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What Happened at the Lake
What Happened at the Lake
What Happened at the Lake by Phil M. Williams. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, with 1129 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Varsleren by John Grisham. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
O Manipulador (Portuguese Edition)
O Manipulador (Portuguese Edition)
O Manipulador (Portuguese Edition) by John Grisham. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Il rapporto Pellican - Prima Edizione club 1994
Il rapporto Pellican - Prima Edizione club 1994
Il rapporto Pellican - Prima Edizione club 1994 by John Grisham. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Pro Java 7 NIO.2 (Expert's Voice in Java)
Pro Java 7 NIO.2 (Expert's Voice in Java)
Pro Java 7 NIO.2 (Expert's Voice in Java) by Anghel Leonard. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, with 7 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Java programming' category.
Python Programming Crash Course: A Smarter and Faster Beginner’s Step by Step Guide to Learn Python Programming with Practical Exercises, Interview Questions, and Tips and Tricks
Python Programming Crash Course: A Smarter and Faster Beginner’s Step by Step Guide to Learn Python Programming with Practical Exercises, Interview Questions, and Tips and Tricks
Python Programming Crash Course: A Smarter and Faster Beginner’s Step by Step Guide to Learn Python Programming with Practical Exercises, Interview Questions, and Tips and Tricks by Brayden Smith Smith and Hein Smith. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Python programming' category.
Silicon States: The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What It Means for Our Future
Silicon States: The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What It Means for Our Future
We have separation of church and state for a reason. Seems we will now have to figure out how to separate tech and state. We will need to find the motivation and method of doing this. My personal concern is that some see the solution as a change of state which is really a shift of power to those who think they can deliver a better state, but once they have power the people get the same old thing. The problem before us is the quick power shift to tech is creating vacuums in our somewhat stable economies. I do not have answers. The discussion within these pages starts a conversation which will be long and difficult. I hope we have time!
The Space Barons
The Space Barons
Not long ago, I reviewed Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance, and The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone. Both books are well done. They're the product of professional journalists who are good at what they do. But neither book comes close to Christian Davenport's superb new book, The Space Barons: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the Quest to Colonize the Cosmos, in offering insight into the personality of these two extraordinary men who are the central characters in his book.

Illuminating personal details

The personal details about the lives of Musk and Bezos are abundant and highly revealing. For example, here is Davenport with an anecdote from the early life of Elon Musk: "He had such concentration that as a toddler in Montessori school, his teachers would have to pick him up—in his chair—to keep him moving from task to task." And this about Bezos: "His girlfriend from high school had once told an interviewer that Bezos had founded Amazon in order to make enough money to start a space company." Davenport notes that Bezos "conceded that there 'is some truth to that.'"

The pivotal role of four private space companies

Davenport's subject in The Space Barons is the pivotal role of four billionaires and the private space companies they've started in the emergence of the rejuvenated space industry. All four men envision lowering the cost of space travel and making it more accessible—and Davenport makes clear that they have taken great strides toward this goal. Although Musk and Bezos occupy center stage, Paul Allen (cofounder of Microsoft) and Richard Branson (the Virgin companies) also play large roles. Davenport tells the tale with great assurance in prose that is always lively and engaging. He interviewed all four of his subjects and many of their associates (and critics) as well. This is the remarkable story of four self-made billionaires whose great wealth and passion allowed them to pioneer space technology that NASA had grown too old and bureaucratic to develop itself. If humankind ever succeeds in populating the solar system, historians may conclude that the determination and resources of these men were largely responsible.

Four distinctive personalities

Musk, Bezos, Allen, and Branson are very different from one another, though each is undoubtedly brilliant in his own way, and at least three of the four are science fiction fans. Musk is the youngest of the lot—he was born in 1971—and by far the brashest and most impulsive. His company, SpaceX, has made the biggest splash to date and has generated by far the most revenue, but Musk has a bad habit of setting impossible deadlines for what he envisions as the principal goal of his efforts: building a city of one million people on Mars. He has also gotten his way at times only by suing NASA and the Pentagon. By contrast, Bezos and his company, Blue Origin, have been the tortoise to SpaceX's hare ("Slow is smooth and smooth is fast" as compared to "Head down. Plow through the line.") Bezos' highly secretive company has consistently been wary of publicizing its achievements.

Both Musk and Bezos (born in 1964) envision traveling into space on their own rockets. Allen and Branson, who are older—born in 1953 and 1950, respectively—do not contemplate the trip to Mars that Musk hopes to take. Allen's part in the emergence of the new industry was for a time very limited by his fear that lives might be lost in the process; later, however, he staked out a unique project of his own: building a spaceplane larger than any airplane ever built. Branson, who is even more flamboyant than Musk, is all showman and marketer. His contribution was initially to promote the work of aircraft designer Burt Rutan, assuming the controlling interest in Rutan's company in place of Allen and only later getting into the business of building rockets, as Musk and Bezos have been doing for nearly two decades.

Differing views of humanity's future in space

Elon Musk is single-mindedly focused on building a large city on Mars. Jeff Bezos does not share this focus. "'There's all kinds of interesting stuff you can do around the solar system,'" he told Davenport, "'but the thing that's going to move the needle for humanity the most is mining near-Earth objects and building manufacturing infrastructure in place . . . That's the big thing.'" Given the obstacles to living on the surface of Mars that I have learned through other reading, I tend to agree with Bezos.

About the author

Christian Davenport is a reporter for the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos. He acknowledges that it is "somewhat awkward writing a book about someone who could have you fired." However, his editor, Marty Baron, "has made it clear that [the Post] covers Jeff's companies as it would any other" and encouraged him to write the book. The Space Barons is Davenport's second.
Tierra Americana [American Dirt]
Tierra Americana [American Dirt]
If you truly care about people from Mexico, look for another book. If the advertising had described the book as a cheap thrills novel about escaping drug traffickers, it might get a pass. But it claims to lift up the experiences of migrants from central America, and it fails. The characters are thin creations. The choice of metaphors are bizarre. It is full of stereotypes and only tries to perpetuate that we should care about the "good" migrants. If you didn't know that "good" migrants existed, you will be shocked with this novel. But for anyone else familiar with Central American experiences, the banality and hollowness of the novel is evident from the first line. It displays total ignorance of Mexico and Mexican culture from the first chapter (the account of how the family was celebrating the quinceañera is not even close and the misrepresentations compound as you read on): it edits and plagiarizes scenes and information from other novels (look up article in Huffington Post). Instead, read the works of Luis Urrea, Reyna Grande, Sonia Nazario for more effective, captivating, sophisticated, personal and genuine accounts of migrant experiences from Central America.
Shelter from the Storm
Shelter from the Storm
The wonderful thing about music and musical songs (lyric), to me, is that the listener can sometimes find personal meaning within the song (music/lyrics) or not. Which is great. Nevertheless, 'Shelter From The Storm' is a beautiful classic whenever I think of Bob Dylan - the piece took me into great places when I first heard the song and now it takes me back and then forward with a sense of what I know now is a multiple of what I learned back then.
L'editore, non migliora in nulla – anzi la peggiora – la precedente edizione stampata dalla stessa casa editrice e curata da Ewald Zimmermann. Uno spreco di denaro che lascia senza parole.
Across the Borderline 1986 (Live)
Across the Borderline 1986 (Live)
Literally. This collection & recording is as good as any of Dylan's bootlegs,--at a fraction of the price. Plus you get Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Just a great find.
Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker with Easy Pour Jar and XL Ice Reservoir
Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker with Easy Pour Jar and XL Ice Reservoir
We've had a Key West margarita maker for many years and it has operated flawlessly. So when we were looking for a present, we thought this would be the perfect gift. Unfortunately, it is just partially perfect.

The newest version of the Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker (hereafter referred to as "margarita maker") has a few changes from our old one. On the good side, the blender lid now has a flip-up spout so that you don't need to take the lid off to pour a glass of deliciousness. I might be looking for some new lids for the two blender jars we have. Yeah, it is a little thing, but a good thing.

The downside, and why this review is only three stars, is that the new margarita maker jams. Those half-moon shaped pieces of ice from an icemaker are particularly problematic. You'll start a batch, it will shave the ice perfectly, and maybe you want your margarita a little thicker. Hit the "shave ice" switch and instead of satisfyingly loud ice-shaving noises, you just hear a loud "I'm jammed again" hum. So, open the ice reservoir, and poke and prod the ice at the bottom, all the while ignoring the "sharp blade" warning. In the end, I suspect someone got a laceration poking around in the older margarita maker like ours (which NEVER has jammed) and Margaritaville had to redesign the ice shaving mechanism to avoid lawsuits. Of course, now that you have to get your fingers down there in sharp-blade-land, you've increased the chance of cuts, and that doesn't make much sense.

Using smaller ice, like bagged ice from your local market, seems to cut down on the jams, but it does not eliminate them. I guess getting crushed ice from your refrigerator ice maker could also solve the problem.

So, while this margarita maker does make a tasty and well-blended beverage, it only does that when it works properly. Until the jamming issue is solved, only three stars.
Revoltech Fraulein: Queen's Blade Airi Action Figure
Revoltech Fraulein: Queen's Blade Airi Action Figure
I don't recommend this for young kids who haven't seen a woman's chest before.
And also due to some parts and pieces are able to be swallowed and shouldn't be.
If anything it's a Ecchi action figure that will be purchase by adults for there kids and not know about the exposed chest, from older kids who are aware and for enjoyment because they are fans, and most of all will be tackled by collectors who love the series or the people who make the figures.

I personally love how it was made, I'm not familiar with "Revoltech" but I love how they made the characters as well as this one.
I truly admire the dress and the bow on the back. It's even light enough were it can stand up on its own, however the weapon will put some weight on it. Parts of the figure are removable mainly so it's essayer to change the face, hands, one of the legs, as well as removing the plastic from when it's packaged. But it's still breakable, Though you would really have to roughhouse with it.
I recommend it all Queen's Blade fans even if it's not their favorite character as well as collectors who are interested in fine made action figures.

It's beautiful and well made, It's worth buying.
Diamond Pens Pack of 16 Cute Ballpoint Pens Diamond Pen Office Supplies Décor Gifts for Women Bridesmaid Coworkers Cool Fun Fancy Novelty Crystal MetalPolka Dots Black Ink (4 Colors)
Diamond Pens Pack of 16 Cute Ballpoint Pens Diamond Pen Office Supplies Décor Gifts for Women Bridesmaid Coworkers Cool Fun Fancy Novelty Crystal MetalPolka Dots Black Ink (4 Colors)
Cute sleek black inked ball point pens. They came in a box and each pen was wrapped in a single plastic pouch. 4 white polka dot, 4 rose gold polka dot, 4 rose gold and 4 silver. Theybwrote so smooth like writing with air since the pens are light weighted. The dimond on the top does not weight down the pen. Verybeasy tonhold as they are not big n bulky. Im very satisfied with my purchase. Would definitely recommend them for anyone who like nice writing pens.
Avengers Marvel Endgame Red Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist Roleplay Toy with Lights and Sounds for Kids Ages 5 and Up
Avengers Marvel Endgame Red Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist Roleplay Toy with Lights and Sounds for Kids Ages 5 and Up
This glove has made my boy very happy. The only issue I do have with it is, the large the area where the child puts thier hand as there is no real stability leaving it flapping around on their arm. It doesn't have any padding inside either which leaves them open to injury if playing an instese or full on "superhero" game as my boys like to do. It is made from a very thick material making it very durable, which is a bonus as we all now how clumsy little hands can be. Overall I'm happy with the product and my son loves it, as I said the issue is that the opening could be a bit smaller and more supporting to tiny hands.
Annie's Macaroni & Cheese, Gluten Free Creamy Deluxe & Cheesy Cheddar, Rice Pasta & Cheese Sauce, 11oz Box
Annie's Macaroni & Cheese, Gluten Free Creamy Deluxe & Cheesy Cheddar, Rice Pasta & Cheese Sauce, 11oz Box
Disclaimer: Neither my husband nor I have a gluten intolerance; I personally am trying to keep a low-gluten diet (for no other reason than my stomach just feels better when I do). My husband does not care either way for himself, but I shared it with him because it's delicious *shrug*. Therefore, this review cannot speak to if this is a good buy for those with a gluten intolerance.

This pasta is decently priced considering it's rice pasta AND it's Annie's (So, it's extremely tasty, of course). This 11oz box was plenty for my husband and me to each have 2 large helpings. I added a pinch of salt, garlic, and onion and it made this pasta even more amazing. For our budget though, this will probably be a 2 times a month treat.
21 Jump Street
21 Jump Street
From my site [...]

Based on the 1987 TV show that launched Johnny Depp this self aware comedy was one of the freshest movies of 2012. Channing Tatum really showing off his comedic chops and Jonah Hill’s own brand of comedy worked so well together that 21 Jump Street was absolutely the funniest movie of 2012.

Despite a rocky personal history Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) bond in policy academy and become fast friends. After graduating from the academy, being sub-par cops land the two in a strange undercover program that puts cops into local high schools. Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) does a great job of setting up the concept of the movie while at the same time berating Schmidt, Jenko, the plot of the movie itself, and the overall lack of creativity in recent Hollywood projects. “We’re reviving a canceled undercover project from the ’80s and revamping it for modern times. The people behind this lack creativity and they’ve run out of ideas, so what they do now is just recycle s*** from the past and hope that nobody will notice.” Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) is the man in charge of running Jump Street. He was the first to admit he is the stereo-typical angry black man. Almost all of Dickson’s lines are shouted, but they are also all hysterical. Dickson puts Schmidt and Jenko on the case of finding a new synthetic drug called HFS (look the acronym up yourself) after a kid at the school dies from the drug, a fact no one at the school seems to care at all about. Schmidt and Jenko find the dealer in with ease but the supplier proves to be a much harder task. Eric Molson (Dave Franco) is the environmentalist popular guy at school and the popular click takes a liking to Schmidt immediately where Jenko gets stuck with the nerdy kids because their identities get switched. The role reversal was a brilliant comedic move and the bizarre situations are knowingly over-the-top but the comedy all ramps up and actually does contribute to the plot of the movie.

Channing Tatum didn’t start his film career with the best movies and only dabbled in comedies. 21 Jump Street shows that Tatum can handle more than strutting with his shirt off and second rate action movies. Only a few of Tatum’s gags are physical and his willingness to look stupid and put himself out there conflicts with his past film resume but sell the comedy on Jump Street so solidly. Jonah Hill comes from the complete opposite side of the industry than his co-star. Hill has been known for his comedies and most of them are quite funny. In 21 Jump Street Hill doesn’t get to stretch his acting as far as Tatum appeared to but he is still very funny and his on-screen personality gets to clash nicely with the action in the movie. The supporting cast is equally as funny as the lead actors despite their somewhat limited screen time. Dave Franco (yep, the brother of the amazing James Franco) plays the popular drug dealing Eric Molson. Franco has done some very funny material. Along with smaller roles in movies he also did a great series with his older brother for Funny or Die. After 21 Jump Street he should be getting some more substantial comedic roles. The absolutely adorable Brie Larson plays the closest thing to a love interest this movie gets. Schmidt falls for her the second he arrives back at school and she fell in line properly with the popular crowd. Larson is really the only character in the movie who got to show some range of emotion. She is funny with the rest of the cast the majority of the time but she also plays the heart-broken school girl very well. Ice Cube doesn’t really strain himself as an actor but the man is very funny and embraces his stereo-typical role well.

For a movie based off of an 80s TV show its safe to say expectations weren’t high. Screen Writer Michael Bacall (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Manic, Project X) took a silly idea and ran with it. Admitting that the movie was goofy and having the lead actors be just as goofy as the core concept let the audience sit back and really enjoy themselves. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller don’t have extensive amounts of directorial experience but they certainly did due diligence to a fantastic script.

If you haven’t give 21 Jump Street a change. It is funny from the opening shot to the end. The story is told along with the jokes, it doesn’t suffer from switching tracks because it can only handle one thing at a time. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill make a brilliant comedic team. 21 Jump Street is a mockery and pays homage to the serious show it was based on.
One Piece, Vol. 33 (33)
One Piece, Vol. 33 (33)
One piece volume 33
- Chapters 306 up to 316

This volume continues the water seven arc at the encounter with Foxy the silver fox, this volume is filled with the games between the two pirate crews the davy back fight in these fights they wager their crew and their ships flag, at the discretion of the winner of each round they can take one of the members of the opponents crew or their flag so they can never use it again.

the davy back fights for me weren't something I would want to re-read unlike the rest of the series which i would re-read because it just isn't the same standard as the rest of the manga in my opinion
One Piece, Vol. 58 (58)
One Piece, Vol. 58 (58)
I just got this volume this morning, earlier than expected! So let me start by saying... *clears throat* NOOOO!! AHHHH!! THAT CLIFFHANGER!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!! DON'T END IT THERE!! NOOO!!
Anyway, on to the review. :)

Volume 58 of One Piece contains chapters 563 to 573 plus an interview with Chopper's voice actress Ikue Otani!
It is rated T for teen due to fantasy violence and tobacco usage.

I'll try not to include any spoilers in this review.
If you are new to One Piece, I would recommend starting from volume 1. I know it's a long way to catch up but trust me, it's worth it.

Just by looking at the cover, you can tell this volume is going to be epic. I'm not sure about the red and orange colours though. The Japanese version uses gold which looks a whole lot better. Open the cover and it starts of by the author Eiichiro Oda talking about man-eating giant rabbits. Yes, this will be an amazing volume!

Volume 58 consists of some of the most amazing fight scenes I have ever seen! Whitebeard becomes serious but so do the Admirals. We see a lot of new devil fruit powers, all as unique as ever! Luffy continues to try to run past all the fighting in hopes of reaching Ace. Will he get to him before it's too late?
As I somewhat mentioned before, there is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end of this volume! It ended so suddenly that I had to sit back and think for a few minutes about what just happened!
This is one of my favourite volumes of anything ever! Everything about it is fantastic! The art, the emotions, the way it flows. I want the next volume now!
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It (Widescreen Edition)
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It (Widescreen Edition)
Then this is one of the best. It's fun with a moral.

The movie rating says 12 or over, but my friends 10 year old thinks it's great, but judgement is best left to sensible adults.

Cassie (Emily Osment, Haley Joel "I see dead people" Osment's little sister) is the new girl at the school and is having a hard time fitting in. Especially after she becomes the target of Priscilla, the school beauty, who thinks she is trying to make a move on what she considers to be her date for the dance, Sean (Cody Linley).

In order to get revenge after she is embarrassed by Priscilla Cassie decides to play tricks on those who annoy her, inlcuding Priscilla - who in turn plots her own revenge on Cassie, with the apparently gullable Sean in tow.

As halloween approaches Cassie comes across a shop which deals with occult items and buys a book called "The Evil Thing", which contains a warning "Do not read out loud", unfortunately Cassie wants to frighten her little brother and reads it out loud, and the evil thing is released.

The subtitles available are: English, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

The soundtrack is available in: English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

It's a good film, very enjoyable for any adult sat with children, and only a little bit scary for the young.
Buddha, Vol. 8: Jetavana
Buddha, Vol. 8: Jetavana
And so I have come to the last of the 8 books, Buddha, Jetavana. Osamu Tezuka has mostly done well by his readers and the ending is at minimum honest. What we know that Buddha may have not, is that his presence and his message has survived and spread, but has the example of Buddhism changed humanity? Throughout the series, Buddha has been faced with temptations. The usuals, women, power family loyalties and of course he does not fall. In the last book he will face the real challenges. What is his legacy and what is the human condition? Tezuka has Buddha coming to some conclusions and it is up to use to follow or not.

The art work in book eight stays with the mix of beautiful particularly his rendering of nature and the cartoonist, particularly some of his humans. Tezuka continues to love anachronisms, but he is not dependent on them. The violence in this book was forewarned and is in service to the notion of making The Buddha face some of the consequences of his decisions and in the truth of human failings.

The questions to me are: Do I think I have been exposed to more than a basic education in the beliefs and practices of Buddhism? My guess is: no. My interest has been fed, but not sated. Have I been exposed to an honest version of the history of Buddha? I suspect the answer is no, but it is on me to learn more; to find how much in the books is consistent with the Japanese understanding of the travels of The Buddha.

My suspicion is that the series is intended to be more an entertainment than an enlightenment. If so Tezuka has achieved his goal. The stories and especially the ending are worth the journey. More than this it can kindle and interest in a more serious effort to learn.
Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change (Kid Legends)
Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change (Kid Legends)
Unfortunately Amazon sent me the wrong book (Kid Scientists instead of Kid Activists).
Secretly I'm glad I received the scientists book as the topic interests me more. Here's my assessment:

- Book is set up in 4 themes: Astronomy, Plant and Animal lovers, Invisible Forces, and DIY. Within each theme are 4 biographies of people related to each topic.

- The featured historical figures offer a balanced range of men and women. But I think they could have a better diversity of races.

- Each page is about 1/3 illustration and 2/3 text.

- Good size for travel.

- I tend to like these kind of informative kid books since they are more like magazine reads but still offer valuable information in an enjoyable presentation.

- This is a unique perspective for a book about superstars. I like how the stories revolve around the process behind how each person became who they are and less about their adult achievements. It's a great way to encourage young readers to explore their interests in childhood, problem solve, and find ways to achieve their goals despite obstacles they may encounter.

- I read this to my 3-year-old...she does great with picture books but I was concerned this might be too heavy a read for her especially since the illustrations are more minimal and there's a significant amount of copy to read before turning the page. I was pleased to see her sit through the stories. While I'm sure most of it went over her head, there's so much for her to absorb from this series: the stories of the people, the vocabulary, and the playfulness of the illustrations.

Interesting read. I hope to get more of the series.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [Blu-ray] by Warner Brothers
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [Blu-ray] by Warner Brothers
My 8 year old son is really getting into the books and is currently starting the 4th book so I bought this blu ray to get him started on the movies. As with most cases of movies based on books, it doesn't have anywhere near the detail of the book but is still a really entertaining watch from start to finish. There are a couple scary moments that some young children might be frightened by but for the most part my son loved it and I enjoyed it as well.

The picture and sound quality are both great, as you would expect from a blu ray disc. There are a number of special features included on the disc but nothing that stands out.

All in all, its a really good start to the Potter movies and highly recommended to all Potter fans.
Funko Pop Movies Harry Potter-Ron Weasley with Scabbers Toy
Funko Pop Movies Harry Potter-Ron Weasley with Scabbers Toy
I love the product, but the box was ripped and bent like someone previously had a hard time opening it. And there was dust on the funko....so....that tells me this wasn't new as advertised. Definitely not mint, anyway. I'm an out of the box collector, so it's not the end of the world, but it all feels a bit dishonest. I purchased this from box warehouse.
Harry Clarke: An Imaginative Genius in Illustrations and Stained-glass Arts (Japanese Edition)
Harry Clarke: An Imaginative Genius in Illustrations and Stained-glass Arts (Japanese Edition)
I just took delivery a copy of this and it's lovely. Really well designed and printed (so much so that I'm thinking of buying another copy to dismantle and frame individual pages). Ideal for a beginner or confirmed fan, it has lots of obscure stuff (Share certificates etc). My only caveat would be that although it has English text as well as Japanese, you get one line of English giving the title of the picture and a paragraph of Japanese which is obviously commenting on the picture. When it loks as nice as this, it doesn't really matter...
The History of Magic: (A Timeless Classic)
The History of Magic: (A Timeless Classic)
At some point, all religions had a beginning. Eliphas Levi, in fact, believed they all came from the same place. In The History of Magic, he discusses the origins of many of the world's schools of mysticism and occult ideologies, as well as how he claims they deviated from the sole source of true religion. As the title would suggest, it's more of an overview of numerous sub-topics than an instructional or dogmatic volume.

ln my opinion, the first 160 pages or so contain the book's richest information, speaking in simpler language and laying down essential facets of Levi's occult belief system. Some of the cuts l particularly like include: 'Woe therefore to those who would employ natural powers in the service of injustice, since Nature is just and her reactions are terrible.' 'Black magic may be defined as the art of inducing artificial mania in ourselves and in others; but it is also and above all the science of poisoning.' 'To say there is no God, or to define what he is, constitutes equal blasphemy. Every definition of God hazarded by human intelligence is a recipe of religious empiricism, out of which superstition will subsequently extract a devil.'

The latter half of the chapters become more detailed and anecdotal in nature. Here, we read stories and legends of famous and/or higher profile characters involved in the sphere of occultism: alchemists, sorcerers, madmen and reckless profaners of sacred magic rites. Gilles de Raiz, Rudolf II Holy Roman Emperor, Paracelsus and the Knights Templar are some of the cases examined. Often these people would meet terrible ends, due to events which are open to interpretation. The author, however, tends to stress that the mishandling of the absolute powers that be will always come with a dear cost, in various forms.

lf you've read Transcendental Magic: Doctrine/Ritual, and you still have nightmares about how hard it was to read at times, this book should be somewhat of a relief. l find Levi's wording to be remarkably more easy to deal with here. There are footnotes throughout by the translator A.E. Waite, often disputing Levi's historical accuracy or contrasting his opinions. Most of these aren't very noteworthy, but some of them take up half the page.
l think this is a good volume on the occult, written by a foremost author of that genre. ln the summary and conclusion, the writer does return to his interstellar, word-salad style and loses me a bit. Nevertheless, l enjoyed and recommend this book for some ideas of where occultism came from.
Warner Home Video - Games LEGO Dimensions, A Team Fun Pack B.A. Baracus - Not Machine Specific
Warner Home Video - Games LEGO Dimensions, A Team Fun Pack B.A. Baracus - Not Machine Specific
An amazing purchase for your LEGO Dimensions game.

This is a fun pack, so you'll get B.A. Baracus as a playable character, as well as his iconic van. B.A.'s minifig is exclusive to this pack and he comes with an awesome mohawk piece that is also currently exclusive, so there's value there if you're just into the physical LEGO bricks.

B.A. is a fun character in-game. He has super strength, silver LEGO blowup, fix-it, as well as an exclusive ability called "A-Team Master Build," which is used for building up new vehicles from other small heaps of parts in some of the newer year 2 worlds and levels. However, B.A. isn't the only character included in this pack. After roaming around the A-Team adventure world, you'll eventually be able to switch between the other members of the A-Team (Hannibal, Face, and Murdock). While they don't speak and don't have as many abilities as B.A., it's still a nice touch if you're a fan of those other characters.

B.A.'s van is standard as far as vehicles go - though its level 3 build (the Pain Plane) can fly, which is always nice when roaming around adventure worlds.

Speaking of adventure worlds, this pack is currently the only way to gain access to the A-Team adventure world. And let me just say: its amazing. So amazing that I love it and I've never even see a single episode of the 80s show! But, it's inspired me to check it out after all these years, which I think means this pack will probably be even more loved by people who've actually watched the show, and it also shows just how much love TT Games has poured into the year 2 franchises. It makes me giddy thinking that a parent who grew up with the A-Team can buy this pack and sit down and play Dimensions with their kids and share their childhood with them, whether they're playing in the A-Team world or Adventure Time or Ninjago or whatever else. The A-Team may seem like an incredibly odd choice but it's brilliant.

I think this pack is a must buy if you own LEGO Dimensions and are looking for a fun pack. B.A. is a useful character, the world he comes with is amazing... the only downside I can think of is that B.A. is sadly not voiced by Mr. T, but rather a "sound-alike" which honestly doesn't sound that much like B.A. Baracus. Nonetheless, I can't recommend this pack enough.
Mixed Trees Set of 3 Cloths (one of Each Design) Swedish Dishcloths | ECO Friendly Absorbent Cleaning Cloth | Reusable Cleaning Wipes
Mixed Trees Set of 3 Cloths (one of Each Design) Swedish Dishcloths | ECO Friendly Absorbent Cleaning Cloth | Reusable Cleaning Wipes
These are the most amazing cloths ever! I'm not a big fan of sponges, so I usually use wash cloths in my kitchen to wipe up spills. I saw these advertised in a magazine (can't remember which one), and thought I'd give them a try. When you first open them, they are cardboard-like, and have a slight smell. Once you wet them, they become thick and super absorbent. I like how the textures are different on the front and back. They wipe up so well and you don't have to wait forever for your counters to dry as you would with a sponge or wash cloth. I throw them in the washing machine with my light-colored clothes and wash them in cold or warm water. I hang them to dry (they dry very fast). Anyway, buy yourself some of these. You won't be sorry. I already bought another 3-pack.
Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Floating-Bouncing Dog Toy
Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Floating-Bouncing Dog Toy
The dogs love this ball!

We have had the solid plastic jolly ball for years but they did not find it too much fun and their teeth made a terrible sound on the hard plastic.

This one is light and they can bite and squeeze and it springs right back into shape. There are already some puncture spots on the ball but it is holding its shape.

The only caution I would give is that it sometimes sticks to my shepherd's long canine teeth and he has to paw it to get it to release from his teeth.

I really hope it holds up over time because if it does I'll be buying another one.

UPDATE: It had been over 5 months with this ball. They still absolutely love it. The ball has hundreds of teeth marks all over it yet it has held up great. It still springs back into place like its brand new. I have since bought the small version of the ball as their indoor ball and that too has held up wonderfully. Highly recommended!

NEW UPDATE: I am beyond impressed with this ball. It has now been 4 YEARS and it is still going strong. I keep it outside year round through summer, rain, snowy winters. Does it look great? Not really since it has thousands of teeth dents but does it still function as new? Yes. Still bounces, floats, and the dogs are still able to bite it and have it bounce right back into shape.
chamvis Electric Balloon Pump Dual Nozzle Inflator Blower for Balloon Column Stand, Party Balloon Arch Kit Decoration US Standard Plug 110V
chamvis Electric Balloon Pump Dual Nozzle Inflator Blower for Balloon Column Stand, Party Balloon Arch Kit Decoration US Standard Plug 110V
#FirstWorldProblems solved!

Last year 2019 there was a helium shortage and I had no balloons for my sons first birthday party. I was excited when I saw that you could DIY a balloon garland without helium and I attempted to do so...big disaster. I ended up borrowing a professional grade 70+lb air compressor to blow of the balloons ( I was doing the work solo at an event venue that allowed only 45min for party setup...I know..) I ended up pulling it off but it was a lot of stress and work. So when I saw this mini portable compressor popping up on youtube and instagram, I got excited. I really wanted to make my sons holidays special, and being that I was now a balloon garland superhero, I pulled the trigger on the purchase.


-it is POWERFUL. It definitely holds up really well against the professional air compressor I battled with.
-it is FAST. I can do a quick balloon arrangement in under 10 minutes with this thing, it blows up balloons in nano time and its such a time saver (Most places now a day allow only 30-1hr for party set up, this is a must have for those situations)
-it is EASY. I had no problems getting started with this machine, and my husband walked up to try it out when he saw how quick and easy I was blowing up balloons with it.


-it is LOUD. After all, it is an air compressor so it sounds kind of like a vacuum on high. When I first turn it on, the sound stays on loud and consistent for about 3-5 minutes, I think its charging or gearing up? I'm not sure, but it is not something to do during nap time. The noise does go away and then you will only hear the air valve when you are blowing up each individual balloon.

That's it! Those are all the cons I can think of! Be careful when you blow up your first balloon, you might pop it if you overfill it, and since this machine is fast, there is a strong possibility of that. So I would suggest a couple practice balloons to help you get into the groove of things. Othen than that, I highly recommend you purchase this, it has strepped up all of my holidays and events as now I can do a professional looking decor at a fraction of the price.

NOTICE: IT IS NOT HELIUM, IT IS AIR. I keep seeing questions about this, this does not blow up balloons to float on their own. It only blows up balloons with regurla non-floaty air ;)
BLU Vivo XL Smartphone - 5.5" 4G LTE - GSM Unlocked - Solid Gold
BLU Vivo XL Smartphone - 5.5" 4G LTE - GSM Unlocked - Solid Gold
I bought this phone for my spouse. I am an Apple person 100% and will stick with Apple... BUT... I still love this phone and so does my spouse. If I were to ever switch from Apple to Android, THIS is the phone I would want.
I bought this phone after buying and returning the BLU Life One X-4G. The Life Once X had a huge battery problem. This phone on the other hand has a great battery life. The battery can easily last two full days of usage without a recharge. The initial recharge took a very long time, so I was a little concerned, however, after the initial charge, the phone charges in about 2-2.5 hours. I am not sure what the quick charge thing is, and I have not been able to find many details about it.

The phone is fast and simple to use. I also quickly learnt that it uses a MicroSIM instead of a NanoSIM unlike most new phones (but no big deal, it is easy to switch to a MicroSIM). Installing the Sim card and the Micro SD card is very simple.
I also learnt that though the expandable memory is rated only for 64GB, it WILL accept a 200GB Micro SD card. I highly recommend factoring in the price of a SD card to your purchase before buying this phone, because you will need/want the extra storage.

The phone has a lot of great features, it takes really good pictures as well. For half the price I would've paid for a mainstream phone, I am extremely happy with this. This phone makes the switch from Apple to Android very easy because of the price and because of it's features. It blows the iPhone 6 out of the water, and is honestly comparable to the iPhone 7 if you don't use too many Apple specific features.
It does not have a fingerprint scanner, it is not 'water-resistant', it does not have 3D touch... but for the price point, it's classy and works like it should! If you can live without all those features, then why spend double the money on a mainstream phone?
It comes with a USB-C cable and wall plug, a screen protector already ON the screen (YAY, NO BUBBLES!), an new extra screen protector, and a flimsy clear phone case.

The one star goes off because:
- The display is 720p and you can definitely tell in comparison to a brighter screen.
- I also don't like how the screen edges are not curved.
- It has a cheaper feeling, specially in comparison to the Life One X. The back cover feels flimsy and feels like it will break in my hand
- The cover that it comes with is cheap looking and feels cheap to touch, the Life One X came with a wallet-like case which was much better. It also VERY difficult to find covers/cases for these phones.
Apple iPhone 11 Pro (256GB) - Silver
Apple iPhone 11 Pro (256GB) - Silver
I am always being fan of iOS & Apple Products.
Transparent Customer Support
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Promises too.
Going to write review post a week usage.
Display Quality
Fast charging
Even Selfie camera Quality enhanced
Triple camera also good as described.
New Color Midnight Green added as a charm.
IP68 better than others.
Battery Usage too better then iPhone XS.
Durability too.

No 3D Touch.
Old Headphones no changes
In india its too much expensive
Heating issue
While charging please don’t use it bcz thereafter you can fry an egg on it 😂.
Low Screen Refresh Rate.
Just 10-20% better than iPhone XS.
Camera fails in lighting, ma be apple sort-out this in next update.

I am giving :-
Screen 4/5
Design 5/5
Performance 4/5 (Heating)
Sound 5/5
Price 3/5 (too much expensive)
Customer Support 5/5
Now battery life falls to 84% in Just 400 Charges.
Amazon Delivery 3/5 (i am not satisfied bcz they not delivered the product as per promise.

Soon i’ll publish the pics shoots on iPhone 11 Pro.

Thanks for Reading.
SfAVEreak Face Mask Disposable Blue (Pack of 50)
SfAVEreak Face Mask Disposable Blue (Pack of 50)
Ordered these to wear in stores and public places as mandated by law in our state due to COVID-19. I prefer these to the reusable masks as they are easier to breathe in and I can just toss it at the end of the day. I've tried a few different brands and these seem the best. I have a tinier head, so they are a bit loose on me, but I just twist the ear loop or tie a small knot in each ear loop and the problem is solved. I will definitely be ordering another box for me and one for my mother once my current box gets low. Good product, good value.
High Back Big & Tall 400lb Office Chair - Heavy Duty Metal Base, Adjustable Tilt Angle, Thick Padding and Ergonomic Design Bonded Leather Executive Desk Computer Task Swivel Chair
High Back Big & Tall 400lb Office Chair - Heavy Duty Metal Base, Adjustable Tilt Angle, Thick Padding and Ergonomic Design Bonded Leather Executive Desk Computer Task Swivel Chair
I was trying to find a replacement for the chair I've had for 15 years, which served me very well.  Trying several chairs locally, I quickly found that many current chairs are of low quality and uncomfortable, no matter how they are described in ads or reviews. I took a chance on what I thought would be a good chair, but found out a little too late (return window closed) that it was not of good quality and if I sat too long in it my back would hurt.  I started searching again and found this chair and was hopeful after finding the reviews to all be positive. This chair arrived quickly, and although Amazon split the box open at some point during delivery and taped it back shut, I found the chair intact with no damage or missing parts.  I quickly assembled it and found that it went together easily with the parts and t-handled allen wrench that was supplied. I was amazed at the level of comfort that this chair gives.  It's like sitting on a cloud! As much as I loved my old chair of 15 years, this chair blows it away in comfort and quality.  It is built to last! I believe this chair is well worth the price and I highly recommend it!
Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter,Gray
Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter,Gray
I have no problem recommending this air purifier to others, depending on the application and the size of the room. It is well-built, has nice features, does a good job of cleaning the air, and is reasonably priced. It is quite easy to move around thanks to the built-in handle (plus it's not very heavy). The issue I have with it is that all the fan speeds except for "turbo" (the highest) are just too low to clean the air satisfactorily. The listing says "Cadr rated for 360 square -feet suitable for medium and large rooms". That is simply laughable. Remember, those CADR ratings are determined at MAXIMUM fan speed (i.e. turbo, in this case). The CFM specs are: 35 (sleep mode)/70 low/91 medium/123 high/240 turbo. So you see, the "high" setting is only operating at 123 CFM. Not enough. The turbo mode operates at 240 CFM, which is finally strong enough, but as you would expect it is quite loud and gives off an unpleasant whiny sound (as opposed to other purifiers operating around the same CFM that give off a more pleasant white noise sound). With a CADR of app. 240, it's just not realistic for even medium-sized rooms (which is what I have), so I will likely return it. Bottom line: for a small room or bedroom, it's a very solid purchase. You can use high or lower speeds and they are all quite acceptable noise-wise. The absolute max. room size I would recommend for this unit is 200 sq. ft.
Stem - Long for Tobacco Smoking Pipe
Stem - Long for Tobacco Smoking Pipe
I did have to wait a bit to get this pipe but it was well worth it. The pipe and stand are a real beauty. I will buy again from this company.Such a great pipe to add to my collection.

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