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Warren Buffett: The World’s Greatest Investor, or Just an Extremely Lucky Guy? (Smart Investor Book 1)
Warren Buffett: The World’s Greatest Investor, or Just an Extremely Lucky Guy? (Smart Investor Book 1)
I would very prescribe it to anybody endeavoring to decode the in many cases beguiling universe of contributing. I observed this book to be the most effectively justifiable breakdown of Warren Buffett's speculation standards. Anybody would have suggested a book on Warren Buffett so am not helping you out by prescribing this. Regardless I keep one of the pages of this book posted in my office since it reminds me once a day of Warren's fundamental venture principles.
Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance
Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance
I first heard about Steve Harvey and Jump from a co-worker that recommended the video. After viewing the video, I immediately purchased the book. My life hasn't been the same since that day.

I was caught in a job I hated, with a 6 hour daily commute (due to construction and traffic), and I honestly was miserable. I realized that the career I have spent my professional and educational life working towards was NOT for me (I was a Counselor). I'd been toying with making a change, but I was terrified. I wasn't sure if it was worth it. Everyone I spoke with, said to keep with the job I hated because it was stable, it paid well, etc.

After reading the book, and watching the video a million times, it happened. I took my jump. Now, it hasn't been smooth sailing the entire time. I was unemployed for a while. But my journey brought me from DC to OK. A completely different way of life, and living. I found a job that only has a 15 minute commute, 20 minutes if there is "traffic." (Seriously, traffic in OK does not compare to the DC traffic haha). Yes, I make significantly less. However, for the first time in 10 years, I am actually happy. Like, truly happy. Not fake happy. No mask to hide behind. My smile is real. My laugh is no longer fake.

My journey may not be for everyone, and honestly I don't recommend quiting your job tomorrow. I do recommend thought, reading the book, watching the video, and truly taking a look at your life. This may be that gentle push you need to take back control of your life.
George Washington Colonial Boys Costume Set with Wig and Hat for Halloween Dress Up Party
George Washington Colonial Boys Costume Set with Wig and Hat for Halloween Dress Up Party
I used the measurements and the extra large was perfect for my 10 year old grandson. He's a husky fellow and the costume fit him just right with just the exception of the blue coat jacket which fits.. but I can tell is a tad on the snug side for him. I was very pleased with the quality of the costume as were my grandson and both his parents. There's quality with each piece of the costume and I was very happy about that and the amount of pieces that complete the look. Very well worth the money. :) I did do some light ironing to get the wrinkles out from the time it spent in packaging. He's got a report on George Washington in school where he has to recite it in costume. His face lit up when I showed him the outfit and he wasted no time trying it on and showing us how he'll look as George. We all loved it. I'm eager to hear how his book report will go.
The Best of Bob Dylan Chord Songbook
The Best of Bob Dylan Chord Songbook
This is an excellent book in every respect: the chords are appropriate to each song - not something that you always get, all the verses are shown and you can therefore choose to play/sing them all or not. I admit to a tendency to use Byrd's variants at times e.g. Chimes of Freedom, All I Really Want to Do, Mr Tambourine Man. But then it can be fun to actually bash the whole song out as with one of my favourites Positively 4th Street, which needs all the verses to get Bob's full sarcasm and disdain towards the person concerned.

Some songs e.g. All Along The Watchtower have deceptively few chords but need a bit of practice with strumming - something that is not helped with here but is down to personal choice. I say that because Bob himself performs different versions of his own songs form one gig to another, by all accounts.

The capo positions are helpful and so are the slight tuning changes. At first the book, being the size it is does not easily stay open at a page but persevere and keep practising and the book will stay open. The fact that some songs are over more than 2 pages just adds to the incentive to learn the verses!

And you can appreciate again the amazing storytelling and. I heartily recommend this book as a never ending source of enjoyment and insight into Bob's songs. It is also amazing value for money.
The Harp Styles of Bob Dylan
The Harp Styles of Bob Dylan
From the harp point of view, this book is just a collection of honest transcriptions. If you want to play exactly like Bob Dylan, go ahead, buy this book.

But talking about the "harp styles", it seems that there is no style at all. It says nothing about how to use the harp support, or about any technique, embouchure, etc.

There is ONE single page talking about how Bob start playing rough and amateurish and, that after 5 months, he was a "competent" harp player (I don't agree). Then, the music sheets.

So, what are the "styles" the books claims to talk about? Almost no bends, lots of chords, lots of go-forth-and-back-notes. No harp teacher I know will teach his students to play like that. They will insist for months until their students learn to breathe and how to play single notes, with nice tone and vibrato.

This book may be nice for Dylan's fans, but certainly is not suitable for real harp players.
Java: The Complete Reference
Java: The Complete Reference
The book covers most of Java SE8, taking the time to introduce the language itself to newcomers. Actually, a third of the book serves that purpose, which is a bit unbalanced for a reference. While this may be welcome to the reader who is still learning Java, it prevents the coverage of advanced topics that would have been appreciated by many programmers expecting the book to be somewhat more faithful to its title.

Complete it is certainly not, ClassLoader and SecurityManager are in the "Here be dragons" category, even though they would have come in handy for anyone wondering how to implement plug-ins, not an uncommon feature in today's applications. Not even a mention of Nashorn, one of the key SE8 additions. Not much either on how to profile applications, unit-test and deploy them. And so on... not a huge disappointment, but still not up to standards set by books like "C# in a Nutshell" or "Python Essential Reference".

What most readers will probably miss is an algorithmic complexity evaluation of the Java collections. Stating that the TreeSet class "access and retrieval time are quite fast" just won't cut it. Is this O(1), O(n)? An educated guess would hopefully tell the reader O(log(n)) and help them deciding which class to choose... except the reader shouldn't have to guess while holding a "Complete Reference", especially when it's endorsed by Oracle (who should have some insight on the complexity of their libraries).

118 pages are devoted to the old Awt classes (plus some more on Applets), for anyone who still cares, 84 pages to the Swing evolution, and 92 to JavaFX but no mention of FXML unfortunately, so it's still pretty much last-century-oriented. The author could conveniently dismiss the legacy classes in favour of a more modern approach of designing user interfaces.

I also have the feeling that the evolution of this book is coming in layers that are not so keen to mix: while there are - fortunately! - adequate references to the latest improvements here and there in older chapters, the overall code style has not been revised with the evolution of the language. Lambdas and the related Stream API are contained in their respective sections (which are surprisingly far from each other), but not used anywhere else, for example. And while these features are not the most polished and suffer from regrettable shortcomings, they still deserve to be emphasized a little further to show developers how they could be relieved with a little extra semantic sugar.

In that chapter, I was also a bit sad to see in the Stream API section how stream sources were painstakingly created with a series of "myList.Add(<value>)" followed by a conversion, instead of a more elegant and now more idiomatic "Stream.of()" or "Array.asList()".

Most helpful though, are detailed coverage of the threads, concurrency utilities and I/O classes. But since those were already present in earlier revisions of the book, I'm not sure anyone who already owns them wouldn't be better off with a more detailed "Java 8 Lambdas" or "Functional Programming in Java", and maybe another decent reference on JavaFX (that I yet have to find).

In conclusion, this book isn't a reference but an interesting and definitely worthy introduction to Java, provided the reader skips some older, less relevant sections, then complete their learning with other books with a more modern style approach on GUI and functional programming, and possibly on performance considerations, since those topics are not the strong point of this "Complete Reference".
Schumacher PC-3000 3000W Power Inverter
Schumacher PC-3000 3000W Power Inverter
I've tried multiple less than or equal to 1500W products including a motor and a Keurig that cause the inverter to immediately beep and stop putting out voltage. It's like the design is missing an internal capacitor or something to counter the momentary current inrush you get from inductive products you connect to it. Very disappointing.
JBL Professional C1PRO High Performance 2-Way Professional Compact Loudspeaker System, Black , Sold as Pair
JBL Professional C1PRO High Performance 2-Way Professional Compact Loudspeaker System, Black , Sold as Pair
Dovendo sostituire le casse del PC ormai giunte al termine con qualcosa di più performante, la mia scelta è caduta su queste jbl. Non sono casse attive, quindi va tenuto in considerazione, specie se non si possiede l’amplificatore a cui collegarle. La JBL vanta una grande esperienza nel settore che corrisponde anche alla capacità di associare buone prestazioni a costi tutto sommato contenuti. Non sono enormi quindi risultano facilmente posizionabili anche su scrivanie di modeste dimensioni, adattandosi a svariati tipi di utilizzo, sia per usi interni che per esterni.
Vantano una potenza di 150 W in picco, un più che rispettabile SPL fino a 114 dB in picco e un limitatore di potenza full-range SonicGuard che protegge i dispositivi nel momento in cui ci dovessero essere anomalie di funzionamento, come da sovraccarico o sbalzi di tensione elettrica. JBL Control 1 Pro in dotazione offre delle pratiche staffe da parete, comode e pratiche facili da installare.

****Caratteristiche Tecniche****
Gamma di frequenza (-10 dB): 80Hz a 20kHz
Risposta in frequenza (± 3 dB): 100Hz - 18 kHz
Potenza gestibile: 150W
Sensibilità: 87dB SPL, 1W, 1m
SPL max: 108dB continuo, 114 dB di picco
Fattore Direttività (Q): 6.0
Indice Direttività (DI): 7.8
Impedenza nominale: 4 Ohm
Frequenza di crossover: 4.2kHz
Protezione da sovraccarico: Limitatore di potenza full-range SonicGuard per proteggere rete e trasduttori
Driver LF: 135mm (5,25")
Driver HF: 19 mm (0,75") a cupola in policarbonato
Connettori di ingresso: Morsetti a molla
Kit di montaggio a muro incluso
Dimensioni: 235 x 159 x 143mm
Peso netto: 1,8kg

Il tutto è stato inserito in un telaio, interamente composto da plastica rigida di buona fattura.
Se ci pensate davvero, ci sono armadi MDF molto più grandi sul mercato che hanno trasduttori più piccoli all'interno. La JBL ha dotato questo diffusore di con un woofer da 5,25" e un tweeter a cupola in policarbonato 0.75. Come accennavo nella presentazione, entrambi i trasduttori sono schermati magneticamente, e vengono forniti anche, con la protezione sovraccarico SonicGuard di JBL. Infine, i connettori di ingresso sono disponibili sotto forma di morsetti a molla, proprio come ci si aspetterebbe.

****Ma come suonano****
Ad un audiofilo esperto le differenze nella gamma delle medie frequenze è percepibile, non essendo io appartenente a questa categoria, faccio molta fatica a percepirne le differenze rispetto ad altri tipologie di diffusori dal prezzo nettamente superiore. Il riproduttore di alte frequenze è il tipico tweeter in titanio da mezzo pollice (12mm) della JBL , dal suono secco e cristallino ideale con la maggioranza dei generi musicali .
Per le medio-basse (frequenze) ci si appoggia ad un woofer da 130mm per prodotti di questa categoria un 130 mm per le basse fa si che il prodotto faccia una notevole differenza d'ascolto.
Apprezzabile l'intera gamma di frequenza senza troppe "coloriture" e basso accennato .
Detto questo, concludo la prova di ascolto sottolineando le prestazioni, che risultano abbastanza trasparenti garantendo un ascolto quasi mai affaticante. Gli acuti sono molto meglio rispetto alla versione precedente, grazie al tweeter nuovo e migliorato, i medi mostrano uno spettro abbastanza ampio. I bassi sono frenati quanto basta come ci si potrebbe aspettare da diffusori di questo tipo, ma presenti ed armoniosi comunque.

Come sempre in questi casi nulla è perfetto, ed anche questi diffusori presentano qualcosa che potrebbe essere migliorata. Come prima cosa direi le staffe di supporto, se necessitate di posizionarli attaccati al muro, dotatevi di qualcosa di diverso dalle originali. La griglia anteriore, risulta troppo morbida si può deformare con facilità.
Per quanto pieni di compromessi, i monitor JBL Control 1 Pro sono ideali anche per piccoli home studio.
Tuttavia, se siete alla ricerca di un suono professionale, dovrete andare su un paio di monitor di categorie e prezzo più alto.

****Come ho effettuato la prova****
Ho collegato i diffusori a 2 amplificatori, il famoso t-amp sonicimpact ed il Fosi Audio TDA7498E in classe D
con l'ausilio, almeno per me dello stupefacente DAC Neoteck DAC Convertitore 192Khz collegato all'uscita digitale del pc SPDIF Coaxial Toslink ad Analogico Stereo L/R RCA 3.5mm
Jack e cavo audio con USB standard in dotazione.
Cavo di potenza Seki 311985 il tutto riprodotto in streaming tramite Tidal in qualità hi-fi.

****Brani ascoltati****
* Loreena McKennitt Dante's prayer
* Yao Si Ting - Speak Softly, Love
* Pink Floyd run like hell
* Richard Wright - Breakthrough
* john coltrane alove supreme traccia1

Saluti e grazie.
Comfort Colors Men's Adult Short Sleeve Tee, Style 1717
Comfort Colors Men's Adult Short Sleeve Tee, Style 1717
Agree 100% about the colors not matching the photos like a recent poster stated. I have a color calibrated monitor that is extremely accurate at displaying proper color and I just received my order today and the “chambray” color is a bright baby blue and not at all what it looks like in the example pic. The “butter” color is much brighter as is the “island reef”. “Granite” does look like the picture. I have 4 more that will be here Friday and I’ll wager 3 of the 4 will also not match their pictures. The shirts themselves are really good quality at this price point but because the colors are not even close to those depicted I am only giving these shirts a 2 star rating. Yes it may be harsh but accuracy is expected when it comes to describing/showing a product you are trying to sell.

Update 7/19/19

I actually had 5 more shirts arrive yesterday and 4 of the colors were as pictured. So out of 9 shirts these are the colors that matched their pictures

Light Green
Washed Denim

The following colors didn’t

Butter - much brighter than pictured
Island Reef - much brighter than pictured
Chambray - actually looks exactly like Chalky Mint
Flo Blue - is much darker and looks more like a royal blue

So there you have it, out of 9 shirts ordered 5 were as pictured and 4 were very different. 2 star rating will remain because people should be able to rely on these photos when making a purchase decision and I never would have ordered the four shirts that didn’t match their pics. They’re pastel colors and aren’t something I wear. Hope this helps anyone interested in buying these shirts.

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