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The History of the World According to Facebook, Revised Edition
The History of the World According to Facebook, Revised Edition
I bought this book for my mother for Christmas this year. The book was delivered today and after flipping through it and laughing hysterically I ordered two more; one for each of my sister in laws. If it weren't Christmas I'd buy myself one. I'm not a fan of reading books, but this has very glossy pages and is not really "book like'. The pages look like the Facebook news feed and the posts are HILARIOUS! The only thing I didn't care for was that the outside of the book seemed a little bit dirty looking, almost like it came from a cheap print shop (sturdy, but matte cover) but the inside is in fabulous color with thick pages. And the content is so funny I'd buy it with no cover at all. I'm thinking this is gift of the year material!

I had written three really funny posts in this review, but took them out and suggest everyone just buy the book and read them for yourself!

For the record, I do not get offended easily and I'm curious if the book would be as funny to someone who isn't familiar with Facebook (photos, tagging, likes, interests, relationship status etc). Hope you enjoy the book as much as we do!!
Aretha Now
Aretha Now
Ich besitze zwar bei weitem nicht alle Alben von Aretha Franklin, aber doch einige. Und mein liebstes ist seit jeher das hier vorliegende. Stimmlich auf dem Zenit singt sich Frau Franklin neben dem von ihr mit komponierten Überhit "Think", den man im Gegensatz zum leider völlig totgenudelten Otis Redding Cover " Respect" immer noch gut hören kann, auch durch viele Coverversionen von damals relativ aktuellen Hits. Die Band groovt wie die Hölle, und die "Sweets" stellen sicher dass auch der Backgroundgesang ordentlich Soul hat.

So weit, so bekannt. Kommen wir zum wesentlichen, dem hier vorliegenden Reissue.

Die obige Abbildung ist irreführend. Statt des Logos des Atlantic Labels sind auf Vor,- und Rückseite das Logo der für diese Wiederveröffentlichung verantwortlichen Firma "4 men with beard" zu sehen. Wer also eine 100%ig korrekte Reproduktion des originalen Albums erwerben möchte wird hier nicht glücklich - auch wenn Cover und Backcover ansonsten akkurat reproduziert wurden. Auch das LP Label ziert hier natürlich nicht das originale Atlantic Logo.

Klanglich kann ich lediglich zu der mir vorliegenden CD Ausgabe Vergleiche ziehen. Die, oder sagen wir lieber zumindest meine, CD Version rauscht relativ stark. Hier ist das Rauschen deutlich weniger auffällig. Allerdings habe ich einzelne Tracks des Albums auf anderen CDs auch schon ebenso rauscharm, von rauschfrei kann aber keine Rede sein, gehört wie hier.
Auch sonst ist die Platte klanglich in Ordnung. Dynamik und "Wumms" stimmen. Alle Details der Arrangements kommen zur Geltung.

Die LP bringt 180gramm auf die Waage, auch das Cover macht einen stabilen Eindruck.

Empfehlenswerte Ausgabe eines tollen Albums!
Antoni Tàpies: Works, Writings, Interviews (Essentials Polígrafa)
Antoni Tàpies: Works, Writings, Interviews (Essentials Polígrafa)
An excellent book which I can recommend to any admirer of this Spanish genius....perhaps the greatest living artist ? This is a very carefully considered selection of his work over a sixty year period and most importantly is a detailed record of his thought process through interviews and writings. An inspiration to any artist dealing with surfaces and memories.

Beautifully produced...well worth a place on the bookshelf !
Bob Dylan - No Direction Home
Bob Dylan - No Direction Home
I am certainly "running hot" in terms of documentary selection as it seems like every time I find one which is superlative another comes along and outperforms it. No Direction Home makes one contemplate a great many things. Perhaps the most immediate is the idea that there is nothing in this world that Martin Scorsese cannot do better than his peers. We don't think of the eminent director's name being associated with documentary, but he advances this genre in the same fashion he did short film with his forty-some-minute work, Life Lessons, within New York Stories. Here he accomplishes the impossible as viewers finally are exposed to the man Bob Dylan as opposed to the idol. Unfortunately, the results are fairly jarring. I'm always worshipped Bob but my opinion of him was definitely lowered by this portrait comprised of interviews with the artist and those who knew him "back in the day." On the positive side, we again, just as in Don't Look Back, see firsthand evidence of his genius and how so much of what he did could not have been done by anyone else. His production during this brief moment of time was amazing. As a person though, we find him to be ruthlessly ambitious and opportunistic. Bob Zimmerman was on a mission to make it one way or another and nothing was going to stop him...and nothing did. The most disheartening element in this depiction is the lack of honor he showcased. He appears to have stolen a few hundred records from an old friend, and, even when confronted, refused to give them back. It is implied that he never, even when worth tens of millions, made good on this debt. This is unfortunate but probably reflective of the way in which young Dylan used and discarded others. Relationships seemed to be a means to end and never an end in them self. Joan Baez's observations support this as well. To please her, he merely had to invite her upon stage with him in London, but this was asking too much from a man about to become king. Yet, in the final analysis, he is a king and the person of the artist is always subsidiary to the works produced--at least in the minds of fans like this reviewer who will always love Dylan no matter what he does or says.
Bob Dylan - Triumvirate (3X DVD SET)
Bob Dylan - Triumvirate (3X DVD SET)
This box set contains two packages;

Package 1. a) Tales From A Golden Age 1941-1966 a DVD. A documentary lasting 1h 25mins and contains no Bob Dylan input.
b) The Classic Interview Vol 1 CD. Containing three interviews given by Bob Dylan in 1965/6.

Package 2. In His Own Words a DVD. Containing 9 short/cut video interviews given by Bob Dylan between 1978 and 2004. The DVD lasts a total of 1hr 39mins. I like this DVD very much and would buy this total package for this disc alone.

I have followed Dylan since the 1960s and feel this box set would do better if it stated clearly what is in the box.

The second dvd is better than three stars..
Waikoloa Street Tiki Glass - 15 oz. Cocktail Mug for Mai Tai, Punch, Pina Colada, and Tropical bar Drinks. Island-Themed Party Home barware Glasses, (2)
Waikoloa Street Tiki Glass - 15 oz. Cocktail Mug for Mai Tai, Punch, Pina Colada, and Tropical bar Drinks. Island-Themed Party Home barware Glasses, (2)
Husband and I had dinner at a Thai-Vietnamese place called Indochine, and my cocktail came in this exact glass, so obviously tipsy Me went on trusty Amazon to find this magnificent glass so I could have some at home. Here is the recipe for my favorite yummy yummy fruity drink.
1 part Jamaican dark rum
1 part light rum
1 part tripple sec
1 part peach schnapps
1 part pineapple juice
1 part orange juice
Splash grenadine
Add an umbrella and cherry and orange slice for the happiest HAPPY hour of your life

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