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MongoDB w akcji
MongoDB w akcji
MongoDB w akcji by Doug Garrett Kyle Banker, Shaun Verch, Peter Bakkum, Tim Hawkins. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the mogodb category.
MySQL by Michael Kofler. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 7 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the mysql category.
The Edge of Life: A Short Horror Story
The Edge of Life: A Short Horror Story
The Edge of Life: A Short Horror Story by Joe Hart. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 233 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Stephen King Collection: Bag of Bones, Black House, Blaze, Carrie, Cell, Christine, Cujo, Dark Half, Dead Zone, Desperation, Different Seasons, Dreamcatcher, Duma Key, Eyes of the Dragon, Everythings Eventual, Firestarter, Four Past Midnight, From...
Stephen King Collection: Bag of Bones, Black House, Blaze, Carrie, Cell, Christine, Cujo, Dark Half, Dead Zone, Desperation, Different Seasons, Dreamcatcher, Duma Key, Eyes of the Dragon, Everythings Eventual, Firestarter, Four Past Midnight, From...
Stephen King Collection: Bag of Bones, Black House, Blaze, Carrie, Cell, Christine, Cujo, Dark Half, Dead Zone, Desperation, Different Seasons, Dreamcatcher, Duma Key, Eyes of the Dragon, Everythings Eventual, Firestarter, Four Past Midnight, From... by Stephen King. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Swift 3 Functional Programming
Swift 3 Functional Programming
Swift 3 Functional Programming by Dr. Fatih Nayebi. Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars, with 8 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Swift programming category.
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings (Wiley Investment Classics)
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings (Wiley Investment Classics)
If you are looking for an easy to read, fast-paced, bulleted, full of magic formulas, and a quick way to make a fortune book, please look elsewhere. If you are new to investing or even a seasoned investor who feels that you really don't have a grasp of the overall investing scheme, and if you are willing to plow through a lot of reading to extract some basic principles of investment analysis, then reading this book could be well worth your money and time. In his own roundabout way, the author will lay out for you concepts and answers to questions that you may not have considered relevant.

Notwithstanding the hype evidenced on the book covers and the introduction by the author's son, a highly-regarded and well-known investment manager, the author has credentials that money cannot buy. That would be fifty years of being a successful , professional, private investment manager. In this book, he will bring that experience into play as well focusing on factors that are not covered by the mainstream financial media, or as he refers to them as "the financial community. "

Here are some basic concepts that that the author will cover in his treatise: He will differentiate between a stock trader and stock investor; He will analyze what to buy and when to buy it; He will explain the movement of stocks in general or of a particular stock; He will argue the merits whether to follow the herd or to do otherwise; He will advise you whether to concentrate on intrinsic or extrinsic factors in evaluating a firm's stock; He will give you his opinion of the value of reading reports of the financial community.

Here are three key questions that he will pose and answer: Should you buy cheap or otherwise? How long should you hold on to hold a stock? When should a stock be sold? The author will provide you with his views on the value of historical prices and earnings. He will correlate stock prices with interest rates. The closest the author will come to using numbers is when he lists his fifteen points of what to look for in buying a common stock. And after listing those points, he will highlight that one point that will override the other fourteen points in not buying the stock. In fact, that one point could very well summarize the book in a single word.

As a reader, you will not get buried in a landslide of financial trivia but will learn general techniques and trends of investment analysis that often aren't considered by the statistically-oriented investors. However, in order to glean these gems of intrinisic stock information, you will have to have to forgo charts, illustrations, tables, and financial data commonly presented in stock analysis.
Steve Jobs: The Man Behind the Bitten Apple: Insight into the Thoughts and Actions of Apple’s Founder (Billionaire Visionaries Book 3)
Steve Jobs: The Man Behind the Bitten Apple: Insight into the Thoughts and Actions of Apple’s Founder (Billionaire Visionaries Book 3)
I agree with the review by L. Montgomery; the 59 positive (five and four star) customer ratings for this book look contrived and not authentic. Mr. MacGergor's book is flimsy, superficial and not much more than a description of Apple's innovative product line. I was hoping to gain some insight into the life and personality of Steve Jobs but found this book avoided delving into this, other than general descriptions of how products were developed. Disappointing waste of time. This 48 page "book" reads like a high school research paper. Don't expect to gain much about Steve Jobs here.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo: Better Bundo Book, LGBT Children’s Book
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo: Better Bundo Book, LGBT Children’s Book
Es war für mich sehr beeindruckend, in welch einfacher Art der Autor kleinen Kindern - ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger - das Wesen der Demokratie nahe bringt. "Stinkekäfer" oder alle anderen Personen, die der Ansicht sind, dass sie besonders wichtig sind und deshalb ihre Weltsicht als die einzig richtige zu gelten hat, haben anzuerkennen, dass andere das gleiche Recht zur Entfaltung ihrer Persönlichkeit haben. Und wie wichtig Solidarität und Freundschaft im Leben jedes Einzelnen sind.
Nur durch den Zusammenhalt der Freunde gegen Intoleranz und Ignoranz kann sich die Liebe durchsetzen und Marlon und Wesley können zu ihrem Bunnymoon aufbrechen. Ich wünsche ihnen das Beste!
Bei "Beste" fällt mir ein, dass ich die Zeichnungen noch gar nicht erwähnt habe. Tja, ich habe lange überlegt, ob ich damit anfangen sollte. Die liebevoll und aussagekräftig gestalteten Figuren, gehen einem ans Herz. Ich habe das kleine Büchlein als sehr alter Mensch, der weit weg von solcher Art "Lektüre" sein sollte, schon mehrfach angeschaut. Immer wieder finde ich neue Details, die ich mich erfreuen.
Alleine deshalb rechtfertigt sich schon der Preis. Was ich aber besonders erfreulich finde, dass der Gewinn an LGBT-Organisationen überwiesen werden soll, was hoffentlich auch geschieht.
Es bleibt mir nur noch, dem Team meinen herzlichsten Dank zu sagen und ihnen Erfolg im Kampf gegen Intoleranz und rechte Gesinnung zu wünschen. Es steht viel auf dem Spiel - nicht nur für Kaninchen!
The Beatles: Help! [Blu-ray]
The Beatles: Help! [Blu-ray]
I had to join Amazon Prime to be eligible to buy this Blu-ray on amazon. That should logically have put something of a chip on my shoulder as far as biasing me to write a more negative review. But I enjoyed this way too much to quibble!

Help! on Blu-ray is great Beatles fun that magically transported me to a golden time in my childhood as I watched it. The Beatles were frowned on in my house when I was a kid, but I distinctly remember the delicious vibe that was in the air in America throughout the mid-'60s when everything British had an aura of wonder and freshness about it, from music to fashion to James Bond movies. Viewed with historical and nostalgic hindsight in 2018, Help! is a perfect encapsulation and expression of that ambience to me.

I never saw this in a theater in 1965, but caught up with it later at midnight Beatles movie retrospectives during the early '70s. Having seen it on a big screen, I think I can state with modest authority without nit-picking that the experience of seeing it on Blu-ray on my Sony Bravia is pretty darned spectacular, and reasonably close enough to the theater experience as to be delectably enjoyable.

The wit and visual inventiveness of this movie, aside from The Beatles themselves and the terrific songs, is what make it so entertaining. The Swiss Alps scene is still thrilling, with what's unarguably the finest Lennon/McCartney composition of the six or seven represented, "Ticket To Ride." The manic humor and the film both start to drag a bit towards the middle, but the Fabs have such charisma throughout that I didn't lose interest. How nice it is to see a younger John Lennon here, before he met Yoko Ono and proceeded to let it all hang out and become a much harsher and angrier personality in public.

Director Richard Lester and co-star Eleanor Bron were interviewed for the extras for this disc, and so was Wendy Richard, a British actress whose scene was cut. For the first time ever that I can remember, I was fascinated by each and every one of the bonus features on a home video release, and wasn't compelled to fast-forward or skip any of them. The vignette about exactly what was involved in restoring the movie was particularly impressive and inspiring. Hats off to these gentleman, for taking on such a Herculean task and completing it so painstakingly, and with obvious love and commitment to posterity.
Beyond Here Lies Nothin
Beyond Here Lies Nothin
I've been a huge Dylan fan for 25 years and still get excited when I see a new compilation coming out...especially one like this when you have songs that normally don't appear in compilations! If you're new to Bob's music, this is a fantastic place to start your Dylan collection - and I promise after listening to this you'll be getting all his individual albums! I started off with "Greatest Hits" and haven't looked back since!

So - me being an old Bob-Cat I'll shed some light on the songs from this collection:

Disc 1 starts us out with "The Times They Are A-Changin'" - title track to the 1964 iconic folk album which was pivotal in the Civil Rights movement! A cool live version appears on Bootleg Series 6!
"Blowin' In The Wind" - from 1963's "Freewheelin'" album and has been covered by countless artists/groups in the music business, especially in the 60's! Bob does a cool live version of this on Bootleg Series 7.
"Boots Of Spanish Leather" - this is from "The Times They Are A-Changin'" album and what a great, emotional love song - I usually don't care for love songs but this one is a complete masterpiece of a song - kind of similar to "Girl From The North Country"!
"It Ain't Me, Babe" - what a cool song this is from 1964's "Another Side of Bob Dylan" album! This is acoustic rock at its finest and has been covered by various artists... most notable Johnny Cash & June Carter in 1965!
"To Ramona" - another lost classic from "Another Side" - kind of has a mexican feel to it... a fantastic acoustic love song! I love the line "I'd forever talk to you but soon my words would turn into a meaningless ring"!
"Mr. Tambourine Man" - the first entry here from my personal favorite album - "Bringing It All Back Home" from 1965 - this is an absolute masterpiece and my all-time favorite Dylan song! The lyrical imagery on this is AMAZING!!
"Subterranean Homesick Blues" is the first rock tune included here from "Bringing It All Back Home" - the famous "Cue Card" scene with Allen Ginsberg is considered to be the first music video! Bob's rocking/rap vocal is in-your-face with tons of youthful energy!
"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" rounds out the selections from "Bringing It All Back Home" - this is another cool lyrical imagery tune and one of the first Dylan songs I learned to play on guitar! Cool stuff!!
"Like A Rolling Stone" - from 1965's "Highway 61 Revisited" - I consider this to the be the greatest rock song of all time! So does Rolling Stone magazine... they ranked it #1 on their top 500 of all time list! This also hit #1 on the Cash Box charts and #2 on the Billboard charts! 'Twas a heck of a single back in the day - clocking in at over 6 mins.!
"I Want You" - from 1966's double album "Blonde On Blonde"! A rip-roaring little rock ditty that has a toe-tapping hook to the instrumentation!
"Just Like A Woman" - kind of a rock ballad from "Blonde On Blonde" that was a huge hit from 1966!
"Tombstone Blues" - from "Highway 61 Revisited" - an in-your-face rocker with cool lyrics - check out the live version from 1995's "MTV Unplugged" it ROCKS!!
"Desolation Row" - from "Highway 61 Revisited" - this is the debut of this masterpiece of a song on a Dylan compilation! Clocking in at over 11 mins. it is just amazing with driving acoustic guitars and Bob's piercing harmonica towards the end! REALLY cool stuff!! Check out the live versions from 1966's Bootleg Series 4 and the Real Royal Albert Hall Concert!
"All Along The Watchtower" - a cool acoustic folk tune from 1967's "John Wesley Harding" album - I love Jimi Hendrix and his cover ROCKS - but Bob wrote it and his version is the best to my ears!
"One Of Us Must Know" - we got back to "Blonde On Blonde" for this one... this was recorded on my birthday (Jan. 25th) and a really cool ballad-type tune! I LOVE the organ playing in this!
"Watching The River Flow" - this was from a recording session in 1971 which produced other really cool tunes like "George Jackson", "Spanish Is The Loving Tongue", a remake of "Only A Hobo", "I Shall Be Released" and others. Not included on an official album, Bob released this as a single and included it as the opening track on "Greatest Hits Vol. II". Kind of a rocking-blues tune with really cool electric guitar and piano!
"I Threw It All Away" - from 1969's "Nashville Skyline" album - a cool country-rock ditty that Bob performed at Johnny Cash's TV show the following year!

Disc 2 starts with "Lay Lady Lay" from "Nashville Skyline" - this was a top-10 hit for Bob in 1969 and still stands the test of time - makes one wonder why Bob hasn't been inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame!
"You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" - another tune from the aforementioned 1971 recording sessions that eventually wound up on "Greatest Hits II" - this is a remake of the Basement Tapes original version from 1967 - a really cool country-rock tune that was performed by Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Rosanne Cash & Shawn Colvin at Bob's 30th Anniversary concert in 1991!
"The Man In Me" - so great to see a tune from 1970's "New Morning" appearing on a compilation beside "If Not For You! This is a cool little feel-good song and is featured on the Rock Mortgage commercials with the "la-la-las"!
"Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - a Top 10 hit for Bob from 1973's "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid" soundtrack album! This has been covered by various artists such as Jerry Garcia, Guns & Roses and others... check out the rocking version on "MTV Unplugged"!
"Tangled Up In Blue" - probably the best-known tune from 1975's "Blood On The Tracks"! Bob tells a cool story on this and the drum-playing is off-the-charts cool!
"Simple Twist Of Fate" - the following track from "Blood On The Tracks" - a cool acoustic driven ballad of a tune with great lyrics!
"Hurricane" - from 1976's "Desire Album" - this one tells the story of how boxer Ruben Carter was falsley accused of murder! The fiddle playing and drums are amazing on this - and how about Emmylou Harris' backing vocals! That's the stuff legends are made of!
"Jokerman" - from 1983's "Infidels" - a 6 min. epic that sounds a little like a nursery rhyme... "Jokerman dance by the nightingale tune, bird fly high by the light of the moon"! Cool lyrics!
"Changing Of The Guards" - we got back to 1978 to Street-Legal's "Changing Of The Guards" which was probably the best song on there besides "Senor"!
"The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar" - a rip-roaring rock tune from "Shot Of Love" - was added late to that album - started out as the B-side to "Heart Of Mine" in 1981!
"Ring Them Bells" - from 1989's "Oh Mercy" - a slower-paced piano driven tune that is sure to stir emotions!
"Brownsville Girl" - from 1986's "Knocked Out Loaded" album - this is one of Bob's best story-telling songs - an 11 min. rumble that's so great it only feels like 5 mins. gone by!
"Po' Boy" - from 2001's "Love And Theft" - kind of a humourous tune that's a tad on the jazzy side but super-cool and lots of fun to listen to!
"Thunder On The Mountain" - from 2006's "Modern Times" - Bob says in the lyrics that he's thinking about Alicia Keys - I didn't know he was an Alicia Keys fan! Great rocking tune!
"Make You Feel My Love" - from 1997's Grammy Award-Winning "Time Out Of Mind" - what a great love song!! Covered by Garth Brooks, Billy Joel & Adele but I gotta stick with Bob's version!
"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" - from 2009's "Together Through Life" - kind of a slower-paced but super-cool rock tune that will get you in the mood to listen to that whole album!

Well I think this is a super-enjoyable and fun collection to listen to! Other cool compilations are Greatest Hits 1-3, Super Hits, Side-Tracks, Biograph & Masterpieces! And if you want to dive deeper into Bob's song canon, there's always the offical studio and live albums which are a blast - not to mention 15 volumes of The Bootleg Series!
Pentel Gel Ink Pen, Retractable Gel Pen, (0.3mm) Needle Tip, Extra Fine Point, Black Ink, 3-Pk (BLN73BP3A)
Pentel Gel Ink Pen, Retractable Gel Pen, (0.3mm) Needle Tip, Extra Fine Point, Black Ink, 3-Pk (BLN73BP3A)
When I bought this product, I did not have high hopes for it. Most of the gel pens that I've tried in the past create gel puddles, don't dry fast enough and run out of ink too quickly. I was happy to find out that these pens wrote smoothly (with no ink puddles) and the ink never skipped. This is the fastest drying gel pen that I've ever tried! It dries almost as soon as it touches the paper The rubber grip is also very comfortable. (+ the pen is 50% recycled!) Bleeding was not a problem for me. I would definitely buy this product again. Highly recommend!

BTW I'm not sure why this happened, but my black, blue, and red pens were made in Mexico, while my purple and green were from Japan. ??
RM RICOMAX Metal Detector - High Accuracy Metal Detector Waterproof LCD Display [Pinpoint Function & Discrimination Mode & Distinctive Audio Prompt] 10 Inch Waterproof Search Coil
RM RICOMAX Metal Detector - High Accuracy Metal Detector Waterproof LCD Display [Pinpoint Function & Discrimination Mode & Distinctive Audio Prompt] 10 Inch Waterproof Search Coil
RM Ricomax 1028 metal detector can detect metals of different metal made articles in all metal mode.You can press the button,you can simply set the target range up to 8 inches deep or you can eliminate the metal if you don’t want this.The LCD will simplify the metal detecting a lot.I bought this for me and my daughter to look for metals in the region that we live in because a few years ago ,it was a Golden region.I love it,you can’t imagine how much metals you can find in river,I found a lot stuff .I will make it a hobby because this is Amazing.
Funko POP! Marvel: Avengers Infinity War - Captain America
Funko POP! Marvel: Avengers Infinity War - Captain America
This pop came with damaged packaging. I bought this one and another and they both came with damaged packaging. For people like myself, a damaged package takes from the value or future value of the Pop as the package is a presentation of the actual product and the actual product never leaves the box. I also pre ordered 2 that I am now so very nervous about getting. I would try to return this, but I'm afraid it's replacement would be even more damaged. Maybe this isn't the place to buy these particular items.
Wolverine Men's W03122 Durashock SR Boot, Brown, 8 M US
Wolverine Men's W03122 Durashock SR Boot, Brown, 8 M US
I have to wear slip resistant boots for work and it had been a challenge for me to find any that had enough ankle support yet were comfortable enough to wear at a job where I'm on my feet all day. Well after trying and returning three other options I had tried unsuccessfully, I finally stumbled on to these boots. The first thing I love about them is they are very light weight for boots, the second is the sole is more like a shoe then a big luggy boot sole, the third is they give me the ankle support I need. I would like to advise people that at least for me they ran a whole size too large, so I had to order an 8 when I normally wear a 9. Also there isn't any arch support in the provided insoles so I had to swap them out for the green Superfeet insoles. My only gripe is I wish them came in a light brown color, this color has a touch of red in it.
X-Men & Wolverine Adamantium Collection
X-Men & Wolverine Adamantium Collection
This, like all the movies in the X-men series, is an adult movie. Both in subject matter and presentation. Adult situations. Not a good clean family flick. It is rated PG-13 but personally, I did not let my kids watch it until they turned 16.

The picture shows a nice box set but you don't get that. It is a thin box, and the plastic boxes are cheaply made. There really is nothing special that should make this cost over $50.
There are no extras.

The picture quality is poor, colors are muted and it is not full screen. There is a curve to the picture that looks like you are looking into a distorted curved dish. Very odd. The HD DVD/DVD costs less. That is the better buy.
The music is amplified during action scenes and too low during dialogue, so you have to continually turn the sound down then up.

If you are not familiar with the X-Men series...


Professor Xavier sends Cyclops and Storm to Canada to save Wolverine and Rogue from Magneto, the attack is carried out by Logan's (Wolverine) half brother Sabretooth. Sabertooth is foiled and Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) and Rogue ( played by Anna Paquin) are injured and taken to the X-Mansion. Wolverine meats Jean for the first time and Xavier informs Wolverine of Magneto's plans. Logan decides to stay at the Institute. When Rogue, deceived by a disguised Mystique, leaves the Xavier Institute, Wolverine goes after her, while Cyclops and Storm follow him at the train station. Here, the team battles the Brotherhood, this time led by Magneto himself, who defeats the X-Men and kidnaps Rogue - who was his real objective - Rogue ends up in the hands of the government.
Gay Of Thrones
Gay Of Thrones
I enjoyed this series for several seasons. It wasn't fantastic, but it was worth watching. In the season I started watching recently, he started with the "destroy the patriarchy" pandering BS. It happened in one episode, and I let it go. It happened the next episode, so I guess this political hate is now OK.

I am disappointed that this politically correct hate has entered the show. I can't support hate, and I won't watch anymore.
Ultimate Galactus Vol. 3: Extinction (v. 3)
Ultimate Galactus Vol. 3: Extinction (v. 3)
The mixed reactions for the conclusion of Warren Ellis' Ultimate Galactus trilogy are well deserved for the most part. Ultimate Extinction finds Nick Fury, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, the Ultimates, the X-Men, Falcon, and Captain Mahr Vell awaiting the end as the Gah Lak Tus makes it's way to Earth. Ellis' real strong point in this concluding TPB is the dialogue between all the characters, particularly Fury and Captain America. Another strong point of Ultimate Extinction is the Ultimate introduction of Misty Knight (yes, Misty Knight), and his re-invention of the Silver Surfer. Yes, it was an acquired taste for me too at first, but Ellis' interpretation is a creative way to introduce the classic Herald of Galactus. As by now you can guess that the TPB's real low point is the ending. For a force so powerful and hell bent on eliminating all of mankind, the Gah Lak Tus is defeated pretty easily (gee, hope I didn't ruin it for anybody) and pretty anti-climatic. Ellis' re-invention of the planet eater is refreshing though, offering up a more sensical and modern take on the all powerful devourerer of worlds. Brandon Peterson's artwork isn't anything spectacular, but it's pretty solid nevertheless. Yes, the Ultimate Galactus trilogy didn't live up to the promise delivered with Ultimate Nightmare, but Warren Ellis still manages to give us one of the best tales to come out of the Ultimate universe that isn't written by Mark Millar.
Usher: Rhythm City Volume One: Caught Up
Usher: Rhythm City Volume One: Caught Up
Overall the mini-movie part of the DVD was alright, but not grip-to-the-edge kind of seat interesting. It's just what he said it was in the making of the mini-movie: making videos for the bonus tracks on the Confessions special edition CD and joining them into one small movie. I give it 2 stars. It's also wonderful that Usher included all the music videos from "Confessions." That saved me a lot of VHS tape and time.

Now the bonus audio CD is easy listening. I give it 3 stars. It's really nice how the first couple of songs show how much he loves a special someone (or USED to love *cough* but I'm not getting into that part right now). In "Dot com" Usher compares body parts to computers and in "Doin The Most" he shows his appreciation and gratitude for the lady he loves. "It Is What It Is" the relationship has gone sour and Usher won't admit he made a mistake and ends up faulting his lady for it- which I think is not fair at all. Love is a just a chance we take. Jermaine Dupri helps end the CD with the club track "What You Need." This song has a good beat to it, good lyrics (I love the Ooo la la la at the end part), and helps end this whole audio CD on the positive note that it started out on.
This review is for the 4K Ultra HD edition of Godzilla (1998) released in May, 2019 by Tri-Star.

TIMELINE: This is the first live action 'Godzilla' movie made by an American company. It is the 23rd of 31 live action 'Godzilla' movies overall. As of the time of this review in May 2019 ('Godzilla: King of the Monsters' is due out very shortly as of the time of this review). This movie was intended to be the first of a series but no sequel was ever made. It exists in it's own unique universe. However...

GODZILLA OR ZILLA OR EVEN GINO?: Toho purchased the rights to Tri-Star's Godzilla and re-named it Zilla. Zilla appears in 'Godzilla: Final Wars' and a reference is made to him/it in 'GMK: All Out Monster Attack'. This version of Godzilla has also been called 'GINO' by Godzilla fans. That is short for 'Godzilla In Name Only'.

THE 4K PICTURE: To get right down to it, I wasn't that impressed. The picture didn't really look any better than my Blu-Ray edition and I'm not sure if it's worth the upgrade. There was definitely some graininess in the picture in quite a few scenes. Bottom line is that I don't think this is a great transfer.

-Visual Effects Commentary
-Behind the Scenes of Godzilla with Charles Caiman
-All Time Best of Godzilla Fight Scenes
-'Heroes' Music Video by The Wallflowers


PLOT/SYNOPIS: During the credits we see an iguana nest irradiated by nuclear radiation. This will ultimately lead to Godzilla's birth. Godzilla destroys a fishing ship and there is one survivor who identifies him as 'Gojira'.

Nick Tatopoulos is a scientist who studies abnormal growth in irradiated zones. He is at Chernobyl studying enlarged worms when the military collects him and brings him to the site of Godzilla's foot prints. Nick deduces that Godzilla is probably an irradiated creature.

Godzilla heads to New York City and the military, along with Nick, follow. While in NYC, Nick's ex-girlfriend Audrey, who is a fledgling reporter, meets up with him. She takes advantage of him by stealing a video tape from Nick that belongs to the military. Her boss ends up taking credit and announces to the public that Godzilla is in the city. As a result, Nick is booted from the operation. Fortunately for him, A French secret service agent named Philippe recruits him to work with his team. Phillippe tells Nick that they feel responsible for Godzilla since they believe they tested the bomb that led to his birth. Nick deduces that Godzilla is in NYC to nest and they go searching for it. Audrey, along with her cameraman run into Nick at Madison Square Garden. It is here that they find Godzilla's eggs. They are just in time for the eggs to start hatching. They are now confronted by dozens of baby Godzilla's. They need to escape and alert the military to the impending danger. Unfortunately for them, Godzilla is waiting....

PRODUCTION: This movie was made in 1998 and released by TriStar Pictures.
-The director was disaster movie mogul, Roland Emmerich. He continued his landmark destroying ways by destroying The Flat Iron Building, The Chrysler Building, Met-Life Building, Madison Square Garden and even the statue of George Washington on Wall Street.
-Toho decided to end the 'Hesei' series of Godzilla films and hand the franchise over to the Americans. Of course, they 'dropped the ball' pretty badly with this film. The following year, Toho rebooted Godzilla with a new series of films which is now known as 'The Millenium Series' of films.
-Even though the movie was not considered successful, it did make money with a domestic gross of 136 million dollars and 379 million dollars overall.
-The reporters name was Charles Caiman. For those who don't know, a caiman is the smallest type of reptile in the Crocodile family.


IS THIS THE ONLY MOVIE MADE FOR THIS 'GODZILLA' UNIVERSE?: An argument can be made that the answer is "no". Zilla (Godzilla) makes an appearance in 'Godzilla: Final Wars'. Since Toho purchased the rights to Tri-Star's Godzilla, you can definitely make the case that 'Godzilla: Final Wars' is a sequel to 'Godzilla (1998)'. Remember, even though Zilla dies, a baby Zilla hatches in the final scene of the movie. Since Zilla, is no longer considered to be Godzilla, then they can certainly co-exist!


I never really got this. Is Godzilla breathing gas? The production team effectively did away with Godzilla's radioactive breath but decided to pay homage to it. When I first watched this, I didn't even realize what was going on. I just thought
there was an explosion and had no idea that Godzilla's breath was causing the fire. I don't recall this being explained in the movie. Perhaps it was, but I missed it. They could have at least given him some glowing scales. It's not as if there isn't bioluminescence in sea creatures throughout the world. Overall, they botched this badly. Godzilla's glowing scales and radioactive breath are what makes him Godzilla.

-The fish: Did we really need this? I seem to recall that iguana's and large lizards in general like lettuce and cabbage and other vegetables. I could be wrong on this but whatever.
-The love story: Do we ever need a love story in a Godzilla movie? My entire life, I have cringed during kissing scenes. When are Americans going to learn. Monster fans don't want 'love' in their stories. I realize I'm really speaking for myself, but I have never heard anybody say, "we need more relationship scenes" in a monster movie.
-I did not like Godzilla being an asexual creature. This just doesn't work for me.
-Evacuating New York City would not have been that simple. At the very least, the military could have come in and gone through the city till they found Godzilla. Since everybody was gone, what was the hurry?
-I get it, liberties have to be taken to move movies along. Even so, I thought the eggs hatching almost immediately after Godzilla lays the eggs is a lot of 'Suspension of Disbelief'.


If the goal was to challenge Toho for campiness and idiotic plot points, Tri-Star was a smashing success! The movie's climax features Godzilla chasing around a group of humans riding in a taxi cab. He blames them for killing his (it's?) babies.

-I absolutely hated having the French involved. I mean, really, what do we need them for? When was the last time we needed assistance from the French. The War of 1812 perhaps?
-I did not like Godzilla being taken down by a few missiles. This is in fact more realistic, but it is not in the spirit of Godzilla films in which the military's efforts are always futile. Godzilla is in effect, a fantasy creature and not a science fiction creature.
-I thought that the idea of destroying Madison Square Garden was just ridiculous. It was just plain dumb on so many levels. First off, they could have given the humans more time to get out. They could have easily just gone in there with some soldiers and cleared the place out. Was it really necessary to do a Billion Dollars in damage?

IS THAT REALLY GODZILLA? WHAT DO I THINK OF THE DESIGN?: There is a part of me that likes the fact that they tried to give Godzilla a realistic look by basing the design on an iguana. I like the design better today than I did years ago. I guess the real reason I never liked the design was because of how inept this Godzilla was.

WAY OFF-COLOR (WARNING - If you are a female and/or easily offended, do not read this paragraph and skip to the next one): I just can't resist making this comment. I know my mind is sometimes in the gutter but did anyone else out there think themselves... How funny would it have been if when the baby Godzilla hatched, instead of sniffing at Matthew Broderick because it was looking for fish, it sniffed the female reporters crotch?

Indeed there is.
-I did like a lot of the special effects. I thought Godzilla looked good stomping around New York City. I really enjoyed watching him move against the backdrop of the buildings.
-I liked the origin of Godzilla. I think using an irradiated iguana was a good idea.

CONCLUSIONS: After watching this movie for the first time in several years and for the third time in my life, my opinion actually went up. The movie isn't as bad as I remember. I guess I just hated it because of all of the ridiculous scenes. Of course, illogical scenes have always been par for the course in Godzilla movies.

I don't really know if the upgrade is worth it. If you are a die hard Godzilla fan, you are going to buy it anyway, just like me. Because you have to have everything!

The Picture: 5/10 - I am disappointed in the picture as I point out above under 'THE PICTURE'.
The Plot: 3/10 - Very generic, been there, done that. The climax scene is unforgivable in my eyes.
The SFX: 9/10 - I'm rating this based on it's day. I remember being in the theater and being 'wowed' by the size of Godzilla while I watched this on a large screen. Obviously the CGI was more primitive but it even over 20 years later it still looks decent.
The Godzilla Suit: 5/10 - There is one in most Godzilla movie's but not this one. Since there is no suit, I have to rate this on the design and CGI. The CGI is good but the design isn't.
Overall: 6/10 or 3 stars

WHAT'S NEXT FOR GODZILLA?: There was a sequel planned for this movie. The ending certainly left room for a direct sequel. However, the fan reaction was overwhelmingly negative despite the movie being a financial success. Tri-Star would not renew the license and Toho took back the Godzilla franchise. Toho released the first of the 'Millenium' series of films, 'Godzilla 2000', the following year, 1999. This movie received a limited theatrical run in the United States but was not commercially successful. It confused audiences who were not familiar with the Godzilla franchise.
A Man For All Seasons
A Man For All Seasons
My favorite Movie of all time and fairly accurate historically. It presents the man as he was with all his flaws but also his greatness. I wish that the film had been able to present a more complete biography, but it would take 6 or 7 hours to do so and that was not possible for a film (maybe a mini-series, but it would have lost its impact). Sir Thomas More was a lawyer who was the son of a Lawyer. He was a brilliant man who knew Latin and Greek and had studied the Roman and Greek writings available to him at the time. He was a friend of Erasmus, the ultimate intellectual of the age. He was also a devout Catholic in an age Lutheran revolt. The film does not cover this aspect of his life, but as Chancellor of England, he was responsible for burning Protestants at the stake pursuant to law. Not admirable by modern standards, but we should not judge him by modern standards, but by standard of his own time. The film is based on Robert Bolt's play and presents short period of the lives of both Sir Thomas More and King Henry the 8th. The acting is outstanding, Orson Welles is Cardinal Woolsey and well cast, and the actor who plays Thomas Cromwell is also excellent (He also played Rumple of the Bailey for BBC)---All the other actors are excellent, even the minor ones. The movie covers the events around Henry the 8th's divorce (actually an annulment in modern terms) of Catherine of Aragon and his marriage to Ann Boleyn wherein England left the Roman Catholic Church. The film accurately shows King Henry to be an intellectual well versed in history, law and Catholic theology---he was not an intellectual light weight. He was a man willing to do wrong and rationalize it effectively and he was a tyrant willing to pervert justice and english law to gain his ends. He appointed Sir Thomas More to be his Chancellor replacing Cardinal Woolsey, but he miss judged More's allegiance to English law and Catholic theology. It accurately presents Henry as a very orthodox Catholic, but who threw off the authority of the Bishop of Rome, aka, the Pope. Henry believed More would as a loyal British subject support his king. More was loyal to Henry, but gave his greatest allegiance to God and upheld Roman Catholic and British law. Things not included are that Henry and More together wrote a rebuttal to Luther in around 1520 (7 or 8 years prior to the events in this movie) which caused the Pope to give Henry the title of "Defender of the Faith." More, a commoner, but a brilliant lawyer was a member of Henry's court by virtue of his amazing intellect and learning which Henry appreciated as he was also an very learned man. All Characters are presented sympathetically in the film, but when great moral questions arise, people have to make decisions. My wife thinks More made the wrong decision, I disagree but understand her view. Last historical tidbit, Sir Thomas More was made a Saint of the Catholic Church which may surprise people who think all attorneys are in league with the devil---being an attorney, I appreciate that, even though I am a Protestant and kind of don't like burning Protestants.
Miss Fortune (The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters Book 3)
Miss Fortune (The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters Book 3)
I quite enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy as a light romantic read - but this one was hugely disappointing.
The author clearly wandered from familiar territory by assuming incorrect English names and stating as much. The male character has a very Irish name, which when made 'double-barrelled' made it no closer to English aristocracy as implied. The (especially English) characters were laughable.
The wording was obscure in places, and my kindle device was unable to provide a definition. I found that this book to be a good example of why one should 'write what you know', as the author clearly did not! The style of this book is vastly different from the previous two, to the point of being offensive and appearing to have been written by someone else.
Kane and Abel/Sons of Fortune
Kane and Abel/Sons of Fortune
Normally I don't really care for 2 books in one, because when I get done with the first one and there are more pages ahead, I want to keep reading the first book. In other words, I hate to see a good book end. And that was the case here. I LOVED Cain and Abel! It was an amazing story. I did, at times however, want to slap them both and say "wake up"! But it was by far, one of my favorite Jeffery Archer books. Although I think all of his books are my favorite. Sons of Fortune was very good too. Once again, you want to slap a few characters sometime, but hey, I think that's one of the things that makes a great story. I would definitely recommend both of these books, whether they come as a set or not. Love Jeffery Archer!
Atomcat (Astro Boy)
Atomcat (Astro Boy)
Osamu Tezuka is known as the "Father of Manga" mainly because he spearheaded the frontier back in the 50s with works like Kimba and Princess Knight, but is probably best known for his creation of Tetsuwan Atom(aka: Might Atom), known out in America as Astro Boy. This has had three anime TV adaptations, and an animated movie done as a joint American/Japanese production. After several years of not doing anything with the manga, Tezuka created a spinoff of sorts titled Atomcat which is a play on the term "a tomcat", although this manga had the original Mighty Atom as being an actual manga that parallels this story its set in. Although this sees some serious shades of Doraemon.

Tsugio is a weak little kid that gets picked on a lot by bullies at school, but is a big fan of Astro Boy. He finds a baby kitten in the trash one day and adopts him, despite protests by his struggling inventor of a father. Tsugio names the cat Atom after Mighty Atom as it resembles the character a lot. Unfortunately, Atom gets run over by of all things two aliens disguised as humans vacationing on Earth. They rebuild Atom into being a cyborg. Atom can now speak human language, and is gifted with super-strength and jet-feet allowing him to fly. He saves Tsugio from another bully attack, and then his father from a burning building. Tsugio keeps Atom's new superpowers a secret, even though its a little hard to with demonic cats, kidnappers, mummy animals, and some serious angry birds. Atom befriends a local girl cat named Munch that he tries to woo while saving her from forest fires and malicious rivals. Each chapter usually begins with a passage from the original Astro Boy manga that acts as an into to the story.

This made for a profoundly enjoyable all-ages manga, aside from all the times they have Tsugio ending up naked in nearly every chapter. Tezuka's approach to turning Astro Boy and remaking him into a cute kitten is thoroughly adorable. This seems like what the live-action Underdog movie should have been! The manga was released through Digital Manga's Platinum line which reprints classic manga not previously made available in America, and crowdfunded by Kickstarter. It's worth getting for the young ones as a great intro to manga.
Over To You (R/I)
Over To You (R/I)
During World War 2, beloved childrens' author Roald Dahl served as a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force. Though severly injured in Libya, he went on to fly in additional missions over Greece and Syria, later transferring to a position in Intelligence. Inspired by his own true-life experiences, Dahl crafts a truly unique collection of sometimes eerie, sometimes touching short stories, each story illustrating an unusual experience of a different pilot. In his foreword, Dahl explains that none of the stories reflect anyone he knew in particular, but were inspired only by general things he witnessed during his years of service.

All the stories in this collection were originally published individually in various magazine publications around the world but have since been made available as one collection in book form. Now, a quick run down of the ten stories:

#1 "Death of an Old, Old Man" -- tale of a seasoned pilot on his final flight -- what originally had me wanting to read this whole book was just the very first line of this first story: "Oh God, how I am frightened!" Had to know the story behind that!

#2 "The African Story" -- an old man has a unique method for confronting an animal abuser... okay, so actually this one doesn't have the focus on the pilot but it's still tense and good!

#3 "Piece of Cake" -- an overconfident pilot has his plane catch on fire, pilot falls into emotional shock, time slows way down and he finds himself struggling to be able to move to free himself from the flames --- This one had a scene that I found a bit of dark humor in: When someone comes to the pilot's aide, the pilot feels pain in his nose and asks what's wrong with it, to which the newcomer replies, "It actually doesn't seem to be there very much." I probably shouldn't have found that bit funny but the polite tone used to notify someone that a prominent part of their face appears to have left the building just tickled me. Guess I'm just dark like that.

#4 "Madame Rosette" -- two pilots on leave hit the town one night and come up with a scheme to visit a local brothel to try to free all the prostitutes.

#5 "Katina" -- Greece, 1941. Two pilots patrolling a bombed area come across a girl, body and face cut and bloodied, standing on a pile of rubble. They decide to take her back to the base doctor to get checked out, end up bonding with her. -- This one I found to be one of the most poignant of the bunch. Katina's story wrenched my heart a bit! It also had one of the best (though saddest), most cinematic endings of any of the stories here, IMO.

#6 "Yesterday Was Beautiful" -- a pilot is simply trying to find someone who can give him a boat ride, but in the process of trying to find someone comes across a family whose matriarch is completely emotionally & spiritually broken by the war

#7 "They Shall Not Grow Old" -- a pilot by the name of Finn goes missing for a few days. When his plane sudden comes in for a landing days later and his fellow pilots ask what happened to him, he initially has no memory of where he's been. When the memories do come back, the story he has to tell is almost impossible for anyone to believe.

#8 "Beware The Dog" -- Story opens with a pilot's plane going down. Pilot survives wreck, wakes up in a hospital. When he has some time to get his bearings about him, the pilot begins to suspect something fishy about the hospital and why he's really there. It was with this story I can say it was my first time ever reading the simile "like a dead cat on a sofa." So there's that.

#9 "Only This" -- the only story in the bunch told from a female perspective -- a woman describes her nightmares she's suffering while waiting for the return of her pilot lover --- eerie ending!

#10 "Someone Like You" -- this collection closes out with a story of two pilots, old acquaintances who have lost touch over the years, reconnecting & shooting the breeze in a local bar

There's just something to Dahl's writing that even if I don't entirely know what's going on all the time, I don't care, I'm compelled to keep reading,,,, if for nothing else just because his writing is so inviting, even when his story ideas get weird af! And some of these here definitely fall under that weird label. A number of them -- such as "Piece of Cake", "They Shall Not Grow Old", and "Only This" had something that was very Twilight Zone about them lol. And since we're speaking of Dahl, you know that scene in the original movie adaptation of his book Charlie & The Charlie Factory where Gene Wilder is singing that CREEEPY song in the tunnel? Well, there was something to the way that Dahl wrote "Piece of Cake" that definitely brought that scene to mind!

Not all the stories have that vibe though. Some really are just a blend of sometimes bittersweet, sometimes tragic reflections on people just trying to come out the other side of war okay, or as okay as one can expect. From the soldiers to the women to the war-scarred children, I could easily picture all of Dahl's creations here as real people. What brought down my rating a bit was the endings on many of the stories... many of those endings fell too flat for me, or were too abrupt, making the rest of the story feel like it fell into some abyss. Still, this being my first dip into Dahl's adult fiction, I'm very much interested to see where his other offerings take me.
The Man of the Forest
The Man of the Forest
Zane Grey's stories of the frontier were popular in a time period when the frontier had recently been declared "closed" by the US government, and we were becoming very rapidly an urban, industrial, technological society. Americans were nostalgic for self-governance, strong men and virtuous women, individuals striving hard against the forces of nature; and at the same time hoping for "civilization" and law in an unruly world. Grey was an easterner (some of his best novels were about the eastern forest frontier and young men testing themselves in baseball and other competitive sports) and had limited instinctive understanding for the plains and mountains of the western Indian and cattle country, but his characters were always well-drawn and deep, if often rather one-dimensional. The Man of the Forest is about two eastern sisters (east=Missouri in this case) moving to the southwest to take possession of a cattle ranch from their dying uncle, finding themselves tested and buffeted about in a war of wills and guns in a mostly wild territory. They learn the ways of the west and the virtues of the noble hunters and cowboys as well as the horrors of society on the edge of law and order. The hunter is one of the better characters in Grey's pantheon. Young men and women might be quite surprised at how deeply they can be affected by the values of a world that is on the verge of complete disappearance.
Ents, Elves, and Eriador: The Environmental Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien: The Environmental Vision of J. R. R. Tolkien (Clark Lectures)
Ents, Elves, and Eriador: The Environmental Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien: The Environmental Vision of J. R. R. Tolkien (Clark Lectures)
The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings had such a profound impact on me when I first read them many years ago, that I've spent a lot of time since then trying to figure out why. The answer to that question is always evolving; each re-reading, as the saying goes, teaches me something new about myself.

Tolkien's world is so rich that, as your own interests shift and grow, they are reflected in Middle Earth when next you return.

Lately I've been devoted to understanding climate change and meeting the challenge of putting Earth back on a course towards sustainability, so I was delighted to come across a book that explores the environmental themes in Tolkien's works.

"Ents, Elves and Eriador, The Environmental Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien" is a great read. It's part of a series called "Culture of the Land." Through this book, I returned to Middle Earth to see how those who cared for it most chose to treat it.

The Shire-folk held gardeners and farmers in high esteem; practical cultivation of the land was the rule there. A hobbit enjoyed a view of a well-tended field-- but largely in anticipation of the meals it could provide.

Elves appreciated the aesthetics of their well-ordered landscapes, as in the slow passing of the seasons in the cloistered woods of Lothlorien, but they didn't seem to worry much about growing food.

Ents appreciated wild nature for its own sake- and worked to keep it that way.

Whether Tolkien intended it or not (and there is reason to believe that he did), each culture serves to illustrate a different approach towards stewardship of the Earth. Conservation, preservation and protection are all needed in varying contexts and to varying degrees. Differences in approach sometimes divide people who share a desire to sustain the Earth and civilization. Working out these differences is the great task of "the Fourth Age," a Tolkienesque term for modern times; knowing this sheds new light on some of the themes in the stories from the Third.

Tolkien's ambivalence about unbridled technology is suggested by the hobbits' lack of appreciation for anything more complicated than a water mill. We're in a time when understanding what constitutes appropriate technology in our quest for survival is key. Understanding what we value in nature, and why, is as important. We may soon be in a position to choose what to save, if we can save ourselves. The authors do a wonderful job of pointing this out.
Mini Peter Rabbit Bookshop: Mini Books 1-23 (Beatrix Potter Read & Play)
Mini Peter Rabbit Bookshop: Mini Books 1-23 (Beatrix Potter Read & Play)
I bought it to replace a much loved gift that my partners Grandmother (recently deceased) had given him as a child. We have moved house a lot, and it consequently became badly damaged. He was heartbroken. This new one arrived, and he was overjoyed. I was overjoyed with the prompt delivery, and ease of purchase. Thank you.
Alistair MacLean: A life
Alistair MacLean: A life
The definitive book on Alistair MacLean – possibly still the only biography written about the famous novelist. Jack Webster interviewed so many people connected with MacLean (from friends, relatives, and former students and work colleagues to actors and producers) that there’s a wealth of information on the man. Webster even travels to Italy to discover exactly why HMS ULYSSES was never made into a movie. My only complaints are that there isn’t enough background detail on the writing of the novels (with the exception of the first two, Webster rather glosses over the others), and he spends way too much time dwelling on MacLean’s childhood (writing at length about the man’s father). Truth be told, I found the opening chapters extremely dull. But that’s not to say this isn’t a really good biography. In fact, it’s incredibly detailed and thorough, and well worth reading.
Good Dick
Good Dick
I can't stop thinking about how bad this movie is, I feel as traumatised as the female main character! Firstly, the title "Good Dick", no clue why it is called that other than to mislead people, no one is named Dick (the main characters don't even have names) and the movie is certainly NOT good. Secondly, the trailer makes it seem like a quirky rom com, Garden State style indie film, DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! Here is the movie in a nutshell (and I won't say spoiler alert because there is NOTHING to spoil) A man working at a porn video store living out of his car, stalks a clearly traumatised wealthy woman, who of course is gorgeous. He forces her to take him into her apartment by lying about his aunts death and then just starts saying he loves her and that they are in "relationship". Somewhere in there is a picture of a naked toddler which pops up TWICE, WHY!?! The movie should be a crime. The first hour and 15 minutes of the film is the woman rejecting him and begging that he leave, then the last 15 minutes she confronts her father, and then runs back into the arms of porno guy like some sort of reverse stockholm syndrome. The only nudity is the child, GROSS, the cover looks like they get intimate they don't! I am so sickened by the idea that a women experiencing crisis/trauma just needs a man to force himself into her life - especially when he is a liar and a loser with nothing to offer her besides porno videos. Do NOT watch this movie as a date unless you want the most awkward and uncomfortable night humanly imaginable. You've been warned.
LEGO Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge 75946 Building Kit (265 Pieces)
LEGO Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge 75946 Building Kit (265 Pieces)
Yeah, I seriously bought this set and a couple weeks later bought it a second time and only realized it when the intended recipient of the item mentioned how much they were loving the set. Whoops!
Amazon returns at a local Whole Foods was incredibly fast, I was thrilled to see the associate scan the item hand me a slip as evidence that I'd returned the item and then pack the box enjoy much larger box to be returned to Amazon in one large drop shipment, cutting down on unnecessary packaging and hopefully environmental impact.
About the set, it's great, the dragon is the selling point for us and it doesn't so if you're considering it is definitely say it's a worthwhile buy... Just maybe make sure you didn't already purchase it first.
Snatch - Season 01
Snatch - Season 01
Loved the movie nand the show is pretty good and funny. But didn't watch it on Amazon and don't understand why anyone would when you can watch is On Crackle for free is a Crackle original series maybe when you watch in on Amazon you don't have ads or commercials like you do on Crackle but the ads/commercials arnt bad 60sec tops
Advance and Retreat
Advance and Retreat
Harry Turtledove is an excellent writer of alternative history. That genre deals with a divergence from our own history, by changing one or more events, and then surmising what would follow. His recent "Ruled Brittania" concerns what England would be like after the success (instead of the failure) of the Spanish Armada, and eventual invasion of England by the Spaniards.
This book is not alternative history. Advance and Retreat, the third book in the "Detina" series, is Altered History. Turtledove takes real US Civil War history, maps it into a new fantasy world, and retells the story with magic instead of technology and monarchy replacing democracy. In Detina, South is our North, East is our West, and both people and places have names that are excuses for punnery. Thus, the Cumbersome River (instead of Cumberland) or Summer Mountain (which is really Spring Hill). Some of the names are easy to figure out (Peachtree = Georgia), some require knowledge of Latin, Greek or Hebrew (Parthenia = Virginia, King Avram = Abraham Lincoln), some are cutesy (Peterpaulandia = Maryland), others are completely baffling (New Eborac = New York, Dothan = Alabama).
Turtledove does some things well in this book. The story is engaging, the battle scenes are riveting, and the characters are fascinating (for the most part). Even knowing how the events will turn out, since it corresponds with the US Civil War in 1865, I never lost interest. Even when Turtledove tells us sixty times that Doubting George isn't ready to invade, or Bell used to be a mighty warrior before he lost an arm and a leg, I kept going.
But some things are done poorly. Turtledove loved the punning more than keeping his world consistent, and many of the names simply rang false. Some walked out of Masterpiece Theatre, like Duke Edward of Arlington and Ned of the Forest, others arrived from mysterious lands with odd tongues (Generals Hesmucet and Peegeetee), yet no mention was ever made of this linguistic clash. At least in Turtledove's "Darkness" series, which is a similar fantasy remapping of World War II, each of the countries has consistant people and place names within their own borders.
While deciphering the puns and anagrams can be fun, they should not get in the way of the story. Yet the names do clash, a continual reminder that this novel is simply a retelling of a different land, far away. And one of the important parts of the story does not map correctly, for Turtledove has created swarthy "Detinans" from across the Western Ocean, who have defeated and enslaved native "blonds." More blonds remain, on on the other side of the Great River (Mississippi) -- ah, you see the problem! He's amalgamated Africans and Native Americans into one people! This off-note jars in an otherwise faithful (though upside-down) retelling of American history.
Recommended for Turtledove fans and Civil War buffs. Others take your chances.
Nite Ize KMTCK-11-R3 N03493 Fixed Blade,Hunting Knife,Outdoor,Camping, Stainless
Nite Ize KMTCK-11-R3 N03493 Fixed Blade,Hunting Knife,Outdoor,Camping, Stainless
Das Tool wurde heute geliefert. Mit zwei Schnüren auf einem Blister befestigt, im stabilen Luftpolsterumschlag.
Ich habe mir dieses nette kleine Schlüssel-Tool ausgesucht, aufgrund der überschaubaren Funktionen, die eben
das erfüllen, was ich mir davon erwarte - und diese Erwartungen werden alle erfüllt.
Es ist ein gut verarbeitetes, kleines, praktisches Helferlein, das man jeden Tag mit sich führen kann, ohne, dass
es Platz wegnimmt. Der Verschluss des Karabiners hat eine sehr gute Spannung und alles in allem wirkt das
Tool sehr sauber verarbeitet und vor allem robust.
In schwarz hätte es drei Euro weniger gekostet, aber ich denke mir, beim täglichen Gebrauch, wird der Lack leiden.
Dieses hier ist nicht lackiert und sieht auch edel aus. Dass irgendwann Kratzer rein kommen, ist klar, aber ich glaube,
das wird eine Weile dauern, denn der Stahl wirkt absolut hochwertig und kratz-resistent.
Hätte ich es mir nicht schon gekauft, würde ich es mir sofort kaufen und den Preis finde ich fair, da ich denke, es wird lange
seine Dienste verrichten.
We Will Win the Day: The Civil Rights Movement, the Black Athlete, and the Quest for Equality
We Will Win the Day: The Civil Rights Movement, the Black Athlete, and the Quest for Equality
The price scared me off for some time but if you are interested in this subject, you'll be rewarded.
It is easy to forget that, 15 years after Jackie Robinson broke in with the Dodgers, Jim Crow stil rulg wed the south. Spring training was segregated., NFL teams would schedule games in the south-and directed to leave black players on the beech or, not travel at all.
College sports get a good examination. The bottom line: protest didn't begin with Colin Kaepernick
Dexter Outdoors 31615 6" Wide Boning Knife
Dexter Outdoors 31615 6" Wide Boning Knife
My captain in Mexico complained that a conventional fillet knife was too flexible to cut through the skins of ocean fish and cut off bones while filleting. While I disagree, I bought this boning knife because it has a stouter, stiffer blade, and he liked this one. I use these knives for boning big game animals.
The Watsons (Italian Edition)
The Watsons (Italian Edition)
La scrittrice, afflitta dalla scomparsa del padre e dalle precarie condizioni economiche della sua famiglia – trasferitasi da pochi anni a Bath – , decide di creare una protagonista che si trova ad affrontare una condizione altrettanto avversa.
Diversamente dall’omonima eroina austeniana, Emma Woodhouse, Emma Watson, pur essendo una giovane piacevole, graziosa e ben istruita, non è né ricca né può contare sulla figura paterna, perché il romanzo si apre con un Mr Watson molto malato e quasi in fin di vita.
Emma, che è la più giovane di quattro sorelle e ritorna nella casa di famiglia dopo essere stata cresciuta dalla zia, al suo arrivo deve riflettere su più di un aspetto della nuova esistenza. Le sorelle, quasi delle sconosciute e civette in modo ridicolo, a parte la maggiore e più assennata Elizabeth, vedono nel matrimonio d’interesse l’unico modo per salvarsi da un futuro di stenti, mentre Emma denota fin dalle prime pagine un carattere determinato e una prospettiva moderna
Accanto alle preoccupazioni concrete, Emma ha però la possibilità di partecipare a un ballo e di fare nuove conoscenze, tra cui spicca la nobile famiglia degli Osborne e dei loro parenti, gli Howard.
Sfogliando queste pagine e immedesimandosi nei sogni e nei timori di Emma, non si può fare a meno di pensare a come la grande scrittrice avrebbe potuto sviluppare questa trama. A noi rimane la possibilità di fantasticare sulle vicende de I Watson e di scoprire, nell’ultima pagina, il finale che la scrittrice avrebbe voluto e che non scrisse mai, pur confidandolo all’adorata sorella Cassandra.
artfone 3G Unlocked Flip Phone,Senior Phone with Charging Cradle and 2.4" Large Screen for Elderly, Unlocked Mobile Phone(Compatibility Nationwide on AT&T or Any Other Carrier That use AT&T Network)
artfone 3G Unlocked Flip Phone,Senior Phone with Charging Cradle and 2.4" Large Screen for Elderly, Unlocked Mobile Phone(Compatibility Nationwide on AT&T or Any Other Carrier That use AT&T Network)
Es el mismo estuche que venden otros provedores pero 100 pesos mas barato, yo lo adquiri por 369 pesos; excelente calidad y precio, guardo un littmann clasic III y cabe muy bien, es semi rigido el material, por dentro tiene la forma del estetos y para poner sus accesorios (olivas), en la contraparte guardo un estuche de lapices, y las dos cosas caben perfectamente, yo lo utilizo por que viajo mucho en autobus y avion, y tengo que llevar mi maleta llena de mis equipos medicos, por el momento este estuche a protegido mi estetoscopio, aunque no tengo mucho tiempo con el
60 Pack Gold Balloons w/Ribbon | Balloons Gold | Gold Balloon | Gold Latex Balloons | Golden Balloons | Gold Balloons 12 inch | Gold Balloon | Bachelorette Party Balloons | Birthday Balloons |
60 Pack Gold Balloons w/Ribbon | Balloons Gold | Gold Balloon | Gold Latex Balloons | Golden Balloons | Gold Balloons 12 inch | Gold Balloon | Bachelorette Party Balloons | Birthday Balloons |
The color was amazing because it was actually metallic and not that brownish gold that you see in stores. They were easy to inflate and had no holes as well as stayed inflated very well, for days beyond the party even. In the end it’s a little more expensive for a specialty balloon, so once I weighed the price with the shine, totally worth it. Glad I risked it and bought the bigger bag for the better deal because they were so pretty. Now I have more for next Golden birthday party or I’d have to order them again because the shine is nice it helps the party decor to pop!
Basics of Biblical Greek Video Lecture Series by William D. Mounce
Basics of Biblical Greek Video Lecture Series by William D. Mounce
Mounce is one of the preeminent contemporary educators of Biblical Greek. His style is relaxed and informal, a shirt-sleeves approach to teaching that I find very refreshing. He assumes no knowledge of Greek grammar (or even English grammar, everything is explained). In his textbooks he has kept memorization at an absolute minimum. Simple, friendly explanations replace the oratory and rote of the Greek educators of the past. Also the price is very reasonable; for one-third the price of a music pod he is offering an education that will last a lifetime. That is not a lot to ask. This is an excellent and affordable start to a biblical education. I give him highest marks!
10.1 Inch Double Din Android 10 Car Navigation Radio Unit Supports Mirror-Link Radio FM WiFi 4G OBD2 TPMS GPS DVR Video Bluetooth + Free Camera
10.1 Inch Double Din Android 10 Car Navigation Radio Unit Supports Mirror-Link Radio FM WiFi 4G OBD2 TPMS GPS DVR Video Bluetooth + Free Camera
I replaced an older Pyle head unit that cost considerably more than this one, The Pyle has memory card ports, but performance was always lacking. This unit switches applications quickly. Waze installs and runs well. I have a 1000 TVL backup camera that displays remarkable detail on this display. The camera exceeds display resolution but the display has adequate contrast and color saturation to deliver an excellent picture.

It is hard to comment on the audio quality because my system uses an aux amplifier that gets input from front speaker outputs. The sound seems a little lacking versus the previous radio. Overall, I am very pleased with this unit. I had some questions of the seller. Response was quick but not always exactly what I had expected.

The owners manual is a file stored in the radio’s file system. It is sparse, but this is a basic Android head unit. When in doubt, check wiring on other Androids and you should be good. Make certain you never apply power or signal to any connection you are not absolutely certain is designed for such connection. For the price, I doubt you can find a better value.
Halva Enkku Laku Licorice Allsorts Bag 240g -Sweets Finnish Licorice
Halva Enkku Laku Licorice Allsorts Bag 240g -Sweets Finnish Licorice
I’ve recently discovered that I love black licorice. Who knew? When the order arrived, my children loved how it was shipped from Helsinki, Finland. The bag only lasted thirty minutes once it was opened. My daughters and I loved it. The candies were beautiful to look at, and were soft to chew and sweet. Each little candy had its own unique flavor that ranged from fruity flavors, mint to the traditional black licorice. Such a treat!! We just received our second order. We ordered two bags this time.

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