON A LA CARTE), and Blueberry Grunt (THE FATHER HUNT). Get this cookbook now, but pay attention to detail as you cook because flavor combinations are subtle and will dance among your tastbuds! By the way, Blueberry Grunt must be called by that apparently homely name because after eating it, you cannot speak, but only grunt softly with supreme satisfaction.
Your Body Your Mind
Your Body Your Mind
Totally unscientific. Just a book by one of the first popular novelists about medicine written by a doctor.
Who is J.K. Rowling?
Who is J.K. Rowling?
J. K. Rowling is the author who gave us the magical Harry Potter universe. Whether you love her or disagree with her views, her story is truly aspiring. Though I haven’t read the entire Harry Potter series yet, I was interested in Rowling’s journey, from her modest childhood to celebrity status. Therefore, I chose to read Who Is J.K. Rowling? written by Pam Pollack and Meg Belvisom and beautifully illustrated by Stephen Marchesi. This book is an unauthorized biography aimed at younger readers and it is written in a simple yet entertaining manner.

Everybody knows that the idea for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came to Rowling while travelling by train. However, she loved writing and telling stories from a young age, thus she entertained her friends with stories she made up. The passion for writing followed Jo throughout her early adult life and she managed to squeeze a little time to write as often as she could. Writing had a therapeutic effect on Rowling’s mind, especially when she went through though times. Yet, from the moment she had the epiphany about a boy who “had round glasses and a scar shaped like a lightning bolt.” (p. 6), her path slowly led her towards her lifelong dream of becoming an author. Though Rowling had an early life filled with hardship, I admire her perseverance to finish her book.

What I love the most about this biography is that we’re not only following Rowling’s life, but also the journey of the Harry Potter series, from the first spark of inspiration to fandom. There are some interesting pieces of information about Rowling, her bumpy road to publication and the success that affected her and her family. You will also read about the films, Pottermania, Pottermore, Rowling’s charity work and so on. The book contains some brief sidenotes about places and people who influenced or played an important role in Rowling’s growth as a writer, as well as other facts readers may like to know. There is also a timeline of Rowling’s life, a timeline of the world and sources the authors quoted in the book. Furthermore, please bear in mind that this biography contains some spoilers from the Harry Potter books!

“Jo might have finished writing Harry Potter, but chances are that kids will continue to read about him for generations to come. Harry’s world of dragons, castles, and magic wands is truly timeless. Perhaps one day he will take his place among other classic children’s book characters like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, with his story read by children of all ages forever.” (P 101)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Minalima Edition
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Minalima Edition
I've been building a library for my granddaughter since she was born five years ago, and many of the editions that I have been purchased have been Minalima, because of their beauty, connection to the text, and the wonder of exploring all the elements.
A few months before her 5th birthday her parents started to read to her the Harry Potter books and she was immediately entranced. She continues to be captivated by Rowling's world and creates her own stories based on the adventures of Harry, Ron and especially Hermione. She's still far too young to go beyond the first two books but I know that this edition will provide her with much joy for years to come. Thank you Minalima and thank you Joanne Rowling.
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954
Papa freut sich: Sohnemann kommt ins Lego-Alter! Ich selber habe Lego als Kind geliebt. Und dann das Highlight: Es gibt sogar Harry Potter von Lego! Also her damit.
Der Aufbau geht mit Papas Hilfe einigermaßen zügig vonstatten - mal eben ist bei einem solchen Paket aber eben nicht. Ab 7 Jahren kann ein Kind gut mitbauen, ab 8 Jahren wohl auch alleine bauen, darunter würde ich schätzen, baut man als Erwachsener den Großteil allein.
Einige der Turmelemente erhalten Sticker, um so einen "altes Gemäuer"-Look zu kreieren. Das stört einige Fans - mich aber nicht.
Die Figuren sind großartig und auch die Halle sieht phantastisch aus! Enthalten sind Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermine Granger, Draco Malfoy, Susan Bones, Professor McGonagall, Professor Quirrell mit zweitem Gesicht von Lord Voldemort, Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore und der Fast Kopflose Nick, sowie der Basilisk, Hedwig, Krätze und Fawkes. Alles wunderschön, ein echter Hingucker. Viele Details lassen Kinder- und Eltern-Augen staunen. Aber was hier einerseits positiv dargestellt wird, ist andererseits die Achillesferse: Denn durch die Detailgetreue und die filigranen Teile fällt das Spielen schwer. Ständig bricht ein Stein ab, teilweise brechen Turmteile ab, man stößt irgendwo gegen und muss dann erstmal reparieren. Das nervt nicht nur Papa, auch Sohnemann stöhnt häufig beim Spielen: "oooch, nicht schon wieder". Und inzwischen steht die Halle mehr auf dem Nachttisch, als dass damit gespielt wird. Sieht gut aus, geht aber am Zweck vorbei.
DAS war früher anders: Da war der Fokus auf dem Spielen, nicht auf dem Anschauen. Lego scheint hier als Zielgruppe die Nerds ins Vesier genommen zu haben, die sich so ein Ding auch gerne mal in die Vitrine stellen. Und so hat man zahlungskräftige Kunden gewonnen, aber auf Kosten der Bespielbarkeit. Und das ist schade. Etwas weniger Details und etwas mehr Stabilität hätte der Halle gut getan. Daher "nur": 3 Sterne.
Golden service Adult Halloween Costume Tunic Hoodies Robe Cosplay Capes
Golden service Adult Halloween Costume Tunic Hoodies Robe Cosplay Capes
Let me just start out by saying that I ordered the biggest size and the hood and sleeves are HUGE, but ironically the front won't fully close over my 52 inch hips. This was very clearly made for people who don't have big hips. It's also really long, I'm 5.7 and it drags about 4 inches on the ground.
So it honestly looks really cool for what I bought it for. I just put a skirt under it and it's fine. The super large hood and sleeves gave it a very creepy look. Everyone at my LARP loved it.
I only wish that it came with some kind of washing instructions.
I bought the burgundy and it's true to color, and only slightly see through. It feels to be mostly polyester, but it's fairly thick material. So a couple steps up from a Halloween store robe.
I think it's worth the price.
【PS4】ライザのアトリエ ~常闇の女王と秘密の隠れ家~ スペシャルコレクションボックス (パッケージ版封入特典(内容未定) 同梱) &【限定】PC壁紙 メール 配信
【PS4】ライザのアトリエ ~常闇の女王と秘密の隠れ家~ スペシャルコレクションボックス (パッケージ版封入特典(内容未定) 同梱) &【限定】PC壁紙 メール 配信
















 ライザの「のぐち ゆり」さんは若手という年齢でも無いですが、

J. K. Rowling (Biography)
J. K. Rowling (Biography)
I got this book for my daughter and read it myself, since I wanted to learn more about JKR. Even though I knew some of the facts, that's the first time that I had a chance to read the "whole story".
This book is written in a very simple language and presents all the major events in the life of J.K. Rowling in a way that is readable and interesting for kids.
My daughter enjoyed it very much and even recommended it to her friends, who are also HP fans. In her reading response for school, she wondered what is the best way to organize your writing ideas... Well, this is certainly encouraging. And the sign of good book.
Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows HB ADULT
Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows HB ADULT
Everyone knows a bit about Harry Potter so I will focus here not on the contents of the book but on the quality of this book as a product.
The book is a present for my child that loves Harry Potter and has seen all the films, but now when she is older (10 years old) she wants to read all the books too. I was between buying a full set with the box that is more expensive or buying separate books from this company - cheaper option especially that this book came in an offer.
I have ordered book 1 and 2 to check if it is worth it.
I am very happy to say that it is and now I have all 7 books for £30.
The set looks great and I am very happy with my buy
The books are:
- good size that can be held by a child or adult for a long time
- weight - this version has a paper cover and light weight pages so the book is on the lighter side and good for kids
- paper quality and the colour are good. The books that I bought had all their pages, the bonding is holding them in and does not feel like they will fall out any time soon
- size and spaces between the words is very comfortable for my eyes and I can read it without glasses
- illustration that is on the cover is very nice and definitely in the Harry Potter style
- very good delivery time and I can have all 7 books for £30 with all the promotions I have got on them:)

I hope you will like my review, if you found it useful please hit ‘Helpful’. It will make my day:)XX
Funko POP! Qudditch Ginny Weasley #50
Funko POP! Qudditch Ginny Weasley #50
UPDATE: I finally bought it. Went to a local toy shop and they had them in. It's sitting in my room right next to Harry where she should be.

Finally, a Ginny Weasley funko pop! I have been waiting for one, as I'm sure a lot of Harry Potter fans have as well. How can you have 3 waves previously of the Harry Potter series and not include Ginny? She's Harry's wife. I mean, come on! Am I the only one who felt that she was an underrated character in the movies? (I know there's a regular one coming out on the 22nd of September, but it's just a regular pop.)

I love this one and can't wait to buy one. This is Ginny in her Quidditch robes with what looks like a cleansweep broom? Or a Nimbus 2000? I forgot which one she had in the books. No matter, seeing how she outshone everyone else who tried out for the team during her 4th and 5th years. Didn't she also make Quidditch Captain after things went back to "normal" when she went back to Hogwarts after the Wizarding War? Anyway,. it's not much of a review seeing how I don't own this pop yet. But I will.
Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone Levitating Challenge Electronic Skill & Action Game
Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone Levitating Challenge Electronic Skill & Action Game
I bought this game to use at my daughters' Harry Potter birthday party (they were turning 10). They played this game in their Charms class, while practicing the spell "Wingardium Leviosa". The game takes a while to set up, but you can change the set up to create different challenges. The game blows air, which "suspends" a foam ball in the air. You can manipulate the ball through the obstacles. It is pretty loud because the motor that blows the wind makes a bit of noise. The girls all took turns trying to get the ball through all the obstacles. They really enjoyed the game a lot, and it was a bit challenging. The fact that you can change it up is great because you don't just master it then you're done. Eventually, the game would probably get old, but it was perfect for the party and would be a fun game for a while. It's one you might put away for a while then get back out later and it's all new again.
Harry Potter Boys' Onesie
Harry Potter Boys' Onesie
I really like this, but I bought an age 6 thinking it would be perfect as my son is only 4 so he can grow into it. But no it’s too small, by these sizes he would need about an age 10 I should imagine, far too short in the body and legs!
Vans - Unisex Adult Classic Slip-On Shoes in White, Size:
Vans - Unisex Adult Classic Slip-On Shoes in White, Size:
Shoes were either defective or of poor quality. Wore only occasionally for 2 1/2 months and the fabric in the inside of one separated from the canvus and as shown in these pictures the canvus is already separating from the sole. Do not buy if you plan to wear them like shoes are meant to be worn. Maybe I have high expectations, but I expect shoes to last at least a year, these wont make it 3 months and I am not rough on them.
To the North Anna River: Grant and Lee, May 13–25, 1864
To the North Anna River: Grant and Lee, May 13–25, 1864
A great, great series of books, these four, describing the overland campaign. I'd never felt I understood the campaign. The closest I came to it was Horace Porter's book, but this book was written in 1897 or so, to support fundraising for Grant's tomb, and Horace was apparently known for spiffing up the stories a bit. For the first time I really understood the Wilderness, the Bloody Angle, Laurel Hill, Cold Harbor, and exactly how the Army of the Potomac fought, and how Lee and his rough band of warriors managed to hold them off time and again. Rhea overturns some generally received ideas about this campaign. For one, I was shocked how distant the high command seemed to be from the fighting, how little help corps commanders received in exactly why or how they should attack. They were just told to attack. How badly the command structure worked. Grant had like a couple of weeks to get used to this entirely different army, with its "slows", and chose to work through Meade, and left Burnside in an entirely separate army! Over and over the attacks seem very poorly planned. It's as if this army just didn't know how to go about attacking, from the top general on down. Others have already shown that Grant didn't have more casualties proportionately than other generals, still there were an awful lot of casualties. Cold Harbor, though, according to Rhea, wasn't as bad as a number of other days of battle, with not 7000 but 3500 casualties. I have two complaints: 1) By the fourth book, Cold Harbor, Rhea seems to have abandoned the top command altogether, and focuses more and more on the smaller units. Maybe he just got tired of them. 2) The four books end on June 3! We miss the crossing of the James! That's that great ending to the campaign. What was great about the Overland Campaign were the maneuvers, out flanking Lee, moving closer and closer to Richmond. The greatest of these flanking movements was the crossing of the James. Rhea alludes to his next book, where he's going to address this. But where is this book? It's been years. I guess he'd not going to write it. And overall I have to say, so frustrating that so many times the federals could have won the war but something slowed them down or they didn't realize the opportunity. Some people say there were so many federal mistakes, but really that's war, the fog of war. Really good books!
Disney- Figurine Q Posket- Belle robe paysanne- 14cm (Nintendo Switch)
Disney- Figurine Q Posket- Belle robe paysanne- 14cm (Nintendo Switch)
Habe sie für eine Freundin zum Geburtstag bestellt und war sehr angenehmem von der Qualität überrascht. Da der Artikel noch keine Bewertungen hatte, war ich etwas skeptisch, wurde aber nicht enttäuscht. Es ist sehr sauber gearbeitet, die Augen sind glänzend und gross (muss man halt mögen diesen Stil). Für Disney Fans definitiv eine tolle Sache.
Ich würde es NICHT für kleinere Kinder empfehlen, da die Figur doch eher etwas filigraner ist und die kleinen Hände der Figur weh tun könnten wenn ein Kleinkind es sich aus Versehen irgendwo hin piekst.
The Seven Faces of Darkness
The Seven Faces of Darkness
Ein interessantes Buch zum Thema mit zahlreichen Originalquellen und Originaltexten meistens aus gnostischen Traditionen. Was dem Buch natürlich zueigen ist - und das trifft für die meisten Bücher dieser Gattung zu - sind "psychologisierende" Kommentare und Ansichten, wodurch die kosmologische Relevanz verhüllt wird. Man denkt leider, die Gottheiten würden vom ego-gesteuerten Menschen "mittels Beschwörungen" für seine Ziele einfach instrumentalisiert werden können, eine irrige Sichtweise, die der gesamten modernen Magie irgendwie immer anhängig ist. Die vergebenen Sterne sind für die informative Quellendarbietung im Buch, nicht für die Kommentarleistung des Autors. Dennoch lohnt es sich reinzuschauen, besonders für den relativ moderaten Preis.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Blu-ray]
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Blu-ray]
This is the third film in the Harry Potter series, and it was never my favorite in the books, but the film is actually quite good. I'm reviewing the download version, so I have no info on the extras.

This Harry Potter film is directed by Alfonso Cuaron ( Y Tu Mamá También) who is a much-lauded Mexican film director. Great choice: There is a darker, more muted color tone which fits the book series, where the books become more and more serious as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named grows in power. The acting seemed better too--more personal, more touching and more meaningful between characters; the scenes with Lupin and Harry are even better than those with Sirius (possibly because I didn't like Sirius much as a character, not sure why this is so but I just don't.)

There are the inevitable changes to the story, which I really found I liked; you do have to telescope some of the long scenes down in a film, and often you have to conflate a character or two to keep the film moving.

Buckbeak, the hippogriff (half eagle, half horse) and the flight scenes--excellent CGI. The rescue scenes were handled well, too. I actually enjoyed the film more than the book.
How to Play Djembe (Book/CD set)
How to Play Djembe (Book/CD set)
In general, this book/CD combination is great. The text of the book is clear, the authors' approach in starting with simple patterns and then adding to / subtracting from the simple pattern to arrive at the traditional pattern is very effective. The authors' present the material clearly and succinctly, and is paced very well. This book is a good resource for getting started on the djembe.
There is only one thing that keeps me from giving this book/CD five stars.
A previous reviewer says the CD allows you to hear what the "whole rhythm" is like, which isn't entirely true. The book doesn't address bell and djun-djun (bass drum) parts at all, and these parts are not present on the CD. These rhythms are incomplete with just the djembe parts. The book/CD never gives the student a complete view of what the African rhythms, as played by a proper ensemble, should sound like. I don't fault them for not teaching these parts, as this is a book about playing djembe, but much of the rhythm context is missing.
With the excess space on the CD, the removal of the sample tracks from the "Jaguar..." album, and a bit of creative work, the authors should have been able to give the listener a taste of what the full rhythms sound like, even if only for a couple minutes each.
I still recommend this book to the beginner, but recommend that the beginner seek another source as well that better emphasizes the whole of the rhythms.
How to Be an F1 Driver
How to Be an F1 Driver
Jenson Button cut a droll figure as he departed his last Grand Prix but one. After what could only be described as a miserable year for his team, McLaren, he was forced to retire from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last race of his last full F1 campaign, after 12 laps on account of suspension failure. As he walked into the garage, his crash helmet already off, he turned to the cameras and gave a good-natured shrug, as if to say, “What can you do?” It said a lot about the man that this was how he took the ignominious end of what had at times been a stellar career.

So is that the Jenson Button you meet in his 2019 book, "How to Be an F1 Driver"? Yes and no. It’s narrated in a breezy, readable style; Jenson comes across as likeable and as mostly without an axe to grind, though he may be gently spinning one or two things his way. It begins with a delightful anecdote about learning to drive in California, which is followed by a smile-inducing little peek into how he wound up at Monaco in 2017. High hopes for a colorful and engaging memoir, right? Unfortunately, after this promising start, the rest of the book is a bit like an underdeveloped car – you recognize it; all the bits seem to be there; but it doesn’t quite deliver when it counts.

How to Be an F1 Driver broadly follows the contours of Jenson’s Formula One career, touching on his teams, teammates, cars, and driving experiences in more or less topical chapters. Having retired from Formula One, Jenson can be a bit more direct about his experiences than an active driver, but he doesn’t rip anyone too harshly. It doesn’t come across as mere decorum, either; he genuinely seems to bear few grudges. That’s refreshing as far as it goes. The bigger problem is how many of his stories appear to be building to something, only to skip over the climax. “It’s really hard to do X,” he’ll say, “because of A, B, and C. I dealt with that in such-and-such a race… and it worked out!” How? Why? He all too rarely says. It’s hard to tell whether he’s being coy, if he thinks a general readership wouldn’t be interested in the details (in which case I say, who does he think is reading this book?), or if perhaps he, or his ghostwriter, just didn’t know how to articulate the subtleties.

The title of the book hovers somewhere between descriptive and facetious. There’s a certain amount of advice, the best of it illustrated with stories from Jenson’s own experience. He has a disarming habit of generating most of the humor at his own expense, such as when he roasts himself for buying a yacht (well, two yachts), or describes his first motorhome (leopard-print interior decorating was involved). But when it comes down to it, some of the stories will be familiar if you’ve read or heard many interviews with him, while others, as mentioned above, simply don’t go far enough to be enlightening. And as far as career advice, there’s really nothing here that you won’t find described, probably at more length and more helpfully, in many another book.

It would be wrong to say "How to Be an F1 Driver" is a total waste. It’s a pleasant enough diversion and does contain the occasional nugget. But it doesn’t distinguish itself in the run of driver memoirs.

Fast Wireless Charger, Vebach Dubhe1s Qi Certified Wireless Charging Pad 7.5W for iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Mini/SE 2020/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs/XR/X/8, 10W for Samsung S20/S10/Note 10/S9, Aluminum Frame
Fast Wireless Charger, Vebach Dubhe1s Qi Certified Wireless Charging Pad 7.5W for iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Mini/SE 2020/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs/XR/X/8, 10W for Samsung S20/S10/Note 10/S9, Aluminum Frame
I have no issue throwing it on there without measuring or whatever. Only misaligned ONCE of all the nights i use it. I want to get the standing one for my work desk so I can watch and listen to things.

My daughters are jealous and wish they had wireless charging (>_<) they have an iPhone 6s and unfortunately they don’t have the hardware for it.

It’s beautiful, not tacky rose or anything. So...idk what to say, it’s just so pretty and I’ve had it for months now I think, no issues. Just get familiar with it because I’ve only had it not charge one time but that’s because my boyfriend put it on weird.

Thank you Vebach or whoever made this, 💜
Make Money From Blogging: How To Start A Blog While Raising A Family (Make Money From Home Book 6)
Make Money From Blogging: How To Start A Blog While Raising A Family (Make Money From Home Book 6)
Disclaimer: I was given a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I also bought a copy when it was $0.99 as I wanted a 'real' copy for my Kindle.

TL;DR - 5 stars because it does what it says on the tin and does it effectively for readers who are brand new to the blogging realm.

The book gives a solid foundation to start your blogging adventures and all of the things touched on in the description are indeed covered in the book (although juggling family/time management was a single chapter, so I was a little disappointed it wasn't a stronger theme considering the subtitle).

And now onto the Too Long bit of TL;DR! ;)

I wasn't a good match for the true target audience of the book (I'm neither a mom nor a new blogger), but I bought and read it because my own blog could use a bit of a spring cleaning. I was looking for a guide through recalibrating the basics-- and this book matched that to a T!

As stated in the introduction, this book is about the 'first year of blogging' and as such covers all of the very first steps: picking a topic, imagining an ideal reader, setting up the blog, and the basics of WordPress (themes, plugins, widgets, etc.). Then it moves onto the actual blog content, how to make money, and how to attract readers.

The chapter headers are a very good indication of the content covered in the book, so check out the Look Inside if you're curious! But do note that many of the subsections are only a few paragraphs long, this is an introduction to the wide world of blogging, not a master class. :)

The explanations are kept simple and to the point for each topic and I don't think a non-techie would have any issues understanding or following them. Each chapter ends with a set of action steps that help the reader put into practice what they've just covered.

The book touches on every aspect of blogging that I can think of, although sometimes it's a briefer touch than I would have liked to see personally. Branding, for instance, was only a short section and the paragraph on including images in blog post was only three sentences. But Rome wasn't built in a day and the information provided is enough to start and beginners can research deeper into topics as their blog grows.

I don't have kids, but time management is time management and I could use the help! I was hoping there would be more of a focus on juggling a full life and a blog from the subtitle, but the topic wasn't really touched on until Chapter Eleven. That said, the chapter was very kid-focused and I think it has some great ideas for moms who need help finding time to blog (source: I was a kid once and I would have totally gone along with these ideas!).

The book comes with a 13 page worksheet that you can download from the website. The worksheet breaks out the topics covered in the book into seven sections in a ten week outline. Each section has a very short summary of the section and then action steps. It's pretty much just a recap of what's in the book, but it's not a bad roadmap for those who like to take notes. (I'm more of a 'doodle in the bullet journal' kind of gal.)

All in all, it was a fun read, the authors have great narrative voices and I got out of the book what I needed, so no regrets on my end. I'd definitely recommend this ebook for folks just starting out-- definitely worth the price of a Starbucks Coffee! :D
CyberGhost VPN - Fast & Secure WiFi protection
CyberGhost VPN - Fast & Secure WiFi protection
As soon as the 46th day hit & I was unable to cancel service & request a refund all the issues started!

After that all the CyberGhost apps started to randomly boot me from VPN and would receive alerts asking if I wanted to protect my connection. I was already connected like really?!?!?!

Next I could no longer connect to the optimized servers at all.
I tried in many several platforms and several internet services and CYBERGHOST isn't functioning properly at all.

I contacted customer support multiple times and they are like robots recycling the same standard copy and paste paragraphs in the replies.
I'm now seeking a more reliable provider with better support.
iPhone Charger Lightning Cable for MFi Certified Long Power Cord 4Pack(6/6/3/3ft) Braided Nylon Fast Charger Compatible iPhone 11 Pro X XR XS MAX 8 Plus 7 6s 5s 5c Air iPad Mini iPod (Gray White)
iPhone Charger Lightning Cable for MFi Certified Long Power Cord 4Pack(6/6/3/3ft) Braided Nylon Fast Charger Compatible iPhone 11 Pro X XR XS MAX 8 Plus 7 6s 5s 5c Air iPad Mini iPod (Gray White)
My kid loves these cords. Shopping was quick as predicted and the package was wrapped well. We tested 6ft cord out on his iPhone 7 which was dead and it completely charged an hour 34 minutes. We threw the 3ft cord in the car so I never have to hear him complain about not having a charger. So far it's worked out great. Great product & the multiple length options are a necessity. Would buy again.
TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR902AC) - Support Multiple Modes, WiFi Router/Hotspot/Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Dual Band WiFi, 1 USB 2.0 Port
TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR902AC) - Support Multiple Modes, WiFi Router/Hotspot/Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Dual Band WiFi, 1 USB 2.0 Port
This is the first AC travel router I've purchased, but also one of the only ones I've seen on the market. I've had it for a few days and put it through some of its paces - configuration, packing for a trip, etc. I want to love this router, but it's just OK. I'm not even sure I'll replace my 2.4Ghz Wireless N travel router with it at this point because of one of its pretty big physical flaws.

- As with the other TP-Link travel router I owned, this seems to be a fully functional router in a compact package. It does MAC address access lists for the wireless, DHCP reservation, port forwarding, port range forwarding, DMZ, etc.

- It's almost as small as the 2.4GHz travel routers I have. I have a case that fits my router, a 2 foot flat Ethernet cable, a micro USB cable, and a USB wall wart adapter. This thing fits in that case, taking up only a little more room than my 2.4GHz router did.

- Some other major brand/highly rated travel routers here come with very little in the way of what's needed to work out-of-the-box. This router, like the other TP-Link I had comes with a flat Ethernet cable, a micro USB cable, and a micro USB charger. That means if you order it while away from home, you still have everything you need to get up and running.

- There appears to be very little documentation on this router. When I go to TP-Link's United States website, it doesn't even come up in a search. When I searched on the router model in Google, it took me to TP-Link's United Kingdom website. There is a new firmware available for this router, but it says it's EU specific. So, for now apparently there's no US support for firmware or documentation for this router.

- While the wireless MAC address access list is listed as a PRO up above, it's implementation is somewhat of a CON. It gives separate access lists for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. If you want to add a device to both, you have to do it in each place; there's no way to tell the router to add to both lists at the same time. With a medium to large list of devices, this is cumbersome. Also the MAC list can only be seen 9 devices at a time, so searching through the list to make sure everything is on it becomes tedious.

- The micro USB power and Ethernet ports are on different sides of the router. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but when using these things in many different travel environments, and thinking about other travel and even home routers, this isn't really ideal. In some places, I have to put the router near the bed. I've started putting the router in its case, with the power on and running in order to not see the bright, blinking lights at night. The placement of these two cables prevents that from working out.

- The micro USB power port on this router seems to be recessed further inside the unit than it should be. The cable barely plugs into it and I've had it slip out multiple times just by bumping the router. I've tried multiple micro USB cables with it, so I know it's the device. Looking inside the router, it doesn't look like mine has a manufacturing defect, it looks like it's the design. This is the one con that I think will make me either return this router or not use it to its fullest extent. Over time, all of these type of connectors wear and the connection isn't as solid as it was in the beginning (cell phones are a prime example of this). If this thing has a problem with loose connection out of the box, over time it will get worse and probably won't stay in at all without some external device like a rubber band holding it in.

UPDATE 20170420: I ordered a second of these routers just to see if the micro USB port issue was isolated to the first unit I received. Out of the box, I found that the second unit has the exact same issue as the first: the micro USB connector is seated so far into the router that any micro USB cable plugged into it has difficulty staying seated. One cable I had barely "clicked" but did not stand up to any amount of tugging. Another didn't click at all and fell out on its own. The cable provided with the router is no different. Apparently this is a design flaw with the router.
LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room with True HEPA Filter, Cleaner for Allergies and Pets, Smokers, Mold, Pollen, Dust, Quiet Odor Eliminators for Bedroom, Smart Auto Mode, LV-H135, White
LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room with True HEPA Filter, Cleaner for Allergies and Pets, Smokers, Mold, Pollen, Dust, Quiet Odor Eliminators for Bedroom, Smart Auto Mode, LV-H135, White
The purifier itself is fantastic, for the first 6 months that you have it... then you have to purchase the replacement filters at $60 each. No filters are sold by levoit, they only sell the air purifiers on their website, if you contact them looking to buy a replacement filter they send you a link to amazon to purchase the filter. The reviews on amazon for the replacement filter are less than ideal, with filters getting stuck in the machine, and only lasting 3 months instead of 6. Once the replacement filter gets stuck in the machine the product is useless because the warranty provided is voided at that point and levoit will not replace the product. Sketchy practice by a sketchy company.
Bassett Liquorice Allsorts 190 g (Paquete de 6)
Bassett Liquorice Allsorts 190 g (Paquete de 6)
What a great product!

To some ordering food from Amazon is unusual however you should not avoid them. Amazon send you the product in commercial boxing just like you see workers unload into the shoeves in your local supermarket, for this reason you are able to get great prices compared to your shop.

This product in my opinion is 5* however this item is a perishable food item so it can all depend on taste ( There is no amazon refund option 'Don't like the taste' ) For this reason I would not order food in such quantity if you are not sure.
Twizzlers - Pack de 1 bolsa de caramelo con sabor a cereza de 11 onzas
Twizzlers - Pack de 1 bolsa de caramelo con sabor a cereza de 11 onzas
Ok, these are the BEST Twizzlers I’ve ever eaten! Oh my gosh! I’m trying to resist buying more ...haven’t had Twizzlers in a long time so it was an impulse purchase. Look, if you like regular Twizzlers at all, these are better. What a nice surprise and treat (for me), thank you.

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