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Programming Fundamentals in JavaScript
Programming Fundamentals in JavaScript
Programming Fundamentals in JavaScript by Rex A. Barzee. Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars, with 8 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Jacob Jones and The Order of Seven
Jacob Jones and The Order of Seven
Jacob Jones and The Order of Seven by Damien Isaak. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 2 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the J. K. Rowling category.
The Blessing
The Blessing
The Blessing by Jude Deveraux. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 96 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
Los litigantes (Spanish Edition)
Los litigantes (Spanish Edition)
Los litigantes (Spanish Edition) by John Grisham. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 93 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Madhouse: A Suspenseful Horror
Madhouse: A Suspenseful Horror
Madhouse: A Suspenseful Horror by Miguel Estrada. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 970 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Beginning Oracle Programming (Expert's Voice)
Beginning Oracle Programming (Expert's Voice)
Beginning Oracle Programming (Expert's Voice) by Sean Dillon, Christopher Beck, et al.. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 7 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'SQL database' category.
Warren Buffett’s 3 Favorite Books: A guide to The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, and The Wealth of Nations (Warren Buffett's 3 Favorite Books Book 1)
Warren Buffett’s 3 Favorite Books: A guide to The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, and The Wealth of Nations (Warren Buffett's 3 Favorite Books Book 1)
Yes, the title and marketing posture is shamelessly mercenary, calculated to cash-in on the Buffet name and brand.

Yes, the first section really and truly is about a kid running a lemonade stand.


I'm glad I bought and read the book.

Surprisingly, given the bait and switch of using Buffet's name and branding and given that his three "favorite" books are barely mentioned, their content not delved into, and serve only as launching points -- the author has written an honest and sincere book.

I'll repeat that: This is an honest and sincere book.

And useful.

If, like me, you grew up without anyone actually TEACHING you about money, let alone stocks and bonds, the extended and hookey lemonade stand metaphor actually works. You WILL learn the fundamentals of stocks and bonds by examining the kid's adventures in retailing lemonade. (Our schools still do not teach students about money. Osmosis is good for nourishing plants, but if you really want to help people avoid poverty and pain and dependency, teach them about money; what it is, why it is, how it can be used. This author seems to be attempting to do just that, and for those well-intentioned reasons.)

The author does the math, and breaks it down so you can do the math on yor own. You could of course read Graham's classic, The Intelligent Investor, and do the math on your own. But gee whiz, it is always easier faster and more efficient if you have a decent teacher to help you. And, if you're like me, you can read through the whole book (it's not too long) and then go back and do the math, applying it to the real world of companies you're considering investing in. (I do think it would be best to read Graham's Intelligent Investor BEFORE reading this book. Going to the source text first is almost always better than reading what has been derived from that source.)

All of this is my longwinded way of saying, if you are hesitating and not sure if you should buy this book, go ahead. Put aside its used car salesman title/marketing. The content (the author's work) is forthright, honest, transparent. (Besides, you have 14 days to return the book for a refund if your experience is different from mine!So what's to worry? Go for it. ;-)

PS: I haven't tried his videos yet, but probably will.
Romance of Gathering Old Songs - typescript
Romance of Gathering Old Songs - typescript
Romance of Gathering Old Songs - typescript by Kate C. Snow. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the TypeScript category.
Mark Zuckerberg, Vampire Slayer - Volume 1: The Crimson Hack
Mark Zuckerberg, Vampire Slayer - Volume 1: The Crimson Hack
Looking for a fun summer read? Well, click, download and enjoy this book already! This is a funny, clever, tongue-in-cheek take on one of the more influential aspects of modern life...the development of social media..., but...with VAMPIRES. COME ON, could anything go better? Download the book, head outdoors and immerse yourself...but be sure to look over your shoulder.
Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe
Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe
First off, this book is not a textbook. You won't be reading it and doing homework or taking tests or solving equations and checking the back of the book to see if you got them right - thank goodness! This is a book that makes it possible for anyone (well, maybe not ANYONE, but anyone who is interested enough to try) to understand what Calculus is and the basics of how it works and why...

But why would you want to do that? Well, as the author asserts in the beginning of the book, Calculus is the language of God. Perhaps even more interestingly, he says that Calculus is the operating system or computer language that animates EVERYTHING from moment to moment and place to place.

So consider this; if you've EVER thought that maybe we are in a simulation - a virtual reality - then Calculus is the game engine code that our universe uses to draw the world we are playing the game in right now.

If you can imagine God as a computer game coder, and he set out to create a game called "Humanity" or "Life in the Universe As We Know It" - then instead of sitting down with UnReal Engine or Unity or Java or C++, he chose Calculus. Calculus is the language he programmed the Universe with and the more we understand the code, the more we understand the Universe.

That's kind of fascinating if you think about it - AND it is coexists with the Bible just fine. The Bible doesn't tell us the details of how God created the Universe or what he used to create it - The Bible just says he did it. Calculus is the "language" or a way for us to be able to tell what it is going to do next. My son and I have intense conversations about things like this - and this book makes them far more interesting.

I took Calculus in college several decades ago. I was a C student. I also took Differential Equations, and did much better. I felt like Calculus was the tools and D.E. was using the tools to do things. This book explains the tools and it is fascinating. I recommend it for anyone who is even a little curious about how our universe works, or also anyone who appreciates the artistic beauty of the order in our universe. Calculus is fascinating and even exciting if it is explained by the right person, and with Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe, Steven Strogatz is the right person to do it. I highly recommend this book if you are even slightly interested in how the universe and the world around you works.

I hope this is a helpful review. If there is anything more you would like to know, please ask. I try to check my reviews for comments and respond to them right away. I think it is important for fellow shoppers on Amazon to look out for one another by letting each other know if a product is good, or if it is a stinker. I take this very seriously and try to be helpful. Thank you!
Elon Musk: The Unauthorized Autobiography
Elon Musk: The Unauthorized Autobiography
This book about Elon Musk impressed me very much ... Through the first-person perspective you get the feeling to sit next to him and to listen to his stories or rather, you get an insight into his world of ideas. A glimpse into how his train of thoughts work ...
I read Elon Musk's biography Ashlee Vance wrote before ... I liked it, too, but personally it did not touch me as much as this book ...

Yes I can not lie, I am a big fan and my whole family too ... Unfortunately, such strong personalities polarize extremely ... Either the people love or hate him ... This black and white picture is very typical for us human beings and should be managed out of the way by reflective thinking and by reading books...
Elon Musk is an extreme personality, just like Nikola Tesla once, I think.
Thank God he has a lot more sense for business and can be much more marketable in public ... He is a visionary and an incredible genius.

I think he once said in an interview that he has a kind of technical OCD, he can not stop until he reaches his goal... So in my opinion he is a perfectionist and control freak, all these things togheter shall be the source of his tremendous energy ... of course, an irrepressible will ..

Elon Musk writes history with his companies and visions, he and the story of his life will be an integral part in the history books of the future...
So why do not we read and inform ourselves about him now, during everything happens?

I have a very selfish interest in the distribution of electric cars, bad air caused me various problems with my lungs, without ever having smoked.
Of course I also like the technical progress of humanity ... I always had the hope that the progress of humanity happens faster ... For a long time there was a kind of stagnation. .. Elon Musk has broken through this stagnation in my opinion and suddenly it started ... A lot of people now want to have or even build electric cars, many now want to explore space ... And I think that's fantastic and exciting ...Humanity will soon reach Mars, many of my childhood dreams will come true!

At the beginning I could not believe that a human being would put his own capital into all those companies to help humanity. Thanks to him, I am now a believer
and there is no one right now who deserves it more to be supported than him and that is what everyone should do in my opinion ... What he is doing for humanity is for all of us of unimaginable high value !! I'm so happy and grateful to live in the same century to experience it all.
When I heard in the media about Elon Musk and his visions for humanity first I found that very interesting and I wanted to know more about him ... From that point on, I looked at all sorts of interviews about him. Yes, I could not stop gathering information about him.
This is my personal journey to discover this man, who has been given so many names, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, The Real Iron Man, The Next Steve Jobs, an alien who will save our humanity or even Jesus ... And surely some of them, hit the nail on the head ... But no matter how you think about him, take your time to research the Story behind this man, read this and other books about him, and then form your own opinion ... You will not regret having exchanged your precious time for reading, this I can promise....
¡Basta de historias!: La obsesión latinoamerican con el pasado y las doce claves para el futuro (Spanish Edition)
¡Basta de historias!: La obsesión latinoamerican con el pasado y las doce claves para el futuro (Spanish Edition)
Soy padre de 2 pequeños, uno de 4 y otra de 1 año y este libro me abrió más los ojos para reforzar mi idea de que mis hijos deberán de estudiar en el extranjero en cierto punto de su carrera estudiantil y por el otro lado a seleccionar mejor sus escuelas poniendo especial atención a los maestros que les darán clases y no tanto a la fama y prestigio de la escuela. Recomendado para padres de familia, para Enrique Peña actual presidente de México (y futuros), senadores y diputados y para toda persona involucrada con la educación en México y en el mundo.
elope Jimi Hendrix Costume Hat for Adult Men
elope Jimi Hendrix Costume Hat for Adult Men
This hat is way better than what you would expect for a costume hat and the low price. I'm a professional street performer and I use it in my show. I use it on sunny days when I perform on the Santa Monica Pier. It takes sweat well and doesn't get weird or stinky. The hat is fairly large. I have a big head and wear at least a seven and a half on most hats and this is just slightly large on me but I can wear it fine. It also stays on my head well when the wind kicks up while doing Dancin Dave dance party Santa Monica Pier.
Masterpieces by Bob Dylan [Music CD]
Masterpieces by Bob Dylan [Music CD]
Wow - I can't believe I'm the first person to review this! So I'll be as comprehensive of my review as I can be in case anybody reads it! LOL!
Well this is a 3-CD set, released exclusively in Australia, New Zealand and Japan only in March, 1978, intended as sort of a greatest hits package mixed with some rarities! This was re-issued on CD by Columbia in 1991. Alas, this is now out of print so it is a treasure trove for any Dylan fan, especially this one! This is reminiscent of "Biograph" in that the tracks don't go in chorological order, they're sort of all over the place but still fit in nicely together! Now for the track listings!

CD 1
1. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - from "Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid" - a top-notch hit for Bob in 1973 and is covered by such artists as Jerry Garcia and Guns 'n Roses!
2. Mr. Tambourine Man - from "Bringing It All Back Home" - my personal favorite Dylan song - The Byrds had a #1 hit with this one!
3. Just Like A Woman - from "Blonde On Blonde" - another classic and I believe was a top 10 hit for Bob in 1966.
4. I Shall Be Released - from "Greatest Hits Vol. II" - this one is from the 1971 recording session that produced "Down In The Flood", "Watching The River Flow", "George Jackson", and "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere"
5. Tears Of Rage - from "The Basement Tapes" - one of the best songs from the sessions with the Band at the basement of Big Pink from 1967!
6. All Along The Watchtower - from "John Wesley Harding" - a true classic that most people give Jimi Hendrix credit for - but I've always preferred Bob's version the best!
7. One More Cup Of Coffee - from "Desire" - a cool, sort of love song with Emmylou Harris on backing vocals!
8. Like A Rolling Stone - from "Self Portrait" - this was the 1967 Isle of Wight performance which is okay but kinda sloppy and Bob gets his words mixed up a tad! I prefer the original recording or the "Bootleg 4" live version from Manchester England, 1966.
9. Quinn The Eskimo - from "Self Portrait" - this one is by far the best performance in the 1967 Isle of Wight concert - it ROCKS and is much better to my ears than the original version on "Biograph" and "Side Tracks"!
10. Tomorrow Is A Long Time - from "Greatest Hits Vol. II" - this is the live Town Hall performance from 1963 - Columbia had plans to release this whole show but it got shelved for some reason! Perhaps a future installment in the Bootleg Series?
11. Lay, Lady, Lay - from "Hard Rain" - really wish they would've put the original version on here instead... the backup singers on this one are super-annoying! Bob does change some of the lyrics though which makes it worth a listen!
12. Idiot Wind - a better track from "Hard Rain" - kind of an angry sounding version, unlike the one on "Bootleg 2" which has a much softer tone!

CD 2
1. Mixed-Up Confusion - an outtake from "Freewheelin" - I think this is the same version found on "Side Tracks" - a good song but I like the single version better found on "Biograph".
2. Positively 4th Street - a non-album single from mid-'65 which had "From A Buick 6" as the B-side! An slightly extended version of this is found on "Side Tracks" and the 1999 reissue of "Greatest Hits".
3. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? - a cool rocking non-album single which had "Highway 61 Revisited" as the B-side. This is in mono but a stereo recording exists on "Bootleg 12".
4. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - the live version from 5/14/66 in Liverpool, England - also was the B-side to the "I Want You" single. This track is basically exclusive to "Masterpieces", unless you're wanting to invest in the "Complete 1966 Live Performances" CD.
5. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - another tune from the 1971 recording sessions - this one was the B-side to the "Watching The River Flow" single! This is also available on the "Pure Dylan" compilation CD!
6. George Jackson - the big-band version which is good and not found anywhere else - but yet again, Bob has annoying backup singers... sounds like the same ones from the 1973 "Dylan" album! Where is Emmylou Harris when you need her? I like the acoustic version of this song better from "Side Tracks".
7. Rita May - a "Desire" outtake and a cool B-side to the "Stuck Inside Of Mobile" Hard Rain single from 1976. Another exclusive to this CD and found nowhere else!
8. Blowin' In The Wind - from "Freewheelin" - can't say enough about this song - I think its been covered more than any other song ever has been!
9. A Hard Rain's A Gonna-Fall from "Freewheelin" - made Allen Ginsberg cry when he first heard it and for good reason! A fantastic song!
10. The Times They Are A-Changin' - title track from the pivotal 1964 album - a single was also issued of this with "Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance" as the B-side.
11. Masters Of War - from "Freewheelin" and what a song this is! Bob performed this on his 1991 Grammy Lifetime Achievement ceremony!
12. Hurricane - from "Desire" - an 8-9 minute epic and a true story about how boxer Reuben Carter was falsely accused of murder!

CD 3
1. Maggie's Farm - from "Hard Rain" - not one of my favorite tunes but it'll do! LOL!
2. Subterranean Homesick Blues - from "Bringing It All Back Home" - cool lyrics and the cue card scene is considered to be the first music video!
3. Ballad Of A Thin Man - from "Highway 61 Revisited" - so glad to see this make it onto a compilation album! This is dark, creepy and downright strange - I think even stranger than "Visions of Johanna"
4. Mozambique - from "Desire" - a cool little romance-type ditty with Emmylou Harris on backup vocals again! I wish Bob could've got her on backup for the "Hard Rain" album!
5. This Wheel's On Fire - from "The Basement Tapes" and probably the best song from there!
6. I Want You - another hit song from Bob on the "Blonde On Blonde" album! Cool stuff!
7. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - a #2 hit song for Bob located on "Blonde On Blonde". Check out the MTV Unplugged performance of this from 1995! It's ROCKING!
8. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - from "Freewheelin" - a classic country-sounding tune with great guitar finger-picking! Makes one wonder why Bob isn't in the Country Music Hall of Fame??
9. Song To Woody - a very early song dedicated to Woody Guthrie from the "Bob Dylan" debut album which stands the test of time!
10. It Ain't Me, Babe - from "Another Side" and another classic - Johnny Cash/June Carter made a hit with a cover of this - I prefer Bob's version better though!
11. Love Minus Zero/No Limit - from "Bringing It All Back Home" - happy to see this finally make in onto a compilation album! A great song and would've been a big hit had it been released as a single!
12. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - another cool country song from "John Wesley Harding" - love the steel guitar in this one!
13. If Not For You - when it comes to picking a song from the "New Morning" album, this one is always picked! What about the others? "Went To See The Gypsy" & "Winterlude" are better songs to my ears - but this is still a good song... check out the more rockier version on "Bootleg 2"!
14. If You See Her, Say Hello - from the monumental "Blood On The Tracks" - another classic tune with great acoustic guitar playing! There is a stripped-down version of this on "Bootleg 3" but I prefer this recording.
15. Sara - from "Desire" - a poetic masterpiece (pun intended)! The last song from "Desire" and is one of the best on there besides "Oh Sister", "One More Cup Of Coffee" & "Hurricane".

So there you have it - this is a great compilation although very rare to come by - Columbia should put this back in print as they'd have Dylan fans lining up to buy it! Hopefully they'll include "Rita May" & "George Jackson (Big-Band Version)" on a future installment of the Bootleg Series! Until then, this is the only place they can be enjoyed, unless you have their original 45 record releases of course! =)
Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
This is a critical thinkers book. It gives the reader a basis to use within their own programming style and language of choice.

The code examples are written in Java and are there to show how to refactor code based on the principles and reasoning within the book.
This is not a book that I take as a specific do this or else, more of a guide that explains why you should consider writing code in the way described.

Essentially the lesson is to create code that is small, has a specific purpose and does that one thing.
When functions or methods begin to stray into doing multiple things spin those code pieces off on their own and repeat.

What I get from this book is a mindset or way of thinking about programming. To create code that is cohesive, is small, does not have unnecessary parts. When these principles are broken find a way to refactor or eliminate the additional pieces. It is not just about taking away or keeping code small but adopting a way of thinking about the design of the program and how each piece interacts with the other parts.

The suggested line lengths of functions mentioned and other very specific examples is more where your critical thinking comes into play. I do not program in Java so many of the language specific scenarios do not apply to me. in some languages you just can't have or do some of the things suggested. Though as a general rule of thumb I find the examples helpful and when I mean general rule of thumb I do not mean a specific line count or size but a simplistic do as little as possible to achieve the goal. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

I purchased and received the 16th printing of this book, published February 2016.
There are no weird formatting or printing issues with the book as others have mentioned.

If you have the ability to reason and think critically, being able to adapt examples and suggestions to your own style and language then I highly recommend this book. The contents are NOT common sense and do not come naturally to the uninitiated. The book does take you by the hand in a certain way leading you from the process of just make the program work to thinking about the logic design and function of your programs.

When you are in situations where redesign is not possible the principles learned from this book will help you to refactor when possible and write new code that is better, smaller, tighter. Making you a better more valuable programmer.
Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point, Assorted, Special Edition Retro Accents, 12 Pack
Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point, Assorted, Special Edition Retro Accents, 12 Pack
Loving these shades! They will not bleed through paper, and they are vibrant shades. Their shades are true to their outer casing's. Very pleased with that. They're great to write and draw with. I'm personally using them to scrapbook, not color but you could use these in adult coloring books. Highly recommend these felt tip pens and the Inkjoy gel pens (.5mm is the best tip size). I won't use a regular pen ever again. They glide so smoothly!
EcoFrenzy - Kids Bamboo Toothbrush - Child Size Soft BPA Free Color Safe Bristles (4 Pack)
EcoFrenzy - Kids Bamboo Toothbrush - Child Size Soft BPA Free Color Safe Bristles (4 Pack)
This is the second one in the pack ive had to trash with less than 2 weeks of use. Made sure to shake off excess water, dab dry, and set over container where it could air dry, but still mold is growing. I predict some mold growth after about a month or so maybe with this method, but this is rediculous. Have used two now and even with drying off as described above, mold shows within a week of use. Return window passed before managed to return them. Will not be buying this brand again. Wich is a bummer because they are cute and the perfect size for my 5yr old. But the mold is a health Hazzard.
Marvel Men's Civil War Captain America Full Vinyl Mask, Multi, One Size
Marvel Men's Civil War Captain America Full Vinyl Mask, Multi, One Size
I read the reviews and all noted the mask was very large so I was not shocked when it arrived. Others comments on it being deformed and they could not fix the deformation owing to the size. Well, I noted these facts but I came up with what I think is a good fix for both problems. The fix: I bought velcro tabs (1 in x in squares) and super glued them inside the back of the helmet about 1/2 inch to an inch at the base on either side of the center. Once dried I simply squeezed the back tabs together and it pinched in to make a tighter fit (basically measure how much pinch you would need to make a tight fit). I then held it from the pinch and slid it on. Because it was tight, there was very little deformation of any kind and it fit well on my face. Obviously from the back there is a fold but I was not concerned with how the back of my head looked like. For the price it is a great prop in my opinion.
X-Men: The Legend of Wolverine
X-Men: The Legend of Wolverine
The collection of cartoons from the X-Men cartoon series includes:
"Out of the Past-Parts I & II" These two episodes explore the origins of Wolverine and explain how his former love became a hated nemesis, the feared Lady Deathstrike.
"Nightcrawler" This episode of the series introduces the X-Men to the mutant of faith, Nightcrawler.
"The Lotus and the Steel" Taking a plot directly from THE SEVEN SAMURI, Wolverine leaves the X-Men and goes to Japan in order to find inner peace. He finds instead is a village under the reign of a gang of terror and discovers that in order to find peace with the world, one must find peace with one's self first.
This DVD also includes the bonus episode:
"X-Men: The Final Decision" The X-Men join forces with Magneto to prevent the collapse of all mankind, mutants and non-mutants alike.
The DVD also includes an interview with X-Men writer, Chris Claremont; Chris Claremont's talk about each of the episodes on the DVD; and a brief interview with Stan Lee.
I enjoyed watching each one of these cartoons. They work well as an introduction to the X-Men (especially Wolverine and Nightcrawler) and are full of action. The interviews with Chris Claremont and Stan Lee are especially interesting and full of nuggets of Marvel trivia. A nice collection for a fan of the X-Men or for someone interesting in learning more about this superhero team.
Iron Man 3 (Theatrical Version)
Iron Man 3 (Theatrical Version)
Unfortunately each of the succeeding Iron Man films was not as good as its predecessor. That was in part because the first was such a groundbreaking release which set the mood and tone of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man 3 was still enjoyable but was in the second tier of Marvel movies with the likes of Doctor Strange and Thor The Dark World. The theme of the movie was unintended consequences. As Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) explains in the opening, “We create our own demons.”

Stark was specifically referring to a conference in 1999 when he was still a freewheeling playboy who was often irresponsible. He blew off a researcher named Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) who’d created a group called Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) and slept with the scientist Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall) and then forgot about them. Killian would be his foe in this film with AIM becoming a criminal organization along with the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), while Hansen would work for him on something called Extremis that was another attempt to create a super soldier. This relates to the theme that if Stark had paid attention to people back in the day they might not have come back to haunt him. Killian was not a big figure in the comics, but AIM was one of the main villains right up there with Hydra. The Mandarin was also one of Iron Man’s biggest foes. The movie completely changed the character to a figurehead however, which was greatly criticized by fans of the comics.

Another part of the theme was Stark suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the first Avengers film. He constantly had flashbacks and panic attacks as a result of him almost dying at the end of that film. Again, his past was affecting him.

The main flaw with the story was that Killian just wasn’t that much of a bad guy, and the one that should have been the main villain the Mandarin really wasn’t. A good action movie always has to have a strong villain otherwise it doesn’t give the audience much reason to care about the conflict in the story. Killian had a scheme to exploit the war on terror for his own profit, but is that really a good driving plot? That’s the reason why Iron Man 3 is definitely a second tier Marvel movie.
Shatner's Raw Nerve Season 3
Shatner's Raw Nerve Season 3
William Shatner is the consummate interviewer. He listens to his guests and has the ability to draw more out of their story so you can see a clearer picture of who these people are. He also asks some pretty tough questions that expose their 'raw nerve' - makes the viewer realize that these amazingly powerful, successful people are just as human as we all are. Shatner exposes their humanity in a way no other interviewer has. Bravo to Shatner and the show - I only wish it was televised more broadly than it was. If you like to be inspired by extraordinary people, watch all seasons. I went on a raw nerve binge and did all 3 seasons in a day - definitely worth your time.
Otros relatos de Belkin (Spanish Edition)
Otros relatos de Belkin (Spanish Edition)
"Nuestra editorial se especializa en publicar libros en español. Para encontrar otros títulos busque "Editorial Medí"".

Por lo menos deberían molestarrse en escribir una berve reseña y listar los contenidos de la obra.

O ¿comprar a ciegas?
The Pilgrimage
The Pilgrimage
The Pilgrimage is about one mans journey to find himself through the excuse of finding his sword. At first, the main character had gone through a set of trails not specifically talked about in the book, to earn the right to have his sword. But because of his impatiance, he has to prove himself by taveling down the Road of Santiago. There, he meets his mentor who will teach him the practices that he has to use to find his sword. The main meat of the book is the main character on this journey. Whether he finds his sword or not will be up to you to find out.

To be honest, there were parts of this book that made it hard to read. Some parts just made you loes intrest. But to conteract that, there were parts where the words flowed naturally off of the page to make not reading on to the next chapter hard. The book teaches a lot about the human mind and how most people think and I found that interesting. I loved how it emphsized the importance of having mental toughness in life as that is truth.

I would recommend this book to anyone having trouble finding themselves. This book has a lot to do with that and may provide some answers for said person. Coming from a teenage male perspective, I feel like it can relate a bit to my group. Would read again in a few years.
O Diário de um mago (Portuguese Edition)
O Diário de um mago (Portuguese Edition)
Para quem já conhece o estilo de escrita do autor e gosta (ou pelo menos tolera) os assuntos místicos abordados frequentemente pelo Paulo Coelho, sabe que muitas partes precisam ser desconsideradas ou lidas de "cabeça aberta", visto que ele fala muito de magia e acontecimentos que dificilmente convencem os mais céticos e racionais (como eu).

Mesmo assim, a leitura é válida para aqueles que desejam conhecer mais sobre o caminho de Santiago da Compostela e também para quem já o fez recentemente, pois é sempre interessante ver a visão de outras pessoas que passaram por lá.

Filtrando bem as experiências relatadas pelo autor, dá para refletir sobre certos trechos relacionados à autoconhecimento, destino, amor, fé e esperança em si mesmo e no mundo.
My Uncle Oswald (Expect the Unexpected)
My Uncle Oswald (Expect the Unexpected)
I've always known Roald Dahl as a children's author but it appears he published a significant number of adult stories and novels as well. This is one of the latter. A quick glance at one book blurb had me thinking I was in for a bit of smut, but I wasn't. Dahl's narrative device is to excerpt from the diary of the narrator's rich uncle.

A character featured throughout describes one of the antics she's been enlisted for as, "...a bit of a lark." And that is exactly what this book feels like. The narrator disappears almost immediately and we're off into the tale of how the uncle got rich. It seems like an unduly lengthy diary entry but no matter. And it seems the way he ultimately did get rich might have transpired more directly but, again, no matter. The lark is the point.

Dahl just seems to have wanted to fiddle about with a sex-soaked romp through some of the best and brightest of the twentieth century, from intellectual and artistic royalty to actual royalty. As you might expect, he favors the former over the latter. And he handles the sex mostly euphemistically so the book never trips into the gutter.

There's really not much here but it's mildly amusing and a quick read.
La confesión / The Confession (Best Seller) (Spanish Edition)
La confesión / The Confession (Best Seller) (Spanish Edition)
I have read several of John Grisham's books, and he is an exceptional writer, wit ample experience and knowledge of Law. But
I must say that although this book is interesting, I feel that its not one of his best. He gets into long, extensive and slightly tiring
descriptions about various instances which i will not mention to avoid disclosing the trama. There were times when I felt like giving
up my reading, but I continued because Grisham deserves that we follow his work. Again, a good book which in my humble opinión
should have been shorter, avoiding some long and repeated events. But I will continue reading John Grisham after giving him and
myself a break on Law stories.
*Bestselling author Sandra Brown has brought another excellent romantic suspense in this spell binding adventure as only she can do!....... While on her way to New Mexico to do an interview,television reporter, Tiel McCoy is contacted by her boss to tell her that a major story just came over the wire. Apparently Sabra Dendy, daughter of multi-millionaire Russell Dendy has run away with her boyfriend, Ronald Davison. Begging her friend and editor for this story, she is given the go ahead and without thinking she whips the car around taking her to Hera, Texas. However, little did she know that her fate was about to change when she decided to stop at the last minute to enter a convenient store. She was looking to see what she needed on her trip back when she started to browse. Only a few people including a very handsome cowboy, but her concentration was distracted when a young couple came in to hold up the store. She couldn't believe her eyes for it was Ronnie and Sabra and she was nine months pregnant! The story, her story just fell right into her lap and it was going to make her famous! When Sabra started to bend over in discomfort, Tiel jumped by her side including the handsome cowboy and ignoring Ronnie's threats with the gun he was holding. The cowboy known as "Doc" said he could help her while silently, Tiel knew who he was. At one time, he was the most talented and prominent onocologist in the country, but with a terrible scandal invading his practice and personal life causing him to just walk away to live in seclusion for more than three years now. Now kneeling beside Sabra, Doc realizes that Tiel knows who he is and he hints to her to respect his wishes by not telling anyone else. Doc's story is one thing but when she learns why the kids did what they did, she is driven to a soft spot within herself that she didn't even know existed. Throughout all this madness, Doc and Tiel work together to help Sabra and her baby by trying to keep Ronnie calm not to mention the worry and concern over two mexican customers who look deadly and their biggest concern of why Sabra ran away to begin with. To escape a vicious and cold calculating father who has threatened to either kill the baby or adopt it out? With all the commotion going on, there was something else going on as Doc and Tiel find themselves totally attracted to each other and suddenly her big news story isn't all that important any more. She hopes Doc sees it in her eyes just as she knows that whatever happened with him three years ago, he was totally innocent. She's thinking to herself "the damn media!".........Will doc and Tiel get together once all the chaos is behind them?......thank you
Naruto, Vol. 24: Unorthodox
Naruto, Vol. 24: Unorthodox
With the Konoha ninja not doing too well against their Sound Ninja opponents, unexpected reinforcements arrive to continue the fight.

Now this is annoying, this volume of Naruto would have been the absolute best of the series so far if it wasn't for one little thing that really annoyed me, calling sake `private potion' and Drunken Fist `Potion Punch'. I suppose that I should have expected this as a similar thing happened in the anime but it wasn't to this extent. This sort of censorship really annoys me and if it wasn't for this I would have definitely given this volume five stars. Maybe I am being somewhat harsh as other than this the volume is of very high quality with some great fights, some nice plot twists and some good art.
All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C. S. Lewis, 1922-1927
All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C. S. Lewis, 1922-1927
C.S. Lewis's diary for the years 1922-1927 is a treasure trove for researchers. Want to know how "Jack" met Nevill Coghill? Check Walter Hooper's index and find the two Oxford undergrads having tea with their tutor in Old English. When did the ambitious young poet begin writing "Dymer," his strange narrative poem? The diary tell us. But the well-edited volume also makes enjoyable reading, especially for those interested in Lewis's young life. Used for research or for company while you eat, it is a pleasant purchase. I had used the paperback edition for years. Now I have "All My Road Before Me" on my Kindle, a digital "vade mecum."
C. S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument from Reason
C. S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument from Reason
Victor Reppert wrote this book in 2003. My impression is that the title is primarily a marketing decision. It is intended to call to mind the title of Daniel Dennett’s criticism of theism in his Darwin’s Dangerous Idea. Dennett thought Darwinism was “dangerous” to theism because it suggests the possibility that material things can have purely natural, or material, origins.

Reppert also also invokes C.S. Lewis, to balance the philosophical firepower but also to suggest that the so-called “argument from reason” is dangerous to anti-theism (or “materialism,” or “naturalism”) in the same way. Reppert is suggesting that the very process of deliberating on the truth of naturalism and super-naturalism undermines the materialist position. Reppert draws out C.S. Lewis’s take on the subject from his (Lewis’s) book Miracles, in particular its revised form following Lewis’s famous debate on the subject with Elizabeth Anscombe.

Let’s start with this. It is often argued that the very fact of order in the universe implies the existence of an order-Giver. All of science presupposes the existence of this order. In fact, science would be impossible without it. Science assumes that there are constant and measurable forces acting upon physical things in predictable ways. The undeniable order of the universe has huge implications for the question whether or not God is. As C.S. Lewis wrote:

"Men became scientific because they expected Law in Nature, and they expected Law in Nature because they believed in a Legislator."

It has often been argued that Christianity provided the intellectual foundation for all of science, including its breakout in the early Enlightenment with Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, and so on. Christianity provided this foundation because Christians envisioned a God of order, who created material reality in a state of order.

If there is no God, however, then all of reality consists of matter in motion. A person who believes there is no God is a materialist; a naturalist; an anti-theist or atheist; one who rejects metaphysics. This is the dominant view of reality in our culture, and the point of view people necessarily adopt when they shrug the shoulders and ask “who knows” when considering the proposition that God is.

If all of reality is natural reality, how does that vision of reality explain the obvious order of the universe? The short answer, for theists, is that it doesn’t. Materialism depends on the existence of that order, but cannot explain it.

Now with that background, we can go a step forward with these ideas, and consider the “argument from reason,” as it is stated in its usual philosophical formulation, or, as Reppert (and I) prefer, “the argument from rational inference.”

The basic idea is this. We develop our ideas about the truth of materialism, or theism, or anything else, for that matter, by making logical inferences. One observation leads us to another logically. We say it’s “logical” because we say one inference causes the next. That causation is at the heart of the order of the universe. Our reasons for our beliefs – and our reasons for everything – are based on a sometimes complex series of inferences, from observations to ideas to ideas. That progression is not random.

The argument from rational inferences serves not just to support theism but to negate materialism. Materialism is self-defeating because it requires refutation of the very argument it attempts to advance.

It goes like this. First, a belief is not rationally inferred if it can be fully explained by non-rational causes. A non-rational cause includes any cause that is not the product of thought. So B can follow A naturally and in accordance with the natural order of the universe, but not be “rational” because it is not the product of rational thought.

If materialism is true, then all beliefs can be fully explained by nonrational causes. It rests on the determinist principle that one’s thoughts are the products of a seemingly infinite (but actually finite) number of movements of matter according to natural forces, from the largest galaxy to the smallest nearly imperceptible spark in the brain. One’s thought at any moment is the result of physical causes and effects, only.

If materialism is true, then no belief is arrived at from causes other than physical ones. They are determined mechanistically; not rationally inferred. A person’s beliefs are not formed by a series of rational inferences, but instead by the particular combination of material particles in motion to the moment the belief is formed. That person’s belief is formed purely by mechanistic processes, not by rational inferences.

On one level this just sounds like a reiteration of the notion that the appearance of logic and order within natural reality implies an ordering Entity. But it also applies to our individual consciousness. The existence of rational inferences experienced subjectively would appear to be among the most basic of our beliefs about reality. To deny them runs counter to our very sense of subjective directedness – the “aboutness” of our consciousness, its intentionality. How can we exist as meat machines and organic calculators, when we have this deep intuition that inside our minds we make rational inferences from observation to idea, or idea to idea? We employ rational inferences even to discern the truth or falsity of the proposition that rational inferences explain reality.

The materialist explanation of reality rejects that proposition, and therefore must itself be rejected. The proposition (that people explain reality through a series of rational inferences) is supported not only by subjective conscious experience, but by the logical connections extant in the physical world around us. Those logical connections are the same kind of logical connections we make internally; rationally. The conclusion is that there is a rational, thought-connection between events in the physical world. We live inside the mind of God.

“Fideism” is the idea that our belief is based on faith alone; that science, philosophy, and rational thought in general are irrelevant to faith. People rightly scoff at the fideist’s justification for belief. Faith should be based on natural revelation, including but not limited to supernatural revelation. These are matters which present to our reason.

And yet, the usual method of persuasion to materialism is that we’re to accept on faith that materialism explains or will explain everything, and so if there’s anything not yet explained materialistically, we’re to nonetheless remain faithful to materialism. This is “promissory materialism;” a priori commitment to the anti-metaphysical proposition. This might be called scientific fideism. It must be rejected for the same reason as Christian fideism.

So what’s so dangerous about the argument from rational inferences? It jeopardizes the coherence of the naturalist worldview. Whether you’re a committed materialist, or just a materialist by default, the very reasoning by which we arrive at truth calls that naturalistic or materialistic worldview into question. According to C.S. Lewis and Reppert:

"If we explain reason naturalistically we shall end up explaining it away, that is, explaining it in such a way that it cannot serve as a foundation for the natural sciences that are themselves the foundation for naturalism."
Peter Rabbit Baby Book (Peter Rabbit Naturally Better)
Peter Rabbit Baby Book (Peter Rabbit Naturally Better)
This is the second of the same baby book that I've bought. I thought about getting a different one for my second child for interests sake but I ultimately knew I would be disappointed with anything else (and so, probably, would they). This is a GREAT baby book! My search was long and hard. There are a lot of not great ones out there, and a lot of the more interesting ones aren't sweet and baby-themed enough. This is a throw-back, with Peter Rabbit, but it is also modern enough to look back on and be reminded of the baby's first year, and what those good-ole-days were really like. NOSTALGIA! I love that it's printed in Italy, instead of China; that it's made responsibly (you can read about that); that's it's such great quality - it will NEVER fall apart; that it's not silly and is pretty standard with firsts and a family tree and places for pictures of things that matter; that it has sweet, but not distracting, pictures (you can write right on top of them if you need the space); and that it expects reasonable amounts of time and effort from you but feels full and sufficient. It has a pocket in the back too, to store some things. Mostly it just doesn't annoy the ever-loving crap out of me, like most of the other's certainly would have.
For Your Eyes Only (James Bond (Original Series))
For Your Eyes Only (James Bond (Original Series))
The Bond books continue to fascinate. Many of the famous ones often contrast with the films and the delight for me is reading those books where the stories have little relation to their cinematic counterpart. By the time Fleming had written the five stories in this collection he had really hit his stride and whilst some of the longer efforts tend to get a bit flabby (especially at their conclusions) I think it is fair to say that the shorter efforts represent his best efforts. Something like "The spy who loved me" is demonstrative of how Fleming honed his journalistic style of writing in the shorter books. This collection offers some even better story telling and, in my opinion is the best of all the 7 Bond books I have read to date and has dated markedly less than many of the other publications.

The five stories in this collection actually starts weakly. "From a view to a kill" concerns the assasination of a dispatch rider and the subsequent endeavours of James Bond to rectify the situation. The method of subterfuge used is highly improbable and the story loses credibility insofar that the ruse should be repeated a second time. However, this short effort is followed by the brilliant "For your eyes only" where Bond is sent on a mission of personal retribution by M. This is typical Bond territory and has the feel of the opening sequence from a Bond film with there being plenty of action and a more decisive 007. "A quantum of solace" is an experimental piece and involves Bond as a reluctant guest at a dinner party where his host explains a story about a former colleague. Oddly enough , Fleming is often at his best the further he is removed from the world of espionage and the little twist at the end makes this a compelling story despite the lack of action.

The last two stories have never been associated with films even if the character Milton Krest has appeared in an unrelated film. I felt "Risico" owes something to "On her majesties secret service" and centres around Bond trying to close down a drug importing operation via association with a criminal gang with a degree of honour. This remains the most credible adventure of the five stories with an exciting chase through a beach near Venice and an explosive climax. The story does have a twist in it but it is pretty obvious about 2/3rds through. That said, the story manages to keep it's feet on the ground and lacks the more incredible features that mar the likes of "Dr No" and "Live and let die." Even more obscure is "The Hidlebrand Rarity" where Bond is between operations and invited by the cruel Mitlon Krest to look for a rare species of fish. Krest remains one of Fleming's best villains and , for once, the dialogue he is given is not as risible as might be in some of his other books. In fact, I think he is a well-drawn character whose patronising nature makes you instantly dislike him. However, I think the real joy of this book is that the opening sequence isn't quite as unrelated to the main thrust of the story as you might think given the manner in which Krest punishes his wife and the fact that there is a degree of ambiguity in the conclusion. Again, like "Quantum", there is little action yet the tale remains hugely compelling.

All in all, this collection of stories represents the apogee of Fleming's work and the failings of the longer and more famous efforts are not allowed to manifest themselves in the short nature of these stories. The Bond of these efforts is very much the one that we recognise from the films - something that is not quite so apparent within the opening opuses. Recommended.
Tarzan and the Ant-Men
Tarzan and the Ant-Men
I’ve been rereading the Tarzan novels over the last 4 years and although very simplistic they are still an enjoyable quick read ..
As a teen I read them in paperback but now on kindle and at a inexpensive price it’s a great revisit!.. the current Tarzan and the ant men is a “sequel” to the previous novel ..
Make sure you read the novels in the sequence they were written !... enjoy!!
Bumkins Harry Potter SuperBib, Baby Bib, Waterproof, Washable, Stain & Odor Resistant, 6-24 Months, 3 Pack - Quidditch
Bumkins Harry Potter SuperBib, Baby Bib, Waterproof, Washable, Stain & Odor Resistant, 6-24 Months, 3 Pack - Quidditch
I started baby led weaning at 6 months with my baby and this helps protect the neck and chest area. It won't keep your baby from being messy though. If you want a mess free baby then you'll need to look into a baby apron or long sleeve bib. I usually just take the shirt off.
The bib is easy to clean right after eating. I thought the red sauce from pasta stained it since I didn't clean it right away but I just soaked it in some warm water with dawn soap and the stain was gone! The teething crackers was dried and stuck in the bib since I forgot to clean it but I just rinse/soaked it and everything came off.
The Velcro is easy to put on but my baby is now strong enough to yank it off. But he usually keeps it on until he's done eating. When he yanks at the bib after his food is gone that usually means he's done eating anyways. If you use a bib early on then baby won't hate it.
Baby can and will try to eat what does fall into the pocket which works sometimes. It does pretty well catching water when baby drinks. But baby will yank the bib and what ever is in the pocket will spill.
Cute design if you like Mario stuff. I wish there were more Mario options or more neutral colored options. It comes with 2 bibs, but wished it had 3.
Great gift idea. I bought the black and white mickey mouse for my sister and it comes with 3 bibs for that design.
Recommend if you want something light, portable, easy to clean.
The Lord of the Hallows: Christian Symbolism and Themes in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter
The Lord of the Hallows: Christian Symbolism and Themes in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter
The Lord of the Hallows is subtitled "Christain Symbolism and Themes in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter". Yet the book itself seems to be a mish-mash of different things. Although there are many interesting points about the influences of Christianity on the story a large majority of the book is taken up with the simliarities between Rowling's Harry Potter and Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings/ An astute reader will guess this from the title and cover art but the given premise of this book is somewhat misleading.

While the parrallels drawn are intriguing there are many instances were the author seems to be straining. She cites every possible utterance of "God" as proof positive that the wizards of Rowling's world believe in a higher power. I find it more likely that Rowling was simply trying to make them appear as life-like as possible to the mordern reader who is suppose to question whether or not Wizards exist in their world.

The primary flaw of this book is the formatting. While passing off as a book this is actually a collection of short essays formatted in MLA style. MLA is inappropiate for this medium and it is distracting to find mistakes in the MLA format itself. Many typos also distract the reader. The closing line of chapter ten looses its effect as the reader stumbles over a major typo. The author also seems to fall into first person at random times to cite the fact that she correctly guessed Rowlings' plot developements.

On the whole, this book has some interesting points and information although it strays into many seemingly unrelated items. The author will hopefully address some of the formatting/grammar issues
Decalzone Inc for in Dreams We Enter A World That is Entirely Our Own Albus Dumbledore Quote Wall Decal Harry Potter Vinyl Wall Decal Stickers Nursery Kids Baby Children Decor
Decalzone Inc for in Dreams We Enter A World That is Entirely Our Own Albus Dumbledore Quote Wall Decal Harry Potter Vinyl Wall Decal Stickers Nursery Kids Baby Children Decor
Bought this decal for my son's nursery. Looks great on the wall, but I will say if you have any texture to your walls, it takes a bit of time to apply it. I just took my time and it turned out great, but don't expect to take this out and have it up in 5 minutes if you want it to look good. Especially if you have texture on your walls.
Vive Carbon Fiber Quad Cane - Ultra Lightweight Walking Stick For Men, Women - Adjustable Ergonomic Grip Handle - Nonslip Four Prong Rubber Tips For Right, Left Stability Support - Mobility Travel Aid
Vive Carbon Fiber Quad Cane - Ultra Lightweight Walking Stick For Men, Women - Adjustable Ergonomic Grip Handle - Nonslip Four Prong Rubber Tips For Right, Left Stability Support - Mobility Travel Aid
After breaking my leg, and finally migrating off crutches, I needed a cane for a few months in order to keep me stable and give me a little extra support until my leg was back to full strength.

My PT had several different types of quad canes, but I didn't like how heavy they were, especially the quad feet. It felt like I was lifting a bag of bricks attached to a pole. It also didn't help that on many of them the feet were adjustable or reversible, and so a little bit loose, which made it all feel just a bit too unsteady for me. I'm also overweight, so putting most of my weight on something that shifted just a little bit was challenging.

Since I had to purchase my own cane anyway, I came to Amazon and found this one. The carbon fiber is light, the feet are a part of the whole cane, and it had a pretty normal handle. Even though it seemed a little pricey, I liked the design, construction, and decided to splurge, since I wanted to be as mobile as possible.

This cane was a total success. Not only was it comfortable, it was very light but also very strong, and easily handled my 230 lbs of shifting weight. I had to travel with it over the Christmas holidays and since it was a very light and slim form factor, it was easy to stow in overhead compartments and still leave room for mine and other people's bags. There were only two things that were bothersome. First, the hand strap clips on, but with enough force, will come off the cane. Sometimes I'd pull the cane with the handstrap to get it closer to me, such as when I would be getting up from my office chair, and instead snap off the hand strap clip. Second, the handle is sturdy, but not that sturdy, and got a few divots from being dropped on hard surfaces. It was nothing that made it uncomfortable to hold, but if it was a "grippy" texture this would probably be more durable and more comfortable.
Will Work for V-Bucks Cool Gamer T-Shirt/Hoodie
Will Work for V-Bucks Cool Gamer T-Shirt/Hoodie
My son loves wearing this shirt when he is helping around the house and yard work. SUPER FUN! He works harder for his V-BUCKS!! It's a fun way to get the kids moving, psychological but it works!
"Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince" Sticker Book
"Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince" Sticker Book
This calendar is great for anyone who lover Harry Potter. It offers some great pictures from the upcoming movie, The Half-Blood Prince. Although I love the calender the only thing I needed to get used to is that each week starts with Monday and ends on Sunday. It offers the previous and following month for reference under each current month, and most major holidays are notated (so far, it is only April). Overall this calendar is great for anyone, especially a Harry Potter fan.
Leviton T5632-E USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Duplex Receptacle, 15-Amp, Black, 1-Pack
Leviton T5632-E USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Duplex Receptacle, 15-Amp, Black, 1-Pack
I've been retrofitting the old-school duplex outlets in our house with both Leviton and Topgreener USB outlets, along with Leviton Decorated Plus commercial grade outlets.

I can't say much more than what other reviewers wrote, so I'll touch on the differences between the two top sellers.

Quality - Leviton gets the edge. They're both made in China, and both UL certified. Neither feels cheap, unlike the rebranded no-name-odd-wallplate outlets that are all over the place here. (I think the Topgreener is also a rebranded generic outlet, but it's not as ubiquitous as the oddball $12 outlets.} Still, the Leviton feels a little bit more polished and solid. Plug action is a bit smoother. It's not a rebranded generic outlet. It's a brand you know.

Appearance - tie. The surface of the Leviton is smooth, but it projects a few millimeters from a standard Decora/decorator wallplate. Spacers or washers help a bit, as does using a Lutron Claro wallplate. The surface of the Topgreener is a bit rougher, but it sits flush with a standard wallplate.

Accessories - Topgreener. It comes with both a standard decorator wallplate, and a nice clone of the otherwise pricey Lutron Claro wallplate. The Leviton doesn't have any added wallplates.

Ease of installation - tie. Both allow traditional side wiring, and push-in screw-secured rear wiring, just like most commercial grade outlets.

Charging power - I'll edit this is someone buys me a USB tester.

Packaging . Topgreener. A simple cardboard box, with polished branding/graphics and a cellophane window. The Leviton comes in a clamshell/cardboard hybrid package that's not difficult to open, but you're still dealing with plastic.

Neither hum or buzz. Neither can be wired for a half hot switched outlet. Neither have an indicator light. Both have instructions in readable English. (and, for the Leviton, Spanish and Fremch.).

The verdict - a draw, really. If you don't mind paying a bit extra for wallplates, and don't mind that it takes some work to get the face flush, and are brand conscious, go with Leviton. If you're looking for bang for the buck, and you're using Lutron Claro wallplates (and draining your checking account in the process), Topgreener has the edge.
2019 Harry Potter Mini Calendar
2019 Harry Potter Mini Calendar
It's about a quarter of the expected size. Returning would have been too much hassle and that's the only reason I am keeping it.
Turkey Cruising Companion: A yachtsman's pilot and cruising guide to ports and harbours from the Cesme peninsula to Antalya (Cruising Companions)
Turkey Cruising Companion: A yachtsman's pilot and cruising guide to ports and harbours from the Cesme peninsula to Antalya (Cruising Companions)
At first glance this pilot book looked a bit short on detail. However we have just spent ten weeks sailing along parts of the Turkish coast and we ended up using it as our first choice pilot book.
It has an up to date section on entering and leaving Turkey and how to make amendments to your transit log. It is particularly good on the details of what is available in different bays and ports. e.g. an ATM, a laundry. We located an ATM in a holiday village off a beach which saved us going into a harbour specifically to get cash, and where other books state there are laundries in the town, Watson tells you exactly where to look. She is also good on tourist information. What is missing (in comparison to RH )are the large number and detailed descriptions of anchorages. The harbour plans are good and there are plenty of useful photos. Recommended, as a useful reference.
NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX3700 - Coverage up to 1000 sq.ft. and 15 Devices with AC750 Dual Band Wireless Signal Booster & Repeater (up to 750Mbps Speed), and Compact Wall Plug Design
NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX3700 - Coverage up to 1000 sq.ft. and 15 Devices with AC750 Dual Band Wireless Signal Booster & Repeater (up to 750Mbps Speed), and Compact Wall Plug Design
As a Senior Network Engineer I work around a lot of networking hardware. I am very adept with AP's, Extenders, WLC's, and all of that so I knew what to expect with this. I am not sure why people are complaining about setup, it's ridiculously simple! Note, this is NOT a Mesh-Mode AP/Router, it's an EXTENDER or AP, which means it will provide a 'new' SSID that you can connect to that will bridge to your primary SSID. You should not use this with the same SSID as your router or there could be serious issues. (That's MESH MODE and this is not that!)

For extender mode, what this device does is grab the SSID from your main router and act as a 'bridge' to that router and re-broadcasts the signal with it's own hardware over another SSID. Think of it as a relay race for wireless.. You can use almost anything to bridge networks, even other laptops, routers and access points. So your traffic goes like this: Device over extender SSID to Extender. Extender Hardware processes it as a bridge mode router then sends it through wireless to the existing SSID from your primary router. You are hopping multiple SSID's. To set this up you just put in the SSID and Passkey for your existing wireless, assign a new SSID to the Extender - and note this SHOULD be a different SSID than the primary SSID from your router. Once this is done you connect your wireless devices to the extender and it will 'hop' your data from the extender to the router.

QUICK SETUP: Plug in the extender, wait for it to boot up (2 min), connect your laptop to the SSID of the extender which by default will be something like "NETGEAR_EXT".. Once your device connects to this open up a browser and go to, that's the gateway, which is the extender. Once you hit the IP of the extender you will enter setup mode. Here it will ask a series of questions, poll the existing WiFi in the area, and have you setup a new SSID after you input the existing SSID information from your normal router. Setup is done! Now any device you want to go through the extender should utilize the SSID on the extender NOT the SSID on the primary router. Presto! A couple reviewers hammered this for difficult setup which I find hard to believe. Follow my instructions and it's up and running in 3 minutes, and 2 of those minutes are the device booting up! (seriously)

Second mode this can do is AP Mode. Essentially it will act as an AP off your existing network. Connect an ethernet cable to it and set it up per the instructions and you will have a second AP In your home utilizing the same network but different SSIDs! Remember, this is not an enterprise grade WLC AP so you are not going to have multiple AP's using the same AP profile and SSID, each AP will have different SSID's. (but they can use the same password for continuity)

IMPORTANT: A HUGE benefit to this device is it's ability to run in AP mode. Think about this - you are in a motel room with bad wireless but strong ethernet. Simply plug this in and have your own SSID's with speedy wireless. Another important way this can be used is with insecure wireless networks. You can 'hop' this into insecure networks and provide your devices with their own secured SSID's with AES Passkeys. Anyone attempting to hack you through the insecure WiFi would need to hack your secured device and SSID! So there are some pretty cool things you can do with this. Although keep in mind it's not a VPN so they still could sniff the stream going from the extender to the router if the router uses an unsecured SSID, but at least they aren't getting directly into your device so there is some slight, additional security.

Features/Advanced Options: After you run through the silly quickstart stuff you can go to which is likely the preferred DCHP this will grab from your router. From here you have advanced options where you can see transfer rates, connected clients,setup MAC access permissions and other goodies. Not bad! But again this is really a tiny router so these settings are to be expected. There is a 'Fastlane' system in this which is really a gimmick that is absolutely pointless and more generally considered a marketing feature. What this does is you give the extender a designated frequency from your router (2.4 or 5.0) then the router pushes 5.0 with the 2.4 or 2.4 with the 5.0 channel. This is just frequency isolation that will allow you to use a designated band for the extender. It's utterly pointless in my testing and offers no speed boost at all. In a crowded home with a lot of devices this would probably be something you may use. Forcing everyone on 2.4 then piping 5.0 directly to the extender then 2.4 off of the extender. But I would say for 90%+ of uses this is utterly pointless. It's also likely why the feature is buried on the device in sub menus. I'd leave it off.

PERFORMANCE: I will say while the performance of this device is good, it's not perfect. You WILL NOT get the same performance as your primary router. The reason for this is that you are stepping through what amounts to an additional (low powered) router. This device has session and throughput limitations that are likely well below your router in some cases. Performance is lost in that transition, but also the SSID hopping also degrades the speed. This is to be expected, this is not an access point, it's an extender and performance on an extender will never be as good as a pure router or AP.

In my case, my connection averages 110Mbps-180Mbps over my primary router and AP's. (2400AC) Through the extender I averaged 50-60Mbps per device. That's a 50% loss on average of speed in comparison to the primary router/AP configuration. So remember, the point of this is to get WiFi to areas of your home with bad WiFi coverage but don't expect this to be a speed demon. Also there is a slight ping-drop between this and the router, expect 20-50% increase in ping latency. So if your existing router averages 10-20ms to a close hop, this will bump that to 20-40ms average. Not a big deal unless you are a gamer, that could present some issues.

Do I like this device? Absolutely! It's the best extender I have ever seen to date. Is the technology of extenders perfect? No. But this is as good as you are going to get unless you want to run a router in MESH or install a WLC and controlled AP's. I am using this for my vacation where signal power is probably going to suffer, but in my home my AP's do the heavy lifting and this isn't needed. Also on vacation I will provide myself with my own secure SSID's to use and leave the other SSID's for anyone else at the vacation home.. ISOLATION!

IMPROVEMENTS: Companies that make these extenders should focus on reducing latency and increasing throughput. This would be done by putting better processors in these units. My APs in the home have quad core processors and can handle a lot of speed, sessions and clients. I would guess this unit has a sub-1Ghz single core processor which is going to limit your performance. I suspect the higher model number has a better processor and/or other brands have better processors which would likely result in more robust performance.
artfone 3G Unlocked Senior Flip Cell Phone,Senior Phone with Charging Dock for The Elderly, Unlocked Mobile Phone(Compatibility Nationwide on AT&T or Any Other Carrier That use AT&T Network)
artfone 3G Unlocked Senior Flip Cell Phone,Senior Phone with Charging Dock for The Elderly, Unlocked Mobile Phone(Compatibility Nationwide on AT&T or Any Other Carrier That use AT&T Network)
Dad broke his smartphone and wanted a flip phone until he waits and finds a good smartphone deal during Christmas, so we got him this flip phone. Here are our immediate impressions after using it for a couple of days.

BIG LETTERS/ICONS: The phone dial has large letters and numbers that older people can easily see. The screen also has large fonts, which I guess can be adjusted according to need. So, the large fonts and large letters and numbers make it easy to see and use.

SOUNDS/TONES: The alarm can be set real loud. The volume buttons make sound. The dialpad makes sound. So, all these sounds and tones make it easier for older people to use it.

PERFORMANCE: It has worked quite well in these last couple of days of testing. Even in the basement, we did not lose the signal. So, that's good. Signal stayed strong and good inside a moving car too. So, it has worked out quite well. We haven't used all the features but the ones we did all perform well. So, very happy with the performance.

Four things come to mind immediately.
First, this works with 3G, so you should not have any issue using your sims. But if you expect a faster performance like in a smartphone, this phone may not be for you.
Second, the battery appears a little small and at this time I am not sure where I can buy a replacement when this one stops working. But, I guess that is some ways down the line and we will have to figure that out when the time comes.
Third, I love the tiny LED flashlight built into the phone. Very handy for older people to find their way in the dark. You don't have to depend on the screen's brightness to see around. There is an actual light designed into the phone. That's good.
Finally, this phone works great overall but the charging dock needs to be improved. I understand the charging dock design is to make sure it is easier for old people to use it. Just place the phone in the dock and it charges. But, there is a particular angle at which the phone needs to be docked to get it charging. A slight mis-angled, and it won't charge. So, the dock design needs to be improved for better use.
Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher
Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher
This is my German Shepherd Dog's favorite ball. The bad part is the squeaker broke fairly quickly. The good part is the squeaker broke fairly quickly lol. Even though it doesn't have the annoyingly loud and high pitched squeak anymore he still loves it. There has been no damage done to the ball despite his constant chewing. I have bought a second so he can have one dirty one outside and a clean one inside.

UPDATE: Both balls (size large) have stopped squeaking which is just fine with me. It is still his favorite ball. I have had the first one almost a year. There is not a mark on either ball and he is an 85 pound shepherd that is super tough on toys so I would highly recommend it if you don't mind that the squeaker will break quickly.

UPDATE: I have now purchased 3 of these balls (2 large and 1 medium). The newest one is the size medium so it can fit in the chuckit thrower. Again, the squeaker broke within minutes but my dog doesn't seem to care. If you want a squeaky ball that will never stop squeaking this probably isn't the toy for you. Even with the squeaker broken it is still hands down his favorite ball (thus why I now have 3). I have a different rubbery ball that still squeaks and for whatever reason he still prefers these, go figure!
Black Ranger Dragon Shield (Exclusive)
Black Ranger Dragon Shield (Exclusive)
Pedí la figura desde su preventa, cuando me fue entregada venía con una mancha en el rostro intercambiable (problema de control de calidad); solicité el reemplazo y vino en un sobre, la caja de la figura y la figura venían aplastadas, incluso la caja estaba semi-abierta. Deben mejorar sus procesos de calidad tanto en empacado, como en el envío.
How to Enhance Instructional PRESENCE: Research & experience based techniques to improve both online & face-to-face instruction (VIDEO for EDUCATION Series Book 1)
How to Enhance Instructional PRESENCE: Research & experience based techniques to improve both online & face-to-face instruction (VIDEO for EDUCATION Series Book 1)
Anders offers up practical advice, supported by current research, on how to create community through online spaces. One (of many) unique things about this book is Anders ability to break down the components of video and illustrate how to construct a video that enhances your message, content, and class. I've taken Anders advice into a hybrid undergraduate course. The course met once a week, and I always felt we didn't have enough time together to build classroom community and dig into the content. However, through incorporating video - whether it be through class announcements, or feedback on papers - I was able to create content that my students interacted with throughout the week. It was also fun! When I was gone because of a conference, I used video to include my class in the conference and to extend content outside of our classroom and geographic context. This is an invaluable resource for any educator - completely recommend it!
Tomight Knee Pillow, Leg Pillow for Side Sleepers with Memory Foam, Orthopedic Knee Cushion with Eye Mask and Earplugs, for Sciatica, Spine Alignment, and Pregnancy, Back Hip Joint Pain Relief
Tomight Knee Pillow, Leg Pillow for Side Sleepers with Memory Foam, Orthopedic Knee Cushion with Eye Mask and Earplugs, for Sciatica, Spine Alignment, and Pregnancy, Back Hip Joint Pain Relief
Surprised what good quality this is for the money . Came well packaged with ear plugs and black out sleep mask in a good sturdy box. Would make an ideal gift for someone .
The first night I couldn't sleep with it all night because it felt so high between my knees making my neck ache. But that just shows how poor my position was whilst sleeping. Tend to sleep on my side but my hips rolled over (one leg over the over) Now I use it every night and my neck and lower back pain has gone . Still getting used to it but would recommend giving it a go. It keeps it's shape . The strap is handy to keep it positioned but as I'm a mover I just reposition it and don't use the strap and it works perfectly. Cover has a zip one so can be washed . Really happy with my purchase.
BLU Vivo XII -6.3” Infinity Display, 128GB+4GB RAM and Triple Camera -Black
BLU Vivo XII -6.3” Infinity Display, 128GB+4GB RAM and Triple Camera -Black
I have used Blu phones for so many years now. Only had 1 that was bad quality. This phone enraged me from the beginning as I thought I was scammed. I ordered the vivo xii that was released in oct 2020, but got a g9pro instead. The g9pro has amazing reviews, but that's still not the phone I purchased. After the tons of updates you have to go through before setting up phone, the phone name changed in the 'about phone' section from the g9pro to the vivo xii. So only difference is software updates. Nothing physically is different. Even the box art is same. The updates are not good updates. The phone is very basic. Screen is a tad blurry, and screenshots are very blurry. The "phone app" is constantly updating even when in use, making the phone virtually impossible to use so you can forget about making calls. Battery life is horrible and I rarely use it throughout the day. There was plenty of bloatware per usual. I'm sending mine back because after 2wks of use, the microphone/speaker are already going bad and there are 'dead zones' on the screen as well as overactive parts on screen, along with the other issues mentioned above. I don't know if that's because I purchased a refurbished phone that was advertised as new or just a faulty device. Either way, pass on this phone as it's dishonestly repackaged and possible refurbished.
Blu vivo 5 Mini - 4.0" Smartphone Factory unlocked, Aluminum design, Silver
Blu vivo 5 Mini - 4.0" Smartphone Factory unlocked, Aluminum design, Silver
Considering the price, this phone is remarkably functional. The small size and light weight are definitely selling features, and the price tag is hard to beat. Just make sure you have realistic expectations before you purchase this phone. If you're hoping that this will take the place of a high-end phone, you're going to be disappointed. If you're looking for something very basic at a good price, then this is a great option.

The hard drive space and RAM are going to limit what the phone can do, but if you're looking to play the nicest-looking mobile games, you probably aren't going to be buying a device with a 4" screen anyway. The phone is a little sluggish to respond sometimes, but it hasn't beet anything that would keep me from using the device, so far. The screen quality is lower than what I'd expected, being more in line with what you might have found on an old flip-phone. The viewing angle distorts the colours quite significantly, and darker colours get washed out quite badly. For viewing text it's perfectly fine, but this is not a screen that you'll want to be looking at for extended periods.

The phone doesn't have an LED indicator on it for notifications, which is something that you don't necessarily think about until it's gone. It would be nice to be able to see at a glance if there are any notifications, or if a phone is finished charging, rather than having to turn on the screen in order to get that detail.

The headphone jack and the charging slot are both along the top of the phone, which is a little bit strange to get used to, but I don't really know if it's good or bad.

The USB cable that they sent along with their charger didn't work out of the box, which was a little annoying, but if there was going to be a defect I'd rather it be with the charging cable than with the phone itself. I had another cable lying around, so this wasn't a big issue for me.

All things considered, I think this is a great little phone for casual use. This is exactly what I was looking for. If I'm watching videos or doing something more involved, I can pull out a tablet or laptop and tether it to my phone, so having a small lightweight phone that I can use as a mobile hotspot is perfect.
OPPO F17 Pro (Magic Blue, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers
OPPO F17 Pro (Magic Blue, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers
So, I ended up ordering this for my mother. I think I am going to keep it for myself.
So far so good, 1st day of usage-

If we say that One Plus and Iphones are 9/10s or 10/10s then Oppo F17 Pro is-

Battery Charging Capacity- 8/10
Battery Lasting Capacity- 8/10
Rear Camera- 8/10
Front Camera- 8/10
Screen- 9/10
Sound- 9/10

Comes with a cover, ear phones and a charger which is indeed amazing.

The phone is surprisingly good. It has a good camera which has multiple modes to click photos. It's front camera is top notch. I think if you get this phone for less than 20k by exchanging your old phone, it is totally worth it.
It is a very light phone btw. Easy on the eyes and easy on the pocket.

This is a day 1 review, first impression and a few hours of usage after full battery. It charges real quick btw.

Shall update and edit this review in future if anything changes.

Oppo has caught up with One Plus phones and with this budget phone, it has moved a step ahead.

Buy it without any regrets if you can exchange an old phone and get this within 20,000.

Go for it.
Office Mid Back Mesh Chair Ergonomic Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Computer Chair (Black)
Office Mid Back Mesh Chair Ergonomic Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Computer Chair (Black)
To preface, let me say that I've spent a good amount of time in offices. Along with having used so many of these types of chairs, I've also assembled and disassembled a lot of them. So, while I'm taking the price point of this one into account, I'm also reviewing it with the benefit of that experience.


This chair has the fit and feel of a toy - something you would expect to find with a playset of some kind. Picture any movie scene in which an adult sits at a child's tea party where the plastic furniture is entirely kid-sized, to comedic effect. It's not actually that small, of course, but within the context of a workday, that's what it feels like. Read below for details. It would never hold up to a full schedule for me - definitely not several days in a row, let alone one extended day. I know, because I tried to use it for two days and knew I couldn't tolerate a third. Just inferior quality in almost every respect.

I don't believe in the phrase "you get what you pay for" as an always-true axiom, and I consider myself to be pretty good at finding a deal. But the truth is, I cheaped out this time on a purchase that I really should have known better than to do.


For reference, I'm male, 6ft tall, approx. 190lbs., with a 36 waist according to what my jeans say.

To be fair, there are three positives that I can say about this chair, based on two days' impression:
• The seat seems well-padded.
• It seems to have decent lumbar support.
• As with any chair of this type, the mesh back is breathable.

That's about it. They're pretty good positives for any chair to have, but the negatives definitely outweighed them.
Ultimately, everything added up to an experience of my being far too distracted by what I was sitting on for me to concentrate on what I was doing.

While most of the assembly was relatively straightforward, there were two assembly issues I had in common with other reviewers:
• The casters were quite difficult to seat properly in the wheelbase, resulting in one of them falling out. Other than using a hammer, which is awkward, there's a trick to installing these types of casters when they give you trouble. With the bottom of the wheel base facing up, you insert the caster post into the hole, hook your thumb over the caster housing with your fingers under the base, apply leverage with your wrist and squeeze until the post pops into the hole. You might need a relatively large hand size and a decent grip for that in any case, but with this chair, it's both hands and your grip needs to be vise-like.
• There's a bolt attaching the upper part of each arm to the back of the chair on either side. The angle and depth of the hole in the arm through which the bolt passes makes it unnecessarily awkward to get at. It's not insurmountable, obviously, but it certainly is impractical and more annoying than it needs to be. I imagine the designer, whoever they are, was somehow pleased with distinguishing themselves as being so uniquely clever within the exotic and highly competitive world of low-end office chair engineering.

Here's why this chair is useless to me:

• Most importantly, the chair is too small, as mentioned above. The back is too short and too narrow for me, and the arms are too close together to accommodate my hips and legs comfortably. I imagine it would be better for someone with a smaller, more slender frame. But that's in direct contradiction with what they promise right off the bat in the description - namely, a large seat that's comfortable for the hips and legs. Draw your own conclusions about why I find that off-putting.
• Max lift is not high enough for either my height or that of my desk (29.5" desktop). It's about an inch too short, which put my arms at an awkward angle while using anything on my desktop - keyboard, mouse, tablet, etc.
• The arms are not padded. This exacerbated the discomfort of the inadequate height by forcing a tendency to rest the points of my elbows on the hard plastic of the arms. This became painful, fatiguing and distracting, to say the least.
• The wheels did not roll or rotate smoothly, if at all. This was true even after finally getting them all fully seated in the base after falling out the first time.
• The locking lever that keeps the chair upright was constantly slipping out and unlocking, causing the chair to lean back under my weight unexpectedly. Frustrating.
• From the point where the seat mounts on the lift cylinder, there emitted a loud, sort of creaking/cracking sound that occured with nearly every weight shift in any direction. I suppose a little lubrication might have solved this issue, but that wouldn't happen due to the following:
• Upon deciding to return this chair, I was unable to remove from the lift cylinder either the baseplate OR the wheelbase. I've done this sort of thing before and it's a simple procedure - rubber mallet and a pipe wrench, easy-peasy. But not with ill-fitting or inferior materials such as in this case, apparently - you'd think I'd welded them together. I'm pretty handy with tools, but I don't think anything short of a pile driver is going to separate these pieces. If you can't separate the pieces, you can't get them back in the box to return the chair. Which pretty much caps off the whole experience, doesn't it?

Buyer beware. It's your 50 bucks.
Bitdefender BOX 2 (Latest Version) - Complete Home Network Protection for Your WiFi, Computers, Mobile/Smart Devices and More, Including Alexa and Google Assistant Integration - Plugs Into Your Router
Bitdefender BOX 2 (Latest Version) - Complete Home Network Protection for Your WiFi, Computers, Mobile/Smart Devices and More, Including Alexa and Google Assistant Integration - Plugs Into Your Router
I have been using Bitdefender Antivirus on my Mac computers for 6 months and liked the product. So when I discovered the Box 2 could similarly protect all the devices in my home, I was excited to give it a try. There seems to be alot of talk about hackers using our connected devices to conduct DDoS attacks or gain access to other devices in our homes.

I was a little concerned because I am a bit of a gadget person and have collected a wide assortment of connected devices: wireless router with multiple extenders; multiple Amazon Echo devices; Apple TV’s; Dish sling player and multiple Joey’s; Computers; printers; Kindles; iPads; iPhones; thermostats; switches; even my car connects to my network while in the garage (who knew). Just over 50 devices.

I like gadgets, but don’t really care to know how they all work; just that they do work. I know next to nothing about wireless networking. It all seems like magic to me. Because of this I was nervous. How hard was this going to be?

When the Box 2 arrived, before even opening anything, I called Bitdefender customer support. A live person answered immediately. I gave him a brief description of my setup. He was extremely pleasant and helpful and gave me a brief tip on how to get my wireless router in bridge mode. He encouraged me to call back if I had any difficulty at all. They were here to help 24/7. The best customer service interactiion I had had in a long time.

I took a deep breath and went through the installation steps as per the enclosed instructions. The only equipment not supplied was the reading classes needed to read the Password on the back of the unit ;-)

The installation procedure was straight forward. The Box 2 then takes some time to discover your devices and assigns them an IP address the 172.x.x range by default. My previous setup assigned IP addresses in the 10.x.x range. My brain has been used to working in this range so I went to settings and changed the DCHP setting to 10.x.x. The IP addresses of my devices were then reassigned to that range without difficulty.

You check the status of all your devices through the Bitdefender Central app on your mobile device. Not all of my devices were immediately connected. They were discovered but not connected. It could be that I was impatient and they may have connected on their own. However, I just went around a power cycled any device not connected and it connect immediately. A couple of Echo devices and Apple TV’s didn’t make the list initially. A power cycle and ther they were! I subsequently read a review here from someone who was much more knowledgeable than me who recommended disconnecting all your devices before installation and then reconnecting them one at a time afer installation is complete. I guess either way you do it, some of your devices will need to be power cycled to be assigned a new IP address. Not a big deal at all.

The Box 2 then assesses all your devices for vulnerabilities. On mobile devices there will be a recommendation to install the Bitdefender Security app. I did this and it is straightforward.

You are notified when any new device attempts to connect to your network and if it has vulnerabilities. I discovered this when we had people over last night. Pretty cool!

My Box 2 came with the lastest firmware, but I have had one firmware update since and it caused no issues at all with my network or any of the devices.

I had 6 months left on my Bitdefender Antivirus subscription. When I installed the Box 2 the 12 months subscription included was added to the 6 months remaining so that I am paid up for 18 months. I appreciate the customer friendly approach.

So, how hard was it going to be? For me and my set up with just over 50 devices it was very straightforward even with changing the IP address range. I feel much more secure having the Box 2 watching my network and it has already indentified and blocked some threats.

So far, I am a very satisfied customer.

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