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What Is Node?
What Is Node?
What Is Node? by Brett McLaughlin. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars, with 202 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
CSS3: The Missing Manual
CSS3: The Missing Manual
CSS3: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 177 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the css category.
Anne of the Island: Anne of Green Gables, Book 3
Anne of the Island: Anne of Green Gables, Book 3
Anne of the Island: Anne of Green Gables, Book 3 by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Andrea Giordani, et al.. Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars, with 10 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the J. K. Rowling category.
See Me (The Novus Pack Series Book 1)
See Me (The Novus Pack Series Book 1)
See Me (The Novus Pack Series Book 1) by M. Jayne. Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars, with 51 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
Python Programming: 2 Books in 1: Learning Python and Python Machine Learning. A Complete Overview for Beginners. How to Master Python Coding Basics and Effectively Learn Faster Computer Programming
Python Programming: 2 Books in 1: Learning Python and Python Machine Learning. A Complete Overview for Beginners. How to Master Python Coding Basics and Effectively Learn Faster Computer Programming
Python Programming: 2 Books in 1: Learning Python and Python Machine Learning. A Complete Overview for Beginners. How to Master Python Coding Basics and Effectively Learn Faster Computer Programming by Samuel Hack. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 10 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Python programming' category.
Toad for Oracle Unleashed
Toad for Oracle Unleashed
Toad for Oracle Unleashed by Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'SQL database' category.
Getting Started With Angular JS
Getting Started With Angular JS
Don't waste your time and money. It contains to many screenshots taking whole pages, source code samples are uncomfortable to read (gray letters on dark background with a few shades of gray scale). Explanation of ideas behind core Angular elements are very short.
It describes Angular 1.x when I was expecting something about Angular 2 from book published recently (so focusing on components rather then on controllers for instance)
In fact it mentions Angular 2 but without any real deep analysis on examples - just it shows the author knows how to run some samples using Angular 2 with a few transpillers.
If you are still interrested in Angular 1.x just buy Pro AngularJS by Adam Freeman - it's best book about AngularJS I read up to now...
Pro AngularJS (Expert's Voice in Web Development)
Warren Buffett's Ground Rules: Words of Wisdom from the Partnership Letters of the World's Greatest Investor
Warren Buffett's Ground Rules: Words of Wisdom from the Partnership Letters of the World's Greatest Investor
The 1st 5 chapters were almost worthless but the rest of the book more than made up for it.

The discussion of Generals, Workouts & Controls offers a nice introduction to value investing.

The author walks you through how Buffett took what he learned under Ben Graham & put his own stamp on it.

You'll learn how he ran the Buffett Partnership & subsequently made the transition to more qualitative investments which formed the Berkshire Hathaway.of today.

I'd recommend reading Graham's "Intelligent Investor" & Phillip Fushers "Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits" 1st & although there's no heavy math, you should probably understand how to read a balance sheet & income/cash flow statements.

After "Ground Rules" I recommend reading the full prtnership letters & "Berkshire Letters to Shareholders" for a more fully formed view of what WEB has done, followed by Graham & Dodd "Security Analysis" after which you should be analytically & temperamentally able of trying your hand at creating your own Berkshire.

Disclaimer: the wit & wisdom WEB has exhibited throughout his carreer are replicable by many but the temperament needed to execute is IMHO the most important factor in obtaining above average results. If you ain't disciplined & patient, your results will vary...
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
This is a life changing book and the best habit forming book. You must really have patience and concentration to read this book and to understand it completely.


Author Stephen R Covey explain about how we see the world that is our paradigm.

And how is change in our paradigm can lead to a change in our positive mental attitude(PMA) and human and Public Relationship.

Author gives many stories to explain the concept very clearly.

He tells that we need to live a life of integrity, to contribute & make a difference in the world and raise to the greatness that lies within each one of us.

The Seven Habits are
1.Be Proactive.
2. Begin with the end in mind.
3. ‎Put First Things First.
4. ‎Think win win.
5. ‎First seek to understand, then to be understood.
6. ‎Synergize.
7. ‎Sharpen the saw.

Be Proactive:

It is about taking responsibility and initiatives
I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.

Begin with the end in mind:

It means we need to have a goal for everything. It is a sort of vision. How we wish to see in every aspect of our life like with spouse, family,money,work,friend pleasure, enemy.

Put First Things First:
Author divides our entire time into 4 quadrants.
Important and urgent-Q1
Important and not urgent-Q2
Not important and urgent-Q3
Not important and not urgent-Q4.

Important are goals kept in the Habit 2.

Think win win

Author tells in every situation we need to think about the benefit of our self and others. how can a outcome be useful to all the partiers. It's innovative thinking.

First seek to understand, then to be understood:

Stephen presses on the issue that first we need to understand others their situation, feelings and thoughts then directly telling how we feel or what is our decision directly.

Most important of all the habits. It's most difficult to cultivate.


It means a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
The essence of synergy is to value differences- to respect them,to build on strengths & to compensate for weakness.
Synergies everywhere in the nature.

Sharpen the saw.

It deals with the four aspects of life.
Physical, mental, social/emotional, spiritual.
It's about preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have.

It's a quadrant 2 activity.

Thank you.
The Enigma Strain (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Book 1)
The Enigma Strain (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Book 1)
Harvey "Ben" Bennett is a park ranger at Yellowstone National Park. While out on a seemingly routine re-home of a bear that got a little too close for comfort, a bomb goes off in the park, killing his partner on the job. Bennett is soon thrust into an ongoing investigation into a new "bug" that is causing massive boils and rashes to form and quickly spread across its victims. He joins forces with CDC investigator Juliette Richardson as they try to figure out what is going on in Yellowstone and what is causing people to break out into these rashes, and then die.

I haven't written many reviews of the Michael Crichton books I've read, but let me tell you that if Orwell was the first book I ever read. Jurassic Park and/or The Andromeda Strain by Crichton was the first book I ever fell in love with. This book has all the pacing, writing style, and love that I always felt in Crichton works.

With that being said, I love a good bio-thriller. Anything where they dive deep into what the virus, or bacteria, or what-have-you and does it justice is usually a high rater in my book. Engima Stain just cruised up into 5 stars, the background of the disease was super interesting and I haven't read too many books that were about a similar idea.

The first thing I did when I finished this book was call up my dad and tell him I had just gifted him a copy for his Kindle. He's a fast-paced thriller fan, and I knew that he was going to love this. Bennett's character was just, interesting. I found myself spending time trying to figure him out, what makes him tick, why is he afraid of flying "he just doesn't like it."

The relationship between Ben and Juliette was a nice addition for me, it didn't feel forced or unnatural at all. Their characters, while seemingly quiet and stand-offish, were better when they were together.

There were some twists in this that I didn't expect, and when a book can do that, I'm always impressed. The relationships (both growth and history) were really nice additions without making this book super long.

Overall, Thacker has done it again. Blending the pacing and science of Crichton with his own unique twists, this book is sure to please many fans over many genres.

I honestly think that was the first book that I ever looked at from Thacker, but for some reason never read it. I have since read many of his short stories and I am currently reading The Depths, and enjoying that thoroughly.

View more reviews of Thacker's work and others at my blog: books.beergodblog DOT com
Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs
Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs
We don't need more leadership books that inspire and instruct and give principles, at least I don't think so. Leadership principles are good to know and learn from, but you really don't know what leadership looks like and feels like until you do it. And leadership will be different based on who you are, who you're leading, and what you're situation is. I say it like this: you can't swim by reading books and going to conferences and watching videos about swimming. Leadership is like swimming; you learn to lead by leading.

This book gives you the insider look into the mind and heart of what a leader actually goes through in her/his thoughts and feelings. That's where the hard work of leadership really happens. Yes, it's a mental game, as they say about tennis or other competitive sports. You may not have the identical reactions and anxiety described in the book. So it is not universal. Knowing the specifics of how the author has experienced anxiety as a part of leading and as a part of being human, is so very helpful to know how to manage the weight and load of leadership that is indeed so intangible.

I'm believing that this book will help a good number of leaders to not burn out and to stay on the path of health and wellness and effectiveness for a lifetime of good healthy impact for those s/he leads.
Hanvache Donald Trump Stress Relief Talking Boxing Pen Funny Toy for Pranks and Gifts
Hanvache Donald Trump Stress Relief Talking Boxing Pen Funny Toy for Pranks and Gifts
Received two of these over a week ago. Both of them came with dead batteries. After hitting the Dollar Store & then going to Walmart, I ended up having to order the batteries through Amazon. The batteries will come next week and cost $4.00. Now it's upping the price that the pens will cost me. Ended up buying a different Trump pen for $13.00 which is packaged better, batteries worked upon arrival & not as cheap looking as these are. Look around before buying, better ones are out there.

UPDATE - Both these pens were given as Christmas joke gifts. The day before I sent them, I put in fresh batteries. As soon as both gifts were opened, they worked for a minute or two, then stopped. I ended up sending both parties, the Trump pen that is selling for $19.95 on Amazon. Cost me a lot of extra money, but they are both happy with the new pens and they are working great. I guess you get what you pay for.
Louis Armstrong Vol IV with Earl Hines
Louis Armstrong Vol IV with Earl Hines
If some curious alien woman from visited earth and asked "what is jazz?" I would have 2 answers. The first was Louis' direct response to that question: "Lady, if you've got to ask, you ain't never gonna know." The second would be to play this.

These sessions from 80 years ago have been on so many favorites lists that I'm afraid people shy away from this music, just because someone told them they are supposed to like it. If you think anything from 1928 is inherently "moldy fig", if you feel this music has been institutionalized to death, think that Armstrong was an Uncle Tom, think that "Dixieland jazz" is music for shallow old fart tourists, or, especially, if you've never heard these tracks, clear your mind, try to take the perspective of a curious visitor from another planet, kick back with whatever flows best through your bloodstream, and ENJOY!

No track is long enough to bore you, and this collection will blow you away once you let it. If you want this for easy listening background music, it can do that, too. The chord changes won't startle your grandmother (unlike lots of my other favorite music) and your parents won't tell you to turn down the volume either.

My favorite tracks include "West End Blues" with a very tricky but logical trumpet intro, "Chicago Breakdown" with a very disciplined band with solo breaks aplenty, "Tight Like That", the half-spoken vocal in "That's When I'll Come Back to You", "Muggles" (which was 1920s slang for marijuana), and especially the duet "Weather
Bird" which has 2 twenty-somethings breaking established roles for their instruments and pushing each other to fantastic heights. These sessions show these musical rule-breakers already mature and having fun realizing what they just invented.

Both Armstrong and Hines had lengthy careers and went on to record performances which showcased their wizardry more than this. (Try to find Hines' "Quintessential" solo piano date, or Louis singing Pharoah Sanders' "The Creator Has A Master Plan", both from 1970. Your later Armstrong favorites may differ from mine). Both soloists also became self-parodies at times (Hines played "Boogie Woogie on the St. Louis Blues" too many times, and Armstrong spent decades taking requests for "When The Saints Go Marching In". I regret to say that we've heard from the likes of Gary Giddins, Ken Burns and Wynton Marsalis how great this stuff is for so long that we might need the prespective of the alien lady to discover or rediscover this.
Take What You Need: UK Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs 1964-1969 / Various
Take What You Need: UK Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs 1964-1969 / Various
This is a very mixed bag of British Dylan covers from the 60s, we get off to a great start with the Fairies (with possibly Jimmy Page on guitar) who get a surprisingly good country rock sound for 1964 on “Don't Think Twice, It's All Right”. There are also more well known hit covers such as Manfred Mann’s “If You Gotta Go, Go Now” and also “I Am a Lonesome Hobo ” by Julie Driscoll and the Brian Auger Trinity (who also covered and had a hit with "Wheels on Fire"), as well as well-judged versions by established pop artists like Alan Price and Joe Cocker. We also get competent run--throughs by beat groups including The Cops and Robbers, The Factotums, The Mixed Bag and Country Fever (which included Albert Lee, Ian Paice and Chas Hodges). We also get artists from the folk scene including Fairport Convention, The Three City Four, Ian and also Alex Campbell as well as Cliff Aungier, alongside more show-bizzy folks like Julie Felix, Noel Harrison and Sandie Shaw. There are some interesting tracks here and nice period pieces but not sure that it all hangs together as a compilation.
Still On The Run - The Jeff Beck Story
Still On The Run - The Jeff Beck Story
The beginning is fantastic, with Jeff and Jimmy Page, his mate, talking about making their own guitars as youngsters, listening to early rock, and trying to duplicate the guitar solos from the records. From those early days, Beck was fascinated with the sound of the electric guitar, and was and remains a pioneer of the instrument's sonic capacities. With the Yardbirds he was able to create the sound of the sitar, making a sitar unnecessary. He refused to compromise his artistic integrity, quitting the Yardbirds two gigs into an American tour with a teenybop revue. He broke up the Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart shortly before Woodstock because he thought performing would stamp and freeze his sound in 1969 forever.

The documentary skips one of my favorite albums, "Rough and Ready," but focuses extensively on the great jazz/rock fusion albums "Blow By Blow" and "Wired," including interviews with producer George Martin and keyboardist Jan Hammer. The film makes clear how John McLaughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra opened Beck's mind to the possibilities of instrumental music (no vocals) which he has mainly pursued ever since.

There are interviews with many of his collaborators and fellow guitarists including Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Slash, Joe Perry, and several of the women he has recruited for his band on guitar, bass, and vocals in recent years. His love of hot rods is included, with footage of him working on and driving the cars he has built. Technique is featured as well, including his turn to finger picking sans pick and his exquisite production of overtones.

There is a clip of Jimmy Page inducting him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Beck, Page, and the band playing "Immigrant Song" and then segueing into "Beck's Bolero."

This is a great overview for any Jeff Beck fan, and a good introduction for any new fan. It doesn't cover everything, and any long-time fan is likely to have something in mind they wish were included that was left out. Personally, I think it would have been cool to include the fact that Beck turned down an offer to replace Mick Taylor in the Rolling Stones, which he has recounted in interviews! He created "Blow by Blow" and "Wired" instead.

Check it out.
GranNaturals Bamboo Toothbrush - Wooden, Eco-Conscious No BPA Alternative to Plastic Toothbrushes - Firm Compostable Wood Handle with Medium Bristles for Removing Plaque - Adult Size Pack of 4 Brushes
GranNaturals Bamboo Toothbrush - Wooden, Eco-Conscious No BPA Alternative to Plastic Toothbrushes - Firm Compostable Wood Handle with Medium Bristles for Removing Plaque - Adult Size Pack of 4 Brushes
I'm disappointed at this product. My goal is to help the planet by using natural resources that don't contribute to contamination and environmental emissions. The design is just as pictured. My complaint is that the bristols are coming out as I brush my teeth. This seems quite dangerous if you don't catch them. I've used the toothbrush twice and it's happened every time. I will not be using the remaining brushes.
Marvel Captain America Costume PJ PALS Pajamas for Boys
Marvel Captain America Costume PJ PALS Pajamas for Boys
These pajamas are very durable considering my 3 yr old grandson wears them ALL THE TIME. He thinks he’s Capt America and he calls this his “suit”
This is the 2nd pair he has had. The first pair got a hole in the knee (from wearing constantly)
Marvel Avengers Assemble Captain America Deluxe Muscle-Chest Costume, Small
Marvel Avengers Assemble Captain America Deluxe Muscle-Chest Costume, Small
Il n'est mentionné nulle-part dans la description du produit que le bouclier est vendu séparément.
L'image montre le costume AVEC le bouclier.
Mais le bouclier n'est pas inclus avec le costume. Sur l'emballage reçu c'est indiqué que le bouclier est vendu séparément.
Fausse représentation, extrêmement déçu de mon achat.
Hulk Vs.
Hulk Vs.
Earlier reviews went over the storylines and the MARVEL universe in-depth, so I'll just add that as only an occasional frequenter to the MARVEL universe and comic book stuff in general, I liked this Blu-Ray disc. The interviews with the creators and the behind-the-scenes looks were illuminating; before that, I had just thought the voice actors/actresses read the scripts pretty straightforward. I didn't realize the effort and time they put into the different voice inflections, the physical effort to voice the characters, etc.

The Blu-Ray disc came through very nicely on my 720p plasma TV and Sony 460 BR player. The menu is a bit confusing as it doesn't appear to resume play if you stop the movie and I never figured out how to use the BOOKMARKS function, assuming it works. The BR disc takes a bit longer to load but these are minor quibbles.

What would have been a great addition for the EXTRAS would have been some of the 1960's cartoon shorts that you see on YouTube and might now be available on DVD's. I remember the old "THOR" cartoons because of the opening jingle. They should have put some of those on the BR disc, re-digitalized and upconverted to make it look nice. There have been 2 "HULK" cartoons since the 1980's but they've made the rounds on TV and reruns and I think the older fans and the newer ones would have appreciated those 1960's cartoons that came out only a few years after Stan Lee and MARVEL had hit the ground running.

The length of the 2 movies is fine, but don't expect much in the way of character development or in-depth personality analysis of the characters. Both episodes get into the action without much delay so if that is your game, you won't be disappointed. No waiting around for 15 or 20 or 30 minutes as is sometimes the case with a feature-length movie.

Let's hope for more of these BR discs with the MARVEL characters instead of variations of the characters when they are younger or from alternate universe settings. And I can't think of a better addition to the EXTRAS than some of those cartoons of yesteryear, which take up little space on the disc and to which MARVEL already owns the rights and should be able to add to the BR disc at minimal cost.
Deadpool (4K UHD)
Deadpool (4K UHD)
Deadpool is the hilarious 2016 superhero film starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular anti-hero. It is clearly an adult film with several sex scenes and plenty of jokes that will go over the heads of the younger audience it isn't intended for. The plot is somewhat secondary to the excellent characterisation and the unusually realistic romance. The DVD version has no real extras to speak of, just a gag reel which includes some Ryan Reynolds riffing on set and some awesome ad libs by TJ Miller. The other extra is basically a set of trailers which aren't as funny as the film itself.

The film takes a while to get going and in truth it does not start out particularly funny. The jokes warm up through the film as many of them are referential or in-jokes which play on the expectations of a Marvel film. The film starts almost literally with a bang and there are a few action sequences to follow. These are generally among the least interesting parts of Deadpool. He's an intriguing combatant but it is not particularly tight choreography. What works best during the action sequences is Deadpool mouthing off to his opponents.

Deadpool casually insults those around him and mocks people amusingly. He is not correct in any way and that makes it a not-too-guilty pleasure. Somehow Reynolds imbues Deadpool with such charm that he's never really offensive, just funny. The scenes with barman friend Weasel played by TJ Miller are among the best. The two banter like real people. Weasel even bets his good friend will get killed. The banter feels realistic and is sharp-witted. Weasel's reaction to Deadpool's physical transformation is the kind of honesty only a good friend would offer but it is still hilarious.

Perhaps the best of Deadpool's relationships though is with his love interest Vanessa. Played by the beautiful Morena Baccarin she has a proper adult relationship with the hero. Unlike too many Hollywood romances there is a vibrancy to the relationship and it is fairly explicitly adult. The pair share a number of sex scenes in different locations. A montage sequence featuring the pair really speaks to a physicality in their relationship that Hollywood usually glosses over. The realism of the pairing comes from Vanessa's introduction "your crazy matches my crazy". It makes sense that the two are together. Of course it helps that both Baccarin and Reynolds are attractive people but there's a realism beyond the good looking superficial appearance.

As this is the Deadpool show, the main villain does not have so much to work with. Ed Skrein plays the role of Ajax pretty much straight. There isn't any of the cheeky charm Skrein is capable of, presumably because the humour is designed to be through Deadpool's wit rather than his viillain. A bit of a missed opportunity really as it could have been fun to see Reynolds and Skrein trading barbs. Skrein's accent of course makes him a natural bad guy but he does seem to be having a bit of fun with the malice of his character's torment as Deadpool becomes his super self.

A couple of minor Marvel characters make an appearance but they basically seem to exist for Deadpool to make jokes. The line about turning up at the Professor X's school and only ever seeing the two of them is a funny way of pointing out the difference in concept between Deadpool and other X-Men productions. The visualisation of Colossus is much more akin to the original comic concept and the voice is reminiscent of appearances in the animated series. The disapproval Colossus has for Deadpool's lifestyle is an easy target for banter. The appearance of the ridiculously-named Negasonic Teenage Warhead is probably just there for the name but the sullen teenager routine opens itself up to excellent lines from Deadpool.

The costume design and colouring is good enough for this kind of film but clearly not the same as a bigger budget adventure. Reynolds looks a bit silly in the Deadpool suit but that's part of the charm. The others are not particularly interesting to look at except Vanessa who is beautifully attired.

The film's music is a bit of an odd choice. The DVD theme song is X Gon' Give It to Ya which is neither new enough to be cool nor old enough to be retro. A perfectly fine song but it doesn't seem to suit Deadpool at all. Musically this is not a particularly memorable film.

Visually Deadpool is fine, making use of frequent freeze-frame techniques during action to showcase Deadpool's abilities while bullets are flying around. It slows the action down quite often which means it loses some intensity but it is fun to see Deadpool's antics and that's what the film is ultimately about.

Deadpool at its heart is a funny and light-hearted take on a classic comic book character. It breaks the fourth wall knowingly, it uses in-jokes and banter between its characters to fire off barbs and make each scene worth smiling at or laughing with. There are not too many films like this one.
DP Mask Deluxe Full Head Latex Helmet Cosplay Costume Accessory Xcoser New
DP Mask Deluxe Full Head Latex Helmet Cosplay Costume Accessory Xcoser New
Just opened it up and as with most things, ya get what you pay for, I guess.

The latex ain't bad, doesn't stink like ass inside, plus it pulls over the head decently. Though a bit overly roomy.

I have a rather common head volume. Size medium for most hats... 7 1/4 or there about .. the foam around the eyes on the inside feels decent and doubt it would be too awful over time.

Visability ranks around 2 on a 10 scale. So don't expect to see much more than your feet in front of you. Even then, I wouldn't recommend running... Doubt the foam inside will adequately cussion the inevitable fall.

Biggest issue though, the "stitching", packaging and/or the duration of the mask being packed. It didn't come in a box, but rather an envelope. The mask was highly compacted and the results are, well, what you see in the photos. Crunched and in many cases deformed to the point that I'm unsure will be recoverable. Might try to hit it with some heat, but from the look of the hard crease along the left eye and brow, it may be there for good. May also be the result of a buggard up production, rather than packaging. Hard to tell.... Never the less, it's left with a bit of a deranged, cockeyed, permanently confused look... kinda like a claymation Deadpool got the hell beat out of him with a pipe wrench...

Doubt I'll be keeping it.
Geometry: An Interactive Journey to Mastery
Geometry: An Interactive Journey to Mastery
We got this direct from Great Courses. I have also gotten Tanton’s Thinking Mathematics book 1. And we have used his G’day Math website. He is a wonderful math teacher, with a different approach that may make more sense for many kids/adults than the current conventional one in school or the approach when I was in school.
In answer to another review, his accent is Australian. We don’t find it at all hard to understand and find it pleasant to listen to him.
Paul the Peddler (Classics To Go)
Paul the Peddler (Classics To Go)
I liked the book because it was written during the time of the story.Which gives the story credibility. I have read other Horatio Alger books.
Face the Fire: Three Sisters Island Trilogy, Book 3
Face the Fire: Three Sisters Island Trilogy, Book 3
Face the Fire is the third book in the whimsical, spellbinding Three Sisters Island trilogy by Nora Roberts set on a picturesque island in Massachusetts. Having this series set in New England only adds to the magic and coziness of each story and each season - small, charming seaside town, with its sandy beaches, blue surf, sail boats and fishing docks, bookstore/cafe, cottages and characters that are near and dear to each and of course, sizzling romance, and witch's magic - though not the hokey kind of magic but modern day witches - think "Practical Magic" (if you’ve ever seen the Sandra Bullock/Nicole Kidman classic movie or read the book). Three Sisters Island is a cozy place to live and work! In this book we follow Mia's story, the most powerful sister preparing to face the third and final test that the three witches, Nell, Ripley, and Mia - must face in order to save the island and themselves from perishing into the roaring sea. However, Mia never counted on Sam Logan being a part of the final battle. He who is Earth and who is Mia's first and only true love has come back to Three Sisters to win back the heart of Mia and to share his magic in order to help save the island during the final battle with darkness that licks and threatens his girl and his island. Mia is perturbed at his sudden appearance, after breaking her heart and leaving the island years before, but she who is Fire is destined to open her heart and free herself and those she loves or lose her own life. Which path will she choose? With the help of her sisters and her carefully refined Craft and gift, Mia must gather the power within her and be brave enough to face the fire, to take a chance. This book will make you want to hang dried herbs in your kitchen, plant lavender in your garden, and drape crystals from your rear view mirror! Enjoy this mystical tale with a hot cup of coffee, happy reading!
The Alchemist / O Alquimista
The Alchemist / O Alquimista
読んだ方が気になった箇所、響いた言葉はマーカーを引いて再び読み返すことをお勧めします☜( ˆoˆ )



Astro Boy Omnibus Volume 1
Astro Boy Omnibus Volume 1
First time I have actually read the original manga. So well drawn and the translations make sense. These stories do have a depth not usually found in what would be dismissed as simply "kiddie fair" since it deals with human qualities and such high minded things as how we treat one another and deal with non human beings. As timeless as any well thought out and written and drawn. I also like that Mr. Osuma Tezuka introduces each work as if he he is speaking directly to the reader himself. Wish I could have met the great man, but in a way I do reading any of his work or watching their animated versions. One thing else these stories are much longer than the cartoon versions so there is more detail. Though some things were changed for US television so you will find different names for characters and some different story parts too. Well worth the money in my opinion.
14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club)
14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club)
I love this series of books and thankfully they've not gone off the boil as I found the Cross series did. They're still page-turning and highly entertaining. This one is no exception. I greatly enjoyed it although THAT ending comes up on you pretty suddenly (and at only 95%) !! He doesn't usually leave these to end in a TBC fashion as this one is so it was unexpected. However, if you're reading book 14 in the series it's probably pretty much a guarantee you'll also buy book 15. I wait till the prices come down quite significantly, though. Luckily, I don't mind reading them later than others do !!
There were some nice moments featured in this one among the main cast which I liked. A couple of expressions I'd never heard before I liked as well-rain box and jumpety-howdy-do. I did wonder at Lindsay and Joe both making pretty crashing rookie errors in the course of their investigations in this. They both need to shape up a bit !!
The only mistakes I spotted were a couple of missing fullstops which is very impressive. He was a bit hyphen-obsessed in this tale, though. There were a LOT of them. This sentence was possibly the worst example-"....blending in with the row of chunky, putty-colored or gray cinder-block two-and-three-story buildings". Oh, and at one point he needed one in foot well and missed it !!
At one point I was baffled why, in Claire's story she told the others, she got in touch with a Vice detective....she never really explained that and, however many times I read it back, I couldn't understand why she chose Vice. There were a few repetitious passages as well for some reason. Another confusion was an officer's wife having red welts on her neck and arms apropos of nothing I could figure out.
However, all in all, it's certainly another winner for me.
Step on a Crack (Michael Bennett, Book 1)
Step on a Crack (Michael Bennett, Book 1)
The first of the series pertaining to top Nypd detective Michael Bennett. I had read Tick Tock prior to this and found out whilst reading the inner book cover that it was the latest in a series featuring Bennett. I'm so glad i took a chance with purchasing my first Patterson novel 'Toys' as this guy is now in my list of top fave authors. I wonder in amazement how this guy can bang out as many books as he does and they are all so freakin good? Step On A Crack is no different as i was on the edge of my seat throughout this very intriguing page turner. Top Nypd detective Michael Bennett is introduced here along with his ailing wife Maeve who is hospitalized due to termanal cancer and their 10 adopted children from various nationalities. The Christmas hilidays are here and as all the citizens of N.Y. rush home with their gifts and prepare for their indivdual festivities, the Bennetts are struggling to keep happy faces as their mother is in hospital with not very much time to live. Michael whilst dealing with this personal trauma gets pulled into a hijacking/hostage scenerio as some very bad individuals during the first lady's funeral take over St Patrick's Cathedral that is packed with the whose who of the weathiest of people from all forms of employment. Actors, politicians and various other wealthy individuals. We watch as Bennett who has been name the chief negotiator to this case can balance all this and his home life without blowing everything.
A great page turner that i accomplished in no less then 3 days as i usually do with all of Patterson's reads. Even though his works are immense i am now working my way rapidly through the collection and cannot wait till the next read
Revenge of the Kremlin (A Malko Linge Novel Book 6)
Revenge of the Kremlin (A Malko Linge Novel Book 6)
Revenge of the Kremlin is the third of four Malko Linge novels by Gerard De Villiers to be translated into English by vintage crime/black lizard publishing. I am hoping they do more since they have been a joy to read so far.
Malko is viewed by some as a sort of French Bond but they were notable difference. The big ones being that Villiers does not seem to use the same structure for every story as Bond. Most of the Bond novels have the same beats in them such as him getting his orders and Bond playing some sort of game with the villain. Malko on the other hand doesn't even face the big baddy let alone play a game with him, and his adventures take place in the real world, no comic book ego-maniacal villains here. The whole thing makes it more a mix of Bond meets Homeland as strange as it sound.
One of the few things that I should point out is the writing style. It's very workman like, not a lot of flash out detail but gets the job done. Given the nature of the book as an adventure spy novel that's mostly not a problem. Malko is not the brooding cold blood killer type like Bond, he's man doing his job and taken us along with him. We don't need heavy for this type of story, it's if you will a popcorn tale and that is good enough for me.
Where the style is trouble and this is with all the novels that had been published so far in America is the sex. In Revenge of the Kremlin there are few sex scenes that seem to get shorter and shorter as the novel goes on. Most are with Gwyneth Robertson (Note if they do publish more of his novels I would like to read those with her so I can get a better idea of the backstory that is only hinted at in this novel) The problem with these scenes are not that they are there, some reviews take that view, but the fact they use some graphic language while not really being that detailed. I don't need page after page of a sex scene like you get in romance erotica, but I want more than put peg A in to slot B. That being said I am not going to moan about it to much and in the end it's only nit-pick I have with the novel and the reason I will not give it all five stars.
To end things, Revenge of the Kremlin is good almost great fun popcorn pulp novel that I will most likely read more than once after I finish it for the first time, Malko is the type of character I'm a bit of sucker for when I feel like reading something light. He's not perfect but he is not some heavy character whose troubled. The world he's in is real and he is dealing in real world events. Over all it is just a good story and that is what is important.
One last note I couldn't find another place to put this so here is, one of things that I really like in the novel as well as the others is that like Bond, Malko of course beds beautiful women but the thing that I really like is they are somewhat fun and it's never written like some great romance like in the Bond books. It also should be pointed out they are like women in the Robert A Heinlein novels, vary sexual open, unlike Bond girls who are often damage and victims of abuse. You would be surprise how many of the Bond girls are rape victims.
Well that's it if your looking for a fun spy adventure with a little dirty slightly kinky sex set in the real world than this novel is for as well as the other two that have come out and if your looking for something for a plane flight or just need something fun to read Revenge of the Kremlin with work as well.
The Lost World
The Lost World
I first read this book around 1996. I reread this in 2020, and my memory of the book had long been overridden by the Lost World movie, which has a little in common with this book. I also read Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World (from 1912) right before rereading this book, and Lost World Jurassic Park is thankfully much less racist than that one.

This sequel to Jurassic Park was not as exciting or as fun as the original Jurassic Park, but it was still good. The plot focuses on several scientists/teachers/professors: Thorne, a wealthy retired professor who now builds highly complex RVs, Richard Levine, a paleontologist, Sarah Harding, a carnivorous animal behavior specialist of some sort, and Ian Malcolm, who we all thought was killed off in the original Jurassic Park (or at least that is what JP book says), but has somehow recovered and is now back to being a mathematics professor. The book also has two children tag along, perhaps as an effort to convince parents that the future movie version of Lost World was family friendly and meant for kids, Arby and Kelly. Past me might have said the kids are annoying and shouldn’t be included, but I actually found that the kids were fine and once again ended up being the much needed computer experts. I especially liked Arby, who has a complicated childhood as an only child with professional yet mostly absentee parents. (Your mileage may vary – the movie version of kids I think was rolled into one child who may or may not have been a little annoying. The kids in the book were fine with me.)

The plot focuses on Thorne, Malcolm, and Eddie Carr, an engineer, (and the kids, hiding in the RV) traveling to Isla Sorna (Site B) to rescue Dr. Levine. Sarah Harding shows up a few hours later, to join in the rescue attempt, by hitching a ride with geneticist Lewis Dodgson (the guy who was trying to steal the Dino embryos in the first Jurassic Park book). Dodgson, along with two other colleagues, is still trying to get his own dinos by stealing eggs.

Site B was the breeding laboratory for dinosaurs that were then transferred to Jurassic Park, and like most things involving genetics, there was a lot of trial and error before getting things right. This site was abandoned after the whole InGen was shut down after the every of Jurassic Park, and many dinosaurs got out and are now living and breeding on the island (this is background, not part of the actual book plot, although I would read that book).

The plot mostly focuses on a.) finding Dr. Levine, b.) studying the behavior of dinosaurs in the “wild”, c.) understanding what is causing the dinos to act more erratic than usual , d.) surviving, and e.) not being killed off by “the bad guys”. The bad guys were never really a threat to anyone except Sarah Harding on the boat, and unlike the movie, there wasn’t a whole troop of guys with guns trying to kill the dinosaurs, mostly just Dodgson, who was trying to steal eggs.

Since I’ve just read A.C. Doyle’s Lost World, I would like to mention that Crichton’s Lost World has many more dinosaurs, fewer highly problematic “ape-men” (none), and was a whole lot less racist. I thought Isla Sorna having sheer cliffs making an entrance or exit to the island hazardous was similar to Doyle’s Lost World plateau, but there were not that many similarities between the two. The only small criticism for this book is that the ending seemed anti-climatic to me. There are no big discoveries (other than prion disease, which I had no idea what I prion was when I was 15-16 years old reading this book, but I do now), no big resolutions. This book did not seem that suspenseful, and I was never that worried for most of the protagonists, but that might be because I’ve already read this book and seen the movie.

All the familiar dinosaurs from Jurassic Park are back – T-rexes, hadrosaurs, velociraptors, triceratops, as well as a pair of camouflaging predators that can match their backgrounds like chameleons or octopi. Is this a feature of the Indominous Rex in Jurassic World? I’m not sure.

Lost World Jurassic Park was fun, escapism fiction for me, and I’m glad I reread it. I struggle with some of Crichton’s later works, when scientists somehow are always the “bad guys”, climate-change denial runs rampant (State of Fear), evil scientists are working on human-chimp hybrids (Next), and I don’t even remember what scientists did wrong in Micro, only that almost all of them were killed off in horrific ways. Those books turned me off to Crichton’s work in general. But, after rereading this one, I think I might continue my reread of Michael Crichton. The two Jurassic Park novels may well be the first science fiction books I ever read, and I have a special place in my heart for these two books.
Goodbye for Now: A Novel
Goodbye for Now: A Novel
There are no words to describe how I'm feeling now that I've finished Laurie Frankel's hopeful and heartbreaking Goodbye for Now. I absolutely loved the book although it really affected me emotionally, and I'm also sad I'm done with it.

Sam Elling is an extremely intelligent computer programmer who works for an internet dating company. He creates an algorithm to find your perfect soul mate, and testing it out on himself, meets the love of his life, Meredith, who works for the same company. The bad news is that Sam gets fired because the algorithm is so successful that his company starts losing money, because people don't need to try and find their soul mate more than once.

One day Meredith's beloved grandmother, Livvie, dies. She is devastated by this loss and wishes she could keep communicating with her. To try and help Meredith through the grieving process, Sam creates a computer program through which Meredith can email Livvie and Livvie--or a computer simulation of her--responds, as it accesses previous emails and other online conversations to develop its communications. And then, because Meredith used to chat via video with her grandmother a lot, Sam creates a video simulation as well. But does this truly help the grieving process?

Sam, Meredith, and her cousin, Dash, begin adapting the program (now called Re-Pose) to help grieving people communicate with their dead loved ones. For some it's cathartic, for some it's necessary, and for some it brings comfort. But as they see the ramifications of their innovation they begin to wonder if they're doing the right thing. And when tragedy strikes, they are confronted with the decision of whether being able to communicate with the one they lost is really helping.

If you've ever lost someone you cared about deeply--parent, spouse, partner, child, sibling, grandparent, friend, or anyone you loved--and wished you could talk to them one more time, this is a book for you. For me, it hit home on so many levels, as I identified with the emotions and desires these characters had. This was such an innovative yet meaningful idea, and not only does Laurie Frankel pull it off magnificently, but she helps you to see both sides of the idea. This book made me laugh and boy, did it make me cry.

Read this book. Have tissues at the ready, but read it.
Veio muito bem embalado e a entrega foi muito rápida em 2 dias uteis. Era o que faltava pra minha coleção. Só uma coisa que o site mostra na descrição que esta errado. No anúncio mostra Amanhecer - Série Crepúsculo. Parte 2. Livro 4, mas não existe parte 1 é apenas um livro. Existem outras capas, mas é a mesma coisa. Acabei comprando 2 livros iguais com capas diferentes por esse erro no anúncio.
Undercover operations in countries like Pakistan, with all the dangers involved; the inner workings of American secret agencies, creative ways of financing these operations, with a few rogue operators. The setting could be happening now.
Impostores (Spanish Edition)
Impostores (Spanish Edition)
Por fin y después de más de 20 años sin conseguir leer un libro he podido terminar uno, acabo de comprar el segundo ahora mismo.
Te mantiene enganchado hasta el final y te mete en la trama desde la primera hasta la última página, final sorprendente. Los detalles, como si lo estuvieses viendo tu mismo en Boston. Me ha encantado.
Gracias por entretenernos y aprender cada día
Bedding His Virgin Mistress: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance (Jet-Set Wives Book 1)
Bedding His Virgin Mistress: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance (Jet-Set Wives Book 1)
Oh pleeeeeease - do all these Harlequins have to have main characters with loveless childhoods? Anyway, this is just the second one of this "Harlequin Presents" series that I have read. There was some actual substance to this one which I must give credit to the author for. In a short book - with the required intimate encounters, it is hard to develop in-depth characters. As I have done in the past, I judge these short books against similar ones rather than a more meaty Regency or longer novel which has more space for character development.

Ricardo, a rather ruthless businessman wants to gain some insider information on a high-class party planning company that he wants to take over. To do that, he pretends that he wants to contract several parties and see what they are doing for others. He tags along with Carly Carlisle, one of the three founders of the company. Told by the husband of one of the other partners that Carly is out to get a rich man and is always hot-to-trot, Ricardo is rather rude and obnoxious to her. He has a disgust of greedy, manipulative women. As you can tell by the book's title, Carly has yet to find ANY man - at least not one she wants to sleep with! There is a good deal of miscommunication since Ricardo looks at innocent incidents with a jaundiced eye and Carly believes him to be a rather nasty, mean spirited and angry individual. The book follows their jaunts to two or three parties in fancy locales before the inevitable meeting of the minds and bodies occurs!

There were some rather strange scenes - why Carly lets Ricardo rip her robe off at the hotel before they even attempt to be intimate was rather bizarre. Do all party planning clients do that? They never really expressed (to each other) what sad childhoods they had, though that was one thing they had in common. For a little harmless escape, you will find this book enjoyable, while you wing your way to fabulous, exciting parties in your mind.
harry potter - 4 grandi film #01 (4 blu-ray) box set blu_ray Italian Import
harry potter - 4 grandi film #01 (4 blu-ray) box set blu_ray Italian Import
This is a good box set and should continue to fall in price as more of the series (after the fourth film) get their cinema release and beyond. Almost a must for any Harry Potter fans that don't already have two or more of these four films!

I like all the Harry Potter films in this set, and though I am not always in the mood for the second and third installment the others (especially the first of course!) are somewhat better. One might wish to wait for what will one day inevitably be the "Complete Boxset" or "Ultimate Edition". However, that is still several years away I bet, so I am quite happy to have this half of the series now and wait for the rest later. Although whether they will release a set for the rest of the series is unlikely. If you see this for £25 or less, then I say it's a bargain while they're still making the rest of the films.

Some of the teen angst in the "middle films" is of little interest to me, but considering the target audience of the first film I am objectively impressed with how the series is evolving.

In this boxset of "Wizard School films" I would say that my order of preference of the films is: 1, 4, 3, 2. Agree or no? :)
Simplicity 8723 Harry Potter Cosplay and Halloween Costume Sewing Pattern, Kids Teens and Adult Sizes XS-XL
Simplicity 8723 Harry Potter Cosplay and Halloween Costume Sewing Pattern, Kids Teens and Adult Sizes XS-XL
Love this pattern.
This is my second one!

It has a lot to offer- there’s a shirt pattern, a tie pattern and the robe- in kids XS to L and also a whole another pattern set in adult XS to L, all included. I’ve only made the robe (three times so far)
I used flannel and skipped the interfacing, and it was really really easy to make. I’ve bought two of this pattern to get various sizes.
In my humble opinion, this may run a bit large. Normally I’m adult XXL and the adult M was comfortable on me, but it’s easy to fit to size, and robes are by nature big and flowing.
The Gryffindor robe is for a child and was also just a bit large but kids sizes are always tricky, and she loved it so much anyway. Heck, it’ll fit in a week the way kids grow lol.
I’ve sewn forever and found this super easy, but I’m sure a beginner could handle this pattern too. Simplicity always gives great directions and illustrations. (And if you get stuck go turn your own clothes inside out and see how they’re made.)

PS: to reviewer ang- I added wand pockets too, (on the contrast interfacing.)
Who Goes There?
Who Goes There?
'Who Goes There?' is the novella upon which 3 movies titled, 'The Thing' are based upon. It was published in the 1940's by the legendary editor, John Campbell, before he became a legendary editor.

None of the 3 movies follow this novella closely throughout. But they all use a substantial part of the story. The third movie is a prequel of the second movie.

If you took the first part of the first movie and the middle part of the second movie and combined them, the story would be very similar to the novella by John Campbell.

This story starts with an alien creature having been brought back to base in Antarctica. MacReady then tells the story of how the alien was discovered and brought back. This part of the novella is incorporated into the first 'The Thing' movie from the 1950's. In the original movie, the alien is sort of an alien vegetable. Once the ice block melts and the alien escapes, the novella is somewhat similar to the middle act of John Carpenter's 1980's movie. The crew knows that an alien life form has taken control of some of the living beings on base (humans and dogs). They devise a test in which to decipher who is an alien and who is still human. This testing phase takes up a good part of the novella. It becomes involved and often confusing. In the 1940's, many of the stories incorporated real science into the stories. Today this is pretty much considered 'hard' science fiction. Back then, I don't believe the term existed. They come to the conclusion that the alien is not necessarily malevolent. It is just trying to survive like any other creature. They attempt to stay in groups at all times because they don't believe the alien wants to give itself away. They also know that the alien creature(s) are just imitating life forms and probably can't be killed like humans or dogs because they wouldn't bleed the same. They are merely imitating earth life forms in order to stay hidden.

From here, they have to figure out how to survive the winter with no communications and nobody coming to base anytime soon and also how to prevent the alien(s) from getting loose in the world or mankind could be eliminated.

The ending in this novella is different than any of the endings in the three movies. Remember this is the 1940's when happy endings were the norm. Also, John Campbell, as an editor, was known to insist on earthlings winning wars with aliens.

Included is a script written by William Nolan. This script was either not used or changed substantially from the produced movies.

Overall, I give this 4 stars. It's rather short but it does give you the extra script and an introduction. Not necessarily the best of values at $15.95 (at the time of this review). If it were priced lower I'd give it 5 stars.
Black and Gold Confetti Balloons, 50 Pack 12inch White Latex Party Balloon Set with Gold Ribbon for Graduation Wedding Birthday Baby Shower Decorations
Black and Gold Confetti Balloons, 50 Pack 12inch White Latex Party Balloon Set with Gold Ribbon for Graduation Wedding Birthday Baby Shower Decorations
These balloons were awesome! They were exactly as pictured and looked so nice blown up. It matched my color scheme perfectly. Plus the assortment is very nice for the price! The balloons are also thicker and of good quality. I was afraid they would pop when blown because of the price, but they didn’t. I took them to my local dollar store to be filled and out of the 40 I filled only one deflated (but I think it was the stores fault). The woman who blew them up even mentioned how cute they were and asked for the link to purchase. I would recommend these balloons and will purchase again.
Power Rangers: Dino Charge - The Complete Season
Power Rangers: Dino Charge - The Complete Season
This was purchased as a gift for someone and shipped directly to them - not myself. Case was empty. No DVDs! Now I can’t return since I don’t have the actual product and am ashamed to have given an empty box for a gift!
Hanes Camiseta de manga raglán para mujer, elástica, algodón
Hanes Camiseta de manga raglán para mujer, elástica, algodón
Wearing as an undershirt for scrubs and its absolutely perfect since im cold natured but need sleeves out of the way for hand washing, patient care and procedures. Very comfortable. I am between a womens small and a medium for shirt size depending on style and use- though have been gravitating to more mediums lately. I initially bought a medium (rather it be big than too small and have to return) and found it to run a little large in the body. But not large enough to warrant a return. And being in between a small and medium, it might not be entirely fair to say a medium runs large but well Im sticking to it. And it did shrink a little with drying but disclaimer, i dried on medium heat forgetting it was in the load so I did not check the laundering instructions. I actually bought a small in this shirt as well to compare, since Im between sizes. Ironically that felt more true to size in the body and initially fit better. But I like the longer length of the medium for the purpose of wearing under scrubs. I am not disappointed in either size of the shirt and wear them both. They have both gotten a lot of use and held up well with washing. And its cute enough to wear on its own.
Kastar Rechargeable Shaver Battery Pack AA 2.4V 2000mAh Fits Most Norelco, Remington Shaver Models and Others (deatil Compatible Models Please Search The Below Description)
Kastar Rechargeable Shaver Battery Pack AA 2.4V 2000mAh Fits Most Norelco, Remington Shaver Models and Others (deatil Compatible Models Please Search The Below Description)
I have a Norelco 7825 shaver for the past 25+ years. Not bad considering I only have to shave every other day. If you are reading this, you either have a shaver that the batter is not holding much of a charge or you want to know how to fix the one you have.

Youtube has plenty of videos on how to do this replacement even though the video may not be of the exact shaver, the process is pretty much the same.

For me, this was my findings. Taking apart the shaver is very easy. Two screws, remove the cover/side burn trimmer, a couple of metal supports, and there you have the circuit board and batteries exposed. Once you life the circuit board, you will see where the DC motor wires connect towards the front of the circuit board and the battery leads just behind those connections. When desoldering the battery connection be careful not to get some flux onto the surface between the battery + connection and the motor solder point. If you, like a few reviewers here, the shaver will continue to run even if you press the power button. Why? Because you have just basically directly connected the battery to to motor.

It happened to me so i know. I just scraped off the excess flux/solder the bridged the connection and it was fine. On my shaver, the leads off the new batteries were too short. So I ended up cutting the leads off the old battery with a dremel. This left some leads sticking up to solder the old/new ones together.

Same charger seemed to work fine, although NiMH charging requirements are slightly different than that if NiCads, for its intent and purposes, should be no real world problems.

Recommended to purchase this if you are comfortable with basic soldering and hand tools. No need to replace the shaver if all else considered is working fine.
Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Handbook (Eu-Undefined)
Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Handbook (Eu-Undefined)
Not only the handbook for Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, this book introduces the ways to film to make your home movie more interesting. Instead of shooting without any plan, home video amateurs can really take advantage of the suggestions in the book for better planning to get better entertaining result.
Klarstein Baristomat Heißgetränkeautomat mit integriertem Milchaufschäumer- 2-in-1 Kaffee-Maschine,1000-1180 W, 350ml Milchbehälter, 2 Brühgruppen, Kaffee, Cappuccino & Latte Macchiato, pianoschwarz
Klarstein Baristomat Heißgetränkeautomat mit integriertem Milchaufschäumer- 2-in-1 Kaffee-Maschine,1000-1180 W, 350ml Milchbehälter, 2 Brühgruppen, Kaffee, Cappuccino & Latte Macchiato, pianoschwarz
Zu Beginn war ich äußerst zufrieden mit dem "Baristomat", der Milchschaum war super und der Kaffee schmeckte gut. Das war allerdings nur von sehr kurzer Dauer!.. Leider setzt sich sehr viel Kaffeesatz am Boden der Tasse fest, des Weiteren ist der Wassertank nicht herausnehmbar, was zur Folge hat, dass man ihn nur reinigen kann, wenn man die komplette Kaffeemaschine nimmt und den Teil des Wassertank unter das Waschbecken hält, wobei die sich die Reinigung auch dann als sehr schwer erwiesen hat, da der Wassertank sehr verwinkelte ist. Leider ist eine Regelmäßige Reinigung des Tankes aber absolut notwendig, da sich Kaffeepulver in den Tank schleicht und das ganze Ding dann ein reinster Schleimhaufen ist und sehr unangenehm riecht. Außerdem läuft ständig sehr viel Wasser unten aus der Maschine heraus. Ebenfalls kam nicht nur Wasser aus dem Siebträgerloch, sondern auch um den Träger herum kam ständig Wasser geflossen.. Die reinste Sauerrei! :(
Ich habe die Retoure schon angefordert, dies ging relativ schnell. Ich kann diese Maschine leider nicht empfehlen, sehr schade, da sie an sich sehr schön kompakt war.
Linksys EA6900 AC1900 Wi-Fi Wireless Router Dual Band Router with Gigabit and USB 3.0 Ports (EA6900)- (Renewed)
Linksys EA6900 AC1900 Wi-Fi Wireless Router Dual Band Router with Gigabit and USB 3.0 Ports (EA6900)- (Renewed)
I'm having a lot of issues with this router. I've not had it for long. At first I had to factory reset it a few times to get it to let me into the control panel where i could set everything up.
1) Range: Not so good. I have this thing hanging on the wall 20 feet away from my laptop in plain site with only my body and the top of the couch in the way and it hovers around 4 out of 5 bars.

2) Speed: Also not so good. I hover around 117Mbps. It drops to as low as 88Mbps and as high as 175Mbps. It wont even reach passed Wireless-N speeds and i'm using Wireless-AC!!! I've reset again and again, tried various settings, consulted with experts online, scoured YouTube videos and documentation, i've done everything I can to get better speeds, better range, and nothing...

3) Stability: This seems to be faltering like the rest. The first couple weeks, no problems... However lately ill be browsing the net, watching youtube videos, playing online games, browsing facebook and I all of a sudden lose my connection for no reason. I do have a server and have checked on that to find that my internet is working beautifully, the server is working beautifully, and all of the services running on the server are running without any issues. I used my wife's laptop and mine, her's connected on Wireless-G to the old router, mine connected to Wireless-AC on this router and ran a localized speed test, we copied 1GB file to the server. I lost connection, she didnt. Her transfer speeds were more than 2x mine on Wireless-G!! I tried shutting off the old router and disconnected the old range extender. Then i shut off our phones and all other devices that could, would, or were using that router and left only my laptop to it, and there was no difference. Plugged in a TP-Link Wireless-AC adapter to my wife's laptop thinking it was just my computer or my adapter and she had the same issues.

I have a few more things to try before this goes back in the box and back to Linksys. These issues are the reason I left Linksys problems years ago when the WRT54G became popular. These issues plagued their devices. I'm sad to see that they are still likely plaguing their devices...
Here's my update about 8 months later: I didnt send the router back, after messing with settings for a few days (a bit much i think) everything seemed to speed up and stabilize. I started getting the connection speeds i expected, the signal got slightly better but not much, but the speeds were on point! Every once in awhile i'd get hit with multiple disconnects while my wife who was on Wireless-G connected to the old router, both routers connected to the same switch, which is connected to the server, would remains connected while. I think the router is rebooting itself. I'm not really sure... And now the past few weeks all of a sudden the thing wants to constantly disconnect me, i cant even finish a 100mb file transfer! I'm really annoyed by this router and I wish i could send it back. I should have sent it back when i first got it and experienced these issues.
24 Mantra Organic Tur Dal, 1kg
24 Mantra Organic Tur Dal, 1kg
Nice, clean and unpolished but I don't know to what extent they are Organic. Similar options like TATA's iShakti and Dmart's unpolished ones are equally good and at far cheaper price. The only benefit we can have here is Organic but Company needs to provide some more info on cover that proves it instead of just copy-pasted same Organic info on all their product.

Also I don't know why unpolished and unprocessed items are priced higher than polished ones. I heard a story that how white sugar is made and that is again processed to give browny look and sold as organic and without chemicals. I hope that is not the case everywhere.
4 cajas x 38 g de Fazer Super salmiakki Mix (salmiakki – Super salmiakki – pantteri – Pax) Original Finnish Salty Regaliz Salmiak salmiac Pastilles lozenges Dragees gotas caramelos
4 cajas x 38 g de Fazer Super salmiakki Mix (salmiakki – Super salmiakki – pantteri – Pax) Original Finnish Salty Regaliz Salmiak salmiac Pastilles lozenges Dragees gotas caramelos
I'm gonna disagree with what others have said about how they taste. Here's my opinion.

Pax: very mild. Reminds me a lot of "Good and Plenty", without the candy coating. Just a gentle licorice flavor with notes of root beer or something else herbal. Slight menthol effect. I like this one.

Salmiakki: mildly salty black licorice. Tastes a bit of raisins as well. A gentle introduction to salty licorice in general. I love this one. Seriously great stuff.

Pantteri: Nyquil. This is a nyquil gummy. Strong menthol effect. Immense nyquil flavor with subtle hints of more nyquil. I'm putting this one in my medicine cabinet for the next time I have a cold or flu.

Super salmiakki: somewhere between the regular salmiakki and the pantteri. Also going in the medicine cabinet.

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