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Learn Ruby on Rails: Book One
Learn Ruby on Rails: Book One
Learn Ruby on Rails: Book One by Daniel Kehoe. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 100 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the ruby on rails category.
Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers
Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers
Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers by Deepak Vohra. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars, with 4 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
Go! Stock! Go! A Stock Market Guide for Enterprising Children and Their Curious Parents*: *everything you were afraid your kids would ask
Go! Stock! Go! A Stock Market Guide for Enterprising Children and Their Curious Parents*: *everything you were afraid your kids would ask
Super book! Very easy to learn about investing! Makes it simple so you come away with the ability to actually try it out -- invest in a few stocks and watch what happens. Demystifies the whole process for me and my kid! I bought the book to read with my son because he was interested in investing. He's in middle school. We enjoyed reading it together. He could have read it on his own but I wanted to learn how to invest as well. The illustrations make it fun and easy to follow as does the story. My kid could relate to the teens and I was amused by the parents. There are straightforward and easy steps on how to do the math needed -- again, making it so anyone can do this! Really a fun thing to do with my son. I'll give it as a gift too for the right kid! Something unique because it's practical too. Offering kids a chance to make money on their own! Learning a practical life skill.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
This is a life changing book and the best habit forming book. You must really have patience and concentration to read this book and to understand it completely.


Author Stephen R Covey explain about how we see the world that is our paradigm.

And how is change in our paradigm can lead to a change in our positive mental attitude(PMA) and human and Public Relationship.

Author gives many stories to explain the concept very clearly.

He tells that we need to live a life of integrity, to contribute & make a difference in the world and raise to the greatness that lies within each one of us.

The Seven Habits are
1.Be Proactive.
2. Begin with the end in mind.
3. ‎Put First Things First.
4. ‎Think win win.
5. ‎First seek to understand, then to be understood.
6. ‎Synergize.
7. ‎Sharpen the saw.

Be Proactive:

It is about taking responsibility and initiatives
I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.

Begin with the end in mind:

It means we need to have a goal for everything. It is a sort of vision. How we wish to see in every aspect of our life like with spouse, family,money,work,friend pleasure, enemy.

Put First Things First:
Author divides our entire time into 4 quadrants.
Important and urgent-Q1
Important and not urgent-Q2
Not important and urgent-Q3
Not important and not urgent-Q4.

Important are goals kept in the Habit 2.

Think win win

Author tells in every situation we need to think about the benefit of our self and others. how can a outcome be useful to all the partiers. It's innovative thinking.

First seek to understand, then to be understood:

Stephen presses on the issue that first we need to understand others their situation, feelings and thoughts then directly telling how we feel or what is our decision directly.

Most important of all the habits. It's most difficult to cultivate.


It means a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
The essence of synergy is to value differences- to respect them,to build on strengths & to compensate for weakness.
Synergies everywhere in the nature.

Sharpen the saw.

It deals with the four aspects of life.
Physical, mental, social/emotional, spiritual.
It's about preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have.

It's a quadrant 2 activity.

Thank you.
Small Fry: A Memoir
Small Fry: A Memoir
Living in Palo Alto in the 1980s, we often heard rumors that Steve had a daughter named Lisa for whom the computer was named. No one seemed to know whether this was a true story or an urban legend, and certainly none of us realized that Lisa and her mom lived among us -- going out for dinner to the Good Earth, shopping at Units, cruising down University Avenue. Meanwhile, especially after Steve and Laurene married and more kids came along, we often ran into them: getting dessert at Gelato Classico, buying gifts at Palo Alto Toy & Sport, even roller skating along Homer near Whole Foods. Whatever else we thought about Steve, he seemed like a devoted dad.

Except he wasn't.

Lots of people are raised by substandard parents. You don't get to choose your mom and dad. For many of us, recovery can take decades or maybe even never. But Lisa, to her unending credit, is able to tell a story that radiates affection despite describing neglect that borders on abuse. She walks us through her childhood and teen years with unstinting candor, including a number of anecdotes that highlight her own missteps.

The most affecting scenes are the mother-daughter stories. Chris doesn't seem like a candidate for Mom of the Year, as she leaves Lisa by herself as a young child, brings home a series of boyfriends, moves from house to house, and often loses her temper. But because we see her through Lisa's eyes, our takeaway is the shared adoration between mother and child, and we understand that for all her foibles, Chris fought to give her daughter the best possible life. And in many ways her efforts were stymied rather than supported by the fact that Steve overshadowed their lives, even during the years that he remained detached from them.

Lisa is an artist, and her writing is the verbal equivalent of a painting, every detail sharply rendered. For that reason alone, this book is worth a reader's attention. Years ago I read an autobiography written by a poet whose narrative resonated like a poem; Small Fry hits that same note and sustains it. If not for her famous father, her book probably would never have been published, and that would have been a loss to all of us.
Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World
Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World
The book was very well written, I felt it did a good job of balancing practical advice and personal antidotes. I've read marketing books before but this was my first experiential book. I really liked the idea that was consistent throughout about helping potential customers explore, learn and try new things rather than "$ell, $ell, $ell" which can be a turnoff for me in marketing books. My biggest takeaways from the book were: - As someone wanting to design experiences, the actual visual part and physical experience, I can't just focus on the artistic aspects. I liked the idea of "not selling milkshakes at a lactose intolerance convention." Makes a lot of sense, to design a meaningful experience I gotta start with studying the people and their habits, not just coming up with what I think is an amazing and beautiful experience. - Think outside the box, always, on experiences. I loved hearing you describe projects you'd worked on in the past. It helped confirm in my mind that this is something that really does excite me, and they sounded like projects I would love to be a part of. - Finally, I enjoyed the emphasis on giving back and sparking people to action in the final section. I love advertising and creating. I love connecting people with brands, but I can feel a bit gross at times just trying to push stuff on people. I liked the component about inspiring people to do more beyond the experience. Overall, it was a great introduction into some of the foundations to the industry, and what kind of thinking goes into these projects. My next steps will probably be looking for more technical information about what skills I need, and the processes behind the actual creation.
BCBGMax Azria Women's Marae Knit Lace and Illusion Dress
BCBGMax Azria Women's Marae Knit Lace and Illusion Dress
I wanted to love this dress. The image on the listing is gorgeous. However, when I received it, the fabric had me worried that I'd be snagging this and ruining it on jewelry, and just about anything else I came into contact with. So, when I tried it on and it looked like a big lace sack on me, it was easier to say goodbye and send it back. I'm sure this must look good on someone....but not me.
Bringing It All Back Home
Bringing It All Back Home
This is IT.
This is where, in retrospect, it all started. I didn't realize it at the time but I do now. There were two sixties, the early 60-64, Beach Boys, Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, early Beatle "I Want to Hold you Hand", crew-cut, clean-cut, A-line dress, beehive hair, Bass Weejun, khaki, American Graffiti sixties, and the other sixties, the Revolver, Sgt Pepper, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Cream, United States of America, hippy sixties that everyone today thinks was the sixties, happened AFTER 1965. And it all started with this album!

Bob Dylan, the antiwar, civil-rights, Woody Guthrie-imitating darling of the folksingers, the Voice and Conscience of his Generation, after penning "Blowin in the Wind", and "The Masters of War", stunned his purist followers with "Bringing it All Back Home". Electric instruments and a turn from trying to change the world by preaching at it to a bemused surreal satire. This, and "Revolver" are the two most influential albums of the sixties, maybe of music history. I remember.

The Beatles were wildly popular with younger listeners, but generally dismissed by music critics of the time as being a wildly sucessful but totally Pop phenominon. Dylan said they were "Bubblegum". Dylan's friend Al Aronowitz (sp?), said that the Beatles weren't that bad. Dylan and friend were introduced to the Beatles at a certain party in Manhattan AUG 64, whereat someone offered Lennon his first smoke. Lennon "took a drink from Dr Robert's special cup". Dylan and Lennon talked and found they had a lot in common. Dylan suggested Lennon should put more of his feelings into his songs. Following this party, the Beatles became much better, more introspective, and a few months later "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver'!. See DVD "No Direction Home" directed by Martin Scorsese for details...

"Subterranean Homesick Blues"

Johnny's in the basement
Mixing up the medicine.
I'm on the pavement
Thinking about the government.
The man in the trench coat
Badge out, laid off,
Says he's got a bad cough
Wants to get it paid off.
"Look out kid
It's somethin' you did,
God knows when
But you're doin' it again
You better duck down the alley way
Lookin' for a new friend."
The man in the coon-skin cap
And a Bic pen
Wants eleven dollar bills
You only got ten.

Maggie comes, fleet foot,
Face full of black soot,
Talkin' that the Heat put
Plants in the bed, but,
The phone's tapped anyway.
Maggie says "the Many say
They must bust in early May,
Orders from the DA".
"Look out kid,
Don't matter what you did.
God knows when, but you're doin' it again!
Better walk on your tip toes
Don't try, 'No Doz'.
Better stay away from those
That carry around a fire hose.
Keep a clean nose
Watch for Plainclothes,
You don't need a Weatherman
To know which way the wind blows".

Get sick, get well.
Hang around the ink well.
Hang bail, hop tail,
If anything you're going to sell.
Try hard, get barred
Get back, ride rail,
Get jailed, jump bail. Join the army, if you fail.
Look out kid
You're gonna get hit
By losers, cheaters,
Six-time users
Hangin' around the theaters.
Girl by the Whirlpool
Is lookin' for a new fool.
Don't follow leaders.
Watch the parkin' meters.

Ah get born, keep warm
Short pants, romance, learn to dance
Get dressed, get blessed
Try to be a suck-cess.
Please her, please him, buy gifts
Don't steal, don't lift
Twenty years of schoolin'
And they put you on the dayshift.
"Look out kid
They keep it all hid.
Better jump down a manhole
Light yourself a candle
Don't wear sandals
Try to avoid the scandals.
Don't wanna be a bum
You better chew gum".
The pump don't work
'Cause the vandals took the handles.

How that for starting off with a (paranoid) bang? The first rap song about being surveilled in a police state.
the Weatherman faction of the SDS (some 60s anarchists) took thier name from this song!

(and where are those Weathermen, now that we need them... ?)

or how about the heartfelt:
"...She's got everything she needs
she's an artist
She don't look back.
she can take the dark out of the nighttime
and paint the daytime black..."

or the workaday world of:
"...He hands you a nickel,
He hands you a dime,
He askes you with a grin if you're having a good time?
And he fines you every time you slam the door.
I aint gonna work on Maggie Farm no more..."
(have you had bosses like that?)

or the surreal 115th dream:
"I was riding on the Mayflower when I thought I spotted land
I yelled for captain Arab, I'll have you understand,
Who came running to the deck, said 'boys, forget the whale
we're goin over yonder, cut the engines, change the sail' ...

...I think I'll call it 'America' I said as we hit land.
I took a deep breath, I fell down, I could not stand...

...A telephone was ringing, it just about blew my mind,
When I picked it up and said 'Hello', this foot came through the line...

...I repeated that my friends were all in jail with a sigh,
He gave me his card, he said 'call me if they die'..."
I went by a (rich) house with the US flag upon display
I said "could you help me out
I've got some friends down the way?"
He said "get out of here, I'll tear you limb from limb'"
I said,'you know, they refused Jesus, too'
he said 'you're NOT Him'..."

or from It's all Right Ma, I'm only Bleeding:

"...While preachers preach of evil fates
Teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the president of the United States
Sometimes must have
To stand naked..."

(I can't wait for George W Bush standing naked to be judged by the American people)
Anthony Soprano (the teen) in the last Sopranos episode, listened and comments "there it is, Dylan said it ALL and he did it 40 years ago!"

Now those are lyrics!

Pure poetry, funny, insightful. The sheer volume of Dylan's genius is so overwhelming you can only get it in small amounts - I remember I didn't understand all at first. I still hear new ideas in these songs after all these years. Notes from the Underground.

And the backup band isn't "The Band", as I always thought, it's blues guitar great Michael Bloomfield and Al Kooper, trying to learn organ.

After this brilliant album, Dylan met and influenced the Beatles. The folkies (who had played for years in coffee shops where they learned to play and sing harmony and write meaningful songs) all picked up electric instruments. Country Joe and the Fish, Lovin Spoonful, etc. The Byrds did an electric version of his Pied Piper song "Mr Tambourine Man" ("...take me disappearing through the smoke rings of my mind..."). Then came Donovan's "Sunshine Superman", Vanilla Fudge's "You Keep me Hangin On". After that, there was a sea change in culture and in popular music. There was an explosion.

It started here.
This album cannot be recommended too highly (despite the fact that Dylan doesn't have a singing voice like Jim Morrison or Frank Sinatra).
Core Java Volume I--Fundamentals (11th Edition) (Core Series)
Core Java Volume I--Fundamentals (11th Edition) (Core Series)
The book is overall very good in that the writing is concise, informative, and even largely fun to read for a programming language book. But this series is very strangely organized, and you should be aware of this.

This is Core Java, Volume I: Fundamentals, with a sister book named Core Java, Volume II: Advanced Features. But those title are very misleading. Many pages in the Fundamentals volume properly belong in the Advanced Features volume, and vice versa. For example, in the Fundamentals book the author includes many pages covering such topics as Reflection, Proxies & the Class Loader, and so forth. These are advanced topics if you ask me, and it would seem the author himself would agree! In not just one but in many places he says, "Application programmers can safely skip this section". I agree, because these sections have no place in book about fundamentals. But meanwhile very important topics which I would consider to be Java fundamentals are not covered in the Fundamentals volume, but in the Advanced Topics. Basic File I/O is in the Advanced Topics book, Reflection is in the Fundamentals book. That's exactly backwards!

Both Basic File I/O and Networking are in the Advanced Topics book. At the end of the Fundamentals book, you won't be able write useful programs because the very basic essentials of how to get data into them will have never been presented to you. You might be able to create some very basic GUI applications from the Fundamentals book, but what they might be doing besides looking pretty I don't know. Again, refer to the Advanced Topics book to read/write files to connect to anything on a network, etc. and generally having anything interesting to operate upon.

These books in tandem might do you well, but know that going in. The Fundamentals book by itself is really not sufficient to stand alone usefully.
UPDATE: after allowing some of the coffee roasted with the Nesco roaster to sit for a few weeks in an airtight container (while I enjoyed some different coffee), a funny thing happened that I wasn't expecting and have never experienced before: the coffee got better. Dramatically so. So much so that I really enjoyed it. Maybe this "aging" process is something that frequently occurs but that I've just never read about, but whatever occurred, it ended up taking fantastic.

That earns a swift and well deserved upgrade from 2 stars to 5!

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've been slowly getting into home coffee roasting after a friend with a Nesco home roaster let me sample several of the coffee's he's done, which he's purchased on Amazon from Lavanta. A Kenya blend he had was simply outstanding and sold me that home roasting was something I had to try.

Traditionally, I've always liked Sumatra medium/dark roasts. I purchased Sumatra Peaberry as a way to roast something I was already familiar with from many other coffee companies, hopefully to give me a baseline of how Lavanta's coffee measured up.

I started with an air popper (ghetto garage style) after reading many online reviews, tutorials, and opinions on this process. The roasting process was simple and the beans roasted beautifully. I turned off the popper right as 2C started, and immediately cooled them down to stop the roasting process. Waited 24 hours for them to off-gas and then got ready to try it. The beans smelled great. I used my hand-crank burr grinder to grind them for my AeroPress and the grounds smelled great. I made it in the usual manner and they bloomed right up - or even more so than I expected. First sips were decent, but really didn't blow me away. I finished my cup with mixed feelings, but just figured I could adjust the roast for the next batch.

The next day I went to make another cup of coffee with the same fresh roasted Sumatra Peaberry, and I don't know what happened in the beans, but I literally couldn't finish the cup. It tasted very ashy, and almost...sour?

I tried a couple of other batches of roasts and never had the same experience with it tasting "sour", but never achieved anything other than average-at-best 7-Eleven mini mart style coffee. I had about 1/2 pound left and asked my friend with the Nesco roaster to roast up the last of it so that I could at least compare THAT roast against my air popper roast(s). It was marginally better, but not dramatically at all.

What I thought might have been the result of the ghetto air popper roasting process, I think actually was the batch of beans I had. I don't know if it was the Peaberry beans, or if it's their Sumatra blends in general. I'm not going to give up and want to try at least two other roasts before I give up on Lavanta, but for what it's worth, their Sumatra Peaberry isn't ever worth purchasing again if it continues to taste like that.
Bob Dylan (Debut Album) + 12 Bonus Tracks
Bob Dylan (Debut Album) + 12 Bonus Tracks
This is an excellent version of Dylan's debut album and provdes a lot more of his early music. It adds to the Dylan material I have available for use on my radio programs.
GoWISE Power 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V DC to 120V AC with 2 AC Outlets + 1 5V USB Port, 2 Battery Cables, and Remote Switch (2000W Peak) PS1002
GoWISE Power 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V DC to 120V AC with 2 AC Outlets + 1 5V USB Port, 2 Battery Cables, and Remote Switch (2000W Peak) PS1002
The posts on the rear of the unit are cheap and are too close together to each other to be safe, without the terminal cable connectors moving and touching when you rotate it to access the front. The plastic tighteners can't be tightened enough to keep the cables from turning/rotating on the posts and shorting out when the unit is turned around to plug in an extension cord. This is a huge problem that needs to be addressed at the manufacturing level. I can't believe this hasn't been brought up before, it's a huge problem. The inverter may be OK but getting past the initial hook-up portion of the installation is very challenging. The fact that there is no rear view online tells me I should have asked for one before buying. If the terminals would have been spread apart enough and the posts had been thicker with standard nuts and washers I would have given this an initial rating of 4 until I had used it for a while, to see if it performs as advertised...... I will review this again after it's been used for some months.....I am hoping the inside is manufactured better than the outside.....
May review- this inverter is currently delivering excellent power and appears to be less of a strain on my AGM battery than the Xantrex 1000W that burned out after 8 months..... the rear terminals are still the same of course but it appears to be working well as long as the unit isn't moved once it's setup to be used..... I still maintain it needs to be redesigned to beef up the back side terminals....
4/22/17- I raised the stars to 4 because so far this inverter has performed great, irrespective of the posts on the back being too close.... they haven't been a problem since the first problem...... if they were farther apart and stouter I'd give this inverter a 5 star rating... I would definitely buy this inverter over the first one I bought
9/4/17- I raised the stars to 5 because so far the performance has been perfect.... the rear terminals are obviously still the same but I haven't had a problem since the first time so it isn't a problem evidently.... the proofs in the pudding- a year and a half almost and no problem with performance.... compared to my first inverter this one is a gem.......
16 Pieces Bamboo Toothbrushes Reusable Natural Organic Wooden Toothbrushes with Soft Nylon Bristles Individually Packed Dental Care Set for Men and Women (White)
16 Pieces Bamboo Toothbrushes Reusable Natural Organic Wooden Toothbrushes with Soft Nylon Bristles Individually Packed Dental Care Set for Men and Women (White)
Worst toothbrushes we have ever used you can feel the wood scraping your gums when you them and furthermore, they are super soft my 88 year old mom uses them on her gums and they do not work on her bridgework, so they are useless. I will be returning them it’s no wonder you receive so many for 15$. My mom who is 88 could not even use this on her gums where she had no teeth
Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel, 19.6 Inch x 12 Inch
Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel, 19.6 Inch x 12 Inch
I have owned many pizza peels and they have always splintered, worked, and ended up breaking in half. When I ordered this I was a little skeptical because it sounded so amazing, but everything they say is true. Not only is this board beautiful but the quality is outstanding ! It is perfectly smooth with a nice beveled edge, comfortable grip, cleans nicely and works perfectly, we use it in our outdoor pizza oven and the pizzas with a little cornmeal slide right into the oven with ease, the company was a very efficient, the board arrived within days, and the owner of the company contacted me shortly after to ask if I was satisfied with the product when I said I hadn't used it yet she checked back in a week and said they were a small company and she just wanted to make sure that I was happy with my purchase. Not only am I happy with my purchase but I am also happy with this amazing small family Business and I wish them the best of luck in the future I recommend ordering from this company anytime they're great! Thank you Melisse
The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings
The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings
Die Tolkien-Begeisterung des Autors

Wer das Buch „Der Herr der Ringe“ öffnet, steigt in eine reale Welt ein. Wie C. S. Lewis sagt, liefert ein Mythos all die Dinge, die wir kennen, mit ihrer reichen inneren Bedeutung. Sie lüftet den „Schleier der Vertrautheit“ Kein Wunder ist „Der Herr der Ringe“ in weltweiten Umfragen zum besten Buch des 20. Jahrhunderts gewählt worden. „Gewöhnliche Leute glauben immer noch an eine wirkliche Moral, an einen realen Unterschied zwischen Gut und Böse; an eine objektive Wahrheit und die Möglichkeit diese zu erkennen; und an die Überlegenheit des Schönen über das Hässliche.“

Die fünf Kennzeichen eines grossen Werkes

Kreeft nennt fünf Charakteristika:
1. Ein guter Handlungsverlauf, eine grosse Tat, ein gutes Werk, etwas das sich zu tun lohnt.
2. Grossartige Charakteren oder zumindest ein genialer Charakter, mit dem/denen sich der Leser identifizieren kann.
3. Ein interessantes Setting, eine anziehende Welt
4. Ein erhebender Stil
5. Eine Weltsicht, die Einsicht in uns selbst, unser Leben und unsere Welt bietet.

Der Aufbau des Buches

Die Literatur spricht, argumentiert und überzeugt durch konkrete Handlungen, während Philosophie dasselbe auf einer abstrakten Ebene tut. Gott hat sich in der Bibel grösstenteils über Erzählungen von Ereignissen offenbart.

Kreefts Buch ist didaktisch aufbereitet. Der Frage folgt jeweils eine kurzgefasste Antwort aus Sicht der (neo-thomistischen) Philosophie. Dann zitiert Kreeft kurze Abschnitte aus Tolkiens Werk (Silmarillion, Hobbits, Herr der Ringe), aus seinen Briefen sowie aus dem Werk von C. S. Lewis.

50 Leitfragen für die menschliche Existenz

Es lohnt sich, die 50 Fragen aufzuführen. Sie können als Wegweiser durch die wesentlichen Fragen unseres Seins dienen.

1. Metaphysik
1.1 Wie gross (umfassend) ist die Realität?
1.2 Ist das Übernatürliche real?
1.3 Sind die Platonischen Ideen real?

2. Philosophische Theologie
2.1 Existiert Gott?
2.2 Ist das Leben Gegenstand göttlicher Vorsehung?
2.3 Ist unser Leben vorbestimmt und wir trotzdem in unseren Handlungen frei?
2.4 Können wir durch Religion Beziehung zu Gott aufnehmen?

3. Engel
3.1 Gibt es Engel?
3.2 Haben wir Schutzengel?
3.3 Gibt es Wesen zwischen Engeln und Menschen wie z. B. Elfen?

4. Kosmologie
4.1 Ist die Natur wirklich schön?
4.2 Haben Dinge Persönlichkeit?
4.3 Gibt es Magie wirklich?

5. Anthropologie
5.1 Ist der Tod gut oder schlecht?
5.2 Ist Romantik aufregender als Sex?
5.3 Warum haben Menschen Identitätskrisen?
5.4 Was wünschen wir uns am tiefsten?

6. Epistemologie
6.1 Ist Erkenntnis immer gut?
6.2 Ist Intuition eine Form der Erkenntnis?
6.3 Ist Glaube (Vertrauen) Weisheit oder Ignoranz?
6.4 Was ist Wahrheit?

7. Geschichtsphilosophie
7.1 Ist Geschichte eine Geschichte (story)?
7.2 Ist die Vergangenheit (Tradition) ein Gefängnis oder eine Erleuchtung?
7.3 Ist Geschichte vorhersagbar?
7.4 Gibt es neben der Evolution auch eine Devolution?
7.5 Ist menschliches Leben eine Tragödie oder eine Komödie?

8. Ästhetik
8.1 Warum haben wir nicht länger Herrlichkeit oder Pracht?
8.2 Ist Schönheit immer gut?

9. Sprachphilosophie
9.1 Wie können Worte lebendig sein?
9.2 Metaphysik der Worte: Können Worte wirkliche Kraft sein?
9.3 Gibt es richtige und falsche Worte?
9.4 Gibt es eine universelle, ursprüngliche und natürliche Sprache?
9.5 Warum ist Musik so kraftvoll?

10. Politische Philosophie
10.1 Ist klein schön?
10.2 Kann Krieg edel (noble) sein?

11. Ethik: Der Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse
11.1 Ist Böses real?
11.2 Wie kraftvoll ist Böses?
11.3 Wie schwach ist Böses?
11.4 Wie funktioniert Böses?

12. Ethik: Die “harten” Tugenden
12.1 Machen Prinzipien oder Tugenden eine gute Handlung aus?
12.2 Warum müssen wir Helden sein?
12.3 Kann jemand ohne Hoffnung leben?
12.4 Ist Autorität unterdrückend und Gehorsam erniedrigend?
12.5 Sind Verheissungen heilig?

13. Ethik: Die “weichen” Tugenden
13.1 Worin besteht die Kraft der Freundschaft
13.2 Ist Demut demütigend?
13.3 Was solltest du weggeben?
13.4 Triumphiert Güte über Gerechtigkeit?
13.5 Ist Wohltätigkeit (charity) eine Verschwendung?

Die Gruppierung um 50 philosophische Fragen lässt das Buch als Konkordanz nützen. Es steigt aus einer Vielzahl von Perspektiven in die Welt von Mittelerde ein. Es passiert mit dem Leser, was Kreeft von guter Sekundärliteratur zu Tolkien erwartet: Es erfasst ihn ein Verlangen und die Freude, zur Primärliteratur zurückzugehen.
The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Short Stories (Dover Thrift Editions)
The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Short Stories (Dover Thrift Editions)
The highlight of this book for me had to be re-reading "The Death of Ivan Ilych" again after all these years. I read it for the first time years and years ago as required reading in middle school and this is the first time that I have come back to it since that time. I found myself unsurprisingly better equipped to read and appreciate this story now and was exceptionally pleased to have read it again.

This edition contains three short stories that were written after Tolstoy made his conversion to intense Christian beliefs. They are interesting to read together, particularly given the common theme about characters with mistaken ideas about what will bring them contentment.

"How Much Land Does a Man Need?" is a parable which examines greed and contentment through the story of a peasant who believes that he would be satisfied with his life if only he had a little bit more land.

"The Death of Ivan Ilych" tells the history of an outwardly prosperous but spiritually empty man who dies at the age of 45 after a fall in his home.

In "The Kreutzer Sonata" a man on a train relates to a fellow passenger what the circumstances were that led to the murder of his wife.

It is, at the very least, important to read these stories. The Kreutzer Sonata is particularly important in the history of literature. At its release, it was banned throughout much of Europe for indecency and has been inspiring debate about feminist issues and women characters in literature ever since that time.

The translation used in the Dover Thrift edition is competent, but has its awkward moments and is occasionally clunky and obtuse. I might personally recommend buying a different edition if you are planning a purchase.
Shifting for Himself, Or, Gilbert Greyson's Fortunes
Shifting for Himself, Or, Gilbert Greyson's Fortunes
Delightful book by Horatio Alger, this tale follows the life of Gilbert Greyson. He's been the ward of a businessman in New York. Suddenly, without warning, his schooling (boarding school) comes to an end. He was one year from entering Yale, so the young man is 16 and thrown upon his own resources.

Gilbert is a ward of the best friend of his deceased father. He has no idea as to the amount of his fortune, and asking his guardian provides no answers.

The guardian is not a totally terrible individual though is wife and snobbish son are dreadful -- chasers of money, greedy and unkind. Mr. Briggs (guardian) does provide $6 per week for Gilbert's room and board. Thus, with the $5 per week he (Gilbert) earns he is afforded a pretty good life for a young man in the city.

Then Mr. Briggs leaves, and his selfish wife "forgets" that her husband is to pay $6 per week toward Gilbert's board.

Of course our hero struggles. He is dismissed unjustly from his job in a broker's office as an errand boy.

And still Gilbert is kind to those less fortunate. A small flower girl is pivotal -- because Gilbert cares and is generous, he is rewarded.

I won't give away the entire plot, though if you've read Horatio Alger for any length of time you'll know. This book is well written, exciting and shows virtue is its own reward. I'm glad I read it and will read it again.
Dean Koontz – Odd Hours and Odd Interlude (2-in-1 Collection) (Odd Thomas Series)
Dean Koontz – Odd Hours and Odd Interlude (2-in-1 Collection) (Odd Thomas Series)
I only have one issue with this audio book set. After a certain point in each disc (don't recall the exact duration into each story), the audio starts to "skip" slightly. It's not a HUGE deal but it does get a bit annoying. It's like dropping half a syllable of a word every few minutes...example: He picked up the sh-gun (shotgun) and...". It's like a micro-pause that drops half a syllable but then just keeps going. I looked at the discs and there are no scratches or defects. I know it is not my car CD player because the rest of the same discs work fine--as I stated, it only starts after about 3/4 of the way through the story on each disc--and other other discs work fine as well. Defect in making the discs? Pushing too much data on them (they are MP3 format)???
A Royal Affair: An Anthology (The Royals of Cordina)
A Royal Affair: An Anthology (The Royals of Cordina)
I have just read the first story in this book which centres around Gabriella who has lost her memory due to a traumatic event. It is a good book, which you would expect from Nora. As always the love interest is not regarded as such until such a time. Good in general nice to put someone she knows as the baddies, but I thought alittle obvious though the reasoning for one not guessed at.
Will add to review once read second story centred on Alex......
Hippie (Spanish Edition)
Hippie (Spanish Edition)
Soy fanática de Paulo Coelho. Bueno, era. Tengo todos sus libros. Todos. Excepto Manual de vampirismo que está prohibido. Siento decir que cada vez me gusta menos. Ya no encuentro en él esa chispa que me encandiló con el alquimista, verónika decide morir, el demonio y la señorita prym etc. Antes sus libros me enseñaban, eran como un cuento lleno de anécdotas de enseñanza. Me gustaba mucho leerle. Ahora, desde adulterio hasta hoy en día, no me gusta nada. Está siendo comercial, se va por derroteros y por historias que al menos a mi no me llenan. Lo leo porque lo leo todo de él, pero no es un libro que me haya impresionado.
Sí que es cierto que me ha gustado más que el último (la espía), que me pareció un despropósito. Una historia de Matahari tan simple y mal escrita que me enfadé al terminarla.
Hippie es un libro...bueno, una historia de un viaje, pero nada más. Algunos pasajes son interesantes pero poco, poco. No hay mucho que exprimir. Me ha aburrido y eso si te pasa con un libro es muy triste.
Coelho, reacciona hijo mío!, o vuelves a tus orígenes donde lo místico envolvía la imaginación de tus lectores o yo, al menos, acabaré por abandonar tu lectura.
El alquimista me encantó, las valquirias. No sé, siento que hace falta más historias de verdad en sus libros.
Kane and Abel/The Prodigal Daughter/Not a Penny More/Quiver Full of Arrows: Kane and Abel, the Prodigal Daughter, Not a Penny More, Quiver Full of Arrows
Kane and Abel/The Prodigal Daughter/Not a Penny More/Quiver Full of Arrows: Kane and Abel, the Prodigal Daughter, Not a Penny More, Quiver Full of Arrows
A wonderful collection of stories from a brilliant storyteller. The kane and abel and prodigal daughter(sequel) has got absolutely superb plot to trod through and author builds up a wonderful climax. Story about persons of integrity, moral, determination and grit. A quiver full of arrows is an astounding collection of short stories. Absolutely terrific stories! Not a penny more is another brilliant plot. Superb storyline The whole collection can be described as "JUST SUPERB"
The Shadow Riders: A Novel
The Shadow Riders: A Novel
I read this book a long time before the movie with Sam Elliot was made, so I like the book better. But both the movie and the book are great. Most of the differences are in what happens while the men are searching for the kidnapped women. Probably you'll like one better than the other, but which one you like better will most likely depend on whether you like reading or watching tv better. In a nutshell, two brothers who served on opposite sides of the Civil War, return home to find that renegades have kidnapped their siblings and also a woman that one of the men planned to marry. This same group have stolen a lot of other people; planning to take them to Mexico to sell (the brothers don't know that at first) and the two brothers take off after them to bring them home.
Dragon Ball Full Color Freeza Arc, Vol. 3 (3)
Dragon Ball Full Color Freeza Arc, Vol. 3 (3)
Largely good, but again the colours are a problem for me. Kamehameha is blue, not yellow. Bulma's hair is blue, not purple. It's crazy that a main character of the series since its inception has the wrong hair colour, and that the colour of a signature move that's been around since dragonball is wrong. Really wish they fixed this, because it's awesome in every other area.
Witch & Wizard. James Patterson with Gabrielle Charbonnet
Witch & Wizard. James Patterson with Gabrielle Charbonnet
I've read other books by James Patterson, particularly his Maximum Ride series. I've read every one of the Max Ride books and I'm always pleased when I stumble upon a new one in the book store. That being said I can say unequivocally: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Witch and Wizard is an awful book, one of the worst I have ever read, and I read a lot.
I came across this book as a sneak peak to the sequel, The Gift, in the back of another book. I was intrigued, it seemed different and interesting, and the chapter stopped right at a moment that makes you want to read more. When I went online to check it out, I found it was the second book in a series which I bought for my Kindle without reservation.
When I sat down to read it I was disappointed. Very, very disappointed. I persevered for a few chapters and got about half way through the book before I gave up in disgust. There are many things wrong with this book, but the plot flaws and the indistinct characterisation were the most discouraging.
Firstly the characterisation. There is no distinction between the different characters: they don't have their own voice or way of operating, and their reactions to the events of the story are wholly unrealistic. Plus there are the stupid names given to several characters, especially one of the protagonists, Wisteria, more commonly known as 'Wisty'. Now Wisteria is a cool unusual name that the right character could embrace but Wisty sounds like a nickname an older brother would tease his sister with. It is also hard to take an evil organisation seriously when their leader is called 'The One Who Is the One'. The defiant and rude attitude of the main protagonists, the Allgood siblings, didn't make any sense. In the Max Ride books this is a signature of the flock, but it makes sense because they have always been on the run from evil scientists and were basically raised on the streets, so their spunky mistrust for authority figures makes sense. It doesn't for the well brought up, suburban middle class Allgoods who have never had any contact with the police.
The plot flaws are also really frustrating, it just doesn't make sense. The evil government: New Order, snatch the Allgoods from their home in the middle of the night, throw them in jail but let each kid take one possession from their home. Why would an evil government, who have re-written the laws let their prisoners take keepsakes or potential weapons. They've just arrested the pair for witchcraft but let them take a blank book and a drumstick with them into prison. When in prison the pair are also allowed to stay in the same cell rather than being separated. All of this just points to sloppy story telling. A little bit of creativity would have done wonders for this book.
I know this sounds a bit like a rant (which admittedly it is), but that's only because I liked his previous works and was really disappointed to find something so amateurish. I absolutely would not recommend this book, even if you're a fan of Patterson's work, it is predictable, poorly written and very flawed. It feels more like a first draft than a published book, and should not be read by any one.
Background to Danger
Background to Danger
This is probably my favorite Ambler novel so far (I've read 6), although it's not usually rated that highly by other readers or critics.

It's fast-moving, the naive protagonist (an Ambler hallmark), an intelligent political freelance journalist named Kenton, does something stupid in chapter One that lands him in the middle of the run-up to WWII, caught between Nazi spies and Soviet ones and having to rely on unexpected resourcefulness and some lucky encounters to escape a murder charge and sneak across borders. The Nazis are thoroughly despicable and well-characterized, with the nasty mastermind assassin Saridza under various names, and his sadistic English henchman, Capt Mailler (an inspiration perhaps for Ian Flaming's Red Grant).

Kenton's unexpected allies are the Soviet spies, brother and sister team Andreas and Tamara Zaleshoff, who speak English with Chicago accents (as a Chicago native, I found this very funny--Ambler has them talk like '30s gangsters), and their superior, the grotesque and brilliant polymath, Olga Smedoff, plus some red shirts killed along the way. (I wonder if the Zaleshoff siblings inspired Boris and Natasha, with a Mdme Big). Oh and the emaciated mute who was tortured by Czarists and is a Soviet as much from personal revenge as political faith. Even the minor characters are memorably sketched, with Kenton's journalist point of view providing a plausible foundation for some outre descriptions (e.g., Smedoff!).
There's plenty of low-violence suspense: two kidnappings, an interrupted torture session, a race against time escape as the air runs out and a James Bond-esque climatic car chase (Tamara is an ace driver). The plot is rather convoluted, although I never got lost (Ambler and Zaleshoff are always explaining things), with a satisfying denouement and much humor throughout.
The Berenstain Bears And The Excuse Note (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Berenstain Bears First Time Books)
The Berenstain Bears And The Excuse Note (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Berenstain Bears First Time Books)
The Excuse Note touches on the subject of forged notes - something nearly every student has probably tried from time to time. Following a minor injury, Sister enjoys not having to participate in P.E. and writes a note saying she needs to stay inactive until... well... until she feels like participating again! It's a cute story, but if you think you've heard this before from the Berenstain Bears, you're right. Excuse Note was originally published as part of the Cub Club Book Club, a special limited edition series of Berenstain Bears books published in 1992-1993. This is the second book of the series to be re-issued - "The Berenstain Bears Catch the Bus," published last year, which was originally also a part of the Cub Club entitled, "The Berenstain Bears On Time.") Perhaps there is a trend here, and many of those stories will reprinted, especially consdering Stan and Jan are in (and have been for a few years) the process of transferring storytelling and ilustrating duties to their sons, Michael and Leo, who have actually been writing many of the recent books though still (wisely) published under the name of Stan and Jan. Which raises the question: will the series ever end? It could be said that the series is running out of original ideas - there are over 300 books to the Bear Family's credit now (40 years!), and, as we see by this title, we are beginning to see duplicates. But there are, of course, topics which the Bear Family has yet to tackle. The Chapter Books have tackled everything from first dates to smoking, but I think the First Time Series would welcome titles touching on topics like flying for the first time or visiting firefighters and/or police officers.
Essential Tolkien CD: The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring
Essential Tolkien CD: The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring
My first exposure to Tolkien was my mother reading The Hobbit to me and my sister. I have since read everything I could get my hands on of his, so when I found this cd on amazon I was psyched! I threw the disc into my laptop as soon as it arrived and fired up iTunes, and I was not disappointed. It brings a real connection to the man to hear his voice. I specialize in studying diction and paralanguage, and it really adds another layer for the true geek to hear how Tolkien adds emphasis, de-emphasis, pauses, and phrasing to the beloved tales. It really enhanced the experience to me and increased my understanding of how he constructed his worlds, languages, and characters.
The Tests of a Ninja (Naruto Chapter Book, Vol. 2)
The Tests of a Ninja (Naruto Chapter Book, Vol. 2)
After graduating from Ninja Academy, Naruto makes new friends, pretty and smart Sakura and the moody Sasuke. He also meets his new sensei, Kakashi. Naruto s jokester ways may not help him to keep up with his talented new pals. If he wants to be the best ninja ever, he s going to have to work for it. Author of the Hit Book Angelcat. 
RasTa: A Soul's Journey
RasTa: A Soul's Journey
This film is very good in showing the universality of Rastafari and it is beautifully made. Donisha also does a wonderful job of carrying the film through the different locations. The problem is that it does not offer much in terms of information about Rastafari. Throughout the film you can hear repeated, "Rasta is a way of life". What is this way of life about? What are the values and beliefs? There was ample time to cover this. It also was affected by the unintentional self-promotional impulse of Donisha Prendergast, making the movie pivot too much around Bob Marley and her relationship with him. Even at moments when something else was being discussed she kept bringing it back to him. They waited until the final few minutes at the end to actually speak about the early Rastas and Leonard Howell, the main founder, making Howell seem like an afterthought. The last section where Donisha cries for what seems like 3 minutes could be edited out.
Very cute book. However it was supposed to come with reusable cling-on stickers which my book did not. Make sure the seller says "stickers/cling-ons included." The book doesn't make sense without them.
Doppia verità
Doppia verità
Ho letto vari libri di Baldacci, in particolare quelli della serie del 'Camel Club' e li ho sempre apprezzati e gustati. Questa 'Doppia verità' appare come un leggero incidente di percorso. Il libro è scorrevole e si legge volentieri tuttavia mi sembra che abbia molti debiti verso Lee Child ed il suo personaggio Jack Reacher. Entrambi provengono dalle forze armate Usa, entrambi, sia pure in modi diversi, sono o sono stati investigatori militari. Ma soprattutto vi è una scena (quando il protagonista deve affrontare alcuni avversari e fa un calcolo della propria forza e peso rispetto ai 'cattivi' ) che sembra presa pari pari da un analogo scontro descritto da Child in 'Niente da perdere'. Per questo, pur avendo, ripeto, apprezzato precedenti opere di Baldacci non vado oltre le tre stelline.
Madame Coquette (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition)
Madame Coquette (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition)
Série de livres sympa.
Moi je les ai utilisé afin de remercier des personnes chères pour mon anniversaire en essayant de trouver des traits de caractères dans les différents titres de cette collection. Et puis j'ai écrit un remerciement en première page. Effet dingue !
La volpe dorata: Il ciclo dei Courteney d'Africa (La Gaja scienza Vol. 309) (Italian Edition)
La volpe dorata: Il ciclo dei Courteney d'Africa (La Gaja scienza Vol. 309) (Italian Edition)
E' il romanzo che chiude il ciclo dei Courtney. Le vicende dei personaggi di questa straordinaria famiglia si fondono, come negli altri romanzi a loro dedicati, con fatti storici che riguardano soprattutto l'Africa. Il tema principale consiste nelle manovre dei servizi segreti sovietici e cubani, per imporre il modello socialista alle nazioni africane. Ne consiglio la lettura, unitamente agli altri romanzi del ciclo: la spiaggia infuocata, il potere della spada, i fuochi dell'ira. INDIMENTICABILI.

ano l'Africa in particolare e più in generale il Mondo.
Monsun (German Edition)
Monsun (German Edition) die einleitende Beschreibung. Das hätte mich stutzig machen sollen. Hier gab es nochmehr "Liebeskasperei" als in "Triumph der Sonne".
OK, die Story in Ihrer Handlung ist gut, die Beschreibung der damaligen Entbehrungen auf See und der Monsune sind spannend beschrieben.
Die Daily Mail (UK) rezensiert "wunderbar bis ins letzte Detail recherchiert". Wie bitte? Ich lebe seit 5 Jahren auf Lamu und der Autor war definitiv noch NIE dort. Alles, aber auch jedes Detail, sei es das Harem im Norden der Stadt (Haha), das Fort, in das man hineinreiten kann (hahaha)...die verschiedenen Strände, wie bitte? Es gibt nur einen Strand und der ist 12 km lang und Klippen gibt es auch nicht.
Nach der Detailgenauigkeit bei "Triumph der Sonne" bin ich von diesem Buch nur noch enttäuscht.
Leider hatte ich die Fortsetzung "Wüstenkönig" schon heruntergeladen...und die wurde noch schlechter, sorry
The Toff and the Terrified Taxman
The Toff and the Terrified Taxman
This was so good I didnt want to put it down. Not to be missed by you all . The plot unwinds with a visit to the taxman and an ending which only the Toff could unravel.
La Bella y La Bestia (Beauty and The Beast) BLU-RAY 3D - Starring Emma Watson (Audio & Subtitles: English and Spanish) IMPORT
La Bella y La Bestia (Beauty and The Beast) BLU-RAY 3D - Starring Emma Watson (Audio & Subtitles: English and Spanish) IMPORT
Edición en DVD de La Bella y la Bestia muy buena en imagen real, la historia que cuenta es la misma que la versión de animación pero es algo más larga en duración, unas 2 horas y pico. La imagen, fotografía, decorados, efectos especiales, maquillaje y por supuesto música y canciones es espectacular. Cuando vi el tráiler de la película no me pareció que fuera a ser tan buena, pero sorprende gratamente.

Esta versión en DVD es bastante decente, ideal para tenerla para la colección a muy bajo precio. De hecho, yo he comprado esta versión y la de animación también en DVD para regalo por menos de 15€ las dos, y a la persona le ha encantado. La calidad de imagen es muy buena en formato 16:9 2.40:1 y el sonido también, Dolby Digital 5.1 en perfecto castellano. No tiene extras, solo viene la película, pero aún así por el precio que tiene, merece la pena su compra para regalo o para coleccionar.
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart's Castle 4842 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart's Castle 4842 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
This was my last major piece to complete my collection and I have saved the best to last it seems. Good clear instructions, although I was a bit worried when I saw 10 bags and 3 books to put it together! Solid although I should have made it in the room where it was going to be displayed as it was dropped going up the stairs!
Great attentoion to details, especially the food in the great hall. Hard for small children to complete without adult help. being ana adult it took approx 6 hours to build over 3 days, well worth the effort and money. A must buy for any Harry Potter fan.
What is Art? (Penguin Classics)
What is Art? (Penguin Classics)
Unlike many works of aesthetics which tend to be overly abstract and dense, using technical terms from philosophy and a layering of sophisticated concepts, What is Art by Leo Tolstoy is as clear as clear can be, using language and ideas anybody can understand. Tolstoy is passionate about art and art's place within human experience. For many years, he tells us, he has been observing art and reading about art. And what he sees and reads is not pretty. For instance, he goes to a rehearsal of opera: "All is stopped, and the director, turning to the orchestra, attacks the French horn, scolding him in the rudest of terms, as cabmen abuse each other, for taking the wrong note." Seen through Tolstoy's eyes, the entire production is a ridiculous, grotesque, overblown extravagance. We can imagine Tolstoy shaking his head when he observes, "It would be difficult to find a more repulsive sight."

Tolstoy goes on to give us a detailed sampling of what philosophers and aestheticians have written about art and beauty throughout history, particularly since the eighteenth century, when aesthetics became a subject unto itself. The theories range from art being an expression of divine truth to art being a titillation of the senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and even tasting and smelling. Tolstoy notes toward the end of his study, "Therefore, however strange it may seem to say so, in spite of the mountains of books written about art, no exact definition of art has been constructed. And the reason of this is that the conception of art has been based on the conception of beauty."

Further on in his work, Tolstoy gives us an example of a young art gallery-goer being baffled at the painting of the various modern schools of art, impressionism, post-impressionism and the like. Tolstoy empathizes with the gallery-goer and knows most other ordinary people share this same reaction, " . . . the majority of people who are in sympathy with me, do not understand the productions of the new art, simply because there is nothing in it to understand, and because it is bad art . . . " Why is this the case in the modern world? Tolstoy lays the blame on the artistic and spiritual fragmentation of a society divided by class, "As soon as ever the art of the upper classes separated itself from universal art, a conviction arose that art may be art and yet be incomprehensible to the masses."

Tolstoy sees the modern institutionalization of art producing works that are degrading, meaningless and fake. He writes: "Becoming ever poorer and poorer in subject-matter, and more and more unintelligible in form, the art of the upper classes, in its latest productions, has even lost all the characteristics of art, and has been replaced by imitations of art." To compound the problem, Tolstoy tells us schools teaching art take mankind away from what is true in art, "To produce such counterfeits, definite rules or recipes exist in each branch of art." We come to see, with Tolstoy as our guide, how aspiring artists are given these counterfeits as models to follow and imitate; things have gone so far that creating art is reduced to `acquiring the knack'. Anybody who is familiar with the way in which writing is taught in today's colleges and universities will see how exactly right Tolstoy is on this point, as students are given a collection of essays written by modern writers in which to model their own writing.

The book continues with Tolstoy providing more examples of false, muddled, insincere, bad art. His description of an opera by Richard Wagner is laugh out loud funny. We read: "This gnome, still opening his mouth in the same strange way, long continued to sing or shout." We are given the impression Tolstoy hated going to the theater to see an opera or ballet. He predicts art forms like opera or ballet could never and will never be appreciated and enjoyed by the common person. Actually, on this point, he was off by a mile. Turns out, for those who are at all inclined toward art, the average person today can't get enough of productions like the Nutcracker. Taking about being off by a mile, Tolstoy judges Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as bad art since it cannot be viewed as religious art nor does it unite people in one feeling; rather, the fifth symphony is, "long, confused, artificial". Goodness! Most everyday Joe work-a-day type people who are concert-goers would be thrilled if Beethoven's fifth was on the program. What else is bad art? He writes: "In painting we must similarly place in the class of bad art all the Church, patriotic, and exclusive pictures . . . "

What then does Tolstoy regard as good art? In a word, art that is clear, sincere, and individual (as opposed to copying other art) as well as creating religious feelings and engendering the brotherhood of man. As examples, Tolstoy cites Dickens, Hugo, Dostoevsky and the painter Millet. You might not agree with Tolstoy on every point, but that is no reason to pass over a careful study of his views (after all, he is one of the world's great writers) on the question, `What is art?'.
Harry Potter Calendar 2021 Bundle - Deluxe 2021 Harry Potter Weekly/Monthly Planner - 5 x 8 -Calendar with Over 100 Calendar Stickers (Harry Potter Gifts, Office Supplies)
Harry Potter Calendar 2021 Bundle - Deluxe 2021 Harry Potter Weekly/Monthly Planner - 5 x 8 -Calendar with Over 100 Calendar Stickers (Harry Potter Gifts, Office Supplies)
I returned the first one because the cover was warped. I received the second one yesterday and it's just as warped as the first one. Cheaply made. Horribly packaged for shipping. Both times crammed with heavier items. Other than the crest on the front of calendar, nothing else in the calendar even remotely reflects Harry Potter. Do not recommend. Not bothering to return yet again. It's not worth the trip to Kohls to do the return.
Ghost Hawk
Ghost Hawk
Interesting to read some of the negative reviews as the book is well-conceived from a fictional standpoint. After all, how much history do we have from a Native's perspective from the time period of the pilgrims and Roger Williams?

So not to give anything specific away, this is a story from a 1st American's viewpoint on the first settlers in the Massachusetts area. The author takes liberty with how characters may have responded to one another and it definitely puts the Europeans in a bad light. However, I am almost certain that her insight is as accurate or more than the white accounts we have been spoon-fed for over 300 years. I really appreciate how she wrote the settler's language as well as the Natives curiosity as to what they were saying it sounded authentic.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to 5th grade teachers with higher level readers and it makes for a great read aloud. In fact, it's great for adults who want an easy read and have an open mind to think of this time period in a whole new way.
Leviton 2710 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt, Flush Mounting Locking Receptacle, Industrial Grade, Grounding, V-0-MAX, pack of 1, Black
Leviton 2710 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt, Flush Mounting Locking Receptacle, Industrial Grade, Grounding, V-0-MAX, pack of 1, Black
This is a heavy duty nicely made L14-30 female receptacle that is designed to handle 30 amps at 240v. Each of the wires slide into a slot. There are 2 slots on each side, they are clearly marked with W,G,X,Y for the 4 wires used.

This receptacle is well made and doing the job nicely. I firmly tighten down the #10 wire (which needs to be used to support the 30 possible amps). It's designed to hold this size wire.

I primarily use this to supply power to my welder. The welder sits on a cart that I built with a power distribution center on it. I run a cord from the cart over to the wall where I have an L14-30 female to plug this into. It works well and I really like the locking connection, it keeps things plugged in if there's a little tension on the cords.

The main reason for selecting this plug when I designed my welding cart is because it works with most of the 240v generators out there. Generators use this plug because it can handle 30 amps at 240v for about 7500 watts of power (30 x 240 = 7200) Use extreme caution if you backfeed info your home with this plug.

There are 2 main concerns to watch for if you plan to backfeed power.
#1, is that you MUST disconnect the main feed on the house main panel to make sure you are not trying to power up your neighborhood, and that you don't risk shocking a power line worker who might be trying to restore your power. If the power does come back online and your generator was to be connected, you would fry your generator.

#2, is that to back feed a generator with this plug, you end up with a connection setup with 2 male ends. Those ends can be very dangerous if they have power. Connect your wires before turning on the power at your generator to keep from having any shock risk. If your only use for this plug is to backfeed, I suggest using this adapter instead. 
QMX Harry's First Spell Q-Fig Action Figure
QMX Harry's First Spell Q-Fig Action Figure
I absolutely love this figure. It’s the third q fig figure I’ve bought in the Harry Potter range and it doesn’t disappoint. Harry looks really like the illustrations on the covers of the early books. He’s casting a spell and it’s the small details like the scarf flowing behind , the unruly hair and look of glee on his face that make this figure so perfect. It stands just under 4 inch on a small plastic stand but the figure itself is made on a sort of soft resin type plastic.....looks much better than it sounds. This is not a toy , it’s a collectors item but as it won’t break easily it would look really cool in a kids Harry Potter bedroom. You do get an attachment which is a voice bubble for you to write in what Harry might be saying. I personally left this off as I love it as it is. This is a really well made, detailed collectors figure and I love it.
Funko Pop! Disney: Santa Clause - Santa
Funko Pop! Disney: Santa Clause - Santa
I am very upset with this purchase. The box came to me smashed and the Funko looks dirty in the face. But it won’t come off. I need this for a gift for a collector and they are not in stock for an exchange. Customer service is not able to help me because I don’t have a card on file. This being a Christmas gift for the collector i am upset to get it in this condition. I wish it was clean because it is a very cute collectible
UPDATE: I purchased a second one of these funko pops and there was no damage and it was in perfect condition. Again they are very cute but order early because if you get a bad one you can return before Christmas if this will be a gift.
The Teacher's Hook
The Teacher's Hook
After reading this book, I want to be in the classroom to use the suggestions! These teacher strategies will make a difference in the attitudes of the students. Thanks Dr. Kay
for addressing the common challenges of the classroom for
both the teacher and the student.
DII Foladble Fabric Storage Bins for Nursery, Offices, Home, Containers are Made to Fit Standard Cube Organizers, Small S/2, Mint
DII Foladble Fabric Storage Bins for Nursery, Offices, Home, Containers are Made to Fit Standard Cube Organizers, Small S/2, Mint
The price is pretty fair, but I think there are plenty of better options out there for not much more. I wanted to like these because of the pattern and color, but the color grey isn’t as dark as I expected from the pictures on the listing as well as the reviews so it just doesn’t look as good. If they switch to a lighter grey they should show that in their description pictures so customers know what they are getting. Also, there is a bad smell like tempura paint. The handle and trim don’t look like they will hold up; I would hardly call it ‘fabric’. It’s more like medical gauze, see-through (see pic) I’m going to return them for something more durable and less cheap-looking. I think this company could do well if they improved the quality control and materials.
Gracosy - Botas de nieve cálidas para mujer, botines de invierno antideslizantes con forro de piel e impermeables para exteriores
Gracosy - Botas de nieve cálidas para mujer, botines de invierno antideslizantes con forro de piel e impermeables para exteriores
Just got these new boots today and I love them! They feel so comfortable. They feel very light and plush. I ordered a size 9 (as there was not an 8.5 offered). I typically wear a size 8.5 in runners and most shoes/boots. The fit is good - there is a bit of support. Good soles and an easy to use side zipper. I was looking for a lighter winter boot for easier walking on "nicer" winter days - I already have the clunky tall winter snow boots. They are nice looking boots (can be for dressy or casual) and I am very pleased with my purchase. They arrived very quickly (I placed the order on a Thursday and I had them on Monday)! Would recommend. Thank you.
File Manager & Memory Cleaner Pro for Fire TV
File Manager & Memory Cleaner Pro for Fire TV
Takes a little while to figure out how to use all of the features, but very useful once you’ve mastered them all. I was able to cast my photo gallery to my roku on my tv, very cool!
Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Adjustable Height Modern Mid Back Swivel Chair for Small Place, Black Office Chairs
Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Adjustable Height Modern Mid Back Swivel Chair for Small Place, Black Office Chairs
I ordered two of these. One of them was missing an arm. How do you forget to package a whole arm? Anyway without an arm, I have to send it back. Now the replacement will take over a month to arrive. Just not worth the hassle.

The assembly of the one with all the parts was easy, no special tools needed. Once together it felt sturdy and comfortable. Good for students and gets. If your a larger person it will be too small.
TLOG Mini Rice Cooker, 2 Cups Uncooked (0.6L) Portable Rice Cooker, Food Steamer, Travel Rice Cooker Small, Multicooker for Brown Rice, White Rice, Soup, Keep Warm, 12 Hour Preset, ARC-150
TLOG Mini Rice Cooker, 2 Cups Uncooked (0.6L) Portable Rice Cooker, Food Steamer, Travel Rice Cooker Small, Multicooker for Brown Rice, White Rice, Soup, Keep Warm, 12 Hour Preset, ARC-150
I was looking for a small rice cooker that was a little better than the traditional bowl-shaped ones you can buy at the local drug store. I wasn't exactly thrilled to spend $60, but it at least will do more than make just rice. It's compact size is exactly what I was looking for, as I have a very small kitchen, am only feeding two people, and don't always want leftovers! The only other thing I wish was different was that the cord was removable. It would be nice to store it inside rather than haphazardly wrapped around it. I have only used it a few times so far, but have not had any issues. It looks like it's decent quality and will last long enough to be worth the price.
Haribo Balla Stixx Fresa 39.68 oz
Haribo Balla Stixx Fresa 39.68 oz
I love licorice, and for years I've been searching for a white-filled licorice that I had in London in the early 90s. I thought this might be it, but these are not quite what I'm looking for. I'm glad I tried them though, because they are still delicious, though extremely sugary.

I was expecting these to be about the diameter of a pen, but they are more slender. The box is huge! I've had to bring it to work to share.

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