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Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs
Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs
We don't need more leadership books that inspire and instruct and give principles, at least I don't think so. Leadership principles are good to know and learn from, but you really don't know what leadership looks like and feels like until you do it. And leadership will be different based on who you are, who you're leading, and what you're situation is. I say it like this: you can't swim by reading books and going to conferences and watching videos about swimming. Leadership is like swimming; you learn to lead by leading.

This book gives you the insider look into the mind and heart of what a leader actually goes through in her/his thoughts and feelings. That's where the hard work of leadership really happens. Yes, it's a mental game, as they say about tennis or other competitive sports. You may not have the identical reactions and anxiety described in the book. So it is not universal. Knowing the specifics of how the author has experienced anxiety as a part of leading and as a part of being human, is so very helpful to know how to manage the weight and load of leadership that is indeed so intangible.

I'm believing that this book will help a good number of leaders to not burn out and to stay on the path of health and wellness and effectiveness for a lifetime of good healthy impact for those s/he leads.
Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet
Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet
Not only do I enjoy Bob Dylan's music and songwriting but the development of Jewish and Christian traditions is something that I enjoy reading about and studying as a spiritual person. Needless to say, I was quite pleased when I discovered that someone had embarked upon the task of documenting references, either direct or indirect, of Dylan's Jewish heritage and how that heritage has affected his songwriting and life. Unfortunately, Dylan's Jewishness has often been neglected in writings about him. It's generally passed over as a piece of trivia, not as a contributive identity. He is recognized as the singer, the songwriter, the poet, even the prophet - but what about Dylan the Jew? Of course, the book doesn't treat Dylan's religious beliefs directly, but it surely surmises.

Overall, the book was a quick read yet highly informed and thus highly informative. It easily ranks among the best books on Dylan currently available. The author, a longtime follower and researcher of Dylan, tries hard not to repeat too much information available elsewhere while also acknowledging that there are some very basic facts which newcomers - whether to the musician or the literature about him - need to know. Such is inevitable. Where this book excels is in connecting the imagery found in the biblical prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, et. al.) and Dylan's lyrics. Even the staunchest biblicist might not readily be able to see such otherwise apparent parallels, but Rogovoy has done his research. There are moments when the connection cannot be explained any other way than to suggest that Dylan was as intimately familiar with the texts of Jewish tradition as he was with the works or Rimbaud, Brecht, and William Blake.

That being said, however, at times the connections between the biblical prophets and Dylan's lyrics seem forced, sometimes based on little more than a few matching words even when context seems to demand exclusive interpretations. Outside of John Wesley Harding and New Morning and other explicit moments of Dylan's affluence for biblical imagery, there are definitely moments when the thesis of the book is stretched to its outermost limits applying biblical or talmudic references when in fact there is very little or no connection at all. The author displays a tendency to connect words or three-word phrases to themes which have very little business being connected. For this reason, the album-by-album, song-by-song exegesis which serves as the layout of practically the entire book soon grows long in the tooth and sometimes proves to be redundant. By the mid-'80s, Dylan's songs seems to have settled upon a few ideological bases which inform his work from that point forward with only slight modifications whether that be in terms of degree or perception. Thus, when Rogovoy's explication of "Shot of Love" and "Infidels" highlights that Dylan's songs increasingly focus on a "world gone wrong," the final pages of the book could easily be skipped without missing much new revelation on the subject.

Even though the author and Harold Lepidus (of the Bob Dylan Examiner, who assisted Rogovoy with the book) both state that Dylan's religious beliefs are not directly dealt with in the book, it's difficult not to read the chapters titled "Burnt Offerings" and the following "Psalms" somewhat apologetically. Despite what the author states in interviews, there is definitely a certain emphasis placed upon attempting to extract Dylan from his "born-again Christian" identification. For example, in the chapter titled "Psalms," when discussing the song "When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky," specifically the lines "I don't want to be a fool starving for affection/I don't want to drown in someone else's wine," Rogovoy interprets these lines as suggesting that Dylan is recanting his earlier acceptance of wine as Jesus' blood (as is believed by many evangelical and Catholic Christians) and that the born-again Christian period was merely a phase promulgated by a love relationship. In short, Dylan was and is not a true Christian believer. Taking this concept further, Rogovoy interprets the final verse of the song "Man of Peace" as referring to Dylan's return to his distinctive Jewish identity by suggesting that Dylan was beginning to view Jesus as Satan. A proper analysis of these lines within the context of the song, though, do not warrant even a hint of this type of surreptitious, nuanced interpretation. Despite what the author says about his not getting directly involved in Dylan's religious affairs, it nonetheless seems apparent that Rogovoy isn't going to allow Dylan to stray far from the Jewish fold. In this vein, Rogovoy attempts to suggest that the concept of Jesus as Messiah and as Dylan's personal savior is not quite as implicit in the songs of this born-again time period as some people might otherwise claim, thus attempting to resurrect the albums Slow Train Coming and Saved for pundits of whatever creed; however, he fails to read between the lines, not recognizing allusions to Jesus even when the name "Jesus" isn't referenced. The very cover art of the album Slow Train Coming symbolically alludes to faith in Jesus as Messiah. Where Rogovoy excels in his understanding of traditional Judaism, he alternatively displays a certain ignorance when it comes to Christianity and the Christian tradition, including everything from classical exegesis to the high arts - the very things which help to inform the imagery of Slow Train Coming, Saved, and even Shot of Love (which the author excludes from this period despite thereference to the Gospel of Matthew in the liner notes). For this reason, he fails to properly acknowledge the Jewish roots of Christianity, thus accounting for why the images found in the lyrics of Dylan's born-again "phase" may seem like an extension of his Jewish heritage.

Aside from these criticisms, the book ought to be applauded as pioneering a whole new brand of Dylan research. I look forward to further books and articles which expand upon the thesis of this book while exercising some constraint for the sake of precision.
Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Pink Grapefruit, 20 Count
Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Pink Grapefruit, 20 Count
Learned about it, was skeptical, ordered it anyway. - It arrived today. (Don’t you just love that about Amazon Prime)
I have been pleasantly surprised. - I’m not a big water drinker, so I buy the little 10 oz bottles. Reviews, regardless of flavor all say drink it while it’s cold. - I took a sizable drink & popped the little top. (Have that lid handy kids!)
It wasn’t an explosion, but it did fizz. - I shook it well. Thinking it was going to be way too strong, I took a pretty big swallow... preparing to chug the rest. Totally unnecessary! The Pink Grapefruit is yummy. Tasted so good it went down quickly. - Now you can’t buy an energy product of ANY kind, lay down on the sofa & think it’s going to cause you to jump up & get busy. But if you are already up, you will find yourself feeling like doing something productive.
Workaholic that I am & working from home, I’ve found myself working to exhaustion with nothing left to clean house & do chores. I had my Pink Grapefruit at 6:30 after a 58 hour week. My kitchen & bathroom are sparkling clean, the last load of laundry is on the spin cycle & I can easily foresee it being folded & put away before I go to bed. I’ve loaded, ran & unloaded the dishwasher & am about to put clean sheets on the bed. - I have zero interest in drinking two per day.... at my age I might seriously overdo it & be too sore to move!
Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids - and How to Break the Trance
Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids - and How to Break the Trance
This book provides a thoughtful and in depth presentation of the problem we are all facing today as parents. If you had any doubt about whether your common sense observation is correct about the fact your kid could have a tech addiction; this book presents indisputable evidence that your gut feeling is correct.

Dr. Kardaras presents an evidenced based case citing scientific study after scientific study to prove the point that we, as a society, are already deep inside the rabbit hole. We have been systemically and purposely deceived by sometimes well intentioned but oftentimes greedy group think corporate heads that placed tech into the hands of our young children.

As a physician, and the father of three boys ages two through 11, I have seen first hand the addiction in my kids. The facts presented by Dr. Kardaras will hit you like a ton of bricks. THIS IS ADDICTION--100%

It is not often that I read a passage in a book that literally stops me in my tracks and rocks me to my core. Again, as an MD, I've read 100's, if not 1000's of medical texts and articles. Don't get me wrong, you do not need any degree other than common sense to get the point of this book. It is all explained very well so that anyone will get it. But when he speaks of Little Johnny sitting in the corner with his iPad, seemingly in intense quiet concentration and focus. So much that one might say, "Look at how focused Little Johnny is, concentrating so hard on his game." But as Dr. Kardaras pointed out and I can concur from other medical research, Little Johnny 's brain is being damaged by the onslaught of hyper-stimulation. Although he looks so focused and concentrating, his ability to focus and concentrate is actually being destroyed by the hyper stimulation to his cerebral cortex.

That was the passage that stopped me cold. How many times have I seen my own kids mesmerized in apparent concentration while their higher order brain centers were being bombarded with sequential rewards and temptations. I literally got sick to my stomach.

The second part of the book presented a treatment plan. I implemented this in my life and successfully broke my kids addiction. I used the not well known "Restrictions" functions on their iPad and iPhone device and restricted everything. I confiscated all tech and sent them into painful withdrawal. 6 months later, I am happy to say my older one doesn't even remember or care if he has his phone or not, their grades have improved and although they think this is a punishment, which I keep telling them it's not; we are a much better off family unit.

This book will change your life if you think you have kids that are addicted to their devices.

Thanks Nick
Pilot Juice Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen, 0.38 mm, 12 Color Set (LJU120UF-12C)
Pilot Juice Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen, 0.38 mm, 12 Color Set (LJU120UF-12C)
I'm a pit picky when it comes to pens; as a result, I rarely buy pens in brick and mortar stores as they usually don't have the selection and have gone to Amazon for my pen purchasing needs. I have pretty small handwriting, so I prefer very fine tip pens - usually 0.38mm - as they tend to make my writing a bit more legible. In the US, these are all but impossible to find in stores. I've tried the Pilot G2s in that size but found them to be inconsistent with respect to putting ink to the page and a bit "scratchy" when actually writing.

These, on the other hand, don't have these problems. They are by far the smoothest 0.38mm pen I've ever used and ink lines are consistent without any scratchy feeling while writing. The ink dries extremely quickly: I have yet to have any smudging while using these. The colors are nice and vivid and all (except the yellow in my opinion) are easily readable. The spring-loaded clip is a nice little feature it makes it a bit more difficult to accidentally break the clip when flexing it to put it somewhere and is loaded with enough tension to keep the pen wherever you put it.

If, like me, you like very fine point pens but have been unhappy with the scratchiness of other models, go with these. I absolutely love these pens, and they have become my go-to for daily use. I'll definitely be buying another pack of these to have on reserve.
Marvel Black Panther Backpack Multi
Marvel Black Panther Backpack Multi
I loved this backpack! It’s exceeded my expectations! It’s really durable and deep! Not only that my 5 year old son has drop kicked it and sat on it and everything and it’s still in great shape!!!! I would recommend this back pack to anybody!!! Greatest buy I’ve bought on Amazon!
Rubie's Women's Marvel Classic Black Panther Costume, Small
Rubie's Women's Marvel Classic Black Panther Costume, Small
The sizing chart for this costume is incorrect. I ordered a small because the chart says it fits a 4-6 dress size. When I received the package the size clearly stated that a small fit a 0-2 petite. The costume fit okay, but I ended up doing a return and ordering one size up.
El demonio y la señorita Prym (Spanish Edition)
El demonio y la señorita Prym (Spanish Edition)
Recomiendo este libro a todas las personas que en un momento de sus vidas hayan tenido la necesidad de enfrentar sus propios demonios... esas encrucijadas de la vida donde no sabemos que camino tomar.
Perry Mason in the Case of- The Glamorous Ghost / Terrified Typist / Lucky Loser / Screaming Woman / Long-Legged Models / The Foot-Loose Doll / The Waylaid Wolf
Perry Mason in the Case of- The Glamorous Ghost / Terrified Typist / Lucky Loser / Screaming Woman / Long-Legged Models / The Foot-Loose Doll / The Waylaid Wolf
The stories are much better than the tv series was and it was pretty good. Gardner wrote dozens and I've read about a dozen so far, including the seven in this book. It's amazing how he was able to devise so many interesting plots. When reading, though, you should remember than the laws governing court cases are different now than when the stories were written and prosecutors can no longer surprise the defense with evidence they don't know about.
Dragon Ball - Le Dictionnaire (French Edition)
Dragon Ball - Le Dictionnaire (French Edition)

Amazing book, explains pretty much everything you saw in the anime/manga, such as power levels (from the very beggining to the end of Freeza arc), objects, timeline of events, races, the DB Universe (afterlife included), you name it. But where this book shines is on the Characters and Attacks sections, enourmous and very detailed. Kuddos for the beautiful artwork here and there from both Akira Toriyama and the Toei/Bird Studio staff.


Well, it's a french book. Unless you speak it or at least understand it on the average levels (like me), this book has no use or whatsoever, unless pure collecting purposes. And of course, you can point out that, for the mentioned colleting purpose, the original Daizenshuu 7 worth a lot more of your heart and money because it's..well...the original. But this french translation is much more easy to find and less expensive than the original.
Also, the japanese alphabetic order can be a pain in the ass until you start to feel confortable with (wich I'm not), and you'll have to allways use the index to find anything here. Not really a negative aspect, just pointing that out.

That being said, if you are anything like me about Dragon Ball, buy it without hesitation. One of the best Dragon Ball related material ever released.
Astro Boy, Vol. 2
Astro Boy, Vol. 2
Volume 2 immediately reminds me that Dark Horse's Astro Boy collection is far from complete by very briefly bringing Uran and Cobalt (an Astro Boy look alike) into the story despite never introducing them in any way. In the first story Astro Boy becomes embroiled in a plot to ruin the first robot president; president Rag (as in Rag Doll). Rag's primary desire as president is to see humans and robots in a more cooperative position which doesn't sit well with many humans who prefer their robots working as servants. The main threat against Rag's presidency is Deadcross, a costumed villain intent on destroying him. The robots are clearly surrogates for any oppressed group although oppressed groups don't generally manage to secure highest position in the land. This is a classic example of Osamu Tezuka using robots and science fiction to tell a tale of morality that's relevant in any era.

Dealing with the topic of sentient robots is one of Tezuka's common stories. In the second story a robotic (but very human looking) magician named Kino is framed for the theft of priceless paintings. In response the police want to change the robot rules and force all robots to have their intellects dumbed down to prevent robots like Kino from committing crimes. This would include Astro Boy. The general population of robots are not surprisingly unhappy with the proposed change and begin marching in the streets. Lowering the intellect of free robots is perhaps not such a bad idea since they are flat out superior physically to humans and have repeatedly shown themselves to be dangerous. On the other hand the dangerous robots are generally created by villains who simply don't adhere to the robot rules while creating lethal robots. In this case Kino's duplicate was created by a magician named Noh Unoh who gave the robot limited intelligence to make him easily controlled.

As in volume 1 Osamu Tezuka breaks in to complain about his stories being censored in the United States for excessive violence and brings up the very good point that this is the same country that was involved in multiple wars in southeast Asia where real people were being killed. At the same time Tezuka can be very playful as when he does some fourth wall breaking. In the Kino story the police attempt to hide the valuable paintings from Kino's double by folding back the comic panel and hiding them behind it. Tezuka is frequently a mix of serious and silly.

In my review of volume one I compared this collection to the recent Fantagraphics release of Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse. The Fantagraphics books are gorgeous hardcover editions fit for display. They are complete and given their page count and dimensions add up to 26254 sq inches of high quality pages for $21.89. Dark Horse gives around 6702 sq inches of cheap quality paper in this paperback collection that includes huge gaps in the stories. Currently the volumes are selling for between 8 and 10 dollars per. This is pretty much a done on the cheap collection although I won't deny that the translating seems to be well done. At this point Dark Horse is the only show in town so if you don't want to pay the asking price for this collection you don't get to read Tezuka's stories. Maybe some day a publisher will decide to give Tezuka and Astro Boy the star treatment they deserve but until then people will have to settle for this overpriced collection.
Astro Boy Volume 19
Astro Boy Volume 19
Q: Do you have a male preteen, who likes Pokemon, Yugioh, cartoons, owns at least two game systems (handhelds count) and knows what anime is?

A: Yes.

Stop here and buy the series. Don't ask why, or is it valuable, beneficial or even engage in the debate about the academic merits of comic books, or graphic novels. I could tell you it is a Japanese classic, on par with Superman, that it may be a collectors item in the future or it is an engaging series with complex subplots for this age group.

That doesn't matter.

You only need to know that if you buy it:

1. He is reading

2. He is reading

3. He is not playing a video game

4. He is reading

5. He is not arguing or fighting with a sibling

6. He is not watching TV like a mindless drone

7. He is reading

8. He will want to read other graphic novels.
Cross Justice (Alex Cross Book 23)
Cross Justice (Alex Cross Book 23)
I've always loved the Detective Alex Cross character in this series from James Patterson; it's refreshing to read about a crime fighter of impressive credentials, well respected, and being a man of color. Having said that, I will have to say that I'm disappointed in this latest installment from James Patterson. While the premise of the book is a good one (Cross and his family travel back home to his boyhood roots in Starksville, NC in an attempt to assist the family in the defense of a male relative who has been charged criminally with a particularly heinous crime; the sexual assault and murder of a child). One could always count on the Cross novels to remain more of less realistic all the way to the end of each respective book; not so with this one. The ending to this latest chapter in the Cross serious is so outrageous and over-the-top to the point that it actually insults the reader, in my opinion. Now, I'm not saying that I won't continue to read the Cross series of books from Patterson, but if this is what we can expect in future editions of the Cross series, I'll save my money and pick up future Cross novels at used book stores. Your readers deserved far better than this, Mr. Patterson. I sincerely hope that Patterson returns to his old form in future novels, even if that means he may have to co-write the future Cross novels with other writers, as he often does in his other books. Devoted Cross readers deserve better than this.
Batailles sur la route (Littérature Française (33))
Batailles sur la route (Littérature Française (33))
...encore heureux qu'il y a la route ! pur produit du baby-boum, j'ai le souvenir des mêmes camions; ceux de mon dab : le GMC - tombé à la baille un soir de grand "brouillard" et auquel, après l'en avoir sorti, il avait suffit de refaire les pleins d'huile et d'essence pour qu'il reprenne du service -, le Willème - et à l'époque le "beau comme un Willème" n'était pas usurpé - ou encore le Saurer - conduite à droite et dont le chauffeur devait lâcher l'immense volant pour passer les vitesses à deux mains - !
hors-sujet, mais ça m'a bien amusé de me remémorer cette glorieuse époque des entrepreneurs d'après guerre !
le sujet ? écrit en 49 par un jeune auteur à peine trentenaire, le bouquin est fondé sur la sinistre période de l'épuration...trop de résistants de la dernière heure nettoyant la France de collabos qui le plus souvent n'étaient que des gens ordinaires coupables d'avoir tenté de survivre à l'occupation...
en définitive, le héros, résistant, s'éprend d'une femme tondue et la sauve de plus de sévices et il apparaît au fil des pages, mais on peut très vite s'en douter, que la belle n'est autre que la sœur du milicien passé devant le peloton d’exécution dont notre héros faisait partie.
s'ensuivent pour lui des états d'âme un poil cucul et une chute tirée par les la tondue ?
pas désagréable du tout à lire si on accepte la mièvrerie des romans à l'eau de rose de l'é le jeune Frédéric Dard terminait là-dessus ses classes lyonnaises, puisque 49 a aussi connu la naissance de San-Antonio
The Zane Grey Megapack
The Zane Grey Megapack
I love the stories but I bought this for my Kindle e-book and for some reason after reading only a small portion (1st 2 books), my kindle white started rebooting about every 5 minutes. I contacted Amazon and at first they thought it was just my kindle so they told me to send it in and they would repair or replace it, which I did and while I was waiting for them to send it back, I tried to read on my old keyboard type kindle. After reading only a short portion of the book my kindle started to reboot every few pages again and finally froze up completely. Kindle apologized and agreed with me that there was a problem with the this particular e-book being downloaded. Again Amazon took good care of me, and sent me a brand new kindle, my problem is that I'm now afraid to try and download the book again because I don't want to mess up my kindles again. If anyone else had this problem I'd like to hear about it. Thank you.
Naruto, Vol. 59: The Five Kage (Naruto Graphic Novel)
Naruto, Vol. 59: The Five Kage (Naruto Graphic Novel)
The story continues from where it left off last last volume (58) and with the help of Naruto Uzumaki, the shinobi allience get the upper hand of the war but then Kabuto uses his trump card and things get even more hectic then it was before and then the 5 Kage are called into action.
I have no other word to describe this volume but EPIC. I definitely recommend you (naruto fan) buying this volume, i assure you, it'll be worth it. I can't wait for volume 60 to be released XD
Case Closed: The Time Bombed Skyscraper / The Fourteenth Target (Double Feature)
Case Closed: The Time Bombed Skyscraper / The Fourteenth Target (Double Feature)
Conan Edogawa is a very unusual detective -- the tiny bespectacled first-grader is actually teenage detective Jimmy Kudo, shrunk by an experimental poison and hiding under an assumed identity. And "Case Closed: Double Feature" brings together the first two movies involving this odd sleuth: one is a more straightforward tale of bombs, terror and cat-and-mouse games, while the second is a classic stuck-in-a-building-with-a-room-of-suspects mystery.

In "The Time Bombed Skyscraper," Conan has just solved a difficult case and going to a tea party held by eminent architect Leo Joel. But he has a problem that even he can't solve -- Rachel is determined to see a movie with Jimmy (Conan's true identity) on his birthday, and she won't take no for an answer. But then a far worse problem arises when a strange man calls Jimmy's phone, and challenges him to find bombs he's set in the city -- one is set near Conan's not-too-bright little friends, and the other in a crowded public square.

But then the ante is upped when bombs are set somewhere in the local train system, and if any of the trains slow down below a certain speed, they'll be blown up. Now only the teeny tiny detective can uncover the madman behind these bombings, and the deep-seated obsessions that are driving him... but will he figure it out before the bomber's last round of explosions causes his biggest bang yet? And even worse, will Rachel blow up with it?

Then "The 14th Target" becomes an issue -- someone is unleashing bizarre attacks on people that Richard knows who are connected to certain numbers (or, if you watch the Japanese dub, have a number in their names) -- with symbols of playing cards left at the scene of the crime. As the crimes pile up (including Dr. Agasa getting shot in the butt), the police unveil a possible suspect -- a recently released convict who Richard shot and put away over ten years ago, injuring Ava in the process.

But the real danger comes when Richard and Maguire try to warn a wealthy magnate at his floating resort, and find themselves with a large number of potential victims -- a model, a sommelier, a photographer, an American businessman, a food writer, a cop and Richard himself. But soon the resort is sealed off, and people start being murdered again. And Jimmy realizes that the suspected man is not the culprit... but one of the guests is.

Honestly I'm not impressed by the quality of many anime movies adapted from a TV series, but "Case Closed: Double Feature" is a pretty satisfying pair of films. The first is more of an explosive thriller with a fairly obvious villain (complete with a wire-snipping climax in a collapsing building), while the second is more of a classic whodunnit peppered with red herrings and clues.

And since these are movies, the writers up the ante a little by adding helicopter crashes, bombs, collapsing buildings and a deadly standoff with guns; unfortunately the Anglicized names make some parts of both plots... contrived to say the least. There are also some cute little romantic moments (including an underwater rescue and a conversation through a steel door) between Jimmy/Conan and Rachel, and a few spatterings of comic relief -- but the real focus is on very deadly mysteries.

Conan himslf is a likeable little guy who gets some high-speed chases, clever deductions and sinister phone calls along the way, while Rachel wrestles with a terrible old memory she apparently repressed for years. And while Richard remains a huge goofball, he does get to shine at times during the second movie, where we see him as a fairly competent cop and detective... not to mention a crack shot.

"Case Closed: Double Feature" brings together two enjoyable anime movies, one a thriller and one a whodunnit. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon, and sticks pretty closely to the television series.
Kitaba Bayildim!
Romantik ve Heycanli bi Hikayesi var.
Basda biraz sorlaniyorsun ama sonra Taslar teker teker yerlirine oturuyor.
Alacakaranligi(Twilight) sevenler bu Kitabi daha cok sevecekler.
Last Summer [VHS]
Last Summer [VHS]
For the most part, this movie was very well done but it is slow and depressing. It does portray the minds of children and teens trying to cope with tragedy and death while the adults do nothing to help because they don't know what to do anymore than the children themselves. Though it does deal with death and suicide, it isn't overly gory and doesn't have a lot of language. The children all performed well enough for their parts but you can tell some of the emotions don't quite come through. After the mother tries to leave, the father comes home early and as she's leaving she is killed. The boys come to the house right after but don't realize what has happened and the father tries to kill two of his boys and one of their friends. After seeing one of the boys and the man's dog, he ends up killing himself instead of continuing after the boys. This causes a chain of events where the 3 children who lost their parents and witnessing what happened are given up on by the adults and the boys give up on themselves. The youngest of the two friends of the boys who witnessed the suicide sets off to protect the other 3 boys while his family tries to keep him out of it including his older brother. He wants to fix things and sees himself as the only one who can fix everything to where everything is back to normal. Though this is a depressing movie it is well filmed and overall very well done. The actors performed well for the most part but you can see some of the amateur acting coming through. It is a bit slow and not a whole lot going on but it's a good movie for what it is. Nothing off color, nothing vulgar and nothing overtly sexual. Just boys being boys and adults trying to do what they think is best though it's the wrong thing to do.
Foreign Body (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 8)
Foreign Body (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 8)
Once upon a time, there was this good doctor who wrote terrific medical thrillers. His books became very popular. He sold millions of copies and soon became a full time writer and a rich man.

For a long time his many fans enjoyed his work and each book was awaited with great anticipation.

Then suddenly one day, to his fans' great disappointment, he wrote a rather boring book. At first, his many admirers hoped it to be a one time occurence. But other boring books followed, all lacking the freshness and new ideas of his earlier works which had always kept his faithful audience captivated.

After a long row of disappointments, a book set in India seemed promising and the fans once again held their hopes high and ran to the bookstores. The book was based upon an up to date healthcare matter in America, and raised questions of great importance.

But alas, in spite of a splendid idea and a great opportunity to turn the trend and get back to earlier greatness, the book was a flop and lots of disappointed fans simply gave up after a few chapters. Some even wondered whether the doctor had really written the book himself. Stilted language, repetitive dialogues, unrealistic plots and ideas. It all seemed rather hasty and in lack of good editing.

And so, numerous books ended up gathering dust in bookcases all over the world and some were even thrown in the garbage, while buyers regretted good money badly spent, and swore they would never again buy a book by their previously cherised idol.

So, if the good doctor has not decided to once again offer the quality of his heydays, it's goodbye and tanks for the memories. It was fun as long as it lasted.
The Pocket Book of Erskine Caldwell Stories
The Pocket Book of Erskine Caldwell Stories
I'm friends with Erskine Caldwell's granddaughter. Thought I should be more familiar with his work. Watch for the movie of his life with Margaret Bourke-White now in the planning stages.
HARRY POTTER Collectible Severus Snape Doll (~12-inch) Wearing Black Coat Jacket and Wizard Robes, with Wand, Gift for 6 Year Olds and Up, Multi (GNR35)
HARRY POTTER Collectible Severus Snape Doll (~12-inch) Wearing Black Coat Jacket and Wizard Robes, with Wand, Gift for 6 Year Olds and Up, Multi (GNR35)
I saw they were making other characters in this line a while ago, and my first thought was "is there a Professor Snape doll?" Now there is! I got him today, and he's fantastic! I'm quite pleased with him - he looks very true to character, and he's high quality, especially for the price. My only complaint is that the packaging came in rough shape - thankfully he was alright, but the idea of saving packaging isn't really going to pan out. That said, I never intended to keep him in the box to begin with. He's going to stay by my desk, to help me with a major project I'm working on, and answering my emails. If you have any love for Severus Snape at all, I highly recommend this figure - he's fantastic.
Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow
the disc is EXACTLY THE SAME, as previous blu-ray release. menu and features the same. no 4K upgrade. I uploaded a photo of the old disc next to the new one (left side). the case, overall construction is abysmal, the cheapest cardboard they could have used it arrived dented on the corners, and a large scratch down the back. see images. As I already own the original book, the book included is, at medium level inspection, accurate and unabridged, however I don't really care about it (again because I own a nice hardcover of the original book anyway)- no points for that. The cover art is the only PRO of this version. it is nice cover art, not great. could have been far more creative. the art behind the disc is, in my opinion, the nicest. the background is more of a mirrored silver than it is white, in the factory image it appears white- which would have been nicer. the book is also peppered with corresponding screenshots of the film, which in my opinion, make it more cheesy. I would have preferred more updated features, perhaps a steenbok treatment, this is one of my favorite films. I also attached an image of the rear page giving info compared with the rear of the previous version, as you can see, the feature list is the same. If you do not have the previous version, it is worth it- otherwise not. If this film IS given the steel book treatment, prob for the 30- if there are even still blu-ray's in 10 years, I will get that. and do another comparison review. 2/10.
Jay Franco Hogwarts is My Home 5 Piece Full Bed Set (Offical Harry Potter Product), Blue
Jay Franco Hogwarts is My Home 5 Piece Full Bed Set (Offical Harry Potter Product), Blue
I bought these Harry Potter sheets for my daughter’s birthday and she was so excited when she got them. They had two big tears on the seam of the comforter and I didn’t notice them until they were already on her bed. I stitched both seams myself because it was easier than returning them and waiting on new ones; and because my daughter was upset that her present was torn. It’s a mistake a seamstress shouldn’t have missed, especially since they cost $60. Other than that the sheets are really cute and my daughter loves them. I would just advise to check the comforter carefully before you throw the packaging away.
Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park Honeydukes Emporium Pepper Imps Cinnamon Flavoured Candies 7 Oz Candy Collectible Glass Jar
Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park Honeydukes Emporium Pepper Imps Cinnamon Flavoured Candies 7 Oz Candy Collectible Glass Jar
Everything you want in a candy and collectable. I very much enjoyed the cinnamon, which was tamer than the red hot tamales that I usually get. I also very much enjoyed that this was a hard candy in contrast. Less to get stuck in your teeth! Also, the Harry Potter themed jar was perfect. I am VERY Happy with this purchase. The jar is glass and the lid is metal, and you can reuse the whole container. I know I will!!

Dark Heaven Bones - Dragons & Dragonkin Plastic Kyphrixis (Clear)
Dark Heaven Bones - Dragons & Dragonkin Plastic Kyphrixis (Clear)
This thing is awesome. The detail is great, it looks cool in clear plastic, it's solid and stable and properly sized for D&D (put it on a Huge, 3x3 base). The dragon has lots of dynamic movement in its sculpt, and varied textures for the scales, wings, and underbelly.

Mine was a little bent. I couldn't really get the feet to line up on the base. With some boiling water and some strong glue, I was able to get it close enough, but it's not a perfect fit by any means. However, all in all, I don't really mind. Nobody looks at the feet anyway. Not when the wings and tail are so striking.

If you can't tell from photos, it comes with a rocky-looking base, and without that, it won't stand up. The surface it stands on (the top of the rocks) isn't flat, so you need the rocks. I think it looks cool, but it's worth knowing, anyway.
Educational Insights Complete Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Collection, Ages 8 and up, (57 pieces with storage tray)
Educational Insights Complete Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Collection, Ages 8 and up, (57 pieces with storage tray)

Included in the kit are:

Fossils Collection:
* Ammonite
* Bryozoa
* Petrified Wood
* Gastropod
* Fossil Fern/Plant Matter
* Crinoid Stem
* Colony Coral
* Shark's Tooth
* Brachiopod

Igneous Rock Collection:
* Scoria
* Pummice
* Gabbro
* Tuff
* Rhyolite
* Diorite
* Granite
* Andesite
* Basalt
* Obsidian
* Pegmatite
* Porphyry

Mineral Collection:
* Talc
* Limonite
* Selenite
* Fluorite
* Sulfur
* Calcite
* Pyrite
* Magnetite
* Vemiculite
* Hematite
* Quartz
* Mica

Metamorphic Rock Collection:
* Chlorite Schist
* Garnet Schist
* Graphite Schist
* Mica Schist
* Serpentinite
* Marble
* Gneiss
* Slate
* Amphibolite
* Dolmitic Marble
* Epidosite
* Quartzite

Sedimentary Rock Collection:
* Siltstone
* Sandstone
* Rock Salt
* Coal
* Limestone
* Arkose
* Conglomerate
* Fossiliferous Limestone
* Mudstone
* Shale
* Travertine
* Rock Gypsum
Emma and Elizabeth: A story based on 'The Watsons' by Jane Austen
Emma and Elizabeth: A story based on 'The Watsons' by Jane Austen
My curiosity was roused when I learned that an author had taken on Jane Austen's novel fragment, The Watsons, as her choice for Austenesque variation novel. I have speculated happily about where the author could have take this story so it was fun to see where the speculation led when the author tweaked a few things and set a new tale on its path.

The book is the story of sisters. There are four in the Watson family, but the focus is on the oldest, Elizabeth, and the youngest, Emma. Their lives took very different roads when Emma was removed from her childhood home at the age of five to be the child to her wealthy childless aunt and uncle and Elizabeth was forced to drudge for three indifferent siblings and a father who was more concerned about his own creature comforts.

The author smoothed out the differences between the sisters reared in two different classes and the awkwardness that would have come from being separated most of Emma's life. The story shone and sparkled with hope and romance. It defied what would usually be the lot in life for women with no dowries or connections and gave a much happier conclusion. And, I was all for it. There was conflict enough as Emma must learn the difference between worthiness and the appearance of and Elizabeth must learn her own value for more than how she can serve.

The story was engaging and I was riveted from first to last. Young Charles Blake stole the show. I loved the scene when this impressionable young man is rescued at the Assembly by Emma Watson and then later, at another dance, it is her turn to be rescued by an unlikely hero (at least in her eyes).

I was taken with plot, characters, setting, attention to historical details, and of course romance. I look forward to pressing on with the next book in the series.
Lenovo 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 14inch FHD (1920X 1080) Touchscreen, Intel Pentium Gold 5405U 2.30GHz, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB NVMe SSD, WiFi, HDMI, Windows 10- (Renewed)
Lenovo 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 14inch FHD (1920X 1080) Touchscreen, Intel Pentium Gold 5405U 2.30GHz, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB NVMe SSD, WiFi, HDMI, Windows 10- (Renewed)
The computer I bought for my son's elementary school school work and online gaming is of high quality, to my surprise given the lower cost than the laptops I have been using for my work. My son loves the 2 in 1 mode, with laptop mode for daily school work and touch screen tablet mode for his entertainment. The sound quality is also very good, especially when using the headphone. Thirdly, it is very light so my son feels it quite easy to carry it around. My son is quite happy with the new laptop and he has been busy with doing homework and play games on it.
AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon Lightning to USB Cable, Advanced Collection, MFi Certified Apple iPhone Charger, Dark Gray, 10 Feet
AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon Lightning to USB Cable, Advanced Collection, MFi Certified Apple iPhone Charger, Dark Gray, 10 Feet
Para recomendar este producto mencionaré lo bueno y lo malo para que tomes tu mejor decisión:

*La calidad del recubrimiento es muy buena, no importa si lo pisas accidentalmente o si pega con el piso o roza con algún objeto, siempre se mantendrá en excelentes condiciones.
*La calidad de los conectores se observa muy buena, hasta el momento no he tenido problema alguno en que no entre al teléfono o al conector USB o que haga algún "falso contacto".
*Yo lo pedí en longitud de 3.4 metros, por lo que puedes tener siempre al alcance tu teléfono, aún cuando el contacto eléctrico se encuentre muy alejado u obstruido. Yo lo cargo mientras veo la TV y es muy cómodo estar en sofá y no estar pegado al contacto :)
*Llega muy bien empaquetado en una cajita de cartón y cuenta con un velcro para poder mantenerlo enrrollado.
*Al principio pensaba que por la longitud de 3.4 metros iba a ser muy estorboso, pero cabe en cualquier compartimiento de la mochila, chamarras o sudaderas.

*Lo único malo que le vería, es que al ser de longitud de 3.4 metros no te cabe fácilmente en el bolsillo del pantalón.

Es todo! :)

Shunya Mixed Fruit | Immunity-Boosting | Super Herb-Infused | 0 Calories | 0 Sugar 100% Natural | Pack of 12
Shunya Mixed Fruit | Immunity-Boosting | Super Herb-Infused | 0 Calories | 0 Sugar 100% Natural | Pack of 12
i have used shuny fizzy drinks in past many times and i always liked them... even my husband who cant digest the after taste of stevia loved them.. so i decided to try the vitamins drink as well and they are good...
my daughter love them as well...
they keep you hydrated and fulfil the electrolytes need of body...
good for drinking as a substitute to electerol but sugar free and diabetic friendly... keto friendly as well..
Milchschlauch-Set 12004554 + Edelstahl Milchrohr 13962 + Doppelbürste 3/7mm kompatibel mit Siemens EQ6, Bosch VeroAroma Kaffeevollautomaten
Milchschlauch-Set 12004554 + Edelstahl Milchrohr 13962 + Doppelbürste 3/7mm kompatibel mit Siemens EQ6, Bosch VeroAroma Kaffeevollautomaten
Egal, ob man das Originalzubehör nun händisch oder in der Maschine reinigt,
bzw. reinigen lässt - es ist sehr angenehm einen Austauschartikel greifbar zu
haben und damit nicht "gezwungen" zu sein während der Reinigung auf
Milchspezialitäten zu verzichten.

Die kleine, beigelegte, Reinigungsbürste ist natürlich nichts für's Leben, aber
nice-to-have. Aus hygienischen Gründen wohl für maximal zwei bis drei
Reinigungsdurchgänge nutzbar.

Das Edelstahlrohr sieht deutlich wertiger aus, als der von BSH vorgesehene
Plastikschlauch und entspricht bzgl. Optik/Poliereung dem aufgebrachten
Siemens-Schriftzug auf der Ausgabetülle.

Weil Metall Hitze deutlich besser leitet und hält als Silikon, empfiehlt es sich
ein paar Sekunden länger zu warten, ehe man nach der automatischen
Reinigung das Steigrohr entnimmt. Im Geschirrspüler haben die ersten beiden
Durchläufe keine Produktmängel zu Tage gefördert (wie Flugrost).

Insoweit ergeht meinerseits eine Empfehlung für Besitzer der Siemens EQ.6
Reihe. Der fünfte Stern folgt, wenn sich das Edelstahlrohr auch nach den
nächsten Spülmaschinendurchgängen als haltbar verifiziert.
Bigzzia Gaming Chair Office Chair Desk Chair Swivel Heavy Duty Chair Ergonomic Design with Cushion and Reclining Back Support (Pink and White)
Bigzzia Gaming Chair Office Chair Desk Chair Swivel Heavy Duty Chair Ergonomic Design with Cushion and Reclining Back Support (Pink and White)
The color of the chair is Beautiful. When I opened the box a few things I noticed. the nails aren't labeled correctly to match the install directions. The wheels on the chair are not as described. I did contact the seller. I am waiting for a response. So i can not rate the customer service department just yet. Once the chair was installed its a bit squeaky. Not as sturdy as described. Even with tightening the screws. Chair still is a bit wobbly. Will probably last me for about a few months. I probably should have listened to the reviews. But I always like to try things out myself.
Greenies Original Regular Natural Dental Dog Treats (25 - 50 libras)
Greenies Original Regular Natural Dental Dog Treats (25 - 50 libras)
When I visited the home of a relative a few months ago she gave me a few of these that had been broken in half to take home to my dog. When I got home he smelled them in my pocket and started jumping around until I gave him one. When I gave it to him he started flipping it around and playing with it before eating it. He liked them so much I began buying them but I find them too pliable to break in half so I just give him one whole one each day. My dog likes other treats too but does not act like this with them. Now he stands by where I keep hem and cries for one every morning! My husband said it is almost like catnip for dogs because of how he plays with them. Now I have to make sure I never run out because my dog loves these so much! When the Amazon box or sometimes an envelope arrives he must be able to smell them because he is so happy and tries to help me open the box. My dog is a beagle with a little cocker spaniel in him. One time he flipped it around and it went under my bed and he chewed the footboard trying to get at the Greenie so now I always make sure I’m home and watching him while he eats it. Great treat and I loved the toothbrush shape, too!

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