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When the Ghost Dog Howls (Goosebumps HorrorLand #13)
When the Ghost Dog Howls (Goosebumps HorrorLand #13)
four stars because it took too long to get to the ghost dog, I could picture him sat in Andy's driveway waiting for him! If Marnie were my cousin I would have cut off contact with her ages ago, she's quite annoying really. You'll know how when you read the book. I got a bit fed up with Andy's dreams which didn't really need 3 or 4 chapters all to do with that, other than that, another good one
Sacred Sins
Sacred Sins
Tess is a psychiatrist who cares about her patients and truly wants to help them. When she is unable to help them, she suffers emotionally, in private, but to all outward appearances, she appears detached. She is asked to do a psychological profile on a man who is killing slender, pretty blonde women. He leaves notes absolving them of their sins.
Ben is a detective in charge of the investigation. He has little or no use for psychiatrists because his brother committed suicide while seeing one for delayed stress syndrome. He wants to catch this killer, but doesn't believe that any psychiatrist will make a difference.
Ben and Tess are strongly attracted to one another from the beginning. Both hold back. Tess because she doesn't know whether he dislikes her profession or her. Ben holds back because no woman has ever made him feel an emotional attachment like Tess. It scares him.
Time is running out. Four women have died. The killer has set his sights on Tess as his last and final victim. She fits the profile. Can they figure out who he is in time?
This is a very 'in depth' book. I enjoyed the insight into psychology and police procedure in tracking down a suspect. A very well written book. If you like CSI shows, you will like this.
Stephen King's Cat's Eye
Stephen King's Cat's Eye
Easily without question my all time favorite Stephen King film. It centers around a cat who's involved in each of Stephen king's tales for the film. The beginning sets the tone where the cat is walking along minding his business. Then all of a sudden, a St. Bernard rabid dog (Cujo) chases the cat. After almost getting hit running across the street by a Red Plymouth (Christine), the cat eventually eludes the dog ending up in New York City after boarding the back of a truck. The 1st tale is about a man (James Woods) who loves cigarettes but is willing to do whatever it takes to stop. He joins a place recommended by a friend simply known as Quitters Inc. Or more like consequences and repercussions if you don't do what we say. Very sick and twisted plot guaranteed to make any smoker quit immediately. Then after escaping yet again, our cat finds himself in Atlantic City, New Jersey where a man who loves to gamble becomes obsessed with torturing a gentleman he finds out has been sleeping with his wife. The gambler has had the guy kidnapped and framed for having drugs in his car ready to do serious prison time unless he can walk all the way around the hotel building ledge without falling off. Once again, the cat finds a way to escape but not without being a hero aiding the gentleman at harm and the tables turn from there. Finally, the cat makes his very last arrival which is well overdue in Wilmington, North Carolina where he aides Drew Barrymore throughout the night. Throughout each city the cat goes to before arriving at Drew's, he keeps seeing images of her telling him that something is coming for her and he's her only hope for survival. Well, we eventually see why his arrival was so important. A monsterous troll finds its way into the house and vows to take her breath away throughout the night while she's attempting to sleep. That is until General (the name the cat is now given by Barrymore) steps in and changes things for the better. My favorite King film because of the simplicity and originality. A must see for any Stephen King fan that will not disappoint.
The Science of Stephen King: The Truth Behind Pennywise, Jack Torrance, Carrie, Cujo, and More Iconic Characters from the Master of Horror
The Science of Stephen King: The Truth Behind Pennywise, Jack Torrance, Carrie, Cujo, and More Iconic Characters from the Master of Horror
Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence, who have previously explored The Science of Monsters and The Science of Women in Horror turn their attention to the King of Horror for their latest book. In The Science of Stephen King, the authors explore the real-world scientific phenomenon that have either inspired or have helped support the various themes, stories, and elements from the last 50 years of King's far-ranging career.

Suitably enough, Hafdahl and Florence start right at the beginning, with King's 1974 debut, Carrie. Rather than try to lend scientific credence to the supernatural abilities of this book's titular lead, the authors instead examine the various components that surround 16-year-old Carrie White, like the psychological damager suffered by the victims of bullying and religious extremism, as well the thematic use of menstruation and blood throughout the book. Because Carrie's first period plays such an important role in the story, the author's exploration of the societal and cultural regard of this biological milestone in a young woman's life reaches back to the creation of the lunar calendar and the first commercially available pads and tampon in 1929. Personally, I was shocked to learn that such mass-produced monthly necessities were only a fairly recent development, which, I suppose, just goes to show you how heavily dominated industries are by men - even those of women's hygiene products!

Over the course of the subsequent chapters, the authors lay out what becomes familiar groundwork for successive King novels, devoting a few pages to each carefully selected title and exploring it through a scientific lens, supported by either research or interviews they've conducted with members of the scientific community. Such topics of discovery include the science of alcohol abuse (The Shining), addiction (The Drawing of the Three), grief (Lisey's Story), the soul (Needful Things), and time travel (11/22/63), to name but a few.

Rather than diving into the deep end on any one of these subjects, Hafdahl and Florence instead take a cursory look at each of these aspects. The Science of Stephen King ends up being more of a collection of precis's rather than a fully realized thesis on his work at large. Nearly any one of the themes discussed in just one of the 30 novels studied here would be enough to fill an entire book on their own, and the authors aren't hurting for a lack of resources, that's for sure. Credit to them, then, for being able to simplify and streamline their discussions so throughly in their summaries of the science behind King's biggest works.

Unfortunately, there were a few times where the author's interests outside of the scientific took root in the book and caused a few issues for me. In their discussion of 2001's Dreamcatcher, for instance, Hafdahl and Florence spend nearly half of the already-short chapter interviewing screenwriter Kara Lee Corthron about her work adapting Caroline Kepnes's Joe Goldberg series for Netflix's You. This discussion is tangentially connected by the simplicity that King has himself adapted several of his own works for film...but, strangely enough, not Dreamcatcher! (That screenplay's credit goes to William Goldman and Lawrence Kasdan.) This interview and its focus on an adaptation of a work by another author altogether is an odd diversion that Hafdahl and Florence attempt to steer toward King by noting the influence of The Shining on a season two episode of You, but it's a bit of a fumbled recovery.

Their discussion on the science behind From a Buick 8 is similarly disrupted by a somewhat lengthy (again, given the short page count devoted to each book) exploration of James Dean's cursed Spyder, that car's own haunted legacy, and the body count it racked up after the actor's death. While this accounting of a (supposedly) real-life cursed car and the unusual accidents attributed to it are supremely interesting, this urban legend is hardly what I would consider scientific.

While there is plenty of interesting honest-to-god science explored here, some of my favorite material in the book related to King's own life and how his personal experiences played a role in shaping his many narratives - and, in the case of his marriage to Tabitha, who saved the manuscript of Carrie from the garbage, his career. The authors do a great job in providing the context within King's own life, and his battles against himself and his addictions, that helped give rise to so many of his books like IT and The Tommyknockers. Similarly, it's hard to ignore how much a long-lasting impact King's own brush with death had on his creativity, following his being struck by a van in the summer of 1999. Accidents similar to King's play out several times in works like the TV miniseries Kingdom Hospital and one of the latter The Dark Tower novels, and provided the impetus for Lisey's Story and Duma Key.

The Science of Stephen King provides enough interesting talking points to satisfy casual Constant Readers, but hardcore King junkies may find themselves disappointed by the superficiality and brief surveys of these author's analyses. More than once, I found myself wishing for a bit more depth on any given topic, but the set of footnotes and resources at book's end should certainly help open up a number of doors for readers seeking deeper scrutinies.
The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries #5: Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic
The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries #5: Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic
I really thought that this could be a better book. Like seriously, she found out that her dad (really didn't) gave her away, and that was the secret in the attic. I thought it would be more interesting or scary or something. Not just that like her father not really giving her away. I could live through finding that out if I were Mary Anne. I wouldn't go so crazy or anything. It was just her GRANDPARENTS. I mean, seriously peeps. What the heck! Anyways, reviews always by Daphne, no matter what.
Escape: John Puller 3
Escape: John Puller 3
Spezialagent John Puller jagt den meistgesuchten Verbrecher Amerikas - seinen eigenen Bruder.
Noch nie ist es einem Gefangenen gelungen, aus Amerikas bestgesichertem Militärgefängnis auszubrechen. Bis jetzt. Der Flüchtling: Robert Puller, Hochverräter und nun meistgesuchter Verbrecher Amerikas. Sein Bruder John ist der beste Spezialagent der Militärpolizei - und wird auf den Fall angesetzt. Widerstrebend nimmt er die Fährte auf, noch immer kann er nicht an die Schuld seines Bruders glauben. Aber bald merkt er, dass er Robert finden muss - damit ihn nicht viel gefährlichere Gegner finden.
Es macht die Sache nicht gerade leichter, dass ihm eine attraktive Agentin zugeteilt wird, die ihm helfen soll, aber offensichtlich ganz eigene Pläne verfolgt. Als sich immer dubiosere Gruppen an der landesweiten Suche nach Robert beteiligen, weiß Puller, dass nicht nur Roberts, sondern auch sein eigenes Leben auf dem Spiel steht.
So der Klappentext.

Der dritte Puller - und als Leser gewöhnt man sich langsam an den extrem patriotischen Stil und die Figuren – allerdings ist der Plot hier noch hanebüchener: Keine Behörde der Welt würde einen Ermittler auf seinen eigenen Bruder ansetzen, schon gar nicht, wenn die beiden in gutem Einvernehmen stehen. Komplett an den Haaren herbeigezogen! Aber das sind ja alle Puller-Bände.

Und auch in diesem Band wieder die omnipräsenten, massenhaft vorkommenden militärischen und geheimdienstlichen Organisationen und Abkürzungen – einfach nur langweilig! Wen interessiert schon Geheimdienst-Slang und die ganzen Strukturen, Hierarchien und die Meritokratie der unzähligen Sterne-Generäle der diversen Abteilungen! Aber Baldacci wälzt den Quatsch bis zum Geht-nicht-mehr aus, bauscht die Story laufend künstlich auf, zieht sie bis zum Gähnen in die Länge und bedient sich vieler Klischees: Platt und banal.

Da wird überroutiniert ein flacher American-Heroe-Action-Thriller heruntergespult und mit einer enormen Menge an Recherche- und Hintergrundmaterial überfrachtet. Das Ende ist eigentlich schon zu Anfang klar, daher kommt auch noch nicht mal echte Spannung auf.
Aber eins muss man Baldacci zugutehalten: Er kommt immerhin ohne paarige Sentimentalität und unnötige Sexszenen aus.
Give 'em Hell Harry
Give 'em Hell Harry
This really is fascinating stuff. David Susskind (the interviewer/discussion moderator here) used to have a late night talk show in the 50's with no time constraints. Just him and an interesting guest talking until they dropped; the sort of thing that hardly anyone has the character, constitution, intelligence, or attention span to either produce or watch these days.. Not on television meant for mass audiences, anyway.

And say what you want about Harry Truman's presidency - his dropping of the atom bombs, his stalemating the Korean War, his signing the UN charter and establishment of NATO, his advocacy of Civil Rights (most significantly in integrating the armed services), his support of the Zionists in directing the U.S. to be very first country in the world to recognize the independant State of Israel, his populist progressive social agenda in the Fair Deal that inspired and was later consummated by LBJ in the Great Society - One thing is indisputable: the man had character, a steel spine, seemed truly humble, and was universally recognized as basically honest and incorrupt. He doesn't dodge questions or responsibility, prevaricate, or second guess himself. When Truman was in office the buck truly stopped with him and he wants us to know it.

With Harry there were no juicy post office "speaking fees" from banks or other corporations, nor any $100 million "production deals" from media companies. There were no plush "revolving door" sinecures with the defense industry or lobbying firms, no lucrative plumb positions on corporate boards. There was certainly no eponymous foundation shaking down and milking billionaires, bankers and foreign entities in exchange for influence. He didn't even accept a Secret Service detail as a private citizen. He simply returned to his old home in Independance, Missouri and quietly lived out the rest of his long life as a private citizen without pretension or vainglory.

The interview that forms the first 3/4's of the film was shot in 1960 when Truman was a spry 76. He is unbelievably optimistic about the future potential of the United States. His administration did, afterall, bring WW II to a sucessful conclusion while laying the groundwork for what subsequently indisputably became "the American Century." He earned the right to this optimism: So much of what we have become was catylyzed by what he did..

I just wonder if he could speak to us now, in light of what has happened since, what he might say.. If he could be as zealously laudatory of this nation, if he would still entertain the same expansive patriotic hope and confidence for and in us..

I can close my review, however, by assuring you that you need not wonder if this film is worth your time. It most definitely is. Spending a couple hours with Harry will enrich your mind. Watch it.
Poster Book (Harry Potter)
Poster Book (Harry Potter)
Please people with the money, if you buy a new book, include a used one in your shopping cart. That will help Amazon enormously in their storage, and it can help you too. At some places the price can’t lower to lesser a penny. Take a used book for a 0.01$ anywhere.
It has many usage including, “”
Recycle it or Burn it for survival heat. Use two books as spacers to raise your monitor because it’s always better to view at eye leveled to the center of your screen. Even better, send it to donation, any library would take it, or the third world too.
Do not fear a book because it has no teeth!!
When you open your used book, wear gloves if you have to, then you’ll realize, “This book ain’t that bad after all.”
Good read and peace!!
- Ricky
一番くじプレミアム コードギアス CODE BLACK in ASHFORD C賞 シャーリー・フェネット プレミアムフィギュア CODE BLACK ver.
一番くじプレミアム コードギアス CODE BLACK in ASHFORD C賞 シャーリー・フェネット プレミアムフィギュア CODE BLACK ver.
High quality figurine with nice details (frills/chains, etc.). It's bigger than I expected and it arrived pretty quickly. My only issue is a tiny one; the face seems a little strange to me. If I could, I would give this a 9.5/10 but since it's a 5 star rating system... I would rather give this 5 stars than 4. Nonetheless, I'm quite happy with this product and I love it.
Ring Floodlight Camera (Black) with Echo Dot (Charcoal)
Ring Floodlight Camera (Black) with Echo Dot (Charcoal)
UPDATE 16FEB2018: After two weeks, I must downgrade my review... it's become obvious that the Ring Floodlight Cam only detects motion during the day. At night, I can walk through the center of my defined motion zone, but the cam won't record until I'm within 10 feet of it. The defined zone is my driveway which is about 40 feet long and we have 3 cars. As long as the ne'er-do-wells only break into the car parked closest to the Ring cam, they will be recorded. A quick Google search for "ring cam won't detect motion at night" will yield many stories of the Ring product line failing to work in darkness. Apparently, the problem has been documented since September 2017 and Ring has failed to fix it. I must say that I'm beyond disappointed. At least I discovered this in enough time to send the cam back to Amazon for a refund.

We've begun having an ongoing problem with car break-ins in our neighborhood. I wanted to get a security cam to monitor our driveway. I looked into standard cctv and more advanced poe/hd cams with a dedicated computer and HDD, but hesitated due to the complicated nature of the installs. Not that I can't do that, but I really wanted a simpler option. Enter the Ring Floodlight Cam. I purchased one to install in place of the motion floodlight over our driveway. I am pleased.

- Easy/straightforward install. If you can wire a light fixture, you can physically install this cam.
- Getting the cam online was simple (you have to use the Ring App).
- Setting zones was easy as well (using the app).
- I receive motion notifications within 5 to 10 seconds of motion being detected.
- The cloud app works well from my phone and is one of the more reasonably priced plans out there.
- The two way voice communication allows me to startle my wife when she comes home from work.

- The camera mount has very little range of motion... approximately 30* left, right, up or down. It worked in my install but it may not for you.
- I see no way this cam could be mounted under an eave... vertical wall only.
- A bubble level on the cam would be VERY helpful for setting the cam level with the ground (necessary for the motion sensor to work properly).
- My house has several access points all using the same SSID. The cam occasionally connects to a weaker signal of one of the other APs. (Will likely fix this by setting up an SSID just for the cam.) When it connects to that weaker signal the performance of the cam is significantly degraded.

Install tip:
It was 20*F outside when I installed the cam. I didn't want to be running up and down a ladder if I had problems connecting to the network. I wired the cam up with a plug (from an old, grounded extension cord) and ran the wifi setup routine at my kitchen table. I verified everything was working (including the app, motion detection, etc.) before I installed it outside.

My sole wish is that the wide angle lens were "slightly" less wide. But I knew that before purchase and it didn't stop me.

If this cam continues to work as well as it has so far, I will likely get another for our front yard/door.
Harry Potter Wand Pen And Broom Pencil Set
Harry Potter Wand Pen And Broom Pencil Set
Was a present for my 6 year old niece who absolutely loved it! Really sturdy and beautifully styled in the Potter theme. My only gripe is that the pen should be retractable as it has no lid. So it’s an open biro which isn’t the best idea for even the most careful child!
URBNFit Mini Pilates Ball - Small Exercise Ball for Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Physical Therapy, Stretching and Core Fitness - Includes Mini Stability Ball Workout Guide
URBNFit Mini Pilates Ball - Small Exercise Ball for Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Physical Therapy, Stretching and Core Fitness - Includes Mini Stability Ball Workout Guide
Waste of money. Very disappointing. Will be returning if possible. I am not sure how this product ever got any good reviews. As many other reviews mention, this ball doesn't retain air! This is mainly because it's hard to put the plastic stopper in place in time to trap the air. I tried blowing it up with my own lung power and with an electric air pump - both times I could get the ball to an appropriate firmess, but it would immediately deflate significantly no matter how quickly I put the plastic stopper in place. The air hole needs to have some sort of valve in place to create a better seal and trap escaping air. It also was unclear how firm the ball should really be when fully inflated. Some of the illustrations enclosed showed the ball as an oval when performing exercises - presumably under the weight of the person - but I was seeking a firm ball like a normal semi-rigid yoga ball that would maintain a circle - for rounded support with weight on it. This ball doesn't seem capable of that, it becomes oval and misshapen quickly. It also deflated completely when left for 8 hours so it would need to be blown up each time it is used. The description says it can support 600 lbs, but I didn't dare put even my full 140 lbs on it, because it seemed like the plastic stopper would pop out with any pressure and instantly deflate and cause injury to anyone applying weight to it. Horrible product.

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