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JavaScript Programmer's Reference
JavaScript Programmer's Reference
JavaScript Programmer's Reference by Alexei White. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 11 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
We Love Harry Potter!: We'll Tell You Why
We Love Harry Potter!: We'll Tell You Why
We Love Harry Potter!: We'll Tell You Why by Sharon Moore. Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars, with 15 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the J. K. Rowling category.
A ROOM WITH A VIEW & HOWARDS END by E. M. Forster. Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars, with 17 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
ASP Classic - ASP SQL Database Coding
ASP Classic - ASP SQL Database Coding
ASP Classic - ASP SQL Database Coding by Lisa Shea. Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars, with 2 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'SQL database' category.
Machine Learning For Dummies
Machine Learning For Dummies
Machine Learning For Dummies by John Paul Mueller and Luca Massaron. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, with 151 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the R programming category.
First Mover: Jeff Bezos In His Own Words (In Their Own Words series)
First Mover: Jeff Bezos In His Own Words (In Their Own Words series)
Jeff Bezos is leading us into the future of the Internet, so it is interesting to know what he has said in the past and what he wants to do in the future! This book has a short introduction then focuses on quotes by Jeff Bezos which must have taken a lot of research to obtain. Helena Hunt does a great job of organizing the quotes according to topics. Each quote or set of quotes has a headline that indicates what the quotes will be about. I found this very helpful and considerate.

By reading this book you will learn a great deal about how Jeff Bezos thinks and how his thinking has changed over the years since focusing on selling almost everything imaginable. It is also intriguing to see how Jeff felt about not opening physical stores back in 2004. Of course amazon now has physical stores!

What I found intriguing was how many topics this book covers. Jeff talks about drones, Whole Foods, prime members (Do they buy more often?), self-reliance, persistence, what his wife thinks about him, galaxies aligning, customer needs, pizza, hiring talent, innovation, microwaves (very funny), risk taking, AI, Alexa, Star Trek, yard rakes and eBooks.

What I was most interested in was how people read more after getting a kindle. There is also apparently a way to order from amazon and pick up your order in two minutes.

But the quote I loved the most was this one: "The most radical and transformative of inventions are often those that empower others to unleash their creativity-to pursue their dreams." ~ Jeff Bezos, letter to shareholders on April 13, 2012

This was one of the only books on Jeff Bezos that I hadn't read so I'm glad I finally had the chance to read it. For anyone new to reading about Jeff Bezos, this would be a good place to start.

~The Rebecca Review
Before "Katerina," I was aware of James Frey, not for the right reasons, and not that I had any real opinion of those reasons, but I had never read any of his work. Then I read a few reviews saying that "Katerina" might have been the worst thing published this year -- which made me pay attention. You can't buy that kind of publicity.

The plot is simple: a series of mysterious Facebook messages stirs the memory of a middle-aged writer, someone who had once been great but made mistakes and now was getting by, heck was doing better than most, but hadn't been inspired in a long time. The memories bring him back, back to when he was lost kid who had picked up Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer," gotten wowed by its prose, and moved to Paris to soak up all the art, beauty and energy of that magical city. His hope is that by doing this he can become a writer himself; but not just any writer, a writer who, in his own words -- "burns the world down."

The problem is, Paris is... Paris. So he drinks. Drinks a lot. Drinks more than Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski combined. And when he isn't drinking he's dealing with the after-effects of drinking. Which doesn't stop him from sleeping with a handful of beautiful Parisian women. And falling in love. And writing a whole bunch of garbage. Which is the heart of the story, and the source of the mysterious Facebook messages.

If this all sounds slightly narcissistic, I mean... it is. And yet the book serves as a kind of wish-fulfillment fantasy; our young narrator puts us in Paris with him, all unbridled energy, ambition and libido. He drinks and has sex and writes and reads and drinks and has more sex and writes and reads and fights and has even more sex and drinks and has sex again and drinks and drinks and drinks and has sex one last time and then drinks and drinks and drinks some more. The self-loathing does become a bit tiring and the plot is little more than a gap year abroad -- the cartoon version -- and still, you can't put the thing down. Or, at least I couldn't. You just don't see books like this anymore.

In the end, what I liked most was the narrator's naivety. Here is a dumb kid who, even as an adult, wants to be a legend. And isn't afraid to say so. He self-loathes and self-destructs, but never loses that tender sincerity, that undying spirit, that life-long search for the next great romance, rarely found in life itself, but undeniably present in books, art, music!

And that is what "Katerina" ultimately is — a rekindling of that flame, a rediscovery of a time long forgotten, when romance was real, and to one particular young author, everything was possible.
Trump: The Art of the Comeback
Trump: The Art of the Comeback
Donald Trump is one of the most prepared candidates for President that the USA has ever been blessed to have in the running. He is almost a throwback to the Founding Fathers of the nation. He is exactly the kind of successful citizen and freedom loving Patriot that those same Founding Father’s hoped would come to Washington and serve two terms and then return to their private life.

Frankly, this reviewer was stunned at how good a writer and communicator that Trump really is. In fourteen concise chapters Trump tells the story of his battle to come back from a collapsing business and real estate industry. The book provides another telling of Trump’s method of bargaining. His negotiating style is clearly spelled out. Anyone who reads this book will understand what the media claims is rash statements and pie-in-the-sky promises. Combine his negotiating methods of operation with the flare and self-promoting tactics of boxer Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. before he changed his name to Muhammad Ali and converted to Islam.

Everyone was fascinated by Ali’s ridiculous poetry and “I am the Greatest" claims as he danced around the floor waving his arms while taunting his opponents with shouts of “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

It may be hard to imagine Trump as a white Muhammad Ali but their flamboyant styles and purposefully exaggerated claims are identical. Ali illustrates the flashy show business side of Trump’s approach.

“Trump’s Top Ten Comeback Tips” are right on target and a wonderful way to accomplish goals even though they too have to be taken with a grain of salt because they can seem ridiculous if you don’t see how he has applied them throughout his life. Imagine Cassius Clay yelling them as he circles his prey and moves in for the sting.

Contrary to political opponent’s claims, Trump loves women and not just beautiful ones. He knows that they are the stronger sex in every way and doesn’t hesitate to give examples of that in this book. “I began to realize that women are far stronger than men. Their sex drive makes us look like babies. Some women try to portray themselves as being the weaker sex, but don’t believe it for a moment.”

“Part of the problem I’ve had with women has been in having to compare them to my incredible mother, Mary Trump. My mother is smart as hell. I remember once, a long time ago, my sister Maryanne, a highly respected federal judge in New Jersey, told me that my mother is one of the smartest people she ever met. At the time it didn’t make much of an impact on me, but I didn’t really understand why she said it. All I knew was that my mother was a really great homemaker and wife to my father, Fred—a wonderful guy not the easiest person to be married to…. but now I fully understand why Maryanne made that statement, and it is 100 percent true.”

As Trump goes through 14 chapters of learning examples from his difficult times it becomes obvious that he is both super smart and keeps a loyal staff around him to make certain he doesn’t take any rash action without having thought it through. He was very well prepared for every step he made in his businesses. He was almost never caught by surprise and on those rare occasions when he was surprised it was a pleasant surprise like what happened with the bought 40 Wall Street. He bought that very wonderful building in the best NYC location that the owners had so poorly managed that they sold it to Trump for only a million dollars. They also insisted he take responsibility for all the existing construction liens since the sellers couldn’t wait to leave New York.

Trump eventually negotiated with all the contractors and ended up getting several million dollars returned to him. So…he didn’t pay a million dollars for 40 Wall Street he was paid several million dollars just to buy it. He also managed to get the land lease extended from the remaining 63 years to over 200 years. The leaseholders were also happy with the new lease because it resulted in more money for them. The tenants were happy because the leaseholder now allowed banks to finance the individual tenant's improvements. He eventually reaped the benefits of huge tax reductions when a new tax law was passed to aid owners of NYC building wishing to upgrade their properties.

Trump is one of the most successful real estate developers in the world. He has had to work with governments all over the planet and has been successful beyond hope. For political critics to say he isn’t prepared to be President of the US shows that they are not only in denial, but also stupid if they really believe what they are saying. Trump is supremely qualified to be President and voters can be certain he will continue his habit of surrounding himself with the smartest, best talent available.

This book is surprisingly upbeat and much of the reason for that feeling is that it’s obvious that Trump loves America and knows he really can bring back it’s greatness and continue to spread freedom around the world.
Ford at Fifty 1903-1953 An American Story
Ford at Fifty 1903-1953 An American Story
Great book showing the very beginnings of the Ford empire. I have an original copy that was given to my dad. As a son of a Ford employee I was able to go to a Ford Day Camp when I was seven years old and saw the 1953 Ford cars being assembled on the line at the Rouge complex. Another year I was able to tour the Ford Steel Mill. After I graduated from the Dearborn, Fordson High School in June 1964. I worked at Tiger Stadium in Detroit. After a Lion's game I was walking out the private entrance and I was able to meet William Clay Ford and Henry Ford II. My dad was waiting on Tumble Ave in my 1958 Mercury Monterey. I told him to stay right their for a few minutes and he would witness his boss Henry Ford II coming out in his limousine. He did and saw his boss after he had worked at the Ford Rouge Plant for almost 30 years. That moment in time was very special to me. Also a year later as a college student I toured the Dearborn Iron Foundry. When I started working for General Motors (as a metallurgist) I toured the Ford Specialty Foundry in Dearborn, Michigan where nodular iron crankshafts were manufactured in shell molds in a vertical cast process. This was during the GM - UAW strike in 1970. The Ford managers were very gracious to our GM group and said that they had toured our GM facility at the GM Saginaw Nodular Iron during the Ford - UAW strike in 1968. A few years later I was able to visit the: Ford Flatrock Iron Foundry, Ford Windsor Ont. Foundry and the Cleveland Ford Foundry. I eventually retired in 2008 from GM after 39 actual years from the Powertrain Defiance, Ohio Plant.
Factory tours are available of the Ford Rouge assembly line today, I believe they originate at the Greenfield Village.
God and Donald Trump
God and Donald Trump
God and Donald Trump is a very worthwhile book. The author, Stephen Strang, shows that many years prior to Trump’s election Christians were praying for wisdom about our next election and were acquainted with him. Some were certain God’s plan was for Donald Trump to be our next president. Trump met with a variety of Christian groups years before the election and even more so during the election. He sought and valued Christian support and input.
The book describes the part Catholics, charismatics and evangelicals played in helping elect Trump. They united behind him realizing the other choice would be a disaster. Chapters on Surprising Early Supporters and on Ethnic Issues are particularly interesting. A section titled Trump the Man explores his family’s traditional background as well as Trumps beliefs and priorities. The final section gives surprising information about Trump, his supporters and his faith. The book also includes a detailed list of sources and an index. The facts in this book are well supported.
Scripture says God sets up kings and removes kings. (Daniel 2:21) I did not think of this nor know what was going on behind the scenes among charismatics and evangelicals and in the heavenly realms. The book helped me realize that God actually chose Trump to be president. This is an awesome thought. We must pray for him and support him and vote for him again in 2020.
Hello Dolly
Hello Dolly
Seventeen tracks of Louis Armstrong performing many of his greatest hits in concert for 52 cents? When I saw this collection for that price on 07/11/2010, I was a bit suspicious due to the low price, but the misgivings were unfounded. This is a terrific set of professionally recorded music in good sound quality, with classic performances.

There is no information I am aware of regarding the performance dates, but a lot of factors point to the 1950s and 1960s -- when Armstrong was already established as an American institution. The quality of the stereo recordings and the polite clapping of polite-sounding audiences support this view, as do the songs. Armstrong recorded "Blueberry Hill" in 1949, "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" in 1951, and his famous version of "Hello Dolly" in 1964. The sound and the collection of instruments is a bit different from track to track, so these are probably from a lot of different concerts. (Except "Frankie and Johnny" is a studio, not a concert recording.)

There is a good mixture of vocal and instrumental tracks, and his band is great. The stereo separation is good, making for some nice three dimensional music. Bitrates are 227-234 Kbps. Highly recommended -- passing it up at the current price doesn't seem to make much sense!

If you are interested in the music of the young, revolutionary Louis Armstrong, back when he was literally changing the world of popular music, I can highly recommend The Complete Jazz Collection By Louis Armstrong. That set has everything Armstrong recorded in his own name between 1925 and April 1930 -- 85 tracks, mostly lovingly restored, including all the historic "Hot Five" and "Hot Seven" recordings.

Update 07/12/2010: The one-day pricing wonder has disappeared. This remains a great little set, but choosing between this at $8.99 or the above-referenced set of Louis Armstrong at $5.99 is not really a choice at all. Just my opinion.
Ultimate Avengers II
Ultimate Avengers II
Alert: some spoilers here.

There is a hidden nation named Wakanda deep in the vastness of Africa. Wakanda is an isolationist nation, deeply mistrustful of outsiders. Because of its ready access to vibranium, Wakanda has one of the most advanced technologies on earth, though it chooses to draw from both low- and high-tech resources. When Herr Kleiser, an alien Chitari in disguise (as well as Captain America's Nazi nemesis going back to WW2), assassinates the current King of Wakanda, Nick Fury fears an alien agenda and assembles the Avengers. He sends them to Africa on an infiltration and fact-finding mission. But sneaking into hostile Wakanda is easier said than done. The Avengers get their butts handed to them by Wakandans - who are armed only with bows and arrows, spears, and logs - and are forced to retreat. Meanwhile, Kleiser and his Chitari soon put their world-conquering scheme into motion, forcing the weary Avengers and T'Challa, the newly-ascended monarch of Wakanda (and also the new Black Panther), to rally and once again save the world from global invasion.

On a personal level, the always volatile relationship of Giant Man and the Wasp deteriorates some more, as Hank Pym's constant shifts in body mass begin to take its toll, giving rise to his always sub-surface feelings of inadequacy. Or, to put it more simply, he's even more of a jerk here. Captain America is unhealthily always in soldier mode, unwilling to invest in any down time and still very much obssessed with Herr Kleiser. Bruce Banner (Hulk), for his recent grievious loss of control, is still incarcerated in heavy SHIELD confines. This film also introduces the noble afore-mentioned T'Challa, who must defy age-old tradition and accept the aid of outsiders to save his homeland from the Chitari.

After having thoroughly enjoyed the first Ultimate Avengers movie, I was salivating to see this one. Well, it didn't disappoint. While I don't believe it's as good as the first one, this is still dynamic, top-notch entertainment. Set in cinematic widescreen mode, this is 73 more minutes of intense, testosterone-laden superhero action at its finest. It's stupefying how many times in this movie folks fall from a great height and create deep craters in the ground. Or that's the impression I get, anyway. And here's a big spoiler: there is a death in the Avengers family. Also, Iron Man changes into a new armor (but, then again, Tony Stark changes into more new armor than Spider-Man is cloned).

Parents and babysitters beware: there is a PG-13 level of brutal violence shown here as the sequel refuses to pull punches. Torsos and arms are pierced by claws, arrows, and bullets. Humans and aliens (but mostly aliens) are graphically torn to bits, eviscerated, defenestrated, and blown up.

Some negatives immediately do come to mind. First: the giant surface attack machines on those spindly mechanical legs are too reminiscent of the War of the Worlds tripod machines. Second: Geez! Enough with the shafeshifting Chitari aliens already (they are now officially played out). Three: not enough Hulk or Thor. Four: the story, while intense and big in jeopardy, is still one-note and cliched. Plus, the personal arcs of the characters aren't that involving this time.

Here are the DVD special features: a revealing, 24-minute "The Ultimates" segment, in which mostly comic book writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch talk in depth about the genesis, background, motivations, and choices made regarding the Ultimates 1 and 2 comic books and they also touch on the 2 animated films; a juvenile but very funny gag reel (I think Iron Man likes ribs); First Looks at the upcoming Iron Man and Dr. Strange animated films (and now I'm stoked to see THESE 2 movies!); a DVD-Rom Game: "What Avenger Are You?"; and a trailer gallery.

True, the Avengers' animated exploits thus far haven't been as cosmic in scope as the animated Justice League's. But the Ultimates' global escapades, in my opinion, are certainly of myth-making quality and awe-inspiring enough that they should resonate at some level for all comic-book and superhero fans. So, a four star rating from me and a big recommendation.
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout Volume 5
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout Volume 5
The show is really entertaining for adults even though it's clearly aimed at kids. I never thought I would say the words “I love Howard the duck” but there you go. I found Howard to be great in the handful of episodes he was in I love Seth Green’s performance hope we get more of him or even a Howard show. My only complaint is in how this show is listed on amazon all though this season is called mission breakout it’s actually season 3 of the show. This season does not get listed or even suggest with the other 2 season it was suggested to me after searching for a Spider-Man series.
Dukale's Dream
Dukale's Dream
I really enjoyed this documentary. It shows that regardless of where we live in the world, we all want the same things: economic opportunity, family and to reach our full potential. The story of how two people from very different backgrounds, actor Hugh Jackman and Dukale, a coffee farmer from Ethiopia, connected, is moving and authentic.

I was inspired by the fact that Jackman literally got his hands dirty by coming alongside Dukale to understand what life is like for a poor coffee farmer. Unlike a lot of celebrities, Jackman did not just talk about the issue, he did something about it by starting a coffee company, Laughing Man, which sells only fair trade coffee and donates its profits to charity. Alongside Jackman in the effort is his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness who accompanies him on the journey.

I was impressed by the approach of World Vision which is to work with communities to get themselves out of poverty. Rather than fostering dependence, the organization taps into the potential of communities to help them to maximize their God-given potential.

The movie also shows how consumer choices in deciding to buy fair trade coffee can make a huge difference halfway across the world. In this way, by educating consumers about how they can help the poor through their daily decisions on what coffee to buy, the movie has succeeded in showing all of us how we can make a difference--thus helping to make "Dukale's Dream" a reality for so many other poor coffee farmers.
Ranma 1/2 (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 3 (3)
Ranma 1/2 (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 3 (3)
For me, I have always loved Ranma 1/2 as a child and being able to read past volumes compiled into this edition is amazing. I love how it's printed in the original format (right to left) in comparison to some of the mangas that are published left to right (because they flip the original manga pages). Great read, check it out!
Die Schokoladenvilla – Goldene Jahre: Roman (Die Schokoladen-Saga 2) (German Edition)
Die Schokoladenvilla – Goldene Jahre: Roman (Die Schokoladen-Saga 2) (German Edition)
... ist eine rührende Familiengeschichte in den 20er Jahren, die mich sehr angesprochen und sehr bewegt hat.

Die Geschichte von Serafina, die ihren Vater verloren hat und nun von Berlin nach Stuttgart, zu ihrem Halbbruder ziehen muss, hat mich von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite gefangen gehalten. Ich habe den Roman regelrecht verschlungen, denn ich musste doch wissen, was die junge Frau schon alles in ihrem Leben erlebt hat und noch zu bewältigen hatte. Sie hatte es gar nicht so leicht, obwohl sie in guten Verhältnissen aufgewachsen ist, muss ich euch sagen. Denn auch damals gab es schon genug Menschen, die nicht nur Gutes im Schilde führten. Ich habe mit Serafina gelitten, geweint, gelacht und geliebt. Aber, lest selbst...

Mit diesem 2. Band ist der Autorin erneut, schon wie mit Band 1, ein Meisterwerk gelungen. Allein die Arbeit, der Recherschen, ist für mich mehr als bemerkenswert.

Kurz zum Inhalt:

"Eine Zeit voller Verführungen. Eine Familie, die ihren Traum retten muss.

Stuttgart, 1926: Die junge, abenteuerlustige Serafina zieht zu ihrem Halbbruder Victor in dessen prächtiges Familienanwesen, das alle nur »Die Schokoladenvilla« nennen – denn die Rothmanns sind weit über die Stadtgrenzen hinaus bekannt für ihre feinen Schokoladenkreationen. Serafinas Sehnsucht nach ihrer Heimatstadt Berlin ist schnell vergessen, als sie dem charmanten Karl Rothmann begegnet. Gemeinsam stürzen sie sich in die Vergnügungen der aufregenden neuen Zeit – bis Serafina Karls feinsinnigeren, aber nicht weniger attraktiven Zwillingsbruder Anton kennenlernt und sich Hals über Kopf in ihn verliebt. Derweil wird das Schokoladenimperium der Rothmanns durch heimtückische Sabotageakte bedroht – und Serafina von einem dunklen Kapitel ihrer Vergangenheit eingeholt ..."

Mein Fazit:

Der Autorin ist, genau wie beim ersten Teil, ein wunderbares Werk gelungen.

Die Schokoladenvilla und ihre Bewohner fehlen mir jetzt schon. Nun heißt es warten, warten auf Teil 3...

Von mir gibt es für dieses Meisterwerk, ohne Frage, 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ und eine unbedingte Leseempfehlung!
Adolf, Vol. 4: Days Of Infamy
Adolf, Vol. 4: Days Of Infamy
I have collected this entire series and it is still my favorite from when I was a very young girl and my older sister had given me the first two volumes as a gift. Tezuka has written another great story with the tales of the Three Adolfs and their unique relationships. Part noir, part war drama, part political dissection and all human experience--this is a tale I have read again and again and always found something new to make me laugh, cry and hope for a better outcome. I recommend the Adolf books to anyone with an interest in WWII and what Nazism drove people to do. It's never preachy and you always hope that humanity can learn from its past crimes {hate, indifference and fascism} and create a better world starting today.
The Christmas Wedding
The Christmas Wedding
Family is important to Gaby Summerhill, and since her husband Peter's death three years before, her family hasn't spent Christmas together. Christmas is the season for Believing and Family is the reason for the season ... Gaby is bound and determined to get her four adult children and their families back to the family home in Massachusetts to celebrate a good old family Christmas like they had in the past. Come step into Gaby's world and see how she gets her wayward family to come home for the holidays in The Christmas Wedding.

Widow Gaby Summerhill feels like her family has lost touch with each other ... her four adult children have all gotten caught up in their own lives, and family get togethers have stopped since the death of her husband Peter, three years before. Determined to bring her family back together again for the Christmas holiday, Gaby hatches a plan that will bring her wayward children back to the family farm in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Using her zany creativity, she starts to send her children videos 24 days before Christmas announcing that she is getting married, and that the groom will not be revealed until the wedding on Christmas Day. Each video she sends documents the updates of the pending nuptials, she is whetting their appetite to solve the mystery of who the groom will be ... funny thing is ... the three men that have asked for her hand in marriage don't even know which one of them will be the lucky groom! Is this enough to bring her children and their families home for the holidays? Will there be a Christmas Day wedding, or is Gaby just using that as an excuse to get them back together again as a closer family? Will each of her four children be able to leave their daily lives full of ups and downs to go home for a family Christmas celebration? Can you really ever go back home? These questions and so much more will be answered in The Christmas Wedding.

As a diehard fan of James Patterson's books, he has written another book that simply made me ride the emotional roller coaster once again. The storyline is so intriguing, I loved how the story is narrated by Gaby, and how the chapters alternate between Gaby's videotapes and on each of her four adult children: Claire, Lizzie, Emily and Seth. In Gaby's chapters, she documents the updates of the pending nuptials for her children, and introduces the reader to the three potential grooms: Tom Hayden, Jacob Coleman and Brother-in-Law Martin Summerhill. In each of the children's chapters, the reader learns about each of them and their families, and the lives that they each lead. In true James Patterson form, the story keeps you guessing until the end who the groom will be, if there will be a wedding, and what happens in each of the Summerhill childrens' lives. This fascinating weaving and intertwining of the Summerhill family's life stories is a heartwarming holiday read that will leave you tingling with the sentimentality that comes along with the Christmas holiday season. Most of all you will come away with a very important message that is such an integral part of the Christmas season: the importance of family ... that families always stick together and will always have each other through the good and bad times!
Vengeance ! (Fayard Noir (17))
Vengeance ! (Fayard Noir (17))
en '53, notre Frédo a déjà 32 balais : peut-on encore parler d’œuvre de jeunesse ?
et pourtant, ce Frédéric Charles-là nous concocte un à la manière de Chandler qui ne le fera pas se retourner dans sa tombe de jalousie !
si on y ajoute la stupidité des éditions Fayard qui offrent la clé du bouquin en 4ème de couverture, merci, mais on aurait trouvé tout seul !!!
une sympathique histoire de gangsters américains et à la mie de pain....c'est pas mal pastiché, mais c'est pas ça.
et toujours des lourdeurs de style : "il n'avait jamais volé de pommes........pour se sustenter,car il n'avait jamais eu faim", remplacer le "car" par un point, plus fluide, non ?
mais bon, c'est Monsieur Frédéric Dard et ça justifie financièrement amplement qu'on exhumât ces lyonnaiseries !!!
Naruto Shippuden Uncut Season 4 Volume 1
Naruto Shippuden Uncut Season 4 Volume 1
Ever since I started watching it just a little a few years ago..... I knew this would be an awesome series!! And it is!!!! It really is worth spending $20!!! I was unfortunately only able to buy two episodes though due to the left over money I had but STILL AWESOME AS HECK!!!!!!!
Nacht über den Wassern: Roman (German Edition)
Nacht über den Wassern: Roman (German Edition)
In “Nacht über den Wassern” geht es um das Schicksal mehrerer Protagonisten., das sich für jeden von ihnen in der einen Nacht, die sie im Pan-American-Clipper verbringen, entscheidet. Manche von ihnen fliegen los, haben ein klares Ziel vor Augen, das sie unbedingt verwirklichen wollen, und tun dies dann auch mehr oder weniger tatsächlich. Und andere von ihnen fliegen mit einem klaren Ziel vor Augen los, kommen davon ab und merken während des Fluges, dass sie ihr Glück möglicherweise wo ganz anderes finden.

An sich eine wirklich gute Geschichte. Ich mag auch Geschichten, in denen die Charaktere Entwicklungen durchlaufen und am Ende ein deutlicher Fortschritt in der Persönlichkeit zu sehen ist. Was mich hier aber dabei gestört hat ist, dass mir diese Entwicklungen teilweise zu schnell gingen. Natürlich kann auch ein kleiner Moment ein Leben ändern, aber hier haben sich auf sehr begrenzten Raum doch zu viele Leben geändert.

Was mir auch nicht so gut gefallen hat ist, dass es einfach zu viele Figuren gibt, die im Mittelpunkt stehen. Es fiel mir schwer, überhaupt erstmal einen Überblick zu bekommen, wer zu wem gehört und in welcher Beziehung die Personen zueinander stehen. Irgendwann wurde das natürlich besser, aber ich könnte jetzt schon nicht mehr alle Personen aufzählen und ich habe das Buch erst vor 2 Tagen beendet.

Insgesamt eine ganz gute Geschichte, bei der aber durchaus noch Luft nach oben besteht.
The Mallen Girl; The Mallen Litter; The Tide Of Life; The Man Who Cried (Complete and Unabridged)
The Mallen Girl; The Mallen Litter; The Tide Of Life; The Man Who Cried (Complete and Unabridged)
My favorite author. I am an older, avid reader. I know a good book when I read one. Strong characters. Books that take me to a different time and culture without having to feel like the experience is too much work. Catherine Cookson was a genius in her genre. Somehow I can become attached to one character after another. I have yet to be disappointed and I've read more than fifty titles.
Beauty's Punishment
Beauty's Punishment
The general wisdom is that middle books of trilogies tend to be the worst. Perhaps this is because the writer has already wowed the reader with an introduction to the story concept and the climax of the story is still some way away, leaving the reader in a bit of a lull which also just happens to include lots of details they're going to have to know in order for the conclusion to make any sense.

However, Beauty's Punishment is a pretty good middle book! It has a few reservations but the author gets away with them.

Beauty's arrival in the Village marks a big change from her time at the Palace: it's rougher, tougher and more everyday (in a very S&M kind of a way). Beauty finds a lot more depth of love for slavehood in herself and it is this gradual realisation that forms the stock of this book.

We also see more characters introduced into the story as Tristan begins to narrate to us.

The main problem, I feel, with Anne Rice's writing is that she gives the male characters (in this book at least, and the first in the trilogy) a flowery style of prose - just as she does with the female characters. I'm in two minds about how bad a problem this is: half of the point of the Sleeping Beauty trilogy is to read the *very* pretty prose. Perhaps there's wiggle room for her to have delved into the more primal observations of her male characters, but in this book they still feel a bit, well, flowery.

I'm half-way through Beauty's Release now and the problem appears to have been cleared up. The main male character in Release is more primal, dirtier and really doesn't mince his words! What can I say, I love him already.

It's also nice to get a break from Beauty in Beauty's Punishment, lovely girl though she is. Tristan offers a bit of a contrast, although perhaps not quite enough. Like I said, his own point of view is quite rosy.

The Village sounds like a fabulous place, although I was expecting to see a bit more roughness in the daily lives of the slaves. As it happens, both our main protagonists in this book of the trilogy fall into the possession of rather well-to-do Masters, so we don't generally see the full extent of how base the Village can get.

I like the twist at the end of this book and have been very much enjoying its continuation in Beauty's Release so far.
Perhaps the least well-known of Hesse's works, this third work combines beautiful expression with gentle irony, a sense of the typical Romantic restlessness in conflict more obvious than real conflict with traditional German middle class values. It is a story of an aspiring composer's love for the beautiful Gertrude, and his struggle to come to terms with the fatal attractions of the alcoholic singer who marries her, and helps present the composer's first opera. There are scenes of humor, as in his assistance of his mother against the depredations of a distant spinster relative who has come to dominate his mother after the passing of his father, and to whom he refers as "the dragon;" there is pathos in the realization that his closest friend's sister is in (unrequited) love with him; and the constant influence of nature itself, not in the trembling emotional style of the early Romantic writers, but of a more mature Late Romantic German philosophy; and beauty and nobility in his gradual success in music as it contrasts with his hopeless love for the inspiring Gertrude. Beauty and truth, truth and beauty in a novel I have read perhaps a dozen times in my life; not on the epic philosophic scale of The Glass Bead Game (Das Glasperlenpiel), but a charming personal favorite, as gentle as Hesse himself.
Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse - Sandstone
Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse - Sandstone
I purchased this mouse for occasional use - I wanted a wireless mouse without (1) Spending a small fortune on a Logitech MX wireless desktop (I have six sets distributed everywhere) and (2) needing to use another USB port on my computer.

I was pleasantly surprised with this mouse.

- BATTERY LIFE: The website claims "up to 12 months typical usage" - I purchased mine (three different colours) in February 2020 and have been using the black mouse as my daily driver - 100+ hours on Windows 10, and the battery is still going strong. To extend the battery life, remember to push the small button on the bottom of the mouse (press, then release - do not hold) to turn it off when you are not using it.

- NUMBER OF BUTTONS: This is an excellent productivity mouse, with a left and right mouse button. If you are a gamer, note that there are no side triggers or programmable buttons. Also: this mouse is wireless (using Bluetooth), which may increase your response time in FPS or twitch games.

- FUNCTIONALITY: This mouse connects via Bluetooth and does not ship or require that a USB dongle. The mouse works with Windows, MacOS, iPad OS and Android.

- BUILD QUALITY: Nice, clicky buttons and metal scroll wheel feels "solid" when scrolling using it.

- Black mouse is a fingerprint magnet (walk with a microfibre cleaning cloth in your bag).

- Gestures are not supported - this is an "old-school" 2-button mouse with a scroll wheel that happens to support Bluetooth connectivity to your devices.

- There is no battery gauge on the mouse (Windows 10 users: Access "Bluetooth & Other Devices" in the Control Panel to check the battery life).

- This mouse remembers ONE device at a time - you cannot connect it to multiple devices and expect it to work (the mouse remembers the last device you connected to it, but nothing else). If you are purchasing this mouse to connect to multiple devices, consider purchasing multiple mice (in different colours).

If you are an office or knowledge worker and want a simple, robust and reliable wireless mouse - without having to use up *another* USB port - look no further. This is your mouse.

Purchase with confidence.
Power Rangers Beast Morphers Blue Ranger 12" Action Figure
Power Rangers Beast Morphers Blue Ranger 12" Action Figure
Can’t go wrong. I have purchased the red and blue one. They are a great size.
In the photo: I first purchased the red one from Walmart, then I saw the blue one on Amazon and ordered it..... COMPLETE SIZE DIFFERENCE!! After the blue one came, I had to go right back on Amazon to get the red one so they would at least be the same size. My 3 year old loves them!!!!
3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 – For Boats and RVs – White – 1/10 Gallon Cartridge
3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 – For Boats and RVs – White – 1/10 Gallon Cartridge
Have an above ground pool? Or any pool with a liner? BUY THIS!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!
My brother had a Large tear in his pool bottom. It spidered in every direction. I put a BLOB of this on a disposable trowel, and took a dive. I spread it like a 3 yr old frosting a cake. (The pool was already 9yrs old, this was it's Last Stand.)
4 YEARS!! later, NOT - A - DROP!!!
This stuff Cures Under Water!! There is Nothing like it!! We used it on our boats, as it was made for, but the POOL?? ! ! It saved us Thou$and$!!
Warning - It does harden once opened, so don't plan on getting more than 2 uses from the tube. Used it once without the nozzle. 2nd time, I speared the hardened end and got use. By the third time? I had to pierce the side of the tube and scoop out what I could. But even if you only get One use, It's Worth it.
StarTech.com 1ft Coiled Lightning to USB Cable - Black - Apple 8 Pin Lightning Charger Cable for Your iPhone / iPad / iPod (USBCLT30CMB)
StarTech.com 1ft Coiled Lightning to USB Cable - Black - Apple 8 Pin Lightning Charger Cable for Your iPhone / iPad / iPod (USBCLT30CMB)
"StarTech.com USB to Lightning Cable - 2m / 6 ft -Apple MFi Certified - Angled - Black - iPhone Charger Cable - Apple Certified Lightning Cable"
I've been using this cable purchased in 5/2017 and in 11/2017. Both are still working fine, BUT I had to take measures to ensure the strain relief portion didn't "break" the cable. I just tested both of these cables, and both are still doing great. I'm posting this review now because I've still NOT been able to find a better cable on Amazon to replace it with(so sad). (and I just now needed to order another one for use in a different area.)
My first cable started to separate at the right angle Lightning connector end, at the edge of the strain relief (as many others have already posted).
Mine are still doing OK ONLY because I managed to address the flaw in the strain relief.
To keep from damaging the connector further, on the first cable, I tried wrapping some electrical tape over the strain relief, and the cable. (I could have used better tape, and it's coming loose and sticky. I'll be taking it off to re-do.) On the second cable, I tried some Silcone tape. (I had some I’d repaired a shower hose with for a while.)
See the picture. It’s now starting to slip down, and it needs to be re-applied. I think I’ll loop the first wrap around the end of the connector to keep it from slipping down again. It is non-sticky tape, and you apply it by greatly stretching it as you wrap it, and it then “bonds” to itself. I may put a “tie wrap” over the final wrap, since that part seems to come loose.
Regarding the cable wiring itself, It tested very well. (or as well as could be expected for the wire gauge used):
My USB power source voltage dropped from 5.21V to 4.99V with a 2 amp load on it.
My Cable then dropped that voltage down to 4.53V at 1.995Amps, at the end of the cable
I can calculate my voltage drop across the cable length: 4.99V minus 4.53V = .46V dropped along the length of the cable.
Using Ohms law: R=E/I, (.46V/1.995A) shows total resistance of this cable is 0.230 Ohms (about a quarter of an ohm).
(not bad, my 6’6” long StarTech “right-angle Lightning connector” cable is ~ 2 years old and is getting pretty worn)
I tested my 2nd Startech 6’ cable and it dropped to 4.54V

Per USB hardware spec info:
Devices' configuration and low-power functions must operate down to 4.40 V at the hub port by USB 2.0 and that devices' configuration, low-power, and HiGH POWER functions must operate down to 4.00V at the device port (=lightning connector end of the cable) by USB 3.0.
Personally, I’d rather not see the voltage drop below 4.5V entering the device plugged into the cable. – so I’m satisfied.
Here’s some links if you’re interested in what I used to test with:
DROK Electronic Load

MakerHawk usb Converter Board

MakerHawk USB 3 meter
Prestige Deluxe Plus Baby Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Handi, 2 Litres, Flame Red
Prestige Deluxe Plus Baby Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Handi, 2 Litres, Flame Red
This product doesn’t function properly after use of one year. The valve and the gasket doesn’t work after 6 months. I have changed the valve twice and the pressure remains in the cooker without any whistle. This item is not worth to use for more than 6 months. Completely disappointed with the brand, price and quality. Not worth for money.
FRISAFRAN - Regaliz de palo Ecologico certificado (100Gr)
FRISAFRAN - Regaliz de palo Ecologico certificado (100Gr)
Mi peor compra por amazon, la bolsa de 100 gr me llegó con 11 palos con lo cual casi a 1 euro cada uno.
Están totalmente secos, imposible de partir, yo los queria para gin tonics por lo que no me vale para nada.
Entiendo que no los vendan muy humedos por el tema de conservación y moho. Pero me parece lamentable que aguanten tantisimo el stock hasta venderlo y no haya nadie que vea lo que realmente comercializan.
Mucho mejor ir al mercadillo y comprar 3 o 4 palos que esta estafa de venta.
El sabor muy debil al estar tan exageradamente secos.
No recomiendo su compra para nada.

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