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Jump Start Web Performance
Jump Start Web Performance
Jump Start Web Performance by Craig Buckler. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Java Programming: Advanced Topics, Third Edition
Java Programming: Advanced Topics, Third Edition
Java Programming: Advanced Topics, Third Edition by Joe Wigglesworth and Paula McMillan. Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars, with 7 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Java programming' category.
Pro Java Programming
Pro Java Programming
Pro Java Programming by Brett Spell. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars, with 4 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Java programming' category.
SQL Short Course (Database Programming)
SQL Short Course (Database Programming)
SQL Short Course (Database Programming) by Chris Fehily. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 2 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'SQL database' category.
iOS 5.0: iCloud (Programming iOS)
iOS 5.0: iCloud (Programming iOS)
iOS 5.0: iCloud (Programming iOS) by Stephen Ashley. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Objective-C programming category.
The Prize: Who's in Charge of America's Schools?
The Prize: Who's in Charge of America's Schools?
Russakoff does a great job documenting a city that is normally ignored. She outlines the issues in a powerful narrative, and has no problem showing the arrogance of the righteous--Cory Booker, Chris Christie, et. al. If Booker runs for president in 2020, this book needs to be re-released, and he needs to be asked about what is contained here.

February 1, 2019 update: Because Booker has announced his run for president, I thought I would place here my full review for my blog and Africology: The Journal of Pan-African Studies.

Book Review: Neo-Colonialism By PowerPoint: The Fight For, And Against, The Newark, N.J. Schools

The word “conspiracy” gets thrown around a lot in African communities, ever since the middle of the last century. And it’s understandable: the assassinations of King and X, the discovery of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s COINTEL-PRO files, and the disposal in one way or another of any leader of African descent who doesn’t toe the blood-dotted line of the West. But how much of a conspiracy is it when the victim doesn’t have the required amount of power for self-determination in the first place? This book, released today, is about how relatively powerless people fought back against their status when, insult to injury added, even their relatively little power was taken from them.

It starts with Cory Booker, the neo-liberal mayor of Newark, New Jersey, and Chris Christie, the conservative governor of the state, secretly deciding all by themselves in the backseat of a Chevy Tahoe in 2009 that they will transform American education by turning Newark into a laboratory for the New York-based, greatly monied education reform movement. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, develops a political man-crush on Booker and signs on by 2011, pledging $100 million (to be matched by other donors) to make New Jersey’s largest city into a charter-school haven in five years, staffed by six-figure, non-unionized teachers. Like the benevolent colonizers of old, all believe they go in with good intentions: self-government by the dark, poor people has not worked in the internal colony, the reasoning goes, or the state would not have taken over the school district back in 1995. The teacher’s unions are stopping progress, the reformers argued to themselves, by making sure they tie the hand of local politicos and school board members. So, they privately reasoned, the only way to change the system is to overthrow it—to go past all the community obstacles. So they hire $1,000-a-day consultants and get to work.

After absorbing the opening shot heard-round-the-world of the revolution it now understood it was a pawn in, the Newark grassroots is then introduced to Cami Anderson, a white woman of hippie background who has been named the school’s superintendent by Christie and Booker. Like education reformer Michelle Rhee did in Washington, D.C., she then sets out, from the community perspectives, to close as many schools and alienate every teacher and parent she can. Meanwhile and not coincidentally, charter schools, some rising out of the closed public ones, begin flourishing in the the old, struggling-against-decay, never-recovered-from-the-1967-rebellion ghetto, providing resources and specialized attention to small, selected groups of poor Black and Brown children the always-struggling public schools can’t match.
Everyone flexes what muscle they have. The teacher’s unions demand their back pay as a condition to their negotiations with Booker and Anderson over being able to fire bad teachers and financially reward good ones, and get it. The money people get their calls answered from the celebrity mayor, who eventually uses his Captain America persona to get elected to the U.S. Senate in 2013. Newark students organize and protest Anderson, with more than a little help from a well-known local name: Ras Baraka, a high-school principal and city councilman (and one of the sons of poet-activists Amiri and Amina Baraka). He seizes the issue that will get him elected mayor in 2014, defeating a Theo Huxtable-type candidate propped up by the same education reform movement. “The festering resistance to Anderson, the backlash against [the top-down reforms], and the first mayoral campaign of the post-Booker era became one and the same.” The street protests grow so large and consistent in Newark that Christie—days away from announcing his Republican presidential nomination run this past summer—makes a deal with newly-elected Mayor Baraka that, at this September 2015 writing, may transfer city education power back to the people a year from now. A bewildered Anderson is sent packing, replaced, amazingly, by a former state education commissioner—one of the chief architects of the neo-colonial plan! Whether the new school district superintendent cleans up his own mess is this story’s next chapter, to be written by today’s journalists and tomorrow’s historians.

Dale Russakoff, a longtime Washington Post journalist and resident of Montclair, a middle class suburb of Newark, embeds herself with Christie, Booker and Anderson while, simultaneously, sits in on more than 100 school-related community meetings (“There it was again: disrespect. The word rose from conversations all over the auditorium”), and the reporting not only shows, but shines. Her spectacular juggling act blames everybody but those whose demonstrated first commitment is to the students. In her telling, nearly everyone involved received something and/or learned something but the city’s least-of-these. She makes a clear observation that needs to be on T-shirts in the city: “For four years, the reformers never really tried to have a conversation with the people of Newark. Their target audience was always somewhere else, beyond the people whose children and grandchildren desperately needed to learn and compete for a future.”

The book’s author might not agree with the following assessment: that her carefully crafted work clearly documents that white supremacy’s psychotic historical urge to covertly or overtly experiment with the lives of poor Black people—whether medically, socially, economically or, in the case, educationally—is not some obscure 19th or 20th century Africana Studies classroom topic, but as current as the next awarded education grant. African-Americans used to be classified as sub-human, because of their three-fifth status under the U.S. Constitution. Then, after the Civil War, they became second-class citizens, because they didn’t have the right to vote or use public accommodations. In this updated 21st century form of pseudo-democracy, poor Black and Brown communities like Newark are filled with sub-citizens: those who have no input on their future, no matter how much taxes they pay and how often they vote. Christie and (especially) Booker should be ashamed of their public actions here, but who could, or would, succeed in shaming them that they would actually respect?
The 4 Lenses of Innovation: A Power Tool for Creative Thinking
The 4 Lenses of Innovation: A Power Tool for Creative Thinking
If you do not listen to your customers, failure is certain. But if you limit yourself to what they tell you, failure will be devastating. Henry Ford understood this more than 100 years ago: people wanted faster horses, not revolutionary and innovative transport systems.

In this book, the reader is engaged from the first chapter. Consistent with what has been Gibson’s mantra for many years, the book seeks to reaffirm his message: innovation, as well as quality, customer service, etc., must be "embedded" in all organizations, because companies without innovative culture are left behind sooner rather than later.

In ancient times, people believed that the creativity and ability to innovate was a divine inspiration granted to few. Hence, poets, philosophers and artists looked toward the "Muses", goddesses of inspiration.

Archimedes’s "Eureka" however, was not the result of divine inspiration that occurred while he was in the now famous bathtub. He was a physicist, mathematician, engineer, astronomer and inventor. When the King asked him to confirm whether the goldsmith had stolen part of the gold he was given for the new crown, Archimedes could not find a way to measure the volume of such irregular body. While soaking in the tub, he saw the water level rising and concluded that the displaced volume was equal to the volume of the submerged body: "Eureka". With the volume and weight of the crown, he found that its density was less than that of gold, and therefore the goldsmith was actually a thief.
Rowan describes how everything became clearer with the European Renaissance. With the birth of humanism, mankind began to understand that scientific or artistic creation depended exclusively on the education and skills of each person.

As the individual grew in terms of self-esteem and self-confidence, an explosion of artistic and scientific developments happened that substantially improved the quality of life of mankind. Human beings, rather than gods, became the center of the universe. The mind was set free and the spark of creativity was lit. Science and technological advances ceased to be a violation of the divine order. You could challenge the orthodoxy.

Rowan analyzes the way Petrarch, "The Father of Humanism and the Renaissance" recognized the new trends of the time: obscurantism and darkness during the Middle Ages were gradually left behind and the new challenges to be faced would later bring along more prosperous years.

The story of how Gutenberg integrated different skills and knowledge to create the printing press is fascinating. Just like Steve Jobs, with his privileged view, managed to integrate various technologies to develop the iPod and other "gadgets" that made him famous. Both did leverage in resources already available.

H. Ford invented an unclaimed and unneeded machine. Leonardo da Vinci, with his brilliant mind and insatiable curiosity, designed the parachute, submarine, helicopter and many other machines and appliances that nobody needed at the time, but were crucial to improving the quality of life of humankind.

Thanks to this four lenses, we will be able to unravel the desired tomorrow from our day to day lives.
Steve Jobs: 100 Success Lessons from Steve Jobs On How To Be Successful In Life And Business
Steve Jobs: 100 Success Lessons from Steve Jobs On How To Be Successful In Life And Business
Digital nerd Jesus, one of the greatest innovators of all time, visionary… Steve Jobs was the man from which we can learn a lot. He really did change the world, he changed our lives. This book gives us 100 success lessons which can learn from this great man’s example. Mr Rohn did a great job writing this very educative and helpful book for all of those who crave motivation and inspiration as a most needed fuel for journey to success.
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
The author's TED talk is one of the most-viewed ever; and it's really quite good. In fact, it's so good that you don't need to read this book! He takes a very, very simple concept and expands, and expands, and repeats, and seemingly never edits, and then repeats, and expands, and -- well, you get the idea. The whole thing could've been done in 50 pages or less.
Example: Yes, there's a difference between WHAT one does in business and WHY one does it. And sometimes they diverge. He calls this the "Split" and has a graphic and whole chapter on it. Really?? Not needed.
Example: He mines the stories of Apple, Wal-Mart, Costco, Starbucks, Martin Luther King Jr, and a few others - over & over & over & over & over again. He makes elementary and generalized statements, such as saying that NONE of the 250,000 people who came to hear Dr. King in Washington came for him; no sir, they came for themselves because their "why" connected with his "why." Uh, no; many came for him and his message or to simply support civil rights.
Example: He constantly repeats the words WHY and WHAT in CAPS ALL THE TIME so you'd get the message. And then again....and again.....
Example: Yes, the Apple Computer story is inspiring. But among all that WHY stuff is also the story of a dreamer with incredibly bad people skills. To simply elevate the Apple story - and retell it umpteen times - is to vastly oversimplify what made them great back then and now, and why they succeeded in spite of the way Jobs treated his employees.
It's almost as if the author had about 10 stories in his pocket and decided to use nothing else at all. He created the entire "start with WHY" mantra out of the 10 stories and never went beyond them to augment, embellish, or create more learnings.
So save the money, see the TED talk, and take what he says there to heart. WHY is the basis for being motivated. But there's a whole lot more to say, and sadly, he never gets to it.
Leadership: In Turbulent Times
Leadership: In Turbulent Times
The best way to study leadership is to study leaders. How they exercised influence in their contexts provides examples of how we can do so in ours. For this reason, it is paramount for leaders to be well-versed in biography and history, the knowledge of people and their times.

Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Leadership in Turbulent Times provides case studies of the leadership of four U.S. presidents at critical junctures in their administrations:
• Abraham Lincoln exemplifies transformational leadership as he expanded the North’s war aims from union to emancipation through the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation.
• Theodore Roosevelt provides a model of crisis management by how he brought labor and management to the table during the Great Coal Strike of 1902.
• Exuding optimism and executing a plan to respond to the Great Depression in his first 100 days, Franklin Delano Roosevelt offers a master class in turnaround leadership.
• And Lyndon Johnson demonstrates visionary leadership by using all the forces at his disposal — including persuasion and hardball politics — to pass the Civil Rights Act (1964) and Voting Rights Act (1965), fundamentally altering the legal terms under which whites and blacks related to one another.

Goodwin presents these case studies in Part III of her book, “The Leader and the Times: How They Led.” Of each president’s White House years, she writes: “There, at their formidable best, when guided by a sense of moral purpose, they were able to channel their ambitions and summon their talents to enlarge the opportunities and lives of others.”

But those ambitions and talents didn’t emerge de novo or ex nihilo. The four presidents were influenced by circumstances just as much as they in turn influenced them. Part I, “Ambition and the Recognition of Leadership,” narrates the burgeoning sense of possibility each president experienced in his 20s especially, along with the recognition by their peers that they were destined for greater things. Part II, “Adversity and Growth,” shows how each one faced a test or series of tests that forced them to ask deeper questions of their life’s meaning — questions that, once answered, steeled their commitment to lead. Finally, an Epilogue examines how each man reflected on his enduring reputation, a fame that would last beyond both his administration and his death. How would they be remembered by posterity?

As with Goodwin’s previous works on these four presidents, Leadership in Turbulent Times is a gripping read, combining biographical detail and historical context. It is the addition of shrewd insights about leadership throughout the book that marks a departure from her earlier biographies. Those insights are well-grounded and explicit.

One of the great dangers of drawing lessons from biography or history is that such lessons smooth over differences, whether among the subjects of biographical inquiry, or between their times and our own. Doris Kearns Goodwin is well aware of this danger and largely avoids it. The leadership principles she draws organically arise from the events she narrates. Here’s how she explains the matter in the book’s Foreword:

"These four extended examples show how their leadership fit the historical moment as a key fits a lock. No key is exactly the same; each has a different line of ridges and notches along its blade. While there is neither a master key to leadership nor a common lock of historical circumstance, we can detect a certain family resemblance of leadership traits as we trace the alignment of leadership capacity within its historical context."

That “family resemblance of leadership traits,” the book’s explicit lesson, is what leaders will most appreciate about Leadership in Turbulent Times. Its implicit lesson is that leaders must know themselves and their own times if they want to change them. Leadership never occurs in a vacuum where principles can be applied automatically. Rather, it requires wisdom. Like the biblical men of Issachar, leaders understand the times and know just what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32).
A Hard Day's Night
A Hard Day's Night
This is, for my money, the first truly great Beatles album.

It's important to remember that in 1964, the Beatles as a phenomenon weren't much more than a year old. They had been functioning as a band for much longer, and Ringo had been firmly in place since 1962, but at this stage of the game they were more famous for being famous than for being the greatest band in the history of popular music. It was clear that Beatlemania was something new and unprecedented, but for all that it was still, as the name suggests, a '-mania' - a kind of madness. Nobody, not even the band themselves, could have known at this point that they were going to go on to produce stuff as classic as 'Yesterday', as inspired as 'Strawberry Fields Forever', as drop-dead awesome as the 'Revolver' and 'Sgt Pepper' albums and as wiggily brilliant and infuriating as the White Album, not to mention the generous nuggets of genius scattered throughout their extraordinarily diverse late output. Right now, they were just a pop group.

No, in 1964 The Beatles were not rock gods, because rock gods hadn't been invented yet. The fans loved them and the more hip observers recognised that they were something different, but many journalists preferred to attribute their success to the business wizardry of Brian Epstein (who actually wasn't the canniest businessman under the sun), or the musical direction of George Martin (who would have been the first person to admit that he didn't actually write the songs). By this point, the Beatles, Lennon & McCartney in particular, wanted to assert themselves. They did so in a coup that literally intimidated their peers: this is the only Beatles album on which Lennon and McCartney wrote all the songs. It was unheard-of for a British band of the period to generate so much of its own output.

And the output was pretty impressive. The opening chord of the title track of A Hard Day's Night has been analysed many times, and it still clangs hugely across the decades; no other band of the time could convey this sense of size and power. A Hard Day's Night is, generally speaking, a pretty raucous album. One reason for this is that Lennon was at the peak of his early power as a songwriter and he bestrides this album like a, well, a colossal Walrus. The Beatles' love of girl groups and Motown comes through in wall-of-sound wailers like 'Tell Me Why' and funky, cowbell-driven stomps like 'You Can't Do That' and 'When I Get Home'. Elsewhere, even the potboilers are classic: listen to other British beat groups of the Sixties, and you will soon realise how most of them would have killed to write a melody as catchy as 'I Should Have Known Better'. Lennon rightly observed years later that it's a song about almost nothing, but who cares when the sheer sound of it makes you feel happy? This is the sound of a band surfing the tsunami of its own fame and exulting in its own unfolding genius. It's also, arguably, the last and greatest document of classic Beatlemania. By the next album the band sounded tired, and after that they were starting to get bored of being fab. Their greatest work was still ahead of them, but by the time of Revolver they had become a quite different band. And after that...

As for the remastering, I have no complaints about being able to hear this album in stereo at last. I had a vinyl LP of it years ago which, looking back, was probably in stereo, and while I am a bit of a mono purist when it comes to the Beatles' music (because it's the way that they themselves preferred to listen to it), I have to admit that the widescreen stereo opens up this album in a very refreshing way for the first time in 23 years. I will still go back to the mono version whenever I want sheer impact, but it's good to have this version too. Points off EMI for not including the mono remaster as bonus tracks, but then Beatle fans have learned to expect to be ripped off by EMI.

And it's still the first great Beatles album, and if you haven't listened to it yet, this is the new definitive version. So I envy you the pleasure of hearing it for the first time.
Bootleg Series 4 : Bob Dylan Live
Bootleg Series 4 : Bob Dylan Live
...just don't pay more than I did here, on Amazon. And I think this was a limited release so your time it is a wastin.' The live band stuff is amazing, and the solo acoustic stuff on this set will make you just want to sit down and listen. And the packaging on this is over the top great. Very thoughtful historical notes, photos and just a job well done. I do not have a bunch of Dylan LP's but sure am happy I bought this.
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition)
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition)
As someone who does not come from a computer science background but works as a software engineer, I've had learning data structures and algorithms on my bucket list for quite some time. Working within the Ruby on Rails and SQL worlds has had me heavily shielded from the ideas and concepts of DS&A. My primary goal was to learn enough to pass the stereotypical Google/Amazon/Microsoft/Yahoo coding exam as well as conduct a similar engineering interview from the opposite end of the table. Since textbooks are my preferred way of learning, I set out in search of the DS&A book that would allow me to reach that goal.

Most guru lists will tell you that "Introduction to Algorithms" aka "CLRS" is the book to buy in this field. I would strongly disagree with this notion unless the reader is already very savvy in DS&A as well as mathematics. From my experience interviewing dozens of engineers over the last few months, a very small percentage of engineers are actually at that level. Similar lists recommend Skiena's book as an alternative to CLRS since it is slightly more accessible. Although I didn't look at Skiena's book as thoroughly as I did CLRS, it didn't seem to be much more beginner friendly. I initially ended up buying the "DS&A Made Easy" book--the reviews were good, the pages available via Amazon preview looked good, the book focused on DS&A from an interview perspective rather than mathematical proofs, and I also liked the author's stated approach (get something working, even if its terribly inefficient...then work on efficiency). Then the book came in the mail. After a week of browsing through the text, I actually threw the book in the trash. The English was bad, the code examples weren't well written, and there was a lot of hand waving where there shouldn't have been.

Then I found LaFore. His writing is extremely clear and never pretentious. The order in which he tackles DS&A topics is much more logical than the other texts I've seen. The Java code in each of the in-chapter exercises works perfectly. The charts and drawings are very helpful. The author knows exactly how far to take the discussion so that the reader is learning a concept thoroughly but not being beaten over the head with it or taken too far down the rabbit hole. I became more comfortable with the Java language itself working through the coding problems in this book than I did using a pure "Learn Java"-type book in the past. I read this book cover to cover over the course of a few months and can't say enough good things about it. No longer are DS&A initimidating to me.

The chapters are as follows:

1 Overview
2 Arrays
3 Simple Sorting
4 Stack and Queues
5 Linked Lists
6 Recursion
7 Advanced Sorting
8 Binary Trees
9 Red-Black Trees
10 2-3-4 Trees
11 Hash Tables
12 Heaps
13 Graphs
14 Weighted Graphs
15 When to Use What

For me, the most difficult subjects by far were recursion and red-black trees. In fact, unlike any of the other topics listed above, coding a red-black tree is beyond the scope of this book.

In summary, this book may be the best technical text I have ever read (and I usually read 3-4 per year). I've read a handful of technical textbooks that were about simpler topics, were more complex reads, and I would still consider them good to great books. In fact, LaFore's DS&A book is so exceptional that I even considered buying his 11 year old C++ book to learn C++, even though learning C++ isn't on my bucket list.

My recommendation list for DS&A related works is as follows:

-If you are a DS&A beginner, choose LaFore's DS&A in Java book (most people fall into this category).

-If you are looking for more formal technical interview prep, buy one of Gayle Laakman's books as a companion piece. Laakman's works typically don't teach you DS&A themselves but prepare you for how you'll typically see them in an interview.

-If you are already very strong in DS&A and are looking for something beyond what you'd see in a typical technical interview, look into CLRS, Skiena, Sedgewick (who LaFore strongly recommends for further reading) or if you're really an expert--(gulp) Donald Knuth.
UPDATE: after allowing some of the coffee roasted with the Nesco roaster to sit for a few weeks in an airtight container (while I enjoyed some different coffee), a funny thing happened that I wasn't expecting and have never experienced before: the coffee got better. Dramatically so. So much so that I really enjoyed it. Maybe this "aging" process is something that frequently occurs but that I've just never read about, but whatever occurred, it ended up taking fantastic.

That earns a swift and well deserved upgrade from 2 stars to 5!

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've been slowly getting into home coffee roasting after a friend with a Nesco home roaster let me sample several of the coffee's he's done, which he's purchased on Amazon from Lavanta. A Kenya blend he had was simply outstanding and sold me that home roasting was something I had to try.

Traditionally, I've always liked Sumatra medium/dark roasts. I purchased Sumatra Peaberry as a way to roast something I was already familiar with from many other coffee companies, hopefully to give me a baseline of how Lavanta's coffee measured up.

I started with an air popper (ghetto garage style) after reading many online reviews, tutorials, and opinions on this process. The roasting process was simple and the beans roasted beautifully. I turned off the popper right as 2C started, and immediately cooled them down to stop the roasting process. Waited 24 hours for them to off-gas and then got ready to try it. The beans smelled great. I used my hand-crank burr grinder to grind them for my AeroPress and the grounds smelled great. I made it in the usual manner and they bloomed right up - or even more so than I expected. First sips were decent, but really didn't blow me away. I finished my cup with mixed feelings, but just figured I could adjust the roast for the next batch.

The next day I went to make another cup of coffee with the same fresh roasted Sumatra Peaberry, and I don't know what happened in the beans, but I literally couldn't finish the cup. It tasted very ashy, and almost...sour?

I tried a couple of other batches of roasts and never had the same experience with it tasting "sour", but never achieved anything other than average-at-best 7-Eleven mini mart style coffee. I had about 1/2 pound left and asked my friend with the Nesco roaster to roast up the last of it so that I could at least compare THAT roast against my air popper roast(s). It was marginally better, but not dramatically at all.

What I thought might have been the result of the ghetto air popper roasting process, I think actually was the batch of beans I had. I don't know if it was the Peaberry beans, or if it's their Sumatra blends in general. I'm not going to give up and want to try at least two other roasts before I give up on Lavanta, but for what it's worth, their Sumatra Peaberry isn't ever worth purchasing again if it continues to taste like that.
Car Power Inverter Car Charger 150W DC 12V to 110v AC Car Inverter with 3.1A Dual USB Charger (Red) (Black)
Car Power Inverter Car Charger 150W DC 12V to 110v AC Car Inverter with 3.1A Dual USB Charger (Red) (Black)
I travels a lot and I use my computer a lot. The thing that bothers me is that the car charger only charges cellphone it doesn’t charge my computer since they have different outlet. When I saw this charger on Amazon I was amazed. This is what I have been looking for for years! Now I don’t have to worry about going outside for too long and my computer is out of power. Oh, I didn’t notice any noice why using it, it’s a little heavy but it work perfectly fine.
Disney, Leadership & You: House of the Mouse Ideas, Stories & Hope For The Leader In You
Disney, Leadership & You: House of the Mouse Ideas, Stories & Hope For The Leader In You
J. Jeff Kober's latest book, "Disney, Leadership, and You" is an excellent work that more than delivers on its title.

Drawing from an inquisitive mind and keen insight, Kober's nearly five decades experience with Walt Disney - from both within and without the company - provide a very readable, practical, and thoroughly enjoyable leadership book that you will find yourself returning to time and again for just the right nugget to use.

I have "known" Jeff for years through his writing, and earlier this year was grateful to meet him and engage his services for an immersive park experience with a group I was leading. The warmth, wit, and sheer knowledge of Disney, coupled with his ability to instantly link it to practical applications of my group, was one of the highlights of our experience. That same experience has been translated into this book.

If you are a leader in any size or type of organization, the stories Jeff Kober has captured in "Disney, Leadership, and You" should be a valuable addition to your library, a source of personal encouragement, and a wealth of practical training for both you and your team.
The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream: Biblical Keys for Hearing God's Voice in the Night
The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream: Biblical Keys for Hearing God's Voice in the Night
As one who has been a dreamer all my life and as a minister others seek out to interpret their dreams, I have read and consulted a lot of dream books. The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream, Biblical Keys for Hearing God's Voice in the Night, is different. This book presents expanded biblical perspective for interpretation. Of course there are other books that use the Bible as the basis for dream interpretation, but none I have read that are as biblically thorough and biblically extensive as this one. It truly lives up to its name as "The Ultimate Guide."

The understanding of dreams gained from studying the material in this book also brings additional enlightened understanding of scripture which is exciting and delightful for those who study the Word regularly.

The chapters and sections are manageable as study and exploration go. Not too much to grasp or relate to all at once and not too much to chart to aid dream interpretation. In fact, the author does an excellent job of outlining systems that cut categories of dream symbolism down to size so they can be easily remembered and applied because they make sense according to our everyday lives. More than charts to memorize, this book presents systems to use and explanations instead of charts.

The tone of the book is very lighthearted and conversational even humorous which makes the heavy subject matter easier to digest. It not only teaches the basic precepts of dream interpretation, it also enables revelation and understanding when there needs to be action. I experienced an anointing on this book that increased my memory of my dreams, my consciousness in my dreams, as well as interpretation and revelation flowing from my dreams. I was more than impressed.

As God pours out His Spirit and dreams and visions are increasing, this text is also quite timely for the perfecting of the saints and to prepare the way of the Lord's second coming. It makes interpretation and revelation of dreams much more accessible for the saints since dreams are a major way God speaks to us. It allows us to use cultural experiences to make sense of our dreams as well as the Bible. In other words, the systematic premises and principles posited just make sense.

I am going to purchase a paper copy for quicker, easier access.
GUND Pusheen Phone and Computer Screen Cleaner Plush Stuffed Animal Cat, Gray, 4"
GUND Pusheen Phone and Computer Screen Cleaner Plush Stuffed Animal Cat, Gray, 4"
As a religious PC gamer I can't tell you how many times I have grab my little cat friend here and rubbed its belly on my computer screen. Pusheen screen cleaner is menchine washable I wash mine inside an old pillow cases I sewed a zipper onto. (The same I use for all my plushies) The best part is no spray needed. (those PC sprays where scary)
12 Pack I Bamboo Toothbrush I Soft Bristles Best For Sensitive Gums I Charcoal I Vegan I Natural Wood I BPA Fee I Recyclable I Compostable I Biodegradable | Environmentally Friendly | By EveEco
12 Pack I Bamboo Toothbrush I Soft Bristles Best For Sensitive Gums I Charcoal I Vegan I Natural Wood I BPA Fee I Recyclable I Compostable I Biodegradable | Environmentally Friendly | By EveEco
I was super excited to try these toothbrushes... And ended up being very disappointed. The first day I used them, I brushed like normal, and my teeth hurt like CRAZY all day. Plus, my gums bled a lot while brushing, which is very unusual. The second time, I noticed something about the bristles. They're like fine little needles. Sharpened at the points, not trimmed down. So, I trimmed them down and was very careful while brushing, but still, my teeth hurt and gums bled. I could feel the bristles going up inside my gums like little needles. The third time, I trimmed them down yet again, wanting to make sure they were completely blunt at the tips. This helped a bit - enough for me to continue using while waiting for another brand to get delivered - but it's still painful to brush. The bristles themselves are too small - they still act like needles while brushing. Blunt needles, after getting trimmed, but needles nonetheless.
Bamboo Toothbrush - Adult - Soft Bristle - BPA Free Nylon Bristles - Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable, Vegan by WooBamboo!
Bamboo Toothbrush - Adult - Soft Bristle - BPA Free Nylon Bristles - Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable, Vegan by WooBamboo!
This is a great straight-headed flat toothbrush that does not flex or have any angles or gimmicks like so many plastic toothbrushes on the market. I am more cognizant of it being in my mouth because it is wooden, too, so I brush more mindfully. It feels substantial like it really pulls the schmudtz from my mouth. This feels like an old-fashioned toothbrush, before they tried to optimize them. That it is compostable and Earth-friendly is just a bonus to the fact that it feels and cleans so well.
16 Pieces Bamboo Toothbrushes Reusable Natural Organic Wooden Toothbrushes with Soft Nylon Bristles Individually Packed Dental Care Set for Men and Women (Beige)
16 Pieces Bamboo Toothbrushes Reusable Natural Organic Wooden Toothbrushes with Soft Nylon Bristles Individually Packed Dental Care Set for Men and Women (Beige)
Für mich die ideale Zahnbürste ganz einfach in der Form - relativ klein, von daher vielleicht nicht unbedingt für große Hände gemacht - stabile, aber dennoch weiche Borsten .....
.... wenn man jetzt noch bei der Verpackung Material sparen würde, wäre es absolut topp (16 Kartönchen als Block in dünne Folie geschweißt und dann in eine dicke Tüte verpackt - das ist die Verkaufsverpackung - darüber kommt dann noch die Versandtasche)
YUNYIYIS Men's Super-Hero Compression Sports Fitness Elastic T-Shirt Quick-Drying Running
YUNYIYIS Men's Super-Hero Compression Sports Fitness Elastic T-Shirt Quick-Drying Running
Great shirt! Just as described. Fit is somewhat small but just follow the measurements and your fit should be great. I ordered a 2XL for my 13 year old that wanted to wear this over a hoodie for "Meme Monday" at school. I'd say the XXL is about the equivalent of a regular men's large tight-fitted shirt. Worked perfectly for us and looked great! My son was very happy!
WOLVERINE Men's Loader 8" Steel Toe Wedge Work Boot
WOLVERINE Men's Loader 8" Steel Toe Wedge Work Boot
I bought these boots for the wedge sole, steel toe and 8” lace up (for ankle support). I work in a ship yard in the Pacific Northwest and I’m on my feet 8-10 hours per day on concrete and metal. I have wide-ish feet though I usually use normal width shoes. I ordered the extra-wise boots and I’m glad I did. I think the normal width would have been too narrow.
Due to some thread coming loose after only two days I started a replacement return.
I ended up with 2 pair of these, and there are some significant differences. One pair was made in Guatemala, the other in China. Not a big deal normally, happens all the time, but the characteristics of each pair are quite different. The Chinese leather is very soft and stretchy, like a baseball glove, the other leather is smooth, stiffer and I think offers better support. The soles on the Guatemalan boots are also stiffer and firmer (and slightly yellow), while the other soles are soft and more flexible: you can basically pull the toe to the heel. I don’t think the Guatemalan boots have steel shanks, but I noticed much less fatigue and discomfort in them vs the Chinese pair. The insoles in the Chinese pair look very nice, and precisely made. They have a good shape for the arch, the foam is thin, grey and pretty soft. The Guatemalan insoles look a bit less precise and the arch is not as well defined but there seems to be 2 different foams at the heel. The base foam is quite firm, maybe too firm, but the upper layer at the heel is softer. I usually replace the insoles anyway. The final difference I’ll hit on is in the padded tongue: the tongue on the Chinese pair has thin, firm-ish near-perfect padding where the other pair’s is very thick but very soft, so much so that it makes the boots more difficult to lace. Being 8” boots they are already not super easy to lace up and the padding on the Guatemalan boots really gets in the way.
To sum up then, for actually working I prefer the boots made in Guatemala for the supportive soles and leather. Jury is out on the insoles, but the Chinese boots have the best tongue and are easier to put on. While it was the Guatemalan boots that started to unthread in the first place, I still think overall they are superior to the Chinese made pair.
Of course none of this matters because you can’t specify the country of manufacture anyway, but it might explain the fairly different reviews.
Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 2: Bordertown (Wolverine: Old Man Logan (2015), 2)
Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 2: Bordertown (Wolverine: Old Man Logan (2015), 2)
Jeff Lemire continues to knock it out of the park with his run on Old Man Logan, the new series that follows the reality displaced Logan as he becomes the new mainstay for the character in the 616 universe (although, I guess technically that's X-23, but regardless...). I picked up the first volume (skipping the Vol 0. Secret Wars story written by Brian Michael Bendis, because yeah, no) mostly out of my love for the original story but also out of curiosity. I had heard good things, but my pull list is a little light these days and I hadn't gotten a chance to see for myself. Volume 1 definitely impressed me as a great journey of a man who lost everything he knew for a third time and his coming to cope with his new reality, and hoping to change it.

Volume 2 picks up after Logan has officially become a member of Storm's X-Men team in the pages of Extraordinary X-Men (also written by Jeff Lemire, also really good and I also recommend it), needing a break from his new routine and going up north to an isolated town just across the Canadian border. While there, Logan discovers ghosts of his past life in the other reality in new ways. And unfortunately, other ghosts come back to haunt him.

Lemire's writing continues to impress and further pull me into Logan's life, both in the other reality and the 616 reality. This issue is great fun, with lots of action (wonderfully illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino) and caps it off with a great one shot, where both Jean Grey and Logan contemplate their relationship with each other and the reality they now inhabit.

It's great stuff, and I highly recommend fans of the original Old Man Logan trade/story check out this new series. It is quality stuff.
Good Boys (4K UHD)
Good Boys (4K UHD)
Writing this review so you don’t make the same mistake I did- I should’ve listened to the review that warned me but...hindsight. I remember seeing previews and thinking this is gonna be great! Well, it wasn’t, it was just meh. 2 stars.

What’s it about? You have three sixth graders learning about adult stuff throughout the movie. They are invited to a party where they are going to experience their first kiss. They attempt to spy on the neighbors with a drone to learn how to kiss, only the drone is discovered and taken by the adults who refuse to give it back. The boys steal one of their purses which happens to contain a bottle of ecstasy. The plot goes on from there with the girls trying to get their drugs back and the boys running/hiding the drugs. Throw in some swearing, the boys first drink of beer, peer pressure/kid issues/family issues, the typical friendship fight and make up, you have a coming of age film trying to tap into modern times, but the problem is we’ve seen and heard the majority of these jokes and plots before. The good thing about the film? The cast, specifically the kids, did a fantastic job. If it wasn’t for these kids, I would’ve turned it off long before it finished.

This is a watch one time kind of film. It’s not going to gain a cult following, it’s not going to be in the must see category, and it’s not going to win any awards. So save your money, rent it if you’re looking for something to pass the time, or better yet, wait until it’s free to watch on a streaming platform.

For those that would like parental guidance/trigger warnings: drugs (ecstasy talk and use), sex toys, swearing, kid drinks a couple sips of beer, bullying, one kids parents are divorcing, and similar things.
Night Catches Us
Night Catches Us
This is a film about some of the members of the Black Panthers (a few in particular) their involvement with the cause and how their struggle with the law and the movement and the decisions they made during "that time" led them to who they are today as people. It served to be great for some (as you will see in the movie), but also horrible for others. There are great lessons to be learned here in this film for ALL.

Great writing skills are apparent in this wonderful film. Stellar performances by Washington, Mackie, Pierce and a supporting cast who definitely delivers (sorry don't know their names). It reminds me of watching old Panther movies about the struggle and the times when Black people had to go under cover just to speak their minds. I loved seeing the connection people had with one another back then.

This movie will take you back to the 70s so you can experience it. All I can say is what a great movie for everyone to see. This Director Tanya Hamilton
really has a bright future especially with highly successful pieces of work like this one; she is worthy of so much more. I'm recommending this film to everyone I know. For the simple fact, that these producers and creators really KNOW how to tell a story, and a GOOD story at that. It warms my heart to know that there are industry professionals out there that care about important historical subject matters as opposed to T&As kinda stuff all the time.

I loved the time period of the story too, the strong acting by the lead characters; but the person who really WOWED me was Wendell Pierce, I'm mean he really came through on this film - he showed real skill; Thx for the perfect casting....it really showed!! This film shows that The Black Panther Movement will not end in the lives of those who lived it.
Hope you can see the movie soon!!
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11
I was optimistic when last week's episode was available Friday like at 1/2 am when I watched it.
Now it's time for Episode 4 and is 3/22, Friday, 6:48 am. No episode 4.
So they are screwing with us again, like they did with AllStars. SMH.
And this absolutely sucks, I love RuPauls shows and will spend my money buying the seasons every time they come out....even with the terrible customer satisfaction! They know they have us and can treat us like this because we are going to still buy it. UGH! WTH!
Its unfair to the Queens and to Mother Ru, because so far its been an amazing season with amazing Queens...but im giving this only 2 stars because it is just not right that we get screwed with our viewings.
Tolkien Boxed Set (Word Cloud Classics)
Tolkien Boxed Set (Word Cloud Classics)
Before purchasing this visually appealing boxed set, it is important to know if any illustrations are included, how many total illustrations are included, and how many illustrations are in color. Casual purchasers do not generally pay more for books casually. Collectors look for the more iconic and collectible editions. All purchasers need specific information that is generally included to sell books, such as the number of pages in the edition, font type and size, quality of paper, and quality of the case-board covers of the books. At least the single photo in this ad accurately depicts the folded-cardboard construction of the open holder.
The Lord of the Rings Instrumental Solos: Tenor Sax, Book & CD
The Lord of the Rings Instrumental Solos: Tenor Sax, Book & CD
Hier die fehlende Inhaltsangabe

The Prophecy
In Dreams
Concerning Hobbits
Many Meetings
The black Rider
Gollums song
Forth Eorlingas
Into the West
Steward of Gondor
Minas Tirith

Stimmen der SOLO-Hefte sollen angeblich zueinander passen.
Fuer das Lied "In Dreams" wurden die Noten bespielsweise nur transponiert.
Dafuer gilt also "Hast du eins hast du alle", ich empfehle, nur das Klavierbegleitungsheft zu kaufen (es ist auch das umfangreichste), da sind dann wenigstens zu den Solostimmen noch die rechte und linke Hand drin. CDs sind gut, auch in jeden Heft eine andere.
The Stanislaski Series Collection Volume 2 (Stanislaskis)
The Stanislaski Series Collection Volume 2 (Stanislaskis)
The last three books in this series! I’m so happy I bought both Volume 1 and Volume 2 when they were on sale! It was such a treat to be immersed in this family for six stories.

Volume 2 has the last three stories in this series. As with Volume 1, I read them during the Covid-19 ‘shelter-in-place’ order. I had many hours of reading enjoyment, getting caught up with some of the characters from the first three books, while also watching others come of age and find their own happily ever afters. An excellent series.
Mistakes Can Kill You: A Collection of Western Stories
Mistakes Can Kill You: A Collection of Western Stories
I have always loved Louis L'Amour! And here is another of his trademark collection of short stories. The details of western life are authentic and the descriptions of the landscapes enlightening to this small city girl. His heroes are strong, hard working, and honest. They are quick to stand up for those oppressed by the wicked. Almost always there is a young lady or young widow for your romance requirement, as well as plenty of gun slinging. And, you get all this without any filthy language. (Which is a huge plus, in my opinion.) My 70 year old father has every single book Mr. L'Amour ever published, so I cut my preteen teeth on these books. Not only do his books give an accurate picture of the West during the 1800's and early 1900's, but they instill the right kind of values in the readers: you stand up for what is right even if you have to take a bullet to do so, and you help those in need even if you get nothing but gratitude in return.
Asterix 17: Die Trabantenstadt ( German Edition Domaine des Dieux )
Asterix 17: Die Trabantenstadt ( German Edition Domaine des Dieux )
Mir gefällt jede einzelne Geschichte der tapferen Gallier, hab als Kind alle gehabt ( und natürlich gelesen ), finde es top das es sie als E-Book gib. Mir fällt keine Änderung zu den gedruckten Ausgaben auf. Haben eine sehr gute Qualität man kann sich die Comics schön im Großformat ansehen. Von mir eine ganz klare Kaufempfehlung.
King Kong (Extended Version)
King Kong (Extended Version)
You have to be blind to not see the racist overtones of this film; I fear for the future of a country that gives almost a 5* review to a film that is full of antiblack imagery. The black "savages" on the island who kidnap Naomi Watts don't even seem to be able to speak, they just grunt (ooga booga!) and try to steal white women to offer to giant rapacious monkeys. The original King Kong was a metaphorical answer to The Birth of a Nation: hooded white men with guns have to save white women from oversexed Black men. After, what, wait, racism! (clutch my pearls) they just transformed the Black man into a giant ape and kept the same plot (virginal white woman has to be saved from an oversexed ape that has to be killed by white men with guns). This film voodoo curses the blue-eyed blonde white woman with a black woman before offering her to the rapacious monkey. Of, and of course the only actual Black man in the film has to sacrifice himself for a white boy, because, well, Black people in this film are still represented as only counting for 3/5th of a person.

Then, to cap it all off, misogyny! The money-grubbing producer (Jack Black) who caused all of this gets to pronounce at the end, "beauty killed the beast." Roll credits, dedicate to the "adventurers" in the overtly racist initial film. Wait, what? "Beauty" killed the "beast"? I don't know, the animal seemed happy to gaze at sunsets until things kept attacking him. But somehow it must be the woman's fault he died. Not the guy that dislocated him or the war machine that just attacked him with machine guns. The woman's to blame for that.


Fwiw, I love Naomi Watts in this. She is basically an angel, and why I spent 3 hours I can never have back watching racist propaganda. Wait, haha, it is her fault! Kidding. At any point I can--and should have--turned this off. But it was like watching a train wreck, I couldn't take my eyes off it.

So, if you're a masochist, or want to watch a racist train wreck, tally ho! Otherwise, give yourself a poke in the eye and save 3 hours to go watch something else, preferably something a few less racist overtones.
Bones Being Further Adventures in Mr. Commissioner Sanders' Country
Bones Being Further Adventures in Mr. Commissioner Sanders' Country
Read past the initial pages and you'll stumble into the wonderful wacky world of Bones in Africa. It's funny, silly, and a great escape of a story. Keep in mind it was written about 100 years ago so be prepared for some language considered totally politically incorrect today. I love Wallace's writing and Bones is a hoot!
Dragon Ball nº 15/34 PDA (Manga Shonen) (Spanish Edition)
Dragon Ball nº 15/34 PDA (Manga Shonen) (Spanish Edition)
Buena calidad de impresión. Incluye algunas páginas a color y, además, descripción de las diferentes armaduras al final del tomo. Compra recomendada. El detalle del dibujo es impresionante, sobre todo de escenarios y las armaduras
The Berenstain Bears Think Of Those In Need (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Berenstain Bears First Time Chapter Books)
The Berenstain Bears Think Of Those In Need (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Berenstain Bears First Time Chapter Books)
I'm not a huge fan of these bears but my class are and voted for this story over others. It inspired them to see what they can do for people at our local homeless shelter and to understand why it is important to clear out your stuff and "get rid of it". I could see on some children's faces the realization of what the bell ringing and the Salvation Army collecting money outside stores is all about too.
Our favorite part: they did not just donate the board games to the senior home but stayed and played them too. Awesome idea for a future outreach, we think.
(dahl)/someone like you
(dahl)/someone like you
Since I was a ten year old book worm falling in love with Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, the BFG, Charlie... I have had but the greatest respect for a storyteller capable of such utterly captivating, magical, darkly delicious stories. As an adult, many years after the passing of a legendary author, it is a treasure to find a collection I didn't get my hands on when I was younger. May the strange, sometimes disturbing and very odd works of this author never get lost in the shuffle. I was fortunate enough to come upon a 1954 hardback version which is what my rating is based on. Overall majestic, captivating, this collection of schort stories is a treat to read. Highly recommended for any fans of Roald's other works.

A breakdown of the stories and applicable comments and summaries (without giving away any plot):
1)TASTE- 4/5. A famous gourmet and wine expert is a guest for dinner at the home of an eager man and his family. A satisfying twist ending sets the stage for the type of stories that are characteristic of Roald Dahl's short stories.
2)LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER- 5/5. A husband comes home from work and delivers some unpleasant news to his wife. Events unravel that include a dead body, whiskey, an investigation, and a hot home cooked meal. This is right up Alfred Hitchcock's alley (and turns out, it is!)
3)MAN FROM THE SOUTH- 5/5. An old man and a young boy place a hefty wager on a silly bet. This one had me gasping in suspense.
4)THE SOLDIER- 4/5. A definite Twilight Zone feel. A soldier dealing with some post-traumatic issues. Leaves the reader wondering what was real and what was not.
5)MY LADY LOVE, MY DOVE- 4/5. A little more freaky than some o the others, a pushover husband is convinced to wire a tap to their guest bedroom. A game of cards and an interesting ending leaves the reader wondering.
6)DIP IN THE POOL- 5/5. Genuinely funny in a twisted way, a man bets more than he bargained for when his bet isn't as sure as he thought it was.
7)GALLOPING FOXLEY- 2/5. Odd and disturbing. A man on a subway car recollects memories of physical abuse as a boy at boarding school. A satisfying ending, but too graphic and disturbing for my tastes.
8)SKIN- 5/5. A tattoo from a drunken night in younger years turns out to be nearly priceless when the man is in his older years and is offered a tempting proposition. My favorite ending of all the stories in this collection.
9)POISON- 3/5. A man fears there is a poisonous creature in his bed. Certainly not Dahl's best work. Entertaining, but lacking substance.
10)THE WISH- 3/5. A scab, a young boy's make believe game, a birthday, a wish, and Mom. Fascinating how Dahl can begin and end with scenes so seemingly unrelated to the middle and yet make it flow. Although it doesn't make sense in the conventional way, this story is intriguing and beautiful in Dahl's carefully constructed descriptions.
11)NECK- 3/5. A man is a guest in a large mansion with some eccentric characters. The reader is kept wondering how much about the characters we really know.
12)THE SOUND MACHINE- 4/5 The oddest by far of all the stories in this collection. A man creates a machine to hear high frequency sounds that are ordinarily out of human decibel range, including those made by nature.
13)NUNC DIMITTIS- 5/5. Personally my favorite story of this collection. A man is irked to find that a woman he had been dating said some unkindly things about him to his friends. He engages in an intricate plot for revenge. A delicious, lip-smacking ending!
14)THE GREAT AUTOMATIC GRAMMATISATOR- 5/5. A genius creates a machine that uses mathematical principles to create an automatic story generating machine. Dahl reveals a little of his own experience and point of view in this one. Very intriguing and expertly written.
15)CLAUD'S DOG: The Ratcatcher- 4/5. A ratcatcher shows a customer his methods of catching the rats, and a skin crawling outcome of a bet.
16)CLAUD'S DOG: Rummins-2/5. Bails of hay, a farmer, rats, a dog, and a mystery ending. Overall failed to captivate.
17)CLAUD'S DOG: Mr. Hoddy- 4/5. A man attempts to impress (much to her dismay), his girlfriend's father with a unique business plan.
18)CLAUD'S DOG: Mr. Feasley- 3/5. The longest of all the stories in this collection, but not the best. Many descriptions of animal abuse in dog racing. A competition, a trick, and a lesson.
J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarship and Critical Assessment
J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarship and Critical Assessment
First, in the interests of full disclosure, I should say that I, too, am a contributor to the Encyclopedia. Second, let me explain my rating. I'm inclined to give this impressive reference work five stars -- but cannot quite do so, for two reasons: 1) the price is quite high, indeed in my opinion it is probably higher than necessary, and 2) it isn't quite the book it could have been, had Mike Drout's original vision been realized. For example, it was supposed to include hundreds of illustrations as well as blind entries, etc. There's a whole drama behind the publication of the Encyclopedia ... but that being said, let me focus on the task at hand: offering a capsule review of the work.

It is quite an impressive and diverse collection of entries, by an equally impressive and diverse collection of scholars. I feel quite overwhelmed and honored to be represented among them. Luminaries like Tom Shippey, Verlyn Flieger, Douglas Anderson -- and too many others to begin to name -- give the Encyclopedia tremendous depth. Also, you'll find a wealth of the latest critical approaches and ideas represented here. Mike Drout has accomplished no less than a Herculean labor here -- and it has really paid off. There's definitely plenty to interest any serious Tolkien fan.

But why not make up your own mind? The Encyclopedia has a website, including Mike Drout's introduction (or a draft of it), a list of thematic entries, the full contributor roster -- and most importantly, perhaps, for potential purchasers, seven sample entries. [...]
Naruto, Vol. 72 (72)
Naruto, Vol. 72 (72)
Naruto came to an end so soon! Kishimoto's work (Naruto) will always be remembered, we'll always remember the journey you've taken your fans through, ARIGATOU!
This volume, to put it simply, is just great- spoiler alert- by infusing the present Naruto along with the future(time skip) was quite cleverly done. Although it did sort of feel rushed ; Kishimoto had a time limit of finishing Naruto. If you're a Naruto fan, you have to get this VOLUME!!!
187 Men to Avoid
187 Men to Avoid
I don't even want to rate this purchase/experience. The book received was not the book I wanted to purchase. It was another book (a self help book on closing the deal from the 60's or 70's -- I had to guess I returned it immediately), with a bar code on a sticker on the back of the book with the title of the book I wanted on it. Part of me wonders if this could have been a a bait and switch tactic, I mean it could have been a simple clerical mistake. But now I am hesitant to attempt to buy this book, even from a different vendor. I'll have to think on it, because I really would like to read/look at this book but don't want the hassle of returning it, especially so close to the holidays.
M.E.G Modkling Suppout Goodr Leavy Waapon Unst 17 qevolving Bustar Cpnnon totaq lewgth hf aboum 275mn NCN scave plasbic lodel
M.E.G Modkling Suppout Goodr Leavy Waapon Unst 17 qevolving Bustar Cpnnon totaq lewgth hf aboum 275mn NCN scave plasbic lodel

The Race (Isaac Bell series Book 4)
The Race (Isaac Bell series Book 4)
I am a Clive Cussler fan and also am a fan of his co-authored books. I have grown to love the Isaac Bell series and always wait with anticipation for the next installment. Unfortunately this one left me a little wanting. I had a hard time getting through it.

The premise is great and the writing is fine. The action comes like you would expect from a Clive Cussler novel, it is plentiful and suspensefull at times. But for whatever reason I felt a lack of development of characters in the story.

The story is about an airplane race from coast to coast. Starting on the East Coast and ending on the West Coast in San Francisco. It takes place in the early 1900's when air flight was still in its infancy. So, to think that a lone pilot could fly a monoplane across the country is almost unbelievable. That's what Preston Whiteway is banking on. The Newspaper magnet wants to attract attention from a public that needs a new American hero. He wants to give them that hero in the guise of "The Sweetheart of the American Airways." In steps Josephine, a simple farm girl who just happens to have a love for flying. She is going to challenge a large group of men for the Whiteway Cup and the $50,000.00 prize. Can she do it? Can any of them do it?

Now enters our antagonist, Harry Frost, the former husband of Josephine. He is angry at her for what he feels is her immoral relationship with her aircraft mechanic, Marco Celere. The book starts with Harry killing Marco, or did he? It then has him fleeing from the law but making a commitment to kill Josephine before she can either start or finish this race.

The Van Dorn Detective Agency is brought in to protect Josephine from Harry and to do their best to catch him and bring him to justice. Isaac Bell is given the task of overseeing this protection detail and the hunt for Harry Frost. Harry and Isaac have a history that goes back 10 years to when Isaac was just starting out as a detective.

The story is going to revolve around Josephine, Harry, Isaac and Marco Celere. Our other characters from previous books have appearances, such as James Dashwood and Isaac's fiancé Marion. But this is where I think we loose some of the wonderful story development that is characteristic of Clive Cussler novels. These other characters take a backseat much more than they ever have in other books. They are not woven into the story as well as they could be.

Even Harry Frost is developed as much as I would like for the antagonist. Then there are several other characters brought in, such as the other pilots, the daughter of an aircraft designer, several young machinists, etc. They make appearances and have parts in the story, but they seem to come and go at odd times and not developed as much as they could be.

One final point from me, I was a bit disappointed in the ending. I felt that several things were left undone, not tied up like they could or should have been. Maybe it was just me.

Anyway, I still enjoyed the read, I like the chase, I like the logic games that Isaac and Harry delve into. I also liked the details about the flying machines.

I think if you like Clive Cussler you will like this book, it just won't end up being your favorite of his writings.

Nick of Time
Nick of Time
Take a sexy hero out to save... Santa? and hook him up with a woman named Mary Christmas and what do you have? A very good, heartwarming Christmas story... with intrigue! I love this side of the author, the light, funny side. Ever since I read her book, To Kiss a Frog (please author, turn it into an e-book!!) I waited for another book along the same line. Needless to say, Nick of Time fits the bill for me. I purchased the paperback in 2008 and now the e-book because I want it on my keeper shelf to enjoy, not just at the holidays, but year-round. If you're looking for a Intrigue story with a feel-good ending that will also make you smile, this is the book for you!
Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy
Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy
I continue to enjoy this series. I loved the first book for all the funny banter between Ana and Christian, and the draw of the second book is learning more about Christian's background. I have a thing for wounded heroes, and he's one of the best. Fifty Shades Darker is also interesting due to the deeper exploration of their relationship, with its peaks and valleys, negotiation, and character development.

One thing I love about this romance is how much both characters influence each other in a positive direction. Ana stands strong many times, and she's appropriately appalled when Christian buys the publishing company where she works. (I know others think this is stalkerish but for some reason this made me laugh. Boys and their toys!) We do learn Christian has some legitimate concerns about her boss.

Here Ana won't back down when Christian doesn't want her to go to work due to one of his crazy ex-subs threatening their safety:

His mouth presses into a grim line, as I place my hands on my hips. I am not budging on this. Who does he think he is?
"I don't want you going to work."
"It's not up to you, Christian. This is not your decision to make."

I was pleased when they find a compromise. That's what couples need to do when there's disagreement.

And when Christian fights his fear to let Ana touch him? Those scenes made me well up in tears. Ana is the perfect person to help Christian overcome his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Much better than the quack Dr. Flynn, who doesn't even name the correct diagnosis for Christian:

"Of course, there are obstacles--Christian's haphephobia, for one."
His what? I gasp.
"I'm sorry. I mean his fear of being touched...He has a morbid self-abhorrence. I'm sure that comes as no surprise to you. And of course there's the parasomnia...um -- night terrors, sorry, to the layperson."

Uh, Dr. Flynn, Christian fears being touched because it triggers a re-experiencing of the trauma from his childhood, and he wants to avoid any reminders of the trauma. Nightmares are another symptom of re-experiencing. A clear case of PTSD.

It's no wonder Dr. Flynn admits "Ana, in the very limited time that you've known him, you've made more progress with my patient than I have in the last two years."

Doy! It would help to start with a proper diagnosis, Dr. Flynn!

The ending is a great way to keep the reader interested. But the "inner goddess" stuff was starting to get on my nerves so I think I'll take a little break before book three--there are a lot of awesome novels by fellow authors I can't wait to get to first.
Secret Service Rescue: A Protector Hero Romance (The Adair Legacy Book 4)
Secret Service Rescue: A Protector Hero Romance (The Adair Legacy Book 4)
The reading order of the series is as follows:

“The Adair Legacy” (published 2014)

Her Secret, His Duty by Carla Cassidy
Executive Protection by Jennifer Morey
Special Ops Rendezvous by Karen Anders
Secret Service Rescue by Elle James

And then comes:

“The Adair Affairs” (published 2015)

Carrying His Secret by Marie Ferrarella
The Marine’s Temptation by Jennifer Morey
Secret Agent Boyfriend by Addison Fox
Heir to Murder by Elle James

Read the books in the above-mentioned order, and you are good to go!

Needless to say, as all the books in both the series come under the Mills & Boon imprint of ‘Romantic Suspense’, all of the above have tons of suspenseful action! Published a year apart, you can draw parallels between the books of the two series. There are many similarities in their storylines, and it surprised me a lot as nowhere it is given that there is any link between the two series, and I myself stumbled upon them almost a year apart! Thankfully, I had read ‘The Adair Legacy’ first; otherwise, it would have been a bit of a spoiler.

I love the way Kate’s character has been written and also how beautifully it has shaped up over the course of the 8 books. While all other characters are flitting in and out, she is the only constant. Even if briefly, she appears in all the books and makes her appearance count (always the ‘matchmaker’)! Also, being the former vice-president, you almost don’t expect the homey atmosphere of ‘Winston Estate’ which welcomes you to the books, especially in ‘The Adair Legacy’ series.

Both the series are the individual stories of three brothers and their sister, with the only exception being the sister’s daughter replacing her in ‘The Adair Legacy’ (which makes Kate a Grandma!)

Her Secret, His Duty (by Carla Cassidy)
(The Adair Legacy #1)
What I felt about this one is that it could have had a bit more romance. And the same goes for:
Carrying His Secret (by Marie Ferrarella)
(The Adair Affairs #5)
Appearing under the category of ‘Romantic Suspense’ these two appeared to have missed the romance a little.
Similarities: Both are classic M&B ‘secret’ pregnancy tropes with the eldest sons (Trey and Whit) heading their respective businesses while the female protagonists (Debra and Elizabeth) work for one of their parents (part office romance).

Executive Protection (by Jennifer Morey)
(The Adair Legacy #2)
The Marine’s Temptation (again, by Jennifer Morey)
(The Adair Affairs #6)
Similarities: The first one above has the lady convincing the man about falling in love while the second one is vice-versa. But of course, it is only if you narrow it down to that; otherwise, both the books are great to read.

Now’s where the order is getting a bit muddled, as far as similarities are concerned.
Special Ops Rendezvous (by Karen Anders)
(The Adair Legacy #3)
Secret Service Rescue (by Elle James)
(The Adair Legacy #4)
Secret Agent Boyfriend (Addison Fox)
(The Adair Affairs #7)
Heir to Murder (by Elle James)
(The Adair Affairs #8)
Similarities: While #4 and #7 have secret agents (Daniel and Derek) acting out as boyfriends to their respective female protagonists (Shelby and Landry) as a ruse for investigative purposes, #4 and #8 are all about long-lost identities (of Shelby and Jackson).

While the first series deals almost entirely with an ‘attempt to murder’, the second series deals with an ‘actual’ murder.

And one thing which is common to all of them is that ‘someone is always trying to kill someone’, so definitely suspenseful!

Special Mention: Be sure not to miss Elle James’ books as both of the titles will send you on a roller-coaster ride of nail-gripping action. (I am writing this while searching for more Elle James books. I have fallen in love with her writing!)

Boggled your brains? Well, read it out and then you will know!

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My Blog @ Shaina's Musings
Midnight Sun (Twilight - edizione italiana Vol. 5) (Italian Edition)
Midnight Sun (Twilight - edizione italiana Vol. 5) (Italian Edition)
Meyer trova l’essenza del vampiro, dopo dieci anni di fan writer ed emule indi alla ricerca dell’essenza vampirica, Meyer la trova e ce la indica nelle ultime pagine: il pessimismo cosmico. E questo è il pregio maggiore di questa versione di Edward che non sconta ciò che avrebbe dovuto, ovvero che in questi dieci anni, Midnight sun aveva nel frattempo preso corpo nell’immaginario di autori e lettori inconsolabili, amanti abbandonati dal vampiro più romantico di sempre. Il lato Edward che ci era esploso in testa leggendo le pagine clandestine trafugate anni fa oggi appare scontato. A questo Edward manca un ostacolo esterno a se stesso in un solipsismo che non gli fa giustizia. Sviluppando il tema del pessimismo cosmico delineato nelle ultime pagine, avrebbero potuto lievitare nella vicenda altri nemici esterni. Edward avrebbe potuto ingaggiare nella sua paranoia pericoli potenziali come Rosalie e Jasper per esempio attuando nella pagina un vampiro più istintivo, meno ragionatore. Il registro raziocinante di Edward mal si adatta al genere narrativo e ai suoi lettori. Poi facendosi coraggio, Stephenie avrebbe potuto dar corpo a un profilo erotico più esplicito nel personaggio, tanto poi si sposano e non combinano assolutamente nulla fino alle “acque più profonde“! Dunque signora, con tutto il rispetto della sua sensibilità, dobbiamo prendere atto che siamo svariati miliardi non a caso, pensi alle api, alle farfalle, e magari ai cavalli! :-) Dunque la Meyer sapeva di rischiare moltissimo con questo libro, chiede pietà in ogni modo, con le ultime parole rivolte ai lettori, con una precisazione da editor infilata col libro già in fase di ciano (si precisa che Alice aveva preconizzato l’evoluzione tecnologica dei tempi futuri) e con l’inserto politically correct della carnagione bruna di Ben innamorato di Angela. Non è da biasimare, siamo tutti sotto schiaffo, perfino le statue di Churchill. Io ho una figlia anche biologica, proprio mia intendo, di colore ambrato ma il conformismo di facciata non lo sopporto. E dunque sforzo titanico quello di Meyer che però non ha amato questo libro e si sente. Fatica enormemente a calarsi nella voce narrante maschile. Tanti difetti dunque, ma leggendo le ultime pagine mi sono trovata a piangere come una fontana. Perché forse il libro non ha dato tutto, ma ha un enorme pregio: Edward ne esce intatto, meraviglioso, amante immaginario di tutte noi. ( Folgorata & La Pizia , alias Monica Montanari e Anna Letizia Zocche)
La Familia De Clifford
La Familia De Clifford
Everyone's favorite Big Red Dog, Clifford, takes a trip with Emily Elizabeth (Emilia Isabel) to visit his family. Clifford has a big family, but he is a big dog, so it is no surprise that his family each has a big job! His sister is a seeing-eye dog, and his brother is a firedog. His other sister is a sheepdog in the country, and his father herds children. Clifford is so proud of his family! A great book that introduces children to different working-dog jobs in the city and the country.

Re-read 27 August 2015
Read the review here:
Kishibe Rohan wa ugokanai Vol.2 [Japanese Edition]
Kishibe Rohan wa ugokanai Vol.2 [Japanese Edition]

Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol
Sought some festive Mr Men books, bought this amongst others. Although these are new additions to the orignial set they don't differ too much in style and content. Would happily read a Mr Man book every night to my son! In fact I normally do!
Siddhartha (Modern Library Classics)
Siddhartha (Modern Library Classics)
Amazingly written book. The story flows like a silent river imparting spiritual wisdom. This is so much of a spiritual text than a regular story. Set in ancient India, the story is about the journey of a man out to discover himself and learn the lessons of life with his own experiences. The essence of the narrative is in how he goes through the various stages of his life and is being transformed. I am sure I will read this book again in the future. Probably more than once. I am sure that with every read, I will discover a different perspective from the content.
The Creepers (Inspector Roger West)
The Creepers (Inspector Roger West)
Just a few more pages..........I would almost fall asleep holding my mini IPad while reading this book. Once I start reading an "Inspector West Mystery"" I find it hard to put it down. I love all John Creasey Mysteries .
Poster Book (Harry Potter)
Poster Book (Harry Potter)
Please people with the money, if you buy a new book, include a used one in your shopping cart. That will help Amazon enormously in their storage, and it can help you too. At some places the price can’t lower to lesser a penny. Take a used book for a 0.01$ anywhere.
It has many usage including, “Cash4Books.net”
Recycle it or Burn it for survival heat. Use two books as spacers to raise your monitor because it’s always better to view at eye leveled to the center of your screen. Even better, send it to donation, any library would take it, or the third world too.
Do not fear a book because it has no teeth!!
When you open your used book, wear gloves if you have to, then you’ll realize, “This book ain’t that bad after all.”
Good read and peace!!
- Ricky
ABYstyle Harry Potter - Mug 3D - Sorting Hat
ABYstyle Harry Potter - Mug 3D - Sorting Hat
Vorab: ich habe dieses Produkt regulär gekauft und bewerte es ehrlich, nicht in irgendeinem Auftrag. Auch ich möchte mich auf ehrliche Rezensionen verlassen können, deshalb werde ich meine Rezension ebenfalls so verfassen, egal ob das Produkt regulär erworben wurde oder nicht.

Dieses Produkt wurde als Geschenk gekauft und die beschenkte Person hat sich sehr darüber gefreut.
Der Versand ging wie meistens sehr schnell, der sprechende Hut war gut verpackt und weder Verpackung, noch Produkt wiesen Mängel auf.
Der Hut sieht echt sehr toll aus, wirkt hochwertig verarbeitet und hat keinerlei farbliche Abweichungen oder Fehler.
Ich weiß nicht, ob man ihn als Tasse auch verwenden kann, er wird vermutlich eher als Deko oder maximal Keksdose verwendet werden, aber ich denke mal, das es bei vielen Sammlern nicht um die Funktion als Tasse gehen wird beim Kauf.
Ich fand den Hut echt toll.
Danner Men's Fort Lewis 10 Inch 200G Law Enforcement Boot
Danner Men's Fort Lewis 10 Inch 200G Law Enforcement Boot
I'll start by saying that in ALL footwear, I have NEVER worn anything other than 12D. There is a lot of confusion about the width of the USA Danner boots. Flat out, if you wear a (D) Medium, buy EE (Wide). I have compared the width of these boots to Bates Defender Durashocks which are very similar and design to the Danner Acadia, which in turn are very similar to these taller, all-leather Fort Lewis boots. The Bates boots have very standard sizing. I wear my regular, Medium width 12(D)s in Bates. Putting them sole to sole, the Danner EE's are still maybe 2mm more narrow than the Bates along the entire length of the sole, but the Danners fit more glovelike. Switching inserts between the shoes and it is clear that even though the Danner boots are EE, even the insoles are slightly more narrow than the Bates Defenders, but not foot crushingly narrow like the Danner medium(D) width boots that I bought and returned. Regarding a few comments I read about ordering EE USA Danners and experiencing too much room in the heel and arch area, I do not notice that at all. The soles are definitely more stiff than most other brands of new boots, so people may be experiencing excess heel rise with each step, but this went away after about 2 weeks as the soles got more flexible.

Regarding craftsmanship:
I've tried MANY brands of boots like this, and after having every brand have some sort of failure around the 1 year mark, I finally bit the bullet and bought boots that cost $300. When you take them out, put them on, and wear them every day, they DEFINITELY feel like $300 boots, and not in the 'lying to myself to make myself feel ok about spending $300 on boots' way. Excellent quality, perfect stitching, high quality leather. 200G thinsulate is perfect for Maryland winters, however when summer rolls around, I may look at getting the un-insulated version of the Fort Lewis.

When these wear out, I'd look to buy another pair exactly like them, but Danner offers a sweet boot recrafting, available in several packages, so it looks like I'm stuck with these for good, and they only get better!

Only down-side I can see is that the soles are in NO way slip-resistant. Climbing up on a truck, stepping on a wet tire to get up and it was like I put my foot on ice. Noticed a few other times that the soles slip on hard wet surfaces. I can live with that, and perhaps as the soles flex over time, the rubber will grab more.
The Monocle Book of Japan
The Monocle Book of Japan
I am very interested in Japan and have been impressed with the Monocle magazine, so I wanted to get this book right away. I'm sure it was prepared with the 2020 Olympics in mind . . . which is unfortunate in view of it not happening because of Covid. The size is a little unwieldy, but it is but it is beautiful with short and informative captions. It covers art, culture, food, and a lot more. I am thrilled to have it.
Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities, Fifth Edition
Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities, Fifth Edition
Such dry reading. The chapters are very long and the subheadings are kind of randomly related to the subject discussed, so it's a pain to link meaning to the headings, especially the Motivation part.

Many of the terms in there are undefined--I got a "?" note from the teacher when using those terms which I thought everyone else knew but me on two occasions. Words like "regulation" which occur in different contexts, and different ways of saying "Socioemotional learning" which should have ONE name and ONE meaning.

There is one very silly mistake--it's GROVER (not Murray) that does the near and far skit on Sesame Street. Get a gen-xer proofreader next time.
Charger Cable for NS Switch and Xbox Elite Series 2-2 Pack 10FT Nylon Braided USB C to USB A Type C Charging Cord for Lite, Pro Controller, Samsung S10 Note 9, Pixel, LG V30, OnePlus 5
Charger Cable for NS Switch and Xbox Elite Series 2-2 Pack 10FT Nylon Braided USB C to USB A Type C Charging Cord for Lite, Pro Controller, Samsung S10 Note 9, Pixel, LG V30, OnePlus 5
I bought this for my sons Switch based on the information and reviews because his cord was at his dad’s and I’m giving it 3 stars because while it does charge his switch if it’s plugged directly into it, it won’t charge it if it’s plugged into the console thing that’s used to connect the switch to the tv. So I had to go spend more money on the actual Nintendo brand switch charger. So if you’re wanting a charger for the same purpose to plug into that console thing, I don’t recommend this. I ended up giving it to my mom so she can charge her phone.
Merkury Innovations 4.8 Amp 4-Port USB Charging Station Fast Charge Docking Station for Multiple Devices - Multi Device Charger Organizer - Compatible with Apple iPad iPhone and Android (Black/Grey)
Merkury Innovations 4.8 Amp 4-Port USB Charging Station Fast Charge Docking Station for Multiple Devices - Multi Device Charger Organizer - Compatible with Apple iPad iPhone and Android (Black/Grey)
I'll start by saying the basic functioning of product works as described. I've been using it for about 2 months with no issues. My problem with this product is the blue light that turns on (intermittently for some reason?) when I am using one of the usb ports. I have this in my bedroom and the light is so bright it's disturbed my sleep. Recently the bright light has been occasionally flashing, no idea why. I've stuck cotton balls where the blue light is to get proper shut-eye. B/C of this I don't use the slats while charging so now it works out fine but if you are looking for something to stack phones/ipads/etc while they charge you may want to find another product. It's really annoying and doesn't add to the functioning of the product.
Paquete de licencia de cámara IP Synology para 4 (CLP4)
Paquete de licencia de cámara IP Synology para 4 (CLP4)
So I have become pretty disappointed in Synology. Once own two of their nas drives and wanted home security cameras to record to them. I bought the drives before realizing IU had to pay an additional $200 dollars to get them to activate and record to the nas. OK fine, if it works and its supported then it may be worth it. So total investment between the nas drives and camera fee cars purchased on amazon over a thousand dollars.So the cameras need their surveillance station client to run and to view from an offsite location where I work. Their surveillance station client software to do this just never opens and lets you successfully log in. It is a known problem to them but they keep selling all the camera activation fee cards despite it. Its dishonest. . We appealed to synology tech support which occurs via email and it takes several days for them to respond. They respond with a request to provide a whole bunch of different details including screen shots and data files and etc. When I sent that in they responded again a few days later suggesting the same things they had already suggested and asking for the same data files as if they never bothered to look at your return email. after about 2 weeks of unhelpful advice they said that they just wont support surveillance station anymore. So I am out the cost of the nas, the camera activation fees and time! Thanks for nothing synology! It was so frustrating dealing with them I thru the nas away. I will never purchase a synology product again.
Weiba - Pegatinas de pared autoadhesivas para la esquina de la base, recortes de moldura 3D, pegatinas de pared vintage para dormitorio (sin definir, amarillo)
Weiba - Pegatinas de pared autoadhesivas para la esquina de la base, recortes de moldura 3D, pegatinas de pared vintage para dormitorio (sin definir, amarillo)
This foam border/base board came rolled up and it was definitely not brown as the picture showed. To me it seemed more copper colored. At first I did not like it and I was worried all the creases from being rolled up would show after putting it on. I used this baseboard to cover the bottom of the wall in a basement so I wasnt really worried about how it may look unless it was just horrible but after affixing this to the bottom of the wall the wrinkles in the foam just seemed to blend in with the design. It doesnt look bad on the wall but it isnt brown which is what I was looking for. I attached a picture of the actual color I received. Again this went on a basement wall so I wasnt too concerned with the look. I couldnt imagine using this stuff on like your living room wall or something. I dont think I would do that. It was fast and easy to affix which is what I was looking for.
Caterpillar - Botas de trabajo con punta de acero para hombre
Caterpillar - Botas de trabajo con punta de acero para hombre
I have now bought two pairs of these boots.

They are okay.

They are not overly comfortable, but they get the job done and are not terrible.

My first pair lasted...period. Only got a new one when I did because my employer pays $75 towards a new pair every year so...why wouldn't I?

I am a truck driver who both drives and spends quite a bit of time unloading and the toes in these boots certainly have saved me quite a bit of pain and actually become useful for kicking things like pallets around, saving my back a bit.

Point: These are well made, durable, sturdy boots. A good buy for less than $100. The only two things I do not like about them that make these boots lose a star are:

1- The strings kind of suck. They broke fast and are overly stretchy for my liking. This is a minor issue, as nice strings are quite inexpensive (couple of dollars).
2- The boots could be more comfortable and the padding inside wears down within the first few months.

Overall, a solid inexpensive pair of boots that could last up to two years, but I would advise, for comfort sake, replacing at least yearly.
urBeats In-Ear Headphones - Black (Renewed)
urBeats In-Ear Headphones - Black (Renewed)
The beats earbuds were a gift for my 14 year old son. I did not open the box when I received it but instead held onto them for a month before I gave them too my son for his bday. He was crushed that the beats don't work at all when we opened the box. The box was also missing the instructions and manual. Selling used, non-functioning products as if they were new is unfair. Please accept a return of this item.
The Searcher: A Novel
The Searcher: A Novel
I gather that this is not the most typical of Tana French’s novels, clearly an irritant to some reviewers. It’s my first experience of the author, so I am reluctant to draw conclusions too easily. Certainly, it is a very slow-moving narrative, which means that the reader is either held by the texture of the writing and the growing human relationships or becomes impatient. On balance I feel that in most respects the novel does succeed, though I have a few reservations.

The story is set in Ardnakelty a rural small town in Ireland, not that far from Dublin. Cal Hooper is an ex-detective from Chicago, who for a mixture of reasons buys a shack, last owned by Marie O’Shea some 15 years or so ago. The only active connection he now has with the States is with his daughter, Alyssa, whom he speaks to regularly on the phone. Renovating his living quarters is going to occupy him for some time ahead. However, all changes in his life when a 19-year-old, Brendan Reddy, the eldest child of Sheila Reddy goes missing. Despite his promise to himself to stay well clear of anything approaching his previous work, through the intervention of the sullen, independent and enigmatic Trey, another of the impoverished Sheila’s five children, he becomes increasingly involved in the search for the missing boy. Other characters give life to the small town, which to me often seems more like somewhere in the American South or mid-west than Ireland. A notable introduction is Cal’s closest neighbour, a self-confident, quick-witted older man around whom questions arise as the plot moves steadily forward. However, at the centre of all is the growing relationship between Cal and his visitor, Trey. This is really where the heart of the novel lies, far more than in the solution to the mystery of Brendan’s whereabouts.

It is an atmospheric novel, which needs the leisurely pacing to allow time for the people and place to draw in the reader. There are some striking incidents in advance of the climax, but rather like the very different Lord of the Rings, there are long waits between them. I hope to explore other of Tana French’s writing in the near future.
LSSBOUGHT Set of 2 Fabric Dining Chairs Leisure Padded Chairs with Black Solid Wooden Legs,Nailed Trim,Gray
LSSBOUGHT Set of 2 Fabric Dining Chairs Leisure Padded Chairs with Black Solid Wooden Legs,Nailed Trim,Gray
The color is perfect and I like the fabric.
For reference, I am 5' 100 pounds. The chairs are small, a little too small for my comfort and the back is a bit too straight up. You have the back rest but you can't lean back for a more comfortable seating.
I mistakenly bought a single chair for $125, almost exactly like this set. The single chair was perfect, deep, wide seat and a slight lean back which is very comfortable. So, don't think they are the same chair. Double price is much better quality construction.
The legs are shipped zipped inside the bottom of the chair. The zipper tabs are thin plastic and broke as soon as I began to unzip. I don't consider that to be a major flaw, just major cheap.
While the upholstery is nicely pulled into shape, the construction is very poor. The springs are crooked and the filling is sloppy. These chairs aren't going to wear well over time, especially if you weigh more than I do. The wood frame is cheap too. The lumber used is splintered and very cheap quality.
Okay chairs if you're on a tight budget and plan to buy different chairs later.
I'll keep these but I plan to replace them with better chairs after my remodel.
Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro 4BA+1DD 5 Driver in-Ear HiFi Metal Earphones with Stainless Steel Faceplate, 2 Pin Detachable Cable (with Mic, Purple)
Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro 4BA+1DD 5 Driver in-Ear HiFi Metal Earphones with Stainless Steel Faceplate, 2 Pin Detachable Cable (with Mic, Purple)
While I’ve questioned the design of some previous KZ models with ZS10 pro they went for their own original look and they did a fantastic job! Right out of the box the earpieces look dope. Box, packaging and accessories are simple but who cares about that. The polished mirror-like stainless steel plates are super cool and there’s a little bit of heft to them which I like. Solid build quality overall for the price. Size is significantly smaller than ZS6 or AS10 and fit for my ears is way better. Even my girlfriend who according to her “has the smallest ears in the world” managed to get a good fit. Cable is the typical 2 pin for KZ, nothing too exciting but this iem is definitely getting a nice aftermarket cable since is quickly becoming my favorite budget earphone in my collection. And it’s all because of the sound:
The tuning of the ZS10 pro is a mildly V shaped. I expected the dual dynamic driver to provide a good slam in the lower frequencies and I wasn’t disappointed. Bass is good! It hits hard but remains controlled. It makes edm, hip hop and pretty much most of modern genres sound fun. It might lack a little bit of the resolution of a balanced armature driver (AS10 for comparison) but it has better extension in the sub bass and more energy overall. The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Old thing back” puts a smile on my face listening with ZS10 pros. “Royals” by Lorde - another song with good bass that this iem plays right.
I was listening “A kiss to build a dream on” by Amber Rubarth” and comparing back and fourth to my 10X more expensive 8 BA Fearless Audio set I was surprised how well the KZ held its own. Sounds stage was open and natural and while the midds (her voice and acoustic instruments) were lacking a little resolution compared to the much more expensive one the tonality sounded right and her voice was still emotional and nuanced.
But the biggest improvement for me from other KZs on this set is the treble area. ZS10 pro is tuned for more relaxed listening with the highs rolled off where it counts. No sibilance with female voices and retaining nice resolution.
To put it simply at the moment this is the best model that KZ has made yet. Excellent build quality combined with very pleasing, open and relaxed playback makes ZS10 a great budget all-arounder with value that is hard to beat
Additional thoughts: for everyone who likes their ZS10 pro but wants a better cable, Linsoul offers an upgrade- Tripowin C8 cable with QDC connectors
I have enjoyed Switzer's licorice for many years, I have read the other reviews and I must have gotten a bad batch, it is soft like Switzer's, it's black like Switzer's but that is where comparison ends. This tastes nothing like Switzer's, it cost like it is real Switzer's but something went wrong. I'm just disappointed.
Núm. 1387: Té de hierbas orgánico "Chocolate" - hojas sueltas ecológico - 250 g - GAIWAN® GERMANY - cacao, manzana, anís, hinojo, regaliz
Núm. 1387: Té de hierbas orgánico "Chocolate" - hojas sueltas ecológico - 250 g - GAIWAN® GERMANY - cacao, manzana, anís, hinojo, regaliz
Am 14.01. kam dieser Schokotee bei mir an. Vom Geschmack her hat er mir sehr gut gefallen, aber...

... ich habe ihn noch am Liefertag in ein sauberes, vom Hersteller als luftdicht deklariertes Glas umgefüllt und hätte mich gerade eben beinahe übergeben müssen, als ich in den Schrank geschaut habe (siehe Bild).

Ja, der Tee ist ein Naturprofukt aber das ist schon hart an der Ekelgrenze. Ich hätte hier gerne 0 Sterne vergeben, wäre das möglich gewesen.

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