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JavaScript: Fundamentals
JavaScript: Fundamentals
JavaScript: Fundamentals by Brennien Coker and Story Ninjas. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Sass and Compass in Action
Sass and Compass in Action
Sass and Compass in Action by Wynn Netherland, Nathan Weizenbaum, et al.. Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars, with 18 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the css category.
No Doubts: Reasonable Doubt 1
No Doubts: Reasonable Doubt 1
No Doubts: Reasonable Doubt 1 by Whitney G., Sebastian Walch, et al.. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, with 3 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
Oedipus the King (Enriched Classics)
Oedipus the King (Enriched Classics)
Oedipus the King (Enriched Classics) by Sophocles and Bernard Knox. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 55 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Java Programming with CORBA (OMG)
Java Programming with CORBA (OMG)
Java Programming with CORBA (OMG) by Andreas Vogel and Keith Duddy. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars, with 3 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Java programming' category.
Learning Heroku Postgres
Learning Heroku Postgres
Learning Heroku Postgres by Patrick Espake. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, with 4 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
Programming iOS 8
Programming iOS 8
Programming iOS 8 by Matt Neuburg. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 18 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Objective-C programming category.
KOTLIN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: AN OUTLINE by KRANTHI KUMAR and CURIOSITY PUBLISHERS. Rated 1 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Kotlin programming category.
Programming in Visual Basic Version 4.0
Programming in Visual Basic Version 4.0
Programming in Visual Basic Version 4.0 by Julia Case Bradley and Anita C. Millspaugh. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Julia programming category.
Disappearing Ink: The Insider, the FBI, and the Looting of the Kenyon College Library
Disappearing Ink: The Insider, the FBI, and the Looting of the Kenyon College Library
I have the utmost respect for academic librarians and aspire to be one someday. The story of David Breithaupt is unusual in that he is not a common criminal but the victim of this own relationship. McDade's crystal clear and concise narrative informs the reader that sometimes we are not dealing with a mastermind but merely a victim of circumstance. Breithaupt seems to have been unduly manipulated to engage in rare book larceny. When he is finally caught he wasn't living the high life but merely getting by while his significant other, who escaped prosecution, walked away with the lion's share of the book profits.

When everything is said and done, you cannot help but feel sorry for this poor misunderstood librarian who was the victim of his own relationship.

The book is short and sweet. If you are even remotely interested in fine art crime, I would highly recommend this title. McDade is an expert in this particular field and I would say this book is an excellent primer demonstrating his gift of true crime storytelling.
The Zen of Steve Jobs
The Zen of Steve Jobs
Really love this book. One of my favourite books. Love the cartoon and different feel of the book. Real simple and easy to read with a few real learning point that worth reading again and again. Real learning experience for me and eye opener if you have interest in design, meditation, Buddhism, Steve Jobs or just in general are curious about other way of thinking and seeing the world in another perspective. Could really recommend this book if you are open minded to new things and don't want boring fact driven books. This is alternative book I really enjoyed it.
Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon
Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon
Pastor Greg Laurie, one of the country's most well known evangelists and Christian leaders, had an obsession of sorts with uncovering the truth behind a rumor that the great American actor, celebrity icon and King of Cool, Steve McQueen, had become a Christian in his final years. He decided to research the reality behind the rumor and the result is this very readable personal journey into the hardscrabble background, spiritual wilderness and final triumph of a remarkable Hollywood legend.
This is a very unusual book. It is really Greg Laurie's testimony about discovering Steve McQueen's testimony. Laurie's method is to use himself as a foil for McQueen so that in telling Steve McQueen's story, Greg Laurie actually shares his own. The two had very much in common including absent fathers, promiscuous mothers and the resultant poverty and abuse that often characterizes single parent homes. The difference between the two is that Laurie became a Christian in his teens while Steve McQueen joined the Marine Corps before embarking on a career as an actor.
This book's title sounds like a straight forward biography but it is not. Greg Laurie starts the book primarily talking about himself, reminding the reader over and over again how much he and Steve McQueen have in common. As a result, the introduction and first several chapters will disappoint some readers. The weaving of Steve McQueen's life with Greg Laurie's doesn't always work. One is tempted to tell the author to shut up and get on with Steve McQueen's story. But this is as much Laurie's story as it is McQueen's. Laurie's writing style is also distracting. One would expect help from the co-author, Marshall Terrill but it doesn't come. But Greg Laurie is a preacher after all and he writes EXACTLY the way he preaches -- with self-deprecating humor and occasional tangents or asides meant to color the text. If you don't know Greg Laurie or you never heard him speak, this will annoy you. But I endured it because I do listen to Pastor Laurie preach now and again and recognized it for what it was.
Yet as the book moves forward it builds up steam, digging a little deeper each chapter into the real person behind the icon that Steve McQueen was for a generation of his fans. While Laurie did do his due diligence in the research department, the strength of this book is in the revelations of people Laurie met and interviewed. He was looking for those people who would recognize and shed light on the real Steve McQueen. And by doing his own research, he turned this slow-starting book into a very remarkable piece of investigative journalism.
Steve McQueen did, indeed, commit his life to Christ. Not on his deathbed, as some suggest, but prior to his cancer diagnosis. And McQueen's final battle against an incurable cancer seemed only to strengthen his faith in Jesus Christ, not diminish it as it might have had his conversion not been genuine.
Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon is highly recommended. If you get it and find the first several chapters to be distracting or rambling as I did, just hang on, it gets better. And the final quarter of the book is powerful, heart-wrenching and inspirational all at the same time. Highly Recommended.
Trump Aftershock: The President's Seismic Impact on Culture and Faith in America
Trump Aftershock: The President's Seismic Impact on Culture and Faith in America
Trump Aftershock is packed with information about every aspect of Trump’s presidency. I will note a few of the subjects covered. The Political Divide The author, Stephen Strang describes the Left/Right political divide in America in the past and since Trump was elected. The relentless negative and nasty attacks on Trump are noted and questioned. “For more than two years the media has conducted around the clock aerial bombing of the president’s character, motives and intelligence while ignoring and generally misrepresenting his accomplishments with the economy, jobs, taxes, foreign policy, the military and border security. The impression among a majority of the general public is that the media’s focus is predicated almost entirely on talking points and broadsides supplied by the DNC.”68
The Media and Soros The media are aggressively anti-Trump because far left billionaires including George Soros “have been on a spending spree over the past fifteen years, buying newspapers, funding websites and creating a phalanx of nonprofit advocacy groups to promote ultraliberal policies and to undermine conservatives and their organizations.”112 These billionaires “have contributed more than 2.7 billion since 2000 to groups pushing abortion, climate change alarmism, and gun control and supporting a long list of liberal politicians. Soros alone has spent at least $52 million building a network of newspapers, news organizations and journalistic institutions.”112 Soros funds as many as two hundred hard left groups and a long list of anarchist and ultraliberal causes., Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood are Soros’ favorites.114-115 “Virtually all the organizations involved in the anti-Trump demonstrations that rocked New York and other cities in January 2017 had ties to Soros.”115 “Soros also had ties to more than fifty protest groups involved with the Women’s March on Washington, DC the day after Trump’s election.”115
The Mueller investigation is ongoing and destructive. Congressman Louis Gohmert, former chief justice of the Twelfth Circuit Court of Appeals, published a detailed forty page report on Mueller. His report “lays out Mueller’s long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people.”137 Read this book for example after example of this. “In a hearing on Paul Manafort’s case US District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III berated the government attorneys saying the case was false.”140 They didn’t care about Manafort; they only wanted to get to Trump and impeach him.
Israel Moving the U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem had profound meaning to the Jewish people. Israel is threatened by the Palestinians and by Syria. An interesting one state solution is proposed by the Messianic Jews in the United States. “There would be one Jewish state – Israel- and the nearly one million Arabs who live in the West Bank would be given a financial incentive to voluntarily relocate to neighboring Arab countries, which would also be financially incentivized to receive and assist in resettling them.”201 Most of the Palestinians would love to accept this offer.
At the back of the book is a six page list of things Donald Trump has achieved in his first 500 days in office. In one of the final chapters Strang points out that some of the changes Trump has made will last for decades.
The book is indexed and has thirty-six pages of Endnotes. This book will reveal what the media doesn’t tell you and show you the many things Donald Trump has already accomplished.
Best quote: Franklin Graham says Trump “defends the Christian faith more than any president in my lifetime.”206
Solos for Jazz Trumpet: Classic Jazz Solos
Solos for Jazz Trumpet: Classic Jazz Solos
Louie Armstrong - WAY DOWN YONDER IN NEW ORLEANS intro plus melody variant 27 bars in all. all levels of play - Straight version with lyrics can be found in
The Real (Little) Ultimate Jazz Fake Book as is Sweet Sue Just You, My Funny Valentine and I Can't Get Started.

Miles Davis - Short solos from Charlie Parker's Dial recordings KLACTOVEEDEDSTENE 2 takes - BIRD OF PARADISE 3 takes
ON GREEN DOLPHIN STREET - 2 muted solo choruses, no melody, from Miles Davis '58 - Columbia CD - all levels of play
SWEET SUE, JUST YOU - Full open horn trumpet performance. bonus track to Round Midnight - Columbia CD - all levels of play
My Funny Valentine - 2 versions - Prestige 1956 Cookin' all levels of play and 1964 Columbia Lincoln Center Live advanced

Dizzy Gillespie - HOT HOUSE solo from Jazz at Massey Hall with Charlie Parker
2 versions of I CAN'T GET STARTED with intro, the second version rec 1953 with small group is from an obscure Duke Records compilation LP

Freddie Hubbard - ON GREEN DOLPHIN STREET 2 muted up tempo choruses from Eric Dolphy's Outward Bound album
BLUE MOON - from Three Blind Mice - Art Blakey Jazz Messengers - up tempo solo including a 93 note run ballad melody not given

Lee Morgan - 3 -24 bar solo choruses on THE SIDEWINDER original Blue Note studio version - although the book gives a rare Pacific Jazz Lp as the source - Melody not given
Inside Out (Theatrical)
Inside Out (Theatrical)
Inside Out (1-Disc DVD)
When we are born, headquarters is composed of one emotional control button, happiness Joy (yellow) . . . for 33 seconds.
Then Sadness (blue) informs discomfort (hunger, being wet).
Then Disgust (green) broccoli.
Then Anger (red) with volcanic brain eruptions blotting out reason, and breaking a few objects in the process, and throwing a few items down on the floor. Mr Rogers says throwing things down is to experiment with personal control of together and separate.
Won't You Be My Neighbor? Even Mr Rogers becomes angry when he notices people trying to hurt children, but he uses his anger constructively to resolve problems, and find solutions together with other grownups who reassure children "always look for the helpers. There are always people trying to help."
Fear (purple panic) keeps us safe from scary things. Sometimes scary things are not threatening, sometimes they are imaginary, sometimes they are really dangerous (like electrical cords).

When we are small and vulnerable, we know we cannot survive unless there are dependable grownups around who love us (imperfectly) and take care of us, house, feed and diaper us, eventually guide us through school and puberty (middle school yechh) and help us navigate responsibility, making mistakes, learning, apologizing, forgiving and loss.
Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts Tavris & Aronson
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Kate DiCamillo growing up from egocentricity to caring and sacrifice enroute to love by a toy bunny.

Parents are not always perfectly attuned to us. They may have their own problems which absorb them.
The Judge (2014) Robert Duvall, Robert Downey Jr, Vincent D'Onofrio, Vera Farmiga
talking with a 5 year old about divorce: It happened to my friend Megan, I just never thought it would happen to me.

And what we think we have said is not always what was heard.
Dad thinks: avoided a disaster.
Mom thinks: well that was a disaster.

Riley teaches her parents that she cannot always pretend to be happy when she is not.
Sadness (blue) is an essential part of maturation due to change, loss, adaptation to life's vagaries.
Even Joy (yellow) learns that without Sadness (blue) to point out truth honestly, we cannot truly grow ourselves up.

Being an authentic grown up ourselves is accepting responsibility for not always being happy, and learning to cope with difficult uncomfortable yet real happenings.
Up (Single-Disc Edition) chosen by Assisted Living residents as the before lunch movie for discussion and insights over shared bread.

Losing a hockey goal seems like the end of the world. But the love of the grownups in our lives, and our friends, help us get through tough times. And as we age, getting through tough times gets tougher.
Departures Oscar Best Foreign film English subtitles, abandoned age 6, growing up trying to please an absent parent, losing job, spouse exits, cobbling together a surrogate family of mentor employer and nurturing bath house owner, learning ritual meditation, finally learning forgiveness.

Inside Out is 5* for reminding us that we each have memories (bowling balls) which are sucked away by Forgetters as we age, and some memories that stick in the head forever (chewing gum song) for reasons that escape us.

Sometimes we have to let go of cherished memories (imaginary friends like Bing Bong) in order to grow ourselves up to face more mature tasks beyond ego (making the hockey team, boys) and shaping our personal character (telling mom and dad the truth that we miss Minnesota and we can't be their happy girl all the time because we have our own feelings, separate from theirs, that we feel about things).

Highly recommended for entire families, especially grandparents, to watch with the commentary subtitles on and the audio-commentary by the co-directors, cinematographer, to help us guide our families with wisdom and compassion through tough times.
Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection (Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks)
Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection (Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks)
I believe that there are things that we receive that are priceless, both in terms for value and sentimentality. The Dr. Seuss’s hardcover books are entertaining for a child, fun to read as an adult, and the clever concepts, tongue twister rhymes and verses, never gets old or stale, even when read 30 years later.

There are five separate hardcovers books in this collection, and they come protected in a fitted cardboard sleeve. Each book is one complete story, with funny characters, unusual adventuresome plots, and all have happy endings. The stories are all illustrated and the font is large and easy to read, the tongue twisters are catchy and fun and the plot of the stories move at a smooth and easy pace.

These stories and pictures capture a toddler’s attention, and they listen without any restless squirming. When my son was at that very young age he always requested that I read the same story ‘again’.

He kept his full collection and now that he has two young children of his own, both he and my daughter-in-law read them to their children as part of their bedtime ritual. Since all these stories are fun and amusing, and without any scary portions, they make the perfect transition from sleepy wakefulness to a peaceful sleep.

However, I bought this starter set for my niece who has one-year old twins. My niece and her husband live in a small apartment with very limited space and with all the toys received from both families, and all the relatives and friends they have run out of room. Therefore if everyone would just send the children a birthday card and come for a visit that would suffice for their birthday. Unfortunately, I live over 3,000 miles away and therefore a ‘drop-over’ for a visit is not possible for me. Therefore, I felt compelled to send something more than just birthday cards, and sent this set of books as well.

Both her and her husband loved this gift. Books take up a minimum of space, and since she is an avid reader she has ‘story-time’ with her children twice a day, afternoons and at bedtime, and furthermore she enjoyed the Dr. Seuss books from when she was toddler and never grew tired of his stories, even as she grew older.

This is an ideal and universal gift for all children. No matter our age, these books are entertaining, and interesting for adults to read out loud with humorous tongue twisters, and sure to delight all girls and boys. This is a sensational start to introduce the joy of reading, and a perfect start for any child’s book collection.
The D. A. Cooks A Goose
The D. A. Cooks A Goose
The D. A. series of books is excellent. I am a fan of the older mysteries. There are nine D. A. mysteries. I have been able to collect all nine and have read seven. Looking forward to the last two. Then I will try to find more Cool and Lam mysteries.
Edgar Wallace
Edgar Wallace
Hallo zusammen,

leider ist es mir jetzt doch passiert. Ich habe mir diese Box bestellt. In der Box sind alle Rialto-Produktionen. Zusätzlich hatte ich mir noch einige andere Produktionen bestellt. Als alter (ehemaliger) Sky-Kunde hatte ich bereits 37 Filme aufgenommen und im Archiv. Durch einen Festplatten-Crash klug geworden habe ich nun begonnen alle Edgar Wallace-Filme auf "Scheibe" zu kaufen. Leider wird die Box bei Amazon nicht vollständig beschrieben. So fehlten mir die Titel die in der Box-Sammlung enthalten sind. Kurz, ich habe deshalb glatt einen Film doppelt bestellt. Hätte ich Frau/Herrn/Es-Goggle bemüht wäre mir das erspart geblieben. Die Edgar Wallace Filme:

Der Rächer
Das Rätsel des silbernen Dreiecks
Der Fluch der gelben Schlange
Todestrommeln am grossen Fluss
Sanders und das Schiff des Todes
Der Teufel kam aus Akasava

fehlen in der Box-Sammlung weil es keine Rialto-Produktionen sind. Tja, und was habe ich bestellt, genau "Das Rätsel des silbernen Halbmonds". Bestellen hätte ich müssen "Das Rätsel des silbernen Dreiecks". Damit das nicht auch anderen Kunden passiert. habe ich die Filmnamen die in der Box-Sammlung enthalten sind, mit in diese "Rezension" kopiert. Folgende Flime sind in der Box-Sammlung enthalten:

1. Der Frosch mit der Maske
2. Der rote Kreis
3. Die Bande des Schreckens
4. Der Fälscher von London
5. Der grüne Bogenschütze
6. Die toten Augen von London
7. Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen
8. Die seltsame Gräfin
9. Das Rätsel der roten Orchidee
10. Die Tür mit den 7 Schlössern
11. Das Gasthaus an der Themse
12. Der schwarze Abt
13. Der Zinker
14. Das indische Tuch
15. Der Hexer
16. Zimmer 13
17. Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloss
18. Das Verrätertor
19. Wartezimmer zum Jenseits
20. Neues vom Hexer
21. Der unheimliche Mönch
22. Der Bucklige von Soho
23. Das Geheimnis der weißen Nonne
24. Die blaue Hand
25. Der Mönch mit der Peitsche
26. Im Banne des Unheimlichen
27. Der Hund von Blackwood Castle
28. Der Gorilla von Soho
29. Der Mann mit dem Glasauge
30. Das Gesicht im Dunkeln
31. Das Geheimnis der grünen Stecknadel
32. Das Rätsel des silbernen Halbmonds
33. Die Tote aus der Themse

(Ich glaube, dass die Reihenfolge in der Liste nicht der Reihenfolge in der Box-Sammlung entspricht, aber die Liste ist vollständig)

Es gibt natürlich noch viele andere Filme von Edgar Wallace. Deshalb habe ich mir zum Beispiel aus einer anderen "Sammlung" folgende Einzel-Film-Schuber bestellt:

Nr.: 9
DVD 1: Die Katze von Kensington (ca. 90 Minuten)
in London werden innerhalb weniger Tage mehrere Personen von einem Unbekannten erschossen. Bei den Leichen wird stets eine "Joker"-Spielkarte gefunden. Inspektor Higgins und seine Assistentin Lane werden von Sir John, dem Chef von Scotland Yard, mit dem Fall beauftragt

DVD 2: Das Karussell des Todes (ca. 45 Minuten)
Nach dem Tod des alten Lord Osborne verwaltet seine junge Witwe das beträchtliche Vermögen. Als ein Einbrecher versucht, den Safe zu knacken, wird er vom Gärtner überrascht. Inspektor Higgins und Barbara Lane nehmen im Haus von Lady Osborne die Ermittlungen auf

DVD 3: Der Blinde (ca. 45 Minuten)seit einiger Zeit verschwinden in London auf mysteriöse Weise junge Mädchen auf offener Straße, und immer wurde ein Blinder in ihrer Nähe gesehen. Der Fall landet bei Scotland Yard; Barbara Lane und Inspektor Higgins nehmen sofort die Ermittlungen auf

DVD 4: Das Schloss des Grauens (ca. 93 Minuten)
Aus einer Anstalt für Geisteskranke ist ein Patient entflohen. Da er als gefährlich gilt, werden Scotland Yard Inspektor Higgins und seine Assistentin Kate Nelson zu Hilfe gerufen.

Nr.: 10
"Das Haus der toten Augen"
Nachdem der Millionär Gordon Stuart sein Vermögen dem örtlichen Blindenheim von Reverend Dearborn vermacht hat, ertrinkt er unter geheimnisvollen Umständen. Scotland Yard Inspektor Higgins bricht seinen Urlaub ab und ermittelt...
Laufzeit: 93 Min.
Produktionsjahr: 1997/1998

"Die unheimlichen Briefe"
Seltsam gereimte Anzeigen in der "Times" verunsichern drei Londoner Gangster - zu Recht, denn bald kommen zwei von ihnen ums Leben. Die Inspektoren Higgins und Lane kommen und entschlüsseln bald die Hintergründe dieser Verbrechen.
Laufzeit: 91 Min.
Produktionsjahr: 1997/1998

"Die vier Gerechten"
Lord Paddington, ein ehrenwertes Mitglied der Gesellschaft, wird mit einem kleinen Tennisball in die Luft gesprengt. "Die vier Gerechten" sprechen allerdings nicht von Mord, sondern hinterlassen mysteriöse Botschaften am Tatort. Doch bald kommt Inspektor Higgins dem Mörder auf der Spur...
Laufzeit: 91 Min.
Produktionsjahr: 1997/1998

Zusammen mit einem Wanderzirkus taucht ein altes Phantom wieder auf: der weiße Clown. Er hatte früher ohne System Banken und Geschäfte ausgeraubt und war dann spurlos verschwunden. Inspektor Higgins von Scotland Yard und seine Assistentin Lane übernehmen den Fall.
Laufzeit: 92 Min.
Produktionsjahr: 1997/1998

Damit habe ich dann fürs erste alle wichtigen Filme in meiner Sammlung. Es soll noch mehr Filme von Edgar Wallace geben. Wenn ich diese lokalisiert habe, werde ich mich wieder melden.

Über die Qualität der DVD's sind schon genug Rezensionen geschrieben worden. Deshalb schreibe ich hierzu nichts. Ich hoffe geholfen zu haben.

Mit lieben Grüßen

Jürgen Jäger
Dragon Ball AF Volume 6
Dragon Ball AF Volume 6
As a huge fan of Dragon Ball, I love to read the stories created from the fandom. Only a few have ever spiked my attention like this series has. It follows the events of Dragon Ball GT and makes for a great read. I would give it a higher rating but I had two problems with it.
Firstly, the size of the books are not very big compared to your average manga making the price seem a bit unfair. And secondly, the DPI Is quite low so you don't get a top quality image like in other manga.
Besides this, I think this doujinshi is worth the purchase as the story is amazing. Yes, you can read this online for free, but I like to read a book or manga the old fashioned way.
Scalpel [signed first edition].
Scalpel [signed first edition].
Detective Sergeant Kate Hamilton leads the investigation into a hospital murder, while Detective Inspector Jim McGrath investigate the kidnapping of a baby from the home of multimilliionaire Harry O'Brien. The subplots are neatly woven together in this tight thriller. The villains are stock "Dubs" from central casting, but the hospital murderer is a nasty piece of work and very credible.
Last Mile: Memory Man 2
Last Mile: Memory Man 2
Dieser Band beginnt wenige Tage nach dem Ende der Geschichte von Band 1 (Memory Man), so dass beide Bände letztlich eine fortlaufende Chronologie bilden, wenngleich es sich in Band 2 um eine eigenständige abgeschlossene Erzählung handelt. Es wird zwar versucht die einzelnen Akteure zu beschreiben, jedoch ist zum weiteren Verständnis die Lektüre von Band 1 notwendig.
Die Geschichte ist letztlich noch konstruierter als die Geschichte in Band 1, auch sind manche Wendungen der Handlung schon absehbar, wodurch die Spannung etwas gemindert wird. Aber auch hier bewegt sich die Erzählung innerhalb der Grenzen der Logik und versucht sogar sich mit bis heute nicht abschließend aufgearbeiteten gesellschaftlichen Konflikten in den USA auseinanderzusetzen.
Somit gilt ebenfalls für diesem Band, das der Leser, der solche konstruierten Geschichten mag auch unterhalten wird.
Das Hörbuch wird mit guter Betonung und Differenzierung der einzelnen Charaktere gelesen, so dass Zuhörer der Geschichte gut folgen kann.
The Chisholms: A Novel of the Journey West
The Chisholms: A Novel of the Journey West
I'm a fan of both Evan Hunter and his alter ego, Ed McBain, and I must say 'The Chisholms' didn't read as though it was written by either. It was more like a pilot for a TV show which didn't get aired. The characters and the premise - a family forced to cross dangerous territory - were not well developed, and when I reached the end I found myself looking for a note explaining that I ought to have bought the second in the series! The blurb talks up the story, and I had been looking forward to a different genre from a favourite author, but overall this was one big disappointment.
The Black Mountain (A Nero Wolfe Mystery Book 24)
The Black Mountain (A Nero Wolfe Mystery Book 24)
It's a well-written book, of course; if these characters weren't Wolfe and Archie (and Marko) it would be perfectly fine. First of all, despite the extreme provocation Wolfe has, from the initial murder report, it feels completely out of character for him. He pulls strings and takes a plane and he and Archie clamber around in the middle of the night, on foot, in the mountains of Montenegro. That's the worst part. Another part is that Wolfe is more insufferable than usual regarding the locality. He can find his way everywhere, in the dark, based on boyhood memories; he grandly tells the local men that he knows the place like the back of his hand, that he's been there, done's all much more braggy than usual, perhaps simply because he's out of his usual context. The last part of my dissatisfaction is that I myself simply have no interest in this kind of cloak-and-dagger, Commie-manipulating, foreign travel stuff. I may reread the Wolfe corpus someday (I probably will, but so far am still on my first read-through, so it will be a while), but I'll give this one a miss.
Civilization and Its Discontents (Dover Thrift Editions)
Civilization and Its Discontents (Dover Thrift Editions)
Leaving aside the second short text included in this volume and the introduction and rereading “Civilization and Its Discontents” after more than 20 years, I am more impressed than ever. The details of psychological depth processes are secondary to Freud’s deep understanding of THE fundamental problems of modern civilization -- which are increasingly of fatal potential.
As put by Freud “Much of mankind’s struggle is taken up with the task of finding a suitable, that is to say a happy accommodation, between the claims of the individual and the mass claims of civilization. One of the problems affecting the fate of mankind is whether such an accommodation can be achieved through a particular moulding of civilization or whether the conflict is irreconcilable (p. 42).
Freud continues and states frankly “I can no longer understand how we could have ignored the ubiquity of non-erotic aggression and destruction and failed to accord it its due place in the interpretation of life. (p 72); and “I take the view that the tendency to aggression is an original, autonomous disposition in man, and I return to my earlier contention that it represents the greatest obstacle to civilization…to gather together individuals, then families and finally tribes, peoples and nations in one great unit – humanity… These multitudes of human beings are to be libidinally bound to one another; necessity alone, the advantages of shared work, will not hold them together. However, this programme of civilization is opposed by man’s natural aggressive drive, the hostility of each against all and all against each. This aggressive drive is the descendant and principal representative of the death drive, which we have found beside Eros and which rules the world jointly with him. And now, I think, the meaning of the development of civilization is no longer obscure to us. This development must show us the struggle between Eros and death, between the life drive and the drive for destruction, as it is played out in the human race. This struggle is the essential content of all life; hence, the development of civilization may be described simply as humanity’s struggle for existence (p. 75).
towards the end comes the most crucial insight of all: “Human beings have made such strides in controlling the forces of nature that, with the help of these forces, they will have no difficulty in exterminating one another, down to the last man. They know this, and it is this knowledge that accounts for much of their present disquiet, unhappiness and anxiety” (p. 106).
Given nuclear weapons, climate change, gene editing and emerging nano technologies, Freud’s mind foresaw the fateful choices increasingly faces the human species and the inherent difficulties and perhaps impossibilities to cope with them. This is what makes “Civilization and Discontent” into a crucial text for the 21st century.
Professor Yehezkel Dror
The Noble Collection Harry Potter - Slytherin Wax Seal
The Noble Collection Harry Potter - Slytherin Wax Seal
Got this for the s/o as a birthday gift. We're both big harry potter fans. We haven't actually used this as we keep it as a collectors item but it is really cool looking and it should work perfectly fine. The stamp has a good weight to it, the candles are perfectly themed. What i would suggest doing if you are a collector person is to by separate wax and use that. That way the set can all stay intact even after use. Being the bunch of nerds we are we plan on sealing our wedding invitations with this seal.
Hawk Is Dying
Hawk Is Dying
Some of the reviews listed here are misleading. This film really had nothing to do with liberal propaganda or even politics at all. Which is one thing I like about it. I'm from the south, and the characters were spot on, almost hyper-realistic. What makes this film enjoyable is that it deals with common themes, death, animals, family, alienation, obsessiveness, and how these relate to the experience of meaningful relationships (that weren't necessarily scripted from Leave it to Beaver). It's also really funny at parts. Life fails to leave me extremely bored and in constant search of entertainment, and so I seldom lack the motivation to get a grasp on unsettling, personal experiences. The kind of which I enjoy recognizing in performances like this film. Equating existential perspectives with liberal propaganda does in fact display a very superficial understanding of film in general, so I'm cool with not doing that and ultimately being stereotyped in my reviews as unenlightened, and defensive of Christianity.

Giamatti is brilliant as usual. But this film was surprisingly good. Michelle Williams is gorgeous, pensive, brooding, and perfectly cast alongside Giamatti. The supporting actors were on-point and compelling. Indie director Julian Goldberg brought it all home. This film wanders and rambles, and veers from any sort of typical dramatic playbook, and somehow avoids getting lost in its own sentiment like so many other indie films unfortunately do. It's a careful, thoughtful, subtle film, and I'd include it among my all-time favorites.
The Influencer Economy: How to Launch Your Idea, Share It with the World, and Thrive in the Digital Age
The Influencer Economy: How to Launch Your Idea, Share It with the World, and Thrive in the Digital Age

Books that are written by authors who walk the talk and talk the walk are ones I pay close attention to. This is that kind of book.
The author, Ryan Williams, through his own personal experience as a successful Podcaster, working at startups DigiSynd, Machinima, and even a stand-up comedian, interjects a lot of interesting anecdotes few could replicate. He's even found a way to carefully organize these sections into a launch-share-thrive framework - these same three steps necessary for success in the influencer economy.

This book focuses on the inspiring stories of more than a dozen people who turned their passions into profitable digital empires, however, you don't have to be the world's next YouTube sensation to benefit from the lessons and tactics contained in each chapter. Some of the main themes I took away:

- Get your idea out to the world
- You won’t know how your ideas are perceived until you put them out there in front of people.
- The journey is just as important as the end result.
- Start creating and stop getting hung up in the details, like worrying about what people think.
- Be an early adopter of technology.

You don't have to read the book in succession, necessarily - I know I didn't. When I see Chapter called, "Capture Lightning in a Bottle" I couldn't resist heading over to Chapter 7, my favorite. And I was pleased to discover the author even lays out the action steps for writing a self-published book. So if you're like me and it's on your bucket list, then you'll appreciate how he's mapped it out the process in detail.
The Possession
The Possession
The Possession is, as you have probably guessed, about a young girl who gets possessed by an evil spirit. Yes, the film is as original as that. However, despite a tired and overused premise, it does have one redeeming feature that makes it worth watching: the characters. They're nothing special, but I think that's the point. They're just an average (separated) family who don't overact or try and be too kooky. They're realistic and believable.

Then you have the children. Now, kids in movies are hit and miss at the best of times, let alone when a young actress is expected to act possessed and evil. Few can do it convincingly, but I think the girl in this has pulled it off.

The promotion claims that the film is `based on a true story.' It's not. That would be silly. It is however based on a box, somewhere in Eastern Europe that (supposedly) trapped a demon in it. That's how `based' it is, but never mind, just enjoy it for a decent supernatural horror flick.

Although, despite the characters, it's flaw lies in being little more than an updated Exorcist film. Any movie that deals with possession tends to follow a Three Step process. Step 1: Disbelief. When the surrounding characters wonder what's up with the possessed soul. Step 2: Research. Now, when the central character realised something is not right, they seek `professional help,' i.e. someone who deals with the supernatural. In most cases, a catholic priest (in this case some Jewish Rabbis). Step 3: Confrontation. The demon must be confronted. Expect plenty of head-twisting and foul language.

Ultimately, The Possession is probably worth a watch if you like supernatural/possession movies (or are just generally a fan of The Exorcist). The characters are well-played enough to elevate it above the numerous similar horror films. However, it is little more than a present day Exorcist film (but there are still a few good and creepy scares along the way).

Think `Gollum' from Lord of the Rings (if you watch the film all the way to the end, you'll know what I mean).
PHILIPS EP5363/10 Kaffeevollautomat, 18/10 Stahl, 1.8 liters
PHILIPS EP5363/10 Kaffeevollautomat, 18/10 Stahl, 1.8 liters
5 Sterne für das Gerät aber die Ernüchterung kommt nach 2 Jahren und 1 Monat.
Das Teil ist hin der Support funktioniert schlecht bis garnicht.
Habe selbst das defekte Bauteil ermittelt bekomme aber in keiner Weise Unterstützung vom Kundendienst.
500,00€ sind nach nicht mal 3 erreichten Jahren hin. :-(
Das ist das dritte Philips Gerät welches kurz nach Garantieablauf dahin ging in unserem Haushalt.
Deshalb Kundenbewertungen von Käufern lesen die ihr Philipsgerät schon mehrere Jahre erlebt haben und nicht gerade gekauft haben.
TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7) - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router for Home, Works with Alexa, VPN Server, Parental Control and QoS
TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7) - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router for Home, Works with Alexa, VPN Server, Parental Control and QoS
Compré este router después de regresar un TENDA AC1200 que no cumplió con las expectativas, conexión lenta en ambas bandas y con puertos fast ethernet que no dan la velocidad contratada con Infinitum (150 Mb).

Este router tiene mejor calidad de materiales y hasta ahora ha cumplido con lo que esperaba, solo que sigue siendo lenta la conexión en la banda de 2.4 Ghz (no sube de 30 en las mediciones de velocidad, aun a pocos metros). En la banda de 5 Ghz, ya es otra cosa, se obtienen 200 Mb de descarga en dos de los cuartos, lo cual es excelente. Los puertos son Giga-bit y permite conexiones de hasta 1000 Mb, en los cuales conecto el AppleTV y el PlayStation.

Lo innovador y que me gustó mucho de este router son dos cosas:

- Maneja una sola señal de 2.4 Ghz y 5 Ghz, Conexion Smart, que permite a tu dispositivo conmutar automáticamente la conexión a la banda de WiFi que proporciona mayor velocidad. Es decir, salvo que deshabilites esta función, no veras dos señales (2.4 Ghz y 5 Ghz) de manera independiente y el dispositivo se mantiene conectado a una sola señal y conmuta entre ambas bandas. Con otros routers, normalmente te conectas/seleccionas la de 5Ghz, por ser la más rápida, pero tan pronto se debilita la señal salta a la de 2.4 Ghz y allí se queda, por ser una señal más fuerte (pero más lenta).
- El Archer A7, con hardware V5, viene habilitado para la función OneMesh, que te permite agregar, dentro de una misma red (nombre y password), repetidores (compatibles) para armar una red inalámbrica en tu casa (mesh), cosa que otros proveedores ofrecen a precios exorbitantes.

No tiene tecnología Mu-Mimo para conexiones múltiples simultaneas a mayor velocidad, pero creo que sigue valiendo mucho la pena este equipo.

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