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JavaScript for Beginners (Step-by-step)
JavaScript for Beginners (Step-by-step)
JavaScript for Beginners (Step-by-step) by QuanTech Publishing. Rated 2 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
BUM DEAL: Jake Lassiter Legal Thrillers
BUM DEAL: Jake Lassiter Legal Thrillers
BUM DEAL: Jake Lassiter Legal Thrillers by PAUL LEVINE. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 98 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
A Intimação
A Intimação
A Intimação by John Grisham. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Innocente. Una storia vera
Innocente. Una storia vera
Innocente. Una storia vera by GRISHAM John -. Rated 3.1 out of 5 stars, with 20 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Der Richter.
Der Richter.
Der Richter. by John Grisham. Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars, with 5 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Learning Swift - Second Edition
Learning Swift - Second Edition
Learning Swift - Second Edition by Andrew J Wagner. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Swift programming category.
Mark Zuckerberg Quotes 1 - Canvas Art Print
Mark Zuckerberg Quotes 1 - Canvas Art Print
Mark Zuckerberg Quotes 1 - Canvas Art Print by undefined. Rated 99 out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the MarkZuckerberg category.
Amazon CEO Letters ( 1997 - 2018 ) : CEO Letters & Biz Reports Book 6
Amazon CEO Letters ( 1997 - 2018 ) : CEO Letters & Biz Reports Book 6
“A huge thank you to each and every customer for allowing us to serve you, to our shareowners for your support, and to Amazonians everywhere for your ingenuity, your passion and your high standards.” ~ Jeff Bezos

Jony Dev has worked at Google, Facebook and Amazon. Now as a Chief Data Scientist he spends his time working for a Tech Start-up and writing interesting books. This is the only book I've read by him and it provides a lot of insight into the mind of Jeff Bezos as he created the largest Internet company in the world.

In this book you get to read over twenty annual letters by Jeff Bezos, which will get you up to speed on amazon history. Basically you will realize how amazon has evolved over time to the beloved site it is now.

What first struck me was how intellectual the letters were and yet they were very witty and lol funny in places. Jeff's charismatic personality definitely comes across well and this makes the letters very enjoyable to read. They can almost stand alone as a form of art without any explanation needed.

In the letters Jeff spends time explaining his point of view on allowing customers to post negative reviews. He discusses Alexa, Amazon Go, Amazon Books, Frustration-free packaging, marketplace, PRIME, quantitative analysis, skills-forward approaches, machine learning techniques, long-term thinking, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), Career Choice and Whole Foods. Every major thing amazon has done is spoken of reverently in these letters. It is however interesting that Jeff Bezos changed his mind about physical stores.

My favorite letter was the 2007 letter that talks about the Kindle. Besides PRIME, the Kindle is what has affected my personal life the most. I've downloaded and read thousands of books over the years. It is great to instantly get a book that you can start reading seconds from downloading. Many times the books I've downloaded have been in some way lifesaving as I've had to research health conditions. Reading on the Kindle has really become my most compelling passion. Kindle Unlimited is one of my favorite things ever as I can literally find books on nearly every topic I could wish to read about!

One thing about this book is the fact that each letter past 1997 has the 1997 letter repeated at the start of the new letter. I simply fast forwarded through it each time as reading it before each letter would have taken a lot of time. I was therefore able to finish the book in two days.

There are some things I wondered about in the past, like did amazon give tours of fulfillment centers? The answer is YES! The URL is given for more information. There is also a comment about Amazon Smile and how you can donate to the charity of your choice each time you shop.

This book is part amazon history lesson, part enthusiastic celebration of success. Every business owner and amazon customer should read this collection of letters to fully understand the “customer-obsessed culture” of amazon. Maybe the new tag line should be: “Delighting customers one PRIME shipment at a time!” For instant gratification has become a reality when shopping at amazon.

As someone who has purchased pillowcases from India, a battery operated candle from Malaysia and curtains made in China I can say amazon's commitment to global shopping is inspirational. You really can find anything your heart could wish for all in one place. In fact when I get a catalog in the mail, I just look up the items at amazon. And after an experience of going to four stores in one day with no luck finding a foot cream, I just came home and ordered it from amazon like I should have in the first place. I learn!

So I found this book inspirational and I feel anyone who loves amazon will be intrigued by these letters. In the words of Copywriter Robert Gibson: “The unknown requires relentless optimism.” Jeff Bezos' optimism and drive to please customers has made amazon my favorite website in the world. And I know millions of people agree that it is the best place to shop online. Jeff Bezos is leading us into the future of the Internet. I'm just wondering what fantastic thing will he think up next? :)

~The Rebecca Review

Reviewing this book is not an endorsement of any movies, shows, books or music mentioned in the book. I don't agree with everything amazon sells (who does?) but I'm grateful they have many Christian books going back centuries that I enjoy reading. I believe at amazon you have to make good choices about what you buy just like in any other store.
The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy
The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy
This book is about the height and length of two books. It takes two hands to read, but it is worth the effort for any Oprah fan or even a fan of beautiful photography. I can't comment enough about the grandeur and awe-inspiring splendor of the book - it's huge and comforting photos of people we've all come to know and love, the memories garnered up when seeing Oprah at her finest on the stage of the Oprah Show. I have never read a book this stunning.

The book is, of course, about Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and about some of the things that she's tried to teach and have definitely learned throughout her tenure as a talk show host. There are also testimonials as to what Oprah has meant to people and cultures over the past 25 years. For example, there is a statement made by the great Henry Louis Gates Jr. which tells of how he first heard of Oprah and why she is so important in his life personally. He gave the experience of when Oprah visited the PBS stage to have her ancestry researched in "African American Lives." It was a remarkable page of information, and Mr. Gates Jr. stood tall as a beautifully artistic portrait on the next page almost watching you as you read with the proverbial `family' tree behind him.

This book is an experience! A must have for any Oprah fan!!!
More Myself: A Journey
More Myself: A Journey
Bob Dylan - The Little Black Songbook: Revised & Expanded Edition
Bob Dylan - The Little Black Songbook: Revised & Expanded Edition
There are unfortunately some glaring omissions in this book, some key Dylan songs are not included, like With God On Our Side, Tombstone Blues, Buckets of Rain, Highway 61 Revisited, It takes a lot to laugh it takes a train to cry, Highway 51 Blues, Pretty Peggy-O, Baby let me follow you down. Instead, a bunch of throw away outtakes and filler material have been included. The author made a poor selection, and I can't give it more than 2 stars.
Unibene Slim Metallic Retractable Ballpoint Pens - Matte Black & Chrome, Nice Gift for Police Uniform Business Office Students Teachers Wedding, Medium Point(1 mm) 6 Pack-Black ink
Unibene Slim Metallic Retractable Ballpoint Pens - Matte Black & Chrome, Nice Gift for Police Uniform Business Office Students Teachers Wedding, Medium Point(1 mm) 6 Pack-Black ink
So, I bought the “matte burgundy” version of this which they currently don’t have available anymore. I was looking for a pen similar to one we got for free at the Caneel Bay resort, and these came very close. They write well, are slim, sturdy, have a nice weight to them, and I’ve given almost all of them away which is why I’m back.

However, the color was neither matte nor burgundy. They were brown and glossy... I don’t know, I didn’t care about the color. The size, weight, and ease of writing were what I was looking for. And honestly, the ease of writing (ink flow) can be fixed with a good refill, though I don’t know which ones are good.

I’m hesitant to buy the other versions bc of the bad reviews, but if they ever bring the brown ones back, those were great. The paint on them is prone to chipping, but the rest of the pen is awesome.
Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes 10 Pack - BPA Free Soft Bristles Toothbrushes, Natural, Eco-Friendly, Organic, Compostable
Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes 10 Pack - BPA Free Soft Bristles Toothbrushes, Natural, Eco-Friendly, Organic, Compostable
I started buying bamboo toothbrushes several years ago. The problem that I ran into was once I found a store that stocked them there wasn’t a guarantee that they’d still have them available the next time I needed to purchase them. I figured that everyone was getting on the sustainability bandwagon, so I couldn’t get too frustrated about it. I don’t know what took me so long to look on Amazon, but I finally did and found Vivago! Unlike the other bamboo toothbrushes that I have purchased, the heads on these toothbrushes are tapered and fit in my mouth much more comfortably, making maneuverability a cinch. You can’t go wrong with this brand! My hubby and I love them and because they come in an 8 pack, I won’t have to go on another hunt to find new bamboo toothbrushes! I can just order another 8 pack!
Ranma 1/2, Vol. 1
Ranma 1/2, Vol. 1
From the publisher's indicia: "Ranma1/2 is rated T+ for older teens. It may contain..." Well who cares about publishers covering their backsides? This series (and the latest is vol.26) is suitable for anyone who can appreciate the content and that extends far beyond the presumed target audience to even include adults of mature sensibilities (though it helps if they have a sense of the absurd). Ranma 1/2 ranks alongside the best of graphic stories in that it is supremely entertaining.
I'd say this was suitable for anyone who enjoys the work of Alan Moore, Los Bros Hernandez,George Herriman, Joss Whedon, Robert Crumb, and Hayao Miyazaki, to name but a few, because on its own terms it is as good as any of them. On its own terms.
We aren't talking high art here, people, we're talking fun and nothing but fun (plus oblique perceptive comments on the roles of the sexes). It is constantly and consistently inventive, laugh out loud funny, and manages to engage sympathy for its characters despite most of them being self-centred, bad-tempered, petty, spiteful, violent, and unbelievably obtuse. They are also superhumanly resistant to damage, which is just as well given the bizarre variety of martial arts on display. And rather than running out of steam, the series gets stranger, more complex, and funnier as it continues. It also contains (among much more) scenes of nudity, sexual innuendo, romantic situations, eating, sport, fantasy, and frequent bathing. What more could a boy or girl want?
A couple of months ago, already hooked by Takahashi's 'Maison Ikkoku', I downloaded a couple of episodes off the net, liked what I saw, picked up three of the books on Ebay, and now own all 26 published to date (say 'thank you', Amazon). Try this book and that could well happen to you. Go on, try it out, it's the most fun you could have apart from...
Well, actually, right now I can't think of anything else.
The Essential Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Modern Library Classics)
The Essential Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Modern Library Classics)
In "The Varieties of Religious Experience," William James devotes an early chapter to a type of personality most of us have known: the man who is perennially optimistic and cheerful, and almost always in a sunny mood. This "healthy mind," says James, is easy to see in a person like Walt Whitman --- and he would doubtless have included Ralph Waldo Emerson as another obvious example. In such persons, according to James, "happiness is congenital and irreclaimable." Matthew Arnold put it this way: "Emerson's systematic benevolence comes from what he himself calls somewhere his 'persistent optimism,' and his persistent optimism is the root of his greatness and the source of his charm."

One of the golden nuggets in this Emerson anthology is the famous essay on "Self-Reliance." Modern readers might imagine that this essay would be about economics, but not so: the heart of it is this ---

"There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself, for better, for worse, as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried."

To put it in other words, "Know thyself" (Socrates would agree) and "Be thyself." Aping celebrities and adopting ideologies are no part of self-reliance; in fact, Emerson explicitly deplores men who have become slaves of an ideology. "If I know your sect I anticipate your argument." In fact, "whoso would be a man, must be a nonconformist." Conformity makes men not just false in a few small things, but false in everything.

This is most excellent advice, and should be followed while reading Emerson --- or anyone else. You will find yourself disagreeing with him from time to time, and Emerson himself would surely approve and applaud.

The physical book reviewed here is extremely well-edited and well-made. The introduction by Mary Oliver is excellent and helpful. Unless you become a true Emerson devotee, this volume is likely to be all you need.
The Flesh in the Furnace
The Flesh in the Furnace
Plot Crunch:

In the distant future, a vast majority of human beings have left Earth to live on other planets. Most never return, but one person who did was Pertos Godelhausser. Born on another world, he moved to Earth to make money. His only companion is Sebastian, a mentally handicapped man with a troubled past. They make a living with the help of the Furnace: an alien machine that can create living puppets out of synthetic flesh. The central puppet is Bitty Belina, whose small stature and pretty face hide a cold personality.


The best compliment that can be given to this book is that, in spite of its short length, it's full of some interesting ideas. It's also filled with some delightfully bizarre visual imagery. The creators of the Furnace, for example, are described as a race of twelve foot tall spider-lizards called the Vonopoens. While the story as a whole is obviously pretty far fetched, it moves at a fast pace. And since you could probably finish the book in a day or two if you made the time, it makes for a pretty easy read.
Considering this was written fairly early in Koontz's career, it was also fun to look for things that would become common in his later work. There are at least couple of examples. Pertos, for instance, thinks of himself as god-like. Although the character isn't necessarily evil, this is a common trait amongst villains in Koontz books.
Most of the problems with the book could also probably be attributed to the fact that it was written early in Koontz's career. He was still experimenting and hadn't found his voice yet. Since it was also one of about nine books he had published in 1972, I can't help but suspect he may have been on a tight schedule when he was writing it. That might explain why a few of the subplots don't pay off as well as they could have. The best example of this would be the Holistian Pearl. It's described as an alien artifact that can send images of all the places its been into the mind of the person who's holding it. After the story shifts to Sebastian's point of view, the Pearl disappears from the story for long stretches at a time. While it does play a part in the book's ending, it just doesn't pay off the way you might expect considering the importance placed on it when it was introduced.

In conclusion, while the book has some intersting qualities, it's not a lost classic. Indeed, it's been out of print for a long time now, and it can be expensive to buy used copies online. If you're a big fan of Dean Koontz, the book is worth reading just to say you've read it. Casual readers would be better off checking out his more popular books first.
Alexander Pushkin: The Collected Stories
Alexander Pushkin: The Collected Stories
I had just finished Anna Karenina and remembered that I had this volume of Pushkin on the shelf.
I figured that since Tolstoy took his clues from "Russia's first great writer" that these must be
at least as good. I must say that I enjoyed these stories much more, and I adored Anna Karennina.

Perhaps this is because they were short stories yet I believe that Pushkin has a more direct
style and some of his stuff is just hysterical. Having read Massey's incredible "Peter the Great,"
I thought the Blackamoor of Peter the Great caught Peter's spirit perfectly.

All in all, like Tolstoy, Chekov and the rest of the Russian greats, this is a wonderful glimpse into a
far way land of long ago with curious customs and characters that are so well developed. I love how he
illuminates the position and sentiments of serfdom for it goes a long way to understand just how many of
us had families who emerged from serfdom which was just another form of slavery and how freedom as we
understand it is really a modern thing. I believe that the story "Dubrovskii" to be worth the price of
admission by itself.

A perfect companion for the cold winter nights.
Bombers B-52 [VHS]
Bombers B-52 [VHS]
Again a movie I was brought up on, but this one is in a vivid color to bring the masses to the theater and away from the new invention the TV. Natalie Wood the heart throb of that time is lead in this film but Karl Malden gives a great performance as a very believable Master Sargent, Line Chief at Castle AFB, CA. On the other hand Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as an USAF flyer is like John Travolta masquerading as a B 2 pilot in Broken Arrow! He does not make it and he does not fit the story! He does not have the look of Air Force never mind pilot. Additionally, for a pilot at that time to move from Tactical Air Command (TAC) to Strategic Air Command (SAC) would be sacrilegious and rare. This reveals problems understanding the USAF culture for the screen writer. Finally, the hair cut may be fine for a lawyer in “77 Sunset Strip” but not as an USAF Colonel. It would have been much better having the unaccredited Stewart Whitman who was flying co-pilot as the aircraft commanded in that part. At least he has a close credible look.
As a retired USAF officer who flew with SAC and worked in TAC I was very interested in viewing this film. I enjoyed the story and found it could be real but the above cast flaws and screen writing was disappointing. It appears this film was an introduction of The Superfortress B-52 to the American public and cold war-era preparedness to reassure the masses. Again, Warner Brothers injects its small screen stars into and a major motion picture to link the two media.
I very much enjoyed seeing my favorite USAF aircraft in the F-86 and B-47 in action and to see the B-52 in its original paint. A great American era long gone but as I remember it.
A History of the Writings of Beatrix Potter: Including Unpublished Work
A History of the Writings of Beatrix Potter: Including Unpublished Work
As late as the nineteen-eighties it was possible, if you were in Sawrey in the British Lake District, to run into people who remembered Beatrix Potter, who died in 1943. She was the daughter of a hermetically sealed London barrister's family--an artist in words and colors turning up from some genetic left field--who found in the Lakes the ideal setting for her work, and who purchased some acres of farmland out of the royalties from her early books. (As her bank account increased, she spent it on further acreage, and the land went to the National Trust.) In the village she was remembered as quite the local character--tack-sharp about business, a thriving and competitive sheep-breeder, and capable of being a bit of a tartar. (It was in these years she dressed down Graham Greene for what she saw as an inappropriate essay on her work, and she was capable of a chilly invisibility to unwanted guests or letters.) She was referred to invariably as Mrs. Heelis; not a single person so much as mentioned Beatrix Potter, the world-famous creator of the Peter Rabbit books, and the reason for all this bookish tourism in town. The books of course have survived heartily on their own, all twenty-three of them still in print with much peripheral merchandise and still, the last I looked, printed on good paper and decently bound. They are masterpieces of design--"just the right size and weight for their little hands," one of Potter's friends wrote--but Leslie Linder's HISTORY OF THE WRITINGS OF BEATRIX POTTER (Warne, 1971) details how much variation and experiment went into these now uniform little volumes. This is the irreplaceable book for all Potter fanatics and a wonderful thing of its kind, full of detail, information, unpublished stories and drawings and variant versions to show how much care and revision went into not only the pictures but those terse, simple sentences, as pared-down as Hemingway's. There is something richly pleasing about so much exactitude and precision being spent on such stories as The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies or (my personal favorite) The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck; Linder's book is entirely charming, from Potter's own designs down to the old Kodachrome pictures of the Lakeland settings. Anybody who cares tuppence for Potter should have it and will enjoy it. If you want the Peter Rabbit series in a single volume there's THE COMPLETE TALES (Warne), splendidly printed and a manageable size. (Hold out if you can for the 2002 Hundredth Anniversary printing, which added in four early and charming works.) THE TALE OF BEATRIX POTTER, by Margaret Lane (Warne) is a good biography, as is Linda Lear's BEATRIX POTTER: A LIFE IN NATURE (St. Martin's).

Glenn Shea, from Glenn's Book Notes, at
Private Paradise (Kindle Single)
Private Paradise (Kindle Single)
I enjoyed reading Private Paradise. I am glad that she released the book on its own.I have not found a book that I did not like. Right now I am trying to get all of her books. There are quit a few of her books that are still on paperbacks. As soon as Debbie Macomber releases them on Kindle I will surely buy them. Most of the excerpt are from her upcoming books. I enjoyed reading about Icile Falls that I bought the book. Some the excerpts did not interest me, for example the book from Christina
Dr. Fifth (Doctor Who / Roger Hargreaves)
Dr. Fifth (Doctor Who / Roger Hargreaves)
Latching on to the idea presented in ‘Castrovalva’, this story begins with the Doctor relaxing in the Zero Room before embarking upon a shopping trip with his companions.

Of course, the Doctor generally doesn’t have much luck in frozen foods, if ‘Dragonfire’ and the recent audio ‘Cold Vengeance’ are anything to go by. And it isn’t long before the Doctor and his companions fall foul of the machinations of a strangely familiar little old lady in the freezer section.

This story sees three more of the Doctor’s companions receive the Mr. Men treatment. Tegan is particularly well characterised and gets some great lines. Meanwhile Adric’s portrayal gets a cute little blue star and Dr. Fifth is frequently armed with a cricket bat.
Quando vola il falco (Oscar bestsellers)
Quando vola il falco (Oscar bestsellers)
Come al solito Wilbur Smith è uno scrittore che ti fa trattenere il fiato perché lega molto bene la descrizione dei luoghi bellissimi dove si svolgono le azioni più spericolate dei suoi personaggi che sembrano reali.
Consiglio questo e tutti gli altri romanzi di Wilbur Smith ad amici e parenti.
Stories of Five Decades
Stories of Five Decades
Hermann Hesse's STORIES OF FIVE DECADES (1972), edited with an introduction by Theodore Ziolkowski, contains 23 short stories of widely varying quality.

The first three stories--"The Island Dream," "Incipit vita nova," and "To Frau Gertrud"--are from 1899 and are semi-autobiographical prose poems with mild erotic fantasies. They are rather uneventful and vague and not particularly interesting. The next three stories--"November Night," "The Marble Works," and "The Latin Scholar"-- are from 1901 to 1906 and are relatively realistic and enjoyable despite several rather sad events within each of them.

Next, "The Wolf" (1907) and "Walter Kömpff" (1908) are two of the best stories in this collection. Both satirize society rather strongly, both have unhappy endings for their main characters, and both seem designed as didactic works that send powerful "messages" to us as readers. "Walter Kömpff" reminds me most of Herman Melville's great story "Bartleby the Scrivener." By contrast, "The Field Devil" and "Chagrin d'Amour," and "A Man by the Name of Ziegler" (all 1908) are relatively slight but clever fantasy-premise works.

"The Homecoming" (1909) is one of the most realistic and mature stories in this collection, and it has a skillful plot and a thoroughly pleasing ending. "The City" (1910) is a kind of punch-line story that struck me as being too drawn-out and annoyingly implausible in its buildup. Two stories from 1913--"Robert Aghion" and "The Cyclone"--both struck me as flawed in different ways: "Robert Aghion" is very skillfully written for 98 percent of its length, dealing vividly and maturely with a Christian missionary in India, but then it falls apart with what seems to be a "joke" ending; "The Cyclone," which seems very un-unified, involves a young man recalling his key experiences during his last day in his home town: a huge number of supposedly interesting odors, an implausibly described cyclone, the warm embraces and kisses of a beautiful young girl who has a crush on him, and the sight of his favorite trees uprooted--and we're left with the very odd but very strong impression that those uprooted trees were what made him decide to move somewhere else "to become a man."

"From the Childhood of Saint Francis of Assisi" (1919) and "Inside and Outside" (1920) strike me as two more slight works with rather minor points to them. In the first, Francis's mother coincidentally thinks of her son with the same word he will later apply to himself; in the second, a man named Friedrich, who rigidly believes only in logic and science, has his mind expanded somewhat by a friend with a different mindset. "Tragic" (1923) is a vivid and effective fantasy-premise work: in this story's world, poetry has been completely dead for decades, and an old man who was once a poet tries to win over an editor to the view that word-usage and grammar and style (at least in a prose newspaper) ought to have some importance still.

Somewhat less effective than "Tragic" is "Dream Journeys" (1927), which also centers around a person who is a writer, and sometimes a writer of poems, in another "world" where great poetry is impossible to create anymore, for reasons that are covered in considerable detail but which may not conclusively persuade many readers. "Harry, the Steppenwolf" (1928) seems a slight, satirical piece with a rather lame target. "An Evening with Dr. Faust" (1929) involves a look into the future, a look that amounts to the punch-line of a fifth-rate joke. And "Edmund" (1934) struck me as even worse--it has a twist-ending that I was able to guess about 3 pages before its conclusion: a twist-ending that seems both senseless and quite unpleasant.

Finally, Hesse's "The Interrupted Class" (1948) is an enjoyable, realistic story of an old man reminiscing about an experience he had in school long ago which involved him in some moral choices and an outcome that he never totally got full knowledge about. I would rate this final story among the best five of this collection.

As for the Introduction by Theodore Ziolkowski, I would rate it "C" for competent. It provides us with some biographical background that will be useful to many readers, and it provides insights into some of the sources and themes in Hesse's stories. I read this Introduction after reading all 23 stories, and I disagreed with about one-fourth of Ziolkowski's judgments, sometimes considering them to be focused on subordinate aspects of the stories rather than primary ones. I expect that some other readers will likewise not see totally eye-to-eye with his views, but perhaps for quite different reasons.

POSTSCRIPT: As far as the translations of the stories are concerned, for the most part they are vividly and skillfully done. My only quibble is that the punctuation of the resulting English sentences is occasionally sub-standard: nearly every page, on average, contains a mildly annoying "comma splice" (i.e., two independent clauses are linked together solely by a comma instead of a conjunction or a semicolon).
(The newly written 100th anniversary) smutch (2010) ISBN: 4062164868 [Japanese Import]
(The newly written 100th anniversary) smutch (2010) ISBN: 4062164868 [Japanese Import]
Ata-Boy Harry Potter Houses of Hogwarts Crests Set of 4 1" Magnetic Page-Top Bookmarks
Ata-Boy Harry Potter Houses of Hogwarts Crests Set of 4 1" Magnetic Page-Top Bookmarks
The novelty of using a magnetic book mark is the crux of this item - you can certainly use a napkin, strip of paper, receipt to save your place, but this is so much more fun. Doesn't hurt the page, holds tightly, very cool and unusual item. Ordered twice, and the second time got the cartoon version of the pictures - but after sending it back, the correct item was sent.
My experiences while out of my body and my return after many days
My experiences while out of my body and my return after many days
Ring Spotlight Cam Wired (Black) with Echo Show 5 (Charcoal)
Ring Spotlight Cam Wired (Black) with Echo Show 5 (Charcoal)
I added one of these to compliment a Ring Pro doorbell that I recently installed. Like other Ring products, they provide lots of installation extras, including tools, and the instructions were quite good. It was straightforward to add the device to my existing Ring app, do firmware upgrades, etc. However, there are some limitations that I found frustrating.

- Excellent instructions
- Good setup user experience (though I struggled with the Ring Pro, so perhaps I benefited from knowledge gained through that painful process)
- Don't need to worry about batteries dying with the plug-in model
- Motion capture settings easy to configure/change
- With the subscription, stored video captures are often quite useful

- There is no hardwired Ethernet option (this is a security camera - why only WiFi?)
- There is no 5GHz WiFi support (big oversight)
- The motion-activated "spotlight" LEDs kill the night vision of the camera, so as soon as motion is detected, the lights turn on and the camera can't see as far in the dark. I'd estimate that the visible distance is cut by 60% when the LEDs come on. There is no way to disable the "spotlight" LEDs coming on in response to motion, even though the app suggests that you can.
- There is no model that substitutes infrared LEDs for the white LEDs. I'd much rather have a camera that doesn't generate any visible light but can see much farther at night than an expensive motion-activated light fixture.
- The camera mount must be installed with the cord facing down. Despite having a twist-lock connector that suggests different rotations are possible, attempting any other alignment will damage the power pins. The instructions do not warn against this.
- The plug can't be removed from the cord. If you want to pass the cord through a wall to make the installation cleaner, you have to cut the plug off the cord and void the warranty.

Summary - this is an OK camera, but lacks a few features that would have made it much better. You'll need strong, uncluttered 2.4GHz WiFi where you plan to install this. Be prepared to pay the subscription if you buy this.
Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears [Vinyl]
Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears [Vinyl]
I usually buy these EP's cause they are inexpensive but often have a very accurate showing of what you can expected from the full album. Basically it's the all-star version because they want you to be so impressed you buy the album too. Well, i would never buy the full album cause i can't tell what kind of band they want to be. There are several different genre's on here: blues "Cousin Randy" or R&B/Soul "Gunpower". Neither do they do extremely well. I love a good horn section but sadly they can't give you much here that makes me feel it's worth buying another album.
INTIMO Boys' Power Rangers Hero Pajama Short Set
INTIMO Boys' Power Rangers Hero Pajama Short Set
Bought this for my 5yr old for his younger brothers birthday party. He loves it and will grow into it. Runs a tad small. It also fits my older son who is 7 and typically wears a boys medium. So unless you have a skinny on the shorter side 10yr old I'd go up 1 size.
Birkenstock Men's Slingback Sandals, 8 US
Birkenstock Men's Slingback Sandals, 8 US
Bought these in the Dark Brown Smooth Leather which I like a lot - classic and classy looking and attractive coppery coloured buckles. As I already have Arizonas in size 40 Narrow (I wear U.K. 7-7.5 AA or U.S.A. 9-9.5 AA) I expected that these would be fine in the same size - which they are! I am very keen on the comfort of the Arizonas and find the footbed in the Milano to be just the same - so a little breaking in time will be needed. The main appeal was the heel strap which makes the sandal feel more secure when walking about outside, whilst I like to simply be able to slide in and out of the Arizona when I am indoors. Had spotted some Soft Footbed Milanos on the Amazon U.S.A. site and toyed with sending for those but with the full price plus Import taxes, financially they were not good value. My new Milanos were great value, real leather and I am very pleased with them. (Maybe Soft Footbeds will be available in the U.K. next year!)
Nintendo Switch Lite - Yellow
Nintendo Switch Lite - Yellow
Basically a budget friendly Nintendo Switch that's meant to be more portable. Unlike the iphone 11 and iphone 11 Pro, Galaxy 10e and Galaxy 10, iphone XR and iphone X, etc it doesn't keep all features the same, just downgraded.

In fact like the Nintendo 2DS (compared to 3DS) it actually takes away some features.

If you already own a Nintendo Switch console, you can sync* or transfer from your profile/games/saves using your Nintendo account. Very simple; when you boot up system for first time it'll walk you through it step-by-step

*If you sync or link one account to multiple switch consoles, the non-main one has to verify every few hours to play downloaded games which can be a hassle if you don't have internet connection

Let's go through the list of changes:

1. Size, weight, portability

Overall size in general: The Switch Lite is basically the Original Switch (I'll be referring it to 'Switch' moving forward) but with one of the joy cons detached.

You think this will be more portable, but in practice from my personal experience it's not. If you consider size only
The Switch can detach joycons for better storage. Downside is that you must be aware where you put the screen and joycons and attach them later.

There is a difference if you pocket thing whole thing without detaching i guess

Seeing the smaller size, there may be more hand cramping involved if you have giant adult sized hands

Switch Lite is lighter in weight, but it's not a night-and-day difference. Not going to tell unless you have both side-by-side in each hand.

Bezels are colored which is nice. It's not black like on the Switch, so able to distinguish where the screen ends

2. No detachable joycons

Cannot detach joycons, making the logo snap/click sound clip that game trailers start off/ends with absolutely useless when referring to Switch line of systems in general.

As one singular unit, fused into the system; feels more solid in the hand compared to original

Downside is that it loses some functionality in some games

You are not able to split controllers to let a friend play

Some games that you can't play on Switch Lite out of the box (as of this review) are:
1-2 Switch
Fitness Boxing
Just Dance (Series)
Nintendo Labo (Series)
Nintendo Lano VR
Ring Fit Adventures
Super Mario Party
Surgeon Simulator

There are also other games that's not as convenient to play in handheld only like:
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Tennis Aces
Pokemon Let's Go series
Super Mario Odyssey
Splatoon 2
Zelda Breath of the Wild

You can buy joy cons to play on Switch Lite, but that costs additional $70 MSRP. Might as well buy a Switch at that point

If the thumb sticks breaks or if there are drifting issues, you can have it fixed by Nintendo for $80.

3. Cannot be docked to TV, no kick stand

No docking station. If you own the Switch with docking station; the Switch Lite cannot fit in it.

As of right now, there's no official docking station for Switch Lite from Nintendo, and no 3rd party adapters

No kickstand to play on tabletop mode. Seeing the smaller screen you wouldn't want to anyway even when a lot of controllers are sync and people squinting their eyes when huddled around the system

4. Has a D-Pad.

Best feature of the system in my opinion. Better tactile feel when playing. Enhances gameplay especially when playing 2D fighters

D-pad and other buttons (ABXY, shoulder buttons) are more muted when pressed which is great when playing in a public setting

5. No IR, HD Rumble

The IR Motion Camera and HD rumble features have been removed. Games that support these features will not work on Switch lite

6. Better battery??

4-7 hours versus the 3-6 hours of the original launch Nintendo Switch.

If you buy the newer 2019 model of Switch (Retail box with a lot of Red), the battery life is better than the Switch Lite

7. New colors

Comes in Turquoise, Grey and Yellow
There's also a Pokemon Sword and Shield ( Zacian and Zamazenta) Edition edition

8. Smaller screen

5.5 vs 6.2 inch screen

Resolution is the same at 720p, but more compact making it appear sharper with a 267ppi vs 236ppi

Overall, I like the concept of a more portable (?), affordable switch, but I don't like the fact that it exists.

If it's like the 2ds (with no 3d support). Devs (even first party) will eventually take away features in games in the future: motion controls, AR support, HD rumble, docked TV mode, etc to cater to a wider audience.

They should have just made it smaller and kept everything the same

Good buy for those budget friendly, but if you like more options best to go for the upgrade if you can afford it.
Bosch TCZ8009N Isolierter Milchbehälter 0,5 l (für alle Kaffeevollautomaten der Vero series sowie Einbauvollautomaten)
Bosch TCZ8009N Isolierter Milchbehälter 0,5 l (für alle Kaffeevollautomaten der Vero series sowie Einbauvollautomaten)
05.07.2015 - Nachtrag:

Der neue Milchbehälter hat kein Problem mit der Beschichtung. Also wohl eher selten, dass das passiert. Außerdem hat Amazon schnell und unkompliziert den Behälter getauscht. Ist halt Amazon. Also jetzt die 5 Sterne absolut verdient.


Der Milchebhälter ist, von der Funktion her, wirklich perfekt. Die Milch bleibt lange kalt und der Verschluß der im Deckel integriert ist, ist gut durchdacht. Der Behälter ist leicht zu zerlegen und ebenso einfach mit warmen Wasser zu reinigen.

Bei meinem Behälter löst sich allerdings die Beschichtung ab. Da dies ein sehr seltenes Phänomen ist und Amazon ohne Probleme den Behälter ersetzt, ziehe ich keinen Stern ab.

Der Kundenservice von Amazon ist sehr freundlich und bietet kundenfreundliche Lösungen. Das ist echter Kundenservice !!!
Laffy Taffy - Cuerda de plátano, 0.81 onzas, paquete de 24
Laffy Taffy - Cuerda de plátano, 0.81 onzas, paquete de 24
I purchased this product for my dad who loves these things, but he was immediately displeased. They tasted old and were hard. Since they were marked individually as 3 for 99 cents, I'm assuming that they were put out for sale and what weren't purchased at a physical location were sold here on Amazon. The fact that there were only 21 in a package supposed to contain 24 only adds to that assumption. I will still need to purchase more banana Laffy Taffy to appease the father, but never again from this seller.

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