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Art & Science of Value Investing: Invest Like Billionaire Warren Buffett
Art & Science of Value Investing: Invest Like Billionaire Warren Buffett
My review...by Robert W. Johns.

I purchased this on kindle and it arrived on my device without any problem...

This book was fun and informative. I bought this to see how Mr Thompson thinks, as the
are few books available which are actually written by individuals working in Value investment
based money management, running other peoples money as such.

I have been a value investor for five years full time and was looking for something to fill some gaps
and as a reference point. This book simply delivers, the section on discounted cash flows would be
invaluable to someone just starting out in qualitative analysis and understanding future business cash flows.

Scott writes with a relaxed and honest candor, never becoming pretentious or overbearing. It is evident he
has a genuine passion for Value investing and this shows in the highly complementary description he gives
of famous Value investors.

These kind of things are what got me into this industry, the is a considerable amount of kindness, honesty
and integrity found in the famous past, present professional practitioners of this investment approach. No doubt
many other such individuals will be the same in the future. There's a good introduction to Scott's influences and sets
a nice theme for the book.

Sometimes even those with an excellent memory can benefit from reading what they may have forgotten in time and
this book is one of those great reference guides to keep you mind sharp. The author has an MBA and in many countries
it can be difficult to hold a relevant MBA and be a value investor just down to the practicality's of it all. Therefore his line
of thinking has been of a benefit to me.

All in all i definitely picked up a few golden nuggets throughout the text and some insights making the purchase worth while.
Most of the big ideas are well represented here and beginners would do well to read this book before the classics to get
a good framework for how the goal posts have changed with market efficiency.

This reviewer would be happy to see this text in a university coarse. Although
such a coarse would undoubtedly require more material. Value investing cant be taught in a
day but you can get the bug that fast!.

I had heard of Philip L. Carret, but not in detail. There is a section with a transcript on his personality and style. This was
the highlight of the book for me as he had an incredible money management record and i am interesting in learning more.

So i have withheld one star as customary for me. I only give 5 stars to a few people and those people are Ben Graham
, Charlie Munger and of coarse Warren Buffett. My only criticism is that the book contains many quotes. Who actually originally
said some of these things first i believe may have been in some instances lost to the hands of time. I may well be wrong
and this is simply nitpicking.

Robert W. Johns
Bob Dylan for Clawhammer Banjo
Bob Dylan for Clawhammer Banjo
This is a book full of excellently done tabs for Bob Dylan in clawhammer banjo. The way the songs are tabbed out don't make it seem like the songs were "forced" into the necessary pattern for clawhammer style, they're all in standard tunings (G, D, Double C, and all along the watchtower is in D minor), and different rhythms that are great fun and fit inductively to the natural "bum ditty" groove of clawhammer. Rather, the tabs make it seem like the songs were meant to be played this way. Most tunes are easy enough for the intermediate player to work through, and to entertain fully the advanced player. Playing claw hammer banjo can get a little repetitive when all you're playing are folk tunes that all sound quite similar, and I found this book to be a great change of pace while staying true to the clawhammer style. I can't recommend this book enough for anybody who likes to play clawhammer banjo.
Absolute Java (6th Edition)
Absolute Java (6th Edition)
Very useful book. I have had this assigned as a textbook for a Java class in college and loved it. It thoroughly goes through each concept used in OOP and has great reference material for Java syntax and methods. My favorite part of this book are the abundant challenges at the end of each chapter. These challenges are great for practicing coding on Java which is always the best way to learn a language. Renting now but will buy shortly in the future!
I've been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis for almost a year, and I've gotten various advice from doctors, forums, and best of all, a shoe salesman. I didn't develop PF by being an active runner. I didn't develop it from plyometrics, or any dynamic and explosive exercise. I developed PF by being too heavy and trying to get to a 10,000 step goal :( This makes it no fun to try and continue that increased activity. The first steps are a real killer in the morning and long days of standing and walking leave me limping.

I'm almost over the Plantar Fasciitis now, thanks in no small part to these shoes. I was frustrated that advice from the doctor wasn't helping, and the solutions that runners used and discussed only left me in more pain--all that advise was geared toward preventing PF and helping the athletic recover from a sports injury. The advice I got from a local shoe salesman has really saved me though.

First for me. NEVER WALK BAREFOOT, especially early in the morning. I keep a pair of Nike sandals (which are surprisingly supportive) close to the bed and step into them first thing in the morning.

Second for me. Get a really GOOD pair of walking shoes for my days off. I opted for these walking shoes. What a difference from the Skechers I'd been wearing. Thanks, Amazon! The local shoe salesman basically explained that I absolutely did NOT want a shoe with a flexible sole. This was the opposite of what an athletic sufferer may want to do. Having the flexible sole forces your foot to get stronger and stretch out the injured section of Plantar Fascia. For me, being the very non-athletic sufferer, it was causing me to constantly re-injure the foot. What shoes work for you may be completely different than what work for me, but I feel I found a good shoe. More below

Finally for me. I purchased a set of the Superfeet BLUE Premium Insoles for my work shoes. They add the same kind of support to my work dress shoes that I was finally getting from my sandals and walking shoes. I spend approximately five hours of my day standing and walking, logging 6-8k steps on average. I can finally get through each day (for a few weeks now) with nothing more than normal fatigue. I feel like if always used these insoles and followed the no-barefoot advice I would have been free from PF a long time ago.

As anyone who has Plantar Fasciitis knows, it can be a real activity killer. But the combination of the above practices has really allowed some healing over the last several weeks. In fact, I have recently taken up golf and have decided that when I have time or am only playing 9 holes I will walk a course. I am wretched at golf, but it's absolutely awesome that I've gotten through about 100 holes of golf without any PF pain!

I will be ordering more shoes from VIONIC and will have great things to say. The one thing I will mention, though, is that they do run small. I wear a men's 13D. If I had to order shoes outside my size I could get away with a size 12.5--my feet aren't long enough to have any issues with an undersized 13, but those of you who find your toes crammed into your shoes I can't help you. If in doubt, order these shoes a half-size too small. You will be receiving a great shoe! What I needed out of a day-off shoe was support, and these shoes have been great. In reference to the golf, my first few rounds I wore these shoes instead of golf shoes. They provided good enough traction that I could play during the tail-end of a wet winter, but more importantly I found I can finally walk a couple miles without massive Plantar Fascia pain!

I haven't had to break these shoes in, and I have no blisters or hotspots. Very, very happy with my purchase...

I will also be posting an edited version of this review for the insoles I purchased, but I really want to recommend these shoes!
Avengers Feature Hero Power Punch (Thanos)
Avengers Feature Hero Power Punch (Thanos)
I purchased this for a 4 year old who is really into the Avengers. He really wanted Thanos and I hoped this one would hold up, he's very rough and active. I was very surprised at the quality (much better than I expected) and it had a surprise ..... it talks (and the batter was included).

I highly recommend it for your Avengers fan!
Marvel Thanos PVC Bust Bank,Multi-colored,4"
Marvel Thanos PVC Bust Bank,Multi-colored,4"
Bought this because I collect this kind of stuff. I have most of the Monogram Bust Banks and have to say this one exceeded my expectations. It is nicely detailed and painted very well. The paint wont last long if you intend to use it as a coin bank however. It will last for years and years if you get it to show case as was my intended purpose. It's larger than most of the other banks except the new HULK. With Thanos being the main antagonist going forward with all Marvel Movies it's a perfect time to get this detailed Bank Bust before he become over priced and hard to find.
Marvel Black Panther Basic Mask
Marvel Black Panther Basic Mask
This looks great and seems durable. The elastic band is adjustable, so it should fit multiple sizes. The problem is inside the mask has almost like rubber goggles to help with the fit (see pic), so when my child tried to wear it, it hurt his face. We tried adjusting it, but he said those "goggles" kept pressing on his face and felt uncomfortable.
Short Program 2 - Mitsuru Adachi masterpiece Short Works (Shonen Sunday Comics) (2005) ISBN: 4091278728 [Japanese Import]
Short Program 2 - Mitsuru Adachi masterpiece Short Works (Shonen Sunday Comics) (2005) ISBN: 4091278728 [Japanese Import]
ショートプログラムも1988年の初版を買っており、今も本棚に鎮座しております…。(もちろん2005年の表紙とは違ってます) つい最近MIXを読む機会があり、時代はその時代にシンクロしていても、「あだちワールドの懐の深い描写などは健在だナ。」と実感し、とんと数十年ご無沙汰だった作品たちに会いたくなって、さすがに全ては無理なのでめぼしいものをいくつかアマゾンさんで散策し、中古ですが大人買いしてしまいました。
Maison Ikkoku, Volume 10 (2nd edition)
Maison Ikkoku, Volume 10 (2nd edition)
Godai just can't get a break. On the way to his interview with Mitsutomo Enterprises, one of the biggest and most prestigious companies in Japan, he had to help out a woman who was going into labor. He misses the interview, which infuriates Mr. Yagami, the father of Ibuki, the girl who had a crush on Godai when he was student teaching. Yagami refuses to give Godai a second chance, so Ibuki pulls a crazy stunt. She moves into Maison Ikkoku, specifically Godai's room, and refuses to budge until her dad does something to help Godai. You know who all the other residents are so it doesn't take long for tongues to start wagging. And it doesn't really help Godai and Kyoko's relationship...or whatever it is. Having Ibuki living with him is sure to start a scandal, but if it can somehow help him get work, he'll finally be able to ask Kyoko to marry him! Coach Mitaka isn't laying down for all this either. He point-blank asks Kyoko to make a decision about a future with him, so he can move on one way or the other. He has his own arranged marriage to think about!

After ten volumes, it's very easy to love these characters, imperfections and all...because they're so human. I sometimes wish Godai or Kyoko would be more forceful about what they feel, or at least decide WHAT they feel for each other. But then they wouldn't be Godai or Kyoko if they did! Rumiko Takahashi does a good job of keeping your interest and creating great comic moments from what should be a boring topic: namely, real life. Even though this series is now around 20 years old, it doesn't age at all. The character designs and situations are timeless. This is one of the best manga ever made. We'll be all the poorer when Takahashi stops drawing and writing one of these days.
Love From Dr. Seuss
Love From Dr. Seuss
I read some of the promotional information about this and I can say that this small hardback book, much like the ladybird classics series or even the ladybird books for adults, would make a great gift or alternative to a card for anniversaries, valentines or anyone wanting to celebrate love.

If it is an anthology or collection of material put together for the first time from other works it seems strange to me, I cant imagine the context for it appearing separately, it all belongs together.

It is a series of rhyming verse, some of which actually WAS familiar to me as material I had heard before, I dont know where and I dont know when, but I had heard it before and it must have simply entered into popular culture some how (such as the one love, two love, I love, You love which the book begins with). Each page of verse, which is short, simply a few lines, has an accompanying illustration on the facing page, that is except for a few double page spread pictures and rhymes.

The characters, such as the "Cat In The Hat" (a tall, thin, black cat with a tall/oversize red and white stripe hat) or "Thing 1, Thing 2" (two button noised little beings with big hair and romper suits) appear throughout. It is a book I think that would be appropriate for fans of Dr. Seuss' creations or people who are completely new to them, it would also be appropriate for children, reading along with adults, as a childrens book or adults who are perhaps recalling the time they did the same thing as kids.

If you are gifting it or substituting it for a greeting card, some of the pages are brightly coloured or illustrated and have space that you could write a greeting message upon, such as the "one love, two love" page (the first page) which is yellow. This seems like a nice little book, a bit of a curio, which could be appreciated as a gift or treasured as a little oddity of your own.
Intensity: A Novel
Intensity: A Novel
Ok so this is my first Dean Koontz book and my late mother was certainly a fan.
I paid 99p for this and I have to say I made myself finish it.
Which I'm glad I did in honesty.
I loved the start of the book, however for me the main character as she became was seemingly making stupid decisions, and Koontz felt the need to put a reason behind them in his narrative which didn't really help justify them, well at least to me anyhow.
I found personally that in this book the author got lost in narrative and and wandered off the story too much explaining or going into situations that I just didn't care about or it seemed just to extend the novel. I was thinking please get back to the story!
The middle of the book I didn't really care for but the last 25% was certainly better. I can't say too much here because I don't want to spoil what happens but for me the main protagonist of the book goes missing for a large portion which I found very odd.
However I am still glad I read this book and for 99p you can't complain.
I am definitely still going to buy and read more Koontz books as it seems even some of his die hard fans didn't rate this as high as some of his others.
Dark Web (French Edition)
Dark Web (French Edition)
Dean Koontz, en sus de Stephen King, est l'un auteur que je lis depuis la fin de mon adolescence, et ça en fait du chemin ! Son dernier ouvrage que j'ai feuilleté, car à l'époque je ne lisais pas encore sur Kindle, était "Un Type bien", en 2012, sauf erreur de ma part. Cela fait donc un peu plus de cinq ans que j'attends de pouvoir découvrir de nouveaux romans de cet auteur exceptionnel ! J'ai beaucoup de peine à comprendre ses anciens éditeurs français, sur ce coup, qui ont tous cessé de traduire ses titres, car Dean Koontz est un vrai maître du thriller et ses livres figurent le plus souvent en haut des têtes de ventes. Je ne comprends pas, mais parfois vaut mieux pas comprendre...
Quand j'ai vu que les éditions de L'Archipel allaient sortir un nouveau livre de Dean, que je remercie d'ailleurs vivement (et s'ils pouvaient sortir ses autres romans, ce serait top !), je n'ai pas hésité une seule seconde ! Et je ne regrette absolument pas !
Cette histoire met en scène l'inspectrice du FBI Jane Hawk, personnage fort, en congé sans solde suite au suicide inexplicable de son mari, et qui va devoir déjouer un complot des plus étranges et dangereux. Je n'en dirai pas plus pour ne pas spoiler, mais j'ai beaucoup aimé cette femme déterminée, têtue et courageuse. Suspens, actions, rebondissements sont les ingrédients de ce roman que vous ne lâcherez pas avant que sonne la fin ! Avis aux habitués de cet auteur, vous serez emportés par ce récit dès le début, en bref vous allez adorer ; avis aux nouveaux lecteurs, vous allez aimer ! Alors, pourquoi vous hésitez encore ? Foncez, vous ne serez pas déçus..
Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equations and their Applications (Lecture Notes in Mathematics Book 1702)
Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equations and their Applications (Lecture Notes in Mathematics Book 1702)
The book deals with forward-backward stochastic differential equations, exactly what the title suggests.
The prerequisites in stochastic processes are modest, knowledge at the level of Oksendal's Stochastic differential Eqiuations is more than sufficient.
The proofs are detailed enough, so that they are mostly easy to follow.

Generally, the subject matter is well motivated, an exception being chapter 5 (it is apparently needed for applying the four-step scheme in the coefficients are random, but I never got the connection.)

It would have been helpful if more of the symbols used had been defined. There is a page near the beginning of the book, where some symbols are defined, but adding another page or two would render the book more easy to read.

The book contains a fair number of typos, mostly of a harmless nature. (This is surprising as I read the "third corrected printing")

Overall, I recommend it to anybody interested in this subject.
Clifford Goes To Washington (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
Clifford Goes To Washington (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
I edited my review because when I first bought this book my sons were not very interested in the story line so I didn't rate it very high. But since the time of original purchase, we have been to the monuments and other DC attractions -- fun thing was that they knew what some of them were because of our Clifford book. They wanted to read the book again and again after that because they knew the places that Clifford visited. They were very excited to talk about them. So it turned into a fun book and a learning tool. Yeah, Clifford!

Clifford tags along with a friend who saves a boy and gets to go to DC to get an award. It follows Clifford throughout DC. Clifford and Emily Elizabeth do some sightseeing (though my sons were a bit concerned when Clifford climbed up the Washington Monument in the book thinking he could break it) and then Clifford jumps the fence at the White House to see his friend and gets jumped on my the Secret Service. The first lady - who looked a lot like Laura Bush to me - stops them when she realizes that Clifford is friends with the dog getting the award. The dog gets his awards and Clifford gets a hug by the First Lady for being such a good friend.
The Sixth Man (King & Maxwell Series Book 5)
The Sixth Man (King & Maxwell Series Book 5)
I loved this book. The intrigue, suspense and electrifying nature of the story kept my rapt interest throughout the story. It begins with a new way of analyzing intelligence data from all over the world by discovering those rare savants who are able to absorb enormous amount of data and process them akin to a modern computer, but with human intelligence. This person that is capable of performing these analyses becomes an invaluable asset to the country that he serves. The person who discovered this technique began selling consultancy to the American government for enormous amounts of money. Peter Bunting was the discoverer of this method, and indeed, he became exceedingly rich and his asset, Edgar Roy became a desirable asset to have control over for those who had less than the country’s interest at heart. So an elaborate plan was devised by persons way high in the government food chain to frame Edgar Roy for serial murders, have him incarcerated and eventually spring him for use on their own nefarious intents. Enter Maxwell and King, private investigators, hired by the attorney who will represent Roy to perform investigations relative to the case. Immediately into the story, the attorney is murdered, their lives become in danger, and everyone who touches the Edgar Roy case is a target. Unraveling this unusual set of circumstances becomes a page turning thriller that is difficult to put down. So many turns of events take place that it is dizzying, but exceptionally interesting. For pure intrigue, this book delivers.
Harry Potter Years 1-6 Gift Set (Full Screen Edition)
Harry Potter Years 1-6 Gift Set (Full Screen Edition)
I'm not going to review each individual film as you can hunt down reviews for them in a hundred and one different places. In short, the films themselves range from good to great. They make a fun family watch.

As for this particular product, it's an interesting release. It's not all of the films in the Harry Potter series because "Deathly Hollows" consists of the final two films that have not yet been released. However, it does contain full blu-ray versions of all the previous six films.

What's great about this set is its compact size and affordability. I personally snagged this on an Amazon Gold Box for $39.99. That's less than $7 per blu-ray disc. Great price. Moreover, thanks to the use of compact jewel cases, it only takes of the space of maybe three typically sized blu-rays. And it's all in a nice cardboard gift box for easy storage.

The quality is high as expected from blu-ray in HD. I have yet to watch the special features, but some are present (as I understand it the DVD version lacks them, but I cannot confirm). One of the things I like about these is the way they immediately start the film. There are no previews and no menu when you load up the blu-ray. The movie just starts playing. I wish other blu-rays would take note of this, as it's a great feature.

I recommend this set to anyone who likes these movies and wants the whole collection. It's arguably your best bet until the last two films are on blu-ray (in over a year from now) and a complete collection comes out. Even still, whether or not the complete will be this compact and this well done is hard to say.
Advanced Graphics Draco Malfoy Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standup - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
Advanced Graphics Draco Malfoy Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standup - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
The description made it sound like this product was “NEW”, this was not the case. This cut out has definitely been used and abused with creases, tears, and cardboard coming apart.
The shipper also stuck shipping labels directly to the image which in turn removed the color from the image once the label was removed..... why would you stick a sticker to the front image!??
Horrible quality and definitely wouldn’t recommend, would of paid no more than $10 for what I received.
FLY London Women's Closed Toe Sandals
FLY London Women's Closed Toe Sandals
I have many pairs of Fly shoes. I am too embarrassed to admit how many. I hardly wear anything else due to combination of comfort and design but I do notice that the quality of Fly shoes varies a lot. I have returned a few pairs in my time when the sizing did not seem true or the finish was poor. I was very happy that these shoes have a good quality finish and the grey colour I chose goes with so many things. They are shoes which can be worn through the range of casual to smart and, as with all the Fly shoes and boots I purchase I am confident I can wear them all day long and my feet do not complain.
1001 Things It Means to Be a Dad: Some Assembly Required
1001 Things It Means to Be a Dad: Some Assembly Required
Great little gift book for expecting fathers!

Thats how I came across this book, I received it as a gift the day before my son was born, alot of very good, thoughtful one line advice! Can't wait to give this book to a friend / family member expecting their 1st child.

Looking forward to reading more of these little books by Harry Harrison Jr.

This particular book has several different mini sections-

Dad Rules
Fathers to Be
Baby Dads
Toddler Dads
School Age Dads
Dads & Teenagers
Dads & Vacations
College Dads
Dads & Spiritual Matters
Dad Fears
Dads & Moms
Dads & Sports
Dads & Work
Dads & Money
Dads & Problems
Divorced Dads
Stay at Home Dads
Parting Words
My Sister's Murderer (Book 1)
My Sister's Murderer (Book 1)
I struggled to settle on an adequate rating for this book review so I decided to break it down. This contains spoilers. Characters 5 stars. I truly wanted to know about them and their future. Plot 5 stars I had great difficulty putting the book down. Intrigue 5 stars. I am rarely surprised by the bad guy but was this time. Writing style 3 stars. I felt a great editor could have helped the story flow and correct some pesky grammar.
I like the fact that this movie is based on scientific evidence. Its fascinating to find out how much amount of land use is needed to feed the animals and how much return you get. Being an Ahmadi Muslim I believe in example of Holy Prophet Muhammad and therefore moderation in everything. There are some great points made here and consuming non processed food is reasonable. Consuming some meat is fine but the problem is the meat produced today is based on industrial scale and does not necessarily keeping in mind the nutritous and beneficial qualities of meat. If one can raise their own animals its a different story but in the current era we consume unnecessary hormones and antibiotics with meat. Similarly it would have been nice if the movie addressed the issue of pesticide use in farming and how to address that. Hopefully we can all come together at some point and have a fair discussion on its merits and address all the unanswered questions.
OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max - CLEAR
OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max - CLEAR
Been a fan of the Symmetry case for years now. It’s been my go to iPhone case since the 7 Plus. For a lot of cases it’s either protection or slim design. There is no middle ground really.

The symmetry case changes that completely. A durable rugged case, I’ve used the symmetry year round really wherever I go. It doesn’t add a ton of bulk to your phone and has some really nice color/designs. I usually go with black but I went with Aspen Gleam this year and it’s a nice change of pace. To note the rubber band around the top of your display is more of a brown mustard that balances out with a bright but very standard yellow.

Otterbox really makes great cases that last. I’ve had some hiccups with Otterbox Customer service over the years being awful. I’ve wanted to replace parts(defender & commuter) and it takes them months, even if I’m paying for it. This year the cases launched with generic iPhone labeling in Walmart: like iPhone 2019 small and iPhone 2019 large. I assumed large meant Pro Max but it didn’t. So I spent probably 45 minutes trying to talk to Walmart and another 45 minutes talking to Otterbox and finally Walmart refunded me because of Otterbox’s generic labeling, Otterbox basically refused to help. Hopefully they get proper labeling on the cases soon. I kind of tolerate some of Otterbox CS headaches anymore because the cases are really good though.

(Note: I always use glass screen protectors with my cases works great with this case.)
Ture Wireless Earbuds with Touch Control LED Display,Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 3800mAh Charging Case TWS Stereo in-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Built in Mic Deep Bass Waterproof Support Charge Mobile/Tablet
Ture Wireless Earbuds with Touch Control LED Display,Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 3800mAh Charging Case TWS Stereo in-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Built in Mic Deep Bass Waterproof Support Charge Mobile/Tablet
These are great! The instructions can be hard to follow but once you figure them out you're good! Make sure you have the right ear bud on the right side of the charger and left on the left or they will not charge. The do click in if you accidentally a swap them so if you're not paying attention its easy to do.
Linksys E1200 (N300) Wireless Router
Linksys E1200 (N300) Wireless Router
Not too much to say really; another quality Cisco/Linksys product working and performing exactly as you'd expect. I've not run any transfer performance tests but I'm not that bothered about max speeds, it's working plenty well and fast enough for my requirements. Plugged it in, configured as required and not touched it since, which is now three months later. Router being used to run personal internal network for both wired and wireless devices (Pioneer Internet iPod dock, WDlxTV Live Plus, Linksys NSLU2 Unslung, and many wireless) and is being bridged to shared network via a Linksys WES-610N. Recommended.

UPDATE: A year on since buying this router, I am still nothing but impressed. I think I have had to reboot the thing once in that period when it decided to lose its IP address but that may have been caused by a fart on the 610N bridge. I am so impressed by this router I will be purchasing another one now to replace the infuriating WRT120N which hosts the shared connection, and when we move out of our existing accom, will become a backup. The WRT120N can go for weeks without a glitch, then inexplicably crash up to five times per day and will go through a rough patch like that for many days. No thanks any more, E1200 can go in its place.
Lakerol Menthol-licorice Special - Pack de 24 unidades
Lakerol Menthol-licorice Special - Pack de 24 unidades
First time I ever tried Lakerol was in “Norway” at Disney World’s Epcot. I was hooked. It’s gotten more and more expensive over the years but at least I can get it through Amazon. Most recently, the seller shipped from Finland, I suspect by reindeer-pulled boat, but it did finally arrive and was less than $2 per box. The Lakerol Licorice is sweetened with stevia, 50 calories and 13 carbs for the entire box. The tiny, chewy, jujube-like pastilles last a long time, with 26 candies per box. It’s a favorite of mine just for the flavor but would be a great diet or diabetic treat, as well.
Haribo Capsulas Caramelos Grageados - 1000 gr
Haribo Capsulas Caramelos Grageados - 1000 gr
Son los mismo de toda la vida pero en envase grande mucho más barato. En mi caso los compré para estas navidades, las puse en un bote, le pondré unas pegatinas de Navidad y dan un toque colorido y son ideales para quien ya no pueda con el postre pero quiera acabar con un bocado dulce xD.
Las que sobren por debajo de la tapa pondré papel film para asegurar que no les entre humedad y lo que duren.

De sabor están super ricas, blanditas y sin ser las típicas recubiertas de azúcar que te pringa los dedos.

Si sois celíacos avisaros que contienen trazas de trigo, aunque no figura en su composición (supongo que por estar en la misma fábrica otros productos que si).

Así que por menos de 5 euros que me ha costado un kilo lo veo una buena compra para darse un capricho.

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