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Murach's JavaScript and jQuery
Murach's JavaScript and jQuery
Murach's JavaScript and jQuery by Zak Ruvalcaba and Mike Murach. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, with 60 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Linux # How to Setup a MySQL Replication Now?
Linux # How to Setup a MySQL Replication Now?
Linux # How to Setup a MySQL Replication Now? by Marcin Kosobucki. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the mysql category.
Wie ein einziger Tag: Roman (German Edition)
Wie ein einziger Tag: Roman (German Edition)
Wie ein einziger Tag: Roman (German Edition) by Nicholas Sparks and Bettina Runge. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 171 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
Die Nähe des Himmels: Roman (German Edition)
Die Nähe des Himmels: Roman (German Edition)
Die Nähe des Himmels: Roman (German Edition) by Nicholas Sparks and Adelheid Zöfel. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 49 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
Ajax + PHP programming combat Detailed
Ajax + PHP programming combat Detailed
Ajax + PHP programming combat Detailed by LIANG WEN XIN. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus
Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus
Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus by Lex deHaan. Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars, with 10 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'SQL database' category.
A First Course in Statistical Programming with R
A First Course in Statistical Programming with R
A First Course in Statistical Programming with R by W. John Braun and Duncan J. Murdoch. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the R programming category.
How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett
How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett
Vick is a stock analyst himself with experience as an editor of a market newsletter. His investing experience and his clear writing help in learning about the important factors in Warren Buffett's investment style. The main problem is that there have been some changes in Buffett's style since the book was written. It does remain an excellent source of insight into his way of investing and thinking about investing.

Buffet showed an interest in earning money at a very early age. He did a great deal of experimenting with different investment techniques. Mathematics was of particular interest and very useful in analyzing businesses and possible investments. The magic of compound interest was particularly intriguing and he realized almost immediately that every dollar he didn't spend would compound in the future to a much greater amount. With this in mind he developed an aversion to spending money that could otherwise be invested. He was captivated with the book “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham, and was impressed enough that he decided to study under Graham at the Columbia business school. He and Graham argued different points in class. Buffet wound up working for Graham for a short time, then started his own investment firm.

One technique Buffet uses is to compare all possible investments with long-term bonds especially treasuries. The long term treasuries are considered the safest investments (not accounting for inflation) so if you can get 3% on long term treasury bonds any other investment must have a better return since they will be riskier. He then uses the long term bond rate say 3% as the discount rate. The discount rate is supposed to take into account the volatility of the investments being studied as a proxy for risk. So if an investment is considered much riskier than treasury bonds you select a higher discount rate say 15%. Buffet makes this easier for himself by primarily looking at companies that have long-term growth rates that are rising and vary little. The problem for ordinary investors is that much business and investment expertise goes into selecting the appropriate discount rate to account for growth, volatility and risk. This has proved to be virtually impossible to do consistently even for professional investors.

Buffet is generally looking for a company that is selling well below its’ calculated intrinsic value. Intrinsic value can be defined simply: It is the discounted value of the cash that can be taken out of a business during its remaining life. The intrinsic value is very difficult to calculate precisely since it depends on many factors, but in a very rough way over long periods of time changes in the book value of the co Gladmpany gives you a general idea of changes in its intrinsic value. There can, however, be large discrepancies between the two, and even larger differences with the stock market price. He believes in having a margin of safety by purchasing a company well below its’ intrinsic value when possible. This is most likely during significant market downturns.

There is some correlation between the long term growth of the book value and the return on equity, ROE, of the company and the company stock price. There is also a lot of fluctuation due to stock buybacks, the normal business cycle, and companies playing games with their numbers to look good. Generally increasing earnings, and return on equity, are good for the future stock price. But there are many factors such as buying back the company stock, borrowing more, etc., that could affect the future price of a stock. Buffet is usually looking for big stable companies to buy such as Coca-Cola, Procter& Gamble, Wells Fargo that have a long history of stable, increasing earnings and paying increasing dividends.

The next step is not to lose. This is easier said than done since the price of stocks obviously fluctuate quite a bit. He studies many companies carefully to find those that will do well in the long-term. To minimize the chances of a loss he waits to get the best price he can with the intention of holding forever. Over the years he has shown a preference for purchasing whole companies with the owners staying on to actually run the business itself. His chief function seems to be to allocate the income streams from many companies he is associated with into new and profitable businesses and the expansions of existing businesses. Since you coninue to discuss purchasing stocks, this might be be better at the end or before the next to the last paragraph. )

Several times in his long investing career he announced that he couldn't find any worthwhile stocks to invest as in during 1969, 1987, 2001, and 2008. Other times he announced he was like a kid in the candy store and there were many stocks he wanted to buy in 1974, 1982, 2002 and 2009. He uses many criteria to choose stocks to buy. Apparently when most of his criteria are showing that stocks are not a good buy he considers it may be a good time to think about selling. In other words he does the opposite of the average investor. He sells when everything is looking great and profits abound, he buys when it looks like the end of the financial world. This is quite easy to say, but quite difficult to do in practice.

Many other techniques are used to maximize profit such as arbitrage, especially in takeovers, options -both calls and puts, and the futures market. Buffett uses these techniques to improve his chances of getting exceptional long-term results. All these require some special knowledge and good timing. The stability and financial power of Berkshire have been used to get very good deals on convertible securities that ordinary investors don't have a chance of getting.

Craigslist with this piece of s***Buffett has several suggestions for better investment results. One is to consider a stock as an actual business and research as if you were going to be the owner for the next decade or longer. Another is to realize the business value and the stock price frequently show a large difference. It is best to purchase the stock when its price is depressed, which is most likely when entire market is in free fall. Look at stock fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy. Try to buy a stock when there's a great deal of pessimism in its area and the price is depressed. Sell a stock when there's a great deal of euphoria and the price seems like it will climb forever. Finally always look for a margin of safety, some advantage that will make price fluctuations less severe.
101 Reasons to Own the World's Greatest Investment: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway
101 Reasons to Own the World's Greatest Investment: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway
The shelves are full of books that are aimed at helping you learn how to invest like Warren Buffett does. I generally find those books to be a waste of time. If you want to invest like Warren Buffett, why not simply buy Berkshire Hathaway's stock? Well, this book takes the positive side of that perspective. In the process, you can learn much more about how Mr. Buffett has invested for himself and others at Berkshire Hathaway. Where most books about Mr. Buffett's work are overly simple and general, this one captures many fine subtleties. The book's main weakness is that Mr. Miles is not open to seeing the vulnerabilities for the future in Mr. Buffett's approach.
This book had an interesting genesis. It started as posts by Mr. Miles on the Motley Fool bulletin boards. I suspect that we will see more examples of this kind of authorship in the future, and think that it is a good idea. Authors get feedback on-line about their ideas, and can create a market for the book at the same time. Very nicely done!
The book contains literally 101 arguments in favor of buying and holding Berkshire Hathaway stock. I suspect that there was a target number set, because some of the arguments repeat each other. The appendix is very valuable in providing more fundamental perspectives on buying stocks for a new investor.
Space limits me from praising or critiquing each concept, so I will just focus on a few points. In doing this, though, you should realize that there is a lot of very solid and valuable material here.
First, just for the record, let me note that there are CEOs whose stocks have outperformed Mr. Buffett's record in the last 10 years. These are concentrated in the high technology and service business areas. I suspect that there will be more and more of these in years to come. My studies of the most successful CEOs show that these success rates are improving. Where Mr. Buffett was once near the top of the list, he increasingly is falling in the rankings. This is primarily due to his focus on avoiding technology investments. Those have been and will be the driving force of economic growth, and it's tougher to grow fast if you stick to the sidelines. As Mr. Miles points out, this avoidance does have advantages -- your stock is not as volatile on the downside (as we have seen in the last year or so).
Second, you will find it helpful to compare this book to John Bogle's excellent book, Common Sense About Mutual Funds, which makes the case for indexed fund investing. In many ways, Mr. Buffett outdoes the index funds -- by having lower management fees, less stock turnover, and fewer taxes incurred.
Third, Mr. Miles is in denial about that fact that Mr. Buffett is a man in his 70s. You will not be able to invest with Mr. Buffett after he is no longer active as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. While no one knows when that will happen, and no one wishes it to happen, it will happen regardless. Mr. Miles treats this like it could be the best thing that ever happened to the company. I would have liked to have seen more discussion about the downside risk. Avoiding risk and losses, after all, is what Mr. Buffett's approach is all about. I know of no investment vehicle that did as well after its founder retired.
Even if you have no interest in buying Berkshire Hathaway stock, you can learn a lot about good investing from seeing what Mr. Buffett does, as expressed here.
As to buying Berkshire Hathaway, for most people this would be a good move as an alternative to some of the funds they would otherwise put into mutual funds that are actively managed. But I would argue that no one should have more than 10 percent of their financial assets here. A lot of Mr. Buffett's big winners in the past (like Gillette and Coca-Cola) are having real problems. He is also fueling the company's growth with exotic insurance products. The world is full of people who found the market could turn on them in specialized financial services.
If you do want to buy this stock, wait until the current bear market on Wall Street is over. The stock will probably be cheaper then. But feel free to follow and learn about Berkshire Hathaway in the meantime.
A good thing to do is to think about who is going to be the next Warren Buffett and is younger, and invest some there as well. Who are your candidates? I have mine.
Achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be!
Up Close: Oprah Winfrey
Up Close: Oprah Winfrey
At first we may thought about Oprah, a pure TV product...but the book is a wonderful story about a born poor, black, woman, a rebel who was suffering during her childhood but Oprah is a God's child and has been supported once she was a young woman. Why? How? read the book and you will know a compassion and authenticity.
I am a leadership expert and can tell you how I was surprise of her simple way of life: perseverance!
I was living the story of Oprah Potter! but harry is only a fiction, OPRAH is GENUINE.
Dear Oprah, with all my love for what you have done and continue to do.
You are a role model and it is just the beginning!
Prof.Franck Renand
Thank you for your attention. [email protected]
 Oprah Winfrey: "I Don't Believe In Failure" (African-American Biography Library)
Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3
Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3
Ich kann mich noch gut erinnern, wie 1991, kurz vor Bob Dylans 50. Geburtstag, in den Schaufenstern aller Schallplattenläden diese opulente Box mit dem markanten Bild erschien. Sie stand lange dort herum, ich habe sie auch einmal in der Hand gehalten. Ich war ein Teenager und erst vor etwas mehr als einem Jahr auf Bob Dylan gekommen, dessen tieftraurige Spätwerke aus den 80ern ich bereits besaß und von dem ich nicht viel mehr wußte. Als mein Vater mich fragte, ob die Box als Weihnachtsgeschenk infrage komme, lehnte ich ab, weil mich Aufnahmen vom jungen Dylan eigentlich nicht interessierten.
Als ein Jahr später bei mir lebhaftes Interesse aufbrach, nachdem ich "Series Of Dreams" im Radio gehört hatte (den letzten Track dieser Sammlung, ein Outtake der 1989er "Oh Mercy"), war die Vinylausgabe natürlich längst vergriffen.
Zu Weihnachten '92 bekam ich die CD-Version, die ich seitdem einige hundert Mal gehört haben mag und die mein Leben veränderte, indem sie Dylans gesamtes Frühwerk für mich erschloß.
Bob Dylan ist weder äußerlich noch musikalisch ein Freund des glänzend Sauberen und Gebügelten. Vielmehr steht ihm der Schmutz, der Schmerz, der schräge oder abgebrochene Ton zur falschen Zeit. So ließ er 1966 während der Aufnahmen zu Blonde On Blonde gelegentlich die Musiker die Instrumente tauschen, um diesen routinierten Gesamteindruck zu vermeiden.
Seine besten Aufnahmen sind die, auf denen er spontan irgendwelche Ideen umsetzt und dafür vor Begeisterung glüht.
Die vorliegende Sammlung ist voller solcher Momente. Man muß mal gehört haben, wie sich aus dem Nichts auf einmal "I'll Keep It With Mine" entwickelt, so überraschend, daß man den Produzenten noch in die Aufnahme fragen hört: "What you're doin' ??"
Oder später, wenn Dylan zu einem umwerfend intensiven Every Grain Of Sand ansetzt, unsicher begleitet von einer bezaubernden Frauenstimme und untermalt von Hundebellen.
Diese Sammlung präsentiert ihre Perlen in chronologischer Reihenfolge, aber sie entspricht in Vielem Dylans Vorliebe für das Schmutzige und Schräge. Da gibt es Aufnahmen, die mitten im Lied abgebrochen und nie wieder so angefangen werden, da gibt es Kellerstudiomitschnitte in schlechter Qualität, funkensprühende Liveaufnahmen, Frühversionen später bekannter Songs mit anderem Text und anderem Titel und schließlich jede Menge Meisterwerke und Ohrwürmer.
Es beginnt schon mit "He Was A Friend Of Mine" und setzt sich durch alle Epochen fort - ohne die Bootleg Series wüßten wir heute nichts von Dylan-Monumenten wie "Seven Days" oder "Blind Willie McTell". Es gibt aber auch die hübschen kleinen Songs, die man gerne hört und auf keinem anderen Album findet. "Santa Fe" zum Beispiel oder "Ye Shall Be Changed".
Der Platz hier reicht nicht aus, um den Inhalt von fünf Langspielplatten im Einzelnen zu besprechen. Es muß der Hinweis reichen, daß man hier eine umfassende Sammlung sehr, sehr unterschiedlicher Dylan-Aufnahmen erhält, die einen hervorragenden Wegweiser zu Dylans Gesamtwerk darstellen. Denn das Auswahlkriterium war bei dieser Serie noch nicht Obskurität oder Berühmtheit des Bootlegs, sondern die künstlerische Qualität.
Ich habe die meisten offiziellen Dylan-Alben erst nach dieser Bootleg Series gehört, und ich war oft enttäuscht von den Versionen der Lieder, die es letzten Endes auf die CD geschafft hatten.
Nun gibt es also endlich, nach über 25 Jahren des Wartens für den Fan, der nicht Hunderte Euro für eine gebrauchte Box ausgeben wollte, die Vinylversion der Bootleg Series.
Deren Hauptunterschied zur Originalausgabe ist der, daß die Schallplatten jetzt nicht mehr in einer Box liegen, sondern in einem stabilen Schuber stehen. Aus dem schmalen Hochformatbooklet ist dadurch ein Booklet im LP-Format geworden. Die einzelnen LPs sind wie schon bei der Originalversion mit eigenen LP-Außenhüllen ausgestattet, die sich äußerlich teilweise von den Originalen unterscheiden. So wurde bei einem Cover ein anderer Bildausschnitt gewählt, und bei einem anderen steht auf dem Schild, das Dylan in die Kamera hält, nicht mehr: "Look out", sondern "Watch it". Die LPs selbst tragen nicht mehr das schlichte rote Columbia-Label der 90er Jahre, sondern das Rot-Gelbe, das auch die CDs der remasterten Reihe ziert.
Die Songs verteilen sich auf fünf LPs natürlich anders als auf drei CDs. Ich bin so an die Abfolge auf den CDs gewöhnt, daß es mich schmerzt, wenn Aufnahmen aus denselben Sessions oder zum selben Album auf unterschiedlichen LPs landen. Auch wenn eine LP ein Bild aus dem historischen Videoclip zu "Subterranean Homesick Blues" ziert, der dazugehörige Song aber erst auf der folgenden LP zu hören ist, fühle ich meinen Ordnungssinn verletzt. Zuguterletzt ist es irgendwie unpassend, wenn außen "Vol. 1-3" steht, aber die LPs von 1-5 durchnummeriert sind.
Wie klingen denn nun aber diese LPs? Ich hatte das Glück, viele der alten Dylan-Alben noch auf Schallplatten hören zu können, die ich aus der Bibliothek auslieh. Oft war ich enttäuscht, wenn ich dann die entsprechende CD besaß, weil diese irgendwie nicht so den Funken springen ließ. Folgerichtig erhoffte und erträumte ich mir nun Einiges davon, diese Bootleg Series einmal auf Schallplatte hören zu können. Wurden die Hoffnungen enttäuscht? Nein. Ich kenne diese Aufnahmen in- und auswendig, und doch war ich jetzt beim Hören der Schallplatten vollkommen verzaubert. Die Gitarre klingt auf einmal wirklich wie eine Gitarre! Die Stimme klingt menschlicher als auf der CD, der Gesamteindruck ist wärmer, authentischer. Der Moment, wenn in "Call Letter Blues" die Gitarre einsetzt! Und so viele andere Momente, in denen ich auf einmal Instrumente höre, die ich früher nicht wahrgenommen hatte, weil irgendetwas auf der CD so präsent war, daß es Anderes übertönte.
Kurz gesagt: Die CDs sind historische Dokumente, aber auf den Schallplatten beginnt die Musik zu leben. Ich bin froh, daß ich nach 25 Jahren diesen Moment noch erleben kann.
At Budokan
At Budokan
This 2CD set part of a 2014 Japanese remaster series of 14 Bob Dylan albums using Sony's proprietary Blu-Spec 2 process.* In true Japanese fashion it's packaged in a gate-fold cardboard replica of the original glossy album sleeve including a replica of the original lyric booklet in English and Japanese and the original poster. The album sounds fantastic, the best since the original Japanese vinyl back in 1978. Beating CHEAP TRICK to the punch by a month, Bob Dylan, with a crack band full of ringers, brought his road show to Tokyo's Nippon Budokan stadium for two nights, the sets a virtual retrospective of his best known compositions. Supposedly the Japanese promoter gave Bob's manager a list of songs he wanted performed, with no jamming or experimental material aloud, just the hits and nothing but. I guess the $$$ was good enough for Dylan to acquiesce. This is another of Bob's "love it or hate it" releases due to the fact that all the songs are presented in somewhat radically different arrangements backed by a slick turn-on-a-dime band with female backing vocals, not unlike the kind of show Elvis put on during his Lost Vegas years, except instead James Burton's wailing guitar we get Steve Douglas' wailing sax solos. Me? I think it's great to hear ole Zimmy play the crooner for a change, although when I REALLY want to hear some of these tunes I reach back for the original versions. The album made #13 in U.S. charts and #4 in Britain, where it was more popular, eventually going platinum. Here's the track and musician listing, if you've got the bucks it's the real deal and actually quite enjoyable......

1. Mr. Tambourine Man
2. Shelter From The Storm
3. Love Minus Zero/No Limit
4. Ballad of a Thin Man
5. It's All Right, Don't Think Twice
6. Maggie's Farm
7. One More Cup of Coffee
8. Like A Rolling Stone
9. I Shall Be Released
10. Is Your Love In Vain?
11. Going, Going, Gone
1. Blowin' In The Wind
2. Just Like A Woman
3. Oh, Sister
4. Simple Twist Of Fate
5. All Along The Watchtower
6. I Want You
7. All I Really Want To Do
8. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
9. It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
10. Forever Young
11. The Times They Are A-Changin'

the musicians:
Bob Dylan (vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica)
Steven Soles (acoustic rhythm guitar, vocals)
Billy Cross (guitar)
David Mansfield (pedal steel, violin, mandolin, guitar, dobro)
Steve Douglas (saxophone, flute, recorder)
Alan Pasqua (keyboards)
Rob Stoner (bass, vocals)
Ian Wallace (drums)
Bobbye Hall (percussion)
Helena Springs (vocals)
Jo Ann Harris (vocals)
Debi Dye (vocals)
Recorded at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo
February 28 & March 1, 1978
Produced by Don DeVito

*The remastered albums currently (June 2014) available are: "Self Portrait," "New Morning," "Greatest Hits Vol.2," "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid," "Dylan," "Planet Waves," "Before The Flood," "Blood On The Tracks," "The Basement Tapes," "Desire," "Hard Rain," "Street Legal," "Bob Dylan At Budokan," and "Slow Train Coming." "Saved," "Shot Of Love," "Infidels," "Real Live," "Empire Burlesque," "Knocked Out Loaded," "Down In The Groove," "Dylan & The Dead," and "Oh Mercy" will be released on Aug. 27, 2014 (the links will take you to my other reviews)......
Legends Never Die Bob Dylan Framed Photo Collage, 11 by 14-Inch
Legends Never Die Bob Dylan Framed Photo Collage, 11 by 14-Inch
Absolutely love it. It is so well done and I know hubby will love this for christmas. The only disappointing thing is it arrived with glass smashed so will have to pay extra to have glass replaced before christmas. Caution glass sticker inside the box not visable to courier is pretty pointless. I'm still happy with my purchase regardless
Frozen Drink Maker, Mixer and Ice Crusher Machine for Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, Shaved Ice Treats or Slushy Desserts by Classic Cuisine
Frozen Drink Maker, Mixer and Ice Crusher Machine for Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, Shaved Ice Treats or Slushy Desserts by Classic Cuisine
Not quite what I had in mind. Depends on individual preference I suppose. Guess I am spoiled to the snow my Ninja makes. Haven’t made a mixed drink yet, but the ice produced by the fine setting, in my opinion, will make a lumpy drink. Cord storage is more trouble than it’s worth. Paddle seems too short for unit. Leaves several ice cubes untouched. My kids old manually operated snowball maker shaved ice way better. Very small pitcher. Doesn’t lock in well. Love the color. For me, I will stick to the Ninja for shaved ice.
4G Rugged Smartphones Unlocked Ulefone Armor X7 Pro, Android 10 32GB +4GB Rugged Cell Phones Waterproof Camera 13MP+5MP Dual Sim 5'' IPS Screen, 4000Mah, Face Unlock, GPS, GLONASS, Compass (Orange)
4G Rugged Smartphones Unlocked Ulefone Armor X7 Pro, Android 10 32GB +4GB Rugged Cell Phones Waterproof Camera 13MP+5MP Dual Sim 5'' IPS Screen, 4000Mah, Face Unlock, GPS, GLONASS, Compass (Orange)
The ulefone Armor X7 pro came as a replacement for my broken Iphone 6.I honestly didn't expect too much for the price. Certainly not that the system is fluid. But that is definitely the case. The device runs very smoothly and lies very well in the hand. Has even survived a fall from the bike without major damage. Two small scratches on the display film, because it flew exactly on it and slid on the asphalt. The battery lasts almost 4 days with normal use.
Animal Man, Vol. 2: Animal vs. Man (Animal Man: The New 52)
Animal Man, Vol. 2: Animal vs. Man (Animal Man: The New 52)
In my opinion, a massive improvement over the first volume!

Story: See, now I can understand why people love this run by Lemire! This book really improved in my opinion on all aspects. There's a LOT going on here and I was shocked to see some of the events that unfolded here. It of coarse starts where volume 1 left off with the Bakers on the run from the Rot infested animals. But, those pesky agents of decay soon catch up to that little RV in the woods, and we see something cool: Maxine running out to fight them all! One minute, I see her communicating with these undead animals, then...THEY EAT HER ALIVE! But, I was shocked to see that the Avatar of the Red can do the same thing that Swamp Thing can, that is, transfer their consciousness into their respective life webs, and come out again in a new body. Buddy thinks his daughter is dead, then we see a fox transform into a human, and I was blown away that a four year old had the wherewithal to be able to save her own life by pulling off an advanced technique that took Alec Holland some time to learn from an expert! It just goes to show how powerful Maxine is and will become as an adult! Buddy later has a bad day to say the least, loses his body to the Rot, falls into the Bone Orchard of the Red, and meets a goat shepherd. I loved seeing them start on this journey, a sort of odyssey as they have to travel, the hard way, so Buddy can gain an audience with the Parliament of Limbs in order to find his way back to his family. Encountering a Rot infection in a sea of blood they have to fight off some small time Rotlings and call in the cavalry! Lemire has done some awesome stuff here with introducing a very likable character in the goat shepherd, and showing us the Red's "immune system"! That was cool! There is once again a lot of body horror with the main Hunter taking over Buddy's body, and using it to trick Cliff (Buddy's son) into a false sense of security. Buddy finally gains his audience with the Parliament and we get to see a comeback of the two "aliens" that made Buddy what he is. Referred to as "the Tailors", they do some pretty creepy stuff with Buddy's soul in the Red and create a new, more powerful body for him, one which allows him to species-shift. So when buddy flies like a hawk, he turns into somewhat of an anthropomorphic hawk. It's really cool! Buddy manages to make it back in time to have this battle with the Hunter occupying his old body, but Cliff is scratched by Rot Buddy, and anyone familiar with how the Rot works knows how bad that is! There's also a story in here that Socks, the previous avatar in the form of the cat, tells Maxine about the last major invasion of the Rot in the world. I finally got to find out who that Avatar of the Green is that totally sucks and is killed by Arcane...TWICE! We get to see what happened during that last big war of avatars in 1894 in Canada. That whole segment was really interesting and informative. At the end of this book is the #0 issue where we see the circumstances that lead to Buddy becoming Animal Man in the first place. I'm just getting into the character for the first time, so this was all new to me. It was pretty cool, though I almost feel as though Lemire pressed the "easy" button in order to come up with the best retcon he could. Trying to change the aliens from outer space giving Buddy powers into them being agents of the Red is no small storytelling task, but it's pulled off decent enough. Lastly, the book finishes with a preview of Rotworld where Buddy and his family meet up with Swampy and Abigail, and the two heroes enter the Rot to stop this war before it starts. If volume 3 is any indication....they fail. Anyway, there's a LOT going on this book, but it's fantastic stuff. I might have judged too quickly this run based on how I felt about the first volume and how I found it a little underwhelming when taking into account what I heard others saying about it. This book is a massive improvement in my opinion and I need to read the Rotworld arc again (which I have collected in the Swamp Thing by Snyder Deluxe Edition). Because I have that book, I won't be reviewing Animal Man: volume 3.

Art: Steve Pugh is a better man for the job over Travel Foreman. This is what I was talking about in my previous review of the last volume. Animal Man needed a more refined artist, and it got one. I'm loving his art here! The lines are sharper, the art more "finished" looking, and the coloring is still great! I will give credit where it's due though: Travel Foreman does do some great covers here. But, interior art has to deliver as well, and Pugh really raises the bar on this series from the previous entry. Once again, I love the body horror going on in this series. It's some pretty frightful stuff, and I'm surprised that this series went in this direction, but Animal Man and Swamp Thing are crossing over, and they have very similar narratives as they are both about Avatars of respective kingdoms, so I guess it makes sense for the books to be at least a little alike. Well, actually, they're quite a lot alike, and that's fine as they seem to be a companion piece to each other; meant to be read together. So the body horror stuff in this book meshes well with Paquette's art in Swamp Thing.

Overall: Much more exciting than volume 1, and much more informative. I don't mind some exposition as long as it's good, and it tells you something that YOU never knew before. Lemire has stepped it up, and Pugh has created a beautiful book to look at as well. Maybe now I can see why people regard this run as a great one. I don't know why I doubted Lemire after reading one volume. I am becoming a big fan of his. I can't wait to read the remainder of this run!
YPL Stormbreaker in Foam Props Replica Odinson Hammer Axe Cosplay Thor Costume Prop 27" Thor Stormbreaker & 17" Thor Hammer Mjolnir of Norse (Hammer)
YPL Stormbreaker in Foam Props Replica Odinson Hammer Axe Cosplay Thor Costume Prop 27" Thor Stormbreaker & 17" Thor Hammer Mjolnir of Norse (Hammer)
My son wanted what he referred to as a “Thor Hammer” for his birthday, so I proceeded to search for a Nerf-style Mjölnir. The actual Nerf Mjölnir shoots darts out the top of it (WTF Nerf?) so that’s wasn’t it. No mistake, we love us some Nerf guns, but Mjölnir isn’t a shooter. Anyway, everything I looked at seemed to be either hollow plastic or $300, until I came upon this product. The price was right, so I took the chance, & I’m glad I did. It is exactly what I had in mind when I was looking for the Nerf-style hammer. It’s a coated foam product (like the old Nerf footballs) with some sort of a solid core. It is a solid, surprisingly hefty Mjölnir & it hasn’t been more than 3 feet away from my son’s hands since we gave it to him. It’s only missing the leather at the bottom, which, with an 8 year old boy, would’ve been destroyed anyway. My Uncle, a very fun & young-at-heart kind of guy (probably my son’s favorite person), was over visiting yesterday, picked it up, & said “damn this is cool as hell...I need me one of these”, so I just ordered another one. I highly recommend it.
Guns Akimbo
Guns Akimbo
I’m pretty sure a DR fan club decided to put up some reviews. That’s gotta be where the 4/5 star review are coming from.

Radcliffe is sort of fun to watch. That is about the best of the good news. It is boring and not very funny. That’s sort of a killer for an action comedy. Look, if you stare at it from some distance away you can liken it to Crank. A boring Crank that, if possible, makes even less sense. I really am a fan of action movies and they don’t really need to make a ton of sense to be fun to watch. This isn’t it.
Don N.
Ant-Man and the Wasp (4K UHD)
Ant-Man and the Wasp (4K UHD)
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
Scott Lang alias Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) begibt sich gemeinsam mit Hank Pym (Michael Douglas, "Falling Down", "The Game") und dessen Tochter Hope ('The Wasp', Evangeline Lilly, TV-Serie "Lost") auf die Suche nach der im Quantum-Mikrokosmos verloren gegangenen Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer, "Frankie & Johnny", "Tage wie dieser"). Die hierfür benötigte Technologie erregt jedoch auch die Aufmerksamkeit des Gangsters Sonny Burch (Walton Goggins, TV-Serie "Six") und der geheimnisvollen Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen, "Ready Player One", "Tomb Raider"). Ein Wettlauf gegen die Zeit beginnt.
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
Schloss der erste Teil von "Ant-Man" die zweite Phase des Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ab, so ist dessen Fortsetzung inmitten der dritten platziert und grenzt in der MCU-Zeitleiste an "Avengers: Infinity War" an. Erneut mit von der Partie ist Erfolgsproduzent und Mastermind Kevin Feige, der als einer der Hauptverantwortlichen die bislang 20 veröffentlichten Filme der Marvel-Studios (eine Tochtergesellschaft von Marvel-Entertainment, Bestandteil der Walt Disney Company) mit einem Einspielergebnis rund 18 Milliarden US-Dollar in nur 18 Jahren zur erfolgreichsten Filmreihe aller Zeiten geformt hat.
Die für etwa 160 Millionen US-Dollar in ihrem Segment gerade einmal durchschnittlich hoch budgetierte Superhelden-Produktion ("Guardians of the Galaxy 2" und "Black Panther" verschlangen rund 200 Mio. Dollar, "Age of Ultron" 250 Mio. und "Avengers: Infinity War" sogar 300 Mio.) setzt dabei - wie auch bereits der erste Teil - verstärkt auf Humor und Situationskomik und erinnert in ihrem Dialogwitz ein wenig an "Spider-Man: Homecoming", für dessen Story sich dasselbe Autorenteam verantwortlich zeigte. Einigen Fans dürfte dies gut gefallen, anderen eventuell etwas weniger.
Die gezeigten Action-Sequenzen und Computereffekte sind fulminant und sowohl die Drehorte, als auch die Settings, die auf Produktions-Designer Shepherd Frankel ("Kill the Boss", "Voll Abgezockt") und Art-Director Jay Pelissier ("Black Panther", "Fast & Furious 8") zurückzuführen sind, überzeugen. Die Besetzung der Figuren ist in Ordnung, allerdings bleiben Michael Douglas als 'Dr. Henry Pym' und Evangeline Lilly in ihrer Darstellung der 'Hope van Dyne' unerwartet eindimensional. Aber der eigentliche Star der Reihe ist ja eh Michael Peña als 'Luis'. Dessen rückblickende Erzählungen sind einfach nur zum Schreien komisch. Das mehrköpfige Autoren-Gespann, zu dem übrigens neben den "Community"- und "American Dad"-Schreiberlingen Chris McKenna und Erik Sommers ("The Lego Batman Movie") auch Hauptdarsteller und Multitalent Paul Rudd gehört, hat mit ihm eine kongeniale Figur erschaffen.
Die Synchronisation, der Soundtrack aus der Feder des erfahrenen, kanadischen Komponisten Christophe Beck ("Die Eiskönigen - völlig unverfroren", "Edge of Tomorrow", "R.I.P.D.", "The Watch - Nachbarn der 3. Art") und die Klangeffekte bewegen sich auf hohem Niveau. Regie führte erneut Komödien-Profi Peyton Reed ("Ant-Man", "Der Ja-Sager", "Trennung mit Hindernissen"). Der gelungene Schnitt wurde von Dan Lebental ("Cowboys & Aliens", "Iron Man", "Thor - The Dark Kingdom") und Craig Wood ("Fluch der Karibik", "Guardians of the Galaxy") übernommen. Unter den Machern des Films befand sich in der Funktion des Executive-Producers wie immer auch die kürzlich verstorbene Marvel-Legende Stan Lee. Der Comic-Autor und Zeichner ließ es sich nicht nehmen, auch diesmal wieder seinen witzigen und kultverdächtigen Fünf-Sekunden-Cameoauftritt hinzulegen, leider einen seiner letzten.
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
Offenbar wird dem Aussehen von Superhelden viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit zuteil, als man gemeinhin annehmen würde. Wie sonst wäre es zu erklären, dass man für die Produktion von "Ant-Man and the Wasp" sagenhafte sechzehn Hair-Stylisten engagiert hat. Außerdem wurden zusätzlich elf Make-Up-Artists beschäftigt. Aber bei einem High-End-Blockbuster, für den insgesamt weit mehr als zweitausend Mitarbeiter aufgefahren werden, ist das vermutlich kaum verwunderlich. Allein die Abteilung für visuelle Effekte umfasste über 1200 Digitalkünstler, Animatoren und Programmierer.
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
Das Management des Multimedia-Riesen Sony dürfte sich heute an jedem einzelnen Tag darüber schwarz ärgern, Ende der 90er-Jahre einen Deal mit Marvel-Comics ausgeschlagen zu haben, der dem kurz zuvor aus 'Columbia Pictures', 'Tri-Star Pictures' und der Film-Sparte der 'Coca-Cola Company' hervorgegangenem Unternehmen 'Sony Pictures Entertainment' für 'nur' 25 Millionen Dollar sämtliche Film-Rechte an allen Figuren des Verlages eingeräumt hätte. Das weltweit agierende Major-Studio sah damals fälschlicherweise keine Perspektiven für Superhelden-Filme, was retrospektiv einen der finanziell wohl folgereichsten Irrtümer der Filmgeschichte repräsentiert.
"Ant-Man and the Wasp" spielte an den Kinokassen weit mehr als eine halbe Milliarde Dollar ein (Spitzenreiter: "Avengers: Infinity War" mit über zwei Milliarden Dollar Box-Office) und erntet in erster Linie die Früchte, die das MCU in den letzten Jahren aufgebaut hat. Man merkt, dass das Team hinter der Kamera exzellent eingespielt ist und genau weiß, was es tut. Die Story ist in klassischer 'Save-A-Lost-Person'-Manier zwar etwas dünn geraten, aber das zu Sehende ist trotzdem stimmungsvoll und durchgehend unterhaltsam. Der amüsante Film bietet familiengerechten Humor und ein ansprechendes Tempo, aber in gleichem Atemzug auch etwas wenig Spannung oder Ernsthaftigkeit. Echten 'Thrill' sucht man bei einigen Marvel-Verfilmungen - und eben auch "Ant-Man and the Wasp" - nun mal vergebens. Was man hier gezeigt bekommt, entspricht quietschbuntem und jugendfreiem Popcorn-Kino. Wer sich daran nicht stört und über die eine oder andere Oberflächlichkeit hinwegzusehen bereit ist, kann relativ bedenkenlos zugreifen.
Die Trickaufnahmen sind jedenfalls hervorragend und die meisten Sammler und Gelegenheitskonsumenten dürften sich an den 110 Minuten Kurzweil-Entertainment im 2.39:1-Bildformat erfreuen. Die ausgewiesene Altersfreigabe ab 12 Jahren ist durchaus gerechtfertigt. Hinweis: Interessenten, die das Filmerlebnis gern durch Bonus-Features ergänzen möchten, werden bei der Standard-DVD nicht fündig. Davon einmal abgesehen, sollte man sich unbedingt den kreativ gestalteten Abspann anschauen und nicht zu voreilig abschalten.
Walking with Henry: Based on the Life and Works of Henry David Thoreau
Walking with Henry: Based on the Life and Works of Henry David Thoreau
I wanted to give each child a book for Christmas, and even though my third is 16, he was thrilled to get this beautiful book. He had recently done a portrait of Henry David Thoreau, after a literature assignment he enjoyed, and this book was so timely. The pictures are lovely, and though it is a children's book, anyone with an appreciation of thoreau will enjoy it!
Louis L'Amour's Crossfire Trail
Louis L'Amour's Crossfire Trail
Tom Selleck plays the lead character in "Crossfire Trail" a Louis L'Amour film, that draws together Wilford Brimley, David O'Hara, Barry Corbin, Christian Kane, Virginia Madsen, William Sanderson, Marshall R. Teague, Joanna Miles, Ken Pogue, Patrick Kilpatrick, Rex Linn, Daniel Parker, Brad Johnson, and Mark Harmon to make a western about honor, dishonor, justice, and injustice. Well, of course the bad guy is portrayed as despicable as possible so you as the viewer don't care how he meets his end, and the good guys are portrayed as civilized and talented, educated and Christian with integrity of character, and noble in thought or deed. This is the romantic fantasy we all have of the old west glory days, when unspoiled wilderness was freshly becoming tamed, and Native American Indians still had equality and respect among those who lived there. The story is predictable, stays on track, and ends exactly as it should, with the bad guys dead and all the good guys alive except for one (as final justification for the bad guys dead). "Crossfire Trail" is what I look for in a western, and Tom Selleck has yet to disappoint me in a western; as believable in this film as any I've seen him in. I happily give this film 5 stars, because it never fell short of what I bought it, and viewed it for. Attention to detail, authentic, a strong cast in the right fit for roles, solid performances, photography that never wavers, and easy to follow story that goes precisely as I was anticipating it would - who cares if the story is original or not. I recommend this film because it deserves it. Yes I know it was shot in Canada and says it is Wyoming. I enjoyed this film and want to buy "The Shadow Riders" next, because Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott are both in that one. In "Crossfire Trail" the more interesting metamorphosis of acting ability I saw was Barry Corbin who obviously has some versatility about him, his role in this film is quite different from when he was on "Northern Exposure." Although it is also a point well made that Mark Harmon also portrays a very, very convincing sorry waste of human skin. "Crossfire Trail" was a TV movie, and although violent in the sense of guns and killing, there is no nudity or sexual part to this film. I liked it just fine, anyway, without the "R" rated stuff - and enjoyed how the movie delivers just what it should.
Dragon Ball (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 3: Includes vols. 7, 8 & 9 (3)
Dragon Ball (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 3: Includes vols. 7, 8 & 9 (3)
Great art work and plenty of action, that is what I wanted and that is what I got. I loved it. I loved almost every page of this 3 in 1 volume.

The only think I would say is I am not sure that these are suitable for younger readers. I know they have a teen rating and if it was just the violence I would be fine with that, but add a topless picture for almost no reason this I don't understand. The comic was going great why bother?

A great action packed volume, with a couple of grisly deaths, but you have to expect this in an action packed comic. I like how Goku is evolving. He is improving in strength and technique as well. A great set of volumes, also I get a 36 page cover gallery. Without the little blip for no reason I can think of, this would have been the perfect volume. Definitely the best 3 in 1 so far.
Nextworld Volume 2
Nextworld Volume 2
Not as good as Tezuka's "Lost World" or "The Mysterious Underground Men," but still classic juvinille manga in his usual early style.
Our John Willie
Our John Willie
When I was still a wee nipper at school this was dramatised for tv, and then I had the book from the library. All these years later I could still remember some of the story, but alas I couldn't remember the title, so a big thank you to AnnieLorrie, who on a discussion on the postings managed to give me the title.

This is a children's book but is still a great read for adults. It is 1852 and due to a mining accident Davy and his younger brother John Willie lose their father. The two boys manage to survive this incident, but others weren't so lucky. Alas, John Willie is deaf and dumb and Davy doesn't really want to put him into the workhouse, so that he can go looking for work.

Having to deal with a neighbour and his children, who seem to have it in for the two boys, they eventually find shelter under the care of Miss Peamarsh. Miss Peamarsh may seem eccentric to others, but is she really? As Davy overhears part of a conversation he realises that Miss Peamarsh is being blackmailed, but over what? Could it be the body that he finds in the garden?

Taking in an historical setting, this also has elements of mystery and adventure, as the boys find themselves getting involved in other families' secrets.
A Hospedeira (Portuguese Edition)
A Hospedeira (Portuguese Edition)
Inicialmente vi a sinopse do livro e achei que seria interessante ver essa nova abordagem de um livro de ficção científica... me pareceu que o livro seria mais focado nos personagens e não tanto na aventura "tecnológica".

A história me surpreendeu, acabou desenvolvendo os personagens e nos mostra uma dupla visão de nós mesmos. Será que merecemos o planeta em que vivemos? Será que suprimir o indivíduo em prol da coletividade é a coisa certa a se fazer? Será que para ter o melhor devemos passar pelo pior? Essa dualidade dos ser humano é fortemente debatida entre a "invasora" e a "hospedeira".

Depois da metade do livro é dado um maior foco no romance do livro, particularmente, eu acho que não precisaria haver essa mudança, mas isso não desmerece a obra.

Após a leitura, fui me dar conta que a autora é a mesma da série Crepúsculo. Não li essa série, pois não curto muito esse tema vampiresco, ainda mais na forma de um romance adolescente. Mas, evitem o preconceito, "A Hospedeira" é uma temática bem diferente, apesar de encontrarmos alguns elementos-chave que a autora colocou em romances anteriores, é uma história mais madura, uma visão da humanidade pelos olhos de uma civilização "pura" e idealista, que acredita estar fazendo o certo.

Mais uma coisa, para quem viu o filme... Muitas coisas que "ficaram no ar" e sem esclarecimentos no filme, são bem costurados no livro. Aqui é possível entender como a infestação dos humanos começou, como criaturas tão pequenas conseguiram viajar através do Universo por vários planetas. São pequenos detalhes que costuram toda a trama, porém foram completamente descartados no filme.
Clifford's Bathtime / Clifford y la hora del baño (Bilingual): (Bilingual) (Spanish and English Edition)
Clifford's Bathtime / Clifford y la hora del baño (Bilingual): (Bilingual) (Spanish and English Edition)
ce livre fait partie d une collection très sympathique que mon adore depuis ses 18 mois.
les histoires sont simples et traitent de sujets de la vie quotidienne.
le nombre de pages est limité pour celui-ci et raconte une mini-histoire.
le format est très maniable et manipulable ET cartonné pour celui-ci.
les illustrations sont un peu rétro et très adaptées á des petits enfants car contiennent aussi des détails sans être trop sophistiquées.
enfin le texte est 100% espagnol et permet á votre enfant de pratiquer cette langue facilement.
J utilise ces livres comme support á la pratique de l espagnol á la maison bien que je suis française de langue maternelle et cela me donne aussi la possibilité d'apprendre en même temps que mon enfant.

le thème de celui-ci est le bain du bébéchien en compagnie de sa maman chien. Pour parler hygiène avec son petit....
Under the Andes
Under the Andes
This tale of adventure from New York to Europe, Colorado, San Francisco, and the Andes, is interesting by the very fact that Rex Stout wrote it. In fact that is why I bought this book in the first place. However, it is nothing like his Nero Wolfe, Alphabet Hicks, or any other character that populate his other works of fiction. After having read it through about four times in 5 or 6 years, I have found it fascinating and interesting. Fascinating in it's being so different. Interesting due to the sheer fantastic imagination of the world created.

Granting it will never be compared to H. G. Well's classic tales, it is almost as surprising in the world one finds below ground. Whether you have already read other Rex Stout books, or this being your first time, it will keep you turning pages trying to understand the world into which the three main characters have fallen (literally).

One final word. If for any reason this book isn't for you, and you like detective fiction, buy, borrow, or in any other way, get hold of a Nero Wolfe story and enjoy the world you find within its pages. Beginning in 1934 through 1985 (when a completed book was found among his papers and then published, to the bliss of Nero Wolfe fans), Stout wrote dozens of books and shot stories, so much so that you will have years of reading ahead of you. Its a world you will want to visit time and time again.
HP Slobberin Dog Bandana
HP Slobberin Dog Bandana
My dog is hard to find sizes for especially with his mix a German Shepard corgi is a bit tough to pin point but the product said medium to large so I went for it , risking a bit of a pricey of a loss for a dog bandana but were so cute I thought It May be worth it if fits . It does! And he looks so cute we get compliments and questions all the time ! He has people asking where they can find one on his Instagram as well. I did have to cut the strings a little after being tied but that’s perfectly fine . We got a few other products from this seller as well can’t wait to show them off ! Follow him on Instagram for more adorable bandanas ! @freddyboy_adventures
Harry Potter 7-Book Spanish Set
Harry Potter 7-Book Spanish Set
This is an amazing Harry Potter set for all Spanish-speaking fans. There are a few passages that are awkwardly worded but they are few and far in between. The cover artwork is absolutely amazing!
A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero?!
A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero?!
Without giving away too much of the plot, let's just say that the author picks a couple of main characters, settings, and concepts that are familiar from popular culture, mythology, or literature. He then simplifies them all the way down to the most essential set of rules. And then proceeds to string these rules together in the most logically consistent, but absolutely ridiculous sequence of events.

The story at times gets a little sexually explicit. By definition not any worse than what would commonly be encountered on the internet, but that's not exactly saying much. The adult content is an integral part of the story though. So, a mature reader is unlikely to be bothered, and a lot more likely to laugh out loud considering the sheer ridiculousness of the plot -- a younger reader might not get the references and could be confused or disturbed.

Overall, the plots twists are highly entertaining and there are enough curve balls that I enjoyed reading each and every one of the short chapters. The downside to this style of writing is that it only works well, if the characters are static. Any amount of character development would break the illusion of a twisty, but logically inevitable plot development. Similarly, once the plot has run its course, it is difficult to continue the story without breaking the spell. And since so much depends on surprising turns in the plot, I am not sure I would read the story more than once nor enjoy it after reading spoilers.

Consequently, not only is the book rather short, it also ends quite abruptly. In a way, the sudden ending makes the story feel like a highly amusing first chapter of a longer work. This longer work, if it existed, would continue telling a story in the same universe, but not necessarily using the same over-the-top plot devices and flat characters. As is, I am a little torn between enjoying the hour of entertainment that I got form this purchase and feeling let down because it ended so suddenly. I would happily pay for a book that extended our view of this particular universe.
Brite Star CICLES Window Icicle Light, Snowflake_Morphing
Brite Star CICLES Window Icicle Light, Snowflake_Morphing
Ordered these for my wedding and I am very dissatisfied. Two of the strands I ordered does not work the wire is cut. Also the condition is listed as new however when you open them to install batteries its rusted inside. Poor product and very misleading.
The Perfect Pie Pizza Peel Aluminum Metal Pizza Paddle 12” x 14” with Foldable Wooden Handle and 14” Rocker Cutter with Cover - Easy Storage Pizza Spatula for Baking and Slicing Homemade Pizza Bread
The Perfect Pie Pizza Peel Aluminum Metal Pizza Paddle 12” x 14” with Foldable Wooden Handle and 14” Rocker Cutter with Cover - Easy Storage Pizza Spatula for Baking and Slicing Homemade Pizza Bread
I received this item this past Wednesday. I used it last evening for a pizza party, as we used our new Ooni Koda
propane pizza oven. This was the perfect pizza peel for removing a baked pizza from this oven. I used a wooden pizza peel to launch the pizza into the oven but a wooden pizza peel is usually too think to remove a finished pizza from the oven.

The Perfect Pie Pizza Peel surpassed my expectations. It is a quality product and with the folding handle it is convenient to store.

The Rocker Cutter was also a nice surprise. Until now I had always used a rolling pizza cutter. The Rocker Cutter cut the pizza cleanly and without disturbing the toppings. I will probably never use anything else again.
LEGO Brickheadz 40353 - Juguete de construcción (281 piezas)
LEGO Brickheadz 40353 - Juguete de construcción (281 piezas)
I received this yesterday late afternoon and build it yesterday evening. I was originally planning to give this as a gift but it didn’t come with an outer box as the mailing label was put on the lego box. The lego box looked a little beaten up so I decided to keep it.
I build the reindeer first and gave it a red instead of a black’s nose as shown in the instructions as I flipped through the instructions before I started to build it and found I do have an extra red one with hope that as I’m putting it together so quickly, it would not roll away or I would have to get on my hands and knees to look for it afterwards. It didn’t thank goodness.
Then I build Elfie with the red hair and finally Elf. They all look beautiful! I It was so fun to build. It didn’t take long and it is a great value for the money.
I will have to find something else soon to gift the person this lego set was originally intended for.
Toodor - Luces solares de Navidad (200 LED, 8 modos, luces de Navidad al aire libre, luces solares impermeables para árbol de Navidad, cerca, vacaciones, fiesta, balcón (blanco cálido)
Toodor - Luces solares de Navidad (200 LED, 8 modos, luces de Navidad al aire libre, luces solares impermeables para árbol de Navidad, cerca, vacaciones, fiesta, balcón (blanco cálido)
Third time's the charm: first set - really smart thieves tried to steal them - by cutting them OFF the charger *rolled eyes* - second set - husband ran over the charger with the lawn mower... third set - GREAT! This time I actually attached the charger to the rhododendron I was putting the lights on, by wrapping the charger stake with the cord - works perfect and is hidden from view of thieves (even the really dumb ones). I can still angle the charger or change the settings by taking it off the stake. Just be sure you leave some unwrapped lead wire.

About the settings: If you just turn the lights "on" for the first time with on-off switch, you will find they will cycle through all the settings - blinking, chasing, apoplectic-seizure-inducement mode, etc. So to find the setting you want "for sure" - once the charger has charged, turn the unit on -- and hold the charger to your body to get the lights to come on, and wait until they start their cycling. THEN hit the mode button and wait to see if you've got what you want in in the blinking/non-blinking settings. It may take a bit to get there! But you can then find the setting you want to stay. Yes, it's a pain, and you could do it inside by letting your set charge up inside first, before installing outside - just don't turn it off again.

Those soft "button covers" come off, which actually I think makes the whole process easier - just put 'em back on for outdoor weather. I was having a lot of trouble figuring out if I had actually succeeded in punching the button. A pencil eraser (still on the pencil) works well for this.
Sheep Toilet Paper Holder V3 7 Roll Capacity Self Standing and Wall Mount
Sheep Toilet Paper Holder V3 7 Roll Capacity Self Standing and Wall Mount
Super cute. Black painted metal, no sharp edges. It can stand by itself but it’s narrow enough that you’re better off hanging it. Comes with screws to hang it with.

It’s designed to hold regular TP rolls. If you buy the mega rolls, your results look like my picture. Still cute. Still functional. Might bug a perfectionist.
trtl Pillow Plus, Travel Pillow - Fully Adjustable Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel, Car, Bus and Rail. (Blue) Includes Water Proof Carry Bag and Setup Guide. Trtl Travel Accessories
trtl Pillow Plus, Travel Pillow - Fully Adjustable Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel, Car, Bus and Rail. (Blue) Includes Water Proof Carry Bag and Setup Guide. Trtl Travel Accessories
After reading all the hype on this product and wanting a good quality support for some upcoming long haul flights decided to buy one. Now retired and spending children’s inheritance, business class travel was no longer realistically affordable so we are down to standard class travel especially given the amount we are planning to do, the world is our oyster.

Anyway, it arrived and on opening package no doubt it is a well made and quality product. Decided to try it out at home before committing our first long haul to Singapore. Just to be sure.

1: It was awkward to put on and get to fit right. This was both for my wife and myself. I am average height/build my wife more petite.
2: It would only seem to support one side unless adjusted.
3: It got very hot wearing it
4: To get it to give good support required wrapping it round tightly. Making it very constrictive
5: Was impossible to wear my Bose QC headphones when wearing it

All in all I could not imagine wearing it for any length of time so was very disappointed with the purchase and do not feel it fully met the product description.

I send it back to Amazon for refund. Have since purchased from Amazon an alternative product, the Cabeau Evolution Cool which by comparison is far superior, so much so, when trying it on I fell asleep in front of TV making up 2 hours later with no ache whatsoever, the Cabeau is definitely a keeper and looking forward to using it on our upcoming travels.

I know all these matters are subjective and different products will be more appropriate for different people. The trtl was certainly not right for myself or my wife. That said I would not criticise the quality of manufacture.
New Apple iPhone 11 (128GB) - Black
New Apple iPhone 11 (128GB) - Black
The iPhone design is good and the camera quality is awesome. You can also take pictures in wide angles and the image quality is awesome.

Phone got delivered at 9am on 28th September (I pre-order it on 27th September at 3am in the morning), I got my phone before the delivery date with nice and secured packaging.

The overall look of the phone is premium and face unlocking is fast. I grabbed this phone with HDFC 6K Instant Discount Offer at Just 64K (128 GB Variant).


1. The phone is great but if you use "in the box" accessories like "EarPods with Lighting Connector", then you might feel a little pain in your ears.

2. The phone comes with 5W charger which charge your phone slowly. I recommend you to prefer using 18W charger.

Well, I've never tried the iPhone before and I'm using this for the first time (Yes, I'm already using other apple products like MacBook Air & Pro).

But the product is great and I'm just lovin it.
Philips EP5310/10 Kaffeevollautomat (AquaClean, automatischer Milchaufschäumer) schwarz
Philips EP5310/10 Kaffeevollautomat (AquaClean, automatischer Milchaufschäumer) schwarz
20 Jahre hat unsere Jura S 9 durchgehalten, dann war es vorbei. Kauf der Philips war Wassertankvolumen, Tank links, entnehmbare Brühgruppe, gutes Mahlwerk.
Eine Umstellung war das schon, hier funktioniert es etwas anders. Aber jatzt, 2 Wochen später.....Begeisterung trotz kleiner Mankos.
Also 1,8 l Wassertank, niemals. 1250ml, vll. liegt das am Wassercleanfilter, habs nicht mit und ohne probiert. Da wir aber einen Wasseranschluß an der Maschine haben, kein Problem, Direktbefüllung (siehe 1. Foto links im Hintergrund).
Wir wollte Kaffee brühen, Teewasser zapfen, weder mit Milchaufschäumer(Reinigung mir zu mühsam) noch Espresso. Ich mags mild, Männe stärker. Also wurde herumprobiert. Nach 2 Wochen haben wir unseren Kaffee in der Zubereitung gefunden. Ich habe Espresso mit einer Bohne und mehr Wasser, währenddessen bereitet mein Induktionsmilchaufschäumer die 1.5%ige Milch auf(siehe Foto4+5.) Männe trinkt auf Taste Kaffee 3 Bohnen und doppelte Menge Kaffee.
Und es passt. Bisher hatten wir immer den Cafe Crema von Aldi, jetzt möchte ich zu Tschibo sanfte Bohne. Wir testen es gerade aus.
Das Mahlwerk (nur in Betrieb, also Espresso brühen und während des Mahlens verstellen den Mahlgrad verstellen) steht auf 3.
Ein weiteres Manko....der Ein-ausschalter befindet sich hinten am Gerät. Aber auch da werden wir abhelfen, es wird eine Steckdose mit einem Funkschalter(3000W) gekoppelt und per FB bedient.
Da wir ständig Kaffee brühen sind die 180 Min. auch blöd, es fehlt ein längerer Zeitraum weil die Maschine, bevor sie in Standby geht noch einmal spült, das könnte nervig werden, ständig Wasser nachfüllen und Auffangschale entleeren, vor allem wenn kein Gefäß untergestellt wurde. Die Aufangschale+Kaffeesatzbehälter sind optimal, wenige Ecken und Kanten. Auch wenn davon abgeraten wird, hätte ich nicht den direkten Wasseranschluß, dann würde ich das mit einem Ausguß versehenen Behältnis nachfüllen, denn der Tank ist schön aber selbst der Henkel aus Acryl.
Dann wäre da noch, dass Ausguß und Display beim Kaffeebezug beschlagen (siehe Foto 3+4).
Die Brühgruppe haben wir auch schon gereinigt, ist wirklich easy. Machen wir 14tägig und nachschmieren vll. monatlich, mal sehen.
Dieser Kaffeeautomat ist nicht lauter als die Jura.
Die Maschine hat 1850 Watt, im Standby solls unter 2 Watt sein.
Der Kaffeebehälter ist blöd konzipiert. Das liegt wohl am Kaffeepulverschacht, die Bohnen rutschen teils schlecht nach und 250g sind es auch nicht, so mein Empfinden. Werde die Bohnen mal abwiegen und dann sehen.
Aber alles in allem, den Kauf haben wir nicht bereut und würden sie jederzeit wieder kaufen. Und sollte mal Besuch anstehen und Espresso trinken wollen, dann ist das kein Problem, die Umprogrammierung ist dehr einfach. Und auf den Pulverschacht will ich auch nicht verzichten. Wer coffeeinfrei trinken möchte, auch das ist dann mit Pulverkaffee zwischendurch möglich.
Die Maschine bietet viel fürs Geld, da könnte ich mir mehrere Juras kaufen. Die hat mich im Laufe der 20 Jahre nochmal so viel an Wartung+Reperatur gekostet wie die Maschine selbst. Bei der Philips wird das durch die entnehmbare Brühgruppe nicht so schnell sein, sofern man die Maschine pflegt. Ob ich den Cleanfilter dauerhaft benutzen werde, das entscheide ich wenn mal entkalken angesagt ist, dann habe ich einen direkten Vergleich (Jura 5-6 Std. abkühlen, dann ca. 45 Min. Prozedur). Das steht bei der Philips noch an.
Die Reinigungstabletten kaufe ich online von Noname, achte auf 2g und Stückzahl, dann passt es preislich. Bei den Easycleanfiltern werde ich das auch so machen, gute Nachahmer, ist drin was auch beim Original draufsteht.
Auf Garantie lege ich wenig Wert, entweder Montagsgerät oder was ganz Tolles.
Möchte hier nichts schlechtreden, mache nur Ansage zu meinen Erfahrungen.
Na und das die Maschine in Klavierlack ist, uns egal, Küche ist auch Hochglanzschwarz. Vll. muß man mehr wienern, aber auch das ist mir der etwas niedrigere Preis wert.
Von uns also absolute Kaufempfehlung für einfache Kaffeetrinker, wie wir es sind. Hauptsache es finktioniert und schmeckt.
NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router, Gigabit Ethernet, Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa (R7900)
NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router, Gigabit Ethernet, Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa (R7900)
The first router I received was dead within 10 hours. Sent it back and received the replacement quickly. This router totally rocks! Totally worth the money. Why only 3 stars? UGH...NetGear!!! After less than 5 months I suddenly, out of nowhere, had no internet access. The network showed that I had a full signal, but also said "secured, not connected" on every band. I ran the troubleshooter on my laptop and the error message I got was "Wi-Fi doesn't have a valid IP configuration." No matter what I did, I couldn't fix it. I scoured the internet for a fix, nothing worked. I called my ISP, they said everything was great on their end, that the router may be defective. Finally called NetGear support. They advised me that my 90-day tech support warranty had already expired and offered to help me for $89. Brand new $200 router and this is the warranty they offer? Insanity!!! No way I was paying their hostage fee. Instead of helping me they emailed me a link to their knowledge database. No help what-so-ever. Second call, no help, same emailed knowledge database link. THIRD call...The support person ran a check on the router from their end and said that the router is still in perfect working order, that the settings needed to be changed. Somehow they were magically screwed up. They would gladly fix the settings for me for $89. Forget it. Yelled at her long enough that she sent me a different link to their knowledge database. Not helpful, but it did give me a teeny tiny clue. Back to the net to search for the fix. Logged onto my online NetGenie admin account. Finally found that security/parent controls had been changed so that the internet was blocked every single day, 24/7. Down side, these settings were all greyed out and I couldn't change them. Back to the net. I'll tell you how to fix it if this happens to you. In NetGenie online (not the download version) click on the Advanced tab at the top, go down to Advanced Setup, then Wireless AP. In the window, UNCHECK Enable AP Mode and click the apply button. This will allow you to go back to the Advanced tab, Security, then Schedule and UNCHECK all of the days that you don't want blocked, and click the apply button. 3-1/2 days that I'll never get back, a headache, and finally the problem was solved. This has GOT to be a NetGear scam to get your $$$ for tech support. Router settings don't just arbitrarily change on their own in the blink of an eye.
Nature Made Probióticos Digestivos y Gomitas Energy B12 4 mil millones de CFU por porción, 50 gomas, para apoyar la salud digestiva
Nature Made Probióticos Digestivos y Gomitas Energy B12 4 mil millones de CFU por porción, 50 gomas, para apoyar la salud digestiva
I've been using these particular probiotics for about a year now and they are certainly helping to manage my IBS symptoms. I still have occasional bad days and have to eat with care, but they have made it so that I don't have pain every evening, as I did before I began taking them. These are a mild probiotic, in my opinion, because though they certainly help with digestion and regularity, they don't have me running to the bathroom. They taste good too, though the chewiness has varied by bottle, sometimes nice and soft, other times a bit tough.

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