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Third-Party JavaScript
Third-Party JavaScript
Third-Party JavaScript by Ben Vinegar and Anton Kovalyov. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, with 11 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Building Slack Bots
Building Slack Bots
Building Slack Bots by Paul Asjes. Rated 2.9 out of 5 stars, with 2 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Aesop's Fables (Classical Books)
Aesop's Fables (Classical Books)
Aesop's Fables (Classical Books) by Aesop. Rated 2.4 out of 5 stars, with 3 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the J. K. Rowling category.
La Trampa
La Trampa
La Trampa by John Grisham. Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars, with 13 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Shining by Stephen King, Julien Chatelet, et al.. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 148 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 721 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Ruby programming category.
Trade Like Warren Buffett
Trade Like Warren Buffett
I am a Finance MBA and Buffettphile and this book barely held my attention. They did a very poor editing job. The numerous errors detract from the work. A lot of "Buffett-like" and "Buffett-style" speculation but not so much Buffett.

The book is lacking in too many areas to illustrate them all. I'll use the chapter on merger arbitrage as an example. Mr Altucher mentions some studies on merger arbitrage and how you can improve your success rate. He completely fails mention Graham's criteria for entering a merger arbitrage transaction as stated in the Intelligent Investor. The criteria are annualized 20% expected return and an estimated success probability of 80% or greater. Buffett probably still uses these. His overall treatment of merger arbitrage is woefully superficial. Anyone can calculate the return on capital if the merger succeeds. How do you determine the expected return on capital if the merger fails? How can you determine the implied probability of success from current market pricing? These and many other critical areas to one who practices merger arbitrage are not discussed.

While the book is not written in sufficient detail to actually be useful, Mr Altucher did cite many academic studies that I am anxious to read when I have the time. Mr Altucher, you got me. You put "Buffett" in the title and I bought the book.
Warren Buffett : 100 conseils pour investir et devenir riche (French Edition)
Warren Buffett : 100 conseils pour investir et devenir riche (French Edition)
Les conseils de Warren Buffett distillés dans ce livre sont comme des lumières dans le monde quelque peu obscur de la finance. Avant d'investir des fortunes sur les marchés il est des plus rentable d'investir quelques euros dans ce guide qui dicte certaines des erreurs qu'il ne faut pas commettre, les règles de bon sens qui permettent de tirer son épingle du jeu très risqué des placements financiers. Et ces conseils sont également utiles pour tout décideur économique qui doit investir, faire un pari sur l'avenir, être un visionnaire, comprendre ce qui fait la solidité et la force d'une entreprise.

Bien sûr on n'apprend pas à nager en lisant des livres de natation mais on apprend quand même mieux en compagnie d'un grand maître, on a ainsi plus de chances d'éviter la noyade !
Même si le difficile est de mettre en pratique ces conseils, par exemple avoir la patience d'investir réellement à long terme sans céder à la tentation de prendre ses bénéfices en vendant ou sans céder à la peur lors d'une petite baisse du cours, (bien qu'il faille à mon avis savoir limiter ses perte et vendre si la baisse est vraiment trop forte pour éviter de tout perdre).

A la fin du livre, on voit ce à quoi Warren Buffet considère ce qu'est la réussite d'une vie, non pas au nombre de milliards qui ont été amassés et qui ne vous suivront pas dans votre cercueil mais "au nombre de personne qui vous aime vraiment", même si quand ont fait un gros chèque on a tendance à vous trouver paré de toutes sortes de vertus...
Warren Buffett Management Secrets (Gujarati Edition)
Warren Buffett Management Secrets (Gujarati Edition)
This book will gives you necessary key points about how to make work and relationship productive in professional life and personal life. Majority all points are covered based on Buffet's experience. This book is good for entrepreneurs, management people's, businessman.
Art & Science of Value Investing: Invest Like Billionaire Warren Buffett
Art & Science of Value Investing: Invest Like Billionaire Warren Buffett
My review...by Robert W. Johns.

I purchased this on kindle and it arrived on my device without any problem...

This book was fun and informative. I bought this to see how Mr Thompson thinks, as the
are few books available which are actually written by individuals working in Value investment
based money management, running other peoples money as such.

I have been a value investor for five years full time and was looking for something to fill some gaps
and as a reference point. This book simply delivers, the section on discounted cash flows would be
invaluable to someone just starting out in qualitative analysis and understanding future business cash flows.

Scott writes with a relaxed and honest candor, never becoming pretentious or overbearing. It is evident he
has a genuine passion for Value investing and this shows in the highly complementary description he gives
of famous Value investors.

These kind of things are what got me into this industry, the is a considerable amount of kindness, honesty
and integrity found in the famous past, present professional practitioners of this investment approach. No doubt
many other such individuals will be the same in the future. There's a good introduction to Scott's influences and sets
a nice theme for the book.

Sometimes even those with an excellent memory can benefit from reading what they may have forgotten in time and
this book is one of those great reference guides to keep you mind sharp. The author has an MBA and in many countries
it can be difficult to hold a relevant MBA and be a value investor just down to the practicality's of it all. Therefore his line
of thinking has been of a benefit to me.

All in all i definitely picked up a few golden nuggets throughout the text and some insights making the purchase worth while.
Most of the big ideas are well represented here and beginners would do well to read this book before the classics to get
a good framework for how the goal posts have changed with market efficiency.

This reviewer would be happy to see this text in a university coarse. Although
such a coarse would undoubtedly require more material. Value investing cant be taught in a
day but you can get the bug that fast!.

I had heard of Philip L. Carret, but not in detail. There is a section with a transcript on his personality and style. This was
the highlight of the book for me as he had an incredible money management record and i am interesting in learning more.

So i have withheld one star as customary for me. I only give 5 stars to a few people and those people are Ben Graham
, Charlie Munger and of coarse Warren Buffett. My only criticism is that the book contains many quotes. Who actually originally
said some of these things first i believe may have been in some instances lost to the hands of time. I may well be wrong
and this is simply nitpicking.

Robert W. Johns
Elon Musk: The Founder of Tesla, Paypal, and Space X
Elon Musk: The Founder of Tesla, Paypal, and Space X
This book is very basic and very thin (only 44 pages) and not worth the price $17.38. I returned the book for a refund. If you are looking for a more in depth book on Elon Musk, I recommend buying Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance (400 pages) listed at $14.99, New York Times Best Seller.
Elon Musk : Exclusive Biography (Gujarati Edition)
Elon Musk : Exclusive Biography (Gujarati Edition)
This is story of Elon Musk from Zero to Hero legend. Getting so much inspiration. His biography is landmark to those who believe that sky is the limit. But Elon musk says space is also not the limit.You can go beyond this.
I really enjoyed the fact that this is a satire of the Internet’s early days, otherwise known as the “Dot Com” era. In real life, there was apparently a lot of drama that went down during the creation of some of the most well-known software and tech companies, so this book is an interesting twist on that. It’s loaded with biting wit and sarcasm, which I love. What I also found intriguing was that the author chose to include some actual fact with fiction. This gave the narrative a sense of realism that wouldn't be there if it was just purely sensational sci-fi.

The idea of a memory search engine was very interesting, and I like how that concept is really relevant to today’s obsession with virtual reality experiences. But in this story, that idea is tweaked and given a different spin, because the characters don’t even have to use their eyes since it’s all in their mind. To me, this is far more exciting because they’re not just viewing the memories, they’re actually living them. As the reader, it’s so much more fun when the characters are fully immersed in an experience, rather than just passively observing.

I also really enjoyed being able to watch Larry’s business grow from its humble beginnings to a thriving billion dollar company. Despite being a satire, I really got a realistic sense of the challenges of running a huge company. I particularly liked the parts about the hiring process, and how Larry and his business partner had to adjust to working with all these different personalities. The complex situations they had to face as a team were entertaining because they would occasionally disagree. I liked the dynamic between them because they are opposite personalities, so there were plenty of laughs.
1-2-3-4: The Beatles in Time
1-2-3-4: The Beatles in Time
I have always enjoyed Craig Brown’s journalism so I expected to appreciate this more. He was clearly a fan in the 60’s and has immersed himself in Beatle books recently. The errors are those of a tourist, however well-researched, which suggests that in the intervening 50 years he hasn’t lived the Beatles but has returned to them for this book. It’s not clear why he did so.

Too often the book just transcribes material available elsewhere (and at length). It even cut-and-pastes itself in certain passages. The most serious objection, in my view, is that it misses completely the magic and the achievement of The Beatles both in their own time and still today. In the search for amusing anecdotes and parallels, the book ends up making the Beatles career and output seem tawdry and accidental. I don’t think this was Craig Brown’s intention but it is the effect of this random, gimmicky and under-edited work. The main beneficiary is Ringo who has too often been characterised as a lucky chancer. Craig sees them all in this light with Ringo as the most pleasant and authentic of the group. George Martin only appears in moments of exasperation at daft requests, Brian Epstein is missing-in-action from as early as 1964, John Lennon is painted as simply unpleasant and deluded. Yoko probably comes off worst of all although the Maharishi gets quite a kicking too. It’s a long enough book to achieve a more balanced view but that is missed.

David Hepworth’s books do this far better and at half the distance.
The Essential Jimi Hendrix, Volumes One and Two
The Essential Jimi Hendrix, Volumes One and Two
I guess this review will sound like ramblings from an old man. But, SINCE, I happen to BE an old man, you can either stop reading now,
or continue.

In the summer of '67, I wasn't in San Francisco on a street called "Love". I was an 18-year-old, 333 pound, crew-cutted kid in Cahokia
Village, Illinois. I had friends in a "cover"-band, but all I could play was the radio. I, a 6'5" kid, was helpful moving amps up and down
stairs, and acted as a deterrent when the "greasers" tormented those "boys in the band" that "looked-like Jesus"--- at least to t-h-e-m.
By the time the summer was over, my "Mister Spock" haircut was slicked-back with Vitalis because of the school dress code. I had lost
100 pounds lugging the band's equipment into, and out of, auditoriums, and gymnasiums... but KEPT the nickname "Mountain".

First day of my Senior year in high school, first class, a Study Hall with 150 students, a roll call revealed my name. I yelled "Here!"
A very cute blond girl asked "Any relation to that r-e-a-l-l-y fat kid that wore a trenchcoat all-year, last year?" "Yes! My dead brother!"
I replied. It ended the conversation; she'd've NOT spoken to me LAST year anyway. I eventually took her to a Jimi Hendrix concert.

Graduation: 1968.

She got a job at a bank, and I went to Vietnam.

I married someone -- else; again; and a third time, twenty years ago.

Jimi Hendrix songs reminded me of better days THEN; in Vietnam; and they remind me of better days, NOW.

I'm retired. Moved abroad.
We have an extinct volcano in our backyard. The area we live in is beau-ti-ful ( google "Wachtkueppel Panorama" )... so are ALL the songs in this

QUESTION: I understand that the background "mumbling" in Purple Haze was accomplished by putting headphones over a studio mike, and recording what
was spoken into them. THAT "mumbling" you can hear from the drivers' side of your car includes Jimi speaking the words [some creepy, as he is dead]:
= = = = = = = = = => "...... Do what I say, do what I say...... Baby look around...... It ain't easy...... I SING to myself......" <= = = = = = = = = =
I'm absolutely positive of t-w-o of those lines, but MAY be wrong with t-w-o --- any authorities with graphic equalizers?

Jimi Hendrix made only FOUR vinyl albums during his brief lifetime. All of the BEST of those songs are right here. If you have some of the OTHER compelations,
you'll want THIS because of:
==> * IF 6 WAS 9
==> * GLORIA --- I didn't have this one. An old 45RPM?

This CD collection is RARE, and OUT-OF-PRINT. If the NEW price is out of the question, you can always get one "USED".

Always something GOOD in something BAD. I flunked first grade -- BUT, it got me out of a year... in Vietnam.

Greatest guitarist of all time. Just ask ANYBODY!
Pete Townsand and Eric Clapton were at a Hendrix concert in England -- back-in-the-day, looked at each other and said
"Bloke, we ARE finished*!"
*=denotes a substituted word not publishable in this venue.
Aretha Franklin - Greatest Hits: 1980-1994
Aretha Franklin - Greatest Hits: 1980-1994
Aretha Franklin est toujours dotée de sa voix exceptionnelle que l’on retrouve ici principalement sur des morceaux de soul ou légèrement disco.
Ce « Greatest hits » a été notamment classé en 1994 en Grande Bretagne (#27 UK), on y retrouve 10 hits UK-US dont 9 hits UK sur 13 et 8 hits US sur 10 pour la période annoncée. Il est peu compréhensible qu’il manque 4 hits UK et 2 hits US sinon que ce sont souvent des duos. Enfin les principaux y sont :
- « Freeway of love » (#03 US) en juillet 1985 puis (#51 UK) en mai 1986,
- « I knew you were waiting for me » (#01 UK) en février 1987 puis (#01 US) en avril,
- « Jump to it » (#24 US - #42 UK) en octobre 1982,
- « Willing to forgive » (#26 US) en juillet 1994,
- « Who’s zoomin’ who » (#07 US - #11 UK) en décembre 1985,
- « A deeper love » (#05 UK) en mars 1994,
- « Get it right » (#74 UK) en 1983,
- « Another night » (#22 US - #54 UK) en mars 1986,
- « Jimmy Lee » (#28 US - #46 UK) en février 1987,
- « Jumpin’ Jack Flash » (#21 US - #58 UK) en novembre 1986.

On retrouve une bonne reprise de son succès antérieur indémodable « You make me feel (Like a natural woman) » suivi de l’excellent slow « I dreamed a dream ». Sa version de « Jumpin’ Jack Flash » est aussi bonne mais ne vaut tout de même pas l’original.
New Orleans Nights
New Orleans Nights
Un bellissimo disco del miglior Louis, dove si sentono tutte le radici del profondo sud degli Stati Uniti e dove la tromba di Satchmo si erge sulla band che lo accompagna, gli All-Stars, in cui spiccano i nomi di Jack Teagarden, Earl Hines, Bud Powell e Cozy Cole, tanto per citarne alcuni.
Album godibilissimo, con brani famosissimi reinterpretati in maniera eccellente che fanno pensare proprio alle notti calde e affollate di New Orleans.
Da ascoltare assolutamente!
Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels
I listened to this album on the day of its release while driving to work. I can recommend it without reservation and thus the five stars. I need not repeat the information contained in the useful review by Bill Pence. However, I want to start this review by saying that I think that the comparisons to Sinatra that accompanied most reviews of the Shadows in the Night album and which are bound to accompany this one are overblown. I am a huge Sinatra fan and I am familiar with the vast majority of his recording output. The fact is that over the course of his career, there are few songs that qualify as standards that were not recorded by Sinatra; Skylark is a noticeable exception. Thus, any artist who issues an album of standards will necessarily be revisiting territory staked out by Sinatra. The question is not whether the artist is recording a song by Sinatra; the question is whether the artist brings anything to the song that makes listening to it worthwhile. In this, (unlike, say, Rod Stewart) Dylan succeeds. The production is masterful and the low-key arrangements allow you to actually hear the words and melody. Over the course of his career, Dylan has had a tendency to change his singing style from one album to the next. It is best, I think, to realize that on each album he is acting a role. This album reinforces my conception that most of the time, the voice you have heard is an affectation. This is true, too, here: the role he plays here is different than the one on Shadows. On that album, there was a melancholy air; the voice you heard was one who was looking back with regret. On this album, despite similar instrumentation and similarly low-key arrangements, Dylan plays the role of someone who has seen it all, but nevertheless has hope. It is like the fellow on Shadows, who was resigned to the fact that he was at the end of his life and did not have much to show for it, just met someone who has revitalized him. There is obvious trepidation. The arrangement on, It Had to be You (which begins with the full preamble leading into the song you are familiar with) is not the big-band, Harry Connick, Jr., version from When Harry Met Sally; it is a song that is delivered as a simple statement of fact. This is true of all of the songs on the album. I am not sure if I would say that this album and its immediate predecessors are masterpieces. I will tell you that they are very, very good. They are among, I think, his best output. I will also tell you that it was Dylan’s Austin concert in May of 2015, where he sang the songs from Shadows, that convinced my wife, finally, to embrace him as an artist. Fans of Dylan’s who grew up with his music in the 60s may not appreciate what he is doing here; but the fact of the matter is, if you go back to his very first album, you will see that what is doing here is what he has always done and trying to limit him to a particular time and place and genre is to miss entirely what he is and always has been about.
Beyond Here Lies Nothin
Beyond Here Lies Nothin
I've been a huge Dylan fan for 25 years and still get excited when I see a new compilation coming out...especially one like this when you have songs that normally don't appear in compilations! If you're new to Bob's music, this is a fantastic place to start your Dylan collection - and I promise after listening to this you'll be getting all his individual albums! I started off with "Greatest Hits" and haven't looked back since!

So - me being an old Bob-Cat I'll shed some light on the songs from this collection:

Disc 1 starts us out with "The Times They Are A-Changin'" - title track to the 1964 iconic folk album which was pivotal in the Civil Rights movement! A cool live version appears on Bootleg Series 6!
"Blowin' In The Wind" - from 1963's "Freewheelin'" album and has been covered by countless artists/groups in the music business, especially in the 60's! Bob does a cool live version of this on Bootleg Series 7.
"Boots Of Spanish Leather" - this is from "The Times They Are A-Changin'" album and what a great, emotional love song - I usually don't care for love songs but this one is a complete masterpiece of a song - kind of similar to "Girl From The North Country"!
"It Ain't Me, Babe" - what a cool song this is from 1964's "Another Side of Bob Dylan" album! This is acoustic rock at its finest and has been covered by various artists... most notable Johnny Cash & June Carter in 1965!
"To Ramona" - another lost classic from "Another Side" - kind of has a mexican feel to it... a fantastic acoustic love song! I love the line "I'd forever talk to you but soon my words would turn into a meaningless ring"!
"Mr. Tambourine Man" - the first entry here from my personal favorite album - "Bringing It All Back Home" from 1965 - this is an absolute masterpiece and my all-time favorite Dylan song! The lyrical imagery on this is AMAZING!!
"Subterranean Homesick Blues" is the first rock tune included here from "Bringing It All Back Home" - the famous "Cue Card" scene with Allen Ginsberg is considered to be the first music video! Bob's rocking/rap vocal is in-your-face with tons of youthful energy!
"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" rounds out the selections from "Bringing It All Back Home" - this is another cool lyrical imagery tune and one of the first Dylan songs I learned to play on guitar! Cool stuff!!
"Like A Rolling Stone" - from 1965's "Highway 61 Revisited" - I consider this to the be the greatest rock song of all time! So does Rolling Stone magazine... they ranked it #1 on their top 500 of all time list! This also hit #1 on the Cash Box charts and #2 on the Billboard charts! 'Twas a heck of a single back in the day - clocking in at over 6 mins.!
"I Want You" - from 1966's double album "Blonde On Blonde"! A rip-roaring little rock ditty that has a toe-tapping hook to the instrumentation!
"Just Like A Woman" - kind of a rock ballad from "Blonde On Blonde" that was a huge hit from 1966!
"Tombstone Blues" - from "Highway 61 Revisited" - an in-your-face rocker with cool lyrics - check out the live version from 1995's "MTV Unplugged" it ROCKS!!
"Desolation Row" - from "Highway 61 Revisited" - this is the debut of this masterpiece of a song on a Dylan compilation! Clocking in at over 11 mins. it is just amazing with driving acoustic guitars and Bob's piercing harmonica towards the end! REALLY cool stuff!! Check out the live versions from 1966's Bootleg Series 4 and the Real Royal Albert Hall Concert!
"All Along The Watchtower" - a cool acoustic folk tune from 1967's "John Wesley Harding" album - I love Jimi Hendrix and his cover ROCKS - but Bob wrote it and his version is the best to my ears!
"One Of Us Must Know" - we got back to "Blonde On Blonde" for this one... this was recorded on my birthday (Jan. 25th) and a really cool ballad-type tune! I LOVE the organ playing in this!
"Watching The River Flow" - this was from a recording session in 1971 which produced other really cool tunes like "George Jackson", "Spanish Is The Loving Tongue", a remake of "Only A Hobo", "I Shall Be Released" and others. Not included on an official album, Bob released this as a single and included it as the opening track on "Greatest Hits Vol. II". Kind of a rocking-blues tune with really cool electric guitar and piano!
"I Threw It All Away" - from 1969's "Nashville Skyline" album - a cool country-rock ditty that Bob performed at Johnny Cash's TV show the following year!

Disc 2 starts with "Lay Lady Lay" from "Nashville Skyline" - this was a top-10 hit for Bob in 1969 and still stands the test of time - makes one wonder why Bob hasn't been inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame!
"You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" - another tune from the aforementioned 1971 recording sessions that eventually wound up on "Greatest Hits II" - this is a remake of the Basement Tapes original version from 1967 - a really cool country-rock tune that was performed by Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Rosanne Cash & Shawn Colvin at Bob's 30th Anniversary concert in 1991!
"The Man In Me" - so great to see a tune from 1970's "New Morning" appearing on a compilation beside "If Not For You! This is a cool little feel-good song and is featured on the Rock Mortgage commercials with the "la-la-las"!
"Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - a Top 10 hit for Bob from 1973's "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid" soundtrack album! This has been covered by various artists such as Jerry Garcia, Guns & Roses and others... check out the rocking version on "MTV Unplugged"!
"Tangled Up In Blue" - probably the best-known tune from 1975's "Blood On The Tracks"! Bob tells a cool story on this and the drum-playing is off-the-charts cool!
"Simple Twist Of Fate" - the following track from "Blood On The Tracks" - a cool acoustic driven ballad of a tune with great lyrics!
"Hurricane" - from 1976's "Desire Album" - this one tells the story of how boxer Ruben Carter was falsley accused of murder! The fiddle playing and drums are amazing on this - and how about Emmylou Harris' backing vocals! That's the stuff legends are made of!
"Jokerman" - from 1983's "Infidels" - a 6 min. epic that sounds a little like a nursery rhyme... "Jokerman dance by the nightingale tune, bird fly high by the light of the moon"! Cool lyrics!
"Changing Of The Guards" - we got back to 1978 to Street-Legal's "Changing Of The Guards" which was probably the best song on there besides "Senor"!
"The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar" - a rip-roaring rock tune from "Shot Of Love" - was added late to that album - started out as the B-side to "Heart Of Mine" in 1981!
"Ring Them Bells" - from 1989's "Oh Mercy" - a slower-paced piano driven tune that is sure to stir emotions!
"Brownsville Girl" - from 1986's "Knocked Out Loaded" album - this is one of Bob's best story-telling songs - an 11 min. rumble that's so great it only feels like 5 mins. gone by!
"Po' Boy" - from 2001's "Love And Theft" - kind of a humourous tune that's a tad on the jazzy side but super-cool and lots of fun to listen to!
"Thunder On The Mountain" - from 2006's "Modern Times" - Bob says in the lyrics that he's thinking about Alicia Keys - I didn't know he was an Alicia Keys fan! Great rocking tune!
"Make You Feel My Love" - from 1997's Grammy Award-Winning "Time Out Of Mind" - what a great love song!! Covered by Garth Brooks, Billy Joel & Adele but I gotta stick with Bob's version!
"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" - from 2009's "Together Through Life" - kind of a slower-paced but super-cool rock tune that will get you in the mood to listen to that whole album!

Well I think this is a super-enjoyable and fun collection to listen to! Other cool compilations are Greatest Hits 1-3, Super Hits, Side-Tracks, Biograph & Masterpieces! And if you want to dive deeper into Bob's song canon, there's always the offical studio and live albums which are a blast - not to mention 15 volumes of The Bootleg Series!
Java: A Beginner's Guide, Sixth Edition
Java: A Beginner's Guide, Sixth Edition
I teach computer programming at the local community college and use this as my text for an intro Java class. The level of detail is excellent. The author provides useful reference tables for key concepts and clear examples. Unusually, the text also provides answers to the 10 or so questions and exercises at the end of each chapter, which is critical for students to be able to learn on their own without teachers releasing answer keys.

The sequence of the concepts is not exactly what I would use with somebody who has never programmed before. For example, introducing for() loops in the second chapter before covering arrays and indexing is great for somebody familiar with the concept of iteration and looping, but not something that's easy for a beginner to grasp during, say, the second week of writing code of any kind. This is not a detraction from the book, just a note in terms of timing.

It's size is also un-intimidating for beginning students, unlike some intro texts that are 600+ dense pages. This is important.
Clip: Time Lapse Drawing of Wolverine
Clip: Time Lapse Drawing of Wolverine
After watching "Suicide Squad" I stumbled on another time-lapse drawing and and found it mesmerizing! It is quite interesting to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine come to life like this. The artist creates a stunning portrait.

It is interesting to me how the artist finishes a section of the face, then moves to another section then another and so forth without sketching in outlines or other guides.I think this piecemeal approach that completes so seamlessly is what fascinates me.

If you are hoping to learn much about technique or how to do this yourself, this probably isn't the best video. I think it goes too fast to learn much but the speed seems about right to make it entertaining.

This presentation of time lapse drawing grabbed my attention and interest. I liked watching it a lot so 5 stars from me!
Doctor Strange Vol. 4: Mr. Misery
Doctor Strange Vol. 4: Mr. Misery
A rather lackluster end to the arc. I've been reading this series with interest since its relaunch, but this volume left me disappointed. I felt as if I no longer cared about the threat of Mr. Misery or the characters that interact with Strange. A lot of things struck me as repeats from previous issues, and the newer elements just didn't have much impact on me or on the storyline. The first two issues of the series proper reprinted here focus more on the guest star (Man Things then Jane Foster Thor) than Strange himself, and the remaining two issues center on Strange's new buddy, Zelma, whom I never really connected with. Wong is a important character throughout, but we're not given enough insight into him to understand what he does and why . The volume closes with a reprint of the recent annual. Events in the first story are hard to situate within the series proper. It Clea back into Strange's life. She seems to have faced her own trials of late, but we're not privy to her adventures; instead, she just shows up asking for a divorce and helps Strange and company fight another mystic threat. The second story in the annual leads into the Sorcerers Supreme series and offers an adventure of the Ancient One (the original one) as young man.

A word of warning to collectors. The binding on my new copy was less than perfect, and a number of the interior pages bore defects. Also, Marvel seems to have discontinued its free ecomic promotion, so I can no longer add this to my digital collection.
The Lord of the Rings Instrumental Solos for Strings: Cello (with Piano Acc.), Book & CD
The Lord of the Rings Instrumental Solos for Strings: Cello (with Piano Acc.), Book & CD
Il prodotto è costituito da:
- un libro a colori contente partiture complete per pianoforte e violoncello.
- un libro contenente solo le parti di violoncello (utile per lo studio in quanto permette di concentrarsi sulle proprie parti in una o due pagine massimo per pezzo).
- CD per effettuare il playalong. Ogni brano è presente in una versione completa di violoncello ed una in cui è assente per consentire di suonare insieme agli altri strumenti. Da notare che all'inizio del CD viene dato il LA in modo da poter accordare i violoncello. L'accordatura è LA 442.
Per chi ama LOTR è sicuramente un buon sistema per incentivare lo studio, lo consiglio però anche a chi non ama il film in quanto la colonna sonora è scritta da compositori di fama internazionale ed alcuni brani sono veramente piacevoli da interpretare al violoncello.
Henry David Thoreau : Collected Essays and Poems (Library of America)
Henry David Thoreau : Collected Essays and Poems (Library of America)
Be aware that this dark-blue-cloth "Library of America" hardcover edition (whose spine--but not the front cover--is tastefully stamped with gold characters) exists in TWO very different-looking versions: (1) in the largely black dust jacket pictured on Amazon's product page, with no slipcase; or (2) in a fairly fancy, cream-colored slipcase, without the dust jacket. Thus, before placing your order, you might want to ask the seller WHICH version they're selling--especially if you want this volume to visually match its noteworthy "companion" (ISBN 0940450275, which comprises all four of Thoreau's full-length books--A WEEK ON THE CONCORD & MERRIMACK RIVERS; WALDEN; THE MAINE WOODS; and CAPE COD), which likewise exists in two such versions.

Another reviewer questioned this hardcover's durability and price. Regarding its DURABILITY per se, the prospective buyer needn't fret about anything whatsoever [including the paper's (satisfyingly sufficient) thickness and quality]. Library of America's hardcovers are very well made! Regarding the PRICE, however, it indeed seems gallingly steep, at least to notoriously frugal souls like me.

Even so, presently this book--to my knowledge--constitutes the best and most comprehensive single-volume compilation of HDT's essays [not to mention his (infinitely less significant) poetry] for the layperson.

In pursuit of HDT's beloved virtue of "simplicity," consummate Thoreauvians would, arguably, fare best by owning just two (or perhaps three) publications:

(1) this "Library of America" edition of HDT's COLLECTED ESSAYS AND POEMS (ISBN 1883011957);

(2) the "Library of America" single-volume edition of HDT's four full-length books [A WEEK ON THE CONCORD AND MERRIMACK RIVERS; WALDEN; THE MAINE WOODS; and CAPE COD (ISBN 0940450275)]; and perhaps,

(3) HDT's complete (14-volume) JOURNAL (ISBN 0879051736).

With just those three editions, we've--essentially--got "THE" works of Henry David Thoreau on our shelf.
Public Secrets
Public Secrets
Let me start by saying I love Nora Roberts and own a ridiculous number of her books. That said, this is hands down one of the worst books I've ever read. The storyline is a mess, the characters are poorly handled, and the main character had me rolling my eyes half the book. The plot was AWFUL (ex. a horrific abusive relationship that was just cheap, lazy writing to give the MC more emotional angst and be helpless for whatshisface to jump in to save) and I honestly was more invested in one of the band members than anyone else. I'm so disappointed in this book and would NOT recommend wasting your money on it. Go read The Search, Chasing Fire, Angels Fall, The Obsession, or Montana Sky.
The Walking Drum (Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures): A Novel
The Walking Drum (Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures): A Novel
I had no idea that Louis L’Amour had written a book about the middle ages. I had read some of his westerns a very long time ago and knew he was a prolific and popular author. But when a friend recommended this book to me knowing I like historical novels about this period, I decided to try it. Five Stars for sure! What incredible research had to be done to write this story of Europe and the Middle East in the 12th Century. I have not read anything from this part of the world in this time period, and it was fascinating. For one thing, this author can write a scene and the reader is there! The surroundings, whether they are on a ship on the sea, in the deep woods, in a terrifying underground tunnel in darkness, or in the beautiful home of a wealthy aristocrat, simply come alive. The feel of wearing filthy sweaty stinking clothing and the feel of fine linen and silks against your body are so real. But to the story..

This is the story of Kerbouchard who is a young Celtic in in Britain when his mother is killed while his father has been away for four years trading and raiding. His father is a famous Corsair/trader/seaman/pirate who has traveled the world and brought home knowledge and customs from other cultures. Kerbouchard was trained as a young boy by the Druids associated with his mother’s family, but also had sailed with fishing vessels and had grown up both on the sea and in the forest. He escapes the men who murdered his mother and burned their house while he was not there, but he falls into the hands of pirates and becomes a galley slave. From there his adventures span a great deal of the civilized world. A great deal of the first half or so of the book take place in Cordoba in Spain which at the time is mostly moslem and very much into learning, books, and intellectual discussion.

I will say one thing from reading the many reviews of this book. Some criticize it because Kerbouchard is telling the story and he is proficient at everything so they consider he is too perfect. For one thing this is fiction – historical fiction but Kerbouchard is a fictitious character. His background and his insatiable quest for knowledge would make such a man – if he survives. He goes from the worst poverty to wealth and back again more times than I remember. He lives by is wit, but he is on a quest from the very beginning of the book. The quest is to find and rescue his father if he still lives, which is in question.

I love history and reading this book with no prior knowledge of the area or the history was amazing. I realize I had no idea how advanced the world was at that time in things like astronomy, geology, history, medicine, and just plain theory. I definitely will re-read this book as now I can savor it instead of reading to find out what will happen. I did struggle with the names – they are all middle-eastern names and very difficult for me to keep straight.

I can’t explain the depth of character this author has created with Kerbouchard. His way of thinking and of getting out of impossible situations is very very interesting. I don’t doubt that in real life such a man in that time period and place probably would not have survived some of them, but this is an adventure story. His constant quest for knowledge is truly inspiring as I know there have been and still are people who live to learn and are more or less obsessed by it.

My favorite part of the book comes some past the half way mark. It is a trek across many countries that I lost track of as the author uses the names they were called in the 12th century. Kerbouchard’s goal is to reach a castle where his father is being held by an Assassin King, but for safety, he becomes part of a caravan of traders. This is a trek of months and months, and it is just amazing that these treks were made. I had read about others where shepherds trekked for whole seasons across Afghanistan and Iraq, and this was similar except these were merchants. They went from one Fair to another trading and buying and selling. How they guarded one another and their loyalty to each other was just wonderful to read. The battle toward the end of this trek was perhaps the best scene written and most realistic I have ever read. If ever a reader was right there in a battle, it is this one.

I did not mean for this to be so long, but this book really caught me up in the story, the history, and the writing. At the back of the book the author says he will write two more books about Kerrbouchard. Sadly, Louis L’Amour died before he wrote those books. I am so glad he wrote this one.

There is some romance as this is a young man alone with no ties to anyone. But it is totally clean and several of the women he “falls for” are above him in station, virgins, and he is an honorable man and remains so.

I have to add the fascinating thing about the title, “The Walking Drum”. Imagine over a thousand people, some on horseback, some with wagons, but most of them walking, along with cattle, goats, and sheep. They continue from morning to night when they camp only to begin the next day. They have the Fairs where they spend a few days, but month after month they march, always prepared for attack which does not happen often but does happen. From the book:

“The walking drum….a heavy, methodical beat marking the step of each of us. That drum rode on a cart at the rear of our column, and the pace of the march could be made faster or slower by that beat. We lived with that sound, all of us, it beat like a great pulse for the whole company and for those others, too, who had their own drums to keep their pace.”

“Nightly camps were each a fortress, our columns like an army on the march. We awakened to a trumpet call, marched upon a second, and all our waking days were accompanied by the rhythmic throb of the walking drum.
We heard it’s muted thunder roll against the distant hills, through sunlight and storm. That drum was our god, our lord and master, and a warning to potential enemies.”
Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Geneva Strategy (A Covert-One novel Book 11)
Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Geneva Strategy (A Covert-One novel Book 11)
Jamie Freveletti's 2nd Covert-One submission,The Geneva Strategy, is a significant step down from the overall quality of this series. This time out, a megalomaniac drug company CEO is kidnapping US high officials & scientists and hacking US drones. At the same time, he has a short temper and kills anyone who's work he is unsatisfied with. The basic story is rather convoluted with a tired and worn plot of creating a "disease" and just happening to have the cure (which is also the original Covert-One story). The twist this time out is using "hacked" US drone to deliver the payload. The master plan fails not only due to Covert-One operatives, but mostly because the CEO has managed to align himself with all the wretched scum on the planet, each with their own agenda.

Tradecraft is almost non-existent. Smith is targeted, but the motive is unclear. A colleague at RIID who is hospitalized tries to contact him and then disappears. He's then accosted and threatened on a military base by lame goons claiming to be DHS who search his car, but still manage to leave without incident. At the same time, Randi Russell is providing bodyguard service to a US diplomat which is rather strange for a CIA agent. Smith then ends up dealing with a lawyer regarding a case dealing with an event in Africa. Eventually, Smith, Randi, and the lawyer, along with the usual cast of characters end up chasing the mystery CEO since in the end, the missing RIID scientist, the diplomat, the incident in Africa, and a kidnapped HHS official all end up wrapped up in the CEO's masterplan. And then there's the private security service that wander around like their own army without raising any concern. There are simply to many convenient coincidences to make the tale even plausibly believable.

The Covert-One series has usually been a espionage read with a bio bent. This installment has little to recommend it.
Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 2: The Lord of Worlds
Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 2: The Lord of Worlds
The content is five-star Dragon Ball Z. You either like it or not. My critiques for this iteration of the story is that the binding seems to generally give out around the cover material. Nothing's fallen out yet, but it's a blemish on the book's presentation, as well as a bad omen for what future readings could do to it's construction. Also, it's displeasing how some of the originally-in-color pages are colored and others are not. . . it just seems fairly arbitrary. I'm specifically talking about the grayscale pages, and not the regular manga black-and-white.

Overall, I like that I can purchase three volumes of DBZ for a fraction of the price if I bought seperate volumes, but I would have liked better binding, and more color pages (in the case of the pages that were originally in color).
DRAGON BALL SUPER Vol.10 [Japanese Edition]
DRAGON BALL SUPER Vol.10 [Japanese Edition]
Forlorn River
Forlorn River
Nearly one of the best, Zane Grey stories. As always it portrays great moral character for the younger generation. I wish more children would pick up reading books like this instead of video games games or social media.
A Mickey Spillane Companion
A Mickey Spillane Companion
Gave me all the information about his movies and related film work I was looking for. I would recommend it to others.
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Of course, this is a classic story, so reviewing it seems a bit presumptuous to me. I'll just share my (almost) three-year-old daughter's reaction. We have this one and several other Beatrix Potter mini-books. Her favorite Beatrix Potter book is Mrs. Tittlemouse, but she enjoys Peter Rabbit too. She likes these little books because they are easy for her to hold. The books and illustrations are lovely, and I've ordered the entire set for her for her birthday. I enjoyed them as a child and a friend of mine pointed out that Beatrix Potter's books have a more extensive vocabulary than what you find in many children's books today. We both see this as a good thing as we like to set a high bar for our kids and believe they will rise to it. I definitely recommend Peter Rabbit and the entire Beatrix Potter series. My daughter enjoyed hearing these stories beginning at age two and I enjoy reading them myself, so I think they have a wide appeal and are suitable for many ages.
Night over Water
Night over Water
You’ve undoubtedly read a story of this sort before — a group of strangers, all with schemes and dreams, embark on a journey. It may be in the American West, like Stage Coach, or on a vast ship, like The Posiden Adventure, but the result is the same: love, betrayal, some will live and some will die. The setting of Night Over Water gives this story an added dimension by setting it on the eve of the Second World War, with the crew and passengers of the Pan Am Clipper a huge sea plane crossing the Atlantic. The cast of characters include a Jewish scientist fleeing from Germany, a gangster being brought back to the US for trial, a fascist Englishman and his family hoping to be picked by Hitler to represent him in England after the Nazis win the war. Then there are principals — the romantic leads who add a little sex appeal to the story.
I found the well researched details of this aeronautical aberration to be of great interest. The Clipper was enormous, a grand hotel with a staff to match. It was certainly a far cry from the cattle car conditions of today.
The most fun was following the plans of a hustling English jewel thief who had slipped out of town before being caught with a set of fine cuff links. On board the plane, far greater booty, a unique set of ruby and diamonds owned by the fascist’s wife. Naturally there are complications, in the form of the fascist’s younger daughter, a spunky but conflicted lass who represents everything the thief aspires to.
Add to this romantic dance a businesswoman trying to win control of the family company from her double-dealing brother and a wife fleeing with her lover from her dull husband, and you have a lot of action in a confined space.
Without giving any spoilers, the ending delighted me and is worth the whole long journey across the Atlantic.
David Baldacci Best Reading Order Updated 2017 - AMOS DECKER, JOHN PULLER, VEGA JANE, CAMEL CLUB, KING & MAXWELL, WILL ROBIE: More Than a Checklist - Includes Summaries of Every Book in Every Series
David Baldacci Best Reading Order Updated 2017 - AMOS DECKER, JOHN PULLER, VEGA JANE, CAMEL CLUB, KING & MAXWELL, WILL ROBIE: More Than a Checklist - Includes Summaries of Every Book in Every Series
This is a wonderfully helpful book for readers who are already somewhat familiar with the books by David Baldacci and people who know little or nothing about him.
Baldacci is a best-selling author, one of the best. I read every one. All of his books, without exception, grip readers from page one and hold their interest to the final page. Baldacci has written seven series books with the same unforgettable characters as well as stand-alone books.
Avid Reader tells about the man and his books. There is a biography, a synopsis of each book including the date when it was published, and the ability to click on the book which brings the reader to amazon.
Avid reader writes well and is very informative.
Little Miss Greedy (Mr. Men and Little Miss Book 23)
Little Miss Greedy (Mr. Men and Little Miss Book 23)
No me encanta el contenido de muchos de los libros de esta serie (los personajes normalmente se golpean y las historias presentan situaciones y actitudes que suelo evitar que sucedan en los libros que lee) pero a él le encantan.

Encontró uno de los librillos que tenía yo guardado desde hacía años "Little Miss Naughty" y desde entonces es un fan de todos los personajes y ya tiene bastantes de los títulos. A pesar de ser bastante pequeños en tamaño tienen mucho texto y aún así aguanta perfectamente que se los leamos enteros (tiene 3 años).

Lo dicho, no mis favoritos por contenido pero a él le gustan.
Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition
Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition
For those of you who have discovered and love Lewis Carroll's masterworks `Alice in Wonderland' and `Alice through the looking glass (and what Alice found there)', filled with its many many lessons of life, such as the lesson `Wallowing in self-pity to drown your sorrows will not fix anything' (Pool of tears); for those of you who are curious about the origins of the eccentric characters such as the gryphon in Carroll's quirky `Wonderland' world; and for those of you that wish to delve into the many puzzles - such as why the dormouse was put into a teapot - this book is definitely for you - and you will love each and every anecdote almost as much as the fantastic page-turning story.

What you WONT find are all of the answers to the many allegories - the King of Hearts who brings a fixed viewpoint ("consider your verdict") no matter how you may try to put across your point of view or get to the bottom of things (know anyone who is like that?); the White Queen offering "jam yesterday and jam tomorrow - but never jam today" - basically saying when you look back you only remember the sweet times, and you only ever look forward to pleasant times ahead - but the NOW is very different.

If THESE are the sort of answers you seek then you need THIS publication AND a copy of `Alice in Wonderland and philosophy' edited by Richard Davis. Armed with BOTH you will not only reveal the meanings behind each character, you will also discover the PURPOSE of a timeless classic - to learn through the eyes of the most captivating heroine in all of literature. A true feminist who is willing to absorb, learn, and CHALLENGE as she encounters many hostilities, Alice does not require a `fairy godmother' - she simply applies a very simple lesson - to prove what she is TOLD by CONTESTING it.

Own BOTH unputdownable publications and you will love each and every anecdote almost as much as the wonderful page-turning story - and - just like Alice - you will be able to challenge everything that you meet on YOUR journey through `Wonderland'.

Matravers is "an Apostle of Aestheticism" with "fixed views of life, down to even it's most trifling details." "A poet, philosopher, and man of fashion" who has "no intimate friends." He writes for the London papers and reviews. One evening he is taken to the theater by a friend to see a "Norwegian" play by Istein, which he savages in his review. However the actress who plays the lead, Berenice, is brilliant, and is the same woman with who he has been exchanging coy glances in the Park for six months. Slowly Matravers and Berenice grow closer. He writes a play for her which is a huge success. On the cusp of their romance....her past comes to light.

The Edwardian/Victorian morality which underlies the plot of this 1907 novel by Oppenheim is very foreign to us. The repressive, idealist, moralistic social conduct which it describes is extreme. It is curious that Oppenheim spends a good part of the novel inveighing against Isteinism (meaning Ibsen) and his degrading and common form of theater. The heroine, Berenice is not only a brilliant actress, but also the author of a book about the rights and role of women, which is received with opprobrium by the English critics. The suffering status of the main characters is clearly linked to the intolerant morality which they espouse, but it is "glorified" nonetheless. Lots of confusion here.
The Edgar Rice Burroughs Western MEGAPACK ®
The Edgar Rice Burroughs Western MEGAPACK ®
Burroughs was clearly a world-class author of exciting adventure stories.
I don't read many westerns, but I enjoyed these. But first, the problems with the presentation:
The first novel, in particular, has some really wild typos in it although, since it also has several different dialects represented, some of those typos may have been intentional. It also has some reduplications but, if you just keep reading, you eventually get back to where you were and the story continues onwards. The others are better.
The first and fourth novel are set in the 1880s and, I think, 1900s: the first is explicit, the second has an automobile in it (a "Lizzie") and a telephone from a dude ranch into the nearby town, where the train station is. Both are mysteries; the second is actually a detective novel, complete with the sit-everyone-down-and-explain-everything ending.
The middle two are Apache novels, dealing with the early life of the adopted son of Geronimo and so also with Geronimo, particularly from when he became War Chief of all Apaches until he finally surrendered. Written from an Apache viewpoint with a lot of Apache (at least, allegedly Apache) terminology, they clearly stand in the same tradition as those films that came out in the 50s dealing with First People's leaders from their viewpoint.
The Younger Sister (Volumes 1-3)
The Younger Sister (Volumes 1-3)
I have to disagree with the other reviewer’s assessment. I thought Catherine Hubbard’s continuation of her aunt’s work very well done and consistent with the writing style of the period. Yes, it was long, but that was not unusual for writers of that era. Typical for both Jane and Catherine’s heroines, Emma Watson’s morality and common sense offer a sharp contrast to her sisters - sweet but simple Elizabeth, mercenary Penelope, foolish and artificial Margaret. Since I got this book through the Apple Bookstore (as it was free), I cannot comment on the typos or other mistakes in the Kindle version; there were quite a few in the one I read.
Cosplay Costumes Mens Womens Fall and Winter Sweater Cardigan Vest Waistcoat
Cosplay Costumes Mens Womens Fall and Winter Sweater Cardigan Vest Waistcoat
Great deal for the price!! The sweater and tie are both of very nice quality, which surprised me based on how inexpensive the package deal was. This worked perfectly for my Ravenclaw costume. Would definitely recommend!
As far as the sizing goes, I read through the reviews and ordered a size up as was recommended by most people, but it was slightly too big. I am a 5'6" female with 38.5" bust, 31" waist, 37.5" hips and went with the large because of my bust and the reviews all saying the sweater was "tiny". I'm not sure if people just aren't conscious of their actual measurements or what (I grew up with a mom who sewed so I always use a tape measure), but it fit exactly as I would expect the large with this size chart to fit. It laid well across my back and bust but was very roomy in the waist - I attached photos so you can kind of see how much room I had in the lower back/waist. I kept it because I figure a school uniform sweater isn't meant to be fitted anyway, and it gave me plenty of room for my dress shirt and tie without pulling. (I also prefer sweaters to be longer, and it came down past my hips, as you can see.) But if you want it to have a "fitted" look, measure yourself and order the size by the chart. The only thing I will agree with are the armholes being slightly snug. I really didn't have a problem with them; I wouldn't have wanted them smaller, but they weren't digging in. My guy friend who ordered the same sweater had a harder time though, and he cut the seams along the armholes and resewed them for more room. So you'll have to judge that based on the broadness of your shoulders/upper arms. If you're unsure, go one size up just in case as it looks totally fine if it's slightly looser. But I would measure yourself and base your size off the *size chart*, not just what size (sm/med/lg/xl) you normally wear, and you should get an accurately sized sweater.
Powers in a teenage witch (Tumspuv Genimis)
Powers in a teenage witch (Tumspuv Genimis)
School was out for the 2016, summer at Wood Creek HS.
Selena Ruby Dixon (16, narrator, sister, author) lives with her mother Stephinie Dixon (40+, CIS, mother), Brother Mason Dixon & Grandma.
Selena receives what appears to be a very bizarre letter. She is to go to school starting 6/1 on Saturn.
All aboard. 1st stop Venus.
Megan Adelie (author) & Selena bought the necessary school supplies.
Year 6114, a safe landing on Saturn. Huxvey Buvejumuzvuj (head master) greeted the group. Soon there will be 900 students.
Tumspuv Genimis is the school of witches & wizards. Siofit is the dormitory.
Selena got her class schedule, & picture ID (freshman, #5749057494).
Stephenie (Selena mom) comes to the parent/teacher conference.
Next semester enrolment is over.

What will Selena encounter when she meets Lord Nuxsums (evil wizard, tentacles)?
What about Dr. Fruno?
What about Blake & Selena?

I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one.

A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A finally well written delightful futuristic HS sci-fi book. It wasn’t always very easy for me to read/follow from start/finish, but never a dull moment. There were several grammar/typo errors, but no repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a great set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great teen futuristic sci-fi movie, animated cartoon, or mini TV series. It was fun to read & I know MS age would love it. With all the obvious mistakes I can only rate it at 3/5 stars.

Thank you for the free Goodreads; Booklikes; PDF book
Tony Parsons MSW (Washburn)
V.H.O. Funky Hawaiian Shirt for Men Shortsleeve Front-Pocket Casual Button Down Small Flower
V.H.O. Funky Hawaiian Shirt for Men Shortsleeve Front-Pocket Casual Button Down Small Flower
It's a perfect, light Hawaii shirt for it's price. Sizing was either changed or there was never anything wrong with it. I am a fairly big guy (6'4" and 230 pounds) so I ordered a few sizes bigger based on the reviews. When I received the XXXL shirt I and my partner standing close together could button up the shirt on the two of us. It was literally a two-person shirt. I returned it and ordered the one I originally had in mind...
HLEEDUO New Type Auto Baby Music Box Crib Music Mobile (TF Card RemoteVversion)
HLEEDUO New Type Auto Baby Music Box Crib Music Mobile (TF Card RemoteVversion)
I have now ordered 2 of these and both are broken. The first one broke in the first week and I spent so much time trying to make it work (because I really wanted it to work) that I missed the return window. I ordered a second one, assuming the first defective mobile was a fluke. It was not a fluke. The second mobile arrived already broken. These are garbage that dont work. Save your money.
Sorrel and Fern Crib Mobile Butterflies in The Clouds Grey and Pink Baby Ceiling Nursery Decor
Sorrel and Fern Crib Mobile Butterflies in The Clouds Grey and Pink Baby Ceiling Nursery Decor
This is very sweet and surprisingly affordable. It came nicely packaged, but as I took painstakingly took it gently apart, I saw the lines are tangled and twisted and hang at different lengths so the butterflies are crooked. As a result I’ll need to take some time undoing all of it and restringing it myself. But it’s exactly what we were looking for, and it was literally 25% of the price of similar products on Etsy. I like supporting a small family company and would recommend this product, just be prepared to have to do some crafting on it yourself. It came with 3 extra butterfly clips which was a nice surprise, but I wish there were 4-5 so I could evenly clip them to the lines hanging from the hoop
Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures (What's New in Computer Science)
Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures (What's New in Computer Science)
I had to read this 900+ page book over the semester for a Java/intro programming class. It explains things well for the most part, and the code examples are helpful, but the book is way too long, and kind of expensive. For its length, it doesn't go very deep into the language (e.g. it doesn't talk about packaging applications or any server-side things you could do with Java), but still a good starter book. I would have preferred to read one of the Java For Dummies books instead (same info in less than half the length) if not for the fact that class assignments were based on those from this textbook.

The book also comes with a CD with sample Java programs and development environments, but I never had to use the CD. (Better to download current software instead.)

To those who say to get an earlier edition, be warned that the questions are not all identical. There are changes to the program challenges since the previous edition which means you could get an F on programming assignments if you're not careful.
Reweaving the Fabric: How Congregations and Communities Can Come Together to Build Their Neighborhoods
Reweaving the Fabric: How Congregations and Communities Can Come Together to Build Their Neighborhoods
This book tells the story of a small church and a forgotten community's journey from hopelessness to triumph, from defeat to victory; it tells of their journey from the Bottom to the Top. The author was the pastor of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Birmingham, Alabama during the time this community revitilization project took place.
This book can be used to explain the strategic planning process to novices, why community involvement is necessary, and why churches must network with other organizations in the public and private sector in order to change communities. The table of content outlines the journey and the appendices provide copies of the documents that the community action group used to transform a six block blighted area into six blocks of brand new homes.
The action group did not stop after the housing redevelopment phase was completed, but used this same technique to address economic development and youth leadership issues. After they were able to REWEAVE THE FABRIC of relationships and bridge the huge gap between the church and the community, a neighborhood once named Sandy Bottom changed its name to Sandy Vista. This book provides the techniques for effecting change in our neighborhoods.
Book Review presented 12/11/99 at the Promotion and Missionary Education Dialogue, Women's Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
Large Plastic Grocery T-shirts Carry-out Bag Plain Black 12 X 6 X 21 100ct,
Large Plastic Grocery T-shirts Carry-out Bag Plain Black 12 X 6 X 21 100ct,
I ordered the gold and black thank you bags.... I recieved these yellow and brown ones needless to say I'm not happy. I wasn't sure about the quality of these when I ordered them. Upon arrival the bags are thin and completely see-through. I intended to use these bags to hold my customers purchases at vendor shows. My products are heavy and I don't think I will be able to use these. I am severely disappointed with the bags. I will not be re-purchasing these as I am unsure of what I will be sent.
ASUS ZenBook Duo UX481 Laptop, 14” FHD NanoEdge Bezel Touch, Intel Core i7-10510U, GeForce MX250, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, Innovative ScreenPad Plus, Windows 10 Pro, Celestial Blue, UX481FL-XS74T
ASUS ZenBook Duo UX481 Laptop, 14” FHD NanoEdge Bezel Touch, Intel Core i7-10510U, GeForce MX250, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, Innovative ScreenPad Plus, Windows 10 Pro, Celestial Blue, UX481FL-XS74T
A main reason for my purchase was price vs specs. I purchased this for $1150 at another location (not in US). I am an average user so wont speak on technical things. I have the i7-10510U version.

- Multi-tasking capability is excellent. Watch videos/movies and still monitor email, Facebook, surf web, etc.
- Build quality feels very solid. No flex or monitor movement.
- Specs are good.
- no issues with heat but I do not game
- Very quiet
- Super fast start-up and shutdown speed
- Screen-pad plus is really cool and touch capabilities work great.
- Mouse pad may be small but I found it to be easy to use once I got use to it. I use a mouse when laptop is on the desk.
- Key strikes feel great
- Battery life is well above average and outstanding if you keep the second screen off or with limited use.
- Main screen is bright and clear.
- speakers/sound level is good.
- great value vs the pro version models

- if you are not use to a 14 inch monitor laptop and are downsizing like me, the size of the laptop feels small. Cost was the only thing stopping me from the 15.6 version. This is not really a con to most but I am not use to the screen/laptop size.
- the keyboard is a little cramped but if your are sitting at a desk it really isn't an issue. Resting your wrists on the desk and typing is comfortable. Typing on your lap, not so great and a major con in my opinion.
- While using on your lap (reclining on couch or chair), it is hard to see the second screen due to the limited angle the hinge or additional stand provide. Another major con. On a desk it is no problem. I use the additional stand for a little better lift angle.
- While using on your lap, the laptop is not as comfortable as a flat bottom laptop. this is due to the hinge that lifts the laptop at an angle which puts a little added pressure on your leg. Its not bad but noticeable.
- I wish the second screen was not matte finished. It dulls the image enough to annoy me.

No regrets with my purchase as the value vs specs and additional multi-tasking screen was my reason for purchase but there are a few hurdles to overcome.
Sony SSCS8 Altavoz de canal central de 3 drivers, de 2 vías
Sony SSCS8 Altavoz de canal central de 3 drivers, de 2 vías
I bought this subwoofer sight unseen and without the showroom testing that others have gone through. I did this mainly because audio equipment showrooms are sparse in my locale - there's Walmart and then it's quite a step down to Sears. Not much to pick and choose from. So, I had to rely mostly on online technical reviews and customer satisfaction reviews.

My choices boiled down to the Sony SACS9, Klipsch R-10SW, Polk Audio PSW10, and JBL Arena S10. The Klipsch was the first to be eliminated, based solely on budget reasons. If I had more money to spend, maybe I would have chosen it. Next to be eliminated was the popular Polk PSW10. It seemed to me to be the "plain Jane" of the group - a good solid performer, but nothing really outstanding.

So, the final choice boiled down to the Sony SACS9 or the JBL Arena S10. The Sony had the advantage of frequency range. The JBL had the advantage in crispness. Since my needs were broad - the speaker is being used not just for music but for AV multimedia purposes - I chose the more versatile Sony. If I had been purchasing the speaker solely for music, I would have chosen the JBL. Of course, the fact that the Sony's were on sale for $20 less than the JBL certainly swayed my decision some.

The Sony SACS9 was delivered to my home late last week and I added it to my 5.1 system, which includes an Onkyo TX-NR656 receiver, a pair of Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speakers, and a Sony SSCS8 center channel speaker. I'm awaiting shipment of a pair of JBL Arena B15 bookshelf speakers. So far, I'm very happy with how all the components of the system match. They not only work well together acoustically, but they also fit the rather tight confines of the room that I'm using (a converted patio, 8' x 20'). The Sony SACS9 happened to be the smallest of the 4 subwoofers that I was comparing by about 23%. That's given me more options as to where I want it placed and positioned.

Performance-wise, the SACS9 sounds great to me. It fills out the bass and sub-bass spectra that would otherwise be missing from my system. And it's plenty loud for my setup. I'm still playing around with the bass volume control, frequency pass-through/cut-off level, speaker balance control, speaker direction, and speaker location. There's plenty of capacity and flexibility built into the speaker to satisfy its listeners.

I spent a total of $603 for my 5.1 AV sound system, including the receiver and speakers; plus an additional $48 for speaker wire, banana plugs, and speaker mounting hardware. It's the best system that I could put together within my budget. It fulfills all of my present needs. Hopefully, it is sufficiently "future-proofed" so that it will continue to pay dividends for years to come.
Foval Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector (3 Pack), (Bubble Free)(Case Friendly) Anti Spy Tempered Glass with Alignment Tool (6.7")
Foval Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector (3 Pack), (Bubble Free)(Case Friendly) Anti Spy Tempered Glass with Alignment Tool (6.7")
This privacy screen is way better than than the ones I’ve used in the past! I was skeptical at first because I had used privacy screen protectors before and they made my front facing camera take darker pictures or they were too thick and my touch didn’t respond on my phone or they were too dark to see through but this one is the best one I’ve ever got !! It’s very clear from front view but from a side perspective no one can ease drop on your screen !! I love it and I’m gonna buy one for my husband and my sons phone too !!
Vivo Y91i (Fusion Black, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers
Vivo Y91i (Fusion Black, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers
Hey it's genuine phone with good features at this price point. But don't expect too much from it like finger print and high end Camera.
Let it suffice that the phone doesn't hang at all and is pleasantly smooth provided ur working on less apps.

👉 The processor is decent in this price range with definitely good battery life.
👉 There is exchange offer whr I replaced my old Lenovo K3 note which was lagging but has same Ram.
👉 The colour gives it a premium look and it less than 160gm which is less compared to heavy phones like redmi and Vivo U series. It is handy n slim at the same time.
👉Pictures and different language support in text and typos is a welcome feature.
👉Overalll worth it at 7950 Rs. Nd exch worth 1500 or so.✋
Elechomes P1801 Air Purifiers for Large Room Bedroom Home Allergies and Pets Hair Smokers, True H13 HEPA Filter with 4 Stage Filtration, 22dB Quiet Air Purifier Cleaner Odor Eliminators for 269 sq.ft Room
Elechomes P1801 Air Purifiers for Large Room Bedroom Home Allergies and Pets Hair Smokers, True H13 HEPA Filter with 4 Stage Filtration, 22dB Quiet Air Purifier Cleaner Odor Eliminators for 269 sq.ft Room
I was skeptical about if an air purifier really works and makes a difference. After having the Elechomes P1081 for a little over a week all I can say is it really does improve the air quality. We have two large dogs that shed a lot and it helps with the dander also I have noticed that I am not as stuffy when I wake up in the morning. We bought the Elechomes P1081 with the idea to see if air purifiers are worth it and if so we would buy a large one, but after using this one and being happy with it we will just buy one for every room in the house because it has worked out well for us and its really quite. I now enjoy waking up without itchy eyes and a stuffy nose, a must have for a babies or kids room. This has been a good buy.
Darrell Lea Soft Eating Licorice Variety Pack, Original Black, Strawberry, Mango, Fruit mix, 7 Ounce Bags (Pack of 4, Total of 28 oz)
Darrell Lea Soft Eating Licorice Variety Pack, Original Black, Strawberry, Mango, Fruit mix, 7 Ounce Bags (Pack of 4, Total of 28 oz)
I love the black licorice from Darrell Lea, so I thought I’d buy this bundle and try the other flavors as well. The black and strawberry licorices were good but the mango and the fruit mix were... just oddly flavored, in my opinion. The mango tasted like plastic or chemicals or something I cannot put my finger on. Perhaps I got an “off” batch but I just cannot imagine who would enjoy that flavor. Once again, the black and strawberry licorices were very good and I would buy those flavors again.
Raíces de regaliz Amarelli, palos de 15 cm - paquete de 1 kg
Raíces de regaliz Amarelli, palos de 15 cm - paquete de 1 kg
Scrivo la recensione dopo molto tempo perchè all' inzio ero indiciso se acquistarne una quantità simile, non sapendo se la bontà di queste potesse rimanere invariata nel tempo dato che in casa le consumo solo io.
Le liquirizie mi sono arrivate con un doppio imballo che ne ha assicurato la conservazione e io le ho inserite in un contenitore di plastica ermetico per alimenti subito dopo l' acquisto. Come grandezza dei tronchetti sono assortite, ce ne sono di piccoli ma anche un pò più grandi, alcuni, pochissimi, con un nodo del legno.
Parlando del sapore sono molto buone, praticamente indistinguibili da quelle che si possono comprare in giro a prezzi ben più alti. A più di un mese dall' acquisto ne ho ancora più della metà ma mi sembra le qualità si siano mantenute invariato, come pure la consistenza del legno che rimane sempre sgranocchiabile. Per me è stato un ottimo acquisto.
Jarabe de arce Grado A (Very dark, Strong taste) - 1,89 litros (2,5 Kg) - Miel de arce - Sirope de Arce - Original maple syrup
Jarabe de arce Grado A (Very dark, Strong taste) - 1,89 litros (2,5 Kg) - Miel de arce - Sirope de Arce - Original maple syrup
Do you love Maple syrup? Are you fed up with store bought "maple" syrup that tastes like refined sugar? Yes, yes you are, otherwise you wouldn't be looking here. Well it's your lucky day! This one here you are looking at is the real deal, the original, the one, the enlightened, the alpha and omega. It's dark, it's tasty, it's divine! To be honest I'm not sure what you're still doing here reading this review, you should have already bought it and go enjoy your life knowing you made the best decision of your life.

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