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You Don't Know Js: Types & Grammar
You Don't Know Js: Types & Grammar
You Don't Know Js: Types & Grammar by Kyle Simpson. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 47 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript
The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript
The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 180 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
JavaScript & Ajax for Dummies
JavaScript & Ajax for Dummies
JavaScript & Ajax for Dummies by Andy Harris. Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars, with 23 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Classroom Library Grade 4-5: Guinea Dog; Guardian of Gahoole Series; Superfudge; Double Fudge; Babysitters Club; Ramona the Pest; Encyclopedia; Goosebumps; Animal Ark Series
Classroom Library Grade 4-5: Guinea Dog; Guardian of Gahoole Series; Superfudge; Double Fudge; Babysitters Club; Ramona the Pest; Encyclopedia; Goosebumps; Animal Ark Series
Classroom Library Grade 4-5: Guinea Dog; Guardian of Gahoole Series; Superfudge; Double Fudge; Babysitters Club; Ramona the Pest; Encyclopedia; Goosebumps; Animal Ark Series by Quentin Blake, Judy Blume, et al.. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the J. K. Rowling category.
Collection of 5 Books by Nicholas Sparks
Collection of 5 Books by Nicholas Sparks
Collection of 5 Books by Nicholas Sparks by Nicholas Sparks. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
The Pelican Brief: A Novel
The Pelican Brief: A Novel
The Pelican Brief: A Novel by John Grisham. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 766 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
This is a life changing book and the best habit forming book. You must really have patience and concentration to read this book and to understand it completely.


Author Stephen R Covey explain about how we see the world that is our paradigm.

And how is change in our paradigm can lead to a change in our positive mental attitude(PMA) and human and Public Relationship.

Author gives many stories to explain the concept very clearly.

He tells that we need to live a life of integrity, to contribute & make a difference in the world and raise to the greatness that lies within each one of us.

The Seven Habits are
1.Be Proactive.
2. Begin with the end in mind.
3. ‎Put First Things First.
4. ‎Think win win.
5. ‎First seek to understand, then to be understood.
6. ‎Synergize.
7. ‎Sharpen the saw.

Be Proactive:

It is about taking responsibility and initiatives
I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.

Begin with the end in mind:

It means we need to have a goal for everything. It is a sort of vision. How we wish to see in every aspect of our life like with spouse, family,money,work,friend pleasure, enemy.

Put First Things First:
Author divides our entire time into 4 quadrants.
Important and urgent-Q1
Important and not urgent-Q2
Not important and urgent-Q3
Not important and not urgent-Q4.

Important are goals kept in the Habit 2.

Think win win

Author tells in every situation we need to think about the benefit of our self and others. how can a outcome be useful to all the partiers. It's innovative thinking.

First seek to understand, then to be understood:

Stephen presses on the issue that first we need to understand others their situation, feelings and thoughts then directly telling how we feel or what is our decision directly.

Most important of all the habits. It's most difficult to cultivate.


It means a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
The essence of synergy is to value differences- to respect them,to build on strengths & to compensate for weakness.
Synergies everywhere in the nature.

Sharpen the saw.

It deals with the four aspects of life.
Physical, mental, social/emotional, spiritual.
It's about preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have.

It's a quadrant 2 activity.

Thank you.
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors & Scientists)
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors & Scientists)
The books in this series are all great! If you try to research many of the inventors and scientists in the series based on articles on the internet, you'll find that they are frequently written on a level well above what an elementary school student can understand. This is particularly true of Luis Alvarez. These books are well-written, include fun illustrations, pictures, and cartoons, and are easy to understand for children. I would say they are on a 3rd-5th grade level, and they are about the right length to cover the basics without becoming tiresome for kids. Well done!
Elon Musk: What YOU Can Learn from His AMAZING Life (Inspirational books for kids Book 1)
Elon Musk: What YOU Can Learn from His AMAZING Life (Inspirational books for kids Book 1)
I would give it 0 stars if that was an option. This is advertised as a “Biography for Kids.” There is no author or publisher listed. At the back of the book, it says it was printed on May 1, 2018, which is the day I purchased the book. After looking into it more, I found that it is published by CreateSpace (an Amazon company). It does include basic facts about Musk’s life, however it is not written in a professional manner and includes information not suited for children. I have learned my lesson: check the publisher listed in the description of the book before purchasing.
Virgin Rebel: Richard Branson In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)
Virgin Rebel: Richard Branson In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)
Richard Branson is a visionary! He is articulate (albeit dyslexic), caring, compassionate and what I would call a "class human being." He makes sure that his employees are part of the team and encourages playfulness on the job site.
No isn't in his vocabulary and how fabulous it is to know that someone like Richard Branson lives amongst us. What a light!
Flying High: My Story: From AirAsia to QPR (Peng01 13 06 2019)
Flying High: My Story: From AirAsia to QPR (Peng01 13 06 2019)
An interesting read an account of his life but don't think you are going to learn too much about business. The book is very short on detail particularly of how he started and kept going. One day Mr Fernandes is a corporate guy the next he has bought an airline! No idea where the money came from or how he managed to keep it coming in. Maybe it was inherited? No doubt he had a lot of fun along the way....but both the QPR and the F1 investments have been more about ROE (return on ego) than pure business.
Oprah Winfrey Speaks: Insights from the World's Most Influential Voice
Oprah Winfrey Speaks: Insights from the World's Most Influential Voice
When I think of Oprah, I think of "awareness." Her presence on earth is to bring us all to the awareness of our potential. If you want to know more about her life, Janet Lowe will take you on a journey through Oprah's life. Within a few hours you will see Oprah in a whole new light.

What I find most fascinating about Oprah is her love of reading and quotes. Those are things I can relate to well. Now it seems, I have been collecting "Oprah quotes!" Throughout this book you will find Oprah's wisdom presented in an organized fashion in sections so they relate well to the topic.

Oprah speaks from a background of adversity. The events of her life have changed her, yet she has decided to take charge of her destiny and become a positive influence. Her background is almost shocking when you think of who she has become. The contrast is sharp and it is very apparent that she drew on an inner strength.

The book begins with details of Oprah's roots in Mississippi and her educational background. There is a discussion of "Harpo" and how she deals with her fame and fortune. Her generosity is impressive and her efforts for children's rights are commendable.

There are some things in life money can never replace. I was saddened by some aspects of her life and see how her own sorrow, abuse and lack of a loving relationship with her own parents early in life influenced her. Some of the best things in life are free. Money helps, but I don't think it heals the longing we all have for love.

Oprah's love of reading has encouraged others to delve into knowledge and better themselves. She also enjoys writing in a "gratitude" journal. Janet Lowe brings out the positive and negative aspects of Oprah's life. With more than 22 million American viewers hanging on her every word, she continues to have the instinctive knack of feeding their desire to find meaning in life.

Oprah started me reviewing because after seeing Gary Zukav on her show, I wanted to know more about the books she was talking about and knew others would also want to know more. I thought maybe I could help others see what was in his books.

Oprah sent me on a journey to delve into the minds of our time. A journey of discovery I have just started on! For that I thank her.

~The Rebecca Review
Just a Matter of Time: Classic Columbia Recordings
Just a Matter of Time: Classic Columbia Recordings
WONDERFUL Columbia Records compilation from Kent Soul label!

Finally a compilation of Columbia material that is not the same tracks CBS had issued for the past few decades.

Two unreleased songs from the vaults and many 45 RPM sides premiering here for the first time on any CD. Well worth the price. Also a detailed and interesting booklet filled with facts from David Nathan (THE Ambassador of Soul) about the origins of certain tracks. Very good research and 2 rare pics I haven't seen before.

Now to get Columbia to give a Complete Columbia Box Set over to Nathan to oversee. One with all the unreleased tracks is way overdo OR a complete collectors set of all her Columbia LPs all in a collectors box. Like the ones I have seen done on Sinatra and The Beatles!

Dogmatics in Outline (SCM Classics)
Dogmatics in Outline (SCM Classics)
Anyone who ever looks at theology these days cannot help but notice the shadows of certain figures looming large over them. Arguably, fewer of these are more prominent than Karl Barth. His Church Dogmatics is often cited as one of the greatest works of 20th century theology. It is, however, extremely long and, I might add, rather expensive. So in order to attempt to get to grips with Barth's theology, I have had his Dogmatics in Outline on my radar for some time. In this book, which is comprised of transcripts of lectures he gave in Germany, just after the Second World War, he condenses his magnum opus into a little over 140 pages, going through the Apostles' Creed, phrase by phrase.

Before he begins in earnest, though he gives us an outline of his plan, as well as some very useful discussions on the nature of faith. One must not think, though, that because the book is short that it is straightforward. It's very dense, particularly the early chapters. I think I could re-read the first 30 pages over and over again, get something new out of them every time and yet still not fully grasp the breadth of the vision that Barth was expounding.

As he moves on to look at the various bits of the Apostles' Creed, it does become a bit more accessible. Though that may be because I had, by that time, adjusted my reading to suit the cadences present in the text. In many ways, it is particularly hard for me to summarise what Barth's theology is, because what became clear is how much of an influence he has been on the leaders of the churches I have been a part of. That is, I view my own beliefs as being fairly orthodox and there is very little in this book that is vastly different from the teaching I have largely grown up within baptist, pentecostal and other nonconformist churches. It was then merely a very well-articulated series of sermons in the same vein that I have listened to in each of the last 4 decades.

As I was reading through it, I found myself wondering if his theology was the pinnacle of `pre-critical' thinking. Though there are plenty of theologians before him who have had similar views (I think here of the likes of Augustine, Aquinas, Luther & Calvin), Barth was a contemporary of Bultmann, who is one of the others whose shadow across modern theology cannot be ignored. The other figure I thought of was A.W. Tozer. Though the latter was not as theologically astute as Barth, I sensed a similarity in their approach to, and view of, the bible. Interestingly, though, Barth does not go so far as to make any sort of claim to inerrancy, but he does insist on the bible being front and centre of how we understand the christian faith. Though Bultmann is barely alluded to, there is a distinct air of defiance against Bultmann's school of thinking. For my part, though I would lean towards Barth's point of view, I would pay more attention to biblical criticism than is evidenced here.

Barth warns at the outset that this is meant to be a careful look at what the church should be and be for from the perspective of those who are part of the church. It's not a book I would recommend to a non-christian, that's not the target audience. But for anyone wanting to read a book of pretty solid theology, then this is an excellent place to start.
The True Performing of it: Bob Dylan & William Shakespeare
The True Performing of it: Bob Dylan & William Shakespeare
Essays focused on two artists tend to include comparisons that feel forced or along the lines of the formulaic comparison/contrast papers our high school teachers required. I thus skeptically approached an entire book that purported to consider two artists not only temporally separated by four centuries, but each primarily engaged in the very different pursuits of drama and song. So I was delighted to find Andrew Muir’s book simply flowing with witty observations expressed in a simple and deeply insightful fashion, freed from pretension, informed with a vast knowledge of both Shakespeare and Dylan. Although the obvious connection between the two artists is their supreme use of the English language, Muir goes much further exploring each man’s sources, wordplay, career development, religion, and performance considerations and challenges, all within the context of each man’s work but also within the context of the historical eras in which each created or has had his creations presented.

And then there’s Dylan himself on Shakespeare: “[T]he English language at its peak where one line will come out like a stick of dynamite, and you’ll be so what-was-that! But then the other stuff is rolling on so fast you can’t even think, and then you have to struggle to catch up to where you are in the present.”

This is a book, I believe, for anyone with a deep knowledge of, or just a passing familiarity with, both or either Dylan or Shakespeare. Finally it’s a fun and informative read.
Vol. 8-Bootleg Series-Tell Tale Signs
Vol. 8-Bootleg Series-Tell Tale Signs
Enjoying all the Bootleg Series so far, haven't got 11 yet but it's going to take a lot to beat this one.

I'm a big fan of Dylan's newer recordings, especially "Love and Theft" and "Modern Times" so an album of outtakes and live recordings from that last twenty years is for me. Favourite track has to be the live version of High Water - almost worth it just for that. This is a must buy for fans of Dylan's later years.
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition)
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition)
As someone who does not come from a computer science background but works as a software engineer, I've had learning data structures and algorithms on my bucket list for quite some time. Working within the Ruby on Rails and SQL worlds has had me heavily shielded from the ideas and concepts of DS&A. My primary goal was to learn enough to pass the stereotypical Google/Amazon/Microsoft/Yahoo coding exam as well as conduct a similar engineering interview from the opposite end of the table. Since textbooks are my preferred way of learning, I set out in search of the DS&A book that would allow me to reach that goal.

Most guru lists will tell you that "Introduction to Algorithms" aka "CLRS" is the book to buy in this field. I would strongly disagree with this notion unless the reader is already very savvy in DS&A as well as mathematics. From my experience interviewing dozens of engineers over the last few months, a very small percentage of engineers are actually at that level. Similar lists recommend Skiena's book as an alternative to CLRS since it is slightly more accessible. Although I didn't look at Skiena's book as thoroughly as I did CLRS, it didn't seem to be much more beginner friendly. I initially ended up buying the "DS&A Made Easy" book--the reviews were good, the pages available via Amazon preview looked good, the book focused on DS&A from an interview perspective rather than mathematical proofs, and I also liked the author's stated approach (get something working, even if its terribly inefficient...then work on efficiency). Then the book came in the mail. After a week of browsing through the text, I actually threw the book in the trash. The English was bad, the code examples weren't well written, and there was a lot of hand waving where there shouldn't have been.

Then I found LaFore. His writing is extremely clear and never pretentious. The order in which he tackles DS&A topics is much more logical than the other texts I've seen. The Java code in each of the in-chapter exercises works perfectly. The charts and drawings are very helpful. The author knows exactly how far to take the discussion so that the reader is learning a concept thoroughly but not being beaten over the head with it or taken too far down the rabbit hole. I became more comfortable with the Java language itself working through the coding problems in this book than I did using a pure "Learn Java"-type book in the past. I read this book cover to cover over the course of a few months and can't say enough good things about it. No longer are DS&A initimidating to me.

The chapters are as follows:

1 Overview
2 Arrays
3 Simple Sorting
4 Stack and Queues
5 Linked Lists
6 Recursion
7 Advanced Sorting
8 Binary Trees
9 Red-Black Trees
10 2-3-4 Trees
11 Hash Tables
12 Heaps
13 Graphs
14 Weighted Graphs
15 When to Use What

For me, the most difficult subjects by far were recursion and red-black trees. In fact, unlike any of the other topics listed above, coding a red-black tree is beyond the scope of this book.

In summary, this book may be the best technical text I have ever read (and I usually read 3-4 per year). I've read a handful of technical textbooks that were about simpler topics, were more complex reads, and I would still consider them good to great books. In fact, LaFore's DS&A book is so exceptional that I even considered buying his 11 year old C++ book to learn C++, even though learning C++ isn't on my bucket list.

My recommendation list for DS&A related works is as follows:

-If you are a DS&A beginner, choose LaFore's DS&A in Java book (most people fall into this category).

-If you are looking for more formal technical interview prep, buy one of Gayle Laakman's books as a companion piece. Laakman's works typically don't teach you DS&A themselves but prepare you for how you'll typically see them in an interview.

-If you are already very strong in DS&A and are looking for something beyond what you'd see in a typical technical interview, look into CLRS, Skiena, Sedgewick (who LaFore strongly recommends for further reading) or if you're really an expert--(gulp) Donald Knuth.
Jordan Kids' Nike Air 10 Retro Gs
Jordan Kids' Nike Air 10 Retro Gs
We received size 4 Y as ordered, but there is dirt and scuff marks on the bottom of both shoes so they have clearly been worn before.
JOYIN 200 Pcs Mini Glow Sticks Bulk with 8 Colors for Glow Easter Egg, Kids Glow-in-The-Dark, Easter Basket Stuffers, Easter, Christmas Halloween Party Supplies, 4th of July, Independent Day
JOYIN 200 Pcs Mini Glow Sticks Bulk with 8 Colors for Glow Easter Egg, Kids Glow-in-The-Dark, Easter Basket Stuffers, Easter, Christmas Halloween Party Supplies, 4th of July, Independent Day
Other than the fact that you can buy twice as much for 50% more ( what could you complain about. This is a classic: it works as advertised or it does not product. Every stick I have tried has worked and glowed for hours. Though not nearly as bright, still glowing well at 10 hours in a dark room. I've thrown them out into my backyard an hour after dark and come back well after midnight and seen them glowing quite bright. They are small, what part of 1.7 inches do the complainers not get! If you want to light up a room get larger sticks, if you want a small glowing stick, these are it.
CONNOISSEURS 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick (Тwо Расk)
CONNOISSEURS 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick (Тwо Расk)
I was so impressed! My diamonds looked like I just got a professional jewelry store cleaning. What I have not gotten from other jewelry cleaners is the polishing component. My gold and silver are so shiny. Next level clean. I cleaned every piece of real jewelry I own. The brush is great to get behind the stones. If you don't get that dirt out, the stone will appear dull. I won’t go back to the liquid cleaners. Love this stuff!
WOLVERINE Men's Loader 6" Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot
WOLVERINE Men's Loader 6" Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot
These are a good looking and comfortable boot and i would recommend if you are looking for a stylish work boot look. DO NOT buy them as work boots as they simply are not durable nor supportive. Ive rolled my foot numerous times wearing these while working, they simply have NO SUPPORT. The soles of the boot will retain water and squeak in the smallest amount of water, that means if you step in a single puddle you will squeak while walking. The boots began to wear and unthread at the first use and very quickly from there. For all these reasons, they are JUST NOT GOOD BOOTS FOR WORK. I've owned dozens of wolverines and wolverines are a great work boot, just not this particular model as a WORK boot. They do look great and they are very comfortable to wear, so as a stylish boot to wear OUTSIDE OF WORK I would recommend.
The first of Thor trilogy introduces us not only to The God of Thunder but the actor who takes this role and makes it his own. Chris Hemsworth is fantastic as the egotistical, arrogant and upstart son of Odin. He is a hero to be praised, leading the armies of Asgard to victory. His accolades are many and he struts as only the hero and victor of a much beloved people can. But his arrogance is his undoing as he argues with Odin, wanting and demanding something be done about the Frost Giants, their eternal enemies, There is an uneasy peace and Thor wants to take them down. He is the God of Thunder but Odin is the King and he show his displeasure at his rebelious son's arrogance by removing his most prized possession, Mjolner, the hammer, stripping him of his powers and vanquishing him to Earth.
There he meets Jane Porter who while impressed by him manages to put him in his place. Meanwhile Loki, his brother is attemptig to mitigate the damage but he too is learning that there is more to him than he has been told. Confronting Odin he realizes the fragilty of his father, as the King Collapses. Lokie now is a position to take the throne, his anger at the circumstances of his birth at the forefront. He is intentent of making sure Thor never returns home. The final battle is one that takes us to the next installment of the Trilogy and also sends Loki on the path to the next Marvel movie, The Avengers. Tom Hiddleston is fantastic as Loki making it just as much his character as Hemsworth made Thor his. The effects are fantastic and Idris Elba is also great in his role as Hemdal. The first in a fantastic line of Marvel movies to come
Aleene's Super Fabric Adhesive, Platinum Bond, Super-Strong, Ultra Flexible, Permanent, UV and Waterproof, 1 Pack, 1.5 fl oz - Clear
Aleene's Super Fabric Adhesive, Platinum Bond, Super-Strong, Ultra Flexible, Permanent, UV and Waterproof, 1 Pack, 1.5 fl oz - Clear
I bought a pair of climbing tights/leggings with seam-sealed construction, and there was a strip that was glued to cover the seam preventing snagging on rocks). After one accidental wash in hot water, parts of that seam strip became separated from the legging. I paid a considerable amount for the pants, and I had bought them while traveling and didn't have a receipt. Rather than try to return them and get another pair, I decided to try to repair them. I purchased this adhesive, and it did the trick! I had gotten some of the glue in areas that are visible, and unfortunately, you can see the glue. However, after a couple of washings, the strip is still holding tight. The leggings are made with synthetic materials (45% Nylon 34% Polyester 21% Spandex) and the glue worked just fine. It did just what I needed it to do and even exceeded my expectations.
Annie's Homegrown Organic Variety Macaroni and Cheese, 12-count, 4Pounds 8oz
Annie's Homegrown Organic Variety Macaroni and Cheese, 12-count, 4Pounds 8oz
I'm one of "those" moms. I'll spend the extra dollar on the organic option because I do believe it's worth feeding my child something more natural. With that being said, I'm also one of "those" moms who has nights where I am way too dang lazy and overwhelmed to cook my kids a proper meal. So rather than letting them dig into a box of cereal for dinner (which, I'll admit, I have done on more occasions than I'd like to admit) I'll whip up on 'instant' meal like this mac n' cheese. I am a foster mom to a semi-big family and we always have friends over, so I order a lot of Annie's products in bulk on Amazon.

I've been a fan of Annie's for quite some time. Their dedication to organic quick and easy meal options is something that has always appealed to me. This specific mac n' cheese is a direct copy of the infamous 'Kraft Mac n' Cheese'. There is virtually no difference in taste, texture, or appearance. This is great because most of my kids are used to Kraft and if the taste changed even slightly my group of picky eaters would pick up on that. With that being said, this macaroni and cheese is almost identical to craft in every aspect. This set comes with three different options 'Macaroni and Cheese' (which is the only that most closely mimics Kraft original in taste, texture, and appearance). Then there is 'Macaroni and White Cheddar' which has a bit of a more mild flavor, a white color, and shell shaped pasta. With that being said, it's just as delicious as the original kind and my kids like it. Fun tip- you can add in a very minut bit of food coloring and change this pasta into a blue, green, or red meal that my kids seem even more excited about delving into. And the last option is the 'Macaroni and Aged Cheddar' which is a bit more flavorful and cheesy with rigatoni style noodles. Once again, my kids seem to like this flavor as well. It's my personal favorite because it is a bit more robust than the other two.

You cook all three packages the same way. Boil the noodles, and then drain them. I add butter directly to the noodles and let the heat of the cooked noodles melt the butter. Then I add in the milk and the cheese packet- stirring until it's all mixed together nicely. The kids eat it up and it's so easy to make that I often find myself reaching for these boxes once or twice a month after an overwhelmingly busy day. I sometimes add in chicken, tuna, or peas to give it an additional kick of nutrients.

My kids are big eaters and with a group of 7 to 9 kids under 12-years-old in the house I usually finish three boxes at a time. This pack comes with 4 boxes of each flavor (12 boxes total). The bulk price is cheaper than I can get each individual box for at my local grocery store. I love how easy it is to make and how delicious these are. I really have no complaints. I definitely recommend Annie's brand of mac n' cheese to any busy parent out there who needs to feed a large group of kiddos, organically, on a budget.
The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (Cliffs Notes)
The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (Cliffs Notes)
Cliffs Notes is no substitute for reading any actual great work of literature. However, Cliffs Notes are indeed quite helpful to anyone who takes the reading of Great Books seriously; it can be especially helpful for the serious, first or many-time reader of a detailed and deeply meaningful work. Particularly when there are numerous names, events, and ideas to keep straight and thus, may act as a helpful memory trigger for the serious reader or student. It can not be stressed enough that Cliffs Notes is an absolutely poor substitute for actually reading a book carefully from cover to cover, especially a very great work of literature, like the Lord of the Rings (LOTR).

It is well worth noting too, that the reader does himself a great disservice when skipping a thoughtful and careful reading of Tolkien's forward and introduction in all his books. An even bigger mistake, is to skip the Appendix, at the end of Return of the King (LOTR).

While I'm on a soapbox, I will say that Cliffs Notes need to clean up a few very minor, yet annoying, errors in an otherwise excellent edition. Furthermore, it is a real shame that there aren't any Cliffs Notes for the Simarillion in particular, which can be a quite difficult read for both young and inexperienced Tolkien and Great Literature readers. Likewise, there should at least be Cliffs Notes for the Lost Tales, vols. 1 & 2, plus the recently released masterwork, The Children of Hurin.
Lonigan: Stories
Lonigan: Stories
Louis L'Amour is as is well known a master at writing spellbinding books. There is always a lot of violence in "cowboy' book but his books are mentally and spiritually and morally healthy. They are clean and not as too many books are these days pornographic. As an escape from the tensions and stress of present day life his books are excellent.
Black Jack, Volume 5
Black Jack, Volume 5
Oeuvre du plus grand des mangakas, Osamu Tezuka, Black Jack (en japonais Burakku Jakku) a été publié au Japon de 1973 à 1983. C'est un jeune homme qui a connu tout jeune un terrible accident et qui doit la vie au travail de reconstruction d'un chirurgien expert. Black Jack est lui-même devenu chirurgien mais il n'a pas été diplômé. Ses interventions sont néanmoins très recherchées, car pratiquement miraculeuses. Fortuné, il voyage à travers le pays dans sa limousine noire quand il ne se repose pas dans sa maison éloignée, qui est tenue par Pinoko, au physique de toute petite fille mais qui prétend être son épouse fidèle et dévouée.

Ce volume d'une intégrale des aventures de Black Jack, présentées dans l'ordre défini par Tezuka, recueille 14 histoires du chirurgien et en "bonus" un extrait d'un autre manga de Tezuka, "Dororo".

'Hospital' nous montre qu'il n'y a pas que dans la médecine française qu'il y a des "mandarins", et Black Jack venir au secours d'un jeune praticien pour sauver les mains d'un jeune pianiste. 'Quite A Tongue' narre l'histoire d'un jeune garçon victime de la thalidomide, à qui Black Jack a greffé des bras valides et qui s'est engagé dans une compétition de calcul à l'aide d'un boulier. Mais il s'agit avant tout du sujet de l'acceptation par la société des personnes victimes de lourds handicaps. 'Asking For Water' est l'histoire de la maman d'un médecin patron d'une petite clinique vénal au point de mettre sa maman dehors, charge à elle de se trouver un toit, pour vendre son lit à un patient... Dans 'Yet False The Days', Black Jack sauve de la mort une artiste qui ne tient pas à la vie... Pour 'The Last Train', Black Jack retrouve une collègue chirurgienne dans un train. Elle place sa carrière au-dessus de tout... 'There Was A Valve!' voit Black Jack s'opposer à un chirurgien très pressé d'abréger les souffrances de ses patients, même s'il s'agit de son propre père victime d'un pneumothorax... Dans 'Two At The Baths', Black Jack retrouve à nouveau une ancienne connaissance, du nom de Biwamaru, sur la route qui le conduit à son fournisseur de scalpels d'exception. Dans 'Pinoko's Mystery', la jeune fille se méprend sur ses origines en lisant un manuscrit trouvé dans un tiroir de la maison de Black Jack. 'Imprint' narre les retrouvailles de Black Jack avec Makube, un de ses amis d'enfance devenu yakusa qui va lui demander de lui greffer de nouveaux doigts afin de changer d'empreintes digitales ! A l'occasion de '99% Water', Black Jack rencontre de nouveau l'inquiétant Kiriko qui se meurt seul sur une île isolée d'une maladie mortelle mystérieuse et contagieuse. Dans 'The Helper', Black Jack vient au secours du professeur Yamadano, victime de son âge et d'une cabale montée par ses "collègues" pour le discréditer. Avec 'Country Clinic', Black Jack croise le chemin d'un médecin, chef d'une clinique de campagne. Notre héros va contester le diagnostic du médecin sur la maladie d'une petite fille. 'Wolf Girl' nous fait connaître une jeune fille qui vit à l'écart dans la montagne car elle est victime d'un lupus et que Black Jack va opérer et soigner. La jeune fille saura-t-elle conduire cette nouvelle vie qui s'offre à elle ? 'On A Snowy Night' raconte la drôle d'histoire des fantômes de victimes d'un crash aérien qui viennent demander à Black Jack de soigner leur mère. Problème : cette mère est invisible !

Comme dans les précédents épisodes, les aventures de Black Jack sont en fait une succession de rencontres avec des personnages avec de fortes histoires personnelles et nous donne à voir les étincelles qui résultent du clash des personnalités ! Bien sûr, le terrain est celui de la maladie et des soins, et Tezuka ne nous épargne aucun détail des opérations, mais ce que l'on retient au fond, c'est la caractère humaniste de cette série. La présentation et la traduction de cet ouvrage sont excellentes, même si on ne comprend pas tous les commentaires de bas de page, faute sans doute de maîtriser les codes et moeurs du Japon.
The Silmarillion Boxed Set by J. R. R. Tolkien Unabridged CD Audiobook
The Silmarillion Boxed Set by J. R. R. Tolkien Unabridged CD Audiobook
In the Tolkien canon, THE SILMARILLION is the most highly contested of all his works. Constructed as a prehistoric history of the Universe, the book has the cultural significance of the Bible in Tolkien's universe. It is Tolkien's primary work, but it's also his most troublesome, in more ways than one. One thing you need to know. In Tolkien scholarship, there are two primary ways to refer to the "Silmarillion". One is the Silmarillion, the legendarium proper, and then the 1977 SILMARILLION, which may or may not be what Tolkien envisioned.

THE SILMARILLION, the book Tolkien spent all of his adult life writing, was, sadly, incomplete when Tolkien died at the age of eighty one in 1973. Naturally, this begs the question why did it take him decades to write the book, and it still be unfinished after all that time? Well, to understand that, you need to understand two things: the scope of the project, and how Tolkien worked.

The scope of the book was a complete imaginary history, a totally self-contained mythology, all written and developed for his home country, England (my home country as well). Imagine the Greek and Roman mythologies, all those myths and gods, developed by one man. Imagine Homer completely inventing all the gods for his stories. Imagine how hard that would be to come up with your own mythological traditions as such. No wonder Tolkien had such a hard time completing the work.

Now, the scope (which is extremely ambitious for any artist) was compounded by how Tolkien worked. First, he was a philologist first and foremost, and so before the stories he invented languages. All of these languages (which would have taken a life-time to develop on their own) had their own history, and are so interlocked with the mythology that you cannot remove them. He developed the main body of legends around these languages. Many features of the central body of legends changed relatively little over the years, but he wrote different versions of them at different times and in different styles. Some of the legends were set in poetry, those in annalistic histories, others in condensed summaries, and others in the more traditional (at least, for modern readers) novel format. A lot of these writings are also unfinished, due to Tolkien's perfectionist tendencies. Christopher Tolkien said that for most of his father's writing there existed a stable tradition from which Tolkien worked from, but there was no such thing as a stable text for the primary legends.

All this is tied to how Tolkien worked. C. S. Lewis famously stated that you did not influence Tolkien, you may as well as try to influence a bandersnatch. Tolkien would either take no notice of your criticism, or else he would start all over from the beginning. And so he did. A lot. Tolkien would reach a certain portion of the draft, be unsatisfied, and began the whole thing over again, while never reaching the end. Or Tolkien would have two copies of the same manuscript, one to be the fair copy and one to be working copy. Well, Tolkien would make conflicting revisions on both copies at separate times. How do you decide his final intent? Good question. These tendencies presented major problems from Christopher Tolkien when he prepared the 1977 SILMARILLION.

Another problem with Tolkien's work also is that toward the end of his life, he began contemplating changing major features of the mythology that stretched back to the earliest versions. A lot of these changes had to do with cosmology, with the sun and moon, and changing Arda (the earth) from a flat-world to a round world. In the original mythology, and the 1977 version, Arda begins as a flat world but is made into a round world. Tolkien contemplated other major changes that would have totally changed much of the more distinguishable features of the mythology, stable features present from the very beginning. Consult "Myths Transformed" in MORGOTH'S RING, Vol. 10 of THE HISTORY OF MIDDLE-EARTH for more information.

Then we have the problem of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Tolkien was tantalizing close to some sort of final version of the work in the late 1930s (indeed, the 1937 version of the "Quenta Silmarillion" is the only complete version he ever made of the primary work and which is heavily used in the 1977 SILMARILLION). Then, due to publisher demand, Tolkien began working on his masterpiece for the next fourteen years, leaving the "Silmarillion" legendarium completely untouched for over a decade. When Tolkien picked up the Silmarillion again, he now had to account for LOTR and somehow incorporate that major work into the mythology. Tolkien did a lot of work on the legendarium after the completion of LOTR, but this work was plagued with uncertainty and contemplation of radical rewriting.

And in the last years of his life, Tolkien also began moving away from strict narrative and began working extensively on theological matters, essays on Elvish culture and lingustics, and other matters not tied to the actual narrative of the main storyline.

So when Tolkien died in 1973, he left his son Christopher in quite the predicament. Decades of writng, much if it unfinished, with a staggering palimpsest of manuscripts from which to draw from would be daunting to anyone. As literary executor, he had to come up with a publishable version of the work (as clearly that was his father's wishes, and Christopher was the man for the job, being most acquainted with the work). So, in four years, with the assistance of Guy Gavriel Kay, he cobbled together a self-contained narrative, largely compatible with the Hobbit cycle. Due to Tolkien's tendency to not finish drafts, some of the narrative in the last portion of the work had not been touched by Tolkien in literally decades (The Fall of Gondolin never got a complete version other than the 1916 Lost Tales story). Thingol and Melian presented thorny problems, especially the Girdle of Melian (her magical protection around Doriath). Christopher and Kay constructed the chapter dealing with the ruin of Doriath from scratch, with no corresponding writing in Tolkien's own work.

Yet another major issue was, due to getting a version of the book published as soon as possible, Christopher rushed through much of material, and did not have access to all of his father's manuscripts, some of which had been sold off. While he always used post LOTR material as often as possible, Christopher was as many times incorrect as not when guessing his father's intentions for the work. In the ensuing twelve volumes of THE HISTORY OF MIDDLE-EARTH, where he had years to get to know the manuscripts, Christopher examines more closely his father's works, and there is much in those twelve volumes that were Tolkien's final intention for the work, but did not make it into the published version. Christopher has stated, given time, he may have produced a much different version than the one published. But he is now retired and will not revise the book (much of which would have to be wholesale).

That's quite a bit of history, and ultimately all that history may bog potential readers down in their journey into THE SILMARILLION. For all of its imperfections, its unfinished nature, the endless debates on how much the 1977 version is what Tolkien really intended, the book is powerful mythology. The reading is dry, and the names are jawcracking trying to pronounce. While it's hard to keep track of the multitude of characters and all the permutations and migrations of the three main Elven tribes, there are unforgettable images in the book, and beautiful passages of despair and hope.

While the work is not the most accessible for modern readers, for those who persist you can see why Tolkien really did regard this as his life work, or, as Tom Shippey says, "the work of his heart". And what a mighty work it is, despite its unfinished nature.
Bonus Content:

In November 28, 1999, I released a small review of "The Silmarillion" on (which is still accessible on the main product listing of this book), and as bonus content to the review proper (which is up above), I am including my original review

Tolkien's Bible, November 28, 1999

"Hark now to "The Silmarillion", the Bible of Tolkien's fantasy world. This is not a work to be taken lightly, for here we at last uncover the great truths of Middle-earth, and hear of its creation.

"The Silmarillion", simply put, is a tragic book, beautiful, with one flaw that nearly kills it. It was unfinished. We do not know (or ever will) how much different it would have been if Tolkien live to complete his greatest work. Christopher his son has done as well as can be expected, but there are quite a few style shifts betraying his pen instead of his father's. This is to be read with such seriousness as "The Iliad" or "The Odyssey". It is a mythological work that should be studied. This is not for a conventional reader, this is for the serious student. Without the knowledge his other two novels (for "The Lord of the Rings" is one novel, not a trilogy) "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit", "The Silmarillion" is not near as rewarding as it would otherwise be. "The Hobbit" is for children, "The Lord of the Rings" is for adults, and "The Silmarillion" is for students of this great work. All students interested in literature should read this, flawed as it is because of the mortality of man.

It also shows how strong Tolkien believed in God. His world was very much a Christian world, set up in the likeness of God. God is never mentioned in "The Lord of the Rings", but as I remember he is in "The Silmarillion". You see him with the Ainur create the world. Truly, this is a master of fantasy, and a great Christian man."
So the Heffners Left McComb (Civil Rights in Mississippi Series)
So the Heffners Left McComb (Civil Rights in Mississippi Series)
I am white and I lived in Pike County, MS during the 50's and 60's, as a child and a teenager. Until reading this book I did not know a lot about the story of the Heffners.

This book is a revelation of the racist insanity that ruled the south up until the nation finally put a stop to it. Carter has done us all a great service by revealing how low an entire society can go, so that we may try to be better persons and to continue to create a more decent and honorable society.
Détective Conan 72 (French Edition)
Détective Conan 72 (French Edition)
Cela fait des années que j'ai arrêté de les lire mais je continue la collection au cas où...
L'emballage utilisé par Amazon pour l'envoi des livres est vraiment pratique.
The Gospel According to Dan Brown
The Gospel According to Dan Brown
This idiot chides Dan Brown for assuming he knows everything... and then himself assumes he knows everything. At least Dan Brown did some research.

Here's some little gems from this:

"Brown (via Langdon) assumes that members of "satanic cults" are NOT of a "devil-worshipping" nature, but this is something that should be proven rather than assumed (37)." p.163

What makes Dunn think Brown was assuming that? Could Brown's assertion possibly have been based on research? I'm betting Dunn is the one who's making the assumption that Satanists do "worship the Devil." He can't wrap his mind around the idea that we don't, so naturally, he assumes that Brown was making an assumption.

Want to know if we worship the Devil? Just go ahead and ask us. We'll be straight with you. The only reason they don't ask is because they're afraid of what they may hear. Brown at least has the guts to talk to his subjects (as he did with the Masons.)

Dunn goes on to insist that it's entirely reasonable to believe that not only do God, angels, the Devil, and demons exist, but they are literal anthropomorphic entities. He goes on to say "The ramifications aren't so laughable; in fact, they're kind of disturbing."

No, they are laughable, and saying that they aren't doesn't make it so. It's incredibly primitive and childish to think that Justice is LITERALLY a blindfolded woman holding a sword and scales, or that Death is LITERALLY a cloaked skeleton with a sickle, or Love is LITERALLY a winged baby with a bow and heart-tipped arrows. Imputing human characteristics on transcendent concepts is a means of putting them in terms one can understand, but taking them literally betrays a stunted cognitive capacity.

"After all, abstractions are much easier to control--much safer than people, much safer than God, angels, and demons."

Which do you feel more threatened by: a literal cloaked skeleton with a sickle, or Death as a concept? If you answered the former, you're too small-minded to grasp the implications of death. Which means more to your relationship: an arching cherub, or Love as a concept? If the first does, you probably haven't experienced as much as a junior high crush on someone.

So why on earth is a white, bearded geezer in a nightgown holding a lightning bolt more venerable to Dunn and Bubeck than the concept of an infinite Creator beyond human comprehension? Maybe they're still in Kohlberg's first stage of development. Perhaps they can't imagine anything beyond themselves, or a God that looks just like them.
Rosie of the River
Rosie of the River
I love Catherine Cookson books but, sadly, I have to agree with other reviewers about this particular one. A lot of dialogue between the main characters in the story but little else. The storyline is far fetched and I think therein lies the disappointment. The majority of her novels centre round a particular time period in history with events described as you would expect them to be at that time. This story is far removed from this normal format as it's primarily dialogue with little if any substance to it. A disappointing read but it was nice that no one was murdered! No dreadful crime was committed and there was no mystery waiting to be revealed! So a relaxing but uninspiring read.
Biss zum Ende der Nacht (Bella und Edward 4) (German Edition)
Biss zum Ende der Nacht (Bella und Edward 4) (German Edition)
"Lass es schnell zu Ende sein, war mein letzter Gedanke, bevor mit dem Blut auch mein Bewusstsein schwand. Meine Augenlieder senkten sich. Ich hörte das triumphierende Knurren des Jägers, doch es klang als wäre ich unter Wasser. Durch einen langen Tunnel sah ich seine dunkle Gestalt auf mich zukommen. Mit aller letzter Kraft hob ich eine Hand vor mein Gesicht; dann waren meine Augen geschlossen und ich sank."
Romantische Vampirgeschichten gibt es viele...
... doch wenige, die wirklich richtig gut sind. Der ganze Hype um Bella und Edward ist ja nun schon etwas abgeflaut und mittlerweile kennt fast jeder die Geschichte oder zumindest einen der Kinofilme. Ich komme also eigentlich gar nicht drum herum, nicht wenigstens eine Rezi zu dieser Reihe zu schreiben. Seht diesen Post also stellvertretend für alle Teile.
Die Leserschaft bei diesem Buch wird in zwei Lager aufgeteilt: entweder man liebt das Buch abgöttisch, oder man hasst es mit ganzem Herzen.... und ich liebe es!!!
Allen, die die Geschichte noch nicht kennen oder bloß die Filme gesehen haben, aber mal die Bücher lesen wollen (weil Bücher einfach viel schöner und besser sind als Filme), möchte ich sagen: unbedingt LESEN!
Es ist nicht leicht so lange nach Erscheinen des Buches noch eine Rezension zu schreiben. Denn mittlerweile ist -nach der anfänglichen Begeisterung- auch oft Kritik geübt worden. Kritik, die ich sogar verstehen kann. Viele Leute stoßen sich daran, dass Bella sich alles von Edward gefallen lässt. Er weist sie ab, dann sucht er ihre Nähe, er schreit sie an, er wird auch schon mal grob und Bella findet nichts dabei. Sie wertet es noch als männlich und bewundernswert. Für Edward würde sie alles tun, sogar sterben. Er ist ihr angebeteter Held und es wird ein eher oberflächliches Bild der Liebe gezeichnet. Auch wirkte er für mich häufig wie eine Art Stalker.

Bella: „Wie kommst du hier rein?“
Edward: „Durchs Fenster.“
Bella: „Machst du das öfter?“
Edward: „Erst seit ein paar Monaten. Ich sehe gern zu wenn du schläfst…das ist sehr faszinierend.“

Wenn es um Edward geht erwähnt Bella stets nur seine engelsgleichen Züge, seinen betörenden Duft, seine unglaubliche Stärke oder eben seine liebliche Stimme. Sein Charakter findet weder seitens Bella, noch seitens der Autorin Erwähnung. Dieser scheint für beide nicht sonderlich wichtig zu sein.
Meinen ersten Eindruck von damals, macht die viele Kritik, die ich gelesen habe, jedoch nicht zunichte, und von diesem Eindruck möchte ich hier ausgehen.

Mich hat die Geschichte auf Anhieb begeistert. Ich bin tagelang halb träumend und im Kopf immer bei Bella und Edward durch die Gegend gelaufen. Mit der schüchternen, etwas tollpatschigen Bella habe ich mich sofort angefreundet und so, wie sie Edward vom Aussehen und Verhalten her beschreibt, ist er ganz schlicht und einfach zum Verlieben, da konnte ich Bella gut verstehen.

Doch so schnell geht es bei den beiden dann ja doch nicht und genau das hat einen zusätzlichen Reiz ausgemacht. Bella verliebt sich ja recht schnell in Edward, doch er macht es ihr nicht gerade leicht. Mal ist er spröde und abweisend, dann scheint er sich doch anzunähern. Damit treibt er wiederum Bella fast in den Wahnsinn, so dass sie nun ihrerseits am liebsten nichts mehr von ihm wissen wollen würde. Auch über den ersten Teil hinaus, ergeben sich immer wieder neue Probleme in ihrer Beziehung, doch von diesem Auf- und Ab lebt die Geschichte.

"Und so verliebt sich der Löwe in das Lamm…", murmelte er.
Ich schaute zur Seite, um zu verbergen, wie erregt ich war.
Verliebte…hat er gesagt!
"Was für ein dummes Lamm.", seufzte ich.
"Was für ein abartiger, masochistischer Löwe."

Dieses Hin und Her erzeugt eine angenehm kribbelnde Spannung, so dass man von der Geschichte einfach nicht los kommt. Klar, die Geschichte ist ohne jeden Zweifel hoch romantisch mit deutlichem Hang zum Kitsch -besonders wenn Bella zum x-ten Mal Edwards Schönheit beschreibt, oder bei Szenen, in denen sie sich endlich näher kommen- aber was soll's? Wieso sollte man so etwas nicht auch ab und zu mal genießen dürfen? ;)

Und das kann man wirklich in vollen Zügen! Ich hab noch keine Autorin getroffen, die so dermaßen unglaublich Gefühle beschreiben kann, ohne richtig kitschig zu werden, dass es einem überhaupt nicht schwer fällt sich in die Lage von Bella hinein zu versetzen. Wie auch schon in ihrem Buch "Seelen" ist der Erzählstil sehr blumig und gefühlvoll. Die Dialoge sind außerdem einfach ein Traum. Die Figuren drücken sich wunderbar ordentlich aus, mit einem leichten Klang nach einem vergangenen Jahrhundert - Edward ist ja schließlich uralt. Gerade seine und auch Carlisles Art der sprachlichen Kommunikation sind einfach eine Wohltat für Ohren und Seele - eine erfrischende Abwechslung zu anderen Jugendbüchern. Auch der Sarkasmus und Witz, der geradezu von den Seiten tropft, macht das Buch zu einem angenehmen Leseerlebnis.

„Du musst mir ein paar Antworten geben.“
„Hmm. Ja. Nein. Weil Haie nicht rückwärts schwimmen. 1,772453 …“
„Was die Quadratwurzel aus Pi ist, interessiert jetzt nicht.“
„Das wusstest du?“

Einmal angefangen konnte ich es also gar nicht mehr aus der Hand legen, es ist einfach wunderschön geschrieben. Ich war sofort durch den flüssigen Schreibstil gefesselt und beobachtete gespannt aus Bellas Sicht, wie die beiden einander näher kommen und so einige Hindernisse überwinden. Ich habe mit den beiden gelitten und gelacht. Doch neben den unglaublichen Gefühlen und Charakter lebt das Buch -große Überraschung!- auch von der Spannung. Nicht nur die Liebes- sondern auch die Gewaltszenen sind eindrücklich geschildert und lassen die Geschichte lebendig werden.
Bella war mir von Anfang an sympathisch. Sie ist mir ihrer Tollpatschigkeit praktisch in mein Herz gestolpert. Sie ist ein ganz normales Mädchen und beschreibt sich selbst immer als mittleren Durchschnitt. Durch diese sehr bescheidene Sicht auf sich selbst, fragt sie sich oft, warum Edward genau sie ausgewählt hat. Sie fühlt sich meist fehl am Platz und kommt ganz nach ihrem Vater Charlie, der so wie sie ein sehr ruhiges Wesen ist und gerne die Zeit für sich vertreibt. Bald erwacht in ihr der Wunsch, in einen Vampir verwandelt zu werden um für immer jung mit Edward vereint zu bleiben. Dass sie viele Ecken und Kanten aufzuweisen hat, macht sie menschlich und echt.

„Ich hatte nie groß darüber nachgedacht, wie ich sterben würde, aber an Stelle von jemandem zu sterben, den man liebt, scheint mir ein guter Weg zu sein um zu gehen.“

Ihren Vater Charlie fand ich auch schon gleich von Anfang an sympathisch. Wie verklemmt und menschenscheu er dargestellt wird, ist einfach nur amüsant. Man erkennt viele Seiten seiner Tochter versteckt in ihm wieder und schließt ihn gleich ins Herz.
Auch Bellas Klassenkameraden Mike und Jessica haben mir das ein oder andere Lächeln entlockt, auch wenn sie klar im Hintergrund bleiben.

"Wie bist du so schnell so alt geworden?"
Bin ich nicht, soo alt nun auch wieder nicht."
Na ich weiß nicht. Ist das ein graues Haar?"
"Happy Birthday!"

Edward ist natürlich einfach Edward! Er ist eben als "perfekt" beschrieben, hat einen leichten Hang zur Selbstgeißelung und macht es den Lesern ziemlich einfach, ihn zu mögen. Sein Charakter mit seinen Fehlern - dass immer sehr nachdenklich wirkt, andauernd seine Existenz infrage stellt und unter seinem Selbsthass leidet - bleibt in diesem ersten Teil noch etwas flach und blass, da sein Charakter von seinem brillanten Aussehen und den anderen vampirischen "Special-Effekts" etwas überlagert wird. In den weiteren Teilen jedoch bekommt er immer mehr Tiefe, eine Vergangenheit, Sorgen, Bedürfnisse und Vorlieben, was seinen Charakter abrundet.

"Denkst Du mit mir stimmt etwas nicht?"
"Ich erzähl Dir, ich kann Gedanken lesen und du fragst mich, ob etwas mit Dir nicht stimmt?"

Ab dem zweiten Teil taucht ja dann auch noch Jakob Black auf, der neue beste Freund von Bella, der sich zu allem Unglück in sie verliebt. Natürlich muss er, um diese Tragödie perfekt zu machen auch noch ein Werwolf sein. Dieser draufgängerische, abenteuerlustige, sarkastische, aufopferungsvolle und rundum liebenswürdige Junge, hat es mir sehr angetan. Und nun stellt sich natürlich DIE Frage: Bin ich eher Team Jakob oder Team Edward?
Die zu beantworten fällt mir sehr schwer, auch wenn ich Edward doch bevorzuge - der aus dem Buch und nicht im Film, versteht sich.

"Du siehst schrecklich aus!"
"Ja, ich freu mich auch dich zu sehen Jake."

Auch mit den anderen Cullens bin ich recht schnell warmgeworden, bis auf Rosalie, sie ist und bleibt erstmal das Mysterium, bis man erst am Ende ihre Geschichte erfährt. Alice, die vor Lebensfreude nur so sprüht, oder der vor sich hin leidende Jasper. Esme mit ihrem ruhigem und liebenswürdigen Wesen und Carlisle, der weise väterliche Arzt. Und natürlich der lockere, witzige Emmet, der immer für einen Kampf zu haben ist - mein persönlicher Liebling.

Immer wieder kommen neue Persönlichkeiten dazu, Bedrohungen, Freunde, Feinde, Verbündete, Verwandte... Doch allen haftet dieser ganz besondere Bis(s) - Flair an, der die Hauptpersonen so magisch und faszinierend macht. Die Charakter der Reihe sind also alle sehr ansprechend und auch völlig unterschiedlich gestaltet, was mir allgemein sehr gut gefallen hat.

Das Buch ist aber nicht nur klasse geschrieben, sondern die Autorin hat es darüber hinaus auch noch geschafft, dem Vampirklischee zu entrinnen indem sie vollkommen neue Aspekte des Vampirmythos in dieses Buch eingebaut und mit interessanten Mythen gespickt hat.
Vampire trinken Blut, das lässt sich nicht bestreiten und das hat sie auch beibehalten, doch diese Vampire machen sich nicht an Menschen zu schaffen, sondern trinken Tierblut und gehören somit zu den "Guten". Ab da weicht die Autorin ab, denn Edward und seine Artgenossen können im Sonnenlicht rausgehen ohne irgendwelche Schäden davon zu tragen, allerdings können sie sich nicht im prallen Sonnenschein anderen Leuten zeigen, da sie aufgrund ihrer dermaßen hellen Haut im Sonnenlicht funkeln wie ein Diamant und sich gegenüber Fremden somit als andersartig outen würden. Das gehört mitunter zu den besten Einfällen von Stephanie Meyer!

Die Autorin sagt weiterhin, dass die Vampire auch nicht tagsüber schlafen müssen, sie sind übernatürlich schnell und kräftig und manche haben auch zusätzliche Fähigkeiten.
Sie beschreibt eine wunderschöne Geschichte, die zugleich unterhaltsam, humorvoll und spannend ist und sich darüber hinaus an keine Klischees hält.

Der Plot -das muss ich echt mal sagen- ist an manchen Stellen der Reihe recht unrealistisch. Was zum Teil passiert ist zwar echt romantisch, dramatisch und super zum Lesen, doch manches war echt zu viel des Guten. Ich will jetzt nicht spoilern, da vielleicht der ein oder andere, der das hier ließt noch nicht am Ende angekommen ist, doch der komplette letzte Teil war für mich etwas zu abstrakt.

Dieses Mal ganz zum Schluss: Das Cover! Bei allen Bänden ist ein Teil eines Mädchengesichts zu sehen, in warmen Tönen gehalten mit vielen Schnörkeln. Es ist natürlich wunderschön. Es orientiert sich sehr, sehr nah an denen der englischen Ausgaben, was ich toll finde. Man sieht auch nicht direkt die ganze Bella und kann sie sich trotz dem Foto noch selbst vorstellen.

„Bevor du da warst, Bella, war mein Leben eine mondlose Nacht. Sehr dunkel, aber mit Sternen – Punkte aus Licht und Weisheit. Und dann bist du über meinen Himmel gesaust wie ein Meteor. Plötzlich stand alles in Flammen, da war Glanz und da war Schönheit. Als du weg warst, als der Meteor hinter dem Horizont verschwunden war, wurde alles schwarz. Nichts hatte sich verändert, aber meine Augen waren vom Licht geblendet. Ich konnte die Sterne nicht mehr sehen. Und es gab für nichts mehr einen Grund…“

Stephanie Meyer hat mit ihrem Buch einen Nerv bei allen jungen Leserinnen getroffen und es verstanden, mit den Gefühlen und Sehnsüchten von Teenagern zu spielen, deren Träume auf Papier zu bringen und den ewigwährenden Traum vom Prinzen auf dem Pferd in einen Vampir mit Volvo zu verwandeln.
Clifford's Family (Classic Storybook)
Clifford's Family (Classic Storybook)
Interesting to open discussions with my grandson's about how one of the sisters is a seeing eye dog, and his father lives with basically hillbilly family, complete with junk cars in the yard. These were clearly written a long time ago, but that's okay, stories mirror the times in which they were written. I like to go back to classics and explain to my grandson's what the differences are between now and today. Young parents need to know that the Clifford series is not particularly PC, but it's a great opportunity to talk about many things.
Scholastic Reader Level 1: Clifford: Clifford's Busy Week
Scholastic Reader Level 1: Clifford: Clifford's Busy Week
A escolha (Portuguese Edition)
A escolha (Portuguese Edition)
A escolha nos leva por mais uma das brilhantes histórias de Nicholas Sparks, é um livro gostoso de ler, embora eu ache o envolvimento dos personagens muito rápido, e demorei um pouquinho para me convencer do romance. Mas sempre vale a pena ler os livros do Nicholas.
Pitching Love And Catching Faith
Pitching Love And Catching Faith
I don't understand this movie. The plot makes zero sense. The guy is supposed to be Christian, I guess...?? He doesn't act like he is. The main couple behave inexplicably, one minute acting like they like each other, the next getting mad over nothing and refusing to talk; they apologize for nothing a few times...I just, I can't even. Nobody behaves like these people behave. If he's a Christian who wants to remain "pure", why is he dating a non-Christian girl who is trying to seduce him? At first, the movie suggests his baseball career depends on him dating her (as if that makes any sense...sure, baseball recruiters often jump to conclusions about who players are dating and then say they will only hire a player if he continues dating some random girl...), then just drops that motivation like it didn't exist.

Things just happen one after another with no logical connection or reason. People behave inexplicably and nothing ever makes sense. At one point, he hands her a "purity ring" and doesn't explain what it means, just says something about "make good choices." I am a Christian, and I am not even sure what a purity ring is supposed to sex before marriage, I am sure, but what about holding hands, kissing on the cheek, hugs? What does wearing it signify? Do you have to be a virgin to wear it? What if you wear one and make you have to take it off? I don't would the non-Christian girl know what the ring means?

I ended up not liking either of the main characters, and I didn't even care when things were resolved...I ended up mad at the way the final inexplicable flip-flop in behavior happened rather than happy. I don't understand why it is called "...Finding Faith" when no one finds faith...she isn't a Christian at the end of the movie...who found faith in what? where? when?

It's like it was written by a squad of teenagers with ADD who have seen some Christian movies and think they understand how humans behave... and they wrote each scene separately so none of it fits together and the characters behave randomly in different scenes. The production value (film quality, music, acting, etc.) was acceptable.
Mr. Fussy (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
Mr. Fussy (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
Ever known anyone so fussy that they straighten up their blades of grass?! Yes, that is how fussy Mr. Fussy is! SO, knowing that, you can imagine what Mr. Fussy felt like when his long lost cousin from Australia, Mr. Clumsy, came to stay? The plates got broken, the toothpaste was all over the bathroom floor and even when Mr. Clumsy tried to do a good deed by cooking breakfast, it didn't work out as he tripped over his shoelaces and the fried eggs ended up on Mr. Fussy's head! Mr. Fussy was very thankful that Mr. Clumsy only stayed for two weeks but who arrived the same evening to cause Mr. Fussy more "grief"?

No cure in this Mr. Men book as there is with some of the others. An amusing read and one our kids enjoy.
I was a teacher in Iran when this movie was being filmed there in 1977. Although the country mentioned in the film was a fictional place, I think the actual place in the Michner novel was Afghanistan or thereabouts. However, most of this film was made on location in the Esfahan area of Iran. The scenery is really beautiful, and although the movie time era is supposed to be the 40's, what you see in the film was typical of what you saw there in 1977, and most likely typical of today as well. It's a good and enjoyable story, somewhat whimsical, but still very enjoyable, especially if you have an interest in the Middle East, Iran in particular. Jennifer O'Neill plays the runaway diplomat's daughter, Anthony Quinn is the crusty, wise, much older tribal leader she supposedly runs away with (although there doesn't seem to be an actual romantic connection with them), Michael Sarrazin (who was a bit of a heartthrob circa 1977) is the young diplomat sent into the desert to find her and convince her to come home, and Anthony's son Duncan Quinn plays the role of Quinn's son. Many of the tribal people you see in the film are actual Qashqai tribal members who were living in their tents around the Esfanhan area and who migrate around the area just like the tribe in the film, so they are the real thing and most of them are not actors. The film's background music is good, too. This film was a big deal when I was there in Iran, and as I recall the film was some sort of a project which had the late Shah's sponsorship...I believe he was trying to jump start the film industry in Iran at the time. The Iranian actor who played O'Neill's Iranian husband was at the time one of Iran's biggest actors.
The Tale of Despereaux
The Tale of Despereaux
THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX [2008 / 2017] [Blu-ray] Small Mouse, Big Dreams! Small Hero, Big Heart! Enchanting, Heart-warming and Fun!

Once upon a time . . . In the far away Kingdom of Dor . . . lived a brave and virtuous mouse with comically oversized ears who dreamt of becoming a knight. Banished from his home for having such lofty ambitions, Despereaux sets off on an amazing adventure with his good-hearted rat friend Roscuro, who leads him on a very noble quest to rescue an endangered princess and save an entire kingdom from darkness. Based on the heart-warming bestselling book and featuring the voice talents of an all-star cast, ‘THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX’ is a magical, modern fairy-tale that's destined to win the hearts of young and old alike. Narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

FILM FACT: Awards and Nominations: 2008 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards: Nominated: Best Animated Feature. 2009 Annie Awards: Nominated: Best Directing in an Animated Feature Production for Robert Stevenhagen and Sam Fell. Nominated: Best Music in an Animated Feature Production for William Ross. Nominated: Best Production Design in an Animated Feature Production for Evgeni Tomov. Nominated: Best Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production for Robert Stevenhagen. 2009 Casting Society of America: Nominated: Outstanding Achievement in Casting for an Animation Feature for Debra Zane. 2008 Motion Picture Sound Editors: Nominated: Golden Reel Award: Best Sound Editing in Sound Effects, Foley, Music, Dialogue and ADR Animation in a Feature Film for Anna MacKenzie (ADR editor), Diane Marshall (Foley artist), Chris Jargo (supervising dialogue/ADR editor), James Moriana (Foley artist), Jeffrey Wilhoit (Foley artist), Jon Title (sound designer), Lon Bender (supervising sound editor), Michael Hertlein (dialogue/ADR editor), Michelle Pazer (ADR editor), Nancy MacLeod (supervising Foley editor), Paul Aulicino (sound effects editor) and Peter Myles (music editor). 2008 San Diego Film Critics Society Awards: Win: The Visitor, Step Brothers and Burn After Reading for Richard Jenkins. 2008 Satellite Awards: Best Motion Picture, Animated or Mixed Media.

Voice Cast: Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Watson, Tracey Ullman, Kevin Kline, William H. Macy, Stanley Tucci, Ciarán Hinds, Robbie Coltrane, Tony Hale, Frances Conroy, Frank Langella, Richard Jenkins, Christopher Lloyd, Charles Shaughnessy, Sigourney Weaver, Patricia Cullen, Sam Fell, Jane Karen, Bronson Pinchot, McNally Sagal, Gary Dunn, Georgie Kidder, Belinda Peregrin Schull (uncredited), Robin Atkin Downes (uncredited) and Daniel Riordan (uncredited)

Directors: Robert Stevenhagen and Sam Fell

Producers: Allison Thomas, Casey Crowe, Celia Boydell, David Lipman, Gary Ross, Jamal McLemore, Peiyu H. Foley, Robin Bissell, Ryan Kavanaugh, Tracy Shaw and William Sargent

Screenplay: Chris Viscardi (screen story), Gary Ross (writer), Will McRobb (screen story) and Kate DiCamillo (book)

Composer: William Ross

Cinematography: Brad Blackbourn (Director of Photography)

Image Resolution: 1080p [Technicolor]

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 [Anamorphic]

Audio: English: 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and English: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo

Subtitles: English SDH

Running Time: 93 minutes

Region: Region B/2

Number of discs: 1

Studio: Universal Animation Studios / Mediumrare Entertainment / Freemantle Media International

Andrew’s Blu-ray Review: ‘THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX’ [2008] is based on the award-winning book by Kate DiCamillo, and featuring an all-star voice cast including Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Watson, Kevin Kline, Stanley Tucci, Sigourney Weaver, Frank Langella, William H. Macy, Tracey Ullman, Robbie Coltrane, and Ciaran Hinds. The screenplay adaptation was penned by director Gary Ross and other luminaries as stated above.

The story is set in the Kingdom of Dor, which has fallen into perpetual sadness and darkness after its queen dies as a result of a freak accident caused by a rat in her soup. Banished from the surface world, rats have retreated deep underground and grown vicious and resentful. The mice in "Mouseworld," are much more well-adjusted and very cuddly. Enter young Despereaux Tilling [Matthew Broderick], who befriends the lonely human Princess Pea [Emma Watson] and Despereaux Tilling becomes very enamoured with her and with tales of chivalry and brave knights.

Despereaux Tilling envisioning himself as a likewise honourable and courageous knight, Despereaux Tilling sets out to rescue the Princess Pea and save the kingdom from the grief that has gripped it for years. Along the way, he encounters Roscuro [Dustin Hoffman], a banished rat who wants to make amends with Princess Pea . . . until she rejects him. In the rats world it is dominated by the sinister Botticelli [Ciarán Hinds], who enjoys staging gladiatorial arena matches between doomed mice and a giant cat.

Princess Pea finds herself becoming Botticelli's prisoner due to the actions of her troubled and homely servant girl Miggery Sow [Tracy Ullman]. If Despereaux Tilling can save the Princess Pea, he might also just restore hope and light to Kingdom of Dor and prove that even the least among us deserve a chance. Oh, did I mention that soup is a major part of the story?

Rarely does an animated film follow traditional fairy-tale conventions without attempting to include as many popular culture references as possible. ‘THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX’ is one of a kind, because it is a really beautiful animated film, and there is even animation-within-the-animation, and an epic that will delight children, their parents, and anyone who loves a good animated film alike. There is adventure and fantasy, especially Boldo, a creature made out of produce and voiced by Stanley Tucci, is one of the most amusing, imaginative screen characters in fairy-tale lore, but also the entire Mig subplot is especially poignant and a good lesson for children to learn, the only thing that might upset children is that the animated film raises an interesting question: Why are rats, the bringers of the Black Plague and one of the most detested urban pests, suddenly so popular as the heroes of animated films? Then again, the cuddly denizens of ‘Flushed Away,’ ‘Ratatouille,’ and ‘THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX’ do not resemble their real-life counterparts, which parents should explain in the best way to their children. But if children thinks this what happens in those particular animal kingdom, children might not be so charmed by their antics in the animated arena. Again the result is exactly the kind of animated film the entire family should treasure, and will be especially enamoured and charmed for younger viewers, and especially the happy ever after end of the animated film and I suspect it will get repeat viewing many times, but what a shame it was not produced in 3D. But despite this, if you want to give children a magical experience of wonderful a fairy tale, then you will not go wrong with this excellent Blu-ray disc, and once children are hooked, I suspect they will beg their Parents to do lots of repeat performances.

Blu-ray Image Quality – Universal Animation Studios and Mediumrare Entertainment bring you this wonderful magic animation in stunning 1080p image presentation. The wonderful colours are captured well, from the bright blue skies and blue-green ocean waves of the introduction to the more muted tones of the castle and village to the vivid browns and golds of “Mouseworld” and the dark yet garish reds and blacks of “Ratworld.” In the bonus features we learn that the film-makers were trying to capture specific painterly styles, from the Vermeer-like Castle setting, to the Hieronymous Bosch-influenced “Ratworld,” and the video transfer does this justice with nary a compression artefact in sight, and the good colour saturation is very good detail overall. This Blu-ray presentation completely blows away the standard-definition inferior DVD. Compression artefacts and minor image flaws are nowhere to be seen, providing fans of this animated film with a totally sharp, and brilliant detailed of all the characters in this glorious magical animated film. Please Note: Playback Region B/2: This will not play on most Blu-ray players sold in North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Learn more about Blu-ray region specifications.

Blu-ray Audio Quality – Universal Animation Studios and Mediumrare Entertainment presents us with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio experience and captures the energetic film music score by composer William Ross well. Use of the surrounds is fairly subtle: a "Land Ho" from the rear right channel as a ship approaches the Kingdom of Dor, the rattles and clanks of armour and weapons all around us as one of our brave rodents escapes the King's soldiers, and some water drips and other ambient sounds to establish the dreary dankness of “Ratworld” are a few places where the surround channels are put to very good use, but when there are no surround sounds I had to crank the sound up quite a lot, because at the normal setting I have it was very quiet when the characters talk. The dialogue is very clean via the centre speaker, but a bit too pristine at times, sounding artificial. Surround elements is sparse, but well balanced, evenly mixed with the animated film's robust film music score. The bass is rich and lively, but not quite as enveloping, particularly during some of the animated film's more intense action sequences. All in all, this is a fine surround mix, and is always clear and intelligible which helps us to follow the animated characters sometimes complex motivations.

Blu-ray Special Features and Extras:

Special Feature: Deleted Songs [2008] [1080p] [1.78:1] [4:36] Here we get to view two deleted songs, which you view black-and-white storyboard drawings that have been animated and they are as follows: “It's Great To Be A Rat” and “Soup, Soup,” and it would have been interesting to see how it would have actually looked if they had been included in the finished animated film.

Special Feature: Making of ‘THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX’ [2008] [1080p] [1.78:1] [11:41] Here we go behind-the-scenes of the animated film with the cast and crew, especially seeing the voice cast in the recording session and are allowed to act out the scene they are putting their voices to, and also see the process involved in making this particular animated film. We also get to view some nice clips from the animated film and some very nice colourful illustrations. Contributors include: Hate DiCamillo [Author], Gary Ross [Screenwriter/Producer], Allison Thomas [Producer], Sam Fell [Co-Director], Robert Stevenhagen [Co-Direstor], Stanley Tucci [Boldo], Emma Watson [Princess Pea], Matthew Broderick [Despereaux], Kevin Kline [Andrew], Gabriele Zucchelli [Supervising Animator], Brad Blackbourn [Director of Photography], Evgeni Tomov [Production Designer], Jason Horley [Lead Digital Matte Painter] and Ryan Michero [Head of Lighting]. It is something that fans of this animated film should definitely check out.

Special Feature: Scene Progressions [2008] [1080p] [1.78:1] [35:08] Here we get to view six different scenes from the animated film and we also get to view how it progressed into the five different stages of evolution, until the finished animated film via the following: SCRIPT; STORYBOARD; LAYOUT, ANIMATION and FINAL LIGHTING and as we view each stages we get to hear the actual narration that is said in the film by Sigourney Weaver. With each six scene progression that are included, will only really be enjoyed by really die-hard fans interested in how it looks at each stage of production, and if you are not a fan of this process, by the time you get to the sixth Scene Progression, you might get very bored.

Special Feature: Top Ten Uses For Oversized Ears Featurette [2008] [1080p] [1.78:1] [1:20] Here is an extra bonus for young children, especially if they are getting bullied for being different, and informs them of the benefits of oversized ears, and especially with wonderful colourful illustrations, starting at number 10:

10. FLIGHT: Handy for those unexpected drops.

09. BALANCE: Perfect for nay tightrope walking.

08. ENHANCED HEARING: To gain advantage when on a noble quest.

07. MAGIC TRICKS: Ever seen the old coin-behind-the-ear trick?

06: WIGGLING: Kids just love that.

05: PROTECTION: To help cushion your fall.

04. SHIELD: Handy in the event of unwieldy flying vegetables.

03. FANNING: To cool down after a perilous escapade.

02. SPEED: The airlift makes running feel light on your toes.

01. DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: They make you unique and that gives you confidence.

Finally, I suspect it is something older viewers will only feel it is only worth viewing once, but I suspect younger audiences will want a repeat viewing.

Finally, writer-producer Gary Ross has crafted an impressive screenplay that is ambitious without being condescending or predictable. Kate DiCamillo's fans should forgive Gary Ross and others for changing details to suit this animated film. If anything, the animated film should attract more readers ready to follow the more in-depth chronicle of Despereaux Tilling, Princess Pea, Mig, and the other magical characters that are introduced to in this very memorable and magical animated film. ‘THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX’ is definitely a mixed bag, but is ultimately in my opinion very well done. The animated film is much more intended for family viewing with younger children; especially in the way the story is unfolds, as well as presented and it also includes plenty of humour for all ages to really enjoy. As a mainly children's animated film, it definitely provides a very good message, and shows you can have a very good time. Children will love all the characters, but especially Despereaux Tilling himself the mouse who is very lovable, very entertaining and especially as it has a fantastic and brilliant voice cast that gives the animated film that added bonus as well. The Blu-ray release is really fantastic and very colourful, and featuring also a great image and audio presentation for this animated film, while adding quite a few interesting Blu-ray special features. Highly Recommended!

Andrew C. Miller – Your Ultimate No.1 Film Aficionado
Le Cinema Paradiso
United Kingdom
Top Trumps Harry Potter and Prisoner Azkaban (10551), Multicolor (Eleven Force 1)
Top Trumps Harry Potter and Prisoner Azkaban (10551), Multicolor (Eleven Force 1)
Un regalo para mis hijas. No conocía el juego y la verdad es que es entretenido. Destinado a niños/as de una franja de edad de 5a - 9a aproximadamente y que les guste el universo Harry Potter.
El juego es sencillo, 5 características de cada carta/personaje de la película y el objetivo es quedarse con todo el mazo de cartas.

Pros: Precio y que vaya en caja de plástico para guardarlas. El rato que están entretenidas ;)

Contra: Ninguna.

Repetirías la compra: Si pero de otras películas.

Si te he ayudado valora positívamente la reseña. Gracias.
USB Stick 32 GB Harry Potter - Original Harry Potter 2.0 Flash Drive, Tribe FD037701
USB Stick 32 GB Harry Potter - Original Harry Potter 2.0 Flash Drive, Tribe FD037701
I have issues with using this product because I like to wear my USB on my lanyard at work. The little chain is attached to the USB section, not the ‘lid’, so I have to attach my entire lanyard to the computer when using. It is incredibly flimsy and the chain has broken multiple times, although luckily it’s only fallen off in my bag so far. The ‘lid’, which is the feet section, doesn’t fit securely so whilst walking around with Harry on my lanyard, I have often lost half of his body without noticing as it comes loose and falls off easily - and I have only had him a few days! It needs some sort of mechanism so that it clicks into place. It also needs a more robust chain to prevent loss when using.
It is cute, but it’s obviously more of a novelty item than a practical item.
Funko Pop! Movies: Harry Potter - Igor Karkaroff (Yule)
Funko Pop! Movies: Harry Potter - Igor Karkaroff (Yule)
Il Funko Pop è perfetto, la spedizione è velocissima, ma la scatola mi è arrivata danneggiata!
Devo dire però che dopo aver contattato il rivenditore mi ha offerto la possibilità di avere un rimborso di ⅓ del costo a causa del problema alla scatola.
Quindi perfetto per i collezionisti out of box!
Harry Potter - Gryffindor - Hogwarts Robe Design - One 11 oz Morphing Mugs Color Changing Heat Sensitive Ceramic Mug – Image Revealed When HOT Liquid Is Added!
Harry Potter - Gryffindor - Hogwarts Robe Design - One 11 oz Morphing Mugs Color Changing Heat Sensitive Ceramic Mug – Image Revealed When HOT Liquid Is Added!
I wish I could rate it no stars at all. I decided to give them a second try after the holidays. I figured with the hustle and bustle of holiday time, maybe that was why it came in crumbled pieces. This time *most* of the mug was in one piece. The handle broke off and into a bunch of pieces. If you are looking to get a mug, I implore you to look elsewhere. This is the second time I’ve ordered from them, and the second time it’s come back to me broken. Yes it’s a really cool and fun idea *if* it didn’t come in several pieces when it arrived. They do not mark their packages as fragile!
LEGO Education Doors, Windows, and Roof Tiles Set
LEGO Education Doors, Windows, and Roof Tiles Set
Almost perfect! I love, love love love Lego. I’m a grown-up woman, I will admit it openly. I’m 51 years old, but I am not cited. I’ve been blind all my life, and I always loved Lego. When I was growing up, I always used to nick my brothers Lego, i used to destroy anything he had made, so I could build houses and when I was a kid are used to try and build dolls prams out of Lego! :-) Needless to say my desire for building houses has continued, the only problem is that I can’t match the colours! :-) :-) :-) but you can’t have it all ways.
I have three grown-up kids, and my youngest son is autistic. So he also loves Lego. So that made it even more fun for me! But now he’s grown up, and doesn’t live with me anymore. But when he moved away, he left the Lego behind! When he visit, he often builds things that I buy for him, some of the most stunning Lego technics he has made. And the Simpsons house! Holy crap! I will never, never never never dismantle the Simpsons house! It has pride of place on my IKEA bookshelves! I love it to death!
So, I wanted some more roof tiles, so I bought this set. Love it. Absolutely perfect. All the lovely windows, I just sat and put them all together. Brilliant. But I was disappointed in how many corner tiles there were. Only 10. Why? I just don’t understand it. You need four corners to make one level of roof. So, only 2 1/2 levels of roof? I don’t get it. My fully sighted son who lives locally and visit me every day, reckons you are supposed to make it with a annex on the side, a garage or something? But I’m not sure if that’s correct. I wondered if perhaps there was a bag missing from my box of goodies? Does anybody know how many bags they are supposed to be in the box? Or how many corner roof tiles they are supposed to be? I also noticed that all the small windows had no removable glass, plastic, in them. But I’ve since found out from one of the questions that that has not been the case for some years. So there we are. Apart from the missing corner tiles, I am as pleased as punch with my new toy. But I do wonder why there are not enough corners. That’s something I always seem to be short of, corners for the roof. Can anyone tell me? XX
Wizard Wand Brushes, Potter Makeup Brush Set for Women with Gift Bag 5pcs Metal Magic Eye Shadow Eyeliner Blending Pencil Lip Brush Beauty Tools
Wizard Wand Brushes, Potter Makeup Brush Set for Women with Gift Bag 5pcs Metal Magic Eye Shadow Eyeliner Blending Pencil Lip Brush Beauty Tools
Omg! I'm so I love with this set of six pieces of makeup brush! I honestly wasn't expecting such a great quality.
I bought this set because I need it a new set of makeup brushes. I was looking for something more "carry on" something that fits on my to go makeup bag. I have one makeup bag that is always at home because is a lot! Lol! And I carry the small one with the essentials (mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, compact powder, small case of eyeshadow) so I need it brushes that would fit on it!
This set just hit the spot! They are perfect for daily carry on and they are very nice! The handles are bamboo and the brush is super soft! You won't believe how soft it is until you try it!
The big brush spreads very well the foundation and also the powder blush. I would not recommend it for creamy blush since is too soft.
The eyeshadow blush is very nice and I love how spreads evenly the eyeshadow. There is a small blush brush but I used it for eyeshadow too.
The slope brush I used it for the eyeshadow under my eyeliner to create a nice effect and opens more my eyes!
The eyebrows and lashes brush is very nice also and I used it for my eyebrows only.
The foundation oval brush it might be too small for foundation and too big for the concealer! I tried to spread the concealer under my eyes and there was one spot that I couldn't reached I had to finish with my fingers. But I used the oval brush with my creamy blush from Mac and I love it! It did a wonderful job! The brush is very dense and soft. I love it.
I love the whole set and I definitely recommend it.
Vibrant India: Fresh Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Brooklyn [A Cookbook]
Vibrant India: Fresh Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Brooklyn [A Cookbook]
This cookbook is beautiful! I was so excited to purchase it when it came out the other week. My husband and I eat a primarily vegetarian diet at home, and this cookbook is filled with new and interesting veggie recipes. I have always enjoyed eating Indian food out, but as the author clarifies in the introduction, most of the Indian restaurants in the US feature the cuisine of Northern India. While I love all those rich curries and dishes, the Southern Indian recipes in this cookbook feature meals that are lighter, healthier, and full of fresh ingredients. So far, we have tried the roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflower dish, and a few of the soup recipes, and all have been delicious. Normally, I'm not a total cookbook guru--I typically make up my own recipes, look up stuff online, or reference the Joy of Cooking, but I love looking through this cookbook to get new ideas. I also appreciate how the author shared her personal family history and cultural context of this type of food--it gave me a deeper understanding of the ingredients and cuisine. I am also a sucker for how things look aesthetically, and I love that way this book is set-up, including the beautiful illustrations and photos that intersperse the recipes. I did have to pay a visit to an Indian market to stock up on some of the spices and other ingredients needed for many of the recipes, but now that I have them on-hand, I mostly just have to get the fresh vegetables when I want to cook something from this book. I would definitely recommend this cookbook to anyone who is interested in healthy, interesting recipes, or just needs some new flavors to get out of a food rut!
Stand Up!: How to Get Involved, Speak Out, and Win in a World on Fire
Stand Up!: How to Get Involved, Speak Out, and Win in a World on Fire
Stand UP! How to Get Involved, Speak Out, and Win in a World on Fire, by Gordon Whitman is a readable guide to developing the power to change the world. Whitman outlines five “conversations.” The first is with yourself: “Preparing emotionally for the fight of your life,” then, “Building relationships: moving people to action.” Third, “Finding a home base in a movement for change,” fourth, “recruiting a following you need to lead,” and fifth, “Power – winning social change.”
Race and Racism
This book is especially important because it is one of the very few books by white organizers that emphasize the strategic importance of confronting racism.
As Whitman reflects insightfully on one campaign:
“In hindsight, I can see that our inability to crate space for a direct conversation about racism and racial anxiety – felt but not always spoken – made it harder to unify the parish. It limited what we were able to accomplish…We focused on symptoms not causes. Not having the language and space to talk frankly about race and racism held us back from confronting how the neighborhood was being abandoned…My ability to choose whether or not to talk about race and racism was part of the privilege attached to being White in American society. This privilege is toxic to making progress on social justice.”
Building Trust Face to Face
Whitman also makes a key contribution to organizing by emphasizing the importance of building trust and honest face to face relationships among an organization’s members.
“The larger the institution or movement, the greater the need for small spaces in which people can connect…That’s why face-to-face chapters, small groups and teams are the building blocks of mass social movements.”
His advice to readers (and organizations!) is well taken. “If you’re part of an organization that treats you as a means to some other end, that asks you to do small tasks without involving you in strategy, that isn’t speaking to your soul, then you need to change the culture of the organization or look for or create another home for your social change work. A simple test is whether you are on a real team that meets regularly. Be truthful! Here are other measures: Are you learning something new about yourself? Are you having experiences that tap into strong emotions? Are you bringing new people off the sidelines and building high-trust relationships with them? These questions will help you figure out if you’re on track on not.”
…”if you’re looking for a way to plug in, perhaps by getting off the internet and into face-to-face organizing, then you need to find or build an organization that will ask enough of you to make it worth your while. Not enough organizations are structured around regularly meeting small groups, let alone bring people together across race, class and other differences; engage in strategic campaigns; and invest in the growth and development of their members.”
Whitman’s emphasis on race, building trust thru face to face relationships and attention to the whole person is a most welcome addition to the organizing literature. Buy it, read it, and follow his advice: you and our social change organizations will in much better shape.
LACCI DA SCARPE (Italian Edition)
LACCI DA SCARPE (Italian Edition)
Una storia positiva. Un protagonista senza macchia e senza paura..a volte forse fin troppo. Da leggere con la voglia di trovare lo stesso entusiasmo di Bruno nell'affrontare la vita
Quizzer8: Countries of the World
Quizzer8: Countries of the World
This is a fun way to brush up on domestic and world geography. I think it’s important to know the world we live in, and this makes it simple and easy to learn. I wish there was an option to make it timed, just to add an element of excitement. Maybe a tournament mode. On the other hand, the simple multiple choice makes it relaxing and not stressful. I play this for my own knowledge as well as teaching my kids.
Word Painting Revised Edition: The Fine Art of Writing Descriptively
Word Painting Revised Edition: The Fine Art of Writing Descriptively
Great book! 4.5 stars. I read the original edition many years ago, but since I have gained a lot more writing experience, I can read this book with a deeper, more concrete understanding than before.

First of all, I want to say that the prose of Word Painting is lovely in itself. Both the sounds (including rhythm) and images in the writing are pleasant, flowing, and apt. The beauty of the prose increased my confidence that the author knows her stuff.

And she does know her stuff. There were a lot of helpful pointers and insightful comments in the book, as well as illustrative, effective examples. I definitely learned a lot from this book! My favorite chapter was probably the one on figurative language.

The only thing that I could find to complain about, is that though I appreciated and enjoyed reading the excerpts the author uses from books, there is very little in terms of examples from fantasy or sci-fi novels, which are my favorite genres to read in. The vast majority of books quoted from were realistic fiction. This is not a problem per se, as passages from these works do demonstrate the author's points well; yet I could tell that I would not be interested in reading most of the novels cited here, as they are not "my type". So I couldn't help thinking that I would feel more engaged in this book if there were more examples drawn from fantasy or sci-fi; the realistic stories left me feeling a bit distanced or even alienated sometimes because I felt that some of these works were exactly the kind I avoid reading nowadays...

Still, I loved this book very much, and it's probably one of my favorite guides to the writing craft. It was surprisingly compelling to read as well, a page-turner, even. :)
[2 Pack] MFi Certified iPhone Charger 1ft Right Angle Lightning Cable Braided Dual L Shape iPad Charger 90 Degree iPhone USB Cable Compatible for iPhone 11/11 Pro/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6, iPad, iPod
[2 Pack] MFi Certified iPhone Charger 1ft Right Angle Lightning Cable Braided Dual L Shape iPad Charger 90 Degree iPhone USB Cable Compatible for iPhone 11/11 Pro/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6, iPad, iPod
I just purchased a new 2020 Hyundai Tucson. The difference in the price from the model I bought and the model that has wireless charging is $3000. I decided that getting this item was a better deal.

This works perfectly. It is short enough and the angles are good enough where the phone lays flat and I can listen to my music, podcasts, etc., through the car speaker system with no problem. I have to say that I am very happy that I got two for the price of one. We are coming up on the legendary Las Vegas summer, and one of them has to live in the car. If it lasts through the summer, I may update the review. In fact, I will update the review either way. But if it does last through the summer I will be jumping for joy!
New Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) - Pacific Blue
New Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) - Pacific Blue
Had pre booked this iPhone 12 Pro Max. Amazon delivered it promptly within four days of launch. Kudos to thisclightening fast delivery.

Now about device, Since I upgraded from 11, I could notice the difference between A13 and A14 speed. Miraculously faster. Performance wise this indeed is a notch up.

Build quality is significantly improved. This design which Apple brought back from iPhone 5 series is absolutely lovely! These two factors give it a classy and stylish look combined with solid and durable finish.
The phone does feels premium when one holds it. All the more reasons to go ga-ga about this pretty beast!
Phone is indeed pricey but if one can shell these bucks; you should not blink your eye before buying. The upgrade does provide you with enhanced durability, performance and looks!
Tee Square It 3 Vinyl Crafting Alignment Tool
Tee Square It 3 Vinyl Crafting Alignment Tool
I thought for sure my husband would love these (bought both the logo and tee ones) and after a few days I asked him why he was still measuring instead of using the tools I bought him. He showed me where he was running into an issue, the vinyl we use for shirts has a sticky backing, so it was not moving as easily as it appeared in the videos (they were using different materials).

I was disappointed but understood. I watched them sit on the shelf for awhile then one day out of frustration (one he is super ocd and the ruler was making me crazy, second, these are not outrageously priced, but they are not cheap either.

I knew we were not the only ones that were having this issue so I went to YouTube and quickly found a video of who I believe was one of the owners or inventors of this product, the video was addressing the problem we were having.

Is it perfect? No, but it damn sure works! I had to come back and say thank you... so many times, customers reach out and are completely ignored. Not only did you resolve the issue for the customer that reached out to you, but you also took the time to make another video so the rest of us would stop driving ourselves mad trying to figure out a work around.

You showed a vulnerable side of your product, along with a solution. That was brave and worthy of loyalty.

Thank you!
Milchschaumreiniger 1 Liter Flüssig-Reiniger Konzentrat Milchsystemreiniger Milchaufschäumer-Reiniger Universal-Reiniger für Marken wie Jura Delonghi WMF Nesspresso uvm. GlobaClean® Made in Germany
Milchschaumreiniger 1 Liter Flüssig-Reiniger Konzentrat Milchsystemreiniger Milchaufschäumer-Reiniger Universal-Reiniger für Marken wie Jura Delonghi WMF Nesspresso uvm. GlobaClean® Made in Germany
Wir verwenden den Milchschaumreiniger für unsere Jura Z8.
- Der Milchschaumreiniger schäumt exakt genauso wie der Reiniger von Jura.
- Das Reinigungsergebnis entspricht 1:1 dem des Jura Milchschaumreinigers. Sofort erkennbar ist dies vorallem nach der Reinigung an dem durchsichtigen Milchschlauch.
- Der Preis des Globasidreinigers ist deutlich niedriger.
- Der Reiniger ist ergiebiger. Bei Jura werden 10 ml Reiniger auf 250 ml Wasser benötigt, bei Globasid nur 7,5 ml. Die Literflasche reicht so für 133 Vorgänge.

- Insgesamt weist die Flasche eine schlampige Verarbeitung auf. Die Flasche war bereits bei Lieferung an einem Verschluss undicht und hatte leicht die Verpackung an der Stelle der Verschlusskappe durchgeweicht. Gott sei Dank wurden dadurch die sonstigen Waren, die ebenfalls in dem Karton lagen, nicht beschädigt. Das Etikett bzw. der Aufkleber auf der Flasche war schief und wellig und damit recht lieblos drauf geklebt worden.
- Der Geruch des Reinigers ist gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber ausdrücklich nicht aufdringlich. Er riecht halt nach Chemie (u. a. nach Chlor) und nicht nach Meeresfrische oder Limone usw... Wer nach dem Reinigungsvorgang die Lösung sofort wegkippt, den wird der Geruch nicht stören. Die Jura spült nach dem Reinigungsvorgang automatisch alles mit Wasser durch. Der (Milch-)Kaffee schmeckt nicht nach Reiniger :).
Bassett Liquorice Allsorts 190 g
Bassett Liquorice Allsorts 190 g
This was my favorite candy growing up. Whenever my mother went over home to Northern Ireland she'd bring me a box or two. The generic licorice allsorts you sometimes find in bulk bins, or even sealed individual packages is almost always stale and hard. The occasional unfamiliar brand I've sometimes run across is never as good, and sometimes bad enough to throw away after a few bites. Bassett's is the best by far, and since CVS stopped carrying them in the US I'd done without... until I thought to look on Amazon. Well done to the seller, for offering it and at a reasonable enough price that I can afford to reorder periodically and indulge myself once again.

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