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Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It
Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It
My guess is around 70% of my purchases are made on Amazon: it's a lot of stuff, both for home and for my company. This is the first item (across all categories) that I've written a review for. I'm compelled because this book has changed my life, and I suspect it can change yours — What do you have to lose by reading it?

I thought I’d learned what I needed to know about negotiation. I went to a prestigious business school and took their negotiation class, learning all about Getting Yes, BATNA, and other fancy acronyms. I’d also had to bargain my share in both work and personal life. Yet, I felt like the tools I’d been given were meant for some alternate reality where people are totally dispassionate, rational robots, doing math in their heads to get to logical outcomes. The negotiations I’d been in with were instead with passionate, irrational (including myself) humans, sometimes getting angry or sad, often making decisions that didn’t “make any sense” (to me). I was pretty sure the negotiation outcomes we were getting to were subpar, both for me and for them: a lot of splitting the difference, mostly to make the negotiations — which felt uncomfortable for all parties — stop.

Note, when I mean “negotiation”, I’m speaking pretty broadly: from “negotiating" with my fiancée on who should walk the dog tonight, to negotiating with an employee on why this feature needed to be built urgently, to negotiating with an angry customer who’d called me angry about something, to negotiating with my parents on wedding plans, the list goes on. Each negotiation tougher and more emotional than the next, yet with tools that told me emotions didn’t matter. Huh?

I don’t remember how I came across Never Split the Difference, but man, am I glad I did. The book exposed me to a whole different way of negotiating, questioning the rational toolkit I’d been given in business school and replacing it with a more human set of tools. This set based on psychology and understanding of normal human emotions. It builds on empathy and active listening skills, layers on ways to label emotions and ask open-ended calibrated questions. It includes polite ways to say “no” without offending the other party, and many more. Most importantly it builds a framework that lets you deeply understand what the other party needs, wants, and desires, and work with them to achieve an outcome where you get your goals met — without ever “splitting the difference” again.

And it has worked wonders. Since reading this book, I have:
- Forged a better relationship with my fiancée by actively listening to her before jointly finding solutions
- Negotiated successful resolutions to emotionally charged topics with parents and friends
- Brought angry customers — who felt we had failed them — back from the brink to trusting us again
- Forged a better relationship with my business partners by understanding how they value time, silence, relationships, surprises, etc…
- Gotten discounts on things that I didn’t think could be discounted, just by using my name
- Gotten to the front of the waiting line at busy restaurants
- Said no to bad deals, because no deal is better than a bad one
- the list goes on.

I warn you that this book is the start of a rabbit hole that you might want to keep digging down. I’ve recommended this book to anyone who will listen, personally bought it 29 times as a gift for friends & coworkers alike, taken an online class (taught by the author’s son, a brilliant negotiator in his own right), etc...

Negotiation, in the broadest sense as described above, is something I want to become an expert in, because I now understand that every conversation is a negotiation. This is likely the most useful skill you can learn and apply.

It all started with this book. Are you too busy to read it?
Web Development for beginners: Learn HTML/CSS/Javascript step by step with this Coding Guide, Programming Guide for beginners, Website development
Web Development for beginners: Learn HTML/CSS/Javascript step by step with this Coding Guide, Programming Guide for beginners, Website development
internet improvement for beginners that is a actually true e book on these net technology. range has got lots more potent in recent years and there may be less waffle and extra technical info - you do not want to examine 3 pages to discover a simple command. however this extent information those technology very well and covers the whole thing essential in clean and readable sections. rather recommended.
Bob Dylan - Made Easy for Guitar
Bob Dylan - Made Easy for Guitar
This book serves the purpose of allowing you to strum some chords while you sing the words to some of Bob Dylan's songs. The chords are loosely related to the chords Dylan might play.
For example, "When the ship comes in", this version just gives a "G" and "C" for the first six measures with 4 strums per measure. Free internet versions of the song add in a few more chords-- at least it is more interesting that way.
"A Hard Rain's gonna Fall"--This version just has you strum the D chord forever. Other versions at least put in a couple D6 and Dsus chords. They arent that hard and add some variety.
Yes, there are hash marks for chord rhythm, but they are a joke. All they show are 4 chords per measure for 4/4, or 3 chord for 3/4 time! That is useless. You only need rhythm marks if you are going to have some variety from your basic strumming.
This book is what it says, Easy versions. The problem is, when you play them they dont sound much like Dylan songs.
I have ordered a different songbook to try again.
What bothers me most about these songbooks, is that they all say the songwriter was the author. This is very misleading. Yes, you would want Cat Stevens or Bob Dylan to be involved with a book that claims he is the author-- because then you would think, even if it were easier, he would make it sound right.
But all it means for most of these songbooks is they gain some rights to do whatever they want arranging these songs. Dylan plays no part whatsoever.
Its deceptive.
Wagan EL3804 Pure Line Inverter 1000 Watt DC 12V to 110V AC Car Power Inverter
Wagan EL3804 Pure Line Inverter 1000 Watt DC 12V to 110V AC Car Power Inverter
This pure sine wave inverter gives clean power at ~90% measured efficiency, and even handles larger loads than rated (I think because they are guaranteeing 1000w for 24hrs “true rated” it handles >1000w loads for short periods which is a nice perk). It handled my 1500watt microwave for at least a minute or two (I didn’t try to push it, since it did cause the inverter fans to finally kick on). It worked on my fridges, toaster oven, computers/speakers, gas furnace (just), with no ill effects. Side note on using this on a gas furnace, make sure to ground it to the furnace receptacle or chassis because your furnace may not kick on the heat if it doesn’t detect the correct ground. No buzzing, no weird whirring or low speeds like a different one I bought and returned.

I had recently bought a modified sine wave inverter (Power Bright PW1100 12) and was worried and disappointed. It would be very finicky when powering fridges and other surge items, would make my furnace fan sound very bad/slow like it was broken, and even made my computer monitor buzz. Also the LCD monitor on the front of the modified inverter showing watts/volts wasn’t even accurate.

I am so glad I just went ahead and got this Wagan Pure Sine Inverter instead. I was also looking at a Kisae SW1220 (pure sine too 1000w too), but that one is $25 more and doesn’t come with battery cables, so Wagan wins. I am definitely happy so far with my testing. I now feel like I could even set this up with some solar panels and not be afraid that I’m frying electronics, motors, etc. in the long term like I was with the modified sine wave version I had bought before. It’s not that much more considering how much those new appliances would be to replace, and it even acted like a 1500watt model for at least a couple minutes (maybe I’ll push it more later), so I think it’s worth the price premium for peace of mind and performance (I could microwave shortly in a power outage now unlike before).

Only lacking items (but hard to complain with this price) are that it doesn’t come with an LCD monitor (but I like using a Kill-a-Watt that I have anyway for more information and it turned out my previous inverter’s monitor wasn’t even correct), and the ground contact bolt is super small. I just used some washers to augment and make mine fit, so not too big of deal (I had bought a custom plug and wired an 8awg wire to it and a ring terminal). However, the fact that it performed so well, was very efficient, comes with nice thick cables to hook to a battery, and has covers for the terminals for safety (and they are far apart) it is very easy to overlook those two small complaints (but just in case the creators see this review maybe work that in on the next one). As long as it doesn’t add too much to price for an accurate readout of input V/A/W (2/3 minimum to be able to calculate the 3rd), output V/A/W, etc. I think it would be a good addition (however, if it’s more than $25 extra it may not be worth it, because this price point is very nice). That ground bolt really needs to be bigger though.

I’ve attached a picture of my power outage kit (minus battery bank of course). I bought separately is the ANL fuse, kit, and short super thick cable (it was a spartan kit), 8awg green cable and custom plug, sea dog terminal covers, and random box.
Every Man Jack Deodorant - Marvel Black Panther | 3-ounce Twin Pack - 2 Sticks Included| Naturally Derived, Aluminum Free, Parabens-free, Pthalate-free, Dye-free, and Certified Cruelty Free…
Every Man Jack Deodorant - Marvel Black Panther | 3-ounce Twin Pack - 2 Sticks Included| Naturally Derived, Aluminum Free, Parabens-free, Pthalate-free, Dye-free, and Certified Cruelty Free…
This deodorant works like a charm I never use antiperspirants for many reasons. when it comes to just plain old deodorant it seems difficult to find one that's consistent and effective, have been using this product for quite sometime and love it.

Not sure what all the "they changed the formula " stuff is about, it's still a clear'ish "gel" base. And as for the it stings or burns, well that's the witchhazel & essential oils doing what their s'pose to do, killing the funk! Though I personally don't experience this whilst using this product.

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