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Island of Fire (The Unwanteds Book 3)
Island of Fire (The Unwanteds Book 3)
Island of Fire (The Unwanteds Book 3) by Lisa McMann. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, with 256 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the J. K. Rowling category.
Cottage by the Sea: A Novel
Cottage by the Sea: A Novel
Cottage by the Sea: A Novel by Debbie Macomber. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 1127 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
Sheltering Rain
Sheltering Rain
Sheltering Rain by Jojo Moyes. Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars, with 504 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
The Summons & The Brethren
The Summons & The Brethren
The Summons & The Brethren by Frank Muller, Michael Beck, et al.. Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars, with 19 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
John Grisham Novels Set (7 hardcover novels)
John Grisham Novels Set (7 hardcover novels)
John Grisham Novels Set (7 hardcover novels) by John Grisham. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Le Testament (BEST-SELLERS) (French Edition)
Le Testament (BEST-SELLERS) (French Edition)
Le Testament (BEST-SELLERS) (French Edition) by John GRISHAM and Benjamin LEGRAND. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, with 15 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
La ragazza scomparsa. Theodore Boone
La ragazza scomparsa. Theodore Boone
La ragazza scomparsa. Theodore Boone by John. Grisham. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 37 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Ernest Hemingway on Writing
Ernest Hemingway on Writing
Ernest Hemingway on Writing by Larry W. Phillips. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 202 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Elegant SciPy: The Art of Scientific Python
Elegant SciPy: The Art of Scientific Python
Elegant SciPy: The Art of Scientific Python by Juan Nunez-Iglesias , Stéfan van der Walt , et al.. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 8 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Python programming' category.
PHP 5 Social Networking
PHP 5 Social Networking
PHP 5 Social Networking by Michael Peacock. Rated 2.7 out of 5 stars, with 18 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux by Benjamin Nevarez. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 5 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'SQL database' category.
Machine Tool Practices
Machine Tool Practices
Machine Tool Practices by Richard R. Kibbe, Roland O. Meyer, et al.. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the R programming category.
Bash Command Line Pro Tips
Bash Command Line Pro Tips
Bash Command Line Pro Tips by Jason Cannon. Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars, with 171 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Go programming category.
TypeScript Programming By Example
TypeScript Programming By Example
Dieses Buch ist reiner Fake. Es ist in sehr schlechtem Englisch geschrieben. Der Autor erklärt nur trivialste Beispiele, geht fachlich auf nichts ein und das meiste in diesem Buch ist einfach nur eine Erklärung der sowieso schon in javascript vorhandenen Datentypen. Ganz klar finger weg von diesem Buch. Es sind zwar nur 2 Euro gewesen aber trotzdem regt es mich immens auf dieses Geld verschwendet zu haben.
The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience
The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience
Are you a salesman who likes to pitch a "story" about your company in the first five minutes of meeting a new prospect? Have you ever been annoyed when the "product marketing geek" hands you back your PowerPoint with about 20 extra "bullet points"? Have you ever felt crestfallen when the VP of Sales hands you a 35-page PowerPoint on the way into your sales meeting and asks you to deliver it in 20 minutes? Have you ever cringed when one of your colleagues reads the slides on the screen and turns her back to the audience, in order to see the words better? Have you ever fallen asleep during a presentation conducted in the dark of night required for a projector to work? Have you ever felt physically ill at the prospect of being invited to watch someone else's PowerPoint?

If you have answered, "Yes", to any of these questions, then this book is for you. This book vindicates your feeling that there is a better way to conduct sales meetings, to craft PowerPoint presentations, and to use the technology towards the purpose for which it was designed. Granted, this is not the only book that makes this claim - and it does seem that there is a cottage industry among "communications consultants" who have written similar books - but this is clearly the best one I've read.

And, this is for two reasons I think: First, Gallo focuses on one person's presentation style - Steve Jobs - on whom we can all agree that he is a master of this game. And, second, Gallo has done the hard work of identifying and outlining what makes Jobs' presentations really work. Jobs creates a storyline, treats the presentation as theater, and enacts it as performance.

With Gallo as a guide - and his suggestion that we all study Jobs's presentations available on YouTube - we are encouraged to have the courage to give better presentations and to stand up to our colleagues and superiors who insist on giving the same old boring PowerPoint presentation, because "it is what it is."

The only reason that I didn't give this book a 5-star rating is that Gallo suggests that we, like Jobs, create drama in our presentations by offering a foil or enemy, like Jobs does with Microsoft. I have always felt that this was hokey and unnecessary, and although I'm a Mac enthusiast, I wish Apple would stop doing this. If you can get past this minor criticism, you will rate this a 5-star book for yourself.
Breakthrough: How to Harness the Aha! Moments That Spark Success
Breakthrough: How to Harness the Aha! Moments That Spark Success
What I LOVE most about this book is the confirmation that AHA moments are the spark of an idea, a dream, an opportunity that is afforded to anybody and everybody. While it is available to anyone, few of us realize how to cultivate the AHA once it arrives. I absolutely buy into the AHA philosophy. In fact, 18 years ago when I filed bankruptcy due to a difficult relationship I had an AHA moment. I had received a credit card in the mail for $ 200 from Capital One about 2 weeks after filing and I remember jumping up and down and saying "Wait! what if I went on a discovery to uncover all the funding and resources available to entrepreneurs that were not ideal candidates for a bank loan". That was MY aha moment which took me on a 15 year journey to unlock the funds and resources. Today I am living proof that AHA moments count as a published author of Target Funding. Don't let the next AHA moment pass you by - start reading this book.

Kedma Ough, MBA. Author Target Funding. Publisher McGraw-Hill.
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
This is not the first book, titled with this name, I have read.

I have one by another author in a hard back cover, given to me by a close friend,  Randy Brantley, RIP,  35 years ago.

This book saved my life, after my wife left me and I was devastated with grief for years.

This basically covers the same principle, of how to heal  yourself. To achieve and overcome the goals you are looking for in life.

If you are in a tough spot in your life. Take this book, really study it,  follow and practice, every night, it's true meaning of what you have read. 

It will help you to rethink and look back on your life, if you have many obsticles, keeping you from being a normal human being.  Wondering what is my purpose in life, why am I still here.  After 70 years, it will help you to think, it is possible to start your life over, a new beginning.

Apply these principles and you can over come all your obsticles.

I did, where I thought, I would not survive. 35 years later, here I am,  much stronger than I ever was. By practicing what this book teaches. You will never forget what you have learned.

It will be instilled, programed into your mind, to never repeat the same mistakes you made in your past life.

Only you can be in control of your life, nobody can do it for you. You can choose to fight or give up.
You have to "Force and Apply yourself" in your daily routine, to restructure your mind, in how you think.

Then you will have found the true meaning in how to succeed and survive in this new crazy world.

I am living proof, from all the 30 plus tragedies in my life, I should not be alive today. 

As you get older in life, people slow down, doctors put you on all kinds of meds, a new med to treat the symtoms from another med. This programs you to think you need these to survive. 

 Actually you are gradually and slowly dying, (Dieing vs. Dying) laying around getting fat, no energy to accomplish anything meaningful in your life. I am proof, for 5 years, I was slowly dying, I had plenty of medical reasons for this.

"I became a diebetic in 2013, on meds for one year, medication started to shut down my kidney's, had to get off them, went on natural diet control, no sugars or any food that makes sugar, pasta, carbs. Still doing diet conto after 4 years, diabetes is under control.

I developed congestive heart failer in 2013, was on heart medication, muscle relaxers. (2016, after 3 years, no more heart failer, it went away,  doctors are baffled, have no explanation why, never have seen a reversal like mine). 

In 2013, My Urologist discovered, I lost 50% of my kidney''s, on way to complete failer. I No longer had the urge to urinate, went 2 or 3 times a day. (I  cured this problem, Started Cordycepts Sinenis) after 3rd month, my kidneys are normal, now have to urinate 6 to 7 times a day, some days cannot almost hold it.)

  Around 2015, my sleep apnea,  developed into severe Central Sleep Apnea, stopped breathing 117 times per hour, my brain stopped telling my lungs to breath, was on a ASV breathing machine, with oxygen, (no longer on oxygen or ASV machine, I moved to lower elevation.

I was determined not to live this way, I cured my problem myself, basically, after all this, I finally put all the pieces together, elevation was causing much of my problems)

I lost all my teeth, 19 pulled In one procedure,  now have recent dentures with implants, that hurt, they don't fit, cannot eat or wear them, am fighting to have them redone, Brighter Way Dental, refuses to call me back and set appointment to redo my dentures. Totally ignororing me, they refused to respond to at least 8 calls. 

My feet started to swell up like a ballon, 2 emergency rooms, more meds to reduce swelling and pain, barely worked.  (I have cured this problem, with "Cordycepts Sinenis" extract, by Mental Refreshment, purple color bottle, purchased on Amazon, started in April, 2018, take 2 capsules a day, introduced to me by my temp landlord, he cured his kidney failer, he was on diolosis, had 15% kidney's left, off diolosis after 10 days on Cordycepts). Google this fantastic Cordycepts, it is a 4000 year old ancient rememdy, found in Tibet. 

You are being programed to think, these meds are a necessity in your life to stay alive. Yes some are, but you need to find out why or what the problem is, that is causing you to take meds. Find that problem, do something to  fix it.

 Do you believe that is really the truth, doctors are only treating, not curing. I believe the elderly are being slowing killed off, by brainwashing patients with treatments only, not curing you of your problems. Reprogram your mind to think clearly, then do something to change it. Read this book, to learn how to change your life.

I Turned 70 this year, I  feel like I am starting my life over. I think and feel like I am 40 years old. I am off 95% of my medications, from as many as 17 a day, I was taking over the last 15 years 

I am now  planing on what I am going to do for the next 30 years.   My mother turns 95 today, Sunday 9-23-2018, she still lives alone, able to fend for herself. 

By refecting back what I learned from this book, it helps me to think clearly, what I need to do next.

I moved to another city, purchased another home, remodeling it completely throuhout. I feel and have 300% more energy from just last year, in Nov, 2017 to this date. I was sick and tired of being treated, with no effort by doctors to find my problems to cure me of everyrhing.

Cherish this book or others like it, use it as your daily bible, you will discover a new beginning in your life.

Only you can make it happen, you are now in control of your life, ready for a new beginning. I lost sight of this book for years since 1983, Buying this book again, it reminded me of my old book, what I had learned. 

I failed to practice what I learned, I let my doctors control me, this book woke me up again. I no longer trust any doctor, they are not about a cure, only a treatment, for finacial reasons.

Least not forget, we were not put on this earth, to think only about ourself. We must be ready to help and fight for others who no longer can fight for themself. 

If you get to my stage in life, think about this book.  My goal is to always help others who need it, give back, be greatfull we are alive to help others and how life has been good to us.

This country was built on these principles, fighting for others and our children, be willing to die for this cause.

"For mankind to give up fighting for others and  your country,  We Then Loose All Humanity in ourselves"

This is currently happening in our Country, I am afraid for the future survival of this nation. Wake up, Do your part.
Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and the Rise and Fall of American Soul
Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and the Rise and Fall of American Soul
This book doesn't fit neatly into any genre boxes. It's not a dedicated biography. It's not a musical history. It's not really cultural theory. It's a fusion between a joint biography of Wonder, Franklin, and Mayfield with a connection to the cultural history that fuels their work. I learned some things along the way, but I found this book to fall short of other recent reads in popular music such as "I Never Loved a Man" focusing on Aretha Franklin's first album and "Shout: The Beatles and Their Generation".

This book is very ambitious. It covers the lives of three subjects and 40 years of social history in about 290 pages. Consequently, it's more a series of events that support the author's central ideal: black music is most vital when it speaks in a gospel voice to community themes.

The work on Mayfield is very helpful and was most beneficial to me. Mayfield has traditionally been underrated. This book skillfully connects Mayfield to Cabrini-Green and traditions of black entrepreneurship. Mayfield sacrificed some of the chart success of Motown to remain independent and this book provides some quality interview excerpts from Mayfield and gives key highlights from his career. Let's hope there's a Black Studies student out there who will read this and be led to give Mayfield the full scale critical biography he deserves.

It's hard to do justice to Stevie in the space allowed. Werner is a big believer that Songs in the Key of Life is the peak of Stevie's powers. I'd like more support for this viewpoint with closer reading of Stevie's lyrics. Werner's a big fan of Conversation Peace for recent Stevie and dismisses Jungle Fever. I gained some key episodes on Stevie's life, though, and having just read about the Beatles, I gained a great deal from Werner's discussion about how Stevie gained artistic strength from rock music and artists like Jeff Beck.

Aretha resists analysis because she has not been as an open an interview subject as Stevie and Mayfield. Still, this book does communicate how powerful a symbol of womanist advocacy Aretha has become and how she has struggled to be true to her gospel roots while succeeding in a pop environment that often opposes those roots.

This book is not as thorough a history as other things that I've read, but it does offer one man's interpretation of some key figures and, especially in the case of Curtis Mayfield, bring attention to some underrated work. I recommend this for those deeply interested in these artists and those exploring a range of options for revitalizing soul music.

4 stars

Pure Dylan: Intimate Look at Bob Dylan
Pure Dylan: Intimate Look at Bob Dylan
Well this is another great compilation CD from good old Bob - I'm listening to it now and am really enjoying it! I find the track listing to be really peculiar - scattered around from 1962-2001 and not in chorological order! It's like whoever put this together just drew song titles out of a hat to include here! So even though all the songs are GREAT on this album - the songs don't flow very well as a cohesive unit!

Here are the song titles...

1. Trouble In Mind - a single only release from the "Slow Train Coming" sessions in 1979 - this is a fantastic song from Bob's gospel period and this is the only place it can be found on CD (to my knowledge anyway).

2. Girl From The North Country - a true classic country/folk tune from 1963's "Freewheelin" album - check out the cool version Bob performs in the extras of the "No Direction Home" documentary DVD! Cool stuff!

3. Most Of The Time - a really cool atmospheric type tune from the Daniel Lanois produced "Oh Mercy" album from 1989 - one of the best songs on that album and glad to have it included here! Check out the alternate version from Bootleg 8!

4. She Belongs To Me - so we go from 1989 back to 1965 with this track from the "Bringing It All Back Home" album - a great mellow-rock type tune similar to "Love Minus Zero" - Bob does cool live versions of this on his "Live 1966" performances in England!

5. Billy 1 - one of the many takes of "Billy" from the "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid" soundtrack album from 1973! I like "Billy 4" the best out of all of them but this one will do! Tells a great story about Billy The Kid being tracked down by Pat Garrett!

6. Shooting Star - another great track from 1989's "Oh Mercy" album - Bob's "MTV Unplugged" performance of this is even better than the original recording!

7. Sugar Baby - not my favorite song from 2001's "Love & Theft" but it has its moments... kinda slow and slightly boring to my ears - but it does have great lyrics! Wish they would've include "High Water For Charlie Patton" from that album instead of this - but I guess this will have to do! LOL!

8. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go - a fabulous and poetic country-rock tune from 1975's "Blood On The Tracks" - love the line "but I'll see you in the sky above, in the talls grass in the ones I love - you're gonna make me lonesome when you go"! Cool stuff!!

9. Tomorrow Night - this is the only tune on here that Bob didn't write - it's one of those super old songs dating back to the 1800's and included on Bob's "Good As I Been To You" album from 1992 - this is okay but not the best tune from there - wish they would've included "Black Jack Davey", "Hard Times" or "Arthur McBride" instead... but this will do!

10. Every Gain Of Sand - one of the best tunes from 1981's "Shot Of Love" and one of my favorite gospel songs from Bob! I like this version MUCH better than the alternate found on Bootleg 3!

11. Percy's Song - this is a masterpiece of a song and an outtake from 1964's "The Times They Are A-Changin'"! Bob does great guitar work here... love the G-G6-G7 embellishments!! This is also found on "Biograph" & "Side Tracks"!!

12. Born In Time - the slowest song but one of the best from 1990's "Under The Red Sky" - love the line "Oh babe, that fire is still smokin''!! Pretty cool!!

13. Boots Of Spanish Leather - from 1964's "The Times They Are A-Changin'" album - I have this ranked #10 on my all time favorite Dylan song list!! This song is OUTSTANDING and my favorite on this collection! Listening to this it would be hard to disagree that Bob is the greatest folk singer of all time!! Love the line "take heed-take heed of the western winds - take heed of the stormy weather - and yes there's something you can send back to me - Spanish boots of Spanish leather" that's the stuff legends are made of!!

14. This Dream Of You - from 2009's "Together Through Life" - a cool little tune with great accordion playing - Bob's voice sounds GREAT on this considering the time period it's from!

15. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - the b-side to the "Watching The River Flow" single from 1971 - this is a great song but I believe I slightly prefer the version from the 1973 "Dylan" album! The version here also shows up on "Masterpieces" and alternates can be found on "Dylan" & "Bootleg 10"!

16. If You See Her, Say Hello - another off the charts track from "Blood On The Tracks"!! I like this version much better than the stripped-down versions found on "Bootleg 3" & "Bootleg 14".

17. Moonshiner - from "Live At The Gaslight, 1962" - a great song that Bob was performing live in the coffee houses at the time... but I must say, his 1963 studio recording of this (found on Bootleg 1) blows this live version out of the water!!

So there you have it, a weird lineup of Bob's songs but great nonetheless! If I had to choose the weakest ones they would be "Tomorrow Night" & "Sugar Baby" - everything else is top-notch! Can't believe no songs are included from "Another Side", "Highway 61", "Blonde On Blonde" or "John Wesley Harding"! That seems a travesty but I guess the track-pickers just wanted to put something different together!

Highly recommended for any Dylan fan - if only for the hard to come by "Trouble In Mind"!
The Complete Album Collection Vol. One
The Complete Album Collection Vol. One
I started buying Bob Dylan CDs in the early 2000s and very quickly collected every album in his catalog available at the time. Once you get into Dylan, you feel compelled to hear everything he ever did, so this boxed set is a great option for new fans. But what about those of us who already own a handful or even all of the CD masters or remasters released previously? Is this set worth buying? Is it a needed upgrade? Well, for the most part YES, but let me give you some details.

15 albums in this 42 album set were newly remastered for The Complete Album Collection in 2013. IMPORTANT: These newest remasters were done to Dylan's 1970s, 80s, and 90s releases, albums like Self Portrait, the previously unreleased Dylan 1973, Hard Rain, Street-Legal, Bob Dylan At Budokan, Saved, Empire Burlesque, Good As I Been To You and others. The classic 1960s albums ARE NOT newly remastered and all use the previous 2003 or 2005 remasters that most of us already own. So, the good news is that you aren't missing out on some amazing, true-vinyl-mix of John Wesley Harding or anything like that if you don't buy this boxed set. If you are a casual fan, just stick with your mid-2000s copies of Blonde on Blonde and Highway 61, there's no need to get this set unless you want to complete your Dylan discography (which I highly recommend). But if you already own all the mid-2000s remasters and older CD masters of the 1970s-90s material like I do, then you will be looking at the 2013 remasters to make up a lot of value.

My experience with the 2013 remasters has been mostly positive; however, I will offer some minor caveats for those who are on the fence or are worried about the $200 price tag. The good news is that there are some really great 2013 remasters included here. I also finished buying my Dylan collection before the 2009 remasters of Before the Flood, New Morning, The Basement Tapes, and Dylan & The Dead, so I will count those towards my list of new upgrades with this set (these all sound great). As for the 2013 remasters, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid and Self Portrait really do sound more dynamic than the old original CD masters. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and "Alberta #1" have never come through my system with such presence or clarity. The 1976 live album Hard Rain really does sound significantly better, with Dylan's vocals pulled out from the muddy mix of instruments that they were buried in before. Some of the distortion remains on his louder vocals, but this could be left over from the original recording. Street-Legal actually uses the original mix of the LP (the CD apparently used an alternate mix all along), but I can't really say if it is superior to the older CD issue.

I guess the only negative criticism I could offer is that albums like Saved and the remastered mid-1980s to early 1990s releases don't really sound that much better than my old CD issues. I do hear some slight improvements to the overall dynamics or separation of instruments in these albums when comparing tracks in iTunes on my Bose speakers, but if you pressed me, I would have to admit that their remastering was perhaps not a necessary upgrade. But they are a welcomed one nonetheless!

For audiophiles who are worried about brick-walling, the Loudness War, or drastic changes to the original sound of Dylan's LPs, you have nothing to fear. I know that some people have had issues with over-driven distortion or "bad sound" from the special edition Harmonica USB files, but I haven't come across anything like that on the CDs. All of these albums show at least an 11 or 12 rating on the Dynamic Rage Database scale, which is quite good.

Even though I already owned these albums, I feel that the 2013 remasters are good enough to warrant a re-purchase of the whole catalog. I also neglected to get Dylan's four latest albums, so it was nice to round out my collection (even though the Christmas album is pretty cringy). Let me know if you have any questions!
4G Rugged Phones, 2020 Ulefone Armor X7 Pro Android 10 Dual SIM, Rugged Smartphone Unlocked, IP68/69K Waterproof Smartphone, 13MP + 5MP Camera, 4GB + 32GB, NFC, OTG, Face Unlock, Finger Reader - Black
4G Rugged Phones, 2020 Ulefone Armor X7 Pro Android 10 Dual SIM, Rugged Smartphone Unlocked, IP68/69K Waterproof Smartphone, 13MP + 5MP Camera, 4GB + 32GB, NFC, OTG, Face Unlock, Finger Reader - Black
This my second Ulefone, I had the X5 and picked up this new X7 and love it! The form factor (size) is a little tighter and fits much better in my pockets than the X5 since it is a little bit shorter. The camera is much improved over the X5 and takes pictures that are sharper and able to focus on close objects much better than the X5. The battery is only 4000mah but it will still last almost 3 days for me using mostly email and text messages and taking pictures. I have used the x5 and now this x7 out hiking and backpacking in the so calif deserts in extreme heat and dirt/sand conditions and it has never failed me.

The camera takes great pictures and the underwater photos are easy to get good results with, I took a photo of my water fountain and then dunked it into the water and took a picture of the lights down at the bottom. You can see they are sharp and the colors are vibrant and clean.

I use T-mobile and in the past I could only get wifi calling with t-mobile brand phones but the X7 works perfectly with the t-mobile wifi calling so I can still make and receive calls while at work in difficult IT rooms that have no cellular service!

It also a fingerprint reader that allows you to gently touch the phone in a natural hand position to unlock it. I have tried it and it works as advertised but I prefer to manually use a PIN but am sure there are lots of people will love the fingerprint reader.

I don't think you can find a better phone at a price even close to this one, don't look any further...buy it!
466 Pieces Glow in The Dark Unicorn Wall Decals Luminous Moon Star Dot Stickers Fluorescent Glow Wall Ceiling Sticker Decals for Home Party Kids Room Decorations (Fluorescent Blue)
466 Pieces Glow in The Dark Unicorn Wall Decals Luminous Moon Star Dot Stickers Fluorescent Glow Wall Ceiling Sticker Decals for Home Party Kids Room Decorations (Fluorescent Blue)
This was just perfect for my daughter and my son! They both loved it! Could not put them on the ceiling due to its texture, I was not sure it would actualy work and stick. Cant tell you how happy were both to see their room at night! They glow perfectly , the design is very pretty and stick perfectly. Picture doesn’t do it justice! I personaly looove the moon, I’ll for sure get the whole solar system one day! This set was perfect and enough for 2 rooms. Only down side is that sticking so well to the wall whenever you’ll have to take them off it will pill for sure the paint, had to move a star a d it did pill off a little bit. But i m happy anyway! Definitely recommand!
Almighty Thor
Almighty Thor
The Aslyum is infamous for makng "mockbusters". While they also release monster, horror, comedy, and other genre movies, their mockbusters are the most obvious and controversial. The Asylum's challenge is making a movie called "Almighty Thor" that does not infringe upon the Marvel Thor.

That said, this movie is a fair-to-middling movie. The script is a bit thin in spots, and the characters' growth and development are not believable. However, the movie is watchable, and my mind can create its own fixes for the poorly-written script. Overall rating is a strong two stars.

* Odin (Kevin Nash) - Kevin Nash's real-life physique and fighting moves are downplayed, but he makes a believable warrior-Odin. Unfortunately, Odin dies in the first 15 minutes.
* Baldir (Jess Allen) - The actor's name is unfamiliar, but the acting is solid. Baldir is a no-nonsense tough guy. Without spoiling too much of the movie, Baldir also dies early.
* Thor (Cody Deal) - Cody Deal has the innocent face of an 18-year-old and a well-toned physique. Both aspects fit the young, untested, unskilled Thor of this movie. Thor is a man-child who is stubborn beyond all reason.
* Járnsaxa (Patricia Velasquez) - Patricia Velasquez is a wiry, tough-looking warrior who protects Thor.
* Loki (Richard Grieco) - Richard Grieco looks evil, undead, inhuman, menacing, and condescending.

* Thor is stubborn enough to ignore good advice and make tremendous mistakes. He does not learn from his mistakes but accepts the consequences. And Thor almost literally shapes his own destiny. This type of character is unusual; Thor had me wincing at his unwise decisions.
* Járnsaxa is Thor's equal and possibly his better in every way.
* Loki is evil and a master of illusion.
* The movie has some good swordfight scenes. Guns are also used. :)
* The disaster scenes are good.

* The romance between Thor and Járnsaxa is not believable. Comrades-in-arms, perhaps. Romance, never.
* Thor's fighting improves without any training. How sheer stubbornness overcomes reality is another problem with this movie, even though individualism is the entire point of the movie.
* The early CGI monsters are a bit rough and look like CGI.
* The hammer designs are atrocious; they look like they were designed by the Bedrock Quarry's legal department.

* The "Bloopers" are run-of-the-mill with nothing too exciting.
* The "Making of Featurette" is on the minimal side.

[Edit: Here's the URL of an interview with Cody Deal: [...]

Apart from the interview material, Mr. Deal says that Almighty Thor was filmed for $500K in 12 days.]
El hombre que odiaba a Paulo Coelho (Spanish Edition)
El hombre que odiaba a Paulo Coelho (Spanish Edition)
Considero que el libro es demasiado largo para lo que realmente se cuenta en él, si bien pienso que su principal error es que abusa demasiado de los diálogos "afilados" entre los dos personajes, que al principio divierten, y mucho, pero acaban cansado sobremanera y recordando mucho a "El intermedio". Además, los personajes secundarios no divierten, ni son interesantes y encima son escasos. No lo terminé.
Palabras esenciales/ Essential Words (Spanish Edition)
Palabras esenciales/ Essential Words (Spanish Edition)
This is a great inspirational compilation of Cohelo's work, I am glad I got it; but this is actually volume 2, which I didn't know was out, I was looking for volume 1 as a present for my brothers. The item description does not state it is "Palabras Esenciales II", that is the only problem I had since I was really hoping to get the original Palabras Esenciales I was kind of disappointed, I like the original much better, but it is a good book as well.
Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren: Volume 1
Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren: Volume 1
Through just one story in this book the first century philosopher Epictetus was able to school me on meeting people. It's got a story by Kahlil Gibran that I had never read before. In fact, it's got about a hundred stories of my favorite kind (you could almost call them parables).
The Strong Shall Live: Stories
The Strong Shall Live: Stories
I used to prefer his novels, but once I tried the short stories I was hooked. This particular collection is very appealing to me for its focus on overcoming obstacles. Sometimes its nice to think that through effort alone we can come off the victor over injustice. Of course, in real life that isn't always the case, but in LL's world it does. That makes for enjoyable reading.
Confessions: The Murder of an Angel
Confessions: The Murder of an Angel
I think the series itself was fantastic. I really enjoyed everything that went on and all that but I'm a little disappointed that there were still unresolved issues. What about James and CP? Was she ever planning on putting an end to that or was the sarcastic meeting in the middle of the book the end of it? Those 2 kids made her life a living hell but also gave her some of the best years of her life. What's going on....
CECORC Baby Tights – Thick Toddlers Girl Leggings–Seamless Cable Knit Cotton Stockings – Infants Pantyhose 3/5 Pack
CECORC Baby Tights – Thick Toddlers Girl Leggings–Seamless Cable Knit Cotton Stockings – Infants Pantyhose 3/5 Pack
LOVE THESE!!! Very high quality and durable! ordered the 1-2yr size and they fit great on my 16m old (average height/weight) but also have room to grow with the stretch. and even when stretched out, the fabric doesn’t thin out at all which is really nice for longevity. we’ve washed about 10-15 times and no pilling or holes. colors are accurate as well, which can sometimes be a hit or miss lol definitely recommend these & will purchase again next year:)
Eva - Das siebte Geheimnis
Eva - Das siebte Geheimnis
Zu meinen erklärten Lieblingsbüchern gehört ohne Zweifel "Vaterland" von Robert Harris. Unter dem Eindruck einer der hier ebenfalls nachzulesenden Rezensionen bestellte ich mir den Roman "Eva, das siebte Geheimnis" von Irving Wallace. Weder hatte ich von diesem Autor, noch von dem Buch je etwas gehört, noch sagte mir der Verlag etwas. Auch der etwas groschenromanhafte Titel des Werkes schien mir nicht auf eine wirklich qualitative Story hinzuweisen, aber gut - es kommt ja auf den Inhalt an!
Ich hätte besser auf die Warnsignale achten sollen, denn tatsächlich entpuppte sich das Buch bereits nach wenigen Seiten als gequirlter Schwachsinn. Die Geschichte ist an den Haaren herbeigezogen, die Protagonisten verhalten sich absurd und der Autor hatte offenbar keinen blassen Dunst von den tatsächlichen Verhältnissen und eingeschränkten Möglichkeiten in Ost- und Westberlin zur Vor-Wendezeit. Statt die Charaktere der Figuren herauszuarbeiten und ihnen etwas Überzeugendes einzuflössen, beschränkt sich Wallace zum Beispiel lieber auf die Beschreibung ihrer Kleidung oder ihres Essens (!). Was soll das?!
Die Genauigkeit mit der Kostüme oder Tellergerichte beschrieben werden, geht der Geschichte leider völlig ab. Hier bleibt alles ungenau, haarsträubend und OBERflächlich, wenngleich der "Knaller" dieses Werkes UNTER der Oberfläche des Todesstreifens im Grenzgebiet zwischen Ost- und Westberlin lauert. Das Ganze ist so monströser Blödsinn, daß ich beim Schreiben dieser Zeilen schon wieder die Verärgerung aufsteigen fühle, die mich beim Lesen dieses Schunds permanent begleitet hat.
Meine Empfehlung ist die: Liebe Leute, lest "Vaterland", lest "NSA - Nationales Sicherheitsamt", lest "Der 21.Juli", aber lasst die "Eva (Braun) ihr Siebtes Geheimnis" für sich behalten!
Detektiv Conan 65
Detektiv Conan 65
Hier meine Bewertungen von den Fällen aus Band 65 :

1.(Fall 1,Fall 2)
Hier nimmt der Fall mit Sonokos Onkel ein Ende.
Eigentlich sehr gut.

2.(Fall 3,Fall 4 und Fall 5)
Hier geht es um ein Überfall einer Bank (mit Detective Boys)
Sehr gute Idee und klasse von den Detective Boys.

3.(Fall 6)
Sowas wie eine Einleitung zum nächsten Fall
Ich finds spannend und lustig.

4.(Fall 7,Fall 8,Fall 9,Fall 10 und Fall 11)
Hier geht es um einen Serienmörder und somit ein Rätsel einer Roten Wand.
Ein hervorrangender Top Fall mit Auflösung in Band 66.

Ein sehr gelungener Band und hoffe es geht noch lange so weiter :)
Bröderna Lejonhjärta
Bröderna Lejonhjärta
Kurz zum Inhalt:
Jonathan Löwe stirbt, als er seinen kleineren, kranken Bruder Karl aus der brennenden Wohnung rettet. Kurz darauf stirbt auch Kar, doch er hat keine Angst mehr vor dem Tod, seit Jonathan im erzählt hat, dass er danach in Nangijala aufwachen wird, einem Land voller "Lagerfeuer und Sagen". Tatsächlich erwartet Jonathan seinen Bruder dort schon, und zusammen leben sie als Brüder Löwenherz auf einem Pferdehof. Doch die Welt von Nangijala ist keine heile: Sie wird bedroht vom bösen Tengil, der schön eins der beiden Täler der Welt unter seine Herrschaft gebracht hat. Der mutige Jonathan und Karl ziehen los, um Nagijala zu retten.

Zur Moral:
Zu der deutschen Version des Buches wurde über die Moral der Geschichte schon diskutiert. Die meisten Leser empfinden "Die Gebrüder Löwenherz" als wunderbare Geschichte über Brüderliebe, Mut und Kampfgeist. einige Leser jedoch sehen die Schlussfolgerung, dass durch den Tod alles besser wird, wenn man sich in einer schlechten Situation befindet. Solche Urteile sind subjektiv und ich möchte keinem den Sinn seines Urteils absprechen.

Zur Originalsprache:
Grundsätzlich finde ich, man sollte Bücher in ihrer Originalsprache lesen, wenn es geht. Schwedisch lerne ich seit ca einem Monat über ein Onlineprogramm. Der Stil von Astrid Lindgren ist nicht ganz einfach, sie verwendet gerne Konjunktiv und etwas verquere Satzkonstruktionen. Ich lese die Bröderna Lejonhärta mit deutscher Übersetzung parallel und freue mich furchtbar drüber, dass das einigermaßen funktioniert:)

Zur Autorin:
Astrid Lindgren ist, was Literatur angeht, meine "Mama". Von niemandem sonst habe ich soviel über Liebe, Mut, Kinder und Glück gelernt wie von ihr. Kein Kind auf dass ich jemals Einfluss haben werde (ich werde Lehrerin;) ), wird an dieser Frau vorbeikommen:)

Kleines Minus:
Aber auch wirklich ein Miniminus: Keine Bilder in dieser Ausgabe... dabei sind die Zeichnungen von Ilon Wikland, wie wir sie aus den Lindgren- Büchern kennen, so wunderbar.

Fazit: Lesen, lernen, lieben.
New Moon (Twilight - edizione italiana Vol. 2) (Italian Edition)
New Moon (Twilight - edizione italiana Vol. 2) (Italian Edition)
Prometto che qusto libro me la fatto comprare mia figlia,questa è la seconda parte della saga di Twilight. Il libro è scritto in prima persona così da potersi immergere completamente nel racconto e sentirsi la protagonista! .Qui Bella affronterà una grande sfida, cioè il superamento del dolore della perdita... ma alla fine ciò che è destinato ritorna a se.
Il libro e arrivato con 10 in anticipo ma risulta ancora in viaggio
Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation POSTMASTER: The Top Secret Story Behind 007
Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation POSTMASTER: The Top Secret Story Behind 007
This is a well-researched adventure story. Operation Postmaster was a highly controversial, extremely dangerous secret operation in West Africa during World War II. The Official Secrets Act kept the story out of the public eye long after the end of the war, and it was an enterprising modern author, Brian Lett, who researched and told the tale long after it happened.

Although Ian Fleming’s name will act as a draw, his role in the adventure was somewhat peripheral and probably didn’t really belong in the title! Regardless, it was fun to read about the connections between the true men of Operation Postmaster and the fictional 007.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Spring Breakers
Spring Breakers
Harmony Korine's film SPRING BREAKERS (2012) is wayyy underrated. Has anyone even seen it? I saw it in theater with my dad four years ago when it came out. Only on second viewing does its significance resonate.

This is serious 1990s-2000s zeitgeist material. Read that sentence twice.

Funny, disturbing. Sexy, horrifying. Fiction-flashy, hyper-real.

Glib MTV product one minute, deep critique of same the next.

What's so amazing about many scenes is you can take what's being said literally and feel it and believe it from a teenager/early 20s in 90s point of view, and at same time see it ironically and as absurd from an adult perspective (eg when Faith is reflecting about how spring break epitomizes the beauty and ultimate meaning of life and spirituality -- it's done as satire, but I remember feeling exactly like that in perfect moments on hedonistic vacations with my friends in teens and 20s).

Ambiguous and complicated depiction of 90s/2000s hip hop culture and psyche. "Pretend it's a videogame. Imagine you're in a movie or something." And yet entertaining throughout, never seeming pretentious or "arty". It's an action comedy after all, just so dark and satirical and ... something ... that it is so much more.

Albert Camus would love this movie. And be horrified by it. 1950s post-war nihilism ain't got nothing on contemporary consumer culture and celebrity worship.

"Why did this happen? We were just having fun. We didn't do anything wrong. This was supposed to be forever. This can't be the end of the dream."

The overvoice narration punctuates themes in a natural, unobtrusive way.

The character "Alien" is James Franco's most ambitious role by far. Brave acting. What actor in their right mind would take this role? Should have gotten an Oscar.

Great writing. Beautiful cinematography.

Franco's exhortations about "All my sh*t! Look at all my sh*t!" -- ie clothes, shoes, colognes, guns, high tech apartment accoutrements -- is pop culture gold.

Universities should be holding conferences on this movie.

See it.

Or see it again.

This is art.

5 Stars.
Mini Tudou Baby Musical Mobile Crib with Music and Lights, Timing Function, Projection, Take-Along Rattle and Music Box for Babies Boy Girl Toddler Sleep
Mini Tudou Baby Musical Mobile Crib with Music and Lights, Timing Function, Projection, Take-Along Rattle and Music Box for Babies Boy Girl Toddler Sleep
This mobile crib with music is so much fun have different functions. Came with toys and projectors with cute image my baby love to listen and play with that, also came with control so I can turn off and turn on easier. Quality is excellent and also I can wash it and install it just in one step. Didn’t think it will be like that with this price but yes highly recommend to everyone for their baby cribs.
Buffy: Season Ten Volume 1 : New Rules (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10)
Buffy: Season Ten Volume 1 : New Rules (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10)
Ayyy, I'm back on the Buffy comics bandwagon; it's been years since I caught up. As I've said before, in my spare time, I watch YouTube reactions, and I guess who's to blame is Shannon on Aftershow Reacts. I followed her as she went thru the entire seven seasons of Buffy, the very last episode of which she just finished a few days ago. Anyway, she got me hyped enough that I dusted off my Buffy comics collection.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 10, Vol. 1: New Rules first published back in 2014 and collects issues #1-5 of Season 10. And, yep, these stories are considered canon. Obviously, some big stuff had gone down in between the end of the televised Season 7 and the start of four-colored Season 10. Twilight happened. A crossover with Fray happened. World lost its magic. World got its magic back.

Maybe some plot spoilers.

As Season 10 opens, Buffy and her Scoobies are in Santa Rosita, a suburban burg in Cali. They're finishing off what's left of the mindless zombie vampires. But no sooner do they eliminate that threat than they're faced with a new one, in the shape of Vicki and her new breed of vampires - new as in they're way harder to slay, can shapeshift to multiple sorts of beasts, and can walk in daylight.

Maybe Vicki and her peeps have got something to do with the return of magic to the world. Except it's wild magic that comes with its own as yet undefined batch of governing rules. Even Willow, the cleverest witch of her age not named Hermione, cannot get a handle on this wild magic.

To counter the doomsday plot, we get the side story of Xander and Dawn's having relationship issues, and that's fine with me because I always thought their hooking up was super-icky. Also, Xander's seeing dead people, or, rather, one specific dead person. What else? We're in for a batch of reunions, some of 'em delightful, some of 'em awkward. Because what's required is the re-return of Dracula. Who else to consult, when vampires (again) walk in sunlight, but the lord of vampires? Maybe this time Xander can keep his dignity intact?

"He's too strong. We might have to kill my lord and master Dracula," someone says. But you may be surprised as to who says it.

It's written by Christos Gage, with a script assist from Nicholas Brendon himself, and artwork with a light touch by Rebekah Isaacs. The key question is: does it do honor to Joss Whedon's storytelling? The answer's yes. The writing reflects Whedon's smart-alecky wit, as well as his love affair with thematically subversive plotlines and the heart with which he infuses his stories. I did find myself liking Xander less and less as the story went on. Then, again, I started disliking him when Buffy was still on tv. But I guess there's enough folks out there who catch a case of the giggles whenever Xander toadies up to Dracula. Conversely, Dracula himself continues to grow on me. I lived for those infrequent moments in which Dracula and Spike interacted. Yeah, fandom should be beaming.
Black White Cotton Bandana Snap Drool Bibs for Baby Girls for Drooling eating Teething for 12 Pack
Black White Cotton Bandana Snap Drool Bibs for Baby Girls for Drooling eating Teething for 12 Pack
These bibs are exactly what I'd hoped they'd be. I was looking for something without Velcro- I can't stand the sound and it's frustrating to the fabric start to turn and irritate baby's skin. I wasn't sure what kind of quality the snap buttons on these bibs would be. But I am happy to report that they are superior. They're easy to fasten together, even with one hand.
Another frustration with bibs was running into far too many fabrics that weren't what we needed. My son is 3 months, so we don't need plastic or food barriers. Just needed something super absorbent to catch his excessive drooling and occasional spit up. These bibs are extraordinary in that regard- they've saved me so much laundry already and my son is much more comfortable. I'm thoroughly impressed with how absorbent they are, and how efficient they are at keeping moisture from soaking through to his clothing. It's also great because they're so incredibly soft - none of the yucky plastic feeling stuff to serve as a barrier, just soft all the way around.

I also enjoy the fact that the design is more stylish than most. And the pointed design means it's a lot less likely that the bib will flip up and cover baby's entire face.

I'm super happy i purchased these bibs. They've proven to be the best bibs I've ever used throughout all my babies (4). I'll likely purchase more to continue using, as I imagine we'll need them when he starts teething. Highly recommend these.

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