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Thinking in HTML
Thinking in HTML
Thinking in HTML by Aravind Shenoy. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, with 121 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
British Murder Mystery: Ultimate Collection (Over 350 Detective Novels, Thriller Tales & True Crime Stories): Sherlock Holmes Cases, Father Brown, Hercule ... Cases, Eugéne Valmont Stories and many more
British Murder Mystery: Ultimate Collection (Over 350 Detective Novels, Thriller Tales & True Crime Stories): Sherlock Holmes Cases, Father Brown, Hercule ... Cases, Eugéne Valmont Stories and many more
British Murder Mystery: Ultimate Collection (Over 350 Detective Novels, Thriller Tales & True Crime Stories): Sherlock Holmes Cases, Father Brown, Hercule ... Cases, Eugéne Valmont Stories and many more by Agatha Christie , Edgar Wallace, et al.. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 123 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
The Dark Tower Boxed Set
The Dark Tower Boxed Set
The Dark Tower Boxed Set by Stephen King. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, with 129 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Programming With Java!
Programming With Java!
Programming With Java! by Tim Ritchey. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Java programming' category.
SQL Server with C#
SQL Server with C#
SQL Server with C# by Klaus Elk. Rated 3 out of 5 stars, with 3 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'SQL database' category.
Mastering Parallel Programming with R
Mastering Parallel Programming with R
Mastering Parallel Programming with R by Simon R. Chapple, Eilidh Troup, et al.. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 4 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the R programming category.
iOS 11 by Tutorials: Learning the new iOS APIs with Swift 4
iOS 11 by Tutorials: Learning the new iOS APIs with Swift 4
iOS 11 by Tutorials: Learning the new iOS APIs with Swift 4 by Team, Jawwad Ahmad, et al.. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Swift programming category.
The Space Barons
The Space Barons
Not long ago, I reviewed Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance, and The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone. Both books are well done. They're the product of professional journalists who are good at what they do. But neither book comes close to Christian Davenport's superb new book, The Space Barons: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the Quest to Colonize the Cosmos, in offering insight into the personality of these two extraordinary men who are the central characters in his book.

Illuminating personal details

The personal details about the lives of Musk and Bezos are abundant and highly revealing. For example, here is Davenport with an anecdote from the early life of Elon Musk: "He had such concentration that as a toddler in Montessori school, his teachers would have to pick him up—in his chair—to keep him moving from task to task." And this about Bezos: "His girlfriend from high school had once told an interviewer that Bezos had founded Amazon in order to make enough money to start a space company." Davenport notes that Bezos "conceded that there 'is some truth to that.'"

The pivotal role of four private space companies

Davenport's subject in The Space Barons is the pivotal role of four billionaires and the private space companies they've started in the emergence of the rejuvenated space industry. All four men envision lowering the cost of space travel and making it more accessible—and Davenport makes clear that they have taken great strides toward this goal. Although Musk and Bezos occupy center stage, Paul Allen (cofounder of Microsoft) and Richard Branson (the Virgin companies) also play large roles. Davenport tells the tale with great assurance in prose that is always lively and engaging. He interviewed all four of his subjects and many of their associates (and critics) as well. This is the remarkable story of four self-made billionaires whose great wealth and passion allowed them to pioneer space technology that NASA had grown too old and bureaucratic to develop itself. If humankind ever succeeds in populating the solar system, historians may conclude that the determination and resources of these men were largely responsible.

Four distinctive personalities

Musk, Bezos, Allen, and Branson are very different from one another, though each is undoubtedly brilliant in his own way, and at least three of the four are science fiction fans. Musk is the youngest of the lot—he was born in 1971—and by far the brashest and most impulsive. His company, SpaceX, has made the biggest splash to date and has generated by far the most revenue, but Musk has a bad habit of setting impossible deadlines for what he envisions as the principal goal of his efforts: building a city of one million people on Mars. He has also gotten his way at times only by suing NASA and the Pentagon. By contrast, Bezos and his company, Blue Origin, have been the tortoise to SpaceX's hare ("Slow is smooth and smooth is fast" as compared to "Head down. Plow through the line.") Bezos' highly secretive company has consistently been wary of publicizing its achievements.

Both Musk and Bezos (born in 1964) envision traveling into space on their own rockets. Allen and Branson, who are older—born in 1953 and 1950, respectively—do not contemplate the trip to Mars that Musk hopes to take. Allen's part in the emergence of the new industry was for a time very limited by his fear that lives might be lost in the process; later, however, he staked out a unique project of his own: building a spaceplane larger than any airplane ever built. Branson, who is even more flamboyant than Musk, is all showman and marketer. His contribution was initially to promote the work of aircraft designer Burt Rutan, assuming the controlling interest in Rutan's company in place of Allen and only later getting into the business of building rockets, as Musk and Bezos have been doing for nearly two decades.

Differing views of humanity's future in space

Elon Musk is single-mindedly focused on building a large city on Mars. Jeff Bezos does not share this focus. "'There's all kinds of interesting stuff you can do around the solar system,'" he told Davenport, "'but the thing that's going to move the needle for humanity the most is mining near-Earth objects and building manufacturing infrastructure in place . . . That's the big thing.'" Given the obstacles to living on the surface of Mars that I have learned through other reading, I tend to agree with Bezos.

About the author

Christian Davenport is a reporter for the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos. He acknowledges that it is "somewhat awkward writing a book about someone who could have you fired." However, his editor, Marty Baron, "has made it clear that [the Post] covers Jeff's companies as it would any other" and encouraged him to write the book. The Space Barons is Davenport's second.
Collectible President Donald Trump Troll Doll - Hair to the Chief
Collectible President Donald Trump Troll Doll - Hair to the Chief
Cute Trump troll...but the hair is overly stiff. Now I know 45 uses a lot of "product" to keep his coif properly positioned, but I like my trolls to have soft, flowing after some seriously aggressive combing, I did get it more to my it sort of looks like it's blowing in the wind ;)
GUND Kikis Delivery Service Jiji Beanbag Cat Stuffed Animal Plush, 6.5"
GUND Kikis Delivery Service Jiji Beanbag Cat Stuffed Animal Plush, 6.5"
-- Mind The Selfie, it's just for Scale --

I ordered this KNOWING IT WOULD BE SMALL! If you're looking for a large / reasonably sized JiJi plush, please search elsewhere! This plush was the perfect size I had wanted, just something to hold and store in a bag or in my pocket for cosplay reasons. The plush is very soft, came in wonderful condition, and has held up fine against my cats using it as a battering toy. Once I take JiJi out for a convention run, I'll update again with more feedback!
Mansfield Park
Mansfield Park
Don't buy from this seller if you don't want a poor quality picture and everyone speaking Italian! The dvd is faulty and will onky play in that language.
In relation to my review of this adaption (which I've seen on TV), when will we have adaptions of Persuasion and Mansfield Park that do them justice? There is plenty I don't like about this inaccurate 90s adaption, in the 2007 adaption Billie Piper made a better Fanny, the hair was totally wrong and she had more health and spirit than the Fanny of the novel, but she largely kept her key qualities in tact; her simple integrity, instinctive wariness towards the Crawfords and her quiet watchfulness, even her being comfortable at fading into the background comes across well.
Some reviewers have criticized Fanny's low cut gowns in the 2007 version, so I double checked and they are almost all cut more modestly than the other females, although she is apparently more generously endowed than some of the other actresses. And even modest gowns then showed cleavage, Austen in fact goes into little detail about what Fanny wore, except that it was less expensive or fashionable than what most of the other ladies wore. The Edmund of that adaption was not quite right physically, he was under 5 ft 10 and since Ms Piper is nearly 5 foot 6 he did not look significantly taller as he should have, nor did the actresses playing the Miss Bertrams who should all be noticeably taller than the petite Fanny and Miss Crawford. No one is convinced that Fanny is short. I had a few other niggles too, like how it misses out so many key scenes and important supporting characters, Lady Bertrams all wrong, the anachronistic waltz at the end, which also appeared in the recent Persuasion adaption etc etc etc, but I think it a superior and certainly little bit more accurate adaption than this one, because although it may miss characters and scenes out it doesn't add the many apocryphal elements this adaption does. By the by ignore some of the reviews as some commentors think this is the Billie Piper version!
This 90s adaption is pretty to look at and it has pleasant music. Again the actor playing Edmund does not appear significantly taller than Fanny, but I think he does portray the right balance of qualities that were so endearing in Austen's version of Edmund.
Some critics described Austen's Edmund as priggish, but he was in fact often second guessing himself when inclined to judge others, challenging first impressions and appearances in an attempt to be fair to people, including his wastrel brother Tom and his selfish sisters. With Mary Crawford he went beyond this and allowed his own naive infatuation to cloud his judgement, but he was always considerate, gracious and kind. He stood up for his beliefs and for others and earned peoples respect as he handled his father's business matters. This is, for the most part, the Edmund portrayed in this adaption.
The portrayal of Fanny is less accurate and occasionally annoying. She briefly flirts with and encourages Henry Crawford, and also attempts to become a writer (I'm all for feminism and women pursuing fulfilling careers) but keep it out of adaptions of classic literature please, it has it's place and that is not to be inserted into an adaption of a Regency novel. Also this Fanny has an acid tongue and a self aware sulkiness that don't match Austen's sweet tolerant Fanny at all. The nudity(brief as it is) is gratuitous and detracts rather than adds to the story. However, there are some sweet scenes between Edmund and Fanny, Susan is included in the cast of characters and Fanny does go to Portsmouth.
Risky Business: A Passionate Novel of Suspense
Risky Business: A Passionate Novel of Suspense
Liz was a strong, independent woman who knew what she wanted. After finding herself pregnant by the man she loved, she found out that he had had no intention of making a life with her, especially after his parents threatened to cut off his money for college. He was studying to become a lawyer. He refused to become a father, threatened her, gave her a check and told her to end the pregnancy.
She left the united States and went to Cozumel. She worked in a hotel as a maid, pregnant, until she had saved enough money to start her own dive shop. She expanded to two diving boats, a fishing boat, and a glass-bottom boat. She did all this for her daughter. That was the most important person to her. She stayed away from men.
While her daughter was in Houston with her grandparents during the school year, Liz rented her daughters bedroom out to a man who was murdered. He worked for Liz, His twin brother showed up, shocking Liz. Demanding to know the answers to a lot of questions that she had no answers for.
While searching for these answers, Jonas realized that Liz had unknowingly been drawn into a situation she knew nothing about. It appears his twin brother had been involved in drug smuggling and had stolen some of the money and product. The drug dealers went after Liz demanding to know where it was. Jonas moved in with her to protect her and they worked together with the police to try to find answers.
Jonas realized the more time he spent with Liz and the more he found out about her, the more he was falling in love. Now if he could only convince her...and keep her safe.
Lots of action and suspense. Several twists and turns. A good read.
El Demonio y la Senorita Prym: Una Novela (Spanish Edition)
El Demonio y la Senorita Prym: Una Novela (Spanish Edition)
Voy a tener que releerlo, mucho que pensar y discerninr. Lo commence a leer un Miercoles y lo terminé el Viernes. Me cautivo la historia, la similitud que el autor crea entre el pueblo y el ser humano. Para los q disfrutamos los libros de Paolo Coelho, este es obligado leerlo
Asterix Omnibus 9: Includes Asterix and the Great Divide #25, Asterix and the Black Gold #26, and Asterix and Son #27
Asterix Omnibus 9: Includes Asterix and the Great Divide #25, Asterix and the Black Gold #26, and Asterix and Son #27
I read these comics as a child over and over again. They are well written and beautifully illustrated, witty and very entertaining. The story follows the members of a small village in Gaul whom resist the Roman Empire by virtue of a super-strengthening potion brewed by their druid Getafix. The heros of the stories are Asterix ( a short, but smart warrior) and his best friend Obelix ( a large, boar meat loving, loyal but not smart warrior whom fell in a cauldron of magic potion as a child and as a result has permanent super strength). You can read each comic seperately and be able to follow the story, though certain characters do repeat throughout the series. I am buying them again as an adult and enjoying them just as much as I did as a kid. I definitely recommend these comics.
Witch & Wizard: The Manga, Vol. 1 (Witch & Wizard: The Manga (1))
Witch & Wizard: The Manga, Vol. 1 (Witch & Wizard: The Manga (1))
WOW, Svetlana Čmakova got another 5-star review from my. Jeez, I adore her art...

I've never read anything by James Patterson, I think. No, scratch that: I've read Confessions of a Murder Suspect years ago and I really like that. The reason I bought this, however was Svetlana Čmakova. I didn't know anything about the series or the characters. I just delved in. And it was good.

So, there was a change of government: from now on everything will be led by the ones. The ones who judges, the one who is the one... A whole bunch of them. Apparently they are all looking for people with special powers which are witches and wizards. There are also six prophecies involved and a snitcher turned into a ferret!

The main characters are really interesting; they have weird names though. But also the boy-turned-ferret, the dog from hell and everyone else are good.

There's nothing to say about Čmakova's art: it's fantastic!
Who Was J. R. R. Tolkien?
Who Was J. R. R. Tolkien?
Great biography series that all kids will enjoy. My students (4th grade) can't seem to put them down. I've had them in my room for the last few years and they just eat them up. The content is easy to understand and it provides great information on each person/topic along with a timeline in the back. Great for parents and teachers alike.
Naruto - Tome 1 (Shonen Kana) (French Edition)
Naruto - Tome 1 (Shonen Kana) (French Edition)
Nachdem ich stark von der Deutschen Übersetzung von Naruto enttäuscht wurde, hatte ich mir die englische und französische Ausgabe zum Vergleich bestellt. Eindeutiges Ergebnis: Die Französische ist die Beste!

Mein Hauptkritikpunkt an der deutschen Ausgabe war: Es fehlen an den Rändern Teile des Bildes. Legt man die deutsche und französische Ausgabe direkt nebeneinander, sieht man auch warum: Die Abmessungen sind ziemlich exakt identisch, allerdings hat man in der deutschen Ausgabe das Bild leicht vergrößert, sodass oben, an der Seite und unten nun immer etwas fehlt, wenn die Zeichnungen ganz bis zum Rand gehen. Und das stört oft gewaltig, wenn Gesichter halb abgeschnitten werden oder die Bildkomposition komplett zerstört wird.

Die französische Ausgabe hat aber noch andere Vorteile: Zum einen kommt sie als Heft mit separaten Umschlag, ganz wie in Japan üblich. Auch wurden anscheinend das Grußwort des Autors im Klappentext mit übersetzt (hat aber auch die Englische Ausgabe). Ich spreche Französisch nicht fließend, aber mir scheint die Ausdrucksweise gewählter und stellenweise weniger vulgär, vom Inhalt her oft etwas genauer.

Die Zeichnungen sind auch besser gedruckt. Im Vergleich zur deutschen Ausgabe haben die Aquarelle mehr Kontrast, und man sieht die Nuancen zwischen feinen und stärkeren Linien besser als in der englischen Ausgabe.

Als letztes Schmankerl gibt es hinten noch eine Erklärung der japanischen Wortspiele, die sich nicht übersetzen lassen. Das hat nur die Französischen Ausgabe.

Fazit: Wer Französisch kann, sollte Naruto auf Französisch lesen. Die Ausgabe ist in allen Punkten überlegen. Ansonsten ist Englisch zweite Wahl, und Deutsch der letzte Notnagel. Leider.
Richard Scarry's Great Big Schoolhouse
Richard Scarry's Great Big Schoolhouse
We have now reached the third generation of our family to read and enjoy the Richard Scarry books. I’m sure that they must have endured for others too. In a charming, unpretentious way, they are thoughtfully educational for roughly the 4+ age group, who are quickly seduced by the colourful and engaging illustrations, the quirkily lovable characters and all the seething activity that fills every page. Needless to say, this is ideal for a child about to start formal school, but older and younger will like it just as much. Some decades on from my first acquaintance with Scarry’s books, I still find them refreshing and still seek out lowly worm!
Clifford Barks!
Clifford Barks!
This book is just about Clifford barking at different things. I would like it better if Clifford learned a lesson in the end, like if he learned he doesn't have to bark at everything.

The pictures are cute and the book is very small (a plus if you want to grab it on the go, or match other small board books). The main pro of this book is the price.
Im Auge des Todes: Will Robie 3
Im Auge des Todes: Will Robie 3
Vergleicht man den dritten Teil mit den bisherigen zwei, so ist dies mit Abstand der schlechteste. Hier wird viel zu oft zwischen den Hauptpersonen, auf der einen Seite die Agenten der Amerikaner und auf der Anderen die nordkoreanische Agentin, gewechselt. Auch hätte ich gerne mehr über die Agentin erfahren. So plätschert die Geschichte vor sich hin. Das spannendste Element war eigentlich nur eine Nebenhandlung und wurde in der Mitte verfeuert. Auch das Ende bzw. das Finale ist eigentlich in einem bis zwei Kapiteln zusammen geschrieben. Hoffentlich wird der vierte Teil wieder besser.
Jojo's - Golden Wind T05 (Jojo's - Golden Wind (5)) (French Edition)
Jojo's - Golden Wind T05 (Jojo's - Golden Wind (5)) (French Edition)
Que l'on soit bien d'accord, Jojo's est un manga absolument super. Je viens de recevoir les volumes 4, 5 et 6 de Golden Wind et ma déception vient du fait qu'il y avait un énorme coup de cutter sur la jaquette. Messieurs Dames d'Amazon, lorsque vous recevez des livres, évitez d'ouvrir vos paquets avec des cutters. Il faut vraiment être…… pour faire ça. Merci
Little Miss Quick (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
Little Miss Quick (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
insted of individally reviewing each and every little miss and mr.books---one review is all thats needed---THESE BOOKS ARE FANTASTIC. Every one,and we have close to 100 copies--small to be held in little peoples hands and very therupedic.The negativeones like rudeness,worry,nervous,are what identify---and dont want to belike that.he miss neat,miss quiet,miss polite are also what every kid aspires to.(at least they dont ge hollored at or scolded for)There is a book for everyone and awaysastory to fit themood.Buy them---aduklts like them better than kids do. upsate ny
The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights: Volume 1 (Penguin Classics)
The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights: Volume 1 (Penguin Classics)
There is probably no 'one' master text for the Arabian nights but if you're hoping to read the complete stories, the three volume Penguin version is as good as you're going to get.
The translation, by Malcolm Lyons, is modern and close to the Arabic: for example, "your wish is my command" is rendered as "to hear is to obey". Other reviewers have complained that it's pedestrian, but I found it very easy to read, and full of life.
Oddly, certain really famous stories whose origins are in the Arabian Nights are not in the 'master' text in Arabic; for example, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves only exists in a French translation made by Antoine Galland, but is added to the end of this volume. By contrast Sindbad is within the original text, but his story cycle is found in Volume 2 of these stories, if you're looking for that.
Anyway, what is it all about?
What you find are hundreds of overlapping stories, with certain overarching story cycles, that are artificially laid out over 1001 nights. Handsome men are bewitched by women with jutting breasts and faces like the moon, before discovering that in fact they are the long lost cousin of a caliph or whatever; and it's a very dangerous world out there: the number of corpses puts 'Game of Thrones' to shame, because it doesn't take much for your head to be cut off by an angry shaikh.
My favourite story cycles in this volume in were the story of King 'Umar ibn al-Nu'man and his family, and the story of King Shahriman and his sons, neither of which I'd heard before.
The first is set in an uber-conflict between Christian forces, whose heroine is a witch type character Dhat al-Dawahi, endlessly tricking the Muslim heroes to their doom, and Muslim forces, who end up laying siege to the Christian capital in the east, but don't fully win the day. The second is a tale of sexual confusion where men fall in love with women thinking they are men; stepmothers fall in love with stepsons; and there are all manner of twists and tales (and comparisons to be made with Phaedra and Hippolytus and Joseph and Potiphar's wife, from other ancient sources).
This volume probably isn't to be read in one 'go' but equally it's worth doing more than just one or two 'nights' here and there, but sticking it through individual cycles, as otherwise you'll lose track of the characters: which brother has been left for dead on a scrapheap in Baghdad; which sister has been married to a caliph in Damascus, and so on. Luckily, this edition tells you when the cycles end, in a handy index.
Other people have commented on the morals of the stories, but that's much less a theme, I'd argue, than the danger of being tempted by a beautiful woman, whose eyes bewitch you into doing something you later regret; more generously, the stories are full of the overwhelming power of passion, which means people do foolish things.
The characters on one level are mostly Muslims and the Quran is quoted quite often, but that doesn't mean the characters don't drink copious amounts of wine, or lust after and sleep with countless princesses and courtesans. It's incredibly unpredictable: people move from rags to riches and back to rags again, and the hero definitely doesn't always get the girl; sometimes, they just die from pining for their love, who is stranded in a kingdom far away. Some of the time, the humans have been confused by wandering djinns, but on most occasions, they contrive problems of their own.
The whole is enjoyable in a weird and wonderful way, and depicts a far-off world in a far-off time. It's escapism, and a story-teller's delight.
Heartland - Season 13
Heartland - Season 13
I like the show. Season 13; I just watched episode 8 and 10. What happened to episode 9? Why does Heartland and When Calls The Heart keep messing around with this Mitch/Nathan guys played by Kevin what's his name. He is so dullsville in everything he plays. Please either liven up actor and give him some spunk or dump him. Put Lou and Peter back together and get rid of heartthrob whose only thing he does have going for him is looks and a smile. Enough already of the stupid lovesick nonsense he keeps playing as Mitch (Heartland) and Nathan (When Calls The Heart).
Magic The Gathering - Indulgent Aristocrat (118/297) - Shadows Over Innistrad
Magic The Gathering - Indulgent Aristocrat (118/297) - Shadows Over Innistrad
"A great card for my vampires commander deck. It fits well with the themes of the deck and is great to cast at this point in the curve." - Kevin B

"Prompt delivery. Great prices. Exactly as described." - richard nicholls

"The card was in great condition. Exactly what I needed." - zachary horn

"Great price and is a valuable addition to my deck." - Brandon

"Awesome" - Iziquiel

"Exactly what I wanted." - Greg
Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India
Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India
As an educator in a previous life I would like to see this book made required reading in all British secondary schools. Why? Because it offers the perfect object-lesson in why it is always, yes always, wrong to march into another country under the pretence of a civilising mission. And, just as importantly, it shows why national myth-making leads unsuspecting citizens into very dangerous intellectual and emotional territory.
Let’s start with the few quibbles that can be raised in order to discredit the value of this book. It verges occasionally, but only occasionally, on a quasi-rant against the evils of colonialism and the utter iniquities of British rule. It also slips into an emotional use of language, sometimes through unnecessary repetition, in its desire to make a point. The index is woefully inadequate, but it shares this failing with many another work of non-fiction.
However, Tharoor has produced a meticulously researched book with thirty pages of notes and references in addition to footnotes (but don’t let that put you off) which comprehensively deals with the British involvement in India as well as many a backward glance to what the country was like before the British government decided it had to intervene in order to support the activities of the East India Company. In that year, 1600, England produced just 1.8 per cent of the world’s GDP in contrast to India’s 23 per cent. India had a flourishing manufacturing industry, especially in textiles, and one of its celebrated universities, Nalanda, had already predated the foundation of Oxford and Cambridge by centuries. When the British finally left, having systematically expropriated as much as they could, literacy rates and life expectancy rates were amongst the lowest in the Third World. Tea was grown solely for the satisfaction of consumers in Blighty, wild animals were slaughtered for the benefit of trophy-hunters, whole forests were cut down to provide railway sleepers and exotic furniture back home, the economy was turned into a largely agrarian base, taxes were extracted to finance colonial overlords and their staff while denying the native population any say in how they were governed. In modern times there has never been a famine in India; throughout British rule there were several.
Even today there are British historians who continue to peddle the myths of the huge civilising influence the mother country exercised in the swathes of world territory it once ruled. Read Tharoor and you will be disabused of such fanciful notions. You will also be shocked to read how brutally and inhumanely the native Indian population was treated. It is one of the absurdities advanced by adherents to the Brexit cause that they imagine the Indians of today are falling over backwards to do all kinds of major trade deals with the erstwhile mother country. It betrays a total lack of historical understanding by such modern myth-makers that they indulge their fantasies of a Global Britain keen to resurrect the supposed glories of the past.
Amongst the debunking of dangerous national myths is the historical evidence that Tharoor presents to show what an incorrigible racist Churchill was. I suspect that one reason why historians on the right have done all they can to discredit this book is because of the many uncomfortable instances of the great man’s bigotry and racial superiority. Equally unsettling is the history of British withdrawal in the wake of the Second World War. Divide and rule was always the British approach previously, but the fact that they largely stood back while Hindus and Moslems massacred each other while still retaining overall responsibility for the running of the country is an utterly shameful comment on the alleged superiority of the British civilising influence.
Read this book in order to understand how shockingly and shamefully human beings behave towards others under their control and how national myths continue to be perpetuated despite all evidence to the contrary.
Saban's Power Rangers Dino Charge Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book with a Box of Crayons
Saban's Power Rangers Dino Charge Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book with a Box of Crayons
3star for the price. Given the price we pay, the book doesn't look like it is worth 10$. The pages and quality of the book is more like the coloring books we get in the dollar store. But I guess the price we pay is for the uniqueness and hard to find feature of the power rangers characters themed coloring book. And yes. The crayons are included too. Overall I wouldn't recommend this unless you are looking specifically for power rangers coloring book. Like I did.
Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock with 2 Type-C Ports  - Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Mini/12, 11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11, iPhone Xs Max/XS/XR/X, 8 Plus/8, 2020/2018 iPad Pro (Black)
Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock with 2 Type-C Ports  - Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Mini/12, 11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11, iPhone Xs Max/XS/XR/X, 8 Plus/8, 2020/2018 iPad Pro (Black)
USB Cポートが二口を含めた7ポートの充電台。
※残念ながらUSB Cポートは USB PD非対応


・USB PD非対応
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Nintendo Switch
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Nintendo Switch
ALL 63 characters* from past Smash Brothers game are included in this game
+6 brand new characters
+5 new echo fighters,
+6 DLC characters** (not yet released).

-New characters include:

Inkling (Splatoon Series)
Ridley (Metroid)
King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
Incineroar (Pokemon)
Simon (Castlevania)

-New Echo Fighters. Echo fighters are essentially clones of original fighters with slightly change stats like different attack, defense, speed and special moves. Think Falco, Dark Pit and Lucina for example.

Daisy (Echo of Peach)
Richter (Simon)
Dark Samus (Samus)
Chrom (Roy)
Ken (Ryu)

You start off with original 8 characters from the very first Smash Bros game and have to unlock the others.

*63 if you count pokemon trainer and thier pokemon as one character; otherwise it's 65. No more choosing Lucario and imagining he's Mewtwo, one-time guest characters like Snake makes a return, and ice climbers are not excluded due to hardware limitations, DLC characters in Smash 4 like Ryu, Bayonetta are now part of main roster, etc.

** DLC includes:
Piranha Plant
Joker (Persona 5)
+4 unannounced fighters

DLC Come in character packs 1 fighter, 1 stage, and multiple music tracks

Or you can get fighters (season) pass with 5 fighters, 5 stages and all music

If you purchase fighter pass you get rex mii costume for free

If you purchase the Smash Ultimate game near launch and register via MyNintendo (if you have physical version) you get Piranha Plant character for free. For downloaded version registration should be automatic. Piranha plant to release next year (2019)


Unlike characters, not all stages return. There are 103 stages with 5 planned DLC stages.

Stages does not need to be unlocked

All stages now have a Battlefield form: Omega and Normal. Omega stages are similar to final destination stage with no moving platforms or random hazards.

Core changes/features.

-Graphics improved. details in clothing, facial expression/emotes and stages

-Some characters have a overall design change for example:
Link now in Breath of the Wild costume

Zelda no longer Twlight Princess form, now based off Link Between Worlds

Mario wears cappy from Mario Odyssey when doing taunts/moves

Fox now based off Star Fox Zero design

-Now can select female forms of characters like pokemon trainer and pikachu for example.

-Characters now displayed by number/when they appeared in the smash series

-13 New items: Banana Gun, Beastball, Black Hole, Bomber, Death's Scythe, Fake Smash Ball, Healing Field, Healing Sprout, Killing Edge, Rage Blaster, Ramblin' evil mushroom, Staff, and Super Launch Star.

-You select stage before character

-8 Player battles make a return

-Stage morph. Can select two stages at a time that transition at different set intervals

-You can turn off stage hazards

-UI changes for some characters next to damage meter for example: Clouds limit gauge, Inkling ink tank gauge, Villager's Pocketed item, Robin's durability counters

-Echo Fighters can either be displayed in their own character slots, or share their slot with the character they are based on, depending on user preference

-No more trophies, have spirits instead (more on this later). Over 1200 to collect

-Charge attacks are longer doing more damage the longer you hold

-Shield changes: Perfect shields are performed in reverse: instead of pressing the shield button several frames before an attack connects, players have to release the shield button when an attack connects on their shield instead.

-Damage meter now display tenth's damage. Example 20.5%

-Grab Cancels: If two players grab the same time; both characters take minimal damage and act as if grab released

-Characters can no longer run through other characters and instead push them backwards. This affects some characters like Fox with his slide kick attack and side special

-More space to come back from being blasted off to the sides, but edge sweet spots have decreased/recovery moves take longer to snap on ledges for most characters. Edge attacks has been buffed.

-Deal more damage in One-on-one fights with no items. Damage is multiplied by 1.2×

-Alternate costumes now shown on bottom character portrait

-Tracks in My Music are now organized by series rather than by stage.There are over 800 tracks per stage totaling over 28 hours

-You can create your own playlist and have the screen turned off in portable mode making your Switch a mp3 player/music player

-Taunts can now be cancelled, and comes out faster

-Continous dodges makes it less effective the more times you use it consecutively

-Characters that originally cannot swim or have a weakness to water (Charizard, Incineroar, Inkling, Sonic, etc) now take slow, constant damage while swimming.

-Sudden Death changes: Screen shrinks in overtime. If the screen has finished zooming in, Bob-ombs will start falling after a while

-Stamina battles can now be combined with stock.

-There are 59 Assist Trophies available in the game. 27 are brand new

-Some assist trophies can be KOed for points. The player who summon assist trophy can also KO there own assist trophy to prevent other players from gaining points

-Some Final Smash Changes:
No more temporary power ups/form changes like Wario Man, Fox/Falco/Wolf landmaster transformation, Flying Yoshi, Giga Bowswer, Giga Mac for example. Instead they have one hit KO moves/high damage moves like the other fighters
Some characters have different final smashes altogether like Link now has ancient arrow, Zelda has sealing triforce, Pit has lighting chariot as final smash.

For multi-character final smash: Fiora added to shulk final smash, Paula and Poo added to Ness Final Smash, Lucas has kumatora and Boney, Megaman has Protoman and Bass

Donkey Kong has rapid fire punches instead of the lame drum beats

-There is now chargeable final smash option. But no two final smash can be used simultaneously

-A lot of buff/nerfs changes for most, if not all characters

-A lot of Move changes. Example:
Link no longer has a hookshot (young link and toon link still does), has remote (manually detonate bombs)
Samus can charge her cannon in air
Zelda's Phantom knight is now chargeable: delayed hit or release.
Pokemon trainer has no penalty for not switching pokemon
Shulks Monato arts are now on text wheel around the character instead of multiple button presses
Rob has fuel gauge on spine for boost meter

-In game gold can be used to purchase Spirits, spirits upgrade and music tracks

-Game supports 11 languages.

-Can make teammates semi-transparent

-Palutena's guidance makes a return with some new voice clips/scenes for new characters and returning characters with cosmetic changes

-Codec also makes a return, but with no new voice recording for characters past Smash Bros Brawl

Spirits Mode.

Spirits are basically add on buff to characters in form of stickers or less known characters that didn't make it into the roster.

There are different classes: Novice, Advance, Ace, and Legend.

One primary spirit can be assigned at a time to one character

There are also support spirits that add on to the primary spirit depending on how many open slots they have
Primary spirits increase stats like HP, Speed, Attack etc.

Support spirits have different attributes like healing, fire boost item pickups, jump higher, etc

You have to fight spirits to obtain them in event matches.

Spirits Mode has event matches where matches can have different attributes/battle conditions like having the the floor be on fire, random spike balls fly across the screen, you're a mini fighter vs a large fighter (like when eat pick up mushroom but constant throughout match), enemy has a lot of armor but moves slower and deal higher damage, defeat enemy but constantly taking damage due to being poisoned, enemy constantly invisible, fog of war making it hard to see, reduced/increased gravity, only can use one move, etc.

Spirits can level up after battle or by feeding it snacks giving you more stat boosts. Some spirits have an enhanced or evolved form.

Spirits also can level up by having them train in gyms, or battle other spirit teams. The more stronger they are the better rewards you get.

For spirits you don't' readily use can send them off to collect treasure

You can also release spirits you don't want to get cores, which can be used to summon other spirits

Adventure Mode.

Story mode of the game dubbed World of Light

Grid based battle system similar to Mario Tennis Aces

Plot: All characters are turned into spirits except Kirby. Must release everyone from spirit form and save the world.

No in depth story just series of unique battles involving spirits.

More focused on fun game play scenarios than story

Other Modes:

Classic mode:
8 rounds, 1 mini game, and different bosses for each character.
You are able to select difficulty for challenge and better rewards

Tourament mode:
Basic King of the Hill bracket mode
Up to 32 players

-Smash Down mode:
After you play a character for a match they'll be unavailable for later matches. Having different characters to choose from each time

-Squad Strike
3v3 or 5v5 team elimination style match-up

-Training mode
Practice your moves. Grid based stage to help judge distance. Also displays launch distance trajectory

-Century Smash
Fight 100s of fighters that can be knocked out in one hit. Can be an endless smash mode if you're good enough

Complete certain challenges to unlock pieces of picture portrait

Multiplayer .

You can play local wireless or online.

No more 'For Glory' and 'For Fun' mode

Match making is now based on preferred rules, global smash power, Distance
Game will try it's best to match others with same preferred rules. But if you don't have preference match making is much faster

Global Smash Power (GSP) is amount of points experience you have or online rank. This can go up or down depending on wins/losses. You can set your GSP based on individual fighters. Game will auto disconnect you if you're griefing or constantly KO yourself off the cliff lowering your score. If your GSP is high enough, you can enter elite battles
Game will priorities matchups depending on where you are in the world for more stable connection.
You can play different mini games and certain modes while waiting for a matchup. There's also spectator mode available.

Smash Tags. If you defeat other players online, you get their smash tag. You do not lose yours or have to try to get it back if you lose. You can trade in smash tags for in-game gold

There's co-op online. 2 player teams against 2 player teams.

Battle arena. Setup online match making with friends/family

Smash World phone app. Can upload videos and watch them on the go.

Overall, best Smash Bros games to date. MUST BUY if you're a Smash Bros, Nintendo fan.
Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart: Sheep In Wolves Clothing Live
Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart: Sheep In Wolves Clothing Live
Recently picked up this VHS concert. I give top marks for the quality of the picture and the audio. I saw them on this concert tour in 1985, which is when this was filmed. As with much of the early CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) concert videos are quite scarce. I was very blessed to find this tape. Many people scoff when you say you watch a VHS tape, as if you're stuck in the past. This is one of thousands of concerts, as well as movies, that have not been released on DVD or Blu-ray and probably will not be. If you like Mylon & Broken Heart you will love this concert. The music and their '80's outfits may be dated by time but the message of the music is timeless. Jesus Christ is the way!
Mothca Matte Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint Tempered Glass Clear Film Case Friendly Easy Install Bubble Free for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-inch (2020)-Smooth as Silk
Mothca Matte Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint Tempered Glass Clear Film Case Friendly Easy Install Bubble Free for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-inch (2020)-Smooth as Silk
I have used Mothca screen protectors for several different phones. I always like the finished product. The only reason why I don’t give it a full 5 stars is because when installing the screen protector, if by. Vance you get some dust underneath and have to peel up the screen protector you are running the risk of having it not lay down again nicely. And not matter how far I try I am unable to get the corner where i lift to be seamless. And this is the spot where the screen protector will usually fail first. But as I said, it always looks nice if you can manage to get it down without any dust getting stuck underneath the screen protector.
CIMOO White Makeup Vanity Chair, Cute Furry Home Office Chair with Back Arms, Fluffy Swivel Accent Chair for Girls Bedroom Living Room,White Long Fur
CIMOO White Makeup Vanity Chair, Cute Furry Home Office Chair with Back Arms, Fluffy Swivel Accent Chair for Girls Bedroom Living Room,White Long Fur
I ordered this chair to match my bathroom and walk-ins. It arrives on time but the box was damaged and the white fur of the chair on the bottom was not only dirty, but torn to where you could see the inner metal frame. I contacted the company because the chair itself was still functional and I thought they may send a new fur cover. They were very responsive and immediately send me a whole new chair, which promptly arrived undamaged. Phenomenal customer experience and a great quality product! I definitely would recommend!
Cradlepoint COR-IBR650B-LP4-NA 4G LTE w/ 3G Fallback Router: Indoor Enterprise AT&T, Verizon Certified
Cradlepoint COR-IBR650B-LP4-NA 4G LTE w/ 3G Fallback Router: Indoor Enterprise AT&T, Verizon Certified
I purchased this unit to provide internet access to a remote rural area in Michigan where neither fiber or cable were available and DSL was already maxed out in that area (only speeds up to 6 upload 25 download so no love lost). I researched this wireless router model and methods for setup as part of my process. Before buying, make sure your area of anticipated use has a close cell tower for your provider that provides sufficient signal. A good rule of thumb is to download a speed test app on your phone and check the upload and download speed. If you are happy with the signal you see, then certainly the use of a broadband with proper antennas should make you happy. I obtained 13 upload and 50 download at my Michigan site with my Verizon smart phone app. So this was good. You can also go to Cellmapper on the web to see where local towers are, what bands they are transmitting and signal strength for which carriers, but ultimately, seeing is believing - test the signal at the site. Also, be aware that if you want the best speeds, setting up a system may mean more than buying this router with the provided paddle antennas (see below) although this may be adequate for your needs. You should also go to the Cradlepoint site and download the mannual and specifications so you know what you are getting into and understand which unit you should buy. This router works with major carriers.

I ordered this unit, which arrived in a couple days, then I contacted Verizon to order a SIM card. FYI - it took a transfer to 4 people before I finally found someone to help me with a SIM card so be patient (have a beer or glass of wine in your hand). If you have a current plan with an open phone slot (e.g.. if you can have up to 4 users on your plan and you currently have 3 phones on your plan, then you are all set). You don't need a new account for this, just use your current cellphone account. I read Verizon my IMEI number on my router and a SIM chip arrived in 2 days. I then contacted my Amazon seller based on paper work they provided to me, and Iprovided them with my Amazon order number and my email to activate my cradlepoint services, warranty, and help access (don't forget to do this and hold on to all your paperwork). While I was on the phone, the seller was kind enough to help me orient the Sim card, which was not straight forward and not in the instructions. My current location is in NH for my test analysis. After inserting the SIMM card, I attached the paddle antennas, plugged in the power, watched the bars rise on the unit, pluged in my computer via the either net, turned off my wifi, then went to the Verizon test page (internet was working!), I then obtained an upload of 8 and download of 38 from the test site - not bad for an indoor location. Yes, it was that easy. My cell phone at the same location is providing 9 upload 37 download so very similar. I obtained 13 upload and 50 download at my site in Michigan (outside) where fortunately there is a cell tower just west of the property.

So I am already pleased since it only added $20 plus taxes/month to my phone bill with unlimited data plan, much less than what I would have paid for DSL or satellite and better speeds in most cases. So, what is next. My research online tells me I can increase my speeds 2-3X by using two external directional yagi antennas, so I will be placing those on an elevated pole at my Michigan site (plus I have a steel roof... very bad for indoor signal so need to get the antennas higher and away from the house anyway). Because now it is a lightening risk, you need to use lightening arresters (N-male to N female) and a grounding rod for protection. You'll also need a male N male to SMA male cable to connect each antenna to the router via the arrester. I will also be adding a router to provide wifi and additional ports to support security surveilance and a alarm system with an internet auto dialer (you might want a direct plug to a TV for internet streaming for a better signal than wifi). So although not an inexpensive upfront investment, with only the cost of an additional phone line, the cost will eventually even out and payoff over the next 4 years (until 5G becomes more ubiquitous in that area! big wishes). FYI - DSL was going to be $29.95 plus taxes and other fees, plus $7.95 modem rental = ~$47.70 month for 6/25 MBP service - so I am feeling pretty good about my investment at this point. Stay tuned for final speed tests in Michigan, but I am already feeling confident.

Thumbs up for this alternative internet avenue and for the easy to use wireless 4G LTE router.
Twizzlers Strawberry Twists, 7-Ounce Bag
Twizzlers Strawberry Twists, 7-Ounce Bag
I was floored by the 1-star reviews complaining of the strong nail varnish, nail polish remover and "plastic" taste. As well as hollow space inside.

Twizzlers are a US candy product sold in the UK as an "American novelty sweet." As an American living in the UK, I missed this taste from my childhood and people who grew up eating Twizzlers are well aware of the " strange taste," and we love it all the same. Yes there is a bit of a "chemical" flavour. Yes, they are hollow in the centre (that's partly so you can use them as a straw to sip your fizzy drink through at the movies!)

They do not taste like Scandinavian salty licorice. Nor do they taste like Twirlers, All Sorts or whatever this other Platonic ideal British strawberry licorice is meant to taste like. I found the 1 star reviews confusing because I didn't know if the product itself was faulty or people had different expectations for the taste. So I gambled and bought a packet. I'm happy to report they tasted great (and fresh) and this is the taste I remember from my childhood. I ordered several more packs, including Dr. Pepper Flavoured. They're a bit pricey with the importing, but worth it if you want a treat with sweet memories. NOTE: Please do not buy if you don't know what to expect taste-wise. The plastic and nail varnish smell is not an accident. TWIZZLERS ARE NOT FOR N00Bs LMFAOOOOO
Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts 130g (12 Bags Bulk Buy)
Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts 130g (12 Bags Bulk Buy)
My grandmother always loved black licorice flavored anything. She use to even have a gum. She recently passed away and I’ve never been much of a fan BUT THESE ARE AMAZING! I’m trying my best to not eat all 12 bags in 12 days. Now i ordered these in fall so if you live in TX, or other not states I wouldn’t buy in the summer I wouldn’t doubt it would melt. If you pay attention to temperate when you buy it you won’t be disappointed. I’ve tried similar products and while they are ok, the pale in comparison.
Level Up (One Up Series Book 1)
Level Up (One Up Series Book 1)
After the disappointment of my second read through of READY PLAYER ONE, this story of a guy who finds himself trapped in a video game world was a more relaxing and humorous breath of fresh air.

Marcus is the down trodden office work we follow as the negatives of his life are laid out before us. Most of it relates to his place of work and the boss who makes things tough for him.

LEVEL UP is a brisk read, not because of page count, but the pace that it whisks along. In a lot of stories this could be annoying, but it works well here giving it the feel of a video game with each chapter (or Level) revolving around the next game type, game level, of boss fight. There is a sense of escalation throughout and the plot rarely pauses or steps back.

The humour is there but not in your face, with Marcus' mate Carlos standing in as comedy side-kick, while most of the chuckles come from references to the various video game styles and nuances the book parodies (and out right mocks!). And unlike READY PLAYER ONE, it doesn't over explain its references because it know's I'll either get it or just carry on.

There are issues (some grammar needs tidying up and a scene involving speed dating felt out of place) but all in all this is an enjoyable and amusing read that doesn't ask much of it's reader other than to have fun.

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