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101 Reasons to Own the World's Greatest Investment: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway
101 Reasons to Own the World's Greatest Investment: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway
The shelves are full of books that are aimed at helping you learn how to invest like Warren Buffett does. I generally find those books to be a waste of time. If you want to invest like Warren Buffett, why not simply buy Berkshire Hathaway's stock? Well, this book takes the positive side of that perspective. In the process, you can learn much more about how Mr. Buffett has invested for himself and others at Berkshire Hathaway. Where most books about Mr. Buffett's work are overly simple and general, this one captures many fine subtleties. The book's main weakness is that Mr. Miles is not open to seeing the vulnerabilities for the future in Mr. Buffett's approach.
This book had an interesting genesis. It started as posts by Mr. Miles on the Motley Fool bulletin boards. I suspect that we will see more examples of this kind of authorship in the future, and think that it is a good idea. Authors get feedback on-line about their ideas, and can create a market for the book at the same time. Very nicely done!
The book contains literally 101 arguments in favor of buying and holding Berkshire Hathaway stock. I suspect that there was a target number set, because some of the arguments repeat each other. The appendix is very valuable in providing more fundamental perspectives on buying stocks for a new investor.
Space limits me from praising or critiquing each concept, so I will just focus on a few points. In doing this, though, you should realize that there is a lot of very solid and valuable material here.
First, just for the record, let me note that there are CEOs whose stocks have outperformed Mr. Buffett's record in the last 10 years. These are concentrated in the high technology and service business areas. I suspect that there will be more and more of these in years to come. My studies of the most successful CEOs show that these success rates are improving. Where Mr. Buffett was once near the top of the list, he increasingly is falling in the rankings. This is primarily due to his focus on avoiding technology investments. Those have been and will be the driving force of economic growth, and it's tougher to grow fast if you stick to the sidelines. As Mr. Miles points out, this avoidance does have advantages -- your stock is not as volatile on the downside (as we have seen in the last year or so).
Second, you will find it helpful to compare this book to John Bogle's excellent book, Common Sense About Mutual Funds, which makes the case for indexed fund investing. In many ways, Mr. Buffett outdoes the index funds -- by having lower management fees, less stock turnover, and fewer taxes incurred.
Third, Mr. Miles is in denial about that fact that Mr. Buffett is a man in his 70s. You will not be able to invest with Mr. Buffett after he is no longer active as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. While no one knows when that will happen, and no one wishes it to happen, it will happen regardless. Mr. Miles treats this like it could be the best thing that ever happened to the company. I would have liked to have seen more discussion about the downside risk. Avoiding risk and losses, after all, is what Mr. Buffett's approach is all about. I know of no investment vehicle that did as well after its founder retired.
Even if you have no interest in buying Berkshire Hathaway stock, you can learn a lot about good investing from seeing what Mr. Buffett does, as expressed here.
As to buying Berkshire Hathaway, for most people this would be a good move as an alternative to some of the funds they would otherwise put into mutual funds that are actively managed. But I would argue that no one should have more than 10 percent of their financial assets here. A lot of Mr. Buffett's big winners in the past (like Gillette and Coca-Cola) are having real problems. He is also fueling the company's growth with exotic insurance products. The world is full of people who found the market could turn on them in specialized financial services.
If you do want to buy this stock, wait until the current bear market on Wall Street is over. The stock will probably be cheaper then. But feel free to follow and learn about Berkshire Hathaway in the meantime.
A good thing to do is to think about who is going to be the next Warren Buffett and is younger, and invest some there as well. Who are your candidates? I have mine.
Achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be!
Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker with Easy Pour Jar and XL Ice Reservoir
Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker with Easy Pour Jar and XL Ice Reservoir
We've had a Key West margarita maker for many years and it has operated flawlessly. So when we were looking for a present, we thought this would be the perfect gift. Unfortunately, it is just partially perfect.

The newest version of the Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker (hereafter referred to as "margarita maker") has a few changes from our old one. On the good side, the blender lid now has a flip-up spout so that you don't need to take the lid off to pour a glass of deliciousness. I might be looking for some new lids for the two blender jars we have. Yeah, it is a little thing, but a good thing.

The downside, and why this review is only three stars, is that the new margarita maker jams. Those half-moon shaped pieces of ice from an icemaker are particularly problematic. You'll start a batch, it will shave the ice perfectly, and maybe you want your margarita a little thicker. Hit the "shave ice" switch and instead of satisfyingly loud ice-shaving noises, you just hear a loud "I'm jammed again" hum. So, open the ice reservoir, and poke and prod the ice at the bottom, all the while ignoring the "sharp blade" warning. In the end, I suspect someone got a laceration poking around in the older margarita maker like ours (which NEVER has jammed) and Margaritaville had to redesign the ice shaving mechanism to avoid lawsuits. Of course, now that you have to get your fingers down there in sharp-blade-land, you've increased the chance of cuts, and that doesn't make much sense.

Using smaller ice, like bagged ice from your local market, seems to cut down on the jams, but it does not eliminate them. I guess getting crushed ice from your refrigerator ice maker could also solve the problem.

So, while this margarita maker does make a tasty and well-blended beverage, it only does that when it works properly. Until the jamming issue is solved, only three stars.
Pieta [Blu-ray] (+ Digital Copy)
Pieta [Blu-ray] (+ Digital Copy)
I have seen the majority of Kim Ki-Duk's films. He was one of the South Korean directors that first got me into the "Korean New Wave" some years ago. There is something to be said for his works, and no one could argue that his stories are creative, if not original. His films such as "Bad Guy", "3-Iron", "The Isle", "Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring", "Samaritan Girl" and "The Bow" had characters that barely talked, immersed in symbolism and the emotions were expressed through action that spoke a lot for its intended narrative. Kim's films are different and he proved me it once more with "Dream" and "Time", albeit I was a little disappointed with "Breathless" and his experimental film "Real Fiction".

Winner of the top prize of several film festivals such as the "Golden Lion" award in Venice, as well as being the first Korean movie to win top honors in Vienna, Cannes and Berlin. "Pieta" is Kim's 18th feature that he directed as well as written. Once again proving that he has the determination to be different even when he does something a little more standard, Kim's "Pieta" is about a young man named Lee Kang-Do (played by Lee Jung-ji). Kang-Do is a heartless man who has no known family or friends and whose job is to threaten his clients' debtors that requires 10x the amount of the loan. Kang-Do's existence is the kind that he only exists to do a job, and collects the interest through insurance after he had crippled the debtor. One day, a woman (Cho Min-Su) pays him a visit and she claims to be his long-lost mother. Kang-Do denies such a possibility, and she relentlessly shadows him, and soon, he is moved by the display of motherly love expressed by this woman. Now, Kang-Do's past are set to collide tragically with his future...

The magic of Kim's films is just how he manages to express harsh reality or a way of life or emotion through the use of his screenplay. His screenplays are often rich with symbolism, that beautifully combines with violence and unnerving themes. He gave us a glimpse of the red light district, a twisted view of beauty, the cheating wife, atonement for sins and even how our dreams make us understand more and yet, see less. "Pieta" is rich with religious symbolism and highly sexual images may cause a lot of viewers to have rather mixed reactions. To appreciate the need for such elements in its narrative, one would have to accept that such things are highly plausible and that humanity has the capacity for such depravity. I mean, Kim had pushed the limits before, and "Pieta" does have a few scenes that had provoked a lot of controversy. In my opinion, such things are needed to advance the plot and for the viewer to further feel the emotions of its characters.

"Pieta" is a highly tragic film. It is the kind of film that the less you know, the better and yet it would undoubtedly be more for the esoteric few used to Kim's many twists and turns in his writing. There are strong existential overtones and powerful themes of "Karma" (you reap what you sow) as Kim tries to show his viewers that such actions often have a consequence. It is a film about the many emotions that arise because of money; fury, greed, revenge, love and the feeling of a loss. It is different and very shocking, and the more you become immersed and invested with its characters then the more the power of its narrative would be. It is a twisted relationship that builds on one heartless man and a mysterious woman. The development of their relationship is one that is believable as both of them seemingly wants to 'feel' and atone, and the careful methodology that Kim uses in his screenplay is just fantastic. Once you think that you had it figured it out, then one realizes that there is more to it than you first thought. Kim immerses his viewers with such careful manipulation that one could easily feel its shocking tragic turns.

What always made his films different and bold is the manner that he handles the chemistry between his protagonists. Kim's writing brings characters that feel like real people, that how they interact with their world become very natural. He envelopes them with a certain amount of darkness while they struggle to find some light. Always nearly and sometimes achieving and yet, something remains beyond their grasp. Kim also knows how to pick his performers as Lee Jung-Ji and Jo Min-Su were able to come into the needed dramatic power in each scene. There is no doubt that Cho Min-Su stole the show, her eyes, her actions, and the way she spoke carried an enigma that aided in the film's powerful writing and steady pace. Lee Jung-Ji sold the role of the heartless enforcer, that once could see and feel his development from ruthlessness into someone who cares. Kang Eun-Jin also made such a powerful impression as the wife of a man who had been crippled. Despite her limited screen time, she was fantastic and her role added a lot to the flow of emotions.

As with most of his films, Kim uses a cinematography that borders on minimalism and yet the shots come from an angle that almost simulates the feel of a fly on the wall, a `passing' glance and of voyeurism. Close ups and wide shots are abundant, while some scenes were almost shot to mimic the view of the other character. Colors were a little subdued to give perhaps give the film a more depressing feel. This is a film where action and atmosphere played a lot in its narrative, Kim uses everything to dictate the way the viewer saw his sequences. Kim had definitely matured as a filmmaker and as a storyteller, one could easily see that he had improved his craft.

Kim Ki-Duk had done it once more, and surely this is a film that may be one of the best ones I've seen in 2013. It is magnificently paced and edited, with excellent performances that those two things alone surpassed all my expectations. Kim also presents several twists and turns, while not totally surprising, they were brought in with such an impeccable stroke that it made me feel for the characters' own tragic lives. The ending is one that defined everything that the characters had brought to bear, and maybe it is indeed all about they have wrought. Darkness is often the absence of light, and once it had been illuminated, it is always darkest before its dawn. It is a cycle that Kim had presented, and one that he allows his audience to see into with their own ways. It is a disturbing, and yet beautifully honest film. Highly Recommended. [5- Out of 5 Stars]
Buddha, Vol. 1: Kapilavastu
Buddha, Vol. 1: Kapilavastu
In spite of the title, Buddha, Tezuka departs, at nearly every turn, from the historical account of the life of Siddhartha, and he wanders far afield from the way of the Buddha, at least as passed down to us. In this work, Tezuka not only so thoroughly distorts and corrupts Buddhist philosophy but also so frequently perverts and even abuses the person of the Buddha that it would be no wonder if the reader begins to mistrust the author’s motivation for creating the series, as it unfolds.

Behind the seemingly invulnerable aegis of “artistic license” and with his characteristically magical artistry, Tezuka conjures caricatures of both Siddhartha and Buddha, in this series, that are imposters at best. At worst, he transmogrifies them into idols of a falsified spiritual legacy. In place of the historical Siddhartha and the magnificent Buddha, Tezuka fabricates an alternative retelling of the events of Siddhartha’s life and experience of awakening; the result is a chimeric mash-up of Hindu concepts and syncretized Shinto beliefs that in no way reflect those present in Buddhism. While both of those alternative spiritual traditions are certainly worthy of consideration and respect in their own right, wholly substituting them for Buddhist ones in a series ostensibly about the Buddha—even if fictionally—is not only disingenuous but also does a disservice to both the Buddhist faithful and those curious about Buddhism. For any reader who is well-acquainted with Buddhist legend and philosophy, the recasting so flagrantly—even brazenly—deviates from the inherited spiritual tradition that the reader rather naturally begins to suspect that Tezuka’s gratuitous indulgences and overtly irreverent assaults were willful.

To the reader who is unfamiliar with the Buddha’s teaching, at least as preserved in scripture and thanks to the various and venerable monastic communities worldwide, beware! Beyond the alluring imagery wrought by Tezuka’s fantastic artistic talent, there is almost nothing Buddhist about the Buddha in this series, other than the name and appearance. In contrast to tradition, the Siddhartha of this series is weak and infirm, lazy, emotionally callous, mean—even cruel on one occasion—and, generally, unsympathetic. The Buddha of this series is confused, helpless, hopelessly dependent upon Brahma, emotionally unstable, frequently agitated, grief-stricken, befuddled, and pitiable, a truly pathetic and uninspiring figure. Apart from the occasional vignette that is genuinely touching and the infrequent depiction of the Buddha in an honorable and inspiring pose, the Tezuka’s Buddha is a mirage that bears no resemblance to the one venerated by Buddhists nor even popular conceptions of him. Although it surely is the prerogative of artists to take some license to tell a captivating tale, when it comes to representing historical personas, especially those spiritual or religious ones who have immeasurably influenced humanity, there ought to be some responsibility to represent at least the essence of their teachings with an appreciable degree of fidelity. For example, the Noble Eightfold Path, which is a fundamental component of the Buddha’s teaching, is only ever stated in print by the Buddha once, maybe twice, and late in the series, and even on those occasions, the representation is botched, being inaccurate in contrast to any formulation of the Path. After so many pages, there’s little justification to charitably forgive such an error of commission, other than to attribute it to rank negligence on Tezuka’s part, if not willful counterfeiting.

To the reader who might identify as “Buddhist”, or merely appreciates Buddhist philosophy, and who is intrigued by the prospect of a graphical representation of the Buddha’s life and teachings that might convey a similitude of authenticity, Tezuka’s portrayal of the Buddha will be disappointing, perhaps even concerning. If such a reader has a keen eye for the Triple Gem, then he will recognize in Tezuka’s Buddha—just as Johnny Depp’s Donnie Brasco does with the fake diamond ring—that … “It’s a fugazi.”
The Witches (1990)
The Witches (1990)
After 9 years of waiting, I finally get to see this film as it was shown in the theater!
The film itself is excellent: who isn't interested in a film featuring the world's Head Witch?
Who, when she takes off her face/upper body mask, is everything you could hope for in a witch?
Now for the notes on the BD:
This is an MoD BD (so far as I can tell). This means that it is similar to a DVD-R:
a) the aspect ratio has been correct on every DVD-R so far, and the MoD BDs appear to be maintaining this tradition
b) the quality of the source materials is not always as good as might be wished; in this case, however, I saw no problems; still, other reviewers did, and to them I say: this is how it is with Mod BDs/DVD-Rs
c) Warner Archive DVD-Rs tend to have a menu with two choices ("Play" and "Trailer") this BD has a main menu with a third choice ("Subtitles"); the popup menu is the same, and does activate the subtitles, which turn out to be English SDH; the film is a chapter every 2 to 3 minutes or so, possibly inherited, so to speak, from the pan-and-scan DVD (Warner Archive DVD-Rs mostly have one chapter every 10 minutes).
These discs are not made for elitists. They are not made for those who value special features. They are made for people who want to /watch the movie/. And who have been waiting a long time to do so. They are films whose market cannot support the effort required for a full-scale DVD (never mind BD), but a smaller market for them does exist.
My advice on these is this: if you have been waiting and waiting for the film, buy it. The chance of it coming out on a full-scale DVD or BD is nil, for what market there is is being exhausted by the DVD-R/MoD BD. But if you are picking a few films from a list of films, all of which you want to own eventually, pick the full-scale DVDs/BDs first. You can always buy these when you either get desperate for them or run out of other films to buy.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Reaching that time in life where I spend more time reflecting on the past than planning for the future. With that said, I have begun searching for some classic books from my childhood for our library. Needless to say, Charlie and Chocolate Factory would be included. I found an original that I had hoped would make a nice addition and ordered from Amazon. The particular selection was received less than desirable condition. However, to my excitement in finding the book, I acted on impulse and ordered it. The book actually arrived just as the seller listed it. When I explained to the seller my dissatisfaction (to no error of the listed description); they refunded my account. Although I had not requested they do so, I do appreciate the effort and great business dealing with the public. I would recommend ordering from this seller as I will look for them as well on future book purchases.

thank you The Shire Bookstore
Secrets of Middle-Earth - Inside Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (4-Pack) by J.R.R. Tolkien
Secrets of Middle-Earth - Inside Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (4-Pack) by J.R.R. Tolkien
This is a set of four 1-hour documentaries about J. R. R. Tolkien's books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It's about the books, not the movies; though the narrator for the Lord of the Rings documentaries is Graham McTavish, who several years later was top play the dwarf Dwalin in the three Hobbit films. These documentaries were published in 2003, so they were even before the release of Return of the King and might have been filmed even before The Two Towers; I can't find any background information about when, why, and how they came to exist.

It is, of course, most likely things that a Tolkien aficionado already knows (after all, it's a documentary, so what else?) and a huge amount of material from these documentaries has been pirated for little 5-minute "interview" segments on YouTube. These original episodes put it all back together so that it makes a lot more sense. And I still learned quite a bit. For instance, I had not previously understood the significance of the Father Christmas letters and was unware that J. R. R. Tolkien started telling the story of The Hobbit to his children when his oldest son was only 9 years old, many long years before the original children's book was published. It was quite a treat to hear an interview with John; it seems that today the only of Tolkien's kids we hear about is Christopher.

I see a lot of the reviews going on about some perceived nit where the writer inaccurately portrayed Tolkien's story, but I cannot agree with any of those complaints. The pronunciation of the names of most of the characters and places seems quite odd, but that's the only factual blunder that I notice.

On the other hand, the documentaries do have some incongruously repeated footage and are illustrated with the horrendous Hildebrandt paintings. I just avert my eyes when the Hildebrandt pictures come on screen and enjoy listening to narrative; but then, I'm used to do that because prior to all the illustrations and paintings they created to support the movies, there was very little good artwork representing Tolkien's stories, the best being the little sketches that the author made for himself and never intended to be published.
Harry Potter Word Search Special Edition: Find your own name along with over 1,600+ words from J.K Rowling’s magical books and films in this Muggles Version of our smash hit unofficial Puzzle Book
Harry Potter Word Search Special Edition: Find your own name along with over 1,600+ words from J.K Rowling’s magical books and films in this Muggles Version of our smash hit unofficial Puzzle Book
I understand that this is not an official Harry Potter word search, but at least spell the characters’ names correctly as well as identify parts of the novels correctly. There were several names misspelled or places/characters under the wrong heading. It is still fun to complete, but for someone like me who is a huge Harry Potter fan if is disappointing.
Half Blood (M.I.S.T.)
Half Blood (M.I.S.T.)
I Love It!! I thought that it was well written by a great person, and that many, many, many people should buy it, and give it a try!
Lewis Family Collection
Lewis Family Collection
The Lewis family collection is awesome! The songs are awesome and I love their bluegrass gospel better than any other artist I've heard.
Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Cacao Butter, 1 Lb - Raw | Keto | Vegan | Unrefined
Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Cacao Butter, 1 Lb - Raw | Keto | Vegan | Unrefined
good gracious, i did not know this stuff existed- food grade cocoa butter, yum! i don't know what some other reviewers are tasting, but for me, a long-time chocoholic, this stuff is manna- tastes like the very best part of the essense of chocolate. a tiny, tiny bit melting in your mouth is so satisfying. i got it yesterday and have eaten a bit plain, put a bit in coffee omg! and made some body lotion that smells good enough to eat. the reason for only four stars* is that the packaging leaves something to be desired, since the 'zipper' on the bag already peeled off one side and so is already useless. the cocoa butter itself is small, irregular flat bits, from tiny to quarter-sized, broken pieces. i almost bought the other brand that sells this in rounded, uniform wafers, but it costs more and some of those reviews said that they ended up breaking those wafers into smaller pieces to use anyway, so i didn't see the need for uniformity. second, this product arrived with just some pieces slightly 'grayed', which happens to chocolate when it hasn't been stored in a temperature controlled place. then too, quite a few of the bits are stuck together on other bits, so it is clear this package hasn't been handled really well before arriving, but i don't think the taste has suffered for this, and so pretty sure this going to be a new thing i regularly order!
UPDATE: i was running low, and this time bought the round wafer brand. i used the last of my terrasoul brand yesterday in my coffee, as i do every day since buying it. this morning i opened the round wafer brand and got barely a hint of the delicious smell i was used to. put two wafers in my coffee and huh... did not melt as fast. did not leave a nice thick decadent oily puddle on top like this brand. did not give off that wonderful aroma i was used to at the first sip. taste was as scant as the smell. i added another wafer, but ho-hum, nope, no 'there' there.

i just re-ordered the terrasoul brand and will probably toss the wafers. i also upped my 4 stars to 5 on this product after that direct comparison with the other brand. even if the bag this comes in is not the best, the product definately IS.
Joan Baez: Rare Live & Classic
Joan Baez: Rare Live & Classic
If you don't cry when you listen you are probably dead. I bought this personally because it has the only recording that you can buy of Joan singing together with her sister Mimi Farina a wonderful version of Donovan's "Catch The Wind" that makes the hairs on my neck stand up. Their two voices meld perfectly. But I was blown away by the rest of the set. It is an expensive purchase as it is both rare and a triple album with almost all of her work over 25 years - I had forgotten how beautiful most of it was. Tracks solo and tracks with Mimi Farina, her husband Richard Farina, Judy Collins, Kris Kristopherson, and many others with many many classics. Do yourself a huge favour and seek it out. Be warned this is not an easy CD to find as hardware. You will find it easier to download on MP3 or some other modality, but as a CD there are few sources. Worth it though. I lie on my sofa with a packet of nibbles a soft drink and let it roll. And each CD is a good hour's worth, there are 60 odd tracks on the 3 albums. Can't tell you how glad I am that I bought this! I rarely gush this much but this time I must!
allcaca Fast Charging Station for Multiple Devices-Charging Station Family Charge Docking Station & Organizer with 6 USB Ports Mixed Cables-Compatible with iPhone iPad and Android Phone and Tablet
allcaca Fast Charging Station for Multiple Devices-Charging Station Family Charge Docking Station & Organizer with 6 USB Ports Mixed Cables-Compatible with iPhone iPad and Android Phone and Tablet
Got this to have an extra charging station in our home. My kid has special needs & we have many devices like iPads, iPhone, android phones & fire tablets for him. I chose this one because it provided the different cables. The short cables made the new charging area much tidier than our other charging areas. We don't use all the ports to maximize charging but our devices have been charged as needed. We have a station just for magnetic charging now after freeing up ports with this.
Despite what the description says, the capacity of this station is either 8A/40W or 10A/50W MAX. Base of the station says 8A but the manual & description says 10A. It charges android devices & bluetooth devices well but I can't be sure if it will do devices like 5 or 6 iPads at full speed.
Elechomes EPI236 Air Purifier, Ture H13 HEPA Filter Air Purifiers Remove 99.97% Allergies, Pets, Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and Pollen, Air Cleaner for Home, Bedroom, Office, Smart Auto Mode, 22dB Ultra Quiet, CADR 260m³/h, Black
Elechomes EPI236 Air Purifier, Ture H13 HEPA Filter Air Purifiers Remove 99.97% Allergies, Pets, Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and Pollen, Air Cleaner for Home, Bedroom, Office, Smart Auto Mode, 22dB Ultra Quiet, CADR 260m³/h, Black
 So my office does not have windows. Even though I’m working from home because of COVID-19, I have to plan for the possibility of returning. This time, airflow in my office would be extra important. I wanted to get something powerful and pretty without breaking my bank. After researching online for a while, I picked this one because of the values and good review. After trying it in my living room for awhile, I’m very happy with it and think I will keep it!

So first impression - it’s very well-packaged but it’s larger than I thought, as you can see in my picture. But it’s very modern and clean looking. Makes it feel high end. When plugged in and turned on, there’s also indication light at the bottom of the unit, making it look extra pretty. I think having it in my office would look quiet well!

The filter is big and thick. My partner has mild allergy during this season. But since I started using it, he’s been sneezing less. I’m not sure whether this is a coincidence but I’d like to think it’s because this unit is working. My living room is also twice the size of my office, so that gives me some reassurance that it’ll work in my office.

Another thing I really like is how quiet the unit is. When in regular mode, you almost can’t hear it. Also you can set a timer for it too. A plus is it also seems to cool down my room a bit!

My only complaint is that the control panel is like touch buttons so sometimes, it’s hard to find the right place to press... might take couple tries.

So to summarize
It works (even for a large room)! Filters the air well
Sleek looking
Cools the air a bit!

Relatively big
Buttons can be tricky

I think I will keep it. I have been liking it so far!
Manteca de karité africana 100% pura de marfil sin refinar orgánica Ghana 3 libras por Vicks
Manteca de karité africana 100% pura de marfil sin refinar orgánica Ghana 3 libras por Vicks
Some shea butters are mixed with petroleum waxes and may be cut with other oils.
This is the good quality stuff that melts well and doesn't smell waxy
Also, some shea arrives already smelling rancid. This smells like great quality shea fragrance.

Thank you for supplying it.
Thank you for ordering it and thank you for doing trade with the people at it's source and that is to them for preparing it.
Gratitude to our abundant Earth Mother.
Batman & Robin, Vol. 3: Batman & Robin Must Die (Batman & Robin (Paperback))
Batman & Robin, Vol. 3: Batman & Robin Must Die (Batman & Robin (Paperback))
This is the final instalment of the Batman and Robin trilogy by Grant Morrison, and one that you will want to own if you have been keeping up with this series, and all the other titles that have inter-linked with the whole Return of Batman series. These include;
Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn (Batman & Robin)
Batman vs. Robin (Batman & Robin)
Batman & Robin Vol. 3: Batman Must Die! Deluxe Edition (this volume)

In a separate run;
Batman: Streets of Gotham: Hush Money
Batman: The Streets of Gotham: Leviathan v. 2
Batman: Streets of Gotham 3: The House of Hush due out later in 2011

On it's own;
Batgirl: Batgirl Rising

And then,
Robin: Search for a Hero
Red Robin: Grail
Red Robin: Collision v. 2 (Red Robin 2)

And the most recent titles;
Return of Bruce Wayne
Time and the Batman.

So this book picks up where volume 2, and runs with the revelation at the end of that book with the Joker taking centre stage and claiming to be on the side of Batman and Robin, and wants to help them take on the Black Glove who is trying to manipulate Gotham to his twisted desires. But can Batman and Robin trust the Joker?
The book starts of strongly with the opening pages depicting Dick being shot in the head, and essentially being forced in to a corner - to let the Black Mask take over Gotham, but be cured; or die a death descending into craziness as the clot in his brain bleeds throughout his skull. Yes, it isn't light reading in this volume! But then, when has Grant Morrison ever taken the easy way out?
It is hard to review this book without giving away all the twists and turns, and i think it is important not to give them away, as this book really does tie up a hell of a lot in the return of Batman and Bruce Wayne. There are some really excellently written pieces in this volume. The stand-out for me is when Damian locks himself in with the Joker (shades of Jason Todd, anyone) and will have you reading these pages with genuine nervousness - but you will still read them - they are probably the best part of this graphic novel (for me, anyway!). Alfred has a nice minor role too and gets some good page time.
The book finishes with an exciting glimpse into the future, and it makes sense in the direction that the Batman universe is moving - a logical move. Grant Morrison has definitely dragged Batman into a new era, and i hope that this new direction is the way DC will move forward. There is real potential in what Morrison has set up. I guess it won't be to the taste of everyone, but again that is what Morrison does best - he polarises opinion. No middle of the road opinions are taken from his books. You love them or hate them. The point is, you will HAVE an opinion and getting people to care about the character is what he does best.
There aren't many faults for me in this volume, but a few minor niggles. Firstly, the gunshot to Dicks head is resolved too easily for me - there was definitely more scope to expand on this sub-plot. Secondly, the artwork doesn't really set my world on fire. I can appreciate what it is trying to do; this is definitely the darkest book of the three Batman and Robin books, and it certainly has the most action and storylines crammed into its pages, so i can see why it is so intense, but i am not a huge fan of the style. It is probably just me, and in fairness i couldn't imagine it being done any other way!
These minor points aside, this is a superb read. It is a real page turner - from high action, to high drama, to smiles, to cheers, to cringing, to twists and surprises, this book delivers on every level. It is a one-sitting read, and well worth re-reading.
I can't recommend this book highly enough, and it is an essential book in anyone's collection. I can't wait to see where the Batman universe goes from here.....

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