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The Boy Billionaire: Mark Zuckerberg In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)
The Boy Billionaire: Mark Zuckerberg In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)
I bought this book for a research assignment and it is a major letdown. The ration of written text to quotes is 1:2, I would estimate. This book has a lack of organization and mentions a lot about other famous celebrities, the text does not go well with the subtitles either. Much of the information irrelevant, I am highly disappointed. This tells nothing about Mark's life and its all useless information.
Rick Steves Scandinavia
Rick Steves Scandinavia
Is it just me, or are Rick Steves wonderful books losing a little. I swear there was a time when he gave precise directions for getting to, in, through, and out of airline terminals, railroad stations, etc. And to have committed more ink to getting into and out of the related urban centers. My latest round of these books all seem to have dispensed with that information -- and it was useful.
Aretha: From These Roots
Aretha: From These Roots
The book came on time in perfect condition. I feel Ms Franklin held back a little too much with her life story. As the daughter of a preacher she claims her father had no problem with her having her first child at the age of thirteen. There is no way I believe this, I do not doubt that he still loved his daughter, however I feel she should have put fourth the reality of what it was really like and the true reaction of her father. I buy biographies, because I like reading about people's life stories, but Ms. Franklin did not tell me her life story. I could have found most of this information on Wikipedia. Maybe, she will one day write another one and let us know how things really went down.
Artist's Choice: Bob Dylan (Music That Matters To Him)
Artist's Choice: Bob Dylan (Music That Matters To Him)
Great recordings, enhanced by outstanding liner notes provided by Dylan himself. Really gives insight to Dylan's appreciation for the historical underpinnings of his music, which provides deeper appreciation both his music and the music on this album.
Oh Mercy by Dylan, Bob Original recording remastered edition (2004) Audio CD
Oh Mercy by Dylan, Bob Original recording remastered edition (2004) Audio CD
avevo questo disco ,ci sono circostanze che fanno incontrare due musicisti nel momento giusto ed escono fuori gemme di rara bellezza ,riascoltato dopo un pò di anni fa l' effetto di un buon vino invecchiato bene, è un capitolo a sè nella sterminata discografia di dylan ,una seconda collaborazione qualche anno dopo non ha dato lo stesso risultato , sarebbe stato comunque impossibile , le cose cambiano . il disco suona come deve suonare , c' è quella vecchia sensazione che ti entra sotto la pelle e ci rimane attaccata per sempre .
YPL Stormbreaker in Foam Props Replica Odinson Hammer Axe Cosplay Thor Costume Prop 27" Thor Stormbreaker & 17" Thor Hammer Mjolnir of Norse (Hammer)
YPL Stormbreaker in Foam Props Replica Odinson Hammer Axe Cosplay Thor Costume Prop 27" Thor Stormbreaker & 17" Thor Hammer Mjolnir of Norse (Hammer)
My son wanted what he referred to as a “Thor Hammer” for his birthday, so I proceeded to search for a Nerf-style Mjölnir. The actual Nerf Mjölnir shoots darts out the top of it (WTF Nerf?) so that’s wasn’t it. No mistake, we love us some Nerf guns, but Mjölnir isn’t a shooter. Anyway, everything I looked at seemed to be either hollow plastic or $300, until I came upon this product. The price was right, so I took the chance, & I’m glad I did. It is exactly what I had in mind when I was looking for the Nerf-style hammer. It’s a coated foam product (like the old Nerf footballs) with some sort of a solid core. It is a solid, surprisingly hefty Mjölnir & it hasn’t been more than 3 feet away from my son’s hands since we gave it to him. It’s only missing the leather at the bottom, which, with an 8 year old boy, would’ve been destroyed anyway. My Uncle, a very fun & young-at-heart kind of guy (probably my son’s favorite person), was over visiting yesterday, picked it up, & said “damn this is cool as hell...I need me one of these”, so I just ordered another one. I highly recommend it.
The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
This play by the authors of 'Inherit the Wind' tells the little known episode of Thoreau's brief stay in jail for refusing to pay taxes to support the US war against Mexico. While in jail, Thoreau reminisces with a cellmate about various times in his life, which are played out on the stage around them. Included are his first meeting and subsequent friendship with Ralph Waldo Emerson, the school that he started with his brother to teach children to think and not just remember facts, and his decision to build a cabin on Walden Pond and live 'deliberately' in harmony with nature. The set is simple and easy to build, there are roles for men and women of varying ages, and many of Thoreau's beliefs and concerns are relevant to our lives today.
Cometh the Hour: Book Six Of the Clifton Chronicles
Cometh the Hour: Book Six Of the Clifton Chronicles
Six chronicles down, one to go, and then, maybe, the Clifton-Barrington families will finally be at peace. Court cases, business dealings, politics, international rescue attempts dominate Jeffrey Archer’s <i>Cometh the Hour</i>. Somehow, the bad guys on the other side are always the same; the evil Lady Virginia Fenwick, Desmond Muller, Adrian Sloane, Alex Fisher. They’re always on or off the boards of Barrington Shipping, chaired by Emma Barrington Clifton, and/or Farthings Bank, where Sebastian Clifton occupies high places.

Fisher has been a nemesis to Giles Barrington and Harry Clifton since grammar school. He was in one of their units in World War II, is a perennial Conservative candidate against Labour Party representative Giles in Bristol Docklands, foil of Fenwick and her cabal, and threat to Emma’s chairmanship at Barrington Shipping, departs at the end of Book 5 when he commits suicide. But, he leaves a note that could be critical to deciding the libel case Fenwick has brought against Emma. Sibling loyalty is tested as the letter could exonerate Emma, but could damage Giles. Letter read, Emma acquitted.

<i>Cometh the Hour</i> takes us from 1970-1978, so Harry and Giles age from 50-58, Emma from 49-57, and Sebastian from 30-38.

Giles undertakes a rescue mission to East Germany to rescue Karin, his interpreter at a previous conference there, with whom he had a tryst and fell in love. He thinks he’s reuniting her with her English born father. Is Giles the one that’s been conned? Is she a spy and for which side?
Not to be outdone by his uncle, Sebastian, who has had few relationships since his fiancé Samantha Sullivan left to return to America, falls for an Indian woman. Her father takes her back to India because she has already been promised to another. Sebastian heads to India to rescue Priya, but is tragically unsuccessful.

From book 5, Sebastian knows that Samantha is married and lives in Washington, D.C. with Sebastian’s daughter, Jessica, obviously named for Sebastian’s adopted sister, another who died a tragic death. (Actually, the older Jessica was the out-of-wedlock daughter of Giles and Emma’s father and a Jewish refugee.) The younger Jessica shares the older Jessica’s talent for art. Sebastian had visited the school, but made an agreement with the principal that she not tell Samantha and Jessica he had been there. Then, the principal informs Sebastian that Samantha’s husband had died a year and a half before. Sebastian goes to Washington to see Jessica’s art exhibition at the school and attempts to buy her paintings, including one, <i>My Father</i>, of a blank faced man, when Jessica corners Sebastian. The 10-year old has plans to get her parents back together. Will she be successful?

Sebastian is about to head for the dinner date, when he receives a call that his business partner, Hakim Bishara, who is about the become chair of the merger of Farthings and Kaufman Banks, has been arrested for trying to smuggle heroin into England from Nigeria. Sebastian doesn’t want to seem like he’s ditching Jessica and Samantha, but he must return to England. Of course, the drug smuggling is a nefarious plot of Sloane and Mellor. Another trial for the Clifton Chronicles.

As for the nefarious Fenwick, her latest scheme is to pretend she slept with a wealthy Louisiana businessman when he was in London, and then she shows up at his wedding allegedly pregnant. Considering, she’s around 50, this is not likely. No one says that. She retains a Louisiana lawyer, who gets the businessman to pay support and for the child’s education. Virginia uses the child of her butler and maid and stashes him at a boarding school. Will the ruse catch up with her and will she receive a surprise about her father’s inheritance?

Before Harry’s mother dies, she advises Emma to branch out in her interests. Emma joins the board of the hospital and becomes enamored of Margaret Thatcher, and vice-versa. Emma and Harry, despite his poor upbringing, are Conservative Party members, though, they always supported and worked for the election of Giles, who joined the Labour Party, despite his wealthy upbringing. Now, can peace reign in the family?

As for Harry, his decade long advocacy for the release of Russian writer Anatoly Babakov is realized when Babakov receives the Nobel Prize for Literature. This ends sadly. What does the final chronicle hold in store for Harry? Will he just continue writing his Detective William Warwick books or there is something else?

Yes, all kinds of story lines with the different characters, who are somehow always interconnected. Archer likes to separate the chapters by the characters and the years the narrative is to cover about that person.

The cliff hanger until Book 7, Karin is missing and what will we find out about her? Will Harry, Emma, Giles and Sebastian ever find out if they are more "closely related?"
Asterix Omnibus 9: Includes Asterix and the Great Divide #25, Asterix and the Black Gold #26, and Asterix and Son #27
Asterix Omnibus 9: Includes Asterix and the Great Divide #25, Asterix and the Black Gold #26, and Asterix and Son #27
I read these comics as a child over and over again. They are well written and beautifully illustrated, witty and very entertaining. The story follows the members of a small village in Gaul whom resist the Roman Empire by virtue of a super-strengthening potion brewed by their druid Getafix. The heros of the stories are Asterix ( a short, but smart warrior) and his best friend Obelix ( a large, boar meat loving, loyal but not smart warrior whom fell in a cauldron of magic potion as a child and as a result has permanent super strength). You can read each comic seperately and be able to follow the story, though certain characters do repeat throughout the series. I am buying them again as an adult and enjoying them just as much as I did as a kid. I definitely recommend these comics.
Der Bourne Betrug: Roman (JASON BOURNE 5) (German Edition)
Der Bourne Betrug: Roman (JASON BOURNE 5) (German Edition)
Für die Jason Bourne-Romane und Filme interessiere ich mich vorwiegend deshalb, weil ich aus ihnen lerne, was alles zwischen Menschen möglich ist, wie Befehlende innerhalb der diversen Secret Offices Menschenleben aus den eigenen Reihen ohne Skrupel ausradieren um die eigene Position zu festigen; wie hochgefährlich "Terroristen" mit westlicher Ausbildung sich in geheimste Schaltstellen manipulieren können; wie Identitäten austauschbar sind, Memories ausradiert werden, wie der "Mensch "Agent seine Menschlichkeit ausschalten muss...und...und...Allerdings frage ich mich ernsthaft, wo sich um Himmels Willen die one and only Soul bei all dem versteckt hält. Ich z.B. bin auch so eine MARIE... und warte seit Monaten auf ein kleines Lebenszeichen eines "Jason Bourne", aber wenn und wie ich gerade in diesem sehr gut geschriebenen Roman lese, welchen allseitigen Gefahren auch der professionellste Agent ausgesetzt ist, kann der allerletzte Hoffnungsfunke auf ein Zeichen schwinden. Ich denke, dass die Inhalte doch ziemlich realistisch sind...leider! Wohl wegen der persönlichen Bezüge finde ich diesen Roman sehr fesselnd, äußerst spannend geschrieben und gebe deshalb auch die volle Stern-Hand
Roald Dahl's Opposites Dahl, Roald and Blake, Quentin
Roald Dahl's Opposites Dahl, Roald and Blake, Quentin
This book was a bit of a disappointment as I expected more rhyming or story behind the pictures as would befit a Roald Dahl book. Instead it just mentions the dimension of things: Big, small, inside, outside etc. These are necessary for a child to learn, it was just not what I was expecting. The illustrations are stimulating: bright and attractive. The flaps behind which they hide add peek-a-boo fun to it, if your child is still at that age.
Very cute book. However it was supposed to come with reusable cling-on stickers which my book did not. Make sure the seller says "stickers/cling-ons included." The book doesn't make sense without them.
Relativity Visualized
Relativity Visualized
In my opinion the theories of relativity are among the most interesting intellectual achievements in human history. They revolutionized physics and changed the way we think about physics, space, time, mass, energy, electromagnetism and essentially everything in nature. Despite that fact, the theories of relativity are deterministic and possible to visualize, and unlike Quantum Physics they are not statistical in nature and they don’t have a big issue with interpretation.

I’ve been interested in this topic ever since I came across it as a high school student. Therefore I did not learn a lot about relativity from this book. I was more interested in the approach to explaining it, and I think his approach is a very good one.

I’ve found that an explanation for relativity that lacks rigor and quantitative reasoning creates misconceptions. The reader may end up thinking he understands it when he doesn’t. I’ve also found that books that focus on deriving complex equations were not only unattainable to the layman but sometimes left the mathematically inclined student with a poor understanding of relativity as well. Lewis Carroll Epstein’s book “Relativity Visualized” seems to succeed in making relativity accessible to both the layman and those who are mathematically inclined. He explains the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity using graphs, visual constructs, and logical puzzles that the reader solves for himself. In a sense he allows the reader to develop the theories of relativity on his own. He avoids equations and formulas but the reader will still discover more exactly what is going on.

One thing that really impressed me with this book is its special focus on the difference between what you see/experience and what you measure. As an example, take two lights that flash at the same time (in your reference frame). They could appear to flash at different times if the distance between them is large. So you will see them flash at different times. However, if you time the light flashes and take the distance into account you can measure that they flashed at the same time (non-relativistic situation). In relativity the differences you measure between frames do not only arise from the distance the light travels or from Doppler Effects but also from the relativity of time and space as well, and Epstein explains the details without confusing the reader. He focuses a lot on simultaneity/non-simultaneity right from the very beginning, and in my opinion understanding relativistic non-simultaneity is crucial to understanding what is going on.

The book also discusses the General Theory of Relativity. The General Theory of Relativity is often seen as completely off limits to the layman. It is typically explained using complex tensor calculus, differential geometry, and topology, or alternatively in a non-technical vague way that leaves the reader clueless. General Relativity was born out of an enigma. Special relativity had shown that energy and mass are the same things, so light has mass. A light beam traveling through a gravitational field must thus bend. However, that means that the side of the light closer to the mass will travel a shorter distance. From known properties of light (always a transverse/orthogonal wave) this means that the side of the light beam closer to the mass moves slower than the outer rim which would violate the constancy of the speed of light in vacuum. To solve this enigma Einstein had to introduce a time warp in gravitational fields. Later he discovered that this time warp would cause objects to fall towards the masses that caused the time warp and the practical effect of this turned out to be essentially identical to Newton’s theory of gravity and thus the mysterious force of gravity could be removed. Einstein also discovered that there is a warp effect on space which is negligible unless the speed of the objects is large (similar to magnetism for electric forces). The book helps you visualize all of this without using complex math.

Lewis Carroll Epstein’s book contains unique pedagogic approaches, novel geometric representations of relativity, as well as engaging questions and answers. For this reason the book is fiercely protected by copy right law. On the negative side, his writing style is somewhat rigid and old fashioned, the drawings and the graphics are sometimes of low quality, and the book might be quite a bit of work for the layman reader, so it requires that you are really interested. However, overall this is a very rigorous, detailed, correct, and yet fairly entertaining book that I highly recommend.
Rex Stout: A Majesty's Life-Millennium Edition
Rex Stout: A Majesty's Life-Millennium Edition
Rex Stout in his maturity was "a man of mythic dimensions." He helped enlighten America about the Nazi threat, fought racism and supported world government. You'll get all the details in this scholarly biography.

You'll also encounter interviews and vignettes that give an intimate picture of Rex Stout - demeanor, behavior and opinions. I was delighted to learn that he hid boxes of chocolates and that he built a special cabinet with one slide-out shelf per shirt to keep his shirts pristine. The comic poem Stout wrote (page 249) to defend his profession of "mystery monger" is a treat. And the many insights into the Wolfe-Archie dynamic were just what I wanted from this book.

But for a recreational reader like me, the book does have some slow-going passages. While Stout's first marriage goes by in a paragraph, his leadership of boards and committees merits long chapters. This is an authorized biography; achievements must be chronicled.

In any case, I found it fascinating that Wolfe, the most rational of detectives, came to Stout, the most rational of writers, as pure inspiration. Wolfe and Archie simply happened one day. After this spontaneous birth, plots came to Stout as he puttered around. He let his characters fill in the story, and he did no revisions. McAleer's portrayal of how Stout created the Wolfe series is a delight.
Schrei in der Nacht: Roman (German Edition)
Schrei in der Nacht: Roman (German Edition)
Jenny ist eine junge Mutter, die sich nach der Scheidung und dem Tod ihrer Großmutter ganz allein um ihre beiden kleinen Töchter kümmern muß. Ihr Exmann ist keine große Hilfe und kommt nur vorbei wenn er selber Pleite ist um sich Geld von Jenny zu borgen. Als Jenny bei ihrem Arbeitgeber den attraktiven und reichen Maler Erich Krueger kennen lernt, der sich sogleich vehement für sie interessiert, scheint sie die Erfüllung ihres Lebensglücks gefunden zu haben. Daher zögert sie auch nicht, als Erich sie schon nach kurzer Zeit um ihre Hand bittet und folgt ihm mit ihren Kindern nach Minnesota. Das vermeintliche Farmhaus der Familie entpuppt sich als riesiger Herrensitz mit einer museumsartigen Möblierung. Zur Nacht soll Jenny das ehemalige Nachthemd von Erichs verstorbener Mutter tragen und im Haus auf keinen Fall Veränderungen vornehmen. Bei der kleinsten Änderung im Haus oder Unachtsamkeit von Angestellten gerät Erich sofort total aus dem Häuschen. Außerdem versteht er es Jenny vom gesellschaftlichen Leben fernzuhalten. Da verschwindet plötzlich Jennys Exmann, der kurzfristig in Minnesota aufgetaucht ist weil er die Adoption seiner Töchter rückgängig machen wollte. Als die Leiche ihres Exmannes gefunden wird, gerät Jenny unter Verdacht und es häufen sich weitere mysteriöse Vorfälle.

Ein unterhaltsamer Roman, jedoch ist die Story von Anfang an sehr durchschaubar und bietet nicht wirklich Überraschungen. Man bekommt sozusagen, jeweils nur die bereits gebildete Meinung bestätigt. Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass das Buch schon 26 Jahre alt ist?
COSMOVIE Women's Witch Halloween Cosplay Costume Wizard Sorceress Cloak Robe Coat
COSMOVIE Women's Witch Halloween Cosplay Costume Wizard Sorceress Cloak Robe Coat
One of the buttons was a touch loose when the robe arrived, but it didn't even matter because it was so beautiful and magical. The buttons are actually just decorative and it is a hook and eye closure (like how dresses have at the top of a zipper) that keeps the robe closed.
I added a basic black long sleeved dress (also from Amazon), the Minerva hat, some specs and BAM!
I WAS Professor McGonagall.
This was so totally worth it. I'm so thrilled.
I ordered we in advance because it took a while to get here but it arrived earlier than I expected and it definitely was as fabulous as it looked in the picture.
So freaking worth it.
40 Inch Large Black Balloons Numbers 8,Foil Helium Digital Balloons for Birthday Anniversary Party Festival Decorations
40 Inch Large Black Balloons Numbers 8,Foil Helium Digital Balloons for Birthday Anniversary Party Festival Decorations
Upon inflation this balloon had an issue. Somehow the person inflating it poked through and then the balloon would not seal. Because of that we had to use tape and it turned into a headache trying to keep the air in it. Sadly upon saying the item was defective and didn't work well we would have had to deflate it pack it and send it back. It sounded like a lot of headache for a balloon so I just kept it and didn't do anything else with it. Once the party was over we cut it and threw it away. I was just sad that there wasn't an easier way to get refund.
Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility
Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility
How to get the best out of your staff?

I am always a bit wary of books that use the template of one company as the success formula for every company. Books like "Blitzscaling". As Freek Vermeulen and many others have explained, companies are too complex for a one size fits all approach.

Powerful, building a culture of freedom and responsibility

However, it is Netflix and some of the suggestions in “Powerful, building a culture of freedom and responsibility” make a lot of sense. The book is best described as a hard-nosed version of ROWE (Results Only Work Environment).


We all know Netflix. It has continuously reinvented itself and is in my view a lot more sympathetic than “The four” and is likely to be more successful in the long run. It will be interesting what they will do when TV, AR, VR and gaming merge into one.

Check your own HRM

Here are a few questions for you:

If you stop any employee, at any level of the company, in the break room or the elevator and ask what are the five most important things the company is working on for the next six months, that person should be able to tell you, rapid-fire, one, two, three, four, five, ideally using the same words you’ve used in your communications to the staff and, if they’re really good, in the same order. If not, the heartbeat isn’t strong enough yet.
How well do you think people throughout the company could describe its business model?
Do you share with employees the same information presented in your company’s earnings calls?
Is everyone aware of the difficult challenges your company faces? Have you asked them their thoughts about how to tackle these?
What areas of your business do you think your people know little to nothing about?
How well do you think your people understand who the customer is and what their needs and desires are?
Do you regularly share customer research?
If you were going to hold an off-site, what is the most pressing issue you would want your people to learn about and debate?
Are people free to disagree with a point made by someone in authority during a team meeting?
How open have you been with your team about the current prospects of your business and the most difficult problems the company and your team are dealing with?

Netflix kept it very simple. Every Single Employee Should Understand the Business. Read that again. Every Single Employee Should Understand the Business


They began with inculcating a core set of behaviours in people, demand these behaviours, but then giving them the latitude to practice those behaviours well. It makes teams astonishingly energised and proactive. The key word is latitude. Freedom to act. Treating people like adults and let them get on with it. That includes transparency and giving people the information they need. It means encouraging and stimulating questions and honest debate.

Embrace the thrill

You want people to embrace the need for change and be thrilled to drive it. Netflix had come to understand that the most successful organisations in this world of increasingly rapid disruption will be the ones in which everyone, on every team, understands that all bets are off and everything is changing—and thinks that’s great. They wanted people to feel excited to come to work each day, not despite the challenges but because of them.

Strip away the policies and procedures

Which means they kept stripping away policies and procedures. What Netflix found that after they d had to let many middle managers go in our big layoff, they noticed that everyone moved much faster without all those layers of opinions and approvals. What takes the place of rules, processes, approvals, bureaucracy, and permissions? The answer: Clear, continuous communication about the context of the work to be done.

People are adults

Which means they don’t tell people what to do. Don’t do incentives. There is no better reward than making a significant contribution to meeting a challenge. Ask any very successful person what their fondest memories of their career are, and they will inevitably tell you about an early period of struggle or some remarkably difficult challenge they had to overcome.In Netflix’s view, a company’s job isn’t to empower people; it’s to remind people that they walk in the door with power and to create the conditions for them to exercise it. Do that, and you will be astonished by the great work they will do for you.

Your job

A business leader’s job is to create great teams that do amazing work on time. Excellent colleagues, a clear purpose, and well-understood deliverables: that’s the powerful combination. The most important job of management is to focus intently on the building of great teams.

The tips (not that dissimilar to “Principles”)

The best thing you can do for employees is to hire only high performers to work alongside them.
You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.
People need to see the view from the C suite to feel truly connected to the problem solving that must be done at all levels and on all teams so that the company is spotting issues and opportunities in every corner of the business and effectively acting on them.
Fully and consistently communicated to everyone the behaviours you expect your staff to be disciplined about, starting with the executive team and every manager.
Make sure that every single employee understand your philosophy and the behaviours you want them to execute
Create a culture deck.
Create open, clear, and constant communication about the work to be done and the challenges being faced.
Practice radical honesty.
Truthful people are truthful in everything they do.
It is not cruel to tell people the truth respectfully and honestly. To the contrary, being transparent and telling people what they need to hear is the only way to ensure they both trust you and understand you. Your people can handle the truth, straight and in person, and so can you.
Encourage people to have strong, fact-based opinions and to debate them avidly and test them rigorously.
Get people to base their actions on what was best for the customer and the company.
Get hiring managers to take the lead in preparing their teams for the future by making sure they had high performers with the right skills in every position.
Find the best creative talent with the skills to execute, and then give those creators the freedom to realise their vision.
Make sure that every single member of a team knows where they’re going and will do anything to get there.
Hire talented people who are adults and want nothing more than to tackle a challenge, and then communicating to them, clearly and continuously, about what the challenge is.
Hire people who absolutely love problem-solving.
Do not fixate on metrics that don’t matter.
Do not assume that current employees will be able to grow into the responsibilities of the future.
Have the right person in every single position.
Your HR people must be businesspeople.
Pay top dollar for your best people.
Be a great place to be from.
Do not make false promises of job security.

If you look at the most successful companies of the last decade or so, many of them are Internet firms with teams that work very collaboratively and organically. Harnessing the power of small, unencumbered teams. Unencumbered being the operative word.

Trust and transparancy

Netflix learned that preparing people for changes to come led to a sense of trust around the company: trust that we would proactively take the company where it needed to go and that we wouldn’t mislead anyone about the changes. Transparency about the difficulty of the decisions didn’t make coming to them any easier, but the honest dialogue did mean that people all over the company were prepared. Too often upper management thinks that sharing about problems confronting the business will heighten anxiety among staff, but what’s much more anxiety provoking is not knowing. Transparency also helps ensure that people take ownership of the positions they’ve advocated and don’t get hopelessly caught up in finger-pointing after the fact.

Business and sports

The metaphor that Netflix uses is that the company is like a sports team, not a family. Read "Legacy". Netflix as the All Blacks of the business world. One reason the sports team analogy is so helpful in managing people is that everyone readily understands that coaches are letting the rest of the team and the fans down if they don’t replace players who aren’t producing top performance.

Power to the people

The conclusion from Netflix, and it should not come as a surprise, is that when people feel that they have more power, more control over their careers, they feel more confidence, confidence to speak up more, to take more risks, to pick themselves up again when they make mistakes, and to take on more and more responsibility. It’s not your job to give it to them. Appreciate their power, unleash it from hidebound policies, approvals, and procedures, and trust me, they will be powerful.

Get out of the way

If all your employees have a shared vision, shared purpose, shared passion, shared guiding principles, an understanding and belief in the brand, you are 80% there. Combine that with team sports principles, transparency and radical honesty and you are 90% there. Also, read “Reinventing organisation”. Everything is culture. Heck, you might even become lovable.
CORPER TOYS Aircraft Carrier Toy Military Vehicle Die-cast Metal Battleship Mini Pull Back Model Warship with Lights and Sounds
CORPER TOYS Aircraft Carrier Toy Military Vehicle Die-cast Metal Battleship Mini Pull Back Model Warship with Lights and Sounds
The advertised pictures are grossly inaccurate in regards to size. It's a cheap toy that you'd find at Dollar General for $4. I'm sure there's a host of toys for ~$25 at Walmart that are far more worth your money than this thing. The only reason I'm not going to return it is because my nephew loves cruise ships and toys in this category are difficult to find.

Unless your child loves cruise ships, find another toy worth your money. This one is trash. I'll update the review if he likes it. This is my personal review about the quality of the toy for the price.
Spigen AlignMaster Tempered Glass Screen Guard for iPhone 12 and for iPhone 12 Pro - 2 Pack
Spigen AlignMaster Tempered Glass Screen Guard for iPhone 12 and for iPhone 12 Pro - 2 Pack
Used the Apple Belkin "official" screen protector previously - which was OK, but the application left a bit to be desired (i.e. it wasn't perfect) - so having thrown £30 away I decided to opt for something cheaper.

Long and short - ended up using both of these on the first application the "wet wipe" residue hadn't quite dried, therefore I was left with a damp patch under the protector.

Just make sure you're thorough with the dust removal and give the screen a little time to dry after wiping it clear.

Application tool was great, resulting in a excellent alignment and the phone is as responsive as without a protector.

Have ordered more to have some on hand if needs be - so that should confirm that I'm more than satisfied with this product.
Botella de agua Zulay con infusor de frutas (capacidad de 34oz) con funda, sin BPA, mango antideslizante y tapa abatible, unisex, botella de infusión de agua con cepillo de limpieza, color negro ónix
Botella de agua Zulay con infusor de frutas (capacidad de 34oz) con funda, sin BPA, mango antideslizante y tapa abatible, unisex, botella de infusión de agua con cepillo de limpieza, color negro ónix
I had an infuser water bottle from a different brand. There are noticeable improvements on this water bottle from my previous one. First off, the cap of the water bottle lines up well with the grips of the water bottle. This was one of the first gripes I had with my previous water bottle where the cap did not align with the grips so it did not allow me to hold the water bottle from the intended grips. The only thing I am holding out on is the band that holds the lid open. This part on my previous bottle broke within a few months, so hoping this does not happen for this bottle. Second, the cap for the infuser rod has more openings to allow water to flow in and out of the bottle for drinking and refilling, which is also another improvement. Next, the infuser rod itself is long enough to hold the fruit that I use. I typically use 1 lemon and 1 lime, and this rod holds all of the slices. This is an improvement from my previous rod where it would fall short of 1-2 slices of fruit that I had to just add into the bottle outside of the infuser rod. Overall, I like what I see from this water bottle over my previous one. I am just hoping that this bottle is shatter-resistant as advertised, since my previous water bottle cracked after it fell off the kitchen counter.
Green Lantern: Blackest Night
Green Lantern: Blackest Night
I read all the reviews prior to embarking on this epic read reading Blackest Night (BN) and Blackest Night Green Lantern (GL43-52) simultaneously in the order they were published: basically BN0-BN6 switching back and forth with GL43-49 followed by GL50-51, BN7, GL 52 and finally concluding in BN8. Does it help that much understanding this story? Not that much with the exception BN8 wraps things up and is the bridge to Brightest Day. You could read these 2 graphic novels independently and remain just as confused. It does help to read the books prior to this especially the 2 preludes to Blackest Night which are Rage of the Red Lanterns (red power of rage) and Agent Orange (Orange power of Avarice), less so on the endless Sinestro Corps (the yellow power of fear).

I give the art work 5 stars and the story 3 stars. The story is very very long if we go back to the various preludes such as Rebirth and Fear leading to Sinestro Corps with endless battles, endless flashbacks, annoying redundancies. It is a classic battle of evil (black, death) and good (white, life). It's uniqueness is to be found in the use of different colored lantern corps with assigned emotions or attributes. Only through the combination of these colors and powers/emotions/attributes does light (absence of color) emerge victorious, the exact opposite you would expect, since all colors combined really equal blackness. This quasi-philosophical graphical novel is entertaining but drags and we learn that chaotic and emotional life is better than a boring universe which is at peace through the blackness of death. So now we wait for Brightest Day for the conclusion.

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